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FF: Short ~Taken by Her ~ Finale PG35

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Hi all a very short FF'. five parts onlySmile...extended 2 more partsSmile


~~~Taken By Her~~~~


'The new kickboxing champion! ARMAAN MALIK!'  as the referee held up his arm in the boxing ring' his entire body ached as he panted to catch his breath back'. As he turned around to hear the cheers of the crowd he blinked his eyes at the flashing cameras' 'AMMY! AMMY!' as the crowd screamed he looked over at his coach as he bragged his aching body over towards his corner'


'We did it Ammy!' '


'Coach get me out of here ' I cant breathe and my head feels like its going to exploded'' seeing his distress he nodded as the Ammy team go him ready to leave the ring'


As he opened his eyes he saw a light in his eyes'


'Mr Malik?'I am Dr Riddhima can you hear me'!' as he closed his eyes on the hospital bed she looked over at the concern coach..


'I need to get some test done.. we have to keep him in until we find out what is wrong?'


'Fine Doctor but no one should now he is in here the press will have a field day..' she looked over at him


'At Sanjeevani we care about nothing but the patients welfare and we will be very discrete about the whole matter!'



As the morning sun seeped through the blinds he looked at the unfamiliar surrounding and got up holding his head'


'What the hell?' as he removed the covers and walked over towards the door he closed his eyes feeling the pain.


'Omg what are you doing?' feeling someone take hold of him he opened his eyes to see her angel like face looking at him confused'. As she laid him down back on the bed he looked at her pulling up the covers.


'Mr Malik we have discover some pressure on you right temple and you need complete bed rest'' he looked at her grabbing hold of the charts at the end of the bed and looked at her.


'Ok I guess that explains the head aches but I am getting a strong feeling in here 'what do I do about that?' she looked at him with his hand on his heart.


As she placed the stethoscope on his chest he felt her soft hair on his face and closed his eyes'


'You're heart is beating rapidly'' feeling his hands on her waist she turned to look at him'


'Did you say complete bed rest?' Feeling his strong arms pulled her on top of him she looked at him totally confused.


'Mr Malik?!'


'Come on! Baby I have what you want right here!'  feeling his lips upon her she struggled and broke free from him.


'How dare you?!' seeing her struggle he looked at her as he chuckled.


'That what the girl say initial and slowly is Armaan please don't stop!' feeling her anger taking over as she felt like hitting him she pulled away from him and stood up to see a smile of victory on his face.


'Mr Malik if you could kindly keep your hands to yourself''  he looked at her as he closed his eyes.


'You know taming wild cats is my hobbies!'  she looked at him looking at her up and down and felt like she wanted to remove his nasty aura from her body' He looked at her leave the room and laugh evil as he closed his eyes'..




She touched her lips with her finger, tracing where he had placed his lips and could not get over how he had violated her by groping her and then kissing her' as she looked in the mirror of the changing rooms she closed her eyes and collected herself.


'Dr Riddhima this is your final warning! ' if we find you have lost your temper with a patient then we will have to reconsider your final year here!!'' Seeing the look of shame on her fathers face as Dr Kirti informed her in the board meeting about what Sanjeevani thrives to achieved 'she could not get over why they where listening to a patient and not her' but the evidence pointed at her being liable as everyone witness her rage'but it was the only way Samar would understand she was not interested' Now she was feeling those same feeling of victimization and this time with a celebrity'


As she pulled the curtain she saw everyone step into the locker room


'Omg Rid what is he like?' she looked over at Atul and Anjali staring at her as she opened her locker




'Arre yaar Ammy?' she looked over at her sister looking dreamy eyed at her.


'He is a hunk and'so good looking!' Riddhima rolled her eyes and closed the locker door and looked at Anjali and the other female interns looking at her as she gave them a 'are you serious' look.


'He thinks he gods gift' seriously Di? He just a normal male chauvinist pig!'  Anjali looked at her as Riddhima pager went off.


'Riddhima you just hate MEN' but Ammy is a hunk and a stunner admit it!'  Riddhima shook her head as she opened the glass doors.


She looked at him as he pouted his lips' as he looked down at the food in front of him and crossed his arms looking at her.


'I can't eat this crap!'  she looked down at the food on the small table in front of him and moved towards the bed.


