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(Mysteryoflove)new part-44

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hey here i m gonna continue my ff pls do commenttttt
also known as Mystery of love
note its a love story between
1.armaan and ridhima
2.rahul n muskaan
3.raj n sneha
4.anjali n atul
5.vickey n naina

                       Introduction PN=1

~~~~~~~~~~**********Part 1*********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
yeh world hain na world issmay 2 tarah ki log hotey hey
one type jo love ko pass time manthey aur dursey log pyaar  ko bahut unique manthey hey
yeh bhi ak aisi hi kahanai hey
hum iss kahanai may aisey logon sey milegey who are oppsite of each other
and how do they fall in love it all says that love starts with haterness and naughthiness
lets seee

we see an hospital rite a way stright in middle of busy city of mumbai

therre are a lot of histroy of this famous hosiptail
all are aware of it and its known to be best for there internship
finally the list of interns are out there are around 1000 hopes from students
and selecting some interns  from 1000 students is evry very diffcult
there is an rush over an notice board some are disappionted many are disapionted
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
                                  Notice Board
                         Results of students Selected
                                To do there internship

1)Miss.Anjali Gupta-St.xaviers academics mumbai

2)MR.Armaan Roy-St.Alberts academics kasauli shimla
(its our armaan but he is very smart he changed his mallik to roy due to his personal problems )

3)Mr.Atul joshi-Mahatma gandhi unvesity of science n techonology mumbai

4)Miss muskaan chada-punjab unversity of science n technology patiyala

5)MIss Naina mehra-st.xaviers academics mumbai

6)MR.Rahul agrewal-punjab university of science n tech patiyala

7)Miss Ridhima Gupta-st xavieers academics mumbai

8)Miss Sapna  sharma-st xaviers academics mumbai

9)MR Vickey malhontra-st.alberts academices kasauli shimla

thats all for the interns sorri for other who appiled for it hope u try again and
we will surly conduct other internship please don't be upset and have a good day

Note;interns above mentioned should reach sanjeevani tmrw @10

With love Sanjevani;
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------
the other students assmableed in front of  sanjeevani was gone with disappionment in there face
the group of interns  where standing there with excitment
sapna;omggggg we are selected my dream came true wow wowwwwwwww
        omggggg ridzi,naina just pinch me am i dreaming
Naina and ridzi laughing;sapnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tum nahi sudharogiiii
all laughied
ridzi sister just came n saw the result she went to her sister n there group
Anjali;hiiiiiii sapna hi naina so all are in i know we would be in (giving hi 5 to naina n sapna)
and she hugged her sister ridzi who hugged her back
Anjali;congrats guys anyway i have to go bye i have to meet my friends and give them a partyyyy
Ridzi;bye di
Naina;bye anji
she stroded offf with a her long hairs jumping
ridzi and naina n sapna is standing there in sanjeevani's corrider and was dreaming there future carrier as Doctore
suddenly they where interpretued by the dean of sanjeevani
Shashank(sh);well congrats everyone and very well done
                 welcome to sanjeevani interns
Ridzi;thanks da.. sorri sir its our pleasure to join here
Naina and sapna also nodded in agreement with smile in there face
Shashank lowered his voice so that only the 3 can hear
Sh;aaj raat 9 o clock night dinner be ready all of u even keerti ur head is also comming
with a smile he went with the 3 angel standing in surpriseeee
the three exchanged looks of excitment
they went to there collage for last walk through corridor
ridzi;wowwwwwwww thats sooo sweet of him and dr.keerti is also comming i heard she is very very strict
naina;ya i mean i also heard like that and for a doctor there should be strictness and you know na in this professtion
      disciple is very improtant n punctality is very very complusory
Ridzi with her smile;pata hey meri maaaaa tum bhi na arey aaj tho humay masti kareney chaheya
                          lets go and have some food from canteen for last time
Sapna;why last food don't tell me that in sanjeevani there is no canteen then i m not gonna enter in sanjeevani
both ridzi n naina laugh
ridzi;arey budhhu in sanjeevani there is canteen
Naina;but we are quiting collage for ever na so we won't be able to eat  from our own canteen naaa
        thats why buddhhhuuuu
sapna with a embrassment ;ya i know that i was just checking whether u know it or not
they all laughed and enjoyed there whole day in the collage meeting there teachers old friends and all

''''''''''''''''''''''''Part 2''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
we can see a man racing his cycle at a fast speed with his small wanky bag in his side
he is racing of with cycle all are shocked to see such a man racing a cycle to this speed
at last he reached his destination the grt hospital sanjeevani he was revealed but his cycle was not balancing with his excitment his cycle carriered him to an bunch of bush
kachaaaaaaaaaaaaaak he falls down in flowerbed or the lawns in garden with some leaves on his head
but when he saw his destination sanjeevani he had a smileeeeee its none other than our atul the champ

atul;sorri yaar i didn't meant to hurt u guys i know uu feel bad
    i m sorri i won't repeat it again sorri yaar so friends
some people where watching this and was laughinggg at atul
because atul was talking to the leaves and bushes

atull was embrassed to see others laughing at him so he stood up
atul;arey aap log apna kaam karey na why all are looking at me as if i m a serial actor
all started to laugh by his remark so he dedcided not to embrass more so he went to sanjeevani
when he enters the sanjeevani he was very nervous because today was the improtant day for him
today he will know whether his dream will come true or not today was the date of result of his carrier
he closed his eyessss and was praying to god in front of notice board
atul;hey bhagwaan muhjey pata hey ki app ab busy nahi hey isliya mera baat apko suna hi padeyga
     bhagwaan may aapsey ak cheez hi mangooga aur woh hey mera internship sanjeevani may agar ap mera admission yeha sanjeevani dilvadiya tho may
    apko maya ki phool sey apko pooja karvavoga pls pls muhjey niraash mat kar dena
then he slowly opened his eyes and saw his name he was like
he screamed in hosiptal
atul's bad luck dr keerti was passing by that way
dr keerti;hello mr apko pata nahi hey ki sanjeevani ak hosiptal hey aur hospital may shoor sharaba mana hey
atul controling his emotion;sorri mam akey sey nahi hoga
dr keerti;tho ap new intern may sey ak hey
atul;jii ha mera dream tha sanjeevani may internship isliya thoda excitment zyada ho gaya
dr keerti;apka excitment thoda nahi bahut zyada tha and please next time don't rpeat it
