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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
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Ishq Hua FF LKT Hot New Part 27!!! (Page 4)

maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2008 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Hey that's great.... Loved especially that duppatta part Big smile So Viranis and Basus do know each other!

Shivani is so naughty LOL

Wonderful.... Great work yaar, waiting for next part and most importantly meeting of LKT.... Bahut hi symbolically loveable tha....... Embarrassed

mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

Part 3

Virani's Office


As the Virani brothers walked to their important meeting Karan stops to pick up his phone that he was having from Nandani.


Karan—Nandani? Bolo.


Nandani—Karan, Shivani didn't go to school today, aren't u gonna say anything to her, ur spoiling her. It's her 2nd year in MSS University.


Karan—Nandani, she didn't go cause she overslept, relax hun.


Nandani—no! U need to tell her something.


Karan—hun listen I have to go to a meeting, please, let's talk later.


Nandani—KARAN no, if our kids don't listen to us, we have to step in, today u r going tell her something, knock some sense into her.


Karan—Okay, I will talk to her happy??


Nandani—haa, I am..


Karan—K, well mein jao abh??


Nandani—nahin, pehlhe I love u bolo..


Karan—Nandani, I have workers standing right next to me, I won't say it.


Nandani—then I won't put the phone down.


Karan looks around here and there to see if anyone is listening to him, he knew his wife was very stubborn so he had to say it.


Karan—i…..l…ove (looks around again)


Nandani—god karan jus say it already, u used to say it so easily!!


Karan—I love..


Sahil runs quickly and grabs the phone from karan's hand.


Sahil—Bhabhi, bhaiya is saying I love u, happy??


Nandani starts to laugh and responds—Sahil tum?? Tell ur brother that if he doesn't say I love u to me, he will be sleeping on the rock hard couch for a month!


Sahil—bhaiya ne saab soon liya I put him on speaker.


Sahil talking to karan—bhaiya jus say it already, no one cares…come on we have to get to a meeting.


Karan quickly grabs the phone and responds to nandani—I love u, bye now.


Here at home nandani and ganga were both pulling karan's leg, the phone was on speaker and ganga was listening as well.


Ganga—wow, karan took so long to jus say those three special words!! I should do that sahil, he hasn't flirted with me in like years.


Nandani and ganga both laugh when tulsi walks in.


Tulsi comes in and grabs both of their ears—kyu re mere beto ko taang kaar rahi ho??


Nandani—maa, it hurts, come on u know it was funny!!!


All three get a good laugh at the teasing, and go about their work.


Mss School


A girl sees laksh walking and follows him. She grabs his shoulder.




Laksh—tum?? Ughhhh, why r u falling me?


Girl—u know I won't stop until u take me on a date.


Laksh—well, then keep on chasing me, u still won't get one.


Both the girl and laksh argue when bhoomi comes and stops the arguments.


Bhoomi—hey bhagwan! Urmi, leave my brother alone please.


Urmi—what bhoomi, mein kaabse laksh ko beg kar rahi hoon, Ek date paar le jane kiliyeh, magar woh hai ke….(gets interrupted by bhoomi)


Bhoomi—listen he doesn't like u….do u want me to spell it for u??? cause I will…now get over it!


Urmi makes a face and leaves bhoomi and laksh.


Bhoomi sighs—laksh, where is nakul?


Laksh—im thinking the same, I wonder where he is.


As laksh squints his eyes he sees nakul come running away from urmi, because apparently after bothering him she was bothering nakul.


Nakul—god, this urmi is driving me nuts!!


Bhoomi—if u guys are done braggin, can we go home now?


Nakul and laksh—chalo.


The three then walk to their cars to get home. It was getting quite dark and they had to get home early before their parents started to worry. Finally they got home and quickly ran into the kitchen.


Bhoomi---badi mom, im so hungry.


Ganga—ha beta, the food is ready, all three of u get freshened up and I will warm it up.


Ganga then goes into the kitchen to tell nandani that the kids were home.


Laksh goes straight into his room to wash his face, he walks into the bathroom and immediately freshens up, then he walks towards his bed, karan and sahil both then come into his room.




Laksh—jee chachu?


Karan say—sahil and I want u to go to America to meet one of our clients.


Laksh—what? But what about my classes?


Sahil—don't worry about them because we r sending u during ur vacation. It will only take a week there. All u have to do is pick up the documents from the client and read over them. then Call us to tell us about the deal, finalize it and come back with it.


Laksh—r u guys sure? U guys trust me that much?


Karan—yes beta, we do, we were gonna ask nakul but he has to do other business work here.


Sahil—we don't mind if u don't wanna go.


Laksh—no of course, I would love to go.




After the conversation is over both karan and sahil walk out of the room. While karan walking out, bumps into Shivani.




Shivani turns around—yes dad?


Karan—thanks for helping me out with the layout yesterday for work. U r a genius.


Shivani—thank u papa, but u need to tell mom and dadi not to yell at me. They were upset cause I didn't attend class.


