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Sindoora clears that she doesn't meant that she dislikes Divya. Sindoora doesn't want Divya to attend Sagar and Vidya's barsi… Amar and his gang make fools of foreigners disguising as babaji for money… Divya does a make over of Kamna… she looks prettier… Samrat sees her and is mesmerized… Sindoora notices it... Chandra advises Samrat to take Divya to Agra… divya is excited… they decide to go the same night itself… divya wants to travel by train… Sindoora and Chachi notice samrat staring at kaamna.. both have their own plans in mind…

Amar wonders why he always ends up sketching eyes without any reason and why its looks so familiar… Divya steps into the kitchen and amazed how come she came into the right place? Amar stops at a ruined haveli again…he gets an illusion of a dupatta flying … Divya brings breakfast for Umaji … Umaji is happy to see her and asks where is he (Sagar) … Umaji hugs her… Divya is puzzled… Sindoora comes and sternly tells her to get out of the room… Sindoora is finding that Divya is very headstrong and thinks she couldn't be Vidya. Rajeev is thinking about his son. Doctor tells Amar that Chintoo's check up will cost Rs.5000... Sindoora says that Divya's presence will create lots of question to the press; she wants to keep her away… Samrat overhears.

Divya comes to Sindoora ... says sorry and tells that this Vidya chapter is bothering her a lot… she just wanted to know who is Vidya? Sindoora tells her that Vidya is the one who is responsible for the death of the son of this house, a trouble maker of this house… Divya resembles her & that she is a look alike of Vidya…. Amar sees his father pleading to Bindiya's father… Chachi is trying that divya recalls some memory of her past birth… Chachi wants Samrat to marry Kamna… Divya wonders why she is so bothered about the Vidya chapter… Amar sketches the eyes of a woman, which looks like Vidya's eyes…

Divya sees servant getting into Umaji's room… she is curious and about to go there, Umaji is sitting there saying Sagar aayega… dulhann aayegi… Divya opens he door, before she could get in Samrat calls her. Bindiya bribes Chintoo & teases Amar. Amar gets to know that Chintoo has played & bribed by her… he runs after him… Chintoo collapses. Divya and Samrat are buying some jewelry… the shopkeeper tells her that her choice is like her old customer Vidya… Divya again feels strange... While they are on their way … Aniket bumps into them… he starts blabbering Vidya has come… Divya is completely shocked… she wants to know who Vidya is? everybody is shocked…. Sindoora gets angry and walks off… Divya wonders if she has done any mistake


Sindoora is tense, remembers guruji's prediction. Amar's introduction… he is a guide at banaras… having the force of kids, his big admirer is his younger brother Chintoo. At breakfast Divya asks for non oily food… Sindoora is noticing her each and every movement. Punditji asks amar if he earned any money… Amar makes an excuse… father gives him a long lectures. Samrat comes to Sindoora and asks for some money, Sindoora refuses, he tells her that spending on Divya is an investment… Sindoora gives the money. He thinks that after he marries Divya he doesn't need to beg with badi maa… Sindoora thoughtful.

Sindoora accepts to staying of Divya in the house after she sees Samrat adamant on this issue. As Divya is about to leave for a hotel Samrat convinces her to stay back. Divya notices the door of Sagar's room locked with a red cloth on it and Samrat tells her that no one is allowed to go inside as a ghost lives there. Divya is praying in front of Shambhunath's idol in the house and Sindoora is keenly watching her.

Everyone is surprised to see Divya and Chachi faints on seeing her. Sindoora can not believe her eyes that her face resembles to Vidya's so much and is very disturbed. Samrat cuts the cake and Sindoora is closely watching Divya only and tells Samrat that she cannot stay in this house. Samrat tells Divya that he had always loved her and wants to marry her. Samrat conveys to Sindoora that Divya is not going anywhere and she will stay in this house only.

