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Embarrassed~*Love_A beautiful emotion*~Embarrassed

NOte:- Thanks to my Frnd Riddhima aka ksdbstjodi for making this Siggy!Big smileEmbarrassed

Hey guys..!! I am Kanika and i am back...I am posting all the old parts of the ff "Do jism,Ek jaan" by *riddhima*...
I will be continuing them after that...I am changing its name to "Love-A beautiful emotion"....i hope u like it...
I have also brought some changes in the parts written by her...i hope u like whatever i am writing..
Do post ur comments as i will be eagerly waiting..!!

To the readers of "do jism,Ek jaan"..-Plzz read the whole thing on this page once again as i have made many changes..!



Dr.Armaan Mallik played by Karan Singh Grover
Dr.Riddhima Gupta played by Shilpa Anand
Dr.Muskaan Chaddha played by Drushti Dhama
Dr.Rahul Garewal played by Mayank Anand
Dr.Anjali Gupta played by Suanina Gulla
Dr.Atul Joshi played by Pankitt Thakker
Dr.Sapna Shah played by Muskaan Mehani

Dr.Shashank Gupta played by Mohnish Behl
Sr.Padma played by Shilpa Tulaskar

[Extra Characters will always keep on including]LOL

Overview: Dr.Armaan & Dr.Riddhima have confessed that they r in love to each other!.Their colegue interns Dr.Rahul & Dr.Muskaan  fall in love and marry each other!. Dr.Sapna, another intern  marries Amit!.Dr.Atul is totally crazy abt Dr.Anjali!.
Soon Everybody comes to know abt Armaan-Riddhima & decide abt their marriage!.But Armaan's father is a buisness man & cares only abt buisness!.
Read to know abt What will happen to Armaan-Riddhima?Will Armaan's father accept Riddhima??..A story of Love & only Love!



I will start my fanfic from the scene where Riddhima said"I love u" to armaan and they hugged...!!


Pt 1 Naya Naya Pyaar!

Armaan hugging Riddhima...--

Armaan & Riddhima separate from the passionate hug and Armaan sees Riddhima who was blushing.!.Armaan was staring Riddhima..!
Riddhima"Armaan,aise mat dekho"
Riddhima"a....vo mujhe sh..."
Armaan"sharam aati"
Riddhima nods..
Armaan"Mujhse kya sharmana,main to ab tumhara apna hun"
Riddhima blushes even more...
Armaan"Tumhe pata hai..tum sharmate hue aur khubsurat lagti ho"
Armaan"haan..vishvas nahi hota to sheesha dekh lo"
Armaan takes Riddhima to the corner of that room where a mirror was fixed..
Armaan was standing at the back of Riddhima and Riddhima was looking in the mirror.....Armaan's both arms were around Riddhima's waist...
She looked into the mirror and she saw him looking at her and smiling...He was gazing so intensly that it made Riddhima blush...!
Armaan"Pata hai tum meri JAAN ho!!!"
Riddhima blushes ...
Armaan comes in front of Riddhima..and lifts her face and kisses her on her cheek..!Riddhima smiles and looks down..
Just then Atul comes into the room....
Armaan(slowly to riddhima)"Isko bhi abhi hi aana tha...."
Atul"so...what were u doing?"
Armaan"meri dressing"
Atul"to ho gayi?"
Atul"theek hai..main jaa raha hun..chilata kyun hai"
Riddhima smiling..!..Atul goes...
Armaan"Thank god! ye gaya...ab..."(holds her waist)
Riddhima(removes his hands from her waist)"..tumhari dressing pehle ..phir kuch aur"
Armaan"as u say"
She does all the dressing and then closes his shirt buttons(blushing)...Armaan was just smiling...She turns to go but Armaan holds her hand...She closes her eyes...Armaan turns her round such that she is facing Armaan and his hands are around her waist...Armaan kisses her on her forehead and then on her cheek...She turns...Armaan removes her hair from her back and kisses her there...And she closes her eyes...Riddhima's pager started ringing...
Armaan"offo...i hate this pager."


At Riddhima's house,in the night!!---

Riddhima was thinking about Armaan...She was missing him....
Just then she got a message from Armaan which said "hi!...missing me?.."
Riddhima replied "i will tell u after u will tell me how much u r missing me?"
Armaan replied "main to tumhe itna miss kar raha hun ki tumhare ghar aa gaya hun"
After reading the message Riddhima was shocked...
Riddhima goes out,in her balcony and sees Armaan climbing the pipe..!
Riddhima "tum..tum..yahan kya kar rahe ho?"
Armaan "Sanjivani mein to mujhe time nahi deti to phir yahin sahi"
Riddhima "Armaan...par...ghar par di,papa,nani sab hai"
Armaan "to...i don't care"(he holds her by her waist)
Riddhima "Armaan...(she hears anjali's voice)...di aa rahi hai"
Armaan "so...i don't care"
Riddhima "but i do...plz...meri khatir"
Armaan "tumhare khatir...accha main abhi cchup(hide) jata hun...par..."
Riddhima "par kya?...jaldi bolo"
Armaan "par anji ke sone ke baad.....u know(being mischeivious)..."
Riddhima "Armaan ...u r just...leave it..ab jao cchupo(hide)"
Armaan hides behind the balcony door...and just then anjali comes in...
Anjali "Riddhima,bahar kya kar rahi ho..."
Riddhima "k...k...kuch nahi"
Anjali "Riddhima,main kal lonavala jaa rahi hun,do din ke liye..."
Riddhima "o...ok...di"
Anjali "aao so jao"
Riddhima "di aap so jao...main thodi der mein soti hun"
Anjali "fine...gud night"
Riddhima "gud night"
Anjali sleeps...and Riddhima goes in the balcony...
Riddhima sees Armaan sitting down on the floor...
She sits besides him...He holds her hand and looks into her eyes...!
He gives her a red rose !...She accepts it...!
He kisses her on her cheek...She blushes...!
Then they talk for a while...And then Armaan lies on Riddhima's lap and she plays with his hair...Suddenly Armaan buried his head into her stomach..Riddhima started having butterflies in her stomach..She wanted to hold that moment forever ...
Then they slept like this...Riddhima suddenly wakes at 2am...
Riddhima sees Armaan sleeping like a baby...!She kisses him on his cheek...Armaan smiles(he was awake)...
Riddhima "Armaan...get up..tumhe ghar nahi jaana"
Armaan "nahi..."(like a baby...he is still in her lap)
Riddhima "Armaan...utho aur jao jaldi"
Armaan "ok...ok"...
They both stand up...
Riddhima "bye"
Armaan "bye"(comes close to her and kisses her on her cheek)..
Armaan climbs down the pipe and Riddhima sees him going...Before sitting into his car...He turned and gives a flying kiss to Riddhima...
Riddhima waves her hand(saying bye)...Armaan does the same...


Pt 2 naye Rishte!

In the morning at Riddhima's house....!

Riddhima gets up thinking about Armaan...Anjali had already left for Sanjivani as she has to go lanavala direct from Sanjivani...
She goes for a bath...She hears her phone ringing...She goes out wearing a towel...She picks the phone smiling(it was Armaan)...
Riddhima "hello"
Armaan "hi,jaan"
Riddhima "kyun phone kiya?"
Armaan "Aise hi"
Riddhima "kya??..pata hai main kitni jaldi-jaldi naha(bath) ke nikli"
Armaan "naha(bath) ke nikli...matlab tumne kya pehna hai"
Riddhima "Armaan...!...!..."
Armaan "kya?? batao naa..!"
Riddhima "Armaan (lovingly)!!!"
Armaan "Yup!!"
Riddhima "SHUT UP!!!...and bye"
Armaan(laughing) "accha suno-suno...aaj jogging ke liye aa rahi ho"
Riddhima "haan!"
Armaan "ok,i'll be waiting"
Riddhima "ok...bye"
Armaan "bye"


Riddhima reaches the basketball court jogging...She sees Armaan alone in the basketball court...She goes inside...
Riddhima "hi!!..."
Armaan "hi"
Riddhima "aaj akele ho"
Armaan "haan,aaj bacche nahi aaye"
Riddhima "nahi aaye ya...tumne nahi bulaya unko"
Armaan "tumko sab pata kaisa chal jata hai?"
Riddhima "yahin to mera style hai"
Armaan " ek game ho jaye..."
Riddhima "no...mujhe jaana hai"
Armaan "kahan ?"
Riddhima "ghar!!!..."
Armaan "par......."
Riddhima "par-var kuch nahi...main to chali...bye"
Armaan "bye-bye"


Riddhima gets ready and goes out of her house...She sees Armaan there in his car outside...
Riddhima "Armaan,tum yahan?"
Armaan "tumhe kya lagta hai,main apni jaan ko akele Auto mein jaana deta"
Riddhima "Thanks!!!"
Armaan "Ye thanks kahan se aa gaya??"(angry)
Riddhima "ok...Sorry"
Armaan "Ab ye Sorry kahan se aa gaya?"(more angry)
Riddhima "Ok then...I love u"
Armaan smiled "That's better..ab baitho main main itni der se intezaar kar raha hun"
Riddhima "ok...ok..."(she sits in the car)
Armaan "chale??"
Riddhima "haan!!!"
On the way they do their lovey-dovey talks and then they reach the hospital...


