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Sweet Love : ) Part 9 p.17 . N0TE p.19

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I've always wanted to write my own Fan Fic , so here I'm posting it today.It's my first try so I hope too  read your comments as well as critiscm so I can bring in a much better piece : )

I'll start with introducing the characters then a small introduction to give you guys an idea.

Sweet Love

(Name could be edited)


Armaan :  To start with he's a huge flirt , flirts with almost every girl in his college.All the girls love him too.He is very good-looking and along with that very funny  and most importantly he is caring and a good friend.Usually carefree about his studies , loves to party, takes life easily and the love of his life SOCCER.

Armaan's Mom passed away in a car accident when he was 17.Memories of her lie deeply in Armaan and his sister.

Armaan's Dad ' Mr.Malik ' He runs his own restaurant.He get's angry very easily and has turned into a deppressed man after his wife's death.Loves his children and spends as much as money on them for their life.

Pia ' Armaan's little sister : She is about 4 years younger than him.A spoilt brat , interested in fashion and oh boys!Rough at times but if you know her closely she has some sweet dreams.  With that she is an intelligent student and misses her mom.

Riddhima ' She believes in leading a rather simple life.She wears Shalwar Kameez most of the time and is very beautiful. With this she is also very naughty , has a great sense of humour and loves her family very much.She portrays herself as very lively  and talkative along with that she's the best advvice giver you will find , and so cute and bubbly!

Anjali ' Riddhima's sister- She is COOL ' Super hot! , independent and VERY ambitious.

Riddhima's Dad , Head of a hospital Sanjeevani , Mom and her chweet Dadi live with her.


Divya , Sunaina , Amey , David , Anjali ,Riddhima and Armaan are a group of close buddies at College.


I loved you even before I knew it. Was this meant to be? I always know you will be there , what is it that makes me say this.If it's love then why did you go away.Love isn't memories....Where will time take us?

Sometimes love turns your life downside up!Find out : )

Part 1 :

It's 9:00 am in the morning , *tring tring* *tring tring* the alarm goes.

'Good Morninggggg!!' Riddhima shouts , gets out of the bed energetically , removes the blanket off Anjali and turns on the volume of the sterio system really high and makes her way to the washroom.

'Ridzi kabhi toh ek normal insaan ki tarah behave kiya karo!Meiney bhi alarm ki awaaz sunee hai , I can get up on my own you know'

Riddhima gets out of the bathroom , with her changed clothes . 'Kya dii , subha subha gussa?!C'mon aaj Sunday hai! Aur waisey bhi it's a happy happy day aur aaj humney barbeque mein bhi toh khoob masti karni hai!You should get used to this! She Dances and irons her hair.

At Armaan's house:

It's 9:00 am and he wakes up and heads for a shower. After getting dressed , he's applying gel on his hair singing his all time famous tune 'it's a beautful day!'

It's a quiet morning at his side as his sister Pia is fast asleep and Dad is at his restaurant.He packs his necessary things , Kisses Pia on the forehead and leaves the house.

Armaan calls David , his close buddy : )

Armaan: Hey David!Mein tumharey ghar ke liyey nikal gaya hoon , just to let you know'

David : 'Sure dude , jaldi aa , you've got to help me with the packing!'


After reaching to the the barbeque area.

Riddhima and Anjali are the first  ones to arrive , then arrive Divya (Ridzi's close friend) , Sunaina , Amey, David and Armaan.

Armaan : 'Hey Ridz!' with a sweet smile.

Riddhima : Hii , with a shy smile. I'm sure tum apni soccer ball zaroor layey ho gey naa?

Armaan : Of course! , scratches his hair in a cute manner.'Tum is green shirt mein bohat pretty lag rahi ho'

Riddhima : Thankuu! She sais like a kid!.'Mein jeezein set kar key aati hoon'

Part 2:

The guys start playing soccer , Divya who also is a soccer freak joins them while Sunaina , Anjali and Riddhima are sorting out everybody's food items.