'Mr Malik!' this is what's give to all the patients and because your blood pressure is slightly high I have order less salt in your food'' she looked at him narrowing his eyes at her..  she looked at him when crash'. She looked onto the floor and saw the food everywhere'.stunned she looked at him as he looked at her.


'Firstly 'don't call me MR MALIK and secondly I want a menu and I am fit enough to order my own food''  feeling his voice booming in her ears her heart raced looking at him as he looked at with the most deadly of looks.


'Mr Malik'' seeing him raise his eyebrows she looked at him


'My Name is Ammy or Armaan!' taking a deep breath she looked at him feeling her blood boiling avoiding looking at him and picked up the empty plates from the floor.. He stared at her in disbelief as she totally ignored him and was occupied in picking up the food from the floor' feeling his anger boiling up he looked at her as she walked over towards the small sink and grabbed the paper towels '. 'ok don't look at him!' she told herself as she picked up the food from the floor.  ' Armaan looked at her as she picked up the food from the floor silently and placed the plastic plates on the table.


As she got up carrying the tray she moved towards the door as she struggled to open the door she felt a hand reach forward and reach for the handle.


'I am sorry!' she turned to look at him grinning cheekily as he stepped forward.


'Can you get me a sandwich'as I'm starving '' seeing her nod her head at him he opened the door and watched her leave.


'Dame it you idiot!' cursing himself he go back into bed.




'I am so bored out of my head Amit!' Armaan looked at Amit as he sat on the bed and ate all his grapes'


'I have won the title of my life and I'm stuck in this dame hospital'. I could murder a beer and some tandoor chicken!' instead the warden gives me a cheese sandwich and fruit!' Amit looked over at Armaan and smiled.


'Hey Ammy you're right!  I have an idea''  Armaan looked over at him and smiled wickedly' as he raised his hand up at him to get a hi five.




Riddhima walked down towards the cafeteria and heard a big commotion as she enter the caf' to see Armaan dancing with the nursing staff as the music pumped out of the place' she looked to see Atul, Anjali taking part in the party as she was pushed by the crowd coming into the caf' leaving her behind' 


Tenu Ki Dil Da Haal Sunaawa
Tenu Mein Itni Baat Bataawa
Tenu Mein Door Kahin Lejaawa
Tenu Mein Apni Hir Banaawa) - 2
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Tenu Mere Dildaar
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Dekhu Mere Dildaar
(chakna - 3) Mein Chakna Tenu-e-motiyaar
(takna - 3) Mein Takna Tenu Mere Dildaar


She looked at him dressed in black jean and a white hooded top as he took hold of Anjali close to him and danced with her' Atul looked over at the way everyone looked at them not pleased as she was grinning and looking into Armaans eyes' Riddhima looked over at everyone dancing and enjoying the mini party'.


'Ammy is so great the food on the house'. And there is alcohol as well!' she looked at the porters and looked at the food and moved forward' looking at the state of everyone in the evening she moved forward to see Anjali spun round and in Atul's arms as he steadied her up'Armaan picked up a beer bottle and placed it to his lips as the celebrations where final on there way and he was having fun at last' As he turned around he saw her standing there with her arms crossed as she looked at him not mused .'.as the smiled formed onto his lips she looked at him as he moved towards her grooving to the music'as he looked at her in her white doctors jacket and greeny blue salwar suit 'he let out a sigh as he turned around and looked over at Amit and the boys mouthing 'Warden' pointing behind him'She looked at him quickly turning around to face her as the beat of the music '.


Who' S That, Who' S That Girl (check Her Out)'.she watched him mouth the song as he moved towards her and swayed to the music'.As she felt him move around her she looked over at everyone's eyes upon her as he sang to the music and words


Aa Haay, Ari Sun Le Nakhrewali, Aur Bun Le O Matwali Hay
Meri Bechaini Nahi Ghatati, (meri Tujhse Nazar Nahin Hatati - 2)
Haan Meri Tujhse Nazar Nahin Hatati.........

Tuk Tuk Dekhe, Pal Pal Dekhe, Dekhe Aankhe Phaad Ke - (2)
Dur Dur Se, Ghur Ghur Ke, Maare Najariya Taad Ke
Arre Yeh To Bata -2 Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Khul Ke Bata De O Rasiya, Dekhata Hai Tu Kya
Arre Yeh To Bata Dekhata Hai Tu Kya


Feeling him take hold of her and moving her to his sway she looked into his dazzed eyes and could smell the alcohol from his breath'


'Chill babe' don't you ever relax!'  she looked at him as he pulled her close to him..stuggling to get out of his hold.


'DR RIDDHIMA GUPTA!' the turned to see Dr Kirti and Dr Shanshank looking at her in Armaan's arms as he released her with her eyes closed.