In the hospital...-locker room...

Atul "yaar,main to kal raat chain se so hi paya,apni landlady ki vajah se"
Armaan "main to kal bahut acche se soya(seeing Riddhima who is smiling)"
Rahul "jo dusro ki neend kharaab karta hai,use to chain ki neend aayegi hi"
Armaan "Rahul,tu..."(Riddhima holds his hand,therfore he stops)
Muskaan "chod Armaan,faltu logo se ladte nahi"
Sapna enters and says "hi!! guys"
Riddhima "Sapna,bahut khush lag rahi ho...kya baat hai??"
Sapna "suno gi to vishvas nahi karogi"
Atul "batao to sahi"
Sapna "meri shaadi tai ho gayi hai"
all "WHAT??"
Riddhima "really?"
Sapna "haan yaar"
Armaan "kiske sath"
Sapna "tumhare dost Amit se sath"
Armaan "kya?"
Sapna "haan..."
Muskaan "kab hai teri shaadi???"
Sapna "agle hafte(next week)..."
Rahul "wow yaar"
Sapna "aur haan...parso mera Sangeet bhi hai...aur tum sab invited bhi ho"
Atul "cool..."
Sapna "ok...guys...main chalti hun...bye"
all "bye"
Atul's pager rings so he also goes...
Riddhima "Sapna ki shaadi mein bahut mazza aayega"
Armaan(slowly to Riddhima) "par dekhna,hamari shaadi mein jyada mazza aayega"
Riddhima(slowly & blushing) "Armaan..."
Muskaan "yaar,mujhe to shaadi mein bada mazza aata hai"
Rahul "tujhe to kaam ke elava har chiz mein mazza aata hai"
Muskaan "tu...tu...faltu mein bad-bad mat kiya kar...samjhe"
Armaan "ab ladai mat shuru karo"
Muskaan "tu kehta ho to nahi ladti"
Riddhima "main jaa rahi hun...bye"
Armaan "main bhi chalta hun"
Muskaan "ruk Armaan...mujhe bhi le chal...mujhe nahi rehna is langoor ke sath"
Rahul "haan,haan...tere sath rehna hi kaun chahta hai?"


Pt 3 Everyone knows! 

Riddhima was walking through the corridor...Armaan comes and pulls her into the stairs(lovers point)!...
He holds her from her waist and his other hand is on Riddhima's hand...
Riddhima is getting nervous whereas Armaan is quite lost in her beauty...

Riddhima " tum kya kar rahe ho"
Armaan says nothing and just blows into her hair...
Riddhima "Armaan..."
Armaan's nose is now touching her cheek...Riddhima is now having butterflies in her stomach...
Armaan "I LOVE U"
Riddhima " i know that"
Armaan "ye kaisi reply hai...I love u ke badle i love u hi kehte hai"
Riddhima "ok...I LOVE U..."
Armaan "that's like my Riddhima,nahi That's like Meri JAAN"
Riddhima blushes...
Armaan comes very close to her...They could hear each other's heartbeat...
Armaan gently kisses her on her cheek...Riddhima blushes...Armaan was advancing towards her lips but then Riddhima's pager started ringing...
Riddhima "Armaan,hatho(move) mera pager baj raha hai"
Armaan "to..."
Riddhima "Armaan...jaane do...plz...plz"(she pushes him)
Armaan "accha baba...jao"
Riddhima "BYE"(blushing...and leaves)


Next Day--

all in locker room
Sapna "guys,tum log kal mere sangeet mein aa rahe ho naa"
Atul "agar Anjali aayigi to main bhi aaunga"
Anjali stares him like she is going to kill him...Everybody laughs...Armaan stares Riddhima...
Sapna "guys...i'm going...abhi dr.kirti se kal ke liye leave bhi mang ni hai...phir aake baat karungi"
Riddhima " of luck!"
Sapna "bye...thanks!"
Annoucement---Dr.Rahul,Dr.Muskaan,D.Anjali,Dr.Atul report to Dr.Kirti...!!
All of them leave leaving Riddhima & Armaan alone in the locker room...!
Armaan lovingly looks at Riddhima and she blushes...
Riddhima "aise kya dekh rahe ho"
Armaan "Tumhe kya problem hai ,main to apni jaan ko dekh raha hun"
Riddhima blushes...
Armaan comes near her...(she is facing her locker) and holds her from behind...!
Riddhima "Armaan chodo.."
Armaan "kyun?"
Riddhima "kyunki maine kaha"
Armaan "nahi chodoga..."
Riddhima "Armaan...plz"
Armaan "ok...par ek shart hai"
Riddhima "shart???..."(she turns such that she is facing Armaan and he is still holding her from her waist)
Armaan "haan...tum mujhe I LOVE U bolo...yahan aur abhi"
Riddhima "...I LOVE U..."(blushing)
Armaan "I LOVE U 2"
Armaan hugs her titely...She was blushing in his arms...Armaan was going to kiss on her cheek,suddenly...
Voice "Ahem...Ahem...Ahem"
Armaan & Riddhima turn and see all the other interns(Atul,Anjali,Rahul,Muskaan,Sapna) standing at the gate of the locker room...
Armaan leaves her waist and they both were standing there embarresed...Anjali moves foward and stands besides Riddhima...
Anjali "ye sab..."(to Riddhima)
Riddhima "wo...actually..."
Armaan "Anji...tum sab ne jo dekha wo sach tha"
Sapna " u both r in LOVE with each other"
Armaan "h...haan"(Riddhima blushes)
Muskaan "oye hero,ye sab kab hua"
Rahul(i'm making Rahul a better person) "pyar permission leke thodi na aata hai...samjhi"
Muskaan "Tu to chup rah..."
Atul "yaar,abhi mat lado...we r discussing about Armaan & Riddhima"
Anjali "Right!!! tell me the whole thing"
Riddhima "di...wo..."(all the pagers started ringing)
Anjali "we'll talk about this later"
Armaan "yeah..."
Anjali moves foward with Riddhima and all were following...
Anjali "Ridz...u both love each other?"
Riddhima "ya..."
Anjali "r u sure?...matlab...after that bet?"
Riddhima "di...don't worry...i trust him"
Anjali "then its fine...i am very happy for u both"
Riddhima "thanks di..."(she smiles,turns and looks at Armaan...Armaan smiles back)
While talking they all reached the nurse station...Dr.Kirti was waiting there...
Dr.Kirti "interns...maine aap ko sirf ye batane ke liye bulaya hai Dr.Shashank aap logon ko kal ke liye chutti dene ke liye taiyar(ready) hai"
All "thank u Dr.Kirti"
Dr.Kirti "now u all can go...Dr.Armaan aap rukiye...i have to talk about something important"(remember he is the monitor)
Dr.Kirti talks with Armaan and then he leaves...


Pt 4 Date?

All again locker room...after duty-8:00pm
Atul "thank god...aaj ki duty khatam to hui"
Sapna "sach...! aaj ka din bohut tireing tha"
All were chatting about the day,duty,patients....etc...
Armaan asked Riddhima "Riddhima,aaj bahar chalogi"
Riddhima "kyun?"(acting innocent,but she knows Armaan is asking for a date)
Armaan "offo...i am asking u for a date"
Riddhima "pata hai...par kahan jana hai?"
Armaan "pata nahi...kahin bhi chal chalenge"
Riddhima "hmm..fine"
Armaan " i will pick u at 9"
Riddhima "ok..."
Muskaan notices that Armaan & Riddhima r not there...She turns and sees them holding hands and standing near the lockers...
Muskaan "ye dekho...hum yahan important baatein kar rahe hai aur ye loverboy apni lovergirl ke sath pyari-pyari baatein kar rahe hai"
Armaan leaves Riddhima's hand...They both stand quitely...All start laughing at seeing them soooo nervous...
Atul "don't worry yaaron...hum tum dono ko marenge nahi"
Anjali "ok...ok...ab bicharon ko pat chirao...dekho to kitne nervous hai"
Rahul "Absoutely right"
Anjali "Ridzz...agar baatein khatam ho gayi hai to chale..."
Riddhima "h...haan chaliye"
Anjali "bye guys"
All "bye"
Riddhima "bye"


Riddhima & Anjali in car...

Riddhima's phone rings...
Armaan "hi,jaan"
Riddhima "haan bolo Armaan"
Anjali " loverboy ka phone hai"
Riddhima "di.....Armaan bolo"
Armaan "tum Anji ko bata do ki aaj tum mere sath jaa rahi ho"
Riddhima "hmmmmm...ok...main di se baat kar lungi"
Armaan " u"
Riddhima "bye....same here"
Anjali "to batao mujhse kya baat karni hai"
Riddhima "di...main aur Armaan aaj bahar..."
Anjali "tumhe yahin kehna hai na ki tum dono date par jaa rahe ho"
Riddhima "h...haan"
Anjali "to isme problem kya hai"
Riddhima "di...papa"
Anjali "Hmmmmm...main unse keh dungi ki tum hospital mein ho"
Riddhima "par...jhoot?"
Anjali "ab pyaar kiya hai to jhoot bolna to sikhna parega..aur vaise bhi Pyaar liya to Darna kya"
Riddhima laughs+blushes...


