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" Sawaal Zindagi Se "Part IV (last part)

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2008 at 1:58am | IP Logged

Hi Friends,

This is a simple story. It has a Maharashtrian background. Here the character Suvarna is in search of some answer, whether she gets them or not... and what is it.. the story goes throguh it.

I want to mention special thanks to My lovely friends Bini, Sara, Tannu & San for always loving my effort and givign so much warmth.

Special mention and thanks to Jyothi & Golu for their love and support...

Heartfelt thanks to my friends Vandu (chalo chaloo meri coofee to ayi biscuits kahan hai;)), Rabia (hope this one doesnt confuse u dear in any aspect..:D, Monika (hey girlly u made me blush and all were like who's mail r u reading;)), Seasplash khubu , Vallanki& Juvz ...and all my silent readers... thanks so much...

Its very few many u will get to know...Wink 

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2008 at 4:23am | IP Logged
wowowowow thank you for another one Clap
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2008 at 9:43am | IP Logged

Originally posted by monikaseth

wowowowow thank you for another one Clap

Hi Monika dear... Ab thanks kyun keh na.. Its absolutely my pleasure to share my stories with reders as sweet as u...Big smile.. u all have encouraged my stay here and pushed me to keep posting more...Big smile

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2008 at 9:44am | IP Logged
"Sawaal Zindagi Se"

Part I
Sanavi: Aapko pata hai, Aaj aap ki kitni yaad aa rahi hai..(her eyes filled with tears)
Looking at the Snap of her Late husband Aditya…!
(Voice)..Aaee…Aaee….(Mom)….See na Aaee, Maushi not allowing me to go outside.
Sanavi: Pihu dear, first u go & take blessings of Ajhoba (grandfather) I will tell Maushi to let u go ...
Pihu: Acha, Aaee but why r u crying? Then I will also start crying, phir Ajhoba will also cry & then Maushi will come & scold all of us… don't cry Aaee (with an innocent smile on her face)
Sanavi: (wipes her tears)..Today is my Pihu's birthday how can I cry. (she takes Pihu in her arms & kisses her )..chalo beta go fast & take Ajhobas blessing…
Ajhoba comes gives Pihu blessing as well as a gold chain as gift ..
Ajhoba: Sanavi, u should get ready to go to work, rn't u getting late?
Sanavi: Haan,…..(a long pause and she goes into her room to get ready )
Sanavi gets ready, drops Pihu at school & takes Bus to reach the Bank where she works. She keeps getting emotional with every mile ….. Sanavi enters the Bank, looks around, and takes her seat. Her colleagues welcome her & get back to their work. Sanavi closes her eyes, a flash of memories come back ……
The day when she had come to this Bank for the first time, how she was a trainee here, how she had met the then Manager Mr. Aditya Naik. Aditya who's was an highly respected man. With whom she had fallen in love and had got married. A person whom she respected more than she loved. How the whole staff & account holders use to say ,they r made for each other. How Aditya was adored by all. How her life was full of happiness after marriage & with the news of the new arrival, their Pihu, whom Aditya named even before she was born. How life turned into a nightmare when Aditya died. ..He died before he could see his Pihu…her cries, her depression….her trials, her strength to bring life back to normal atleast for Pihu's sake. How Aditya gave her strength even without his presence.
With sadness & grief, Sanavi was pushed back to reality, she opened her eyes… looked around, the same Bank where she had fond memories of Aditya and here she came after 6 yrs, she had transferred to another Branch to stay away from the memories here, which brought nothing but grief.
(Voice…Hi Sanavi…So nice to see u after yrs)
Sanavi : Hello Vermaji..kaise hain aap?
Mr.Verma: Main to bilkul theek hoon, the bank was lifeless without u. Got transferred back? (gives passbook to update)
Sanavi: Yes, its close to my daughter's School, so I preferred to come to this branch.
Mr.Verma: Daughter! what's her name?
Sanavi: Pihu, today is her birthday as well(with a smile)
Mr.Verma: Naam to bahut pyara hai, God Bless her.
Sanavi: (giving him back the updated passbook)..Thank u !!
Mr.Verma: Thank u .
Sanavi (recollects how Aditya use to make fun of this gentleman): kehta, "Buddhapemey aap itna perfume kyun lagatey hain." how then Vermaji would tell her, "Sanavi, yeh dikhta utna sidha nahi hai, dekho mere scent ke peeche hi pada rahta hai" (a smile comes on Sanavi's face)
Sanavi: Abbhi kai log waise hi hain. (starting to get back to her work)
Sanavi is busy with her work & notices a man in queue at the other counter. She takes a close look at him, .
Sanavi rushes from her seat to talk to him, but the Man who is alerted by Sanavi's presence rushes quickly out of the bank. Sanavi gets out of the Bank and sees him going off on his Bike.
Sanavi: Kyun kar rahe ho?..(an __expression of disappointment) plzzzzz
The Security guard, asks her if something's wrong, she tells him just inform her the next time he watches this Man in the Bank, she has to speak to him, its urgent.