~~~Part2 ~~~


She opened her eyes dreading to turn around and face them when she looked at him looking at her confused ' feeling his arm pull her close to him he looked up at everyone..


'First off all I want to thank Amit and the Manager of the canteen!  For this wonderful surprise!! ' Now the lovely Dr Riddhima Gupta is goin to escort me back to my room to rest! YOU GUYS PARTY ON!!'  Everyone looked over at him as he pulled Riddhima close to him looking sick'


'Dr I am feeling a headache shall we go back' thank you for escorting me here on my request!' he looked at Ridhima looking surprised at him as she nodded her head as he made himself heard to everyone'


'Dr Riddhima!' they both turned to look at Dr Kirti and Shanshank


'Hi I am Armaan Malik!' as Riddhima struggled to get away from him he pulled her back and smiled looking at the senior management.


'Mr Malik what is all this?'  Riddhima looked at her father as he did not look happy at the site of canteen.


'My friends threw me a celebration party and I convinced Dr Riddhima to let me attend she was all against the idea '.Please its all my fault and I forced her to let me attend' I will pay for all the costs''  He looked at them all sly and pinched Riddhima she looked at him as she was going to kill him as he smiled.




'Could you kindly release me!' she looked at him in the corridor as they head back' as she struggled to break free from him she could not as he was pulling her back.

'If I like something I simple take it' and Ammy does not like to be told what to do!' his voice was aggressive and she looked at him open the door to his room.


She looked at him as he turned her around to face her'


'OK I am going to make your night' you have the opportunity to have Ammy for the rest of the night' not everyone is that lucky!' she looked at him totally shocked as he sat her on the bed' seething with anger she looked up at him as he removed his white hooded top' 'deep breathe Ridz and no you cant kill him'control''seeing his naked top self sit next to her she felt his fingers move her hair back'


'Ammy why don't you get in the bed while I'' seeing the smiled spread across his face he looked at her get up from the bed'


She looked at him get into the covers and walked over towards him'. As she bent down moving slowly towards his lips'. A smiled formed on his lips' as she pulled back and looked at the needle in her hand' 'Honey this will not hurt a bit' I promise!'' as the needle enter his bloodstream a evil smiled formed on her lips'. As he opened his eyes to see her smiling waving the needle at him as he closed his eyes.


'That will help you sleep '. And I see you in the morning!'  As she moved from the bed she stopped feeling his hand grasping her wrist tightly' as she tried to remove it she could not'


Ammy opened his eyes to place his head on his head as he got up he noticed her asleep on stool with her head resting against his arm' as smiled formed on his lips as he gentle loosened his grip on her' 'Ok! Baby.. lets see your Jalwa!' he chuckled silently not wanting to disturb her has he got out of the bed and gentle picked her up 'feeling her head resting on his bear chest he stared at her' she was so stunningly beautiful and he had never met anyone like her in his entire life'.placed her on the bed and looked over at the door' he looked at her snuggling into the warmth of the bed'Locking the door.  He walked over towards the bed and got into the sheets' Feeling her body next to his he closed his eyes'he looked at her stir and closed his eyes quickly'


'How did I get here and ??' as she moved to get out of the bed she felt his arms around her and pulling her back.


'Oh darling last night you made my whole world move!' she looked at him open her eyes at him'feeling his warm breath on her face he looked at her lower her eyes.


'How was it for you?' he looked at her as she raised her eyes at him angrily.


'Get your hands off me!' as she broken free he looked at her a little taken back.


'First of all! Don't ever touch me' you creep! I would be caught dead with a A list asshole like you'. You care about nothing but yourself!!  Yesterday the party was out of order and then you have the nerve to think I would sleep with you!!' feeling his own rage building up he looked over at her marching over towards the door.

'I am you're doctor and my job is to make you feel better' that does not mean im an a pieces of flesh you want to grope and talk down to like some bar girl!' seeing the tears form in her eyes' his anger melted away'as she walked out of the room.


Atul looked over at Riddhima as she slammed her locker door shut.

