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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
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Ishq Hua FF LKT Hot New Part 27!!! (Page 53)

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please update soon

the shivani and rohan are to cute
update soon

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Part 24

Virani House


All of the people in the Virani House were sitting down and making all of the engagement plans even though it was so late at night. All of the Bahus and Nandani were sitting on the couch on the left deciding what they should do for the food, while all of the sons of the house including Anu were deciding which business men to invite or whom not to. The daughters of the house were sitting and playing cards on the card table in the middle of the room. Everywhere there was noise and fun, but they did not know that outside the other daughter of the house was in danger, or that in the corners of the rooms there was romance going on.


In the room Nakul and Prerna were both standing far apart from each other scared that anyone would walk in on them. Prerna especially stood far away from Nakul trying not to get pulled by his passionate look and his awesome fragrance on his clothes. Nakul looked at Prerna on purpose trying to get her all worked up so she would not be able to resist him. Finally he gave up and crept up behind her holding her from the back, with his soft and silky hands on her waist. Prerna closed her eyes feeling his touch and breathing in his awesome cologne; finally she pushed him off of her.


Prerna-kya karahe ho Nakul? Koi dekh lega.


Nakul-so what if anyone sees us, we are getting married aren't we.


Prerna smiled shyly from hearing him talking about their wedding. Nakul smiled gently and went closer to her holding her face in his hands. As he gently ran his fingers on her cheeks then he moved to her lips, Prerna closed her eyes and quickly hugged him, filling the room with the sound of the wind.  


Here in Laksh's room, Laksh was holding his cell phone hearing Kt say hello, so sweetly and cutely in her sleep.


Kt-Hello? Hello, kaun hai. please say something?




Kt immediately recognized the voice and all of her sleepiness that she had, had suddenly disappeared. The only thing that rang over and over in her ears was Laksh's voice. She smiled and shivered at the same time as all of the moments spend with Laksh ran through her mind.


Laksh-Kt? Are you still there?


Kt smiled-Ha mein hoon..whats wrong why did you call so late?


Laksh suddenly looked at his watch and noticed that he had called Kt very late at night which would make it early in the morning in the US; he blushed and scratched his head gently.


Laksh-sorry Kt'.its just that I hadn't called you in so long and I missed you.


Kt blushed-Oh so you missed me? To phone kyu nahin kiya?


Laksh laughs-Maine to kiya'you never did..


Kt smiles and then laughs outloud-Shut up laksh. I'm busy. I'm always in the hospital running around since I am doing my internship.


Laksh scoffs-Busy to mein bhi hota ho magar maine phone firbi kiya.


Kt-chup...don't argue with me in the middle of the morning.


Laksh-u r arguing with me in the middle of the night Kt.


Both sweetly laughed on the phone scratching their heads nervously, and then for a minute they both blanked out not knowing what to say.


Kt-uhhh Laksh, ma kaise hai?


Laksh-Nandani aunty is perfectly fine here and so is Prerna and Anurag Uncle.


Kt-to kya karahe hai saab log?


Laksh-kuch nahin ek surprise hai tumhare liye.tum jab yaha aogi taab tumhay pata chalega.


Kt-Laksh please tell me brought it up .now the suspense will kill me. will find out when you come here have two surprises waiting for you, just come and you will see.


Kt smiles-theek hai'as you say....but you better tell me when I come, or else I will badly beat you up.


Laksh-acha baba'I will tell you when you come'for now go to sleep, Miss Kt'.goodnight


Kt-Goodmorning you mean chilgose'.its 4 in the morning here (she laughs) Goodnight to you!!!


Laksh-and a good morning to you! Chalo bye Kt.


Kt-bye Laksh!


Both Laksh and Kt hang up the phone. Laksh sighs of relief and smiles to himself after having that beautiful talk with the girl he loved. He stared at the moon just smiling and loving his life more than anything. He was just so happy that he finally heard kt's beautiful voice on the phone, now all he was waiting for was her to arrive at home. He was waiting for him to start his love story and to tell Kt how he felt.