Riddhima shouts : ' Tum larkey aur oye Divya tum bhi! Baadmey khelein gey abhi barbeque shuru karte hain'

Sunaina : 'Haan , chalo aa bhi jao!'

Amey : 'Oh haan , hum toh bhool hee gaye , sorry Sunaina!'

Armaan : With a confused look ' Umm..Amey itna sorry ek rishtey ke liyey acha nahin hota!'

Sunaina : 'Shut up Armaan!' and gives a quiet laugh.

*[Amey and Sunaina are a couple , David and Divya too enjoy each other's company]*

Armaan turns the heat for the barbq on , it turns a little too high and gives fumes which disturbs Armaan.

Armaan : *coughs*

Riddhima : 'Heater bhi sahi sey on karna nahin aata?Dehan sey , yeh lo paani piyo..Mein on karti hoon.'

Armaan : Smiles and moves back.

David and Amey : 'Ridz , tum jao idher ka kaam hum larkey dekhtey hain'

Riddhima sees Armaan as he is laughing with the guys. Suddenly Armaan looks at Riddhima watching him and then acts as if he is coughing.

Riddhima : 'Ufff..jiggles her head'

Armaan : Gives a quiet laugh.

Amey: 'Larkiyon , ye dekho Aaj tak ka best tikka! Tan tanaa!' and shows a fully burned tikka to the gals!

Anjali : 'Tum larkon se toh kuch bhi nahin hota!'

Amey : 'Angie yeh sab hamarey David sahab ka kamaal hai!'

Divya : Toh tum log uss kee madad nahin kar saktey!Konsa who har roz barbeque karta hai!

David : Exactly! Pehle ek acha dost toh ban!

Everyone starts laughing

Riddhima : 'Tum log karlo gey naa , humey bohat bhook lag rahi hai!'

Armaan : Oh really! , hum toh aloo ke parathe kha kar ayein haina!..Aisey order mat chalayey rani jee!

Riddhima : Gives an angry look : 'Armaaan!'

Armaan gives a quiet laugh yet again.

*All the tikkas and kebabs are done cooking.Everyone settles down for lunch.Everybody offer each other food and joke about their college.*

Riddhima : 'Coke, Fanta ya Mountain Dew?!'

Everyone say their choice , Armaan keeps quiet.

Riddhima : 'Yeh lo Mountain Dew' gives it to Armaan.

Armaan : 'Tumhe kaisey pata mujhey yehee chahiyey?'

Riddhima : 'Itna toh jaanti hoon ke tumhey Mountain dew pasand hai!'

Armaan : 'Ahaan!'

After lunch and all their jokes , the group decides to play soccer on Armaan's request.

While playing Amey , instead of kicking the ball he mistakely kicks on Armaan's leg which makes him to trip , and since Riddhima was beside him , she falls too.

Armaan: 'Oyeeeee!'

Riddhima: 'Aaaaah Ouchh!'

Armaan manages to hold Riddhima so that she doesn't fall straight on the ground.

Armaan stares at Riddhima , while she cannot stop saying 'Ouch!'

Armaan : 'Oh ! Im sorry , tumhey lagee toh nahin'

Riddhima : 'Nahin , it's ok Armaan.Ab utho bhi!'

Armaan : Haaan..

Riddhima gets up but was about to fall again.

Armaan :  'Dehaan sey!'

Riddhima : 'Yeah..Im ok'

Divya : Cmon get up you guys!warna yeh ball tum logon ke sar par parey gaa!

Next Day:

At Prestige College:

Armaan opens a book in his locker.It had notes written by Riddhima.He touches her notes and smiles.

Anjali comes from the back : 'Hey hero!Kaisey ho? I thought tum aaj college nahin aaogey after that hectic  session of soccer.Tumhara per (leg) kaisa hai?

Riddhima joins them both : 'Haan Armaan , bandron ki tarah uchalney ke baad kya haal hai?'

Armaan : Sings 'Ab toh aadat see hai mujhko aisey jeeney mein!'

Anjali : 'Yeah , right!'

In the Maths Class:

Mr.Gulati is explaining the math sums.Armaan yawns and goes to sleep!