atul;soriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mam i won't repeat it again
by that ddr.keerti marched off
atul;hey bhagwaan tuney yeh kya kar diya ab apko maya ki phool nayi mileygi
      first impression hi worst bana diya thank u soooo much bhagwaan
then he went to his house to get prepared

on other hand we can see a bike running in the highway road of patiyala to mumbai
and we can see a handsome lad with helmet riding the bike and in behind a girl sitting clunching him hard and sleeping
and this handsome lad is thinking abt her
the young lad is none other rahool n the girl who is sleeping with karekate is none other than muskaan
(in patiyala rahul n muskaan are neighbours and they are childhood friends
but u see childhood friendship is different case when rahool grew as teenager
he had a huge crush on muskaan but muskaan unaware of this thinking that rahool is her best friend)
he is thinking abt all those cute moments with muskaan
then he was ta last at mumbai in the midst of busy people
he saw the destination which was his motivation,he accerlared his bike and he reached sanjevani
rahul;oyeeeeeeee muskiiii uthoooooo sanjev\evani aa gayi heyyyyy
muskaan is cluching rahul hardly as she is comforable in his back and was deep in sleep
rahul shaked muskaan (he doesn't want to distrub her because she looked sooo cute when sleeping n also in her karekete also he likes it
then muskaan was waked up
muskaan;oyeeeee uthaya kaisey tuney muhjey may tho sooh rehi thi na phir kya huva
rahul;arey muskii hum sanjeevani poch gayi hey
muskaan;kyaaaaaaaa then why didn't u wake me at first kaan kajurey
rahul;oyeeeee bas ab chaley
 he dedicded not to fight in front of hosiptal
they get inside muskaan was non-stop bakbaking abt how sanjeevani is
Rahul;hum aa gaye yeh hey results
muskaan pushes rahool away so that she can get a clear view of result
then with a smiles she huggs rahul
and rahul feels very comfortable and he also hugs
muskaan;hum select ho gaye kaan kajureyyy
          hum select ho gaye
rahul;kya wow thats really nice to knowwwww
muskaan;muhjey party chaheya kaan kajurey
rahul;okay chaley phir
muskaan;ha yaar aur kal shubah 10 bajey humey report karna hey
rahol;okay cool tho after our party i will leave u at ur uncle's house
muskaan;aur tho kaha rehaney walla hey
rahol;may koi hostel dhood logaaaa
muskaan;oye kaan kajurey muhjey tum apna dost manthey ho na tho phir tum bhi mera uncle key ghar may reheyga
          samajey muhjey kuch nahi suna rahul tum bhi mera saath reh rehey ho
rahul;theek hey jaisey teri maarzi
so they went

on other side
in an cafe shop in mumbai city
two good looking man ar sitting with coffee in thee hands filtering with 2 girls
the 1 good looking man are none other than our  vickey
vickey;neena your are eyes sooo beautiful and would u like to have some coffee with me
neena;ya darling aaj 14th march hey na may free hooo
vickey;whatttttt today is march 14th
neena with a shock;ya darling its march 14th what happened darling any problem
vickey;nothing i have to go we will have cafe some other day bye
neena;but viks
vickey;bye tine sorri neena
vickey to himself;areyyyy may yeh kaisey bhool gaya aur yeh armaan bhi na
at last he was revealed to see armaan filrtering with a girl in side of corner
vickey;oyeeee armaan come hereeeee ts urgent
armaan;kya hey (but after seeing vickey's nervous exprssion he dedicded to go)
so he byed his gfs
armaan;kya huva tu itna parsheehan kyun hoo?????????
vickey;arey aaj march 14th hey
armaan;oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shit common why we are wasting time
they both stroded off in armaan's sports bike
they reached sanjeevani
armaan;oh god thank god now u remebered it
vickey;i will see wait hmmm hey armaan i m selected
armaan; n me?????
vickey;your name is not return but heyyyyy whose this armaan roy from st.xaveir??????//and he is too from kasauli who is that(in an confused expersiion)
armaan with a statisfication ;abey vickey gadhey  woh may hi hooo
vickey;par ismay its wrttien as armaan roy and u are armaan mallik na
armaan;abeyyyyy you know my dad na woh iss sanjeevani ka owner hey aur agar unhey pata chal gaya ki may Mba key bhajaey(instead)Mbbs li tho muhjey
          bhi raj bhaya ki tarah Dad ki business samal lena padeyga n u know the armaan cool dude can't do that na isliya stupid ab samaj aya
Vickey;armaan man u are reallly grt what a crooked idea u have hatts off to u man ya now lets goooo n have some party
         and armaan tmrw we have to reach @ 10
armaan;ya i knowww  but lets go now and have some partyyyyyy

************Part 3*****************
As internship list are out and all interns are very happy to get selected the day went like speed train running
they celebrated day by
naina ,ridzi,sapna spent the day by spending some time in there old collage had some chats with there old teachers n
they spend soo much time in  canteen,then anjali also meet them after her chit chat with her friends then they dedcided to go to shopping
as they wanted tmrw to be a perfect one they all purchsed some cloths then
dedicded to go home n change there dress as Ridzi father dr.shashank gupta have promised for a dinner for them
they where all ready by 8
in gupta house
Ridhima;sneha di aap bhi ayeya na it will be fn we 4 are there and mom is also comming what will u do sitting in home???//
anjali;ha di its not fairrrrr u should come
naina;ya di u should come it would be more fun with u togther
sapna;haaaa diiiii arey pls come na it would be fun
sneha had no choice so she also got readyyy
padma;ha looo aab yeh bhi aa gaye chalo girls
shashkan;arey avo na i think all can fit in this car,n sorri to say dr.keerti can't come because an urgent case has come in sanjeevani
all agreed to adjust in one as they will get more fun
sapna;arey wah kyaa baat hey na aaj hum saath saath(7) hey
all laughed at her command
they started playing antanashri n they reached an hotel one of the 5 stars
they ordered and had a grt time

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -

on other side
rahool and muskaan spend there day by arraning there new room
they where giving spacious room there rooms are just oppsite side of 2 floor
rahool is arraning books in side shelf
muski is arranging her filmi posters in an board which is fixable at the centre of her room
uncle;oye mussskaan come and eat food warna it will be cold and i know u don't like cold food so come
      aur ha rahool putar ko bhi saath lana
muskiaan;ha uncle may aa rehi ho(lowering her voice;bas yeh srk fix ho jaye) i mean i m arranging my things i will come in a mintue
she fixed her srk at last and was gonning out to call rahul n eat food she was going to door half running she n rahul collapsed yes rahul was there at her door straing her n
he was remebering the beatuful moments he had with muskaan through he is annoyed by her talking but something is strange feeling for her
then she n rahul collapsed muskaan was in hands of rahul
