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Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 January 2009 at 10:32am | IP Logged
When SRK thanked Anushka

By Indian Express, 3 January, 2009

Newcomer Anushka Sharma, who is on cloud nine after a dream debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi,' has received all round praise for her performance in the film by everyone but says her best compliment came from none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

"Shah Rukh came to me after the release of the film and said, 'Thank you for making the film look so beautiful and thank you for making me look so good in the film," Anushka said over phone.

The actress was also elated to find that her performance was liked by the veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra. "Yashji also liked my performance in the film and nothing feels better than this for me," says Anushka.

The erstwhile unknown 19-year-old ramp model was picked up by Yash Raj camp to play the lead opposite Shah Rukh Khan for their ambitious project, but the success of the film has made her an overnight star. The film is still riding high even three weeks after its release.

Anushka finds herself lucky to work with Bollywood's megastar.

"Despite being a big star, Shah Rukh is very down to earth. I was completely blown over by his passion, dedication and enthusiasm that he brings in his work. I have always respected him but his dedication towards his work has made me respect him more than ever," She says.

The ramp model was kept away from media by the Yash Raj and hers was one of the most awaited debut of 2008.

"Honestly, it is for the first time that I am giving interviews so it has been a bit hectic for me since the film released. But I am happy as I get to hear something nice about the film every time," she says.

The actress was so anxious to get a first hand experience of audience reaction to her first movie that she went for a secret viewing of the film.

"I went to Chandan theatre and left before the film was about to end. It was a great feeling to know their reaction. They were laughing, clapping and whistling throughout the film. It was one of the most amazing moments for me," says Anushka.

Talk about the constant comparisons between her and South Indian actress Asin, who made her debut in Hindi cinema with 'Ghajini'opposite Aamir Khan, Anushka says, "It is unfair to compare Asin and me and for that matter any other actor. It is such a subjective thing.

"Two actors have different sensibilities and they have different films. Some like you and some don't. We all have our favourites," she says dismissing that she is facing any competition with the new stars.

Opposed to the critics blasting the film, Anushka seemed happy with their response to her performance.

"Honestly, critics have been nice to me, even those who have not liked the film wrote positively about my performance. So I would say that they have been good to me," Anushka said.

The pair of Shah Rukh and Aditya Chopra had united after a long time. 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' is their third film together.

Anushka portrayed the character of vivacious Punjabi girl 'Taani' in the film, who is forced to marry a simpleton after a tragedy. But she falls in love with another man. Both these characters have been played by Shah Rukh Khan.

Asked about her favourite of the two – the simpleton Surinder Sahni and the extrovert Raj, Anushka says, "I think Surinder is closer to my heart. He is honest and lovable. The ideal many for any woman. Though I am not in love with him in the film but in reality I fell in love with this character."

As for the future is concerned, Anushka has already has a three films deal with Yash Raj in her kitty.

"I have a three films deal with Yash Raj but Aditya is very clear that I can sign films outside the banner. I can come back and do his film anytime I want," Anushka said.

The actress, who never thought to become an actress, is already enjoying her newfound star status.

"I think I am enjoying it and I want to explore it more because it has been quite an enjoyable experience for me," she says.


Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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SRK has soft spot for Taani

SRK seems to be not only in love with his character, Suri in Rab Ne but also has a soft spot for his onscreen love Tani, played by Anoushka Sharma. In a exclusive interview, where he was interviewed by Anoushka demurely dressed in a salwar kameez, the actor predictably did most of the talking, which is not a bad thing. But often he got so carried away by his words that he confessed that the lines between acting onscreen and off screen blurs for him. And that he often wondered while reacting to a real life situation, whether his emotions were for real or whether he was putting on an act. And his adoring Tani, who looked totally in awe of SRK nodded in understanding.

But unlike Deepika, (whom SRK launched in OSO), who annoyed the actor with her onscreen shenanigans and haughty behaviour, Anouskha's sweetness has impressed the actor. So in a typically melodramatic SRK style, he goes down on his knees at the end of the show to express his support for Tani and even shares his first "public kiss" a peck on Anoushka's cheek. Lucky Anouskha, for when you have SRK's blessings and support, it sure takes you places. Look how Arjun Ramphal's career took off ever since SRK took him under his wing.

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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Anushka: I wanted RAB NE shoot to go on & on

January 1, 2009 6:44:53 PM IST
Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network

Anushka doesn't remember a single dull moment during the making of RAB NE BANA DI JODI. In fact her dullest moments were those when she was not on the sets as she constantly longed for heading for studios. Glad that she became an actress and started her Bollywood journey with RAB NE BANA DI JODI opposite Shah Rukh Khan, she reveals that if she had her way, she would have wanted the film's shoot to go on and on.