Aniket calls Sindoora khooni and she asks chacha to throw the man in to asylum. Umaji is still lost in her dazed state and Sindoora has kept a nurse look after her. Samrat has grown up in a smart young man and requests Sindoora to invite one of her friends Divya on her birthday. Sindoora is stunned to see Divya as her face resembles that of Vidya.

Yadav comes and accuses Sindoora of murdering Sagar and Vidya but cannot arrest her for want of evidence. Chandra and Mahua are scared of Sindoora. Sindoora gets phobia with red color. Cheenu and Shalu leave the home with Chacha and chachi and Bharat also runs away.

A chautha ceremony is being held and different artists of zee serials convey their condolences. Guruji tells that Sagar and vidya have been killed and suggests that all their belongings should be donated otherwise their souls will remain in this house only. Sindoora asks cheenu to keep quiet for his own betterment. Guruji says that some belongings of them are still their in the house.

Everyone is in tears and can't control their emotions on seeing the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya. Umaji gets a big shock, goes still and can't believe that they are no more. Sindoora also comes down and gets scared on seeing Sagar dead. Aniket also comes and accuses Sindoora of murdering Sagar and Vidya. After the dead bodies are taken away Sindoora throws away all the belongings of Sagar and vidya and locks their room.

After killing Sagar and Vidya in cold blood sindoora leaves and Cheenu arrives with Yadav on the spot. Sindoora is horrified to see her blood soaked face and washes it off and laughs hysterically. Cheenu comes home with the dead bodies of Sagar and Vidya.

Sagar puts the tape in a box near a shiv-ling in the forest. Sindoora arrives and points a gun towards Sagar and Vidya and goes on to say why she was always against him and confesses all the plans she carried out to kill him and how she ousted Vidya out from the house. Sagar and vidya promise to each other that they will remain together for next seven janams even if they die. Sindoora first shoots Vidya and then Sagar and both of them die.

 Sagar and Vidya run away and save themselves. Sagar calls up home but Sindoora picks it up and he does not talk. Cheenu goes out to search for Sagar along with Yadav. Sagar and vidya reach a secluded house in jungle but Sindoora reaches there and puts it on fire. They are able to save themselves and think how to deliver the tape in the court. Sagar calls up home and informs Uma about his well being.

Sagar listens to Sindoora instructing someone on phone to commit a dacoity and kill Sagar and vidya. Sagar lifts Vidya and runs away in his car but all the while he is also feeling sleepy. Sindoora's men chase Sagar and Vidya. Rajiv and Mahua come back from honeymoon. Sagar and Vidya check in a hotel and the receptionist there sees a wanted poster and informs Sindoora's men and they pump in bullets in to them.

DJ tells Sindoora that he will be coming next morning to arrest her. Sindoora gets frustrated and confesses her crime before Sagar but is unaware that it is being recorded by the camera put up by Cheenu. Sindoora comes to know that it was Sagar who called her and that he is not mad. Sindoora now takes the whole family out for ice cream and mixes sleeping pills in them.

Sindoora is nervous and calls up her man to search for the driver who carried out the accident and make him quiet before the police reach him. Sagar calls her up and asks her to confess her crime and surrender to police. Sindoora strikes a deal with him and goes to temple to give money to silence him. When she reaches home she finds a CD containing footage of her giving money to a criminal. DJ also arrives and asks Sindoora about the whereabouts of that CD.

DJ comes to Sagar's house and starts questioning Vidya and Sindoora and tells them that police have got a gold chain and asks Sindoora whether it is hers. Sindoora is stunned when she does not find the chain in her almirah and Sagar calls her in muffled voice and threatens her. Sagar and Vidya meet Aniket in jail and Aniket tells them that her biggest shortcoming is her pride. DJ shows a photo to Sindoora and tells that he is the driver of the truck who caused the first accident of Sagar and asks her to identify him.