there eyes meet with each other n the wind was blowing hard in muskaan's face which made her hair bump into her face
rahul felt very very comforable with her n straed at her beauty meanwhile muskaan was feeling werid
then she said
muskiaan(with sweet vioice);oyee i forgot to tell u something
rahul hopes was litten up he throught for one moment that she is gonna purpose him
rahul;what is it tell me
muskaan getting up from his arm said;i forgot to stick one hrithiks picture i will just come up now pls go n have ur dinner
Rahul was like kyaaaaaaaaaaa then he came to his real sense n he went to dinner n muski reached after that and they went to there room said good bye t each other
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
next side
u can see an man in middle of plants n is talking to them
its none other than atul
atul;you know na maya after my dad died it was u all guys who where there for me and now also u are there
     i love u all ,today i spend all time with u partying but tmrw onwards i can't pary with u as i m going to my internship
    maya tum apna khayal rekhna because u are pegnant so take care(he mentioned maya because its an rose plant n plant have given her first bud rose bud)
     arey i m late i think now i have to sleep bye bye sweeti n gentleman's see u

------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

next side
we can see an club where our 2 gentleman is dancing with many girls and we can also see some pack of  boys are jealous of these 2 lads as all the girls attention
was with them
the gang
sam;arey rocky these 2 are too much they are seeking all attention no girls is intersted in us
rocky;ya i know we have to do something for them common lets go there
the 5 of them reached where armaan n vickey is sitting
rocky;heyy  u two bahut zyada smart bananey ki koshish mat karna yeh hum log ka area hey
armaan and vickey exchanged there looks and stood
armaan;arey hum daar gaye abey we don't have to act smartly
vickey;because we are already smart
all around them started laughing
rockey;oh hero bana hey tumay tho chalo ak race ho jaye
armaan;ya sureeeeee with pleasureeeee
rockey;me n sam whose ur partner
armaan;me n vickey lets see who wins
rocky;yaaaaaaaa lets see
then we see 2 sport bikes ready for race with one with a black dress who is our armaan and one in yellow who is rockey
and in back seat we see an red one who is vickey n an blue one in rockey's bike who is sam
rockey;lets see who wins
armaan;ismay dekhney ki koi baat nahi hey we will win
the bike race started armaan as usual is leadingggggg
rockey is not near him they had to take a turning
so armaan turned the bike but he was going to collash with a car he hanged the brake which made him jump from his seat to front but he was safe n vickey too
armaan was ranging with anger
armaan;andha ho kya,can't u horn when u have turning u don't know that
inside in car it was none other than gupta family with sapna n naina all shockedddd
shashank opened his door n came out
shashank;excuse me it was ur fault also its ur duity to beep the horn
armaan now fumming with anger
armaan;dekho i know all the rules n regulation without that i can't get license
vickey;ya we know rules its not entirly our fault what if some thing happnes to us
shashank was slient  which made ridzi n naina angry they also got out
ridzi was fumming with anger she is thinking how can he insult my dad like this how could he how dare he it was not my dad's fault its his fault
naina was also fumminf with anger because of vickey's statment
naina;par tum may tho kuch bhi nahi huva hey na
rridizi;ya u where same as u where bahut hi begadey aur badameesh ho
shashank was shocked by  ridzi n naina's reaction even the 2 boys where also shocked
when they came out of car the boys felt something unusual but after there statement
armaan;hello madam we didn't ask u anything n we are not begadey n badameesh as u are did u get that
         miss.atom bomb
ridzi;don't u have any respect he is elder to u
armaan;ya so what ,all are humans saying sorri won't make u small
ridzi ;it is also applicable to u also
naina;ya she is rite u have to tell sorri

vickey;ya miss chamchi ya it is true that nothing happened because hero ne brake laga tha right time par warna we would be in hosiptal
naina;ya u should be in mental hosiptal our car also banged the brake so say sorriiiii to him(shashank)n leave
vickey;noooooooo we won't say sorri because it was not our mistake
ridzi;uuuu it was all because of uuu why can't u bang ur bloody horn
armaan;miss atom bomb
but before armaan starts to fight back he saw that rocky passed away saying loserrrrrrrr
which made armaan n vickey aware of there race
armaan;dekho ab muhjey ladne ki koi shok nahi hey bye miss phoolan deviiiiiiiii
ridzi;how can u do that u are not going without saying sorrrriiiiii
armaan;vickey chal warna we will lose common
          and miss bhoolan devi sorri my foot
they storded offffff
shashank was really surprised with naina's n ridzu's attutude
shashank;its allright  dearrrrrr lets go home pls
ridzi n naina entered in car
naina;uski aisi himat i hate the people like him supporting his friend for there mistake how dare he
ridzi;ya that stupid idiot what did he think of himself he insulted my dad i think his parents loves him soo much no one to scold him thats why he is sooo irrespective
      arghhhhhhhh i hate him if he again come in my way i won't leave him like that
anjali;hey chill ridzi its over
sapna;ya naina he won't come in our way again na leave
shashank;yaaaaa my dears its all fine i know some childrens are misusing there love from there  parents
           and childrens make there parents proud like u guys
sneha;ridzi n naina u all did the right job the boys like this are soooooooooooooooooo idiots
        i m proud of u these both

both naina n ridzi can't forget them like this after all
next side

the rocky was leading in race but armaan was not a losser so he fastten the bike
n at last armaan n vickey won
rockey was soo angry as they where leading but at last moment armaan n vickey 
armaan;abeey sadako ab pata chala ki asaliiiii hero kaun hey
rockey;it was ur luck this time next time we will  see
vickey;hello mister we belive in one chance so bye now go n sleep
they went
in middle way
armaan;yaar that atom bomb tho kuch tho hey warna how dare sheeeee
vickey;that advocate how dare she support her friend
vickey seeing time
vickey;armaaaaaaaaaaaaan its gonna be 12 pm chaloooo jaldi chaloooo tmrw we have to reach sanjeevani
armaan;omg thats man ya i know well u come with bike at backside of my house
vickey;why so
armaan;arey vickey beta because in front there will be my maariage party na isliay
when armaan saw vickey's confused expersion
armaan;abey ghadey my dad will be there na isliayaa
vickey;then u can say with me naaaa today then tmrw we will go togther
armaan;no i want to get my dad's ashirwad before i start my carrier n mom's blessing n bro's love otherwise
          my carrier won't be an succesful one
vickey;but how u gonna get hittler's i mean ur dad's blessings?????