Mr. Gulati announces a small surprise test at that very moment.Everyone had their mouths opened wide while Armaan was still sleeping.

Divya : 'Oh damn , now what?'

Amey : 'CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT! , looks at Riddhima'

Sunaina: 'Haan Riddhima , tum toh sun rahi thi naa , cmon help us!!'

Mr.Gulati is giving out the blank sheets.

Riddhima : 'Cheat?! Aree , agar uss takley ney pakar liya toh , u know naa!'

Anjali : 'Ridz , I know you hate cheating magar just for this time , please! , ill do your homework today!'

Riddhima : 'Nahiiin dii , welll pata nahin , dekhti hoon '

Mr.Gulati comes near to Armaan: 'ARMAAN! Beta mein tumharey liyey ek gift laya hoon!'

Armaan Rubs his eyes : 'Huhh!?'

Mr.Gulati : Yeh lo tumhara test paper , answer all the questions CORRECTLY! , he says in a loud voice.

Riddhima is looking at Armaan as he his still rubbing his eyes not knowing what just happened!

Everyone is *trying* to answer the given questions.

Riddhima solved almost half of the questions.She looks at Armaan , he is still sleepy and staring at the paper not writing anything.

Riddhima feels pity for him and whispers to him : 'Armaan , yeh lo dekhlo , idhar sey copy karlo'

Armaan : stares at Riddhima

Riddhima : Puts the paper in a position so Armaan can see.

Armaan copies most of the answers.

Riddhima puts the paper down  as Mr.Gulati passes by.She then finishes almost all answers in the paper and the bell rings.

Mr.Gulati collects all the papers and while collecting Armaan's paper he gives an angry look to him and Armaan inturn gives him a funny look!

Divya : 'It sucked , It sucked!!'

Amey : 'It was ok for me , Ridz kaha tha na dikhatee!The takla wasn't even looking!'

Anjali : Choro naa , you know she doesn't likes to copy neither lets anyone copy , yeh koi nayee baat nahin hai!'

Riddhima : 'Sorry guys , it's just I hate being caught , so I never do that'

Sunaina : 'We know sweetie , don't worry! , waisey bhi kal toh sahi waat lagey gee!Im going to faill! She laughs!

Armaan comes near to Riddhima's desk

Armaan : 'Ridz , aa , thanks' gives a really cute smile.

Riddhima : 'Sshh..kisi ko mat batana, warna sab mujhey maar dalein gey! '

Riddhima : 'I know tum sab questions copy nahin sakey , but I'm sure that you will pass naa'

Armaan : 'I love you'

Riddhima : 'huh? , kya?'

Armaan : Jiggles his head ' Aaaa , I mean , I mean  I love you for this!'

Riddhima smiles.

During the break time :

Riddhima and Divya are making fun of their Geography teacher.

Amey : 'Ridz u totally rock at this yaar!'

Riddhima : laughs ' I love doing thiss too!'

Everyone laughs

Armaan cant take his eyes off Riddhima laughing.

David too eyes Divya and smiles.

Part 3 :

Tanya , a girl from the same grade but in a different section approaches Armaan.

Tanya : 'Hi Armaan , How r you doing?'

Armaan : 'Hey Tanya sweetiee , mein bikul fit hoon as usual , long time no see , how r u and oh yet again tum bohat khoobsoorat lag rahi ho!' gives a flirtitious smile.

Riddhima whispers in Divya's ears : 'Kya yeh kabhi sudhrey ga?'

Divya laughs and says : 'Oh Tanya , kaise ho , Armaan ke elava bhi aur log bethey hain yahaan par!'

Riddhima : 'Kaisi ho Tanya?'

Tanya : 'Im great aur Divya I know magar mein specially Armaan sey milney ayee thi!' smiles and goes back to her friends.

David : 'Ammy yaar , tujhey nahin lagta Tanya terey peechey hee par gayee hai?'

Riddhima : 'Usee itni lift karaogey toh aisaa hee hoga!'

Armaan : 'Hah..whatever'.but she is umm , hot!    I mean sweet , she's sweet   , and laughs.