Kt in her room held her phone close to her heart holding it like it was Laksh. She smiled and blushed severely thinking about Laksh. She missed him a lot; he was the guy she always dreamt of. She closed her eyes when suddenly something happened. She felt different; she threw the phone down on the ground hard, stomping on it angrily. Her face turned pale and there was a very scary and evil look on her face. She looked as if a ghost had possessed her body. Kt was still there, but just wasn't able to control her actions. She cried while a voice in her mind yelled and screamed at her angrily.


Personality 1-you little weakling'always have to talk to your little Laksh! You know this guys doesn't love you, he's going to do the same thing that Manthan did to Radha! (she laughs) you deserve to die Kt'.just kill yourself.


Kt in her head-no!!! Shut up'..just shut up (starts to sob)


Personality 1-don't tell me to shut up'.just put an end to your life now'there is no point to live! I always have to protect you'.but you always do the opposite, just put an end to your life'.just stab yourself dammit!


As Kt unable to control her actions listens to her personality and walks towards the mirror. She breaks the mirror with a vase that was standing next to her lamp. She took a large piece in her hand and puts it by her stomach.


Downstairs, Maryam was already awake so she easily heard the crash from upstairs. She quickly ran as fast she can to see what had happened. Kt slowly squeezes the glass in her hand tightening her grip. Maryam all out of breath hangs by the door catching her breath when suddenly she sees Kt with the piece of glass in her hands by her stomach. Wahida had also followed Maryam and came right behind her. Both sisters ran as fast they could, Maryam grabbed Kt, while Wahida tried to pull the glass piece off of Kt's hands.


While all of this is going on Kt is crying so much in her mind trying really hard to control her actions. While she hears another cry in her mind, that sounded just like her twin sister Radha.


Personality 2(Radha)-I don't deserve to live'.no one will ever be able to love me again'..I am a disgrace!


Personality 1 is too strong so she overpowers both Radha and Kt, as she pushes Wahida and Maryam off of her.


Personality 1-listen you two'.stay away from me'you hear that stay away from me!


Wahida stares at Kt, as if there is a spirit in her and she freaks out even more. Kt's eyes looked extremely different from her real eyes and her facial expressions were also different. It looked as if she wasn't even Kt!


Maryam-Shut up, and stop taking over Kt's mind. You have no right to do that! This is not your mind, please become one brain and mind again.


Personality 1-why should I? Your Kt can barely even think for herself, she doesn't even know who she is'.she thinks she is Radha, Kt is too weak to control herself.


Maryam-please tell me who you are!


Personality 1-me (laughs) I'm Sakshi, and I am 30 years old....I am way mature and smarter then Kt is, I protect her from everyone!! She should thank me for protecting her all the time.


Maryam-Protecting her from what, by killing her?


Sakshi-I did so much for her! I kept all of the guys from her'.they are all like Manthan! Stupid janwars.


While Maryam and Sakshi are having a face off, Kt is trying to comprehend what is going on in her mind. As Maryam catches Sakshi of guard, Kt comes back pushing Sakshi out of her mind again.


Kt breathes hard and falls to the floor crying with the glass piece still in her hands. Maryam and Wahida stand there, thinking if Sakshi is gone or not. Kt slowly looks at her hands and sees blood, she looks up crying.


Wahida analyzes Kt's face and notices that her eyes are Kt's eyes, and Kt's features are Kt's'..and her face looked innocent again and not evil. Wahida too notices that and begins walking towards Kt.


Kt crying and sobbing-What's happening to me Maryam? What was why I doing??? Was I trying to kill myself? Why is this happening to me? What's happening to my body!!!!


Maryam and Wahida both cry hugging Kt trying to comfort her and feeling sad for what ever was happening to their cousin.

Maryam finally manages to put Kt asleep, while Wahida is patting Kt on the head, Maryam gently gets off and puts the blanket on Kt. Wahida looks at Kt sleeping and smiles a little.


Mumbai, India


Rohan finally reached the peak of the mountain and noticed Shivani's car parked at the edge. He looked at the car and then noticed that Shivani was no where to be found. He held his head thinking where she could've gone or if she fell down. He goes to the edge of the mountain and notices nothing down there because it was too dark. So he runs to his car.