Pt 5 Gadbad!LOL

Riddhima's house...!!!

Riddhima hunting through her cupboard...'
Riddhima "di...main pehnu kya?"
Anjali "kuch bhi pehen lo"
Riddhima "par di..."
Anjali "arre haan...aaj to tumhari pehli date hai"
Riddhima "vahi to di...kuch special pehena hai"
Anjali "kuch Armaan ki pasand ka pehen lo"
Riddhima "par kya?"
Anjali "uska favourite colour kya hai??"
Riddhima "RED"
Anjali "hmmm...Red-colour of love"
Riddhima "di...aap dress chuno"
Anjali "ok...(she picks up a nice red suit)ye lo"
Riddhima "nice choice di...thanks"
Anjali "ab jao...loverboy intezaar mein kahin mar naa jaye"
Riddhima "di aap bhi na"
She goes and changes...She was looking owesome...
Anjali "ohho...loverboy kahin tumhe dekh kar behosh(faint) na ho jaye"
Riddhima blushes and wears her earings and a pretty red locket...
She was looking Simple and Sweet...Her phone rings,but Anjali picks it up...
Armaan "hi jaan...jaldi aao...i'm waiting...tumhe 1 ghante se dekha nahi hai,tumhe pata hai na I LOVE U so much ki tumhe dekhe bina jee nahi sakta"
(he said this without realising who was on the phone)
Anjali laughing "ohho,to tum meri behen se itna pyaar karte ho"
Armaan was shocked!!!
Riddhima was doing her make-up...listening this she turns and takes the phone from Anjali's hand...
Riddhima "hello,Armaan??"
Armaan "haan,jo maine kaha vo Anjali ne sun liya?"
Riddhima "i'll ask...u hold on"
Riddhima "di,Armaan ne jo bhi kaha vo aapne sun liya?"
Anjali "haan,aur ye bhi pata chal gaya ki vo tumse kitna pyaar karta hai"
Riddhima blushes and asks "kya kaha tha usne??"
Anjali tells her that what he said and Riddhima blushes...
Riddhima on the phone "hello,di ne sun liya tha"
Armaan "offo...aage se apna phone tum khud uthaya karo"
Riddhima "OK..! as u wish"
Armaan"accha ab tum niche aa jao"
Riddhima "ok...bas aayi"(cuts the phone)
Anjali "jao jao...loverboy intezaar mein tadap-tadap kar mar jayega"
Riddhima "di...aap bhi naa"...(she leaves)


Near Armaan's car..........

Armaan "kab aaogi Riddhima?"
Riddhima comes "tumne bulaya aur main aa gayi"
Armaan was just staring Riddhima...She was looking so pretty...Armaan was staring Riddhima continuously...Riddhima was feeling shy bcoz of Armaan's intense gaze...Riddhima broked the silence and said "Armaan...Armaan"(waves her hand in front of his face)
Armaan came into the real world and said "Riddhima,u r looking very very beautiful"
Riddhima blushes...!..."thanks,ab chale"
Armaan "haan..."...he opens the gate of his car for Riddhima...
Riddhima sits in...Armaan also sits...
Armaan was concentrating more on Riddhima than on driving and Riddhima was blushing because of the way Armaan was staring her...
Riddhima "Armaan...samne dekho nahi to accident ho jayega.."
Armaan "agar tum har roj itni khubsurat lagogi to mera to accident ho hi jayega"
Riddhima "don't worry...tum sanjivani ke patient ban jaana"
Armaan "main patient to ban jaunga agar tum meri doctor banogi"
Riddhima laughs and says "by the way,hum kahan jaa rahe hai?"
Armaan "dekhti jao"


Pt 6 Date!

They reach a place far from the noise and pollution of was a place with a park at the side and a building in the front....
Riddhima"Armaan,hum kahan hai?"
Armaan "hum jahan bhi hai sath hai"
Armaan gets down from his car...opens the car gate for Riddhima..
Armaan offers a hand and says "chale?"...Riddhima nodds...They walk down to the building and enter the place...
Now they were standing in a room beautifully decorated with candles all over...There was a table for two in the center of the room...There was a soft romantic music going on in the background...She was really happy with the beautiful setup done by Armaan just for her...
Riddhima "Armaan,tum ne ye sab mere liye liya?"
Armaan "koi shak?...sirf apni pyaari si jaan ke liye kiya"
Riddhima "Armaan,I LOVE U" She hugs him...
Armaan "I LOVE U 2"...he holds her...
After a minute...
Armaan "gate pe hi rehenge ya andar chalne ka bhi iraada hai"
Riddhima laughs and they walk in...
They both go near the table...
Armaan "sit..."(takes out the chair for her)
Riddhima sits...
They both started to talk...
Riddhima "Armaan,can i ask u something if u don't mind?"
Armaan "ya sure"
Riddhima "pakka...bura to nahi manoge?"
Armaan "nahi"(keeps his hand on Riddhima's hand which is on the table)
Riddhima "Armaan,aaj tak tumne apni fanily ke baare mein nahi bataya,main jaana chahti thi ki tumhari family mein kaun-kaun hai...i'm sorry if i'm getting personal"
Armaan "Riddhima....don't worry..ab kabhi na kabhi tum meri family ka hissa to banogi it's no harm in asking"
Riddhima smiles...
Armaan "meri family mein meri MOM , SWAPNIL BHAIYA , unki wife TANVI yani meri BHABHI jinke main bahut close hun,...aur bhaiya-bhabhi ka beta ADITYA.,meri behen SHIFALI aur mere DAD aur ....."
Riddhima "aur kaun?"
Armaan "aur TUM meri hone wali wife...TO BE MRS.RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK..."
Riddhima blushes!!!
Armaan "to ..To Be MRS.RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK mere saath dance karengi"(offers his hand)
Riddhima puts his hand over his hand ...
They move over to the dance floor...They danced on the slow romantic music going on in the background..
Riddhima's one hand was in Armaan's hand and the other on Armaan's shoulder...
Armaan's one hand was in Riddhima's hand and the other was on Riddhima's waist...
Armaan made her go round and after that Armaan placed his both hands on Riddhima's waist and Riddhima's both hands were around Armaan' neck!!
Riddhima now layed her head on Armaan's chest...Armaan kissed her hair...
They danced slowly till Armaan realised that he is feeling hungry..
Armaan "Riddhima..."(slowly)
Armaan "Riddhima..."(little louder)
Riddhima straightens her head "kya hua?"
Armaan "wo....bhook lagi hai"(he made a cute face)
Riddhima laughs seeing his face.."to chalo"
Armaan & Riddhima walk to the table and sit down...
Armaan feeds Riddhima and She feeds him...
After the dinner...
Armaan "mujhe tumhe kuch dikhana hai"
Riddhima "kya?"
Armaan "chalo to sahi"
Armaan took her to the back of the place..There was a bench ...and if u look down the balcony u could see a beautiful lake...
Riddhima "wow! kitna khubsurat hai"(looking at the lake which was looking very beautiful in the bright moonlight)
Armaan  "par tumse zyada nahi"(looks at her face and she blushes)
They both sit down on the bench...Riddhima layed her head on Armaan's shoulder..
Armaan "mujhe tumhe kuch dena hai"
Riddhima "kya?"
Armaan takes out a box...Riddhima opens it...It had a beautiful heart shaped locket with AR carved on it...
Armaan "sirf tumhare liye"
Riddhima "WOW!!! bahut khubsurat hai"
Armaan "to pehno"
Riddhima "tum hi pehna do"
Armaan makes Riddhima wear it...
Now they facing each other...Riddhima's eyes were closed as she was soooo happy that she thought that she will cry any moment and she didn't wanted to cry as this would ruin the moment...
She never knew that Armaan loved her soo much...
Armaan kissed her on her forehead then on her eyes then her cheeks and on the place were was her locket was hanging and before he could kiss on her lips her phone started ringing...Armaan was damn angry while Riddhima was smiling after seeing Armaan's angry face..!
Riddhima picked her phone...
Riddhima "hello..di"
Anjali "Riddhima...1 bajne wale hai,papa aane wale hai...tum unke aane se pehle aa jao"
Riddhima "oh s***!..main bas aayi"
Anjali "ok...come soon..bye"
Riddhima "bye"(cuts the phone)
Riddhima "Armaan,chalo..papa aane wale hai"
Armaan "hmmmm....chalo"(this time,Armaan didn't stopped her bcoz he knows that if Riddhima doesn't reaches home on time ..everybody will get tensed)
Riddhima & Armaan walk to the car and sit inside..!
They did not talk much on their return...they reach Riddhima's house..
Riddhima "bye"
Armaan "bye"(sadly)
Riddhima suddenly gives a kiss on his cheek and left leaving Armaan confused on her sudden reaction...
While going Riddhima turns and gives a flying kiss and Armaan also kisses her back!


Pt 7 masti!

NOTE--in dmg...sapna has left sanjivni after her marriage but i'll not let her go in my fanfic...she'll work in sanjivani even after her marriage...