armaan;i m armaan n i know how to get itttttt
vickey;ya good i know u will succed n ya if we again meet that chamchi we have to show t\her what we are
armaan;ya uss phoolan devi ko bhi ak sabak sikhyegi
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------
&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&Part 4&&&&&&&&&&&& ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;&&&&&&&&&&&
Today is the day of starting of there biggest mission or carrier and they all are looking forward for it
let me take u to gupta house
morning itself ridizi and sneha wake up
sneha;arey ridzi aaj tum bahut zaldi uth gayi good i can see u are becoming more responble good but
        see ur sister anjali still sleeping
ridzi;di tum bhi na,actcally i have to be in sanjeevani thats why i wake at morning but di why did u wake at this time???/
sneha;actcally ridzi muhjey bhi ak interview par jaana hey isliya(she went from her bed because she can't tell a lie to her sister)
ridzi;theek hey di bye
n ridzi went to her morining things like brushing teeth n all then she dedicded to have a small walk in her garden where she will find
her dad reading his morning paper n with his morning tea
ridzi;good morning dad
shashank;good morning beta how are u feeling n u at this time good that u are aware of responsiblitis
ridzi;apki beti ho na isliya
shashank;and i want to tell something beta do inform this to ur sis in sanjeevani
ridzi interpertering her dad;u are only our dean so we should call u sir not dad
she told this with all respect smile n shashank was shocked
rdizi;mom has already told us and we also know that we should not mess up our personal life with proffestional life
     and i must control my emotion
shashank with lots of love kissed her daughther's head
ridzi;thanks for ur blessing now i will go n wake up di other wise she will be late
shashank;my blessing are always with u guys did sneha wake up
ridzi;ya she is helping mom in cooking n she said she have some interview
shashank with a laugh;ya she have a big interview today
ridzi went with a confused look so she dedicded go to her mom n have her blessings also
she enetered in kitchen
padma;aa gayi papa ki ladli u went stright for ur dad n forgot ur mom?????
ridzi smiled n hugged her ;arey mommmm u know me na without seeing dad i can't  start the day like this
padma with a smile huigged her back
sneha;arey in this love between mom n daughther pls take care of food also
padma;if u are getting jealous come n hugg me
padma knows sneha is padma's laldi beti
so sneha also hugged her with a smile
ridzi;arey maa i forgot i have to wake anjali di
padma;oh abhi tak uth nahi gayi woh
ridzi ,sneha runned through staircase
anjali was still on her bed with  her blanket with enjoying her sleep
ridzi shaked anjali;areyyyyy anjali di wake upppppppp its gonna be 8 wake upppppppppp
anjali;arey its only night le me sleep
ridzi;but di aaj humay sanjeevani jana hey aur woh bhi 10 o clock
sneha;ridzi let me sprikle some water in her face which will help her wake
but before sneha take water she jumped
anjali;sneha di aap bhi na i hate when some one sprikled water
ridx\zi n sneha was both laughing
sneha; i knowww thats why i didn't take any water i was fooling u
sneha n ridzi was laughing
anjali;areyyy tum log bhi na
then they started there pillow fightingggggggg
padma enetered into there room
padma;areyyyyyyyy stop ittttt u know the time go n be ready i want u all to be in hall
at 9
she hugged anjali n went back
they all obeyed has there mother commanded
all where ready at 9 was at hall
all had there breakfast n hugged each other
by the time sapna n naina also went to gupta house
and all togtheer went to sanjeevani
anjali ,ridzi,spana n naina in one car n
shashank,padma ,sneha in other

same time in muskaan's uncle's house
rahul was ready @ 9 and went to see muskaan whose room was messyyyy with cloths hear and there
rahul;muski yeh sab kya hey why u doing this???(he was picking up the mess)
muskaan;oh kaan kajurey u know i don't go without my lucky earning
rahul;ya i know but what happened
muskaan;now its not seeing i got one but other is missing
rahul also started to search and then he found it
muskaan;oye hoye u are the besttttttttt thanks
she hugged him n rahol also hugged her
then they broke up because there uncle called them downstaris for breakfast
so muskaan put her earring  went down with rahul for breakfast n after there breakfast
n they togther went to sanjeevani

in atul's house
atul was ready to go to sanjeevani
but he goes he come to his plants n says good bye
atul;arey i will miss all of u and see i m giving u morning food but there is no one for me to give food
      so its k but today i m going to start my carrier i don't want to be late so bye
        miss your dadyyyy
he went with thattttttttt to place of his dreams

in vickey's house
kaka;arey vickey beta uthooooooooo its going to be 9
vickey;kaka let me sleep ohhhhh no what 9 oh my god kaka
        where is my tooth paste arghhhh
he was ready at 9.45 he looked at his watch
vickey;aaj may tho gaya aur armaan bhi woh tho abhi bhi ssoh reha hoga
       and first day itself arghhhh late
     kaka i m going bye
he hugged n get his blessing of kaka and went to armaan's house back side

in armaan's house
@9 o clock
sunaina ;are yeh ladka kab sudhereyga
we can seeeee a messiest rooom all cloths here n there,his spary,comb n everything in bed n
in middle lies our armaan he is sleeping
sunaina;areyyy armaan wake up its 9
but no effect
raj enters room
raj;arey maa koi fayada nahi yeh janab aisey nahi uth ney walla
so he took some water and splashed on to his face
armaan jumped off his bed
armaan;what the hell rain insde my house
then armaan was back to normal
armaan;arey raj bhaya aap bhi naaaa arghhhhhh why did u do that for????
sunaina n raj was laughing because of armaan's sudden reaction
sunaina;tum bhi na armaan u said me to call up early but now its 9
armaan;its only 9 oh nooooooooooo its 9
         mom aap bhi na
sunaina;come down after u get ready i will arange breakfast
he hugged his mom n took her blessing n hugged his bhaya and went to bath n get ready
raj went to get ready as he have to go to offcie
all at breakfast table even siddharat mallik
but armaan was late as always
sidharat;armaan kaha hey
sunaina;woh woh bas ata hi hoga

siddharat;i know he won't come and how many times u will support him
             he is most irresponable person  i ever seen
that time armaan entered running  muttering
armaan;arey aaj bhi arghhhh mom mera breakfast kaha hey
armaan was unaware   of his dad's presents
siddharat;oh u was in this house ,wat are u doing when will be responble n matured
armaan; sorri dad
he sat near to his dad
siddharat;what are u future plan
armaan; not dedicded
siddharat;oh grt to know and why can't u come to office today with us
armaan;no dadddd i m not feeling well
siddharat;okay then u don't go out anywhere stay in the house if anyone sees you out of house
             roaming around with ur friends or playing basketball i will forcly take u to office did u get that
armaan; yes dad
raj;dad i heard in our hositpal new interns are comming(helps to deviret his dad's attention)
siddharat;yes i also heard hmm what for that every year it happens whats so special abt it???