Anjali : 'Ammy!'

Armaan : 'Whaat?!'

Everyone laughs.

It's the  end of the college day , Everyone is outside.

Armaan comes near Riddhima.

Armaan : 'Hey Riddhima'

Riddhima : 'Hey? Abhi jaaney ka time hai Armaan!'

Armaan : 'Abhi phir bhi time hai na!'

Riddhima : nods her head 'Umm haan!'

Armaan  stares at Riddhima then pouts his lips slightly and looks at the ground.

Riddhima : 'Kya hua?'

Armaan : 'Aaa kuch nahin , just tired. Mein tumhey shaam ko mobile par call kar loon na?'

Riddhima : 'Of course Armaan!'

Armaan : 'Bye!'

Riddhima : 'Byeeeee!'


Riddhima and Anjali arrive at their house:

Riddhima : 'Dadiiiiiiiiii!' and hugs her.

Anjali : 'Hey dadi!' smiles at her.

Dadi : Kaisa raha aaj ka din ?, chalo fresh ho jao , mein khana lagatee hoon , aur Riddhima aaj phir tumney oonchi awaaz mein gaaney lagayey? Baaz aa ja!'

Riddhima : laughs then says 'Maa kahaan hain ,ayee nahin ab tak?'

Dadi : 'woh late ho jayey gee , Shashank ke saath keh rahi thi , tum log kha lo'

Riddhima : 'Oh acha!'

Evening time-

Riddhima's phone rings , she is in the washroom.

Anjali : 'Ridzi , tumhara phone hai '

Riddhima still in the washroom : 'Aap uthalo naa'

Anjali : 'Mein bhi busy hoon , jaldi aao'

The phone stops ringing.And then rings again. Riddhima comes out of the washroom.

Riddhima : Armaan ka hoga.

Anjali : 'Woh soccer nahin khel raha aaj?'

Riddhima: 'pata nahin'

Her phone rings again , it's Armaan.Riddhima picks up the phone.

Riddhima : 'Hi Armaan!'

Armaan : 'Hey Riddhima! So  whats up?!'

Riddhima : 'Kuch nahin , bas bahar jaa rahey the mom dad ke saath dinner par'

Armaan : 'Oh cool!'

Riddhima : 'Aur tum?'

Armaan : 'David kuch der mein aa raha hai , notes ke liyey , acha suno'

Riddhima : 'Haan bolo'

Armaan : 'Tumney  woh gaana suna? __________ (name of a song)

Riddhima : 'Haaan! Bohat acha hai , I absolutely love it!!Har roz radio par bajta hai!'

Armaan : 'I know , its too cool! Abhi mein wahi baar baar sun raha tha!'

Riddhima : 'I'm glad ke merey music ki choice kisi sey toh miltee hai!'

Armaan : 'shayad kuch aur bhi mill sakta hai' he whispers to himself.

Riddhima : 'kuch kaha?'

Armaan : 'mm nahin , tumharey kaan baj rahein hain kya!?'

Riddhima : 'Agar merey kaan bajtey hain toh tumharey toh bilkul hee nahin bajtey , kaisey aaj Maths ki class mein so rahey the! Tumhey mera shukriyaa karna chahiyey!'

Armaan : 'haan haan theek hai! Toh kiya tha naa , ab phirsey karoon meri maa?!'

Riddhima  'of course , kyun nahin'  and laughs

Armaan : 'THANKYOUUUUU!!' Armaan shouts on top of his voice

Riddhima suddenly pulls the mobile away from her hear because of his shouting!

Riddhima : 'ouch! , aaraam sey bhi toh keh saktey the na!'

Armaan : 'ab phirsey thanku karoon?'

Riddhima : laughs  then says ' nahin  , theek hai!....acha suno mujhey tayar hona hai , kal miltey hain'

Armaan hits on his head 'Hmm..its ok..kal take care Ridz'

Riddhima : 'I will , you take care too , bye'

Armaan : 'Buhbyeee!' in a funny style.

Riddhima keep the mobile down and gives a really big smile.


