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DrSK-Pyaar Ke Liye Pg 79 and 80 updatd (FF) (Page 79)

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im sorri im sorri i've misplaced my book n jus found it tday n ii onli half wrote it on the computer by tomorrow ill get it im serious reli sorry yaar xxxxxx

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Originally posted by falak298

im sorri im sorri i've misplaced my book n jus found it tday n ii onli half wrote it on the computer by tomorrow ill get it im serious reli sorry yaar xxxxxx

ohhhhhhh yaar its kk yaarbt plzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont soooooon yaar its being ages plzzzzz tc of ur slf kkkkkk
luv u

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Sorry guys had college work loadz and loadz then i lost my book which had the update and i only did half form the top of my head and thats it im very sorry but here's an extra long update because i love you guys ooo much and i hope u guys forgive me for not upoadting Big smile



Riddhima comes downstairs and opens the front door. She wasn't shocked to see the first guest it was khushie.

S: hi riddhima…tum yahaan lekin armaan kahaan hai?

R: hi….haan who upper gaya tha pata nahi kuch kaam tha usse.

S: oh acha (sounding very sarcastic which made riddhima blush)

Sophia and riddhima came in and sat down and started to talk. A while later Armaan came downstairs. Sophia got up to greet him…..

A: hey khushie kaisi ho?

S: hi mein…..(she was about to hug him)….ye kya armaan?

Armaan put his hand on his cheek and thought yaar meine tou lipstick utaar di thi ye kis cheese ki baat kar rahi hai  

S: abhe gaal pe kyun haat rakh raha hai mein tumhari shirt ki baat karr rahi hoon. Wah bhai wah armaan malik ne apni puri life mein apne char button band kiye hain kya baat hai.

A: abhe chup kar na……..

S: why lyun? Question pucha answer dena hoga you know our rules armaan….

A: who you know…bas sardi lag rahi thi……

S: wah…sardi lag rahi thi…..ok I'll flow with that for now……

She hugged him….armaaan looked at ridz who laughed quietly

She felt uncomfortable about them hugging you could see it on her face. Armaan looked at her and smiled and let go of khushie. They were about to sit when the door bell rang again.

A: tum dono betho mein dekhta hoon


Armaan went to open the door. It was atul.

AT: kaisa hai yaar

A: mein theek tu bata?

AT: mein bhi theek hoon.

Atul saw riddhima and thought of angie. Armaan saw him

A: who nahi aayi

AT: kaun nahi aayi?

A: anjali

AT: tou kya hua who aa jaye gi mujhe kya fark padta hai

A: kya?.....

AT: meiun andar aa sakta hoon?

A: haan haan…..

Just as armaan was about to close the door he heard a voice


'hey wait…yaar darwaza mat band kar'


Armaan looked out. It was rahul. He smiled



A: mein phirse khol deta

Ra: vahi tou abhie tune atul ke liye darwaza khola phir band phir kholna..oyu know it gets tiring…

A: come in rahul….

Ra: thanx…jay aaya?

A: nahi bas riddhima khushie aur atul hain…..

R: oh acha….


They went in and joined the others armaan went to sit next ridz….khushie looked at him…she thought something smiled and shook her head. They all started talking about random things…

A: riddhima angie ko phone karro pooch who kahaan hai…and khushie tum jay ko phone karro.

They both nodded and took their phones away


Sophia took out her phone and rang

S: hello jay

J: haan khushie kaisi ho?

S: mein theek hoon tum kahaan ho?

J: mein bas aara hoon. Kya hua tum bohot chupsi ho?

S: nahi who bas aaise hi..tum bas jaldi aa jao

J: khushie kissi ne kuch kaha?

S: nahi kuch nahi mein bas aaise hi

J:mein aara hoon tum mujhe batao kya hua theek hai?

S: nahi mein tumhe baad mein bataoon gi tum bas jaldi se aa jao

J:ok theek hai byee amd listen

S: kya hua
J:I love you

S: I love you too


Riddhima went in a corner and rang  anjali

AN: hi ridz kya hua?