In the morning...At Sanjivani...(the day of Sapna's sangeet & mehndi)
Atul "aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai..ho..aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai"
Armaan "Champ! aaj hamare yaar ki shaadi nahi sangeet aur mehndi hai"
Atul "arre yaar,chalta hai"
Anjali & Riddhima enter ...
Riddhima "hi!"
Riddhima walks till her locker...Armaan slowly "hi!! jaan"
Riddhima smiles "hi!"
Anjali "guys,tum log kya baat kar rahe the?"
Rahul "kuch nahi,we were discussing about sapna's sangeet"
Muskaan "haan yaar...kitna mazza aayega...main to mahino se kisi shaadi mein gayi hi nahi ,aaj jee bhar kar maza karungi"
Rahul was going to say something but all their pagers started ringing...They all report to dr.kirti...
DR.Kirti "Interns,aaj aap sab apne ruitine cases handle karenge"
All "yes mam"
Dr.Kirti "Dr.Atul aap Dr.sapna ke patients handle karenge as she is on a leave"
Atul "yes maam"
Dr.Kirti "now back to work..."


Rahul with Muskaan treating their patient(the girl who had some problem in her hair)..!
Muskaan "aap ab theek ho chuki hai..aap aaj shaam ko apne ghar jaa sakti hai"
Patient "thank u so much,doctor"
Rahul "ok...hum abhi aap ke discharge papers late hai"
Muskaan "arre tu na jaa nahi to discharge papers ke bajaye koi aur papers leta aayega"
Rahul "jo bhi launga kam se kam koi kaam to karunga ,tumhari tarah sirf gappe nahi marta main"
Muskaan "tu jaa yahan se,mera mood naa kharab kar"
Rahul "vaise bhi tujh mein hai kya kharab karne ko,sab kuch to pehle se kharab hai"
Muskaan "tu jaa yahan se"
Rahul "jata hun ,vaise bhi tere sath reh ke kaun apna time barbaad karega"
They both leave in opposite directions...!!


Armaan & Riddhima treating Gappu...!
Armaan "Gappu,tu phikar mat kar...tu do-tin din mein ekdam thik ho jayega"
Gappu "Sach Armaan bhaiya?"
Armaan "ekdam sach"
Armaan stands beside Riddhima and holds her hand...She struggles to get her hand out of Armaan's grip as Gappu was watching them...
Riddhima "Armaan,chodo naa"'(slowly)
Armaan "nahi choduga "
Riddhima "Armaan...plz.."
Armaan "no way!!"
Suddenly Dr.Kirti comes from behind and sees them holding hands..She smiles and then goes to them...
Dr.Kirti "Dr.Armaan ..."(Armaan leaves Riddhima's hands and both become nervous)
Riddhima "Xcuse me ,mam"(she leaves)
Armaan "y...y....yes Dr.Kirti "
Dr.Kirti "aap aaj Dr.Shubhanker ko ek surgery mein assist karenge..."
Armaan "yes mam"
She goes...!
Armaan "thank god! ye gayi"
Gappu "ye kya ho raha tha?"
Armaan "kuch bhi to nahi"
Gappu "kuch to chal raha hai aapke aur Riddhima didi ke beech mein"
Armaan "chup,aisa kuch bhi nahi hai...tu soo(sleep) ja"
And he leaves.....


Pt 8 Sangeet

All interns in the canteen.>>>>
Atul "Anjali,tum aaj kaun sa colour pehnogi?"
Anjali "kyun?..."
Atul "taki main bhi vohi colour pehnu"
Anjali "aur vo kyun?"
Atul "log kehte hai agar matching kapde pehente hai to pyar saccha hota hai"
Anjali "kya??????"(everybody giggles)
Atul "kuch nahi"
Armaan "tum kya colour pehnogi?"(slowly they r talking)
Riddhima "tum kya karoge jaan kar?"
Armaan "jo Atul ne kaha"
Riddhima "Armaan,lets test our love...if we wear same colour our love is true otherwise ......... its true only...but i think we'll wear same colours"
Armaan "hmm....ok"
Muskaan "main to aaj khub nachungi"
Rahul "dhyaan rakhna kahin koi tera dance dekh ke behosh naa ho jaye"
Muskaan "pehli baat main itna bura nahi nachti aur dusri baat agar koi behosh ho bhi gaya to hum sab doctors hai naa"
Armaan "ekdam sahi Muskaan"
Rahul makes a face and sees the other side...!


All the duties of the interns are over and now they are going to sapna's house for the sangeet & mehendi....
Armaan & Atul r waiting for Anjali & Riddhima while Rahul is busy dancing...
Armaan "Riddhima,tum kab aaogi??"
Riddhima from the back "as usual tumne bulaya aur main aa gayi"
Armaan looks at Riddhima ...She was looking gorgeous in a Dark Red lehnga...Armaan was wearing the same kurta-pyajama that he wore on sapna's wedding in dmg...
Riddhima blushes at the way Armaan was looking....!
Riddhima "Armaan......aise mat dekho"
Armaan "ab tum itni sundar lagogi to main dekhunga nahi to aur kya karunga"
Riddhima smiles & blushes..
Armaan "dekho hamara pyar ekdam sachcha hai...we both r wearing the same colour"
Riddhima nodds....
Atul "ahem....ahem...agar aap ka romantic scene khatam ho gaya hai to Riddhima kya mujhe bataogi ki Anjali kahan hai?"
Riddhima "wo...di bas aati hongi"
Atul "hm...ok"
Anjali enters ....(Atul & Anjali are wearing peach coloured dress)
Atul stares at her and she turns to go so he followed her...
Armaan & Riddhima laugh and just then Muskaan enters in a gorgeous black lehnga...
Rahul stops dancing and stares at her...Muskaan feels uncomfortable that Rahul is staring at her...
Rahul "tu...tu to aaj achhi lag rahi hai"
Muskaan "tu bhi aaj kaafi accha lag raha hai"
They both smile and walk in while Armaan & Riddhima looked shocked that Rahul & Muskaan didn't had a fight..
Riddhima "ye inhe kya ho gaya?"
Armaan "vahi jo hame hua"
Riddhima "kya? dono aur pyaar"
Armaan "mujhe to aisa hi lagta hai....accha chalo ander chale"
And they both also walk in


Pt 8 Mehendi

Everybody was putting mehndi and sapna's mehendi was looking very pretty...and in the middle of her hand it was written AMIT...
Riddhima "waah sapna...Amit ka naam tere haath pe bada achcha lag raha hai"
Sapna blushes...
Muskaan "aaye haye,kitni pyaari lag rahi hai sharmate huye"
Anjali "tum log ab use chedna band bhi kar do"
All laugh....
Sapna's mum "beta tum log bhi mehendi lagwa lo"
Riddhima,Anjali,Muskaan "ji aunti"
Some girls start putting mehendi on the hands of Riddhima,Muskaan,Anjali...
The girl who was putting mehendi to Riddhima asked "is pe liska naam likhe?"
Riddhima "a...wo..."
Sapna "likhiye ARMAAN"
Riddhima "Sapna....?"
Sapna "haan aur nahi to kya .....ab tere haath pe Armaan ka naam kaisa lagta hai ye dekhte hai"
Riddhima blushes and the girl writes ARMAAN on her hand...
Riddhima looks at her hand and blushes...
Sapna "Anjali,ye dekho naa....Armaan ka naam Riddhima ke haath pe kitna accha lag raha hai"
Anjali "wow Ridz,ye to sach much bahut accha lag raha hai"
Riddhima blushes even more...!
After 1 hour Riddhima goes to the washbasin in the dining room and removes her mehendi...
Her mehendi had a dark red colour...She smiled looking at Armaan's name on it....
Then somebody pulls her into a room.....It was obviously Armaan...He keeps his hands on Riddhima's bare waist....
Riddhima "Armaan tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?"
Armaan "main tumse milne aaya hun"
Riddhima "wo kyun?"
Armaan "wo mujhe Muskaan ne bataya ki tumne apne haath pe mera naam likhwaya"
Riddhima "wo...Sapna ne mehendi wali ko keh kar likhwa diya"
Armaan holds her hand and sees it and kisses on his name on her hand...
Riddhima blushes...
Armaan kisses on her forehead,cheeks and then all over her neck...Riddhima just closed her eyes....
Just then somebody knocks on the door....
Riddhima "k...kaun hai?"
Muskaan "Arre Riddhima main Muskaan....wo tujhe Sapna dundh rahi thi"
Riddhima "m...main aayi"
Muskaan "ok,..par jaldi aana"(she goes)
Riddhima "Armaan,ab jaane do...Sapna bula rahi hai"
Armaan "to....maine tumse milne ka itna intezaar kiya hai to vo bhi karigi"
Riddhima "Armaan......."
Armaan "Riddhima ..mujhe tumhe kuch dena hai"
Riddhima "kya?"
Armaan takes out the "PUSHATNI KADAS" from his pocket...
Armaan "ye tumhare liye"(makes her wear them)
Riddhima "ye...."
Armaan "ye hamare pushtani kade hai ne diye hai"
Riddhima "to kya tumne unhe hamare bare mein sab bata diya?"
Armaan "nahi...maine bas unse itna kaha ki mujhe vo ladki mil gayi hai jiske sath main apni puri zindagi bitana chahta hun"
Riddhima's eyes get watery....!
Riddhima hugs Armaan....!
Riddhima "Armaan...i love u "'
Armaan "i love u too"
Then Armaan & Riddhima come out of the room...Riddhima goes to meet Sapna and Armaan goes to meet Amit...