All these cute talks continue and Armaan and Riddhima develop a really good friendship between them.

Let's forward to the future : )

Graduation Day at the Prestige College :

After the Graduation , the class starts taking group photos , laughing and cheering.

Armaan , Riddhima , Anjali , Sunaina , Divya , Amey and David can't stop posing together!

Other students of the same class : 'Ahh look at you guys!Great buddies!Going to miss your masti once we leave yaaron!'

The gang smiles and laughs.

Amey is taking photos of Armaan and Riddhima together.Both of them are making really weird but cute poses!

Sunaina : 'Awww'You both were really great pals of each other! God bless you!'

Armaan and Riddhima smile.

After all their posing and stuff when the parents were waiting outside for their children Armaan gives Riddhima signals to meet her at the back of the hall.

Riddhima : 'Ahh..aaj toh maza aagaya!Mein aaj bohat zyada khush hoon!Finally we graduated!'

Armaan: 'Mein bhi aaj bohat khush hoon'

Riddhima gives him a smile.

Armaan : 'Ridzi'

Riddhima : 'yes Ammy!'

Divya and David interrupt them : 'Hey guys' they hug one another. 'Great times spent naa!' Take care , hum ek hangout zaroor rakhein gey!'

Anjali calls Riddhima ecause they have to leave.

Riddhima waves at everyone..The gang give a final group hug and leave.

Armaan : 'Bye Ridzi'

Riddhima : 'Be Ammy!'

While Riddhima was going , Armaan kept looking at her back.

Riddhima turns back to him and smiles. 'Bye' she whispers.

Armaan : 'Oh man!  She's a sweetheart!' he speaks to himslef giving a deep breath [just the way humara Armaan does : )]


The gang decides to meet in their famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S. caf'!

Part 4:

Armaan calls Riddhima in the evening

Armaan : 'Hi'

Riddhima : 'Oh Armaan , kaisey ho?!'

Armaan : 'mein theek hoon'

Riddhima : 'toh kaisey call kiya?'

Armaan : scratches his head ' errr..woh I wanna meet you''.tonight'

Riddhima : 'aaj?'

Armaan : 'haan , abhi '

Riddhima : 'umm im free magar kahaan?'

Armaan : 'you know where'

Riddhima : 'no I don't!'

Armaan : 'aree our place , the creek beach'

Riddhima : 'oh'..our place?'

Armaan : 'umm haan , hum hamesha waheen miltey hain naa'

Riddhima keeps quite and feels a bit shy.

Armaan : 'hello?'

Riddhima : 'aa haan'

Armaan: 'aa rahi ho na pleease'

Riddhima : 'haan'

At  the beach

Armaan is in his shorts , waiting for Riddhima

Riddhima comes dresses in a pink skirt.

Armaan fills his breath looking at her

They pass smiles and start walking on the beach

Riddhima : 'toh kaho kya baat thi'

Armaan keeps quiet

Riddhima looks at him and then walks while starring at the sand.

They both walk on the sand without uttering a single word.

After remaining quiet for sometime Armaan : 'tum konsi university jaa rahi ho?'

Riddhima : 'York University , in Canada , dii ke saath'

Riddhima : 'Tum bhi abroad jaa rahey ho naa'

Armaan : 'Nahin'

Riddhima : 'kya?kyun? you were the first one to get excited with all this!'

Armaan : 'Mein Pia ko yahaan akela nahin chor sakta'

Riddhima : 'Oh , magar Armaan yeh tumharey career ka sawaal hai'

Armaan : 'Magar Pia'

Riddhima : 'Mein samajh sakti hoon , magar'.'

Armaan : 'I wish mom was here'

Riddhima : 'Armaaan' she says in a rather soft voice 'Idhar chalo' and drags her to the seashore and they sit down.

Armaan looks a bit sad

Armaan : 'Riddhima'

Riddhima : 'meri taraf dekho , aree idhar dekho naa!'