Sindoora rushes to hospital to see Bharat and in the midway finds him with Vidya and is disturbed who could be behind this prank. Sagar stealthily manages to get wealth papers back from Sindoora. Sagar's college friend Inspector Yadav advises that Sindoora can be arrested only if she confesses her crime. In the police station Sagar meets DJ and he promises to help them in exposing Sindoora.

Sagar is hiding behind the fridge and is pained to listen to Sindoora insulting Vidya. Sagar spreads colors on Sindoora's saree and as she goes to change he replaces her almirah's keys with duplicate ones and Cheenu takes its imprint on a soap. Cheenu and Vidya take Bharat out and Cheenu calls up Sindoora and tells her that Bharat has met with an accident.

Cheenu gets suspicious about Sagar's acting. Sindoora plants a snake on Sagar's bed and hides behind a door to see how Sagar reacts. Just than Cheenu arrives and throws away the snake. Cheenu tells Sagar and Vidya that he knew about their acting as he could clearly see their love for each other. Sagar is determined to somehow to get hold of keys of Sindoora's almirah.

 Sagar presses the trigger and Vidya escapes in the nick of time. Sindoora tries to probe Sagar but acts as if he is not able to remember anything. On finding Sagar's cap in her almirah Sindoora gets suspicious about Sagar. Vidya gives confidence to Sagar that whatever they are doing it is for the welfare of their family.

Sagar tries to search the Power of Attorney papers in Sindoora's almirah and keeps acting like a lunatic. Sagar is worried seeing Umaji disturbed because of his mental condition but Vidya consoles him. Sindoora gives a loaded pistol to Sagar and asks him to shoot at Vidya.

Marriage of Rajiv and Mahua takes place and Sagar does the kanyadaan. Umaji says that Vidya's love was for real and Sagar should go and get her back. Sagar gets ready to leave for Benaras even as Vidya is ready to open the divorce papers. As she is about to read the papers wind blows and papers fly and gets drenched.

Sindoora declares that she has decided to get Rajiv and Mahua married in the next two days. Mahua starts thinking objectively about Vidya but Chandra is still against her. Rajiv does makes a deal for selling Vidya, but Daadi comes to know it. Rajiv tells Vidya that Sagar called him and is coming to meet her in Lucknow and she needs to go there.

Sindoora shows Chandra the divorce papers. Vidya keeps Nirjala vrat for next five days and prays to Shambhunath to bring Sagar to Benaras otherwise she would commit suicide. Sindoora gets the power of attorney signed by Sagar in her favour. Sagar is unable to forget Vidya.


In Banaras Harsh's Naani takes care of Vidya and showers a lot of affection on her. Both Sagar and Vidya are unable to forget each other. Vidya confesses her mistake in front of Shambhunath's mandir and prays for his well being but Harsh listens to all this and has something up in his mind.

Sagar gets upset and starts believing that vidya has betrayed her. Rajiv tries to make Sagar understand that we should first find truth behind these clues before declaring Vidya guilty. Sindoora gives divorce papers to Sagar and tells that Vidya has sent them, later sagar signs it.

Vidya arrives in Banaras where she meets Harsh and goes to stay with his naani. Sindoora paints the picture of Vidya as a greedy woman with the help of his planted men. Sindoora calls up Aniket in jail and comes to know that Vidya was constantly in touch with him and informs this to Sagar as well.

Sindoora snatches the house keys from Vidya and herself drags and throws Vidya out of the house. Vidya says that though she is going she will keep an eye on Sindoora and if anything happens to Sagar she will not leave her. Vidya is walking on the road and recollects her moments with Sagar. Sagar also remembers her past moments with Vidya. Rajiv wants to support and help Vidya against the wishes of Mahua and he believes that she is innocent. Sagar is sitting sad in the nursery and Sindoora comes and takes him to his room. Sagar says that he can't stay in this room as he gets reminded of Vidya and Sindoora takes him to her room and is happy that he is now under her control. Rajiv finds Vidya and suggests her to go to Benaras so that Sagar can find her when he wants later on. Rajiv arranges for the ticket to benaras and asks her if he can do anything for her. Vidya says that he should try to save Sagar from Sindoora's evil ideas. Sagar is sad and misses Vidya in the house. Umaji is not able to find things for her puja in Vidya's absence.