'Atul you take my case and I will explain to Dr Kirti' Atul looked at her sit down on the bench and place her hands on her head.


'Ridz?' she looked up at him looking worried as he sat down next to her.


'Atul he is driving me case and talks to me like I'm nothing! I can't take it anymore.. these types of patients make me question why I am a doctor!' as she felt Atul hand on her shoulder he nodded' He looked at the tears running down her cheeks..


'You're been here all night! ' go home and get some rest.  I have a word with Kirti and I will spilt the case you have with the rest of the team' As for Ammy don't worry I will take his case!' Riddhima looked at Atul' he was always supported and a team leader of the team' he was like everyone protector and big brother'




'Where is Dr Riddhima?' Armaan looked at Atul as he read his chart.


'She was not feeling well so she gone home!' Atul looked at Armaan close his eyes and bang his head on the metal bed post in anger.


'You know she a sweet girl! But has a lot of pressures at the moment' Her father's the Senior doctor of the hospital and Dr Kirti is her big sister' as they both can be a little hard on her' as for her twin Anjali she does not have it so hard'But everyone expects a lot out of her'so she feeling the pressure' Armaan looked at him as he handed him his tablets.


'Wow a family of doctors!' Atul smiled at him.


'Yeah but Riddhima is on her last yellow card one more mistake and she out of here'' Atul watched him place the glass of water to his lips.


'Why is that?' 


'She had a patient called Samar ' who grew fond of her! But when she refused him as she was just doing her job and nothing else' he tried to kill himself! In anger she told him off and they made an example of her in front of the entire hospital as she should have know his mental state and reacted better!' Armaan looked at Atul as he placed the chart at the end of the bed.


'They gave her your case' know what you were like! Just to test her!' Armaan looked at Atul as he walked over towards the door.


'I guess in the boxing ring you fight just to win but here to fight and save lives it's a different story as we are not always the winners'' Armaan closed his eyes thinking about her'.




'Ridz?' she turned to see her eldest sister walk towards her in her bedroom


'You ok?' Riddhima smiled looking at Kirti'. At home she was the sweetest person'but in the hospital with all the pressure of making sure things ran well she was a different person 'as she rested her head on her shoulder feeling Kirti arm around her she smiled.


'Di I am fine! Just a little stressed!'  Riddhima looked at Kirti as she nodded her head.  House rule was to never to talk about the hospital at home'Momma had forbidden the topic'


'Ridz you have some leave owning I have told you to take some time out!' Kirti looked over at to see her eyes closed.


'Di I want to keep them for when 'you gettin married!' Kirti shook her head at her.


'Shub still in London and will not be here until next year!'  Riddhima looked over at her to see her eyes sadden.


'Missing him!' She looked at the smile form on her lips and nodded her head.


'Ok I came you to get you'for dinner!'  Riddhima looked at Kirti and smiled


As she sat down for dinner with the family the emergency pager went off as they looked over at Padma sighing and looked over at them all giggling.