Down the mountain, Shivani was struggling to climb back up to the top as she hung to the mountain tightly. She knew that soon she would not be able to hold on, as her hands would eventually give in. She moved up and down trying to grab the tree bark that would support her to the top. Her dupatta was stuck to the tree which was another thing that was holding her, but sooner or later that would also rip. Shivani looked at the top not noticing anything since it was so dark. She felt blood dripping from her hands and her head. It felt as if water was running down fiercely from the mountain. She then thought that sooner or later if not her hands or her duppata, she would still die if she lost too much blood. She smiled to herself thinking about the situation she was in.


Shivani in her mind-Not trying to make this a funny situation, but I can't help it, or maybe I just going crazy.


Shivani sighed, when suddenly she saw a flash of light pointing down at her. She closed her eyes because the light was too bright. There Rohan noticed that Shivani was hanging off the cliff, he without panicking assures Shivani that he will get her up. Shivani laughs at her situation again.


Shivani thinking and laughing in her mind-Yeh dekho meri kismet'..haar baar Rohan hi atta kyun hai Bhagwan? Damn man, I had to get saved by him didn't I?


As her Duppata rips a little she feels a little jerk and she screams a bit, knowing that her Dupptta was going to let her go. On the other side Rohan hears her scream and tries to hurry up getting his rope.


Rohan thinking-This girl always loves to get in trouble, and every time I have to get her out of it. (he sighs and shakes his head)


Shivani in her head-Sorry Bhagwan, I get it sorry for questioning your decision'..just don't let me lose my dupatta it's my favorite.


Rohan finally throws the rope down at Shivani and she grabs it; as she makes her way up to the top. Rohan yanks her fast up to the top and both end up falling on top of each other. Rohan's shirt is white and all her blood gets wiped up on him.


Rohan-thanks this was my favorite shirt.


Shivani-save the sarcasm'.you didn't have to save me if you didn't want to, I would've saved myself somehow eventually, and plus I lost my favorite duppata too, so suck it up.


Rohan-Oh sorry Ms. Virani'.(as both got up off of each other) I was just trying to be a human helping another.


Shivani rolled her eyes-oh, so tum insaan ho'.god mujhe to aisa laga ke tum nahin the.


While she talks she is holding her head and grinning despite of being in so much pain, as she gets a little whoppy and dizzy. Rohan is about to hold her before she falls.


Shivani-no no I'm fine'.(Shivani falls into Rohan's arms due to being Light headed) I'm perfectly fine.


Rohan-yep u are perfectly fine'..abh chalo'..


Rohan lifts Shivani up in his arms and takes her to his car, where he pulls his tie off and ties it on Shivani's head, he wipes her hands off with some tissues he had in the car; Finally he calls the doctor immediately to come to the Virani house, as he quickly himself drives to Shivani's home.


Virani House


Everyone at home were getting ready to sleep, when Bhoomi comes running down from her room with all of the other girls following her.


Bhoomi-Mom, Dadi, Choti ma'..Badi ma'..


As Bhoomi comes running down worried and scared, Ganga, Damini, Nandani, Nandani, and Tulsi look at her wondering what is going on.


Ganga-Aray Bhoomi Beta, kya hua?


Nandani V-Hun why are you screaming in the middle of the night?


Aali, Zinu, and Pari come down all of breath, finally someone speaks up.


Aali-Ganga Maami'.woh Shivani'..


Nandani V already worried-Kya hua, Shivani kya?


Ganga worried-Aaliyah bolo na'.kya hua!


Zinu-Woh mom, Shivani di is not in the room!


Damini-kya Shivani is not in her room?


Damini, Ganga, and Nandani stop what they are doing and immediately get up off of the sofa, following them Tulsi gets up worried.


Damini-yeh ladki gaye kaha?


Tulsi-and that too at this time?


All of a sudden Rohan comes with Shivani carrying her in his arms in the house. All of the ladies and girls notice Shivani unconscious in Rohan's arms. All of them go running towards Rohan. Upstairs, Karan, Sahil, Anurag, and Gautam notice what is going on downstairs and they run down the stairs.


Karan-Kya hua Shivani ko?


Karan gets upset and extremely worried about his youngest daughter and immediately takes her from Rohan. Sahil, and Gautam immediately help Karan take their niece up to her room. Bhoomi is worried questions Rohan what had happened.