Umaji also says to Vidya that she has broken the trust everyone had on her and Sindoora is right in asking her to leave. As Umaji is about to bless Vidya Sindoora asks her to stop. Cheenu discloses that he is very much alive and all this drama was created to teach chacha and chachi a lesson. Cheenu says that since she has betrayed Sagar he cannot stand for her at this moment. Even Mahua expresses her approval of the decision taken by Sindoora to let Vidya leave the house even though Rajiv tries to find reason in Vidya's lie. Vidya still expresses her love to Sagar and says that Shambhunath will take his care as Sagar continuously cries and does not look at her. Vidya picks up their photograph with her and remembers good moments with Sagar.

Vidya says that since all the wealth was already in her name so why she should have done all this drama but Sindoora asks her to leave. Vidya says that Sindoora is no one to ask her to leave and only Sagar has the right. Vidya falls on Sagar's feet and tries to prove her innocence and reminds him of good times they have spent together. But Sindoora interrupts and says that her tears won't do anything now and asks her to prove her innocence. Vidya tells that Buaji knew about all this. Vidya discloses that she has gone to Canada and not Haridwar and Sagar gets angry on this lie also. Sagar calls up Canada and comes to know that she did not go there as Mohit is fine. Vidya asks Sindoora where is Buaji and Sagar gets angry on this. Sindoora tells Vidya that in fact she should tell where Buaji is. Sagar asks Sindoora to call up police and get Buaji searched. Everyone leaves Vidya alone to cry.

Sagar gets very upset that Vidya has cheated him and gets angry on her. Sagar shows her posters and nursery and asks why she didnt tell him that she was not pregnant. Vidya says that she knew that this moment would come some time though she lied.. Sagar says that Vidya has broken his trust but she tries to convince that she is innocent and blames Sindoora for all this. Sagar declares that party is over and asks the guests to leave. Sindoora says that she knew and had told Sagar that Vidya was a greedy woman but he didn't listen. Vidya looks at everyone in the family for support but no one is ready to support. Sagar asks Vidya can she bring back junior to him and Sindoora interrupts and asks Vidya to leave this house immediately as she has lost all rights to stay here.

Chachi faints on seeing Cheenu with Knife. Shalu says to Cheenu that now its enough and mummy must has learnt a lesson by now. Vidya refuses to drink the juice sent by Sindoora saying that Sindoora has mixed poison in it. Sagar asks her to stop talking against Sindoora. Vidya says that the enemy in the house was Sindoora only and she has attempted many times to kill her. Sindoora herself takes the glass and drinks the juice. Sindoora expresses her innocence and says that she has never ever tried to kill Sagar. Sindoora tells Sagar that Vidya was never pregnant and she knew this from the beginning. Sagar asks Vidya what the truth is and gives his kasam. Vidya does'nt say anything and Sagar is totally shattered.

Vidya all dressed up comes down to attend the anniversary party. There's a small performance by two artists on stage which enact the role of Sagar and Vidya. Sagar thanks Vidya for always being with him and asks her to promise that in the next saat janam she will be there for him. Vidya wonders where the letter written by her had gone but it had been in the possession of Sindoora. Rajiv and Mahua get engaged. Sindoora gives her a chit in which she writes that she will first kill her child and than Sagar. Chachi gets haunted by the ghost of Cheenu. Vidya sees Sindoora mixing something in the juice glass.

