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Rebirth(FF) dream pg 26

Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 2:19am | IP Logged
an other fanfic do comment i know its not that good but do comment

there you can see a lady in her red wedding dress running with an handsome man in cream
running through an jungle
man;shilpa jaldi karo warna
shilpa;ha karan i m soo afriad
they hid in bushes many people  came running from behind
gunda1;they will be gone stright common lets go and find them
they run in front direction
shilpa;karan if anything happened to you i won't be alive
with karan's i-love-you so much look he kissed shilpa in head
karan;nothing will happen to us
then the gunda's came they saw Ks so they started to run
then we see other scence
KS in high hill of waterfall they standing togther they are kissing
and both are jumping to the waterfall
armaaaan;nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............... ....
armaan the handsome lad jumped out of his bed and opened his eyes saw that he is his room sleeping with his best buddy atul
this dream was not first time he saw it many times but the face's  was not clear
atul was sleeping with him
atul;armaan what happened buddy ,you are sweating like mad what happened
arrmaan;nothing i just saw night dream and a bad one i saw a man n women
atul;not that again
armaan;i don't know atul and please don't tell granny she will be worried
atul;okay man please sleep oh great its already 6 we have to go to india today na
      so no need to sleep common get up
armaan;okayz india i m comminggggg

same dream was scence by a young lady she also jumped from her bed
she saw the dream again she throught was it because of the fictional books she reads
ya might be she throught but she was sweating all over and her sisy have woke up by her scream
anjali;are u all rite ridzy
ridi;ya i m fine
anjali;oh gosh look at time man its 6 already coommon lets ready we have to go to india
ridzi with a huge smile;iindiaaaaa omg at lastttttt

------------------------------------------------------------ ------
ridzi ,anajli,padma are all set to go to india after all this year
ridzi never saw a glance of india through she was born on india
her father got a better job in los Angeles so they all have to shift to los angeles but before 5 years ago he got an best offer from india that he is proposed the job of dean in one of the best hosiptal in world in india and thats sanjeevani anjali was also excited but ridzi felt something werid in name of sanjeevani like she knows sanjeevani very well though she never visited it
all are ready to go to india very happy

on other side
armaan,atul,grany(our nani from dmg ridzi's one but in my ff she is armaan's grany) all are ready to go to india armaan n atul was born in india both armaan n atul are neighbours and best friends from childhood ,they where born in india but after that there parents (both parents are partner's in busniess)have to move to london to drop atul n armaan with grany after that  some time they returned to india but atul n armaan was left behind for there completion of graduation now
they completed there graduation and is going to join the best of best hosipital in india they got merit scholarship armaan had a great feeling that he knows sanjeevani very well though he never vistied

their flight was on 10
both ridzi n armaan at one airport and both are going in one plane
they enterted in plane first armaan then ridhima armaan felt something werid then he looked back but ridhima have already found her seat and sat down so armaan saw none behind him
he took front seat n ridhima was sitting in back seat

anjali was seating with an young guy who was like indian he was muttering
young guy;oh yes at last india i m comming minne tinee i m comming hope u are pregant by this time
anjali was totally exhausted
anjali;hello what did u meant to say by that?????????/
young guy;what meant me by what
        now u said some girls name and said that they should be pregant by now?????????????/
young laughed;minne n tinee are my plants they where my childhood friends actually i came to london when i was small
anjali;ohhhhh i throught something else even i came here when i was small and im also going to india after a long timeeeeeeeeeeee
young guy;wowwwwwwwwww thats great by the way i m atul
anjali;oh i m anjaliiiiiiii
they started there chit chat
grany saw all this and nuged armaan who was listening his mp3
grany;lagatha hey ki atul ko company mil gaya
armaan;yaaaa atul is filrting kassh i was there
grany;chup kar badmassh kab dekho badmasshi(with an non-sudhgerga look)
armaan;woh kya hey na i was brought by the big filrt thats why
grany;armaaaaaaaaaaaaan (they both laughed)
armaan;anyway grany i m gooing to listen to music u want to listen?????
grany;ya why not
they both listened to music
ridzi was very much found of readig books so she started to read and padma also liked to read so they both started to read
they reached  india
they all came out of plane to go to meet there family
when armaan came out he felt that he knows this smell of india
the wind blows highly which makes him sooo adorableeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
atul said bye to anjali and went down with armaan then anjali went down wit ridzi even ridzi felt something werid when she got down the wind is blowing she looked so so Embarrassed nothing to say soo much beautful lady
all of them are going towards same direction