R: di aap kahaan ho? Sab wait karre hain

AN: mein bas aari hoon aik surprise lari hoon dr shubhankar aur dr keerti bhi hian mere saath. Jay aaya?

R:nahi who…(riddhima turned to see armaan open the door for jay)…haan who aa gaya hai….

AN: ok phir hum bhi aare hain…ok byee.

She put the phone down 


Armaan came there

A: kya hua lahaan hai anjali?

R: di aari hain

A: good good

Armaan looked around he heard laughs coming from the living room as atul started talking about his plant stories and jay and khushie laughed. Armaan dragged riddhima into the nearest closet

R: armaan kya karre ho? Kissi ne dekh liya tou?

A: tumhare paas aur koi lines nahi hain…armaan chodo koi dekh lega….armaan chodo…..armaan mujhe chodo…..tou theek hai chod diya.

He let go of her hand and turned around…she looked at him.

R: itni jaldi nahi jaane vaali..

She kissed his cheek and ran out of the closet. He smiled







Everyone was talking  about the party and where anji was…just then the bell rang…..

Armaan went to open the door…he smiled

A:hey anji (he looked behind her) hello Dr Keerti hi Sir

SH:hello dr armaan

Keerti smiled

An: armaan jay aur sab loge kahaan hain?

A: woh sab andaar hain tum aao tou

An; nahi sab ko bulao


Everyone came one by one

J:yaar andar aao na jaldi mujhe cake khana hai

Everyone laughed…..

An: jay we have a surprise

J:phir jaldi karro I love surprise it's not a bad surprise ryt…

An: no it's a good surprise

Dr keerti and Shubhankar moved out of the way and there was muskaan in a wheelchair holding a big card and flowers

M:abhe teri birthday party tou nahi bhool sakti na


He kneeled down and hugged her…muskaan caught rahul's eye he was fidgety she let go of jay…..they where about to come in when armaan stopped them.

M:kya hua?

A: muskaan tu mere ghar pehli dafa aayi hai tu chalk e aaye gi…

Ra: tera dimaakh kharaab ho gaya hai

M: haan armaan tu pagal tou nahi ho gaya..

Armaan had a nervous smile he leaned back n whispered to rahul

A: gale lagana hai na muskaan ko….

Ra: haan lekin

A: follow my lead

Armaan looked at rahul

A: haan rahul usko tou help bhi mil jaye gin a….she needs the exercise don't you think dr keerti

DK:that's right

A:chal rahul help me

He went to muskaan's right side and put her arm around his shoulder he left the waist for rahul who came and put muskaan's left arm around his shoulder and his right arm around her waist. She felt butterflies in her stomach…but she felt so safe in his arms….rahul helped her up and slowly helped her inside…they walked together..looking at each other she didn't look away or blink once…armaan slowly let go when everyone was concentrating in coming in…..muskaan put her right hand which ws now free on rahul's hand which was around her waist……everyone forgot about rahul and muskaan and went inside………Jay grabbed Sophia by her waist

S: kya karre ho

J:koi nahi dkehra hum sabse peeche hain

She blushed



J:yes my jaan

S:tum bhi na

J:mein bhi na kya?

S:maroon gi

J:aapke pyaar mein tou hum mar chuke hain

She blushed again..n giggled

Further on anjali and atul were walking together….she wanted to talk to him…but about what she couldn't think……

At: armaan ka ghar kitna acha hai na?

An: I know it's beautiful

He looked ta her

At: bohot khoobsurat hai..

She blushed n he smiled

Armaan looked bak everyone was busy in their own conversation he caught her hand…she lukd at him but then remembered wat he sed about her saying arman mujhe chodo and let him hold her and…he knew she was feeling uncomfortable he could feel it….

A: chod deta lekin koi dekh nahi raha na aur romance karne ka dil karra tha…..