Vidya keeps the letter under Sagar's pillow. Sagar reads and asks what is all this and gets angry on her and asks her why did she do this. Vidya says she did this to save but he asks her to leave the house. Suddenly she wakes up and realizes she was dreaming. Vidya searches for Sagar and wonders if Sagar has read the letter. Sagar brings clothes for Vidya and asks her to wear in the evening and says rest we will speak later on. Mahua is happy that she is getting engaged to Rajiv on an auspicious day and is thankful to Vidya. Sindoora shows few sarees to Mahua but she wants Vidya to finalize what to wear on engagement. Rajiv is all praise for Vidya's love and dedication towards Sagar in front of Sindoora and Chandra. Vidya goes in front of Shambunath's idol and asks for giving her strength to face Sagar's and does not want to separate from him.

Sagar calls up Sindoora and says that Vidya had called her up and he could not speak to her. Knowing this she comes to know what Vidya was trying to do and warns her not to do anything of this sort again. Chandra tries to clean up the face of Mahua by applying chandan and asks for forgiveness. Chandra still dislikes Vidya and is not ready to accept her. Rajiv comes back home but Sagar says that he cannot marry Mahua to her as she does not want this and asks him to leave. Rajiv sees Mahua watching all this and runs to meet her. Rajiv is shocked to see her face and understands why she was refusing to marry. But he assures her that he had loved her immensely and would not leave her. Vidya thinks that she has lied to Sagar and can no longer live with this and decides that she will tell the truth to him and starts writing a letter.

Sagar takes Vidya to the nursery in the house and is very excited to show her all the posters and decoration but Vidya is afraid and sad to see all this. Sindoora has herself purchased all these things. Chachi again shouts to see Cheenu alive at the dining table and feels she has seen his ghost. Mahua hears Sagar and Vidya talking that Rajiv is getting released and coming home soon. Mahua is depressed and tries to consume poison but is saved by Vidya. Vidya gives a rudraksh to Sagar and asks him to wear it and never throw it off as shambhunathji will always save him from any unwarranted happening and Sagar thanks her for loving her so much. Sindoora gives Vidya milk to drink which she drinks after some hesitation. While watching TV Vidya gets an idea and she goes to sindoora and intentionally starts a conversation where Sindoora confesses her crime and Vidya dials Sagar's number so that he can hear all this.

Uma rejects Sindoora's proposal to call Dai maa. Uma tells Sagar that Mahua is not ready to speak to her and he should do something about it. Vidya brings a doctor for getting Mahua checked and she says that the cream actually had acid in it due to which her skin had got patches. On Sindoora's questioning Vidya tells that this cream had been given by Chandra to Mahua. Chandra tells that since Mahua took away Harsh from her she took revenge by spoiling her face and Sindoora slaps her for doing this to her sister. Sindoora connotes the story of a TV Serial on the dining table in front of everyone wherein she mentions about a women who faked her pregnancy, just to trouble Vidya. Vidya calls Buaji's number but is unable to connect. Sagar puts the posters of infants on wall and Vidya decides to find out whether Sindoora had come to know of her pregnancy or not. Vidya is relieved when Sindoora deliberately shows that she does'nt know about her pregnancy. Sindoora tells Sagar that she will take full care of Vidya from now onwards.

Sagar comes with some work to her and Sindoora keeps the cassette in the almirah. Meanwhile Vidya goes to Sindoora's room to search for a cassette. She finds the cassette and leaves. Now Vidya gives this cassette to Sagar to listen but when he plays Vidya is surprised to hear songs instead of Sindoora's conversation. Sindoora shows Vidya the actual tape and asks her to take Shambunath's saugandh and say that she has never lied to anyone. Sindoora is doing this intentionally to trouble Vidya and decides not to expose her lie so easily. Chachi calls a tantrik but Chennu scares him away. Sindoora says to Uma that Vidya is not showing any symptoms which pregnant women generally show and we should call dai maa to solve this problem.



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wow thanks lol, that must have taken ALOT of time .. Thanks dude =) Smile

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