Rohan-Dadi, aunty, Shivani accidentally slipped and fell off a cliff by Sunset Point.


Bhoomi-What? Shivani had gone to Sunset Point, magar kyun?


Rohan-Bhabhi I don't know, but all I can say is that, I was there and I got there to save her on time or else'.(he stops there)

Nandani sits on the couch crying about what could've happened as Nandani and the other ladies sit down to comfort her. Nakul and Laksh join their dad in Shivani's room right after they know what had happened to their sister.


Zinu-Ma, the doctor?


Rohan-ha woh maine'.I called him on the way coming here, he should be here in a couple of minutes.


Tulsi-Thank you Rohan Beta'I don't know how to thank you! You have saved the daughter of this house, I will never forget this. Thank you so much.


Rohan-please dadi'don't embarrass me. Acha chalo mein chalta hoon.


As Rohan's eyes tear up thinking about Shivani's condition

(Yeh Rabba playing in the background) Rohan leaves the Virani house and goes home. As he is leaving the doctor enters and is immediately taken to Shivani's room.


Laksh-This girl is crazy'.kya zaroorat thi waha jaane ki?


Nakul-I'm gonna smack her hard for doing this'.i really am. (he gets angry) If it weren't for poor Rohan'.we would've (stops)


Bhoomi-Nahin Nakul'.(she smiles) Our Shivani is very smart and tough'knowin her she was probably making jokes while hanging off that cliff'.


Laksh smiles thinking of his sister-I know, knowing our Shivi she probably would've figured out a way to get up to the top.


All the kids were surrounding Shivani's bed, while the grownups where sitting in the living room while the doctor gave his report.  




Basu Home


The morning weather was absolutely disgusting as it was cloudy and just very gloomy. The three girls were all sitting on the couch sipping on some coffee silently. While they sipped they just kept on blowing on the coffee to cool it down, as the steam flew into the air as they did the blowing. Wahida just kept staring at both Maryam and Kt, just trying to grasp what was going on in both of their heads. Finally, Wahida tired of the quietness broke the silence in the room.


Wahida-What yaar, why are you two so quiet?


Maryam and Kt looked up at Wahida and just blew on their coffee and sipped out of it again. Maryam looked at Wahida smiling a little.


Maryam-Can we please drink the coffee peacefully, then we can discuss issues.


Wahida-Well this vacation turned out to be freaky and totally boring'.(slowly stopped talking noticing what she had said.) Uh sorry Kt, mera matlab woh nahin tha.


Maryam-Man can you shut your trap for 10 minutes? How about this'.why don't you go take a shower since you are done drinking your cup of coffee?


Wahida sighs-You know what, I think I will do that. (Wahida totally new why Maryam had said that, she walked up the stairs to shower.)


Now in the room it was only Maryam and Kt, both were quiet just thinking their own things.


Kt thinking-What is happening to me? There is something definitely wrong with me and I think Maryam has the answers to all my questions'.magar mein kaise usko poonchu? Jo bhi ho, I have to get it straight before I got to India. I do not want my past to come running to India with me'I have to get rid of it here and just start anew (sighs drinks her coffee)


Maryam thinking-I have to tell Kt everything'its not like its going to really effect her in anyway, but how will I start to tell her everything? Should I tell her? Man of course I gotta tell her, maybe she could tell me where the diary is, this way it will be easier to cure her'..oh man what can I do? (sighs and puts her cup of coffee down since she was done)


Maryam speaks-Kt, meet me in the psychology ward today at 8:30.


Kt looks up confused-But we don't have work today, so why are we going there?


Maryam thinks about what Kt says, then switches the place since she herself didn't want to go the hospital today.


Maryam-You know what switch the place'lets go to my house'.there is a lab room there for patients.


Kt confused-Why do we need to go to a lab room though'.thats where your patients go.


Maryam sighs closes her eyes-Kt, you are my patient remember?


Kt shocked-Maryam I don't know what is going on with me, but you need to tell me please.  


Maryam-I will once we get to a comfortable area.


Wahida comes down with her towel hearing the conversation. She is wiping her hair gently drying it with the towel thinking about what she had missed while she had left the room.