She blushed n smiled he let go of her hand n she caught his…he lukd at her

R:mera bhi romance karne ka dil karra tha

N she blushed again

A: itna sharmao gin a tamatar ki tarhaan lal ho jao gi

They both laughed……



Armaan led everyone down a set of stairs n then called jay to the front…..sophia put her hands on his eyes…..

J: yaar ye bohot choti hai mujhe niche hona padehega

He laughed and Sophia hit him….he bent his knees down so they were leveld height everyone laughed

S: jay mein tumhe is ghar se nikaal doon gi

J:tumhara ghar nahi hai

S: hai….bachpan se khelti aayi hoon yahaan…so keep ur mouth shut

J:wah bhai wah..birthday boy ki kya izat hai

S: chup karr jao varna tumhara sar na table ke liye use karoon gi

Everyone laughed

A; ok ok lets go in before yahaan world war 3  shuru ho jaye

Armaan opened the door and everyone went in

S:mein haath uthari hoon aankhein band rakhna theek hai

J:shukar hai atleast sahi tarhaan khada tou ho sakoon ga

S:armaan churi lao mien isse abhie maar daloon gi

Jay laughed

Sophia let go everyone moved back…

J:ab kholoon……

No rpely

J:ab aaknheion kholoon

No reply

J:mein aankhein khol rahaa hoon

He opened his eyes Sophia stood there with a cake everyone sang

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear jay

Happy birthday to you


Balloons fell form the ceiling and jay everyone gathered round the cake as jay cut the cake everyone sang……when jay had given a bite off cake to everyone and put some cake on their faces the cake was taken away and they put loud music on and danced……………when everything finally came to a close armaan put on pehli nazar….jay took sophia's hand shubhankar took keerti's and with some hesitation atul took anji's hand……armaan went and took advantage of the moment and grabbed riddhima's hand the lights dimmed and everyone was lost in their own dream world.


Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

 armaan looked in risshima's eyes and they both stared at each other. Finally they had an oppurtunity to be together in front of everyone even though it meant nothing to others it was the world for them

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

Jay tightened his grip on khushie she blushed…..but came in closer no one was looking so point of hidhing her excitement of being with her one true love jay

O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa


Shubhankar kept staring at keerti. And she was blushing she couldn't believe she was with him this close. She felt out of this world…as if it was just him and her in the room and no one else mattered….

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u


Atul's grip on anji tightened

At: kuch nahi hota mein hoon na….mujhe pata hai ke tumhe andhere se dar lagta hai don't worry mein hoon na

An: ab mujhe dar nahi lag raha……


While everyone danced muskaan and rahul sat on the table…..

M: tu dance kyun nahi karra

Ra: mere partner ko chote lagi hai

M: meri va jaise tu koi mazaa nahi le sakta

Ra: tujhe kisne kaha mujhe mazaa nahi aaraha

M:kyun mere saath beth ke bore nahi hora

Ra; kabhie nahi…

He held her hand

M:kya karra hai koi dekhle ga

Ra; nahi dekhe gat u fikar mat kar

He moved his arm around her waist


Ra; haan muskaan

M:chod na

Ra: kyun andhera hai koi nahi dekh sakta

She blushed

Ra:hyeee mein jarvaaan…kinni soni lag rahi hai

M:tu bhi na

Ra: mazaak nahi karr raha

M: acha jab tu un Punjabi kudiyon ke peeche bhaag tat ha tab mein soni nahi lag rahi thi

Ra: tab jab tere peeche bhaag ta tha tou mere se door bhaag ti thi

Her face suddenly turned sad

Ra:kya hua?

M:kuch nahi….she put her hand on his face…and then realized everyone was there she just smiled and moved her hand away but rahul caught it and kissed she blushed….

everyone stopped dancing as the song came to an end and  went where rahul and muskaan where sat…….they all started to eat dinner jus as they were going ot finish anji's fone rang

An:excuse me guys

She went out the room……….five minutes later she came back with an upsetting look on her face everyone turned their heads to atul including anjali expecting him to say ' kya hua anjali' but he didn't armaan broke the awkward silence

A:kya hua anjali

An:sorry guys I have to


J:kyun kahaan jaari ho?