"Really, I never wanted the film's shoot to end. In fact I would only turn restless during the breaks because it was so much fun to be on the sets and interacting with everyone", says Anushka who has now become second debutant heroine after Deepika Padukone (OM SHANTI OM) to have delivered a Superhit film with Shah Rukh Khan.

"Anushka Sharma was indeed the happiest person in the world throughout the making of RAB NE BANA DI JODI", she winks as she fondly remembers the time gone by, "People closest to me would know it just by my voice on the phone that whether I was on the shoot or at home. My friends and family members would tease me that I was better off on the sets itself as I was my energetic best there."

One can't help but prod Anushka if her love for facing the camera was the reason why the film became almost 3 hours long?

"By the way it was 2:40 hours", she corrects me with a smile, "And come on, what I am talking about is the entire process of film making and not just the shoot part. A process is always longer than the eventual result and it was the sheer experience of being a part of this process that I enjoyed most."

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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You have been in front of the camera for publicity of the film but Anushka hasn't. is it a strategy or…?

what happens is that – when we launched Deepika after the CDI girls. With the CDI girls I felt that the film is about them and I'm incidentally their coach. I knew the film was a bit different so I wanted the audience to know upfront that these are the girls and they play hockey. We are not presenting them like the typical heroine types. So think whether you'll like it or not and then enter the theater. Information about the movie should always been given right away. With Deepika, we really wanted – because she had done some modeling, she had done a few makeup ads, and people were already familiar with her face and liked her, she was very popular as a model – so we wanted to take this popularity and accentuate it as a big amazing superstar in the film. With Anushka, she's a ramp model, and I'm sure she's also very famous, but we felt that when the film releases people will have more to talk with her. You can ask her after you watch her, how come she acted so much better than Shahrukh, how come she danced so well, how did she handle the pressures of her first film with such a big setup. You won't have much to ask her before the film releases. I've done a couple of interview with her and I did them with her but now, when our film becomes even more of a superhit on Wednesday, we'll start her interviews. Then you'll have something to ask her after watching her.

You've seen the film. Which character do you like the most – Surinder or Raj?

I like Surinder better because he's the protagonist. The film is just Surinder – nothing else. This is very clear in my head. I'm not trying to deride anyone – Anushka or the story or any other characters - but the film is Surinder and Surinder is the film and nothing else. All the other things help it. But portrayal wise I found Raj more difficult. I've done this upbeat, yuppie, cool looking Raj a lot. Here he had to be somewhat of a wannabe Raj. So he had to be a bit loud. I can very easily – I'm with a girl on a motorcycle – so I can say the lines romantically like Raj like – tell me Taani partner, have you ever tasted the first drops of rain? It's said that if you wish for something while tasting the first drops you get all that you wish for. I can do it like that, I can make it very romantic, I can make it very cool – some of the lines I've done. But I wanted the Raj to be a bit irritating and abnormal. Because we wanted to show that if it's Suri's soul and he tries to become Raj maybe he will be fun to watch for a while. But the love has to be with the real soul. After a while it can get irritating too. So I made him a bit over-the-top. But then I also knew the characters shouldn't be very irritating so the hamming – which people say I do anyway – had to be kept at a certain level. So that was on the edge.

When we were shooting, Suri was done in one take because everyone felt I had Suri in my control. Any line – like hello, Surinder Sahni this side, Punjab Power lighting up your life ji – it was coming very naturally to me. But this – sometimes Adi would say it's not coming right yaar, it's too loud or not loud enough. There was difficulty in that. if you look at the nuances – I'm praising myself here, it's my show I can do that – there are scenes where I'm playing Raj but you should glimpse Suri – whether it's the smile, the typical one I had for Suri or the softness in his eyes because Raj talks like 'chal bhai addippa'. I kept it in the voice of my brother-in-law but somewhere in all this you should notice – hey this is Suri, look at that smile and he has the same softness in his eyes, the same shyness. So that was a bit difficult especially in the scene where the girl says 'take me away'. That scene is very, very important, that's the crux of the film. So I needed to be like Suri while I'm actually looking like Raj. So doing the Raj role was difficult but I liked Suri, he's the movie.


Raj's Punjabi tone – did Delhi help you in that?

Yes the whole thing is Delhi and Haryanvi style. At first I did a lot of Haryanvi actually but then we rejected it and cut it because it becomes too much of a dialect and might disassociate itself from the rest of the world. So we toned it down except for a couple of typical words like when he walks in – you know they have this whole way of talking a little in the throat so I wanted to keep it like that. I've heard a lot of people talking like that. Even I when I was in Delhi talked like that when I used to act bossy. There's a line which my friend in London would say – kidda? I used that in a few places. So in Raj I used what I have heard.