raj;i was thinking to meet them dr.shashank gupta has invited for the ingradation ceremony
by this armaan spread his water in to his place
and he is hicoughing
siddharat;what is this ,u are not aware of table manners go to ur rooom n stay there
             no food for u today gooooo to ur room armaan
nikhil;but uncle we have shah companies meeting
siddharat;then sorri raj we have to atend it
raj;i was thinking that i will go
siddharat;doesn't we include u also raj????????
raj;sorri dad

armaan put his spoon down near to his dad's leg
he bend as if he is going t take spoon he touched his dad's leg n got his dad's ashirwad
he went into his room he saw vickey standing in the back side
he actioned vickey that he is comming so he closed his door locked it and he jumped out of his window
and he put his shoes first then he climbed the wall and jumped
armaan;who bulid this walls soo high argh common he is wearing his shoe
vickey;ya armaan aaj hum tho agye its already 9.50
armaan; i knowww
vickey;;what abt ur ashirwad
vickey;cooooooool,but how?
armaan told everything to vickey
vickey;oh man you should be in fame book yaar what all crooked ideas hatts off to u
armaan;muhjey sharminda mat kar

in sanjeevani -@sharp 10 am
the group 7 interns reached
the annocement was made that all intern should assamble in sanjeevai auditrioum
so all went there they can see dr.shashank,sister padma,dr.keerti,dr.shubhankar rai,dr.sneha gupta
ridzi,anjali,naina,sapna was surprised to see sneha as a doctor n in sanjeevani
shashank;welcome all of interns this is one of our sanjeevani tradition to welcome our new interns
                today all of are going to start there new carrier in this proffestion puntucality,discpline,responsiblity,respect  is necassary
                 those who break rules get suffcient punshiments n u will have 2 head doctors they are dr.keerti n dr.sneha  now dr.keerti will take all of ur attendence pls do cooperate with us
                pls stand up n give an introduction abt ur sellf
dr.keerti ;Miss anjali gupta
anjali;yes mam
          hello everybody,i m anjali gupta,i finshed my acadamics at st.xaviers academics and i m looking forward to have
          a great session in sanjeevani n i promise that i will be hard working n definly follow all rules n regulations
all appalused
dr.keerti;Mr atul joshi
atul;sorri mam muhjey pata nahi tha ki humay introduction bhi dena padeyga may tyaar nahi ho
dr.keerti;ap ko jo kaha gaya hey wahi karo no back question
atul;okay mam,well i m atul ,atul joshi,i i i ...i..... i finshed my academics from mahatama unversity,i m here to ful fill my dad's dream
        i always liked this carrier because i can help others thanks
all appaulsed even dr.keerti appaulsed
Dr.keerti;Mr armaan roy
no response all looked around to each other
Dr.keerti;MR.armaan roy
now getting angry because no response
dr.shashank himself came and called;dr.armaan roy
then from the door they got a response
armaaaan;yesssssssssssssssssss sirrr
                woh actcally sir tarfic was........
but he was shocked to see shashank as he yesterday had a fight with him
all ridzi,naina,sapna,sneha,padma,anjali,shashank and even vickey n armaan was shocked to seeee
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------
 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%PArt 5%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
armaan with shock;kya yeh sanjeevani ka interns ceremony hi hey na
dr.shashank;yesss n you are
armaan;armaan ma i mean armaan roy
dr shashank;and you are?
vickey;oh i m vickey vickey malhontra
dr shashank;oh tho u are the 2 new interns
armaan n vickey was shocked by the person's reaction
armaan n vickey;yess yes sir
dr shashank;may i know why u where late????/
armaan; woh sir sorry we had little problem in traffic n we are late for only
        a 5 i mean 30 mintues....
with an usual sort of i-m-in-big trouble expression
vickey;we are really sorriiiiii we won't repeat it again
this time dr keerti interpertued
dr keerti;and if again you are late u need not come to sanjeevani here punctally is veryyyyyy
dr shashank;thanks dr keerti,and please you two have ur place
armaan; thanks sir
vickey;thank u very much sir u are the best
then they went into there seats
and the girls ridzi n naina was fumming with anger but  shocked with dr.shashank reaction and wondered why shashank didn't say anything
the boys seated
dr keerti;dr. roy
but armaan was just streeing down with an gulity look
then suddenly vickey shaked armaan
dr keerti;dr armaan roy i m asking u something
armaaan;sorri mam
dr.keerti;give ur introduction please
armaan;well i m armaan m i mean armaan roy i have graduated from st.alberts acadamics @shimla
              well i chose this carreir because i wanted to help other especially kids and its the best carrier
             to be known to help others as we all know that we as doctors can save many lives
             which is not possible in any other carrier in this carrier we can get some satisification that we do something for ourself n
              others n when i became a doctor like some of our seniors i would love to open an new section free clinic for kids
           thats all
all appaulsed even ridzi was imprssed
ridzi throught that why would i appaulse for him n i hate him tooo much but her heart said he is not like what i was thinking
he is nice i mean how did he mention abt this carrier make more clear tht he loves this carrier n has all qualities to be one of a grt doctor

dr keerti;not bad dr armaan at least u know what all doctor can do
dr.armaan;thankssss mam
vickey muttering to armaan;wow u rocked man u are the best
 armaan;i know
dr keerti;Miss.muskaan chada
muskaan;hello ji i m muskaan muskaan chada from patyala muhjey bachpan sey hi doctor ban ney ki bahut shok hey woh kya hey na mera pitaji ko doctor
                    bhagwaan key tarah hotey hey aur muhjey dusrion ko madath karna ka bahut shok hey
with that muskaan sits all appauslled
Dr keerti;miss naina mehra
naina;hello every one i m naina mehra i completed my studies at st xaviers acadamics
          actcally for me to become a doctor is like achieving my parents dream they always wanted me to be a grt doctor
          and now i m standing here for my parents dream and i m happy when my parents are happy and there dream is my dream thanks

all appaulsed
vickey muttered to himself;ladki bahut achi hey
armaan heard it
armaan;oye tumay kya huva kahi woh tho nahi na
vickey;woh kya??????
dr keerti;dr vickey malhontra and dr armaan roy we are here to introduce yourself not to chit chat
armaan n vickey;sorriiii mam
and they exchanged looks
all where looking at them when keerti states this comment (before ) some where straing like rahool n sapna
some where adoring them like muskaan n  atul n some where sitting like nothing had happened and no one is sitting there
like ridzi,naina n anjali
dr keerti;next miss ridhima gupta
ridzi;helloooooo(when armaan had seen her he felt something werid something unusal her innocent face n her sweet voice)i m ridhima gupta i m graduated from st xaviers acadamics
       i like to be a doctor because i like to treat others as one of my college said doctors are equal to god i belive in that,i like to help those who wanted n i like to respect elder n serve them
      and then my parents like me too see me as doctor n to filful there n my wish i m here for my carrier n i want to make my parents proud n others congrats n best of luck for ur carrier
with smile she went
all clapps was very high some of them was clapping high n armaan was one of them
he was lost in her innocent eyes her naughty face n her blowing hair some thing is unusual abt her through he hate her but did he really hate her???