An:woj sanjeevanimein meri patient ki tabiyat kharaab ho gayi hai im sorry jay I have to go…sorry armaan…

J:no no duy calls it's fine thanks for coming anyways…..sorry that's armaan's line everyone laughed

A:thanx anji byeee

Getting rid of her

An:lekin ridz kaise jaye gi

A:meine drop kardoon ga if that's ok with u

R:yh it's fine

An:ok bye guys…she looked at atul….bye atul

At:bye anjali

She hugged jay a happy birthday good bye and armaan and the girls…..

She went

Soon shubhanakr keerti and atul had to leave it was nearing 12 and they had to go…….the last people left were riddhima jay and Sophia…..they all came to the main door………

J:well thanx for the party..mujhe bohot acha laga

A:anytym yaar….well maybe nxt year kyunke ye birthday party thi

S:anyways bye armaan

She hugged him jay looked at her and his eyes grew wide she smiled

She let go of armaan and hugged ridz…..

Armaan and jay gave each other big jhapi and then jay hugged riddhima…….sophia looked at him he smiled….her eyes grew wide….he let go of her…

J:ok then byee



A:byeee guys




PRECAP:akele ghar mein armaan and riddhima…………….armaan sneaks into riddhima's house and further on new entry!



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heyt hanks for the excelent part..cnt wait for the nxt part..wonder who the new person..still can see that RidZ is not comfy with Khushi!
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hey falak how r u yaar its bein long nd long time nd u h updated finally wow nd vryyyyyyy vyyyyyyy long prt hmmmmmm lvd it superb yaar arridz romance continues..jab time milta chalo shuru ho jate lvd it nd khushi gave him wowwww jay tiooooooooooooooooooo gud yaar i lvd it nw arridz alone bcz angie hd 2 go omg yaar i m sooooo curious  know wht gonna happn nxt omgggggggggggggg i jst cnt wait cont soooooooon as soon as possibl plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
luv yachna
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plz continue it really was fantyastic
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Hellloooo My jaanis my fans my friends i have missed you all and i know by now you hate me because no updates for months and months but kya karein colleg is getting busy and finally exams aare gone by that is why you didn't get a dailt dose of falak's FFs  lekin ab i am back and it is an extra extra long update for keeping you all waiting xxxxxxxx


So we left off with armaan and ridz at armaan's house after jay's Bday party now continued


Ridhima makes her way to the door but armaan comes in front and locks it.

he turns to her

A: Hum tum aik kamre mein band ho aur jabhi kho jaye

R: armaan tumhara dimaakh kharaab ho gaya hai mujhe ghar jaana hai. chalo hato ab

armaan didn't listen to a word she said and sswung her in his arms

R; armaan ye kya karre ho chodo na

A: nahi idhar sirf mein aur tum

R: ab isa kya matlab hai huh?

A:iska matlab hai meri jaaneman (he put her done and pulled at her dupatta) rakh nahi rakh nahi parda koi mujhse e ja karle tu mera yakeen he winks at her

R: bilkul pagal ho tum armaAN PLEASE chodo na ghar jaana hai mom pareshaan ho jayein gi pleaseee.

A: acha theek hai

riddhima wallked to the door and then suddenly stopped and turned

R: armaaannn

A: yes dear

R: mujhe ghar drop kardo ge di tou hospital chali gayi


R: kyun????

A:mein busy hoon

R:tumhe is waqt kya karna hai

A:nothing is more important to a guy then his sleep tou jao ghar chal ke jao


A:mazaak karra hoon itni garam kyun hori ho chalo idhar khade rehna hai ya jaana bhi hai



Rahul parked his car and turned to stare at muskaan

M:kya dekh rah hai??