Armaan looks at Riddhima with teary eyes'

Riddhima : ' Is choti see duniya mein khushiyaan har jaga hain , magar unhe dhoonda mushkil hai'

Armaan laughs with tears still in his eyes

Armaan : 'Jab tum itni complicated baatein karti ho naa , sab kuch merey sar ke uppar sey guzzar jaata hai!'

Another tear drop falls  from Armaan's eyes and he is num.

Riddhima smiles and says 'Tumhe lagta hai , Pia tumharey bager reh sakti hai?'

Armaan : 'Who bari toh ho gayee hai , magar naa mein uss ke bager sukoon mein rahoon ga aur usse bhi mushkil ho gee'

Riddhima : 'Aur tumarey Papa'

Armaan : 'Popsie inkaar nahin kareinge!magarrr'.'

Riddhima : 'toh matlab agar tum chaho toh abroad jaa sakte ho'

Armaan : 'haan'

Riddhima : 'Ek din jab Pia ki shaadi ho jayegee toh tab kya karogey?'

Armaan : 'umm nachoon ga! , kya keh rahi ho ridzi?'

Riddhima : 'mein yeh kehna chahtee hoon key tum hamesha ke liyey uss ka khayal nahin rakh pao gey , haina?'

Armaan thinks for a while

Riddhima : 'Aur abroad achi university mein parh kar hee toh tum uss ko bhi proud feel karaogey , haina'

Armaan  'shayad'

Riddhima : 'meri baat mano gey?'

Armaan : nods his head

Riddhima : 'Aaj ja kar Pia sy baat karna iss barey mein , bohat pyaar sey , usse sab kuch sahi sahi samjhana aur dekhna tumhara aur Pia ka rishta aur bhi mazboot ho jayega'

Armaan : 'yeah and nods his head

Riddhima : 'Tumhari mom bhi toh tumhey jaaney ko kehti haina , who bhi tumhey kaamyaab dekhna chahtee theen'

Armaan : 'Haan'

Riddhima 'Chalo ab toh smile do'

Armaan looks at Riddhima and smiles

Riddhima smiles back and they stare at each other with loving eyes.




The gang arrive at the caf' for their first meeting after their graduation.

Everybody greet each other and hug like old times.

Armaan gives a big smile to Riddhima and hugs her tightly.Riddhima hugs him back too and they give a hugeeee smile!

Riddhima : 'Waapis ussi puraani jaga , bohat acha lag raha hai!'

Divya : 'Haina?!'

David : 'Life seems so different now!'

Armaan : 'Sach kaha! Kitna kuch waqt ke saath badal gaya'

Riddhima : 'Tumharey soccer craze ke elava!'

Armaan rests his head down and gives a quite laugh.

Amey : 'So heard you lost the game last week?! Kaisey dude?!'

Armaan : 'Yeah , the game changed its plot at the very last moment!'

Sunaina : Laughs 'Tum jab bhi game haartey ho , yehi kehtey ho!'

Everybody laughs

After ordering their favourite milkshakes and snacks

Armaan : 'Toh kon kon kahaan kahaan parhney ke liyey jaaye gaa?'

Everybody look at each other with exciting smiles.

Anjali : 'Ridzi aur mein Canada jaa rahein hain'

David : 'Divya aur merey dad chahtein hain ke hum York Uni jayein'

Riddhima : 'wow , yeh toh achaa hai!balke bohat cha hai!hum bh wahee jaa rahein hain!!'

Sunaina : 'Heard lots about it , what say mom ne mujhey kaha hai kisi bhi achi reputed uni mein jaaney ko , so should I try my hand at this too?'

Amey : 'York university?'

Sunaina : 'haan Amey , itll be great fun!!Hum sab wahaaa chaltein hain!'

Divya : 'haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!'

Riddhima : 'haan!haan!haan!!'

Anjali : 'yeh toh bohat exciting hai!'

While Riddhima was happy she looked at Armaan who felt a bit uncomfortable.

Armaan : 'oh cool! Toh u guys phirsey eik saath! Good luck!'

Riddhima gives a confused look.

David : 'buddy , toh tu bhi hamarey saath aa raha hai , I know ure dad will agree'

Riddhima : 'Armaan'

Armaan looks at Riddhima

Armaan : 'mein , mein nahin aa sakta'

Everyone : 'kyun?!'