There's a song in the film where you have copied quite a few stars from 60s-70s. we saw something similar in OSO. Another thing is that YRF mostly has a love triangle and this is also a love triangle of sorts – Shahrukh vs Shahrukh and his wife. So this trend – after OSO did the filmmaker think it should be in it or did you feel that?

no actually it wasn't like that. There were 2 reasons for this. One – very clearly we wanted to show – this is a love story – that the love we show nowadays including me as Rahul is nothing great. Let me show you how our fathers did it in their time. So there's a film scene inside a film. So what else would we show but a song otherwise people will get bored. So there was a situation for a song right there. The thought was that we'd talk about love in the song but with a lift. Some people did say that it looked like a hangover from OSO. Even the actors I've not totally copied because I've not done the getup. I've just worn the clothes and maybe showed just a glimpse of the stars – like Dev saab and Rajesh Khanna saab, the way he used to run after the girl, Awara from Raj Kapoor saab – just a little bit. I didn't want to mimic them, I started it that way but dropped it. It should be like Raj and look like Shammi Kapoor. We didn't want to do it but the film needed it.
It also opens up the film at that point.

Initially we thought of making the actress of the film do the dances. But as we thought it becomes a bit odd – we wanted the girl to imagine Raj there but nor herself with him because that's a little wrong sensibility – that she sits with her husband and imagines herself with another man even if it's not sexual. It offended our sensibility so we just decided that we'll call all the actresses who are friends. And like people say I feel bad if Kajol and Rani are not in the movie. It feels good when they come back – Preity too – like hey I get to work again with Preity, Rani, Kajol. I feel bad so we called them.

A final question. Haule Haule is a hit song. There's some controversy about the song – that it's been lifted, it's someone else's. What do you think of that?

what do you mean someone else's?

Someone else has written it, someone else has claimed it. Have you heard of that?

No, this is the 1st time I'm hearing about this, that someone else has written it. Whoever wrote it has done a great job. But I've sung it and I'm the one on screen. Whoever has written it, it's now my song. I haven't heard of it, I'm sorry. I hope by saying this I don't sound irreverent or frivolous and put a case on me but the truth is that I don't know anything about this and as far as I know it was composed by Salim-Suleiman and Jaideep has written it so fantastically. So I'm not too sure – haule haule se…I've not heard anything like it.

Another thing is that in this song you've danced like people normally do in weddings, not like the typical Shahrukh choreography. So is it your won steps or was it choreographed?

This was done by Vaibhavi and her assistant Shetty and they decided to keep it very simple. I'm not that great at dancing anyway but we just wanted that one step like Suri would have danced it. Because we showed later on that he doesn't know how to dance. Even then I feel we took some cinematic liberty because he does it a little too gracefully. I wanted him off beat but Adi said – don't do that yaar, he's the hero. If the hero is off beat it won't look right. So we kept it in the simplest form, there are no steps in it. He just sings and does just one step all the time which we thought was like what people at weddings do.

That's why I asked if it brought back some old memories.

No, Vaibhavi did it.

Thank you so much for talking with me.

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2009 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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Top-10 Bollywood scenes in 2008

January 5th, 2009

In the year gone by, there were some truly remarkable scenes that made an impression. While some of them have hardly been seen by many due to the film flopping at the box office, quite a few of them belong to the kind that have managed to impress a large segment of audience. Joginder Tuteja goes down the memory lane and brings alive 10 such sequences!

10. Adah climbing up a pillar (1920)

This scene could have just gone totally wrong had it been executed carelessly. With a potential of turning more hilarious than scary, this sequence had Adah crawling up and down a pillar, that too on her back, as she portrayed the role of a woman possessed. Also mouthing words like 'tic toc', which symbolized the count of a clock, Adah was indeed scary in her lizard walk. Vikram Bhatt kept a tight leash over the proceedings and aided with some flawless special effects and background score, he managed to pull it off. No wonder, this is one of the most remembered scenes from the horror flick that brought back Vikram Bhatt into the reckoning.

9. Asin's killing (Ghajini)

The entire sequence of events beginning from Asin entering her house (already occupied by villain and his henchmen) till her eventual death had shades of that particular scene from Pratibandh, where Juhi Chawla talks to Chiranjeevi over phone and ultimately gets killed. Still, the built up of tension was extraordinary in 'Ghajini' where one rotted for Asin to come out alive even though it was made clear in the first 10 minutes of the film itself that she would be killed in this sequence. It wasn't any fancy camera angles or playing around with the lights that made the scene memorable; it was sheer shot taking, direction and some able performances that involved the audience, something which was so much required for this scene to succeed.