R:apni muskaan ko dekh rah hoon

M:ab bas bhi kar (she said with a little blush) mujhe help kar na neend aari hai aur tujhe ghar bhi tou jaana hai

R: nahi dekh idhar sirf mein hooon teri help karne ke liye aur koi nahi tou jab tak mein nahi uth ta tab tak tu nahi ja sakti

M:rahul chal na please

she leaned in to him and kissed his cheek


R: acha theek hai

In the hospital

Rahul brought muskaan in and layed her down on the bed

R:ab khush

M:I love you

R: i love you too ab sou ja subha milte hain

he kissed her forehead and went muskaan watched him go and slowly drifted into a sleep with a smile


2 nights later Gupta house

Riddhima lay awake in her warm bed the wind was howling outside and the thought armaan as usual never left her. she slid her arm under the pillow and took a picture of armaan which he gave to her out. she smiled at it and slowly fell asleep.


A few hours later riddhima felt something pulling her b;anket. she pulled it. the blanket pulled down again yet she pulled it back for one last time the blanket moved again. She got nnoyed and ws about to get up when she felt a cold arm around her waist. she slowly opened her eyes she say her imagenery armaan laying down beside her. she smiled and closed her eyes then the shock hit her how can imagenery armaan feel cold?? or have a feeling at all?????

she opened her eyes and gasped it was armaan!!! she saw the light behind her turn on she qucikly grabbed her teddy and pulled the blanket over both of them. anjali turned to see the darker side of the room where riddhima was sleeping. she could see her hugging her etddy and smiled riddhima moved her feet and noise of the payal annoyed anjali

A:is payal ko na mein aik din tod ke rakhooon gi

she put her ear plugs in and saw riddhima move her feet but she couldn't hear anything

A:peace at last

anjali turned her lamp off and went back to sleep. riddhima felt a cold touch on her neck she felt a shiver then sudedenly she got angry

R:armaan tum yahaan kya karre ho

A:tumse milne aaya hoon aur haan tumhari is dracula jaisi behen ne tumhari payal todne ki koshish ki na mein usse tod doon ga


A:acha sorry bas tumse milne aayaa tha

Riddhima smiled

 they hugged each other

armaan was about to go but then riddhima stopped him

R:thodi aur dair ruko na

he loooked into her beautifull eyes

he kissed her forehed and sat down next to her bed in a matter of minite riddhima fell asleep and armaan slowly slid out of the room and back home


Next morning


Riddhima woke up to see armaan was gone..ofcourse he couldn't stay all night. she looked around and found a note on the table she picked it up and opened it


Deaar riddihma meri jaan sweetheart rise and shine

kaisi ho? mere baare mein sochri thi na? i mean come on how can you resist?

look at me (riddhima slid the pictire out) meri tasveer ko dekh rahi ho na

i know you sooo well. anyways mein kehna chahta tha raat ko bohot mazaa aaya aur thank you tumne meri izaat ko aanch nahi aane di you  know kyunke mein javaan akel sheher mein ladka hoon aur tum jaisi

ladkiyaan tou mujh jaise shareef masoom ladkoon ko dekh kar hum pe attack karna shuru kar de ti ho.

anyways ab suno meine na tumhare bed ke niche aik gift rakha usko dekh aur kal in other words aaj kyunke tum ye aaj pad rahi ho aur mein ye raat ko likh raha hoon anyways woh gift pehen ke aana ok

love you tumhara armaann

PS jaldi aana x


Ridhima kissed the letter and saw a box under the ebd she pulled it out and opened it to find a beautifull blue shalwaar kameez she smiled and quickly got up to change


In sanjeevani armaan waited patiently gor his girlfriend aka his future wife

A: kahaan reh gayi hai kaha tha jaldi aana lekin madam sajne savarne mein itna time lagati hain ke ke pata nahi yaar kyun nahi ab tak.

he stopped talking to himself as he heard quiet payal noise coming from a distance.. it got closer and closer and soon a beautifull image of his riddhima stood in the locker room door way wearing the light blue shalwaar kameez he gave her.


she walked in he gave a little wave to her and she laughed.