Riddhima : 'oyeee , kyuun?!Armaan kya huaa?'

Armaan doesn't know what to say and looks at the table.

Amey : 'Ammy , kya hua?'

Armaan : 'kuch nahin'

Armaan : 'mein baadmein milta hoon'

And leaves the caf'.

Riddhima and everybody are upset.

Later that night , everybody visit Armaan's house.

Mr.Malik opens the door

M.Malik : 'Tuum log? Oh andar aao , armaan kamrey mein hai'

Armaan was listening to his music on his laptop.

Everyone open the door of his room and shout : 'AMMMYYYYYYYYY!!'

Armaan was shocked but felt really happy to see them all!

David : 'humara ammy thora upset hai!'

Sunaina : 'hmmmmm..magar kyun'

Anjali : 'Mystery to be solved!'

Riddhima : 'Aur yeh mystery hum solve kareingey'

Everybody cheers up Armaan!

Amey : 'Yeh dekh tera favourite molten cake!'

Divya : 'Yummyyy!!par aaj yeh sirf Ammy khayegaa!'

Armaan smiles and says in a quiet voice

'Thanks guys'

David ' dost kehta hai apne aap ko? Thanks kyun bola re!?'

Armaan smiles 'I love you guys!'

Everybody joins Armaan for a group hug.

Pia peeks through the open door to see what was all that fuss about.

She sees his brother in mixed emotions and feels guilty because she knew this was because of her.

She leaves without saying anything.

Part 5: )

The next morning at Armaan's house.

Armaan is making breakfast for himself and Pia when she enters the kitchen.

Pia : 'bro , nashtey mein kya hai?' rubbig her eyes

Armaan : 'parathey toh nahin hain!' he laughs 'omelette chaley ga na , papa aaj jaldi restaurant chaley gaye , so'

Pia : 'of course , chalega'

Armaan : 'ye lo sweetie ' and joins her at the table with his breakfast.

Pia : 'bro'

Armaan : 'haan' takes another bite

Pia : 'aap sach mein canada jaana chahtey ho?'

Armaan   keeps quiet for a second

Armaan : 'ab tujhey mujhsey door rehna pasand nahin toh mein tujhey chor kar kaisey jaaon?'

Pia : 'aap yahaan par khush raho gey naa?'

Armaan : 'terey saath toh hamesha'  but then has a sad expression on his face

Pia : 'mein yahaan akele aap ke bager nahi reh sakti bro' and her eyes fill with tears.

Armaan : 'aree ab tu kyun ro rahi hai? , mein jaanta hoon is liyey kaheen nahin jaoonga'  and hugs her

Pia hugs his brother very tight : 'Im sorry'

Armaan consoles her and says : 'koi baat nahin'


At Riddhima's house

Riddhima is on the breafast table thinking about last night. A sigh of hope flashes on her face.Hope that Armaan wont let his dreams shatter , hope that everything will turn out normal.

Armaan calls Riddhima just after the breakfast.

Armaan: "Riddhima!"

RIddhima : "Armaan!kaisey ho?"

Armaan : "mein theek hoon , thanks for yesterday"

Riddhima : "David ne kal kaha tha na no thanks!phir ab mujhsey bhi?!Ammy!"

Armaan : "You guys did cheer me up , seriously"

Riddhima : "Im happy to see you happy!" and gives a light blush

Armaan smiles and then ays : "mein shayad yaheen Orchid University mein jaoon" compresses his lips hard.

Riddhima : "kya? tum...   tum.. magar uncle ne toh kaha tha..."

Armaan : "Popsie ne kya kaha?"

Riddhima : "ke tum hamarey saath aaogey"

Armaan : "nahin Riddhima , mein yaheen rahoonga Pia ke paas" "Papa merey faisley se khush hain kyunke woh akele bhi nahin reh saktey"

Riddhima : "magar.."

Armaan : "Ill miss you.." compresses his lips more harder.

Riddhima : "Armaan.."