Wahida-Why don't the both of you take a shower and immediately go to the lab room.


Maryam and Kt both look at her startled. Maryam gets up silently and walks to the downstairs shower, as Kt quietly does the same except walks to the upstairs shower.


Kt in the shower thinking-I have some idea of what is going on with me'.but I just want to make sure with Maryam. I trust her and I know if this is the problem that I am thinking of, she can surely help me with it. (She smiles thinking that she will get all better while tying her hair back with a clip so it wouldn't get wet.)


Around 7:30 both girls finished taking their shower. Right after the shower all three girls walked into the Bhagwan room and started to pray individually.


Kt-Hey bhagwan please mere saath jo bhi ho raha hai'.woh saab theek kardo'.mujhe ek achi zindagi jeeni hai'ek nayi zindagi ke saath start karna hai.


 Maryam-Please god meri madat karo'.mujhe Kt ko help karna hai'please be with me and help me make Kt feel better. She deserves it'..she deserves all of the happiness in the world because whatever is happening to her isn't her fault. Please help Kt god'and me so I can get her to a person who can help her in India'.


Wahida-God I want peace'..I want Kt to have a wonderful life with someone whom she loves'.like Laksh'they look wonderful together'.i want her to get better so they can be together. Oh yea about me (she laughs in her mind) Mujhe bhi koi acha ladka chahiyeh.


All three bow their heads in front of god with little smiles on their face. How peaceful they felt when they were in that room, it was as if all of their problems disappeared, but as soon as they walked out they started to get them back because their minds weren't peaceful anymore and they started to think about the issues they were dealing with.


Wahida-Ok girls'.I'm going to do some research in my lab in the basement at home'you two finish up whatever you have to finish.


Maryam-Theek hai'.


All of the girls once again looked at the Prayer room and glanced at the God Statue and left the house. Maryam and Wahida went into the car, while Kt locked up her home bringing her keys with her. As soon as she left the porch it started to pour and thunder'she looked up at the sky and frowned.


Maryam-jaldi Kt, you will get wet!


Kt quickly ran towards the car, which was Maryam's brand new 2009 Silver BMW. Finally the three girls made their way towards Maryam and Wahida's recently new home. Since Maryam and Wahida both had great jobs they finally got a beautiful house for the both of them. Wahida was a Business Major, but then had changed at the last minute and became a medical researcher. Both sisters made a great living because they studied well, and soon Kt would be done as well.






As soon as the girls reached home, Maryam pushed a button in her car which opened the garage door for her, she then drove the car in so that it would be safe from the rain. After parking the car the girls got out of the car and went to their respective places, Wahida to her basement lab and Maryam to her Clinical Psychology Lab which was located upstairs in an isolated area. The room was colored in white with little blue footprints, then there was a seat for the patient and other medical equipment a doctor would need. Kt sat down as Maryam slid down all of her curtain windows. The room was sound proof because everything that went in that room was private as it was the rights of any patient that their case should stay private between only them and their doctor. Maryam closed the door and then immediately paged Wahida, so she would know that they were in the room. Since the room was sound proof if Wahida needed anything or had to say something she can page Maryam, so she knows that someone is calling her.


Once Maryam was done paging she put Kt into a relaxing mode which Kt needed badly.


Maryam-Ok Kt first I'm going to put you in a relaxation mode because you need it really badly right now. (Kt nodded)


Maryam first started to check Kt's pulse rate and then checked her breathing and heart beats with her stethoscope. Then she told Kt to loosen her self up by taking four deep breaths, as Kt did do slowly.


Maryam-now breathe four more times (as KT followed) ok now that we are done with the cooling down process I want you to lay down on this bed on the right side. (Kt slowly lay down on the bed) Now take your hands and slowly put them under your head, and just close your eyes. While doing this I want you to loosen your feet up, fingers, and just loosen your whole body as if you are no longer in it.


Kt did whatever Maryam told her to do and then slowly had fallen asleep'..usually whenever Maryam's patients were put into relaxation, they were to fall asleep and snore. Maryam waited to hear the snore and then finally after twenty minutes Kt started to snore. Maryam smiled at Kt watching her sleep as peacefully as Maryam took the relaxation massaging blanket and puts it over Kt.