'Riddhima its Armaan' do you want to join me beta?' Riddhima looked over at her father as he placed the pager on the table getting up.


~~~~Part 3~~~~


Riddhima looked over at her father as he stared over at Armaan as he placed the small light in Armaans eye'


'Do we have is case history?' he looked over at Riddhima as she shook her head.


'Dr Riddhima its vital we get that! We need to get another catscan when he gets up.. Nurse monitor him tonight.. I have given a larger pain killer and he will be asleep for sometime..'   Riddhima looked over at him as he opened his eyes and looked at her ' His eyes where full of uncertainty and he looked a little scare as she looked over at him and placed her hand on his arm he 'got all the reassurance he needed and closed his eyes' It was as if he just needed her to feel better'.


'Sir! I will call his coach and get a case history' as he is the next of kin!''   Dr Shanshank looked over at his daughter leave the room'


'Mr Armaan! You can get up now!'  Armaan opened his eyes and looked over at the doctor surprised.


'There is nothing wrong but a slight pain!' as the pressure is healing up!' Armaan looked over at the senior doctor and did not count on seeing him this evening.


'Actually the 200mg of codeine Riddhima was giving me was wrong she 'so I told the senior sister lovely to give me oxycodome instead!' Dr Shanshank looked over at him totally surprised.


'This evening I think they have given me Dr Atuls prescribed Dicolfenc the must have reacted hence the sickness and feeling the stomach pains' all common side effect' wouldn't you say Dr Shanshank'  Riddhima looked over at her father and Armaan totally surprised'


'You know you're pain killers well Mr Armaan!' Armaan looked over at them and grinned.


'In my line of work I would like to think I know my body and health very well' Now if you can both agree that I need'some thing to help with the dizziness and sickness..' Riddhima looked over at her father a little taken back looking at Armaan in a totally different light' 'What was with this guy does he really have a gift of the gob.. everyone was won over in some way? But this craps not working on me!' she thought looking at him smiling shyly'


He looked at her trying to out judge him but he was now going to play a different game totally to make her his' even if he had to get out the big guns.. this woman was goin to fall head over heals for him and then he would crush her in every way possible he though looking over at her as she held his chart again' 'No one make a fool out of me .. and baby I play to win..' he though looking over at them at the end of his bed.


'Mr Armaan since you know you're body so well' what would you suggest?' hearing the sarcasm in her voice he looked at her..


'If I wanted to treat myself I would not be here! Wasting my money!' there he was again the arrogance was back making her blood boil!'feelin her fathers hand on her arm he looked over at her and smiled'


'I have prescribe you some drug' so im sure you can reset easy now.. Riddhima I will take over this case'' Armaan narrowed his eyes at them both.


'Dr Shanshank that is no way to teach an intern about doctoring especially when we both now the rookie is capable 'but need to guidance along the way''  Riddhima looked at him angrily and could feel her anger take over her.


'I want Dr Riddhima to treat me' she can finish what she started''  the cheek he was dictating to her father.

'You're Right Mr Malik ! Sir I want this case!' Shanshank looked over at Riddhima as she smiled over at them' knowing his daughter he knew something was going on as she looked over at the patient.


Riddhima looked over at her father in the office' he sat in his leather chair as the portor bought in coffee for them' she was used to the office.. many times through her childhood Anjali and her ran in the office screaming at there father to play'. Seeing the family photos on the desk she smiled remembering the day at the beach.


'Riddhima'I have give you this case for 2 reasons!' she looked at her father serious face.


'I know papa' it just his attitude and ''


'We don't look at the patients personality'but his symptoms!'  he looked at her nod her head as she picked up her coffee cup'. Riddhima always thought with her heart' Kirti and Anjali where more like him and Riddhima was like her mother in everyway' I guess that was why he spoiled her more then the others' but know she had to take this profession seriously'


'OK get his background check and look at his medical history' those test can be done in the morning' he be fine in the late morning '.' He looked at her nodding her head.


'I am goin home now you want a lift?'


'Papa I be home late' I have some reports to collect since I was away all day from the hospital there some patient files I need to work on!' 





She opened the door and looked in on his asleep and walked over towards the bed' she looked at him dressed in the yellow gown and he slept like a baby' All her patients looked innocent sleeping 'as this was her last round for the night ' she picked up the chart and saw her fathers comments' hearing him stir in his sleep as he frowned she moved forward and looked at him' 'papa please don't' hearing him mumbled she moved closer' she gasped as he jumped out of bed and took hold of her 'feeling him clinging on to her mumbling she stood still' as he felt her heart pumping rapidly he opened his eyes to see her looking embarrassed by what had just happen' 'I am sorry!' she nodded her head and him and stepped back as she turned to move away she stopped as something pulled her back.. as she looked back she saw her dupputa caught on the end of his top ' he looked at her avoiding her eyes and just looking at corner of her dupputta caught as he placed his hand on the duputta she looked at him as his eyes haunted her exists in the room.. with her pulse racing she stepped closer avoid his eyes'as for some strange reason she felt him toying with her' as he purposely struggled to release her he noticed her trembling fingers slowly creeping forward as he felt her hand on his he looked at her'engulfing the fragrance in he looked at her stepping back'..