Riddhima enters ...
Sapna "lo ye aagayi"
Anjali "Ritzi kahan reh gayi thi?"
Riddhima "vo...di...actually"
Muskaan "Arrre Anjali uska chehra to dekho...ekdam lal hai ...matlab loverboy se mil ke aayi hai"
Riddhima blushes even more...Muskaan ,Anjali,Sapna laugh at her state...
Sapna "ok.....ab usse tease mat karo ..nahi to kahin sharam ke mare mar naa jaye"
All laugh again...
From downstairs....Sapna's mum"Riddhima beta niche aaana ..kuch kaam tha"
Riddhima to herself "Thank god! atleast is embaressment se to bachi"
She runs downstairs...



Pt 8 ek aur Rishta!

Muskaan was walking and talking to herself when she didn't see water on the floor and slipped but fortuanately Rahul was there in time to hold her...He held her from her bare waist...Both didn't noticed that Armaan & Riddhima had walked upto them and now were looking at them bcoz they were too busy looking into each other's eyes...
Armaan & Riddhima smiled after looking at them...
Armaan "Riddhima,maine kaha tha naa inhe pyar ho gaya hai"
Riddhima "tumne sahi kaha tha par mujhe vishvas nahi ho raha ki jo log itna ladte the vo kabhi ek dusre se pyar kar sakte hai?"
Armaan "iske main tumhe do examples de sakta hun..ek to Rahul & Muskaan dusre hum dono....remember hum bhi to bahut ladte the"
Riddhima blushes at his statement..!
Then they together shout "RAHUL & MUSKAAN"
Rahul & Muskaan come out of their world...and stand there blushing + embarresed...
Armaan sings "pyar to hone laga hai"....Muskaan leaves from there blushing while Riddhima smiles and follows her...
Armaan "kyun be, tune bataya nahi ki tujhe pyar bhi hota hai??"
Rahul "aisa kuch bhi nahi hai mere aur muskaan ke beech mein"
Armaan "maine Muskaan to kaha hi nahi"....
Rahul "a....wo..."
Atul comes...
Atul "arre yaar,tum log chalo andar sangeet shuru ho gaya hai"
Armaan "chal...."..they all go...


Riddhima went upstairs bcoz she felt that her zip had opened a little..!
all were busy on dancing that Riddhima has went upstairs leaving Armaan bcoz he was gazing at Riddhima continuously....

Armaan followed Riddhima upstairs..he saw that she was in front of the mirror(which means her back is towards Armaan) trying her best to close the zip but her hands were not he moved foward and touched her bare back gently..Riddhima felt a cold hand touching her back so she quickly turned...

Riddhima "Arm...Armaan tum...tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?"
Armaan says nothing and just stares at her continuously with love filled eyes....this made her blush and she turned which means again her back towards armaan...

Armaan gently closed her zip while looking at Riddhima's face in the mirror which was totally red as she was blushing so much...
Armaan made her turn around...her eyes were closed..
Armaan lifted her head with his hand an kissed her eyes...She opened her eyes..!
They both were staring at each other when somebody knocked at the door...KNOCK! KNOCK!
both turned and saw Anjali & atul standing there..!

Anjali "aap dono ko ye do yaad hai na ki ye aap ka nahi sapna ka sangeet hai? ab aap neeche chalenge...ya?..."
Riddhima "n...nahi di....chaliye"

Riddhima & Anjali go..
Armaan was standing there and was sad that Riddhima had to go..

Atul "don't worry..tujhe chance mil jayega"(while laughing at his condition)
Armaan "chup...aur ab chal"

they both go down!!..................



Pt 10 Game!

When Armaan and Atul go downstairs....The dance was already over so..Everybody was busy chatting...
All the mummy-papas and dada-dadis were talking..
Our interns got bored so they all decided that they'll play a game in Sapna's room...


Amit,Sapna,Rahul,Muskaan,Anjali,Atul,Armaan And Riddhima settled themselves on Sapna's bed...
They all were discussing what to play!!
Anjali "guys...kya khele?"
Atul "IDEA!!"
Armaan "kya idea ?champ"
Atul "ek game mere dimaag mein aaya hai but only for girls..!"
Sapna "aur vo kya hai?"
Atul "dekho main tum logo ko ye bata sakta hun ki tumhare future mein kitne chunnu-munnu honge"
Anjali "chunnu-munnu?"
Atul "matlab bacche"
Riddhima "accha...aur vo tum kaise batayoge?"
Atul "batata hun...pehle Sapna mujhe ek chain chahiye with a pendent"
Sapna "ok"(she brings it)...
Atul"dekho main is chain ko rotate karunga..agar pendent sidha(straight) ruka matlab LADKA aur agar it falls opposite it means LADKI and if it stops rotating matlab no more kids..!is that ok?"
Amit "sounds interesting "
Muskaan "so lets play"
Rahul "ya...chalo khele"
Riddhima " this true?"
Atul "haan"
Muskaan "tujhe kaise pata?"
Atul "arre yaar...kuch logo pe try kiya hai"
Rahul "guys...try karne mein kya jaa raha will be fun"
Atul "to...pehle kaun?.."
Armaan "ab pehle shaadi Sapna ki ho rahi hai to first Sapna"
Sapna blushes and keeps her hand in front and Atul holds her hand and starts rotating the pendant...
Atul "LADKI"
Amit "wow!!!"
All smile and Sapna blushes...
Atul "LADKI"
Amit was extremely happy while everybody was smiling and Sapna was busy blushing..!
Atul "bas!!!"
Amit "Vaah!! main do-do betiyon ka future baap"(everybody laugh)
Rahul "arre yaar! game to mazedaar hai"
Atul "i know !! to ab kaun?"
Anjali "As per Armaan's theory ab Ridz ki baari "
Riddhima "di...par main"
Sapna "par-var kuch nahi Ridz...ab tumhari baari and its fixed"
Riddhima "oh!! ok"
She advanced foward blushing and Armaan was smiling....
Atul started the game.....
Atul "LADKA"
Riddhima blushes And everybody including Armaan smile...
Atul "LADKI"
Riddhima blushes even more...
Atul "bas.!"
Muskaan "wow.! ridz...teri to perfect family ho gayi...Mummy-Papa ,ladka-ladki"(nudging Armaan's shoulders)
Everybody laughs...Riddhima blushes..!
Riddhima slowly moves back to her place ...Armaan was at her right....He slowly slids his hand down and holds onto Riddhima's hand...
Now was Anjali's turn and Atul was extremely happy...!
The game started...
Atul happily "LADKA"
Everybody was smiling looking at Atul's face...
Atul sadly "bas!"
Everybody laughed at his face...
Atul to himself "sirf ek ladka....mujhe to kamse kam do bache chaiye the par agar Anjali is happy to main bhi khush hun"
Anjali "tumne kuch kaha?"
Atul "a...a...nahi"
Now was Muskaan's turn and Rahul was smiling and he didn't know that why was he smiling...
Atul "LADKI"
Muskaan shying a little bcoz Rahul was staring at her with a smiling face!
Atul "LADKA"
Atul "bas!"
Rahul smiled to himself and everybody noticed that...Muskaan was blushing...
Riddhima "Muskaan ab to tumhari bhi perfect family ho gayi"(she said looking at Rahul)
Eveybody laughs!!!........................
Armaan "Rahuuuul...tu itna kyun has raha hai?"
Rahul stopped smiling "main....main kahan has raha hun"
Atul "jhoot mat bol....!"
Rahul "m...main jhoot nahi bol raha "
Armaan "Atul jaane de! bechaara sharma raha hai"


Pt 11 Dreams! 

Now the sangeet was over and everybody went to their house...

Riddhima & Armaan were obviously dreamt about each other...
Sapna & Amit dreamt about their married life....
Atul dreamt about Anjali...
Anjali dreamt that she will become a very popular and great doctor..

AND the most unexpected thing happened that ,that night Rahul & Muskaan dreamt about each other..and that also romantic dreams..!!!!!


(Sapna is on leave till her marriage)
Locker room----

Armaan was looking at the door waiting for Riddhima and Atul was taking out things from his locker...
Riddhima and Anjali entered....
Anjali "hi Atul ,hi Armaan"
Atul "hi"
Armaan didn't reply as he was busy staring at Riddhima who was wearing a Green pretty suit..!
Riddhima went to her locker and said "hi Atul,hi Armaan"
Armaan stopped staring at Riddhima"hi ...jaan(slowly)"
Riddhima blushed..
Anjali "ye kaun si baat hai Armaan...Riddhima ke ka jawab diya par meri nahi"
Armaan "wo..Sorry Anji...."
Anjali "hmmm..I understand..meri behen hai hi itni sundar "
Riddhima "di....."

Suddenly they all see Rahul & Muskaan entering into the locker room together and that to WITHOUT FIGHTING!!!

Atul "he bhagwan! main kahin Sapna to nahi dekh dono sath-sath bina lade"
Armaan "nahi 100% sach hai"
All laugh while Muskaan & Rahul smile to themselves..!

ANNOCEMENT---all the interns report to Dr.Keerti..!