his throught where interpertuerred by dr keerti
dr keeti;next vickey malhontra
vickey went with silght nervous;hello0oooooo every one i m vickey malhontra i fisnhed my studies from st alberts acadamices
                                                     i wanted to become because my parents wanted me to become one n i also like to treat others
                                                     espeically with elder and i want to open my own hospital after i became a doctor n i will open an
                                                     free clinic for elders  thanks and all the best guys
all appaulsed
naina also appaulsed she throught he know how to respect elder and that words came from his heart she can feel it
she never felt this way before she throught that i hate him then why feeling strange
armaan n vickey gave an hi 5
dr keerti;MR rahul agrewal
rahul;hi friends i m rahul agrewal i finished my acadamics in punjab unversity patiyala
          i came here because we all know sanjeevani histroy its the famous hosiptal in delhi n i m really thankful to mr.mallik that he found this hosiptal n
           all of them here are famous doctors n best of all i m very proud to say that i m selected to do my internship with such a grt doctors
          i also like to respect elders thanks
all appaulsed but armaan n vickey was exchanging looks
dr.keerti;Miss sapna sharma
sapna;hello friends i m sapna sharma i finished my studies in st xaviers acadamaaics
           i want to become doctor because i like to treat womens n elders i like to know
        more abt the varaiity of treatment thats all thanks
all appaulsed
dr keerti;very well done interns aap sab log ney aaj bahut acha intrduction kiya hey
 dr shashank;sorri interns i have to leave dr keerti n dr sneha will give further instructions
with that he left the auditrium but before he leave s armaan n vickey runnied towards him
with out permission of dr keerti she was shocked to see 2 interns running without her permission
shashank was aware of this ,all interns was shocked to see the scence  n was listening to it
dr shashank;yes what do u want
armaan;woh sir actcally we are sorri for yesterday's  incident it was our fault
shashank;its k
vickey;we throught u won't make us join sanjeevani for yesterday's incident
shashank;drs it was our personal matters not proffestion and we should not  interfere our proffestion life
                 with personal life so best of luck for ur internship
armaan n vickey revealed but to see dr keerti standing there with her same cruel lloook
armaan muttereted to vickey;yeh is doc humay aisey kyun dekh rehi hey
vickey;i think we are gonna be in grt trouble
armaan;ohhhhhh no no we are not in trouble but trouble is with us
vickey is controlling his laughther by armaan's comment
sapna was admiring vickey's naughtness but she don't know why she is liking vickey
and muskaan was admiring armaan's innocence face which made rahul feel jealous
ridzi,naina was half laughing n they where like giving u-deserve-this look,
but atul was standing behind anjali and he can see her hair bouncy hair he liked anjali's hair he throught to himself
meri dream girl ka bhi hair aisi hi hey but was interpeted by dr keerti
dr keerti;what are u doing???/ it is not ur house to run where ever u feel like
               u will definatly get punishment
dr.sneha;yes u will 2 get punishment for ur irresponble nature n in disciplined way
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^PART 6^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6
armaan;sorri mam we are really sorri we won't repeat it agian
vickey;yes mam n we won't repeat it agian
atul;yes maam they deserve one last chance mam please
armaan n vickey was impresed with atul
muskaan;yes mam aaj maaf kar dijiye na
at that time an annocement was made
annoncement;all senior doctors should immidetaly assamble in conference room
dr keerti;lagata luck is with u and don't ever repeat this again please
              you all can have a walk till our meeting is over,
dr sneha;please collect the u r pagers ,lab coats,n there will be an annocement so see u guys and please read all rules n regulations
           espeically u two doctors(directing to armaan n vickey)
by that two head seniors went
dr keerti (on there way);why urgent meeting now i guess some more interns are comming
dr sneha;yes dr shashank was mentioning it i guess there will be 3 more
by that they entered in conference room
in interns
alll went to office n collected all there thhings stethascope,labcoat,pagers
and they returned to audotrioum
armaan n vickey directly went to atul
armaan;thanks champ for helping me by the way i m armaan
vickey;ya champ and i m vickey malhontra call me vickey
atul;i m atul joshi call me champ when u call me that na i feel good
         so can we be friends
armaan; u should ask yaar we are already friends
vickey;ya u are soo brave champ thanks for supporting us
muskaan;hiii i m muskaan chada
armaan;hi muskaan i m armaan
vickey;hi i m vickey
sapna ;hi i m sapna sharma(to vickey)
vickey;hiii i m vickey vickey malhontra
Sapna;hiii  i m sapna
armaan;hii i m armaan
sapna;so friends
a N v;ya sureee
ridzi n naina n rahul was shocked to see this
ridzi's mouth was half opened n naina was also shocked
there friend sapna best friend sapna had just been friends with there enemies
rahul was also shocked how muskaan went n be friend with them
rahul was feeling jealous as armaan is getting more attention n was satisified that
armaan's entry n his behaviour will be in bad books but he was becoming more jealous of how muskaan is talking how passtionate shhe is towards armaan
but he also saw that 2 ladies was also shocked liked him
rahul;hiii.... i m rahul agerwal
ridzi;hello i m ridhima gupta
naina;hi i m naina mehra
armaan was seeing all this he was really jealous of rahul because he was shaking n talking to ridzi through he don't know
why he was feeling jealous
vickey was also seeing rahul with naina n was really angry or may be jealous
atul was seeing the tall lady with the black long bouncy hair he was feeling very strange
he went to her
atul;;hiiiiiiii i m atul joshi
anjali turned n her long black hair was blomed to atul n atul felt very very weird he was shocked to see anjali
because anjali was the same she was his dreamgirl who used to come in his dream every night
anjali smiled at the astionhishing atul
anjali;hii i m anjali anjali gupta
her eyes atul was looking at it
armaan noticed atul
armaan;hiii charming armaan n u are
anjali;anjali gupta
vickey;hiii gorgerous i m vickey malhontra
anjali;hi i m anjali anjali gupta
so all rounded ridzi n naina talked to all interns except these 2
all gathered
armaan;hey iss khushi key situation par ak cup coffee ho jaye
all agrred
alll in canteen
armaan;heyaaa kya hum inn 2 bench ko join kar sakthey hey kya
the man agreed
armaan;thanks u are grt n ya please give 9 cups of coffee one with cream
              and ya i m armaan
man was shocked no doctor ever said words like thanks he smiled n ask armaan to be seated he will serve the coffee
the bench was arranged n they steeled down
muskaan,armaan,vickey,sapna,atul,anjali was sitting in a semi circle and on other side ridzi,naina n rahul was sitting
coffee came
armaan;tho miss atom bomb tum bhi yeha ki intern ho
ridzi;ha hoo koi problem hey kya
armaan;oh hooo attutide ha how did u became a doctor with these much angriness n attutude
ridzi;like u become doctor with such a grt irresponisble nature n u have no respect for others
armaan;ohhh yaaa great to know that

atul;arey yaar no fights stop it na both of u we are hear to be friends and to be doctor
         not fight
armaan;okay champ
armaan;kaka muhjey ak nahi do sandwitches dena please
vickey was stareing at his watch n stareing at armaan
armaan;what?????? i didn't had my break fast ,did u all had
muskaan;ya we had ,why what happened but u came late na??then also u didn;t  have ur breakfast
armaan; that na actcally what happened na
ridzi interperted ;arey muskaan u don't know why he was late????