R:acha ab batao blue kyun pehene ko kaha

A: kyunke mein blue pehen raha hoon

R; armaan tum kitne cute ho i love you

A: i lvoe you too

they hugged each other and aasmaani rang played at the back. armaan hugged riddhima tight enough so she was comfortable and riddhima rested her head on his chest.



 armaan and riddhima let go of each other, sophia stormed in with jay running after her

J:lekin darling pleasee naa im sorryyy

S: armaan choose tumhe kaun chahiye hai tumhari best friend ya ye kachre ka daba (she pointed at jay)

A:what??!! kya hua?

J:baS AIK dinner date cancel ki tou isse gussa chada hai


A: is mein meri kya ghalti hai??

R: jay teen dinner dates??? kis khushi mein?? aur kya majboori thi??

J:bohot important kaam hai

A:leikn meine kya kiya hai

S:kaam kaam kaam meri koi importance nahi hai

R:im with khushi on this one

S:thanks ridz

A:meine kya kiya hai??? koi batao na

J: jaan im sorry naaa

S: tum ladke tou humri care bhi nahi karte

R: absolutly agar mere boyfriend teen dinner dates cancel ki hoti tou mein teen thapad maar ti usse

A: acha ji pyaar kiya tou maar mile ye kya baat hai yaar

J:tum ladkiyaan hume nahi samaj ti

S: humm nahi samaj te

R: tum idiots ko hume sahi taraan tret nahi karna aata

they all started argueing and screaming at ech other

Rahul walked in jumped on a bench and screamed


THEY alll stopped

R: subha subha jangliyon ki tarhaan lad rahe ho get to your locker

everyone went to their lockers without a word

atul came in all happy and smiling jumping up and down

AT: Jaaanneeee kyuuunnn dilllll jaanta hai tu hai tou ill be alright ill be alright

A:champ itna khush kyun hai

AT:kyunke yaar mein tum logoon ko is hafte aik special friend se milana chahta hoon


AT: wait and seee


Throught out the day

Sophia sees jay sitting in a corner in the emergency staircase...she was about to walk in when she rememebred the three dates that were cancelled she turned to leave.

J:itni jaldi jaa rahi ho?

S:tumhe kaise pata mein yahaan thi??

Jay turned to look at her he took slow steps towards her

J:tum samaj ti ho ke meine date ke saath saath tumhe bhi buladiya hai'.

She took her steps back and stopped at a wall. He looked deep into her eyes.

J: I am really sorry Sophia'mein kya karoon doctor ka farz nibhaoon ya pyaar '.sanjeevani mein naya case aaya hai complicated hai uss mein busy hoon aur tum sochri ho ke mein tumhe ignore kaarra hoon mein tumse jhoot bolunga excuses banaoonga Sophia mein tumse pyaar karta hoon. Agar mein kuch kar sakta tou tumhare saath poora din bita ta'.im sorry jaan mein tumhari expectations ko nahi poora ka sakta

S:im sorry jay mujhe maaf kardo mein bhi na pagloon ki tarhaan act kar rahi thi hum doctor hain humara kaam ka farz pehle aata hai hum date pe  bhir kabhie chaleinge im sorry

She started to cry and jay hugged her

J:its ok mat rou'.



i hope you liked the update please let me know how you feel and once again i am really sorry for it being late Smile

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Finally you are back!!
Thanks for the PM
The part was GREAT!!!!!
Continue soon.........

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wardahere 163 15437 21 October 2009 at 4:04am by kunwar_rey
New York NitesAR updatd part 4&5 page 17/19..19.01

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 25 26

Author: xarmaanx   Replies: 205   Views: 24333

xarmaanx 205 24333 20 October 2009 at 9:16pm by -ialwayswill-
Amanat..(Rajeev n Amna)*updatd prt7 pg 7*

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10 11

Author: JaViA   Replies: 81   Views: 14791

JaViA 81 14791 03 April 2009 at 8:03pm by goodkashish
imaginary story on AR pt 10 updatd pg 2


Author: nimiluvkaran   Replies: 12   Views: 2691

nimiluvkaran 12 2691 02 July 2008 at 6:33am by nimiluvkaran

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