As he lay his head back on the pillow he closed his eyes taking in her sweet scent which still linger in the room' 'What the hell?' as the frown appeared on forehead he shook his head ' 'Its war and she declared it!  As no one turns me down!''


Riddhima stared at her reflection in the mirror' what was it about that guy? Why was he now slowly effecting her like some slow drug' everything about him made her sick.. the arrogance and the way he made her feeling small?' as she lay into bed she looked over at Anjali as placed a big poster of him on her wall standing there looking back at her' Picking up the pillow she threw it over at Anjali'


'Di? I have to see him at the hospital and now he is in the bedroom?'  Anjali looked over at Riddhima frowning at her pointing at the wall.


'OMG Chill! And its signed 'he signed it for me!' and I don't moan about John on your wall?' Riddhima looked over at her wall and turned to look at her.


'Yeah will John does not give me nightmare.. by the way you like John!' Anjali looked over at her as she turned of her bed side lamp.


'That was before I meet Kickboxing world champion Ammy!' hearing her sisters dreamy tone she rolled her eyes letting out a sigh' feeling the pillow hit her face she looked over at Anjali.




As the pillows flew across the room as they laugh'


'Come on we have the same taste you find him attractive?' Anjali panted looking at Riddhima catch her breath back.


'May be if his muscle in that thick head of his worked alittle' hearing Anjali giggle she smiled pulling up the covers'


'Papa said he was smart and impressed by him'' Ridhima looked over at her as she turned off the light'


'Hmm'I take that poster down in the morning!' Anjali looked at her yawning and smiled looking at the poster on her wall of Ammy


'I get you put it up on your wall!' Anjali giggled looking at her frown with her eyes closed.


'Mr Malik it looks like I cant get away from you and your crazy fans!' Turning over in her bed she closed her eyes'''.




Riddhima opened the door to see a him hugging a beautiful woman as she sat on his bed.


'Baby im ok! You always freak out for nothing!' he looked over at Riddhima as she walked into the room


The last thing he need was his ex in the room all over him like a rash'.




'Muskhan darling! Nothing is goin to happen to me!' Riddhima could feel his eyes on her as she read his chart.


'Armaan I was so scared when Amit told me!' she looked up at the woman as she released Armaan and wiped her tears.


'I am fine! Isn't that right doctor sahiba!' she looked at him as he winked at her.


'Thanks correct you will get discharged at the end of the day today!' he looked at her surprised that was something he should have felt happy about but instead' it felt like a sucker punch'


'See Muskhan now smile you know I hate tears!' seeing the woman smile Riddhima walked towards the room..


'So Muskhan tell me how is Rahool?' seeing her face glow up he looked at her.


'He wanted to come but'you know how he is?' Armaan smiled' his own brother could not even face him while he was sick.


'Well tell him I am fine and will pop round and see him!' Muskhan smiled as she got up from the stool.


'OK I will tell him' he was worried about you but..'  Armaan nodded' Pride was part of the inheritance and they both where stubborn' when Rahool confessed his love for Muskhan it broke him apart ' as Muskhan and Armaan were seeing each other '. But know he knew he could never give Muskhan what she wanted as Rahool was the one made for her' When papa pasted away Rahool was all he had and no woman was coming between them' but Rahool discovered the truth and never forgave him'. The distance between them grew as he wanted to forfil there fathers dream and become the best' women where now just time pass for him.  As he became famous they gave him nothing but attention and the nights where made easy in the arms of such beautiful creatures as he closed his eyes and sighed' he really was nothing but alone.


'Armaan?' he opened his eyes to see her looking at him.  Here eyes where filled with nothing but confidence and she looked like an angle'


'You be pleased to know you can leave this afternoon '. You have made great progress and''


'Dinner tonight!' she looked at him taken back by what he said.


'I don't think''she stepped back looking at him


'About before ' it was my ego!  He has left the building I promise!' she narrowed his eyes and looked at him.


'I am sorry I don't '' he looked at her and shifted his weight on the bed.


'After today I am not a patient and how can two people sharing a meal be so dangerous?' he smiled at her awkwardness' after what he said the other day she was unsure and he would be there.


'Hmm' you are scared! I get it I guess I would be tooo' Afraid to go out with someone like me!' he looked at her 'would she take the bait?


'Its not the matter of being Afraid ''


'Good this evening around 7pm' I pick you up!' she looked at him surprised as he got out of the bed and walked over towards the bathroom.