muskaan;no u know why
ridzi;ya because he had a big race yesterday so after loosing his race poor boy went n sleep n
         he waked at 10 then only he remebered that today he have to attend sanjeevani so he become ready n came here
         and made escuse that he was jaammed in trafic jam
armaan;ohhhhh miss atom bomb tum meri Personal secertary kab sey ban gayiiiiiiii and by the way i won yesterday's race
             if u n ur stupid car didn't come in my way i would have reached first fastly n go n home n sleep but u and ur stupid car
ridzi;arghhhhhh tum bhi na arghhhh
armaan;may bhi kya ha bolo bolo may bhi kya
atul;u two na please keep quite its hosiptal
then at same time vickey's phone rang
vickey;helloooooo darling how are u i m soo sorri i was busy that i couldn't phone u
          sorri my sweet heart
naina throught that he will be filrting to his gfs
ridzi noticed naina and felt that naina has something towards vickey as she was not able to ignore vickey
vickey;arey darling bolo did u eat ur breakfast good oh ya
        he is with me ,,eating his breakfast  ohk wait
vickey;oye she wanted to talk to u
armaan;me why
vickey;who knows
armaan;hello charming gorgerous how are u
               ohooooooooo aap bhi na ya we arrived sanjeevani at correct time
               yes darling we will stay away from troubles but u know na we won't get in trouble but trouble gets us
ridzi was getting jealous naina noticed it ridzi was not like this she likes to ignore this type of boys but
ridzi was paying her full attention to this armaan
armaan;acha i will give phone to vickey,bye cu ,miss me kidding miss u
vickey;ya sweety okay see u bye
rahul;acha u two have a common girl friend
atul;is it like that????(with confused look)
ridzi;ya it will be one of there common girl friends
muskaan;tell na armaan was it ur gf????
sapna;ya vickey was it u r girl friend
anjali;common guys tell us we are friends
armaan;yes she was our both our girl friend
muskaan n sapna was sad n ridzi n naina was getting jelaous
naina; oh soo mr.know it all has a girl friend and that too common
vickey;miss chamchiiii she is our gf what is ur problem
atul;tell na armaan how old id she?//
armaan;arey champ ladkiyon ki age nahi pochthi
ridzi;hogi koi 18 ya 19 years ki mini skrit walli ladki
armaan; ohoooooooo tho tum mera PA ban gayi kyaaaaaa
rahul;armaan n vickey don't u have any respect for womens won't ur parents say anything
armaan;abheyyyy it was vickey's mother
muskaan n sapna was revealed n ridzi n naina was feeling less jelous
vickey;haa i didn't call her in morning so she called me ,she lives in delhi
atul;tho where do u stay
vickey;i have a guest house here on mumbai i live there
vickey;no no no i live with my kaka
sapna;how sweet

atul;how coooool i m staying in rent and that landlady is bloddy strict yaar
      and u muskaan where do u stay
muskaan; i m staying at my uncle;s house n this kaan kajura is also staying there
armaan;kaan kajura????
muskaan;woh hey rahulll
armaan was laughing ;nice n perfect name kaan kajura
rahul was embrassed all where l;aughing
vickey;sapna where do u stay/???
sapna;i m staying near ridhima's naina's house
atul;aur tum    anjali where do u stay
anjali;in my house its @ jawahar nagar
rahul;wow so u will be living near dr shashank's ,house???
ridzi;how do u know that he lives there
rahul;well i know something about him its my hobby to know more about great doctors like him
armaan;ya phir famous people key barey may
rahul;what is it for u
ridizi;its a grt hobby and its much better than some stupid bike racings ,filrting,
rahul;i like bike racing
armaan n vickey laughed
ridzi;i meant some stupid street racing
naina n ridzi laughed
armaan n vickey was quite
rahul;and where do u stay ridhima
ridzi;oh i stay at jawahar nagar
armaan;wowowoowowow don't tell that u miss atom bomb is anjali's sister
             that can't be possible yaar look at anjali really an angel n look at u devil
ridzi;go n see in mirror to see an devil,evilllll
armaan;u used to do that????????