8. Amitabh Bachchan ridiculing project proposal brought by Aishwarya Rai (Sarkar Raj)

This scene had vintage Ram Gopal Varma at work as he played around with tight facial close-ups and zoom-ins and zoom-outs to various characters sitting in a room. The moment Aishwarya Rai arrives at Amitabh Bachchan's residence cum office with her project proposal, you know that sparks are going to fly in their first ever scene together. While Abhishek Bachchan is relegated to be a silent spectator, as it is the demand of the situation with Amitabh Bachchan taking the charge, Aishwarya Rai displays emotions that range from being ridiculed to helplessness to anger and then the ultimate surrender. Amitabh Bachchan delivers his dialogues in the manner that only he can and eats up everyone around him. A scene that completely belonged to 'sasur' and his 'bahu', it was one of the best in 'Sarkar Raj'.

7. Pankaj Kapur laughing at villains on being threatened (Halla Bol)

It's a pity that not many people would have seen this scene since not just was 'Halla Bol' a resounding box office failure, it hasn't even done do well on the DVD circuits. Still, if at all you haven't watched this under rated Raj Kumar Santoshi film till date, watch it at least once just for this particular scene where Pankaj Kapur is threatened. As a dacoit turned social worker and reformer, he is shown to be surrounded by villains and their henchmen who are not too kind to him with their words. Standing at a poolside, he coolly listens to them before simply walking away after giving them a verbal cuddle, akin to the kind that one gives to a baby. A clap worthy sequence which brought a different facet of Pankaj Kapur's personality, it has to be seen to be believed.

6. Akshay's entry as 'Ravan' (Tashan)

'Tashan' may be a truly forgettable film but what can never be forgotten is Akshay Kumar's entry as 'Ravana' atop a scooter. Not just that, he went on to enact the character on a stage in a 'Ramleela' being held in a small town. The only difference here was that he was just not in character and played it just as Akshay Kumar was do! No wonder, the scene turned out to be a riot and raised the expectations of a much better outing in the rest of the film. Though it's a different matter that the remainder of the film didn't come half as close to the 'Ravana' sequence, the fact remains that this has been one of the best entries ever of Akshay Kumar in a Bollywood flick.

5. 'Beedi Jalaile' dance sequence (Dostana)

This was the only sequence in the film that had all the principal characters in 'Dostana' coming together - Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Boman Irani, Kirron Kher, Sushmita Mukherjee and the 'firang' from the legal department! A sequence that had to be handled extra carefully lest it became cariacturish in it's presentation, it was key to the proceedings of 'Dostana' as it had to say a lot in those 5-7 minutes. While the song 'Beedi Jalaile' played and Abhishek, John, Boman and the rest gyrated to the beats, the entry of Kirron Kher brought the house down. Director Tarun Mansukhani would have indeed struggled to get everyone's expressions and body movements just right for this sequence that didn't have many shot breakdowns but in the end succeeded quite well.

4. Priety's reaction on letter being read (Heroes)

Just like the 'Halla Bol' sequence featuring Pankaj Kapur, not many would have seen this priceless portion of 'Heroes' where Preity Zinta came up with the BEST moments of the film. As a war widow, she was quite impressive in her episode from 'Heroes'. However, it was hard not to let tears flow by in these few minutes where Sohail Khan and Vatsal Seth read out the last letter written to her by her husband Salman Khan. Preity demonstrated amazing restrain in her performance and with background music and some tight direction by Sameer Karnik doing the trick, this scene turned out to be the most memorable of the lot. For a change, one noticed Preity's performance more than her dimples. Now that's what one calls as the success of a scene.

3. Climax concert (Rock On)

The moment lights went on for the grand finale of 'Rock On', one could sense that there was something bigger and better in the offering, courtesy director Abhishek Kapoor. While Farhan Akhtar started the proceedings with Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny in tow, there was something missing. And the missing clue here was John Abraham who made a terrific entry into the dying moments of the award winning performance. His entry into the scene, pun intended, just turned around the tables for 'Rock On' that moved on full steam with 'Sindbad The Sailor'. The setting suddenly appeared to gain far more grandeur than it's original format and one just longed for a dance floor. A grand finale indeed.