From office Sanavi reaches home. It's Pihu's Birthday party. All her new friends from school have come. When the celebrations r over, Sanavi puts Pihu to sleep, she is looking at the gifts while Pihu is sleeping after a great party. Sanavi tries to clean the room, which is filled with gifts opened, the gift wrappers scattered around, she is surprised to read on one of the gift, From Ur Uncle! She looks at the gift, it's a Bird which sings. Pihu ..Pihu..
Sanavi: U Knew it was Pihu's Birthday…(sobbing)U were Aditya's friend…but before that u were My close friend.., Why r u doing this to me!!..
Sanavi: (Looks at Aditya's Snap..)Aap hamesha kehte, Pihu ko main convent mey dalunga, aur usi school may jisme Aap padhna chahte the. Aaj ussi sapne ko purana karne ke liye, main phir is shaher mey vapis aye hoon. Magar shayad kuch aur sawal ke jawab baki hain…(thinking ) Magar ab woh kabhi Bank mey dobara nahi ayega..How will I know ?
Closes her eyes, holds Pihu and sleeps..

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2008 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Ohh.......who is this motor biker LOL soo wicked...sad bhi nahi ho rahi LOL
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2008 at 2:07am | IP Logged

Originally posted by togepe30

Ohh.......who is this motor biker LOL soo wicked...sad bhi nahi ho rahi LOL

Ab jald hi pata chalega.. these stories r too short.. ... How dare u  call my vanda wicked..... woh to sweet innocent.. ekdam jaggery ki tarah (sugar is injuriours ot healthWink)...

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Part II

Many days have passed, Sanavi has not seen that Man again. She asks the security guy has he seen him near the Bank.