will armaan n ridhima meet in airport?????????/
for that u have to cmment n wait
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
part 2

armaan n ridhima was going in same direction but ridhima stopped when she saw  a beautful salwaar(latest green one)on an shop (she had only hey black travelling bag with her n her handy bag )she was soooooo impressed with it that she stopped n went inside for shopping
meanwhile armaan found out that armaan needed an Gift for her mom n dad he also went into another shop(he also had an black travelling bag)and they both purchased the items and both are comming in oppsite direction and they hit by chanceee Both felt the touch and was really feeling somethig speical) and there bboth bags and shopping kits  fall down but before they could see there face n shout ridzi father called her from the far end and arm,aan;s parents called from the other one so they took there bag  n shopping bags and went to either side of the airport wwithout seeing the face

@one side
ridzi runnied and hugged  her father so tightly
ridzi;u know papa i missed u soooooooo muchhhhhCry
shashank;arey ridhima don't cry beta now u saw me na we are toghther so please don't cry beta please
ridzi;ohkay dadddddddddd Huglove u soo much
shashank;same to u ,anajli muhjey hug nahi karogi?????/
anjali;dad yeh koi pouch ney ki koi baat hey kya????
they both hugged each other
shashank;and won't u hugg me my sweetheart?????
padma;oh god no filrting here shashank bhul gaye this is an airport Embarrassed
all laughed and went to their house

@armaan's parents n aatul's parents
armaan took blessings from her mother n
armaan parents name-janvi n ashok
janvi;kaisey hooo Hugmissed you a lot my dear
armaan;HugHugHugmissed u tooo darling u are looking soooooooooo beautiful today
janvi;LOLLOLLOLgrany ap bhi na armaan bilkul  babuji ki jaisa hey tum kabhi nahi sudhar saktha armaan
armaan;haaan pata hey  LOLLOL
armaan dad came just i n time
ashok;soo armaan mallik u are here
 was armaan going to hug his  dad when his dad give him an hand for shaking and armaan shaked instead and
ashok;glad to meet u sir
armaan;glad to meet u to
he went to atul's family
meanwhile grany was talking with ashok n jANVI
and distrubed all the gifts to all

atul parents hugged him
atul parents name-tanvi n shiv
tanvi;atul tum bilkul nahi badle hoo
atul;ha woh kya hey na may ap hi ki beta ho na islioyaaaaaTongueWink
tanvi;LOLbadmassh aur haan armaan beta how are u Hug
armaan;Hugi m too fine gorgerous
tanvi;LOLtum kabhi nahi sudhergey naaaaaLOL
armaan;kabhi nahi sweetyLOLLOL
shiv;areyyyyyy yeha kya ho reha hey mera bina mera biwi sey filrting?????
armaan;LOLLOLLOLsorri apki itni khubhsurat patini ho may kya kar sakthey ho sorri my hindi is not soo good
shiv;no problem london saheeb we also know english Hugaa javooooo
janvi;arey atulll how are u beta missed u soo much n ur plats are safe in my lawn i just loved ittt u know u r rose plant have blossomed Wink Hug
atul;Hugthank u aunty jiii really u are great
armaan;haan because she is my mom dumoooooLOL
atul;LOLhaan aur woh tanvi ji na meri mom hey isliya woh itna khubsurat hey LOL
ashok;hello atul beta howz u
atul;haan i m very fine sir n u
ashok;great to see u back
janvi;so tell me guys how was ur journey
ashok;hey sorri janvi ji n all others i have an improtant so can we go home n have this chit chat?
all are travelling in car mumbai city was croweded through atul found it really ibntersting because of soo many people with different cultures n all stalls in streets it was entrly different from what they used to see in london but arman felt that he have travellled this way many timessssssssssssss but he was shocked to know this as he is new tp this country but he enjoyed his driveeeee