[COLOR="Blue"]2. 'Dancing Jodi' climax sequence (RNBDJ)

Sheer writing is what makes this scene one of the BEST ever that one has seen in Bollywood for a long-long time. Just when the film's narrative had started to seem a little sluggish and predictable, Aditya Chopra spun his magic and brought to fore a scene that brought a remarkable turnaround in the flow of events. A complex scene considering Shah Rukh Khan had to dance like 'Raj' and emote like 'Suri', the 'Dancing Jodi' made one look at the screen in awe. For Anushka Sharma too, it was one of the most crucial scenes in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' as she had to dance well as a winner even as realization struck to her about two men in her life being one indeed! Flashback portions were interspersed extremely well into the sequence, hence making the entire 'Dancing Jodi' competition a euphoric experience.[/COLOR]

1. Stupid Common Man (A Wednesday)

Aah, now this one really leads the bunch. Naseeruddin Shah's outburst in the climax of 'A Wednesday' ensured that not one person from the audience even remembered the popcorn in hand, let aside talking or thinking about anything else. The cell phones went silent as Naseeruddin Shah came up with a monologue that gave the true picture of the country today. It risked becoming one boring preachy speech but Neeraj Pandey's handing of the sequence along with some tight editing by Shree Narayan Singh ensured that Naseeruddin Shah truly lived each and every moment of the scene. His reference to being a 'stupid common man' still resonates till date as he gets ready for his next big speech in all the award functions that should begin soon. This was truly THE scene of the year.

- Joginder Tuteja / Sampurn Media

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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Box Office Update from 1-3

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

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I'm comfortable in army quarters: Anushka Sharma

Mumbai, She has been catapulted to star status with her debut in "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi". But Anushka Sharma says she is a simple girl just like her character in the movie and has no plans to move into a plush home as she is enjoying her stay in the army quarters here.

"I kept coming to Mumbai for modelling assignments. I decided to move into Mumbai a year ago with my mom, since my dad is posted out. I haven't bought my place. Right now I'm very comfortable in the army quarters. I don't feel the need to move from where I am," Anushka told IANS.

The actress, who has signed one more film with Yash Raj Films, says she was lucky to be brought up in Bangalore.

"Otherwise army officers, who give their lives for the country, could be posted anywhere in the back of beyond. That gets really tough on their kids. Me and my brother (who used to be a state-level cricketer) got the best of education in Bangalore," said Anushka.

Directed by Aditya Chopra, the romance drama starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka hit bull's eye at the box office and the collections are going strong even after three weeks.

Ask her how she managed to be so natural in her first film, Anushka said: "All the while I was modelling in Bangalore, maybe there was an actor lurking within me. I'm crazy about my modelling work. I love the ramp and the backstage banter. I moved to Mumbai a year ago. Movies were not a priority. I don't come from a film background, don't know how the industry works. I didn't know anyone here."

She didn't have to make a strenuous effort to act.

"Even modelling is a kind of performance. On the ramp you are representing a concept. In a film, you're projecting an individual. But the transition wasn't hard for me. Because in real life I'm as simple as the girl I play in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. Yes, I do like to dress up and walk the ramp. But that isn't the real me."

The newcomer is receiving compliments from all and sundry, but says the best came from Yash Chopra himself.

"He came up to me and said mine was one of the best performances he had seen by a debutante. He placed his hand on my head while saying this. So he was blessing me," said Anushka.

Unlike other Yash Raj Films heroines, she was not presented with the poised finesse and sophistication associated with the banner.

The newcomer defends the banner, saying: "You're right. Even when actresses are presented as seedhi-saadhi (girl next door) in a Yash Raj film, they are glamorous. And coming from a glamour background I wouldn't have minded being glossy in my first film. But you know what?

"This was such a huge opportunity. I couldn't have asked for more. I fell in love with my character and the film. It's a dream role for any debutante. I can always get into a chiffon sari in the next Yash Raj movie. Or the one after that...."

Although "Rab Ne..." is Anushka's first film, she wasn't over-instructed for her role.

"Adi never told me what to do beyond a point. In fact, he gave me the liberty to interpret my character the way I wanted after making me read the lines. Imagine a newcomer getting so much freedom in her first film!

"I must have given Ravi Chandran (director of photography) so much grief. I knew nothing about camera angles. I didn't even understand focus marks. Shah Rukh was doing that for me. Adi and Shah Rukh made things so comfortable for me. These things matter a lot when you're starting out."

Commenting on her co-star, Anushka says she was always a huge Shah Rukh fan.

"My dad is in the army and when they would've these functions in the mess, I'd dance to Shah Rukh's 'Kitabe bahut si padhi hogi' from 'Baazigar'. I must've been three at that time.

"I wasn't just Shah Rukh's fan. I'm his big admirer. I always loved the way he conducted himself. Now after having worked with him, I love him even more. 'Rab Ne...' was like my school where Shah Rukh and Adi were my teachers."



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