Security guard: Madam aapk ek kaam kyun nahi karti , aap uska naam jaanti hai to ,uska account yehan hoga, to computer pe to sab likha hoga.
Sanavi is Surprised & feels how foolish of her, how come she didn't think about this simple way. Sanavi gets hold of his address.
Sanavi on a Sunday morning reaches his house. The maid opens the door…
Sanavi: Kya Uday ghar pe hain?
Uday who is sitting on the sofa reading newpaper…(kaun hai….)
Sanavi enters:Uday…(looking at him, emotions choking her voice…)
Uday is taken a back by her voice, he keeps the paper aside..
Uday looking at Sanavi, with a smile on his face, to see her after long time…….he realises what she is going to ask..and tension grips him….
Uday: Why have u come here? Who gave u my address?..u go …..
Sanavi: Uday, u never talked to me like this, where has all the politeness, respect gone…
Uday: Sanavi, chali jaoo, mujhe tumse kuch nahi kehna..plzzz go away..
Sanavi: Tumhe mere sawalon ke jawab to dene hi honge…only u know …
Uday: Mujhe kuch nahi kehna…Now u go…(calling his maid to tell her to go and he walks to go to his room, rushing through the stairs…)
Sanavi: Uday...Don't do this to me…there was this time jab tum mujhse Pyaar karte the..kya sab woh jhoot tha…?
Uday: (his eyes r filled with tears…his palms r getting cold, looking at the way Sanavi was pleding..he never had imagined her to stand in front of him like this…so helpless.) Moves into his room & closes the door. (Calls his maid to push her out of the house)
Sanavi is pushed out by the maid. Sanavi is crying endlessly… She is more than shocked by Uday's Behaviour.
After a couple of days she tells Ajhoba she met Uday…
Sanavi: Uday will do this to me, I cant still believe.!
Ajhoba: Pata nahi yeh kaisi Paheli hai..kyun kar raha hai who aisa.?
Sanavi: Woh mujhse kitna pyaar karta tha, Aditya bolte the Uday aur uska parivaar bahut acha hai, kya yehi hai uske sanskaar? Kuch to chupa raha hai…
Ajhoba:  Haan, Aditya jaanta tha who tumse pyaar karta tha, phir bhi usse aur uske parivaar ko wah bahut Maan deta..Uday bhi accha ladka hai..pata nahi kyun yeh….
Sanavi: yes, Ajhoba, He was so helpful. He never even spoke to me directly after I got married, always informing Aditya first…always been careful so that no misunderstanding developed…He did not come after Aditya died, I spoke to him the last on the day Aditya died , accussed him. Bas chup raha, aur achanak gayab hogaya!
Ajhoba: Kyun sab soch dil dukhati ho apna…leave it Sanavi, don't keep thinking…
Sanavi starts crying…& Ajhoba consoles her…
One day Sanavi meets Uday's maid in the market, the maid says sorry for been so rude to her, she explains that for her as well it was a shock as her Saab never behaved liked this with any guest. Sanavi enquire's about Uday's Mom & Sister, she says they r settled in Nagpur. Uday too will wind his work and settle there, he had told her to find job elsewhere.
Sanavi knew she has to talk to Uday before he packs off to Nagpur. Uday was never there at home whenever she called. Sanavi was disappointed, as she may never get her answers…

Sanavi was working in the Bank as usual & was surprised as Uday turned out to check some important bank documents before shifting.
Uday completely ignored her, went straight to the manager & spoke. Uday's work was done & he started to go ....
Sanavi: Wait a sec Uday ..…Bhago mat mere sawalon se
Uday ignoring her rushed forwd..
Security guard did ask him, "Sir , Madam is calling…"
But Uday walked without caring..
Sanavi rushed running after him …..Uday got on to his bike..
Sanavi still running….tears were flowing , she was getting breatheless….public on the road was finding it weird all looking at her… Suddenly Sanavi fell down & fell on a stone nearby. She rolls and her hands & legs r brused with the trees branches  ..she was in pain…& soon she fainted..
The crowd came check her..Uday realised something wrong, he looked back,
Uday: Sanavi….(he left the Bike and came back rushing..) he was tensed..He stopped a cab nearby and took her in his arms & helped her into the cab. Uday looked at her face..she was unconscious …her face was wet with the tears still covering it all over..her hair had loosen ….she was looking pale…
Uday: Why do u do this? Sanavi….Aisa mat karo, u know I can never  see u in pain. Sanavi get up!! I am sorry Sanavi….plzzz kuch bolo….Sanavi! ….(talking to her all the way)
They reached the Dispensary nearby…
Sanavi is been treated by the Doc. Her right hand is injured and foot r injurned ,her blood pressure was normal but due to some Asthma problem she had fainted… ..Uday is taking care of all the arrangements. He calls up Ajhoba …Ajhoba comes along with Pihu.
Ajhoba: Uday, kya hua? Sanavi theek to hai…
Uday: (take his blessings)Ji(nods his head). Kuch hi der mey Hosh aajayega. (looks at Pihu)..Pihu don't worry, Mama is alright. (she smiles back)
Sanavi comes back to consciousness…looks eagerly for Uday, ..he stands there in front of her....

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seasplash Senior Member

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awwwww wht is uday hiding???
cant wait continue soon..... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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