Now everybody with Dr.keerti...

Keerti "Interns...Dr.Atul in cancer ward ,Dr.Anjali & Dr.Rahul in OPD,Dr.Muskaan in children's ward and Dr.Armaan & Dr.Riddhima in general ward(everyone smiles) back to work"
She leaves......!
Armaan holds Riddhima's hand ...
Riddhima "Armaan chodo ye hospital hai koi dekh lega"
Armaan "main nahi chodta aur vaise bhi ye hospital vale bhi hame sath dekhna chahte hai"
Riddhima "matlab?"
Armaan "dekho naa...Dr.Keerti hamesha hamari duty sath mein lagati hai"
Riddhima "Armaan....u r tooo much"(struugles hard and at last gets her hand out of his grip)
Armaan "tell me something i don't know"
They both smile and leave together....


OPD ..---

Muskaan was passing by and saw Rahul & Anjali working together...For the first time she felt jealous of Anjali...
Muskaan to herself "ye mujhe kya ho gaya hai?..main jalan kyun mehsoos kar rahi hun?..kahin mujhe us kankhajure se.....pyaar...(pause)..nahi nahi aisa nahi ho sakta main aur rahul ...! NO WAY!!"


CHILDREN's ward----

Muskaan is treating a girl of 9yrs....She was talking to her....
Rahul passing by thinks that she looks so cute but then says " aur iske baare mein aisa..nahi nahi...."
He leaves..


Riddhima is walking through the corridor....and Armaan pulled her into our lovely STAIRCASE AREA>>!

Riddhima "Armaan kya kar rahe ho?"
Armaan doesn't responds and keeps playing with her hair...Her face is at the side so he turns her face such that she faces towards him...
Armaan "tum mujhe bahut pareshaan karti ho"
Riddhima "main??"
Armaan "aur nahi to kya?...mere sapno mein aakar...naa chain se sone deti ho naa jagne"
Riddhima " agar meri vajah se tum so nahi paate to main chali jaati hun"(and moves to leave but Armaan holds her hand)
Armaan "agar tum chali gayi tab to aur bhi neend nahi to shayad main mar.."(Riddhima keeps her hand on his mouth)
Riddhima "aisa nahi kehte"(and hugs him)
Armaan kisses Riddhima at the back of her neck..!
Riddhima "A...Armaan ab chale"
Armaan "hmmmm...nahi "
Riddhima "Armaan...."
Armaan "ok..chalo"
They move out of the staircase area...!


Pt 12 Shashank-Padma! 

AT DR.SHASHANK'S HOUSE..-in the night after the duty is over..
Shashank has already returned home...Padma & Nani r waiting for Riddhima & Anjali to return....

Anjali & Riddhima enter..!
Anjali "hi Papa..Hi Nani..Hi Padma Anuty.."
Riddhima "arre Maa aap yahan?"(hugs Padma)
Padma "vo hame tum dono ko kuch batana tha "
Anjali "bataiye Aunty"
Nani "vo beta hume nahi pata ki tum log kaise react karoge par hum logo ne yahi faisla liya hai"
Riddhima "Nani bataiye to..."
Shashank "vo beta...hum dono..i mean main aur Padma ne__shaadi karne ka faisla kiya hai"
Riddhima & Anjali (shocked)"KYA?"
Padma "vo beta...hame laga ki..a..wo.."
Riddhima "Maa...aap ne itna bada faisla kar liya aur hame batay tak nahi"(pretending to be very angry)
Anjali "haan Papa...aur aap logo ko kya laga ki hum dono is baat se khush honge?"(also pretending to be angry)..

A very big pause ..Shashank & Padma r scared that what will Anji & Ridz say...
.AFter a While Anji & Ridz burst out laughing...

Riddhima "maa-papa....congrats!"
Anjali "congrats and aunty oops i mean mom"
Nani "beta ye sab kya tha?"(confused)
Anjali "nani...hame sab pata tha..jab aap log papa ke cabin mein baat kar rahe the to maine aap logo ko baat karte huye sun liya tha aur maine ridzzi ko bhi bata diya tha....hum dono ne mil ke ye plan banaya tha"
Shashank "tum dono ne to hame daara hi diya tha"

All laugh and then eat their dinner..Now all r sitting and talking..

Padma "beta...hum dono ne socha hai ki hum court marriage karenge"
Riddhima "par kyun maa?"
Shashank "beta hum is umar mein zyada hangame se shaadi nahi karna chahte ...plzz understand"
Anjali "no problems papa.."
Nani "to beta ..hum sab kal subah tum logo ki hospital ki duty se pehle court jayege aur shaadi karva denge"
Riddhima "ok...nani"
Padma "ab tum dono jaake so jaao"
Anjali "yes mom"
They both go to sleep..!


Anjali & Riddhima's bedroom...!!...

Anjali "Ridz ..main aaj bahut khush hun...mujhe ek maa jo mil gayi"
Riddhima "di...main bhi bahut khush hun....accha main abhi aayi"(she turns)
Anjali "kahan jaa rahi ho?....arre haan loverboy ke sath bhi to apni khushi share karogi..kyun?"
Riddhima "di...(she goes)"
Riddhima goes to the balcony and calls Armaan but he did not picked the phone as he was sleeping! So Riddhima also went to sleep...


Pt 13 Marriages!Embarrassed

In the morning---(today night will be Sapna's marriage + today is Shashank & Padma's court marriage + and today only Dr.Shubhanker will propose Dr.Kirti)

Now today is Shashank & Padma's marriage but nobody in the hospital knew...The gupta's had decided that they will tell everybody after the marriage...Shashank had already informed Dr.Kirti that he,Riddhima ,and Anjali will come late ..
But Armaan didn't knew anything so he was waiting for Riddhima but she didn't turned up...Even Atul was waiting for Anjali...!
At the court all the formalities were over and now Shashank & Padma were officially married..!Padma had decided that she will stop working in the hospital from now..!...
After the marriage when they all were in the car,Riddhima send a message to Armaan saying that she will meet him at the roof of Sanjivani at 3pm as she has to give him a good news...
Armaan was excited to know the good news as well....!Riddhima came Sanjivani till 1pm but bcoz of the duties she was inable to meet Armaan..!



Armaan was waiting for Riddhima ....Riddhima came and kissed him on his cheek and then hugged him...
Riddhima "Armaan ..I am soo soo soo happy today"
Armaan "aisa kya ho gaya?"
Riddhima "vo Papa ne Maa se shaadi kar li..."
Armaan "kya????"
Then Riddhima explained him the whole thing...
Armaan "i am so happy for u and Anji....aur ab main tumhe hamesha khush rakhunga"
Riddhima "matlab?"
Armaan "Arre jab tum khush hoti ho to gift mujhe milte hai"(he said this while touching his cheek where Riddhima had kissed him)
Riddhima blushed....


with dr.kirti---

Dr.Kirti "interns...aaj aap sab jaldi jaa sakte hai bcoz of dr.sapna's marriage"
Interns "Thank u..Dr.Kirti"(and then she leaves)


All go home and dress for the marriage....!

Riddhima was ready while Anjali was getting ready...!
Riddhima's phone rings..!

Riddhima "bolo Armaan"
Armaan "Jaan...vo..aaj tum mere sath chalogi"
Riddhima "hm..par..."
Armaan "plzzz....meri khatir"
Riddhima "accha main di se puchti hun"
Riddhima "di...main Armaan ke sath party mein chali jaun?"
Anjali "hmmm....theek hai.."
Riddhima "thanx di..Armaan tum aa jao"
Armaan "ok..par Anjali se keh dena ki usse Atul ko pick karna padega"
Riddhima "hmm..ok"(She tells Anjali that she has to pick Anjali and Anjali agrees)


Armaan comes and calls Riddhima and tells her to come down...
Riddhima was going when Padma asked her "beta,tum akele kyun jaa rahi ho?"
Riddhima "maa vo actually....a..."
Just then Anjali came out of her room and "Mom..vo actually mujhe abhi taiyaar hone mein time lagega aur Ridzzi yahan wait karte-karte bore ho jayegi to maine usse kaha ki vo Armaan ke sath jaa sakti hai....To Armaan usse lene aaya hai tabhi vo jaa rahi hai"
Riddhima "haan..maa"
Padma "ok..jao(but she was still suspicious)"
Riddhima thanked Anjali through her eyes and went outside where Armaan was waiting for her...


Riddhima went outside and saw Armaan waiting for her and standing with his back towards her..!
She went slowly and said in his ears "mera intezaar kar rahe ho"
Armaan turned ..for a minute he was shocked and then he was lost in her beauty..!
Armaan "tum bahut acchi lag rahi ho"
Riddhima "thanx...tum bhi"
Armaan stared at her...!
Riddhima "Armaan...chale"
Armaan "hmm....par wait a second kuch kami hai"
Riddhima "kya?"
Armaan kissed on her cheek and said "ye"
Riddhima blushed "ab chale..!"
Armaan "haan!"
They both sat in the car ...

They both did not knew that Padma had seen everything from the window..