Armaan : "bye Ridzi , ill call you later..."

Riddhima : "Armaaaan." baffled , she didnt know what to do or what to say "umm..byee"

Armaan rushes towards his room , picks his soccer ball up and heads towards the field.

"Pia mein bahar jaa raha hoon , thori der mein aa jaoonga"

Armaan at the soccer field

As he practices some tricks he  thinks about the way Riddhima felt how she  and was anxious about him.

He thinks to himself : "Why do I feel this way? I dont know If I'm sad or happy.Yeh kya ho raha hai , baar baar Riddhiima ka khayal kyun mujhey aa raha hai"

He sits on his soccer ball and grasps his hair thinking WHY CANT I GO WITH HER?WHY?

He receives a call from David

David : "dude , yeh kya hai..cmon man! i cant live without you!"

Armaan tries not to have an emotional chat : "Abey oyee I never knew you liked mee?"! and gives a sarcastic laugh.

David : "you remind me of the time Seema accused us of being gay! " they both laugh

"No seriously dude , I will miss you , even more than my mom n dad..kuch aur nahin ho sakta kya? try coming naa , please"

Armaan : "salee!kaha naa its final..and you go out there study and chill! will come to your place for dinner tonight"

David : "k cool"

At Riddhima's house :

Angie : "chalo Ridz , were going for shopping to get clothes for Canada"

Riddhima : "hum Armaan ko chor ke kaisey jaa saktey hain di?"

Angie : "Ridzi , we cant be stuck to him forever naa? Sab kuch waisey nahin hota jaisey hum chahein gey..I know everybody will miss him , even me..Hum definetly uss se mil kar jayein gey and we will keep contact"

Riddhima : "haan dii , magar..."

Anjali sits next to Riddhima and places her hand on Riddhima's

"I know Armaan means a really special friend to you , but its life jaanu , ab chalo tayar ho jaoo , theeke" gives her a smile and leaves.

At night in Armaan and Riddhima's house radio is turned on and "pehli nazar mein" is requested

Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you ' so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u

Armaan : "Baby I love you , I love you , ILOVEYOU RIDDHIMA"

Riddhima is lost in her thoughts as she remembers her moments with Armaan and closes her eyes

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

she suddenly imagines herself hugging Armaan , how she wanted to be with him , HOW MUCH SHE WANTED HIM at that moment.
she finally rests herself on the bed and goes to sleep clearing all her delusion thoughts from her mind.

Armaan : "I knew it , this isnt any attraction what Ive always felt for you , I knew it"
            "We can never be together but I can atleast dream"
Holds his and Riddhima's photo and goes to sleep.

A get together is held at Sunaina''s house to plan their travelling to Canada
The didnt invite Armaan because they knew he would feel bad while they make preparations.

Divya : "great!so we will finally leave on the 3rd!"

Sunaina : "this is going to be tough , ill miss Mumbai and family"

Amey : "I know , par ab kya karein , its the beginniing of a new life"

David : "egjactly! Ive got mixed emotions lined up in my heart!"

Riddhima : "Armaan ke ghar chalein abhi?"

Anjali : "thats a great idea , chalo lets give him another surprise!"

David : "woh khud apney dad ke saath shopping gaya hai"

Divya looks at Riddhima as she is stressed out.
She says to her softly

"Ridzi , dont worry , Armaan will be fine here"

Riddhima : "I know he will , I trust him" and gives a wide open smile and hides he emotions at her back Ouch

          ~I know nothing except that I cannot live without you
           What is decided by God?
           Will I every meet him again?
           Can I let out a breath without her?



Part 1 and 2 : Pg 2

Part 3 : Pg 4

Part 4 : Pg 5

Part 5

Part 6 Pg 10

Part 7 : Pg 13

Part 8 : pg 17

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Nice Intro, Continue soon.

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Originally posted by kdrs

Nice Intro, Continue soon.

Thankoo sweetieBig smile
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ya nice intro
continue soon Smile
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really nice intro Clap Clap Clap
do continue Tongue
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Awesum intro!
do continue soon!
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