Karan—don't worry I'll take care of that.


Sahil—beta, that work u did was jus pure genius.


As both Shivani and sahil shake their hands laughing.


Shivani—I know chachu, I am the only genius in this house.


While laughing into the hall, nandani comes and notices it. She comes and looks angrily at karan.


Nandani—chup! Ur daughter is getting out of control and ur jus making it worse. Aur tum sahil, don't u want ur niece to go to school?


Sahil—bhabhi, Shivani is really smart relax, she will do fine in school. U worry way too much.


Sahil grabs nandani's cheek and walks away, following him goes karan blowing a few kisses to nandani. Nandani smiles and blushes, Shivani walks towards her and hugs her from behind.


Shivani—old love wow!!


Nandani—chup, jao abh dinner nahin karna?


Shivani—mom lets both go please? i am so hungry i can eat u! (they both laugh)


Nandani: not funny, u want to eat me?? ur mom??


Shivani grabs her ears: mom's its jus an expression


Nandani: expression ke bachi.


While walking down the stairs, nandani and Shivani meet up with laksh, nakul, and bhoomi. All four come downstairs.


At kt's school


Kt and her friends walk into their classes, when suddenly a guy comes and grabs kt's hand pulling her out of the room before she was able walk in.


Kt—manthan, leave my hand.


Manthan—how do u know it was me kt darling?


Kt—only a guy with such a perverted mind like urs does this, so why wouldn't I know.




Kt—oh shut up, I don't want to here ur crap, now let go of my hand.


Manthan throws kt's hand down with force.


Manthan—I'm letting go for now, but let's see how long u can stay away from my sexiness.


Kt—please, in ur damn dreams.


As kt walks she tells wahida wat happened outside cause she knew that wahi would ask.


Kt and Wahida start their last exam of the year, in Princeton. Happily both take their exams with confidence because both had studied really well.


Basu residence


Nandani comes running down the stairs after being on the phone with someone.




Anu—why r u screaming???


Nandani grabs anu and spins him around. Anu looks at nandani and gets confused of what is going on.


Anu—nandani, come on tell me, what is going on?


Nandani—I just got off the phone with tulsi maa!


Anu—tulsi maa?? Why didn't u give me the phone??


Nandani—I did ask u, but u were too busy talking to ur client. Anywayz they told us that for vacation we and the kids should go visit them.


Anu—I was jus thinking of settling down there permanently.


Nandani gets shocked and happy at the same time.




Anu—yea hun anything u want to do.


Nandani—well the answer from me is definitely yes, but the kids? Prerna is still studying her third year and kt….(gets interrupted by anu)


Anu—I know, but Mumbai has a lot of great universities, and great med schools. We can give the girls a good education there as well.


Nandani—yea I know, paar, what if the girls don't agree. I mean they have the right to speak their mind as well.


Anu—I know, and I'm pretty sure they will want to go as well. Let's talk to them about it.


Virani residence


Laksh is all set to sleep when he closes his eyes for a moment and immediately sees a beautiful girl, although he could not see her face he knew from the bottom of his heart that she was beautiful and all for him. He felt her hair covering his face as a blanket, its beautiful essence made him smile in his sleep. Her anklet on her feet made a beautiful rhythm and the wind blew hard and yet they both remained in each others arms without being knocked down. As the girl buried her face into his chest, he felt the warmth of love embrace him. While laksh was thinking of a girl in this dreams, back in America Kt began to have the hiccups during her break.


Wahida then tells kt—u know what nandani chachi says, that if one hiccups a lot, and since this is the 3rd time u started, it means that someone is remembering u.


KT—what rubbish? Kaun mujhe yaad kar sakta hai.


Wahida—that only ur tru loves knows. Here take some water maybe that will shut u up a bit!!


As wahi lifts up a bottle to kt's face, kt picks it up. She drinks it so fast that she begins to choke and coughs. Here in Mumbai, laksh suddenly wakes up coughing from his dream.


hope u all liked it!!! i will continue soon. Embarrassed please comment


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Angelic_Pari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Hey yaar....the ff is very descriptive and very imaginary..... Clap

Gr8 part..... Embarrassed

Dr.Smart Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 7:37pm | IP Logged

mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2005
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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 8:06pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Angelic_Pari

Hey yaar....the ff is very descriptive and very imaginary..... Clap

Gr8 part..... Embarrassed


thank u so much.

maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Ooooooooo......... Such me Ishq Hua... Kab hua? Kaise hua? Kyun hua?

Hai hai... I love the way LKT think of each other and their responses are felt even so far... Embarrassed

Hey KN are so cute and good girl Shivani is so responsible and great.... Kuddos for her Clap
aishu_fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2008 at 10:12pm | IP Logged
great job!!lol shivani ur a genius!!!Lol!!!!good job yaar!Really awesome!do continue
bradford3 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 April 2008 at 3:07am | IP Logged
it was awesome cant wait to read more

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