@ridhima car
anjali;ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh look ridzi there see a person eating something werid arghh how can they eat it side street they are not cared abt there hygenie Dead
padma;LOLLOLLOLthis all are here's tradtion anji u will be used to it when u will live here
anjali;never mom Deadi won't eat it
ridzi felt a feeling that she have already eaten that thing and it is known as the mumbai special pav bhajiiii
she got dream that she n one boy come in a car n eat this and have little chit chat
karan;ohh loo aa gayiiiii tumharaiiiiii pav bhaji dhukaan now madam will u prefer to eat pav bhaji with me
shilpa;karan tum bhi naaaaaaaaaLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedplease give me a hand karan
karan;sure my princess anything for u EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he forwarded his hand and she will take it
both comes out of car
karan;arey bhayia please give 1 plate of pav bhajiiiiii aur woh bhi garam
shilpa;Shockedak plate tumay nahi khaana hey kyaLOL
karan;LOLtum bhi na we will eat in one plate my sweety
shilpa;Embarrassedtheek hey tum bhi na kabhi nahi sudharogey

ridhima smiled remebering it which was interpreted by anajali

anjali;whats it anyway ????
shashank;its know us Mumbai ki garama garam pav bhajiii
ridzi was dumbshruck as she heard this statement she was feeling soooooome thing werid but it was not a dream then what was it?????/ oh goddd what going with me ridhima thought

shashank;loooooooo aa gaya ghar
all reached an beautful house
all entered in the house
shashank;lo ab iss ghar ki mahalakshmi nahi mahalakshmiyan aa gayi hey ......LOLkissing padma in cheek
padma;Embarrassedareyyyyyyyyyyy childrens are here please
anjali;we didn't see anything LOL
shashank n padma;Embarrassed
shashank;chalo ur room is on top floor in the left cornerrrr
they went there anjali;went down because her half of the dress was with padma as she had lot of stuff to take so she went to padma to take it
ridzi opened her black bag and noticed i-pods comic books video games
ridzi;ohhhhhh nooooooooo whats this whose thissssssssss bagggggShocked
ridhima remebered the bhag with an stranger
ridzi;ohhhhh nooo he took my bag n his bag is with me what will i do now???????????Confusedmera mobile bhi uss bhag may thiiiiiiConfusedConfused

Armaan reached his home n went to his room opened his bag but he found soo many fictional n high reading books,mirror,makeup,mobile etc
armaan;ohhhh man what the hel;;;;;;
then he remeber the bhag so he understo0d it
armaan;that means her or his bag is with me n my bag is with her or he ohhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddddd
my mobile is also with herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAngryAngryAngry i hate thissssss  what will i do now i m new to this country OuchOuchOuch ohhh god please help me
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------
please do comment warna i won't update ittttttttWink

next part-page no 12

next part -page 15

Next part -page 20

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yamnovbloom Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 2:28am | IP Logged
wow yaar mazza agaya , continue soon sweety Embarrassed Clap
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yamnovbloom

wow yaar mazza agaya , continue soon sweety Embarrassed Clap

always there when commenting comes
u are always supportive n encourageing 
rockeraryan Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 6:04am | IP Logged
nice strt
continue soon
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rockeraryan

nice strt
continue soon

thanks for comment but this topic is closed please comment on other oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
yogzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 6:18am | IP Logged
nice part
plz continue soon
sabm786 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 8:29am | IP Logged
nice start
do continue soon... Smile

Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2008 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cute_unknown_fr

nice part
plz continue soon

thanks for commenting

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