Padma to herself "hmmm...mujhe pata tha ki ye dono ek dusre ke liye bane hai"


Anjali reaches Atul's house and knocks the door..!
Atul thought that it must be Armaan so he opened the door without seeing and he was wearing only the pyjama and not his kurta...
Anjali was shocked and atul was also shocked...Anjali closed her eyes..!
Atul " tumm..???...tum baitho main aaya" Atul rushed to his bedroom to wear his clothes...
Anjali entered his room and saw it filled with plants...
Atul's bed was also covered with plants! She went near his showcase and saw his childhood pictures..!
She thought he looked very cute and adorable in a photo where he was standing with his father(dr.omi),...
She was looking at the picture while Atul came from the back dressd(lol)....
Atul "wo...mere papa hai...unhone hi mujhe podho(plants) ke bare mein sab kuch sikhaya ..vo hi ek the jo mujhe samjhate the"(his eyes became teary)
Anjali thought that the Atul who used to be so cheerful can also be emotional...She kept her hand on his shoulder..
Anjali "don't worry.....main tumhe samjhti hun..aur agar nahi samjhti to aaj se samjhne ki koshish zaroor karungi"
Atul smiled "thanks"

Then the both went to Sapna's house>>>!


Dr.Shubhanker was looking for Dr.Kirti in the party and when he saw her he couldn't take of his eyes of her..She was looking so pretty.....

Dr.Shubhanker "hi! Kirti"
Kirti "hi!"
Shub "tum aaj bahut acchi lag rahi ho"
Kirti "t...thanks(blushing)"
Shub "to....."
Kirti "to kya?"
Shub "kuch nahi...chale?"
Kirti nods...
They both walked to the garden...'

Shub "kirti ,mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai"
Kirti "bolo"
Shub "vo.....vo.......vo...."
Kirti "ab bolo..! vo kya?"
Shub "vo actually ..."
Kirti "tum kal tak kuch nahi bolne vale...main jaa rahi hun"She turns...
Shub "Kirti ..ruko"(Kirti turns and founds that Shubhanker is on his knees)
Shub "Kirti.....will u marry me?"
Kirti was shocked ...She knew that he had feelings towards her but she never thought that he would propose her..
Shub "Kirti...tum hi ek ho jo mujhe aur Riya(his daughter..i named her myself) ko samjhti ho.....Will u marry me?"
Kirti was so happy that she couldn't even say yes so she just nodded....
Shub stood up and hugged her..
Suddenly all the people who were hiding in the bushes came out and started clapping...
Shub & kirti stood there embarresed and blushing..
Everybody came and congratualated them........!!!


Pt 14 Khushiyan hi Khushiyan!Big smile 

Few weeks passed like this...Sapna & Amit married each other and went for a one month honeymoon....Dr.Kirti & Shubhanker married and went on a holiday for one week and that one week was the happiest week for the interns as there was no dr.kirti...Dr.Kirti returned but she was the same HITLER,,...!...This month the INTERN OF THE MONTH was Anjali ..She was very happy..And Armaan-Riddhima started trusting & loving each other more and more....Padma never said anything to anyone about AR..She kept the secret to herself ..but when Riddhima used to go out with Armaan and later on she would tell everything to Anjali,Padma used to hide and listen to everything..She got to know that Armaan loved Riddhima very much and he would keep Riddhima happy always in future too...She even saw Riddhima's locket(which Armaan gifted her) in her drawer...!...And Anjali started liking Atul....where as Atul would love to talk to Anjali about his plants and She would listen to him nicely...Rahul & Muskaan had to return to
Shashank used to feel a bit relaxed as he knew that Padma is there to take care of his daughters...Anjali started liking Padma as her own mother...'


Riddhima got up from her sleep thinking about the previous night with Armaan..The previous day was Valentine's day...She thought about Armaan and how much he loves her..She looked lovingly at the beautiful ring in her hand given by Armaan...She thought that she is the happiest person in the world to have someone in her life who loves her so much..As the days passed Armaan's love for Riddhima kept increasing and Riddhima's love for Armaan also increased..!
JUST then her phone rang!!
Riddhima looked at the caller's name and smiled..
Riddhima "hello!"
Armaan "hi jaan!..meri yaad aa rahi thi?"
Riddhima "hmmmm....nahi,apne dudwaale ki yaad aa rahi thi"
Armaan "kya?...mujh jaise handsome ladke ko chod kar tum apne dudwaale ko yaad kar rahi ho?"
Riddhima "..offo...tum hi to mere dudwaale ho..!"
Armaan "matlab?"
Riddhima "dekho...subah-subah logo ko unka dudwaala doorbell bajake uthata hai par mujhe tum mujhe mobile phone ring karke uthate huye na tum mere dudwaale??"
Armaan "hmmmmmmmmm.........baat to sahi least tumhe har roz uthane ka to naseeb hai mere paas"
Riddhima "aur batao..kyun phone kiya?"
Armaan "tumse baat karne ke liye bhi vajah chahiye hoti hai ka?....bas dil kar raha tha to tumhe phone kar liya "
Riddhima "oh..! to tumhara dil kar raha tha.."
FROM back- Anjali "Ridz,apne loverboy se baat karna band karo aur Sanjivani ke liye taiyaar ho"
Riddhima "ji di...bas taiyaar hone hi jaa rahi thi"
Riddhima " rakho!"
Armaan "nahi...mujhe tumse baat karni hai"
Riddhima "Armaan...tum khud bhi jaake taiyaar ho aur mujhe bhi taiyaar hone do...BYE" (she cuts the phone)

Armaan "Jaan.....offo.! ab to taiyaar hona hi padega aakhir meri jaan ne order jo diya hai"


All get ready and go to Sanjivani but first Armaan used to pick Atul and Anjali & Riddhima came together but these days Anjali goes to pick Atul and Armaan goes to pick His Love of life,Riddhima..!

Locker room--

Armaan & Riddhima were in the changing room doing romance before duty..!
Riddhima "Armaan ..jaane do"
Armaan "na."(kissing her neck)
Riddhima "Armaan gudgudi ho rahi hai"(laughing & blushing)
Armaan "main nahi chodunga"
From outside a Voice "hi!!...yahan koi hai?"
Riddhima "Armaan...shit...ab....tum jao main yahin wait karungi"
Armaan nodds and goes outside..!


Outside --
Armaan goes out and sees Sapna dressed in a sari with sindoor in her maang and mangalsutra in her neck..
On seeing her Armaan started imagining Riddhima in a sari with sindoor & mangalsutra..He smiled..
Sapna "aise kyun has rahe ho?...Aur baaki sab kahan hai?...Maine Anjali se baat ki to usne kaha ki Riddhima Sanjivani mein hi hai...kahan hai wo?"
Armaan "a...wo....actually...jaan...i mean Riddhima....wo..."
Sapna "hmmm....Kahan hai wo?"
Armaan stood there smiling,blushing and looking embrassed at the ground..


Riddhima was confused that what was happening outside so she rushed outside and she was shocked to see Armaan & Sapna staring at her..
Riddhima "Sapna...tu...hi!(hugs her)"
Sapna "hi!...aur waise tu aur Armaan andar kya kar rahe the?..hmmm"(She smiled suspiciously and looked at them with a raised eyebrow)
Armaan "wo....humm..."
Riddhima (trying to change the topic) "t...tera honeymoon kaisa raha?"
Sapna "hmm...bahut accha ..bahut mazza aaya"
Riddhima "Gud..!"

Anjali & Atul enter the locker room chatting about some Plants(he...he)..!
Anjali "hey!! Sapna...its gud to see u back"
Atul "kaisi ho Sapna?"
Sapna "ekdam theek "

ANNOUNCEMENT---"Saare interns abhi Dr.Keerti ko report kare!!!"

Atul "chalo Hitler ka bulawa aaya hai"
Sapna "Atul...tum ekdam nahi badle"
Armaan & Riddhima were walking slowly talking to each other while Anjali & Atul also moved together...
Sapna to herself "lagta hai yahan sab ke DILL MILL GAYYE"


With DR.Keerti---

Keerti "dr.Armaan and Dr.Riddhima in the ICU(Armaan & Riddhima smiled)..Dr.Atul & Dr.Anjali in the general ward and Dr.Sapna u will assist me in an important case today"
Keerti "now back to work"
All "Yess mamm"

ALL leave for their duties..!


Armaan was checking his patient but more of his attention was in Riddhima who was standing at the side and checking her patient...
patient "dr...dr.."(the patient was a boy of 15yrs)
Armaan "h...haan boliye!"
Patient "Aap mera check up karne aaye ho ya us dr. ko ghurne?"
Armaan "dono....i mean tumhara check up karne"


After the duties--Locker room

Armaan "hey.! jaan mujhe tumhe aaj kahin le jaana hai"
Riddhima "par..Armaan hum kal hi to bahar gaye the"
Armaan "Jaan,main tumhe date pe nahi kahin aur le jaa raha hun"
Riddhima "kahan ?"
Armaan "tum chalo to sahi"
Riddhima "hmmmm...ok.."
Armaan "Great..thanks jaan"(kisses on her cheek and she blushed)


Pt 15 Armaan's Family! 

In the car--

Riddhima "Armaan hum jaa kahan rahe hai?"
Armaan "that's a surprise ..Jaan"
Riddhima "batao naa"
Armaan "lo...hum pahuch gaye"

They both come out of the car and Riddhima sees a huge white bunglow..