Kt thinking of a place in her sleep


The place had beautiful trees which had pink and white flowers growing on them. The wind was blowing so beautifully on Kt's face, as her silky straight long hair blew everywhere. She smiled beautifully looking at the scene, birds flying around trees moving due to the beautiful warm breeze, and the shiny blue lake. The whole place was filled with the smell of the roses, and every time the wind blew everywhere the petals of the roses and flowers flew. The whole sky looked beautiful as the petals flew everywhere some even fell on Kt and some got stuck to her hair.


Scene pic

Far away from her she saw a familiar face of a young man, he was on his horse extending his hands out to her. She smiled wondering who it was and as she walked through the beautiful summery and rosy breeze she noticed who it was and she gave out a big smile as she extended her hand out to him so he can take her away to his loving and romantic world. Before, when she used to dream of this, she never saw the face of the young man it was always a big blob, and her hands never reached him, but this time she saw it was none other than Laksh, and their hands did reach.


Other side of the world India (Laksh dreaming)


Laksh grabbed Kt's hand and pulled her up on the horse gently right in front of him. Usually he never saw the girl's face either, just her beautiful long hair flying and the face of a blob, but this time it was Kt! They rode away towards the sunset as the whole valley was raining with petals of roses and pink flowers.


Kt had the same dream of her riding away with Laksh towards the sunset with flowers flying everywhere while his one hand was on her waist and the other riding the horse.


Back to NJ, USA (Kt Sleeping)


As Kt still sees her self riding away with Laksh staring into each others glowing eyes, Maryam begins to whisper in her ears'to break the relaxation period.


Maryam whispering in ear-You are now going to end your dream slowly and wake up.


Kt begins to slowly end with her and Laksh riding away when suddenly she doesn't see his face anymore, but someone else's, the face slowly changes into Manthan's face, and Kt wakes up from relaxation to reality.


Switching to Laksh's Dream


Kt and Laksh both smiling to each other began to reach closer and closer to the sunset when suddenly Kt slowly clears out from Laksh's arms and disappears. This wakes up Laksh smiling to himself scratching his head unable to clear off Kt's beautiful face from his mind, and then slowly goes to sleep again.


Switching Back to NJ USA


Maryam-How do you feel?


Kt smiles-I feel so much better and so relaxed'it feels like I finally got enough sleep!


Maryam-good'.now (sighs) we will do this again right after this session.


Kt frowns-why do it again, I'm fine now?


Maryam seriously-believe me you will need it again especially after what we are going to do now.


The update ends with a close up on Kt's innocent nervous and confused face.




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sonikudi1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Shivi di!!
I loved it! Please continue soooon!
princess4120 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
AMAZING!! what a part.. so much development in this part.. 1: rohan and shiv.. sooo sweet.. he saved her.. and i think she realizes why this is happening.. him.. and her.. hope when she wakes up .. she asks for him.. and now they dont fight.. :) ... 2: kt and laksh talked.. and missed each other.. that was ssweet... 3: there is more insight into kt's condition.. but i feel glad knowing that this is not a permanent condition.. it needs attnetion and with effort kt can become strong and get rid of sakshi and radha and manthan from her mind.. and with the love tht laksh will give her.. i am sure that will happen... 4: shiv being brought home like that.. hoping now her condition will be revealed and cured soon as well...
SO MUCH EMOTION.. hope you update soon.. cant wait to read..
thanks so much for the pm.
bradford3 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
its fantastic and i loved it cant wait till u continue next
Angelic_Pari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
wow shivani it was amazing yaar..... i enjoyed reading it.... It was full of suspence.... (my fav topic) i loved it... speciallly the dream sequece....gr8 job yaar....keep it up....
I am wondering who is this sakshi.... Wow yaar split personality..... of three.. i wonder how i would have felt if i was at kt's place... i would have deff. killed my
Keep it up... i loved it.... waiting eagerly to read more....
Dr.Smart Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Riyaa147 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
amazing partClapClap
make kt betterEmbarrassed
and please make lakshya kt meet in your next updateTongue
I can't wait for the next partTongue
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon

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