atul;oh my god u two na stop fighting other wise we will all go
armaan;sorri champ i promise i won't fight
rahul;where do u stay naina
naina;i stay near no oppsite ridzi's house
muskaan;and where do u stay my heroooooo
armaan;me at my house its on kaihr street
rahul;oh wow soo u must be near to MR malliks house
armaan was drinking some water which made him hicoughing
he controlled some water
armaan;ya he livees near my house
atul;wow i have also heard abt him he is a great man
ridzi;ya he is a great man i have also read an article about him
anjali;ya ridzi is write he was all in busniess today i saw he is the buiness tycoon
rahul;i m jealous of his sons what a lucky they are
armaan;for ur kind information we are hear to have coffee not to discuss abt
              business tycooons
vickey agrreed
all where slient for sometime
armaan;yaar bahut bore ho reha ho kuch karey?????/
vickey;ya seriouslyyyyyyyyy me tooooo boredddddd
atul;lets go to audtrioum n play something
ridzi;ya if dr keerti come we are damn dead common lets go
armaan;in life u said one thing correctly
ridzi;i didn't ask u
armaan;i didn't say to u
they all went to audithrioum
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((PART 7))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))
when they reached dr keerti n dr sneha was there
dr.keerti;good to see u i was going to annonce abt u guys
dr sneha;well now we had meeting in that we where informed that  there will be 3 more interns and they will reach
                tmrw so you all have to wait till tmrw and u will be divided into main 2 groups and one will be lead by me n other will be with dr keerti
dr keerti;yes andwe will tell u ur groups tmrw please stay and u all will be divided into sub groups
               which contains 2 persons and please stay in that groups itself
dr sneha;please follow me doctors i will show ur lockers
she lead to an big room where there are long lockers yes its long lockers
and names where also printed in front of all lockers
dr sneha;here u can keep all ur belonging like ur mobile phone,ur files etc
armaan;(muttering); i will keep my moblie with me everywhere
vickey;abhey no need i heard dr keerti is very strict abt the rules
armaan;as if i live according rules n regulations
they both controled laughing
dr sneha noticed this;is there anything to laugh if u say it loudly we could also join u laughing
with an harsh look
armaan;sorri maam i was telling that this locker room is very spaicious
dr sneha;so what is there to laugh dr vickey
vickey;woh actcally nothing sorri
dr sneha;u better be
   (saying to all interns) if a senior doctor is giving anything give respect n at least listen to them
    did u get that
all interns;yes madam
sneha;any questions
armaan raised hand up all where looking at his direction
armaan with a naughty n innocent smile;you are soo beautful charming lady i ever saw
atul;yeh tho gaya kaam sey
sneha;yeha aap appka naam kya tha
           ya dr armaan aap yeha internship karney aya hey ya koi filrtering class leney nahi aye hey
with that she went
vickey;tum bhi na armaan at least she is senior
armaan;yaar u know na i hate lectures mainly abt our character isliya ak chaal tha
              she is full of lecture
ridzi interperted there conversation
ridzi;she doesn't give that much lectures
armaan;why are u angry miss atom bomb ooops u are unexpired atom bomb which can explote evey time  u always get angry
             what does u feel angry if i say anything abt that charming lady
anjali;armaan woh humara badi didi hey
armaan;ha woh anjali ki badi di .............kyaaaaaaaaa
             ohhhhh  i m not able understand one thing u two are beautful charming ladies
           but this devil how come she become ur sister
ridzi's mouth was half open with angry
ridzi;u are evillllllll  tum kabhi nahi sudherogey
armaan; i knowww devill i won't change i will be same the coooool armaan
ridzi;oh really cooooooooolll who was going to be punished today morning??????
         u think u can go anywhere without dr's permission is it ur dad's place
armaan;what if it is..... i m an indian ciizen i can go anywhere i want
ridzi;then go to hell
armaan;please tell me the way because u live there na u have more expernice
ridzi was abt to reply
naina;ridzi please stop ittttt

vickey;armaan control yaar

naina;waisey bhi inn dono kabhi nahi sudhar ney walla
vickey;hello miss chamchi  who do u think we are
he came front so that he faces naina face to face
naina;ya i know the famous patenice from mental hosiptal
vickey;oh i m not talking about u guys  i m talking abt me n armaan u know wwe where hero's of our collage life
naina;but here u two are zero
atul;;;;;;;;; enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
all where slient
with his confussed look
atul;muhjey nahi pata tha ki all will be silent i mean stop it guys i want some shanti
       naina n vickey kya yaar tum bhi na u went to stop fight but u too started to fight
naina n vickey;soorri
so all went to locker and kept there things
armaan's rocker;s was next to ridhima's
naina's was near vickey's,rahul's near armaan's
muskaan's near vickey;s n atul's near anjali's
armaan got an call
armaan;helloooooooooo armaan here oh helloooooo sweetheart muhaaaaaa
              how are u did u eattt  good me too cool the entry was chakas hehehhehe
              why did u phone at this time????? oh what...... coooooooool.......
             thats greatttttttt okay byeeeee.
vickey;kaun tha ???
armaan;my angel my mom a good news for me i can go home without any fear for some date
with his aahhahhhah that type smile
vickey;so hittler is going out
armaan;yup ,hey i find out an new basket ball court near that jawahar street
vickey;so @8 sharp
armaan;ya man today also i will win
 BB court was in back of her house(ridzi)
atul n others where discussing abt 3 new interns
atul;yaar who will be 3 new interns and which group i will be,what u think abt it armaan
armaan;muhjey koi bhi chaleyga if that charming lady means i have bear her lectures n if that gabber means i have to bear punishment
             both are same for me n for group i don't mind in any because if vickey is there armaan is there
 ridzi;and u r partner is gonna be crazy because he/she have to bear u for all internship
armaan;oh miss ridhima shashank gupta heyyy wait guyssssssss
(armaan was reading ridhima's identy card)
                hey guys listen here ridhima,anjali,dr charming lady is dr shashank gupta's daughter
               oh miss atom bomb please don't complain abt meeeee(pledging)apney papa sey mera complaint mat karna please
rahul was shocked to know and he throught ohh s to impres shashank sir i have to first impress sneha dr,ridzi,anajli
atul';kya yaaaaaar ridhima why didn't u tell us???????????
ridzi;woh woh....
arm,aan;woh ..... woh.....(immatating ridzi)woh woh kya atom bomb
anjali;actcally dad don't want us to say that we are his daughthers
armaan; i compeletly understand why dr shashank don't want to reveal that ridhima gupta is his daughther
             because miss ridhima gupta is equal to jungle mangle bangle girl

i will update it tmrw may be bye now
do commentt

PArt 8-page 11
Part 9-page 12
part 10-page 15

Part 11-page 19

Part 12(a)-page 24
Part 12(b)-page 28
Part-13 page -34
next part-40
next part-44
do comment

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hey very very nice sweety
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by swansea

hey very very nice sweety

Embarrassed thanks for commenting n readingggggggg
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do comment then only i will continueeee Cry Cry Cry
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nice bash yaar come on par Clap sasur ji ne pwhle hi damaad ko is trah se dekha bas vanhi khatak raha hai Confused , chalo koi baat nahi agla update kabh.

i am waiting.......... Embarrassed
yamnovbloom Goldie

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lo yaar isme rone waali kaunsi baat hai phir se comment kardenge,

par tum update jaldi karna tikh hai LOL Wink
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Originally posted by yamnovbloom

nice bash yaar come on par Clap sasur ji ne pwhle hi damaad ko is trah se dekha bas vanhi khatak raha hai Confused , chalo koi baat nahi agla update kabh.

i am waiting.......... Embarrassed

LOLLOLLOL don't woorry he is an nice n supportive person he won't go agianst armaan thanks for reading n coommentinggggggEmbarrassedBig smile
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Originally posted by yamnovbloom

lo yaar isme rone waali kaunsi baat hai phir se comment kardenge,

par tum update jaldi karna tikh hai LOL Wink

LOLLOLLOLarey di may kaha roh rehi hooo muhjey bhi acting ati hey isliya actcally na di
i guess some only like my ff but they don't cmment which makes me feel that i m a bad writer but u are comments are always precious for meeeeeWinkWink

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