Riddhima "Armaan,ye hum kahan hai?"
Armaan "Jaan,tum apne future sasural mein aayi ho"
Riddhima(blushed) " tumhara ghar hai"
Armaan "hmm..aur tum mere gharwalo se bhi mil lena"
Riddhima "par Armaan tum unse kya kahoge ki main kaun hun?"
Armaan "main kahunga ki ye Meri Jaan hai"
Riddhima "Armaan..."
Armaan "offo..main un sabko pehle hi bata chuka hun ki main apni ek Friend ko dinner pe laa raha hun"
Riddhima "oh..ok!"

They both enter....!
It was a very big house..their was a stairs which led to the first floor and their was a huge sitting room in the front..
Riddhima was looking at the house and Armaan was looking at her..

Riddhima "bahut khubsurat ghar hai"
Armaan "sach bahut khubsurat"(looking at Ridz who knew this and blushed)

Voice "Armaan tu aa gaya"
Armaan "ji Bhabhi....isse miliye ye meri dost Riddhima hai"(remember i named Armaan's bhabhi as Tanvi)
Tanvi " ye hai Riddhima "(looks at Armaan and then at Riddhima and nodds her head as if she has understood everything)
Riddhima "Namaste"
Tanvi "Namaste...Andar aao Riddhima "

Then Riddhima meets Armaan's brother Swapnil,Armaan's mother,Armaan's sister Shifali and Aditya(Tanvi & Swapnil's son,about 6yrs old)...Armaan's father was not there..

Riddhima due to her nature gets very friendly with Aditya & Shifali who enjoyed her company as much as she did..Everybody started liking Riddhima specially Armaan's mother...

Armaan's Mum "Armaan ,jao Riddhima ko ghar dikha do"
Armaan "ji mom"
Armaan & Riddhima leave ...Armaan shows Riddhima all the rooms..Then they go to Armaan's room...

Armaan "Aur jaan,ye hai mera room jo jald hi hamara room ho jayega"
Riddhima blushed....
Armaan "Oye Hoye!! aapka is tarah shramana to hamari jaan lelega"

From downstairs -Shifali "bhaiya...Riddhima aap log neeche aa jayiye ..khana taiyar hai"
Armaan "chalo"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Dinner--

Everybody was busy eating and nobody noticed that Armaan has held Riddhima's right hand under he table bcoz of which Riddhima was trying her best to get her hand out of his grip and was eating with her left hand...
Just then Aditya's spoon fell down and he bend to take it up and saw that Armaan was holding Riddhima's hand...
Aditya "Chachu aap ne Aunti ka haath kyun pakda hai?"
At this Armaan & Riddhima were shocked..Riddhima was eating her food and her food was stuck in her neck..
Riddhima "*cough**cough**cough**cough*"
Armaan quickly took the glass of water and gave it to Riddhima..She drank it..

They persumed eating and after the dinner--
Riddhima "main chalti hun Aunti"
Armaan's mum "accha beta ..aati rehna"
Aditya "Aunti aap mat jao naa"
Riddhima bent down and gave him a kiss on his cheek..
Riddhima "Abhi to mujhe jaana hoga..But main phir zaroor aaungi"
Aditya "Promise"
Riddhima "Promise"
Armaan was smiling as he was very happy that Everyone in his family likes HIS JAAN..
Armaan's mum "Armaan..Riddhima ko chod aao"
Armaan "ji mom"


Armaan dropped Riddhima home and went back to his house..He was in his room thinking about Riddhima...
Armaan's mum enters "Beta"
Armaan "yes mom"
Armaan's mum "tujhe Riddhima bahut pasand hai naa"
Armaan ""
Armaan's mum "haan ya naa"
Armaan "wo..."
Armaan's mum "to matlab nahi pasand hai!"
Armaan "nahi nahi..maine aisa kab kaha"
Armaan's mum "matlab pasand hai!"
Armaan blushed & nodds her head...
Armaan's mum "Mujhe to pehle hi pata tha bas sure karna tha"
Armaan "par aap ko kaise pata??"
Armaan's mum "tu ne mujhe se ye kaha tha ki tujhe teri jeevan sathi mil gayi hai..aur mujhse hamara Pushtani kada liya tha...Maine vo kada Riddhima ke haath mein dekh liya tha"
Armaan "Oh!!"
Armaan's mum "Pehli baar mujhe teri kisi choice pe garv hai"
Armaan smiled...
Armaan's mum "Ab jaake so jaa"
Armaan "yes Mom"

Armaan's mum leaves....

Armaan calls Riddhima ...
Riddhima " time pe kyun phone kiya?...i hope koi important kaam ho..."
Armaan "Tum ye news sunogi to sabkuch bhul jaogi"
Riddhima "Aisa kya hai?"
Armaan "Mom ko hamare mein sab pata chal gaya and she is very happy"
Riddhima "ok"(reacted as if nothing has happened)
Armaan was shocked that after listening to such a news Riddhima wasn't excited...Riddhima realised what Armaan has said and jumped on her bed..
Riddhima "what?..Aunti ko sab pata chal gaya?"
Armaan "haan aur unhe tum bahut pasand ho"
Riddhima blushed...."Accha....ab main rakhti hun..."
Armaan "ok>..Bye Jaan..Gud night and dream about me..."

Riddhima was smiling and thinking about what Armaan said to him..
Anjali "kya hua?...kya kaha loverboy ne?"
Riddhima "wo...."
Anjali "Vaise aaj tum dono kahan gaye the?"
Riddhima blushing "Armaan ke ghar.."
Anjali "KYA???"
Riddhima "haan.."
Anjali "Aaye haye!!! vo tumhe apne ghar kyun le gaya?"(just to tease her)
Riddhima "Aise hi!!"
Anjali "Ohhho!!...Aise hi!!..vaise uski family kaisi hai"
Riddhima "bahut acchi...(she told about all of them)"
Anjali "tab to tu vahan bahut khush rahegi"
Riddhima "DII...."
Anjali "Accha baba ...ab so jaa..Gud nyt"
Riddhima "Gud nyt"


Next day at Sanjeevani--

Dr.Keerti "Interns..hum sab ek camp pe jayenge..."
All were happy as they always learnt new things on camps...
Atul exicted "par Mam,hum kahan jayenge?"
Dr.Keerti "Hum sab Kasauli jayenge"
Armaan's smile widened on listening "kasauli" and this was noticed by Ridz..
Dr.keerti "We will be leaving tomorrow morning..I hope that's fine"
All "yes mam..!"


Riddhima "Armaan,tum kasauli sun ke itne khush kyun hue?"
Armaan "Vo jaan,baat ye hai ki main Kasauli mein hi bada hua hun..Its a wonderful place"
Riddhima "Sach..chalo accha hai...khali time mein tum hum sab ko Kasauli ghumana"
Armaan "Sure...Vaise bhi Fatami bi tumse mil ke bahut khush hongi"
Riddhima "Fatima bi kaun hai?...aur vo mujhse mil ke khush kyun hogi?"
Armaan "Fatami bi is like my mother....Jab main college mein tha to vo mujhe bahut pyaar se rakha karti thi...Aur vo tumse milke khush hongi kyunki unhe pata chal jayega ki unke nalayak Armaan ko itni acchi ladki mil gayi"
Riddhima laughs as well as blushed..!

(Shashank is not coming to the camp)
Next morning---

Dr.keerti "so everyone is ready "
Interns "Yes mam!!!"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* All boarded the bus...Everyone sat in the bus in pairs but Sapna sat alone(how sad)....

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Precap --All reach Kasauli.!

do comment..



Pt 1-16 on Pg1 "..."
Pt 17 on pg 2 " Bi & RM "
Pt 18 on Pg 4 "RM married "
Pt 19 on Pg 6 "RM-honeymoon "
Pt 20 on Pg 7 "Romance! "
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Pt 22 on Pg 13 "Where's Armaan "
Pt 23 on Pg 15 "Armaan?? "
Pt 24 on Pg 17 "Happy Again! "
Pt 25 on Pg 21 "Pyaar hi Pyaar "
Pt 26 on pg 23 " Love & only Love!!"
Pt 27 on Pg 27 "Love blooming! "
Pt 28 on Pg 35 " RM Back??"
Pt 29 on Pg 41 "RM back atlast "
Pt 30 on Pg 46 "Fun filledLOL "
Pt 31 on Pg 50 "Armaan's family! "
Pt 32 on Pg 56 "Secret Out!Ouch "
Pt 33 on Pg 63 "Love is in the air! "
Pt 34 on Pg 70 "Secret AdmirerEmbarrassed "
Pt 35 on Pg 73 "RomanceEmbarrassed "
Pt 36 on Pg 79 "Nok Jhok!LOL "
Pt 37 Pg 87 "AR totally! "
Pt 38 on Pg 95 "Discharged"
Pt 39 on Pg 101 "Hasi Mazaak"
Pt 40 on Pg 116 "Doubts"
Pt 41 on Pg 120 "Jodis r made in heaven"
Pt 42 on Pg 130 "Sapna-Amit"
Pt 43 on Pg 134 "Atul-Anjie"
Pt 44 on Pg 145 "Plan out!"

Love Kanika!WinkHeart

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