'I uh'' he left the room smiling'



'I cant date him'I tell him no!' Riddhima closed the door to the locker.


'Riddhima 'please come to the nurse station!' hearing her name call she took of her white coat and left the room.


'What do we do with these?' Riddhima stared at the red roses entering the hospital.


'DR RIDDHIMA!' she turned to see Dr Kirti looking at her.


'Mr Malik as sent you 19 bunches of red roses?' feeling her heart pounding she looked over at her big sister' if she found out she was goin out with him she was in for a massive lecture'


'Note?' Riddhima looked at the envelope in Kirti's hand.


'Hi' the first bunch of rose was to thank you' and the reset are to say I am sorry for any heart ache I have caused you'for the last 4 days' Love Armaan!'


'Well?' she looked over at Kirti with her hands on her hips..


'The flowers are for the staff members to thank them for there support di..uh Dr Kirti!' she never Kirti would not buy the excuse and picked up a bunch and handed them to the nurse at the station.


'Hmm' an for YOU?' she looked at her and picked the smallest bunch.


'This one Di! Nurses could you please disturbed these flowers please!' Kirti narrowed her eyes at her as she left the corridor'

As she looked at herself in the mirror she turned to see the poster glaring at her and sighed ' 'I not sure what game you are lets see'' picking up her bag she left the room'.


As she looked at him sitting at the large table 'over the burning candles. She looked around his house he had brought her to his place 'which felt empty there was nothing homely about the place'


'It needs a womans touch I guess!' she looked at him and composed herself.. dame why was he always doing that getting into her thoughts. She had studied him most of the evening he she looked at him so casually dressed in his white shirt over the candles...


'I am sure you will have no trouble finding one!' he smiled at her comment and looked at her as he picked up the glass of champagne.


'I love that about you' you're directness! beating around the bush 'knockout nice and clean!' she looked at him with his fists up punching the air and giggled at him'


'This is so not working for me!' she looked over at him surprised as he picked up his plate and pulled the chair close to him.


'That's better!' he looked at her smile and knew she liked the distance but he was feeling so distant from her and it did not feel night.


'Could you pass the salt?' he looked at her and nodded'feeling her fingers brush his as he held the glass salt shaker'. He so just wanted to have his wicked way with her but knew he had to approach things so differently with this wild cat.


'So Atul told me you all doctors?' he looked at her as she placed the shaker on the table slowly'


'No Mums just a normal housewife!' he looked ..


'hmm.. ok so not all doctors' I have to say you are looking breath takingly beautiful tonight'' seeing her blush slightly and look away he smiled.


She looked over at him ' 'liar' I have minimal makeup and this is an out suit!  He so playing me this evening she thought'


'So tell me why kick boxing?' he looked at her as she cupped her face in her hand as her elbow balanced so beautifully on the table so beautiful'with her finished plate pushed into the middle of the table.


'It was my fathers dream to win the belt 'but he never did when I came back from Kashmir back from battle I quit the Military and came into this line' I have everything money, fame and the world champion belt' but no one to share it with..' he looked at her as she picked up the glass of juice.


'Shall we go into the lounge?'  as he got up and pulled her chair back.


Careful Ridz this guys is slippery she told herself as she followed him into the lounge and he noticed her eyes looking at his achievement in the room full of trophies and belts.. as he sat on the sofa she saw the empty armchair and took a seat to create some distance'  he chuckled to himself as she sat down.


'I don't bite?!' she looked at him chuckle and smiled looking away.


'This seat very comfortable! Thank you!' she was so formal and was not giving him an inch yet he was enjoying the game'but know was the time to move in for the kill'




'hmm I fancy coffee!' he looked at her looking at her hands and grinned getting up. You have a one track mind' but then again you cant blame a guy for trying he chuckled at himself as he looked at her shifting her weight in the chair looking slightly nervous.


'I make a mean coffee!' she looked at him getting up from his seat.


'Uh' your bathroom!' he looked at her standing next to him' she smelt so sweet and this whole evening of controlling himself 'he was finding it very difficult'the game was having its toll on him and the rounds was getting longer and exhausting' standing to fight in the ring seemed easier then this..he thought leading her to the corridor..


'Here you go!' he looked at her as she placed her hand on the handle and look up at him. 


'Phew!' she leaned against the door and took a deep sigh. I have to leave as im getting a feeling something will happen. She closed her eyes and collected herself.


'Control Armaan!' he looked at the boiling kettle and smiled.. this was all new to him and even his hands where sweating 'he knew felt like this before..


'I take one sugar please!' as he smiled with his back to her 'he placed the sugar in the cup'.as he turned to look at her looking at her hand on the black marble 'as he placed the cup next to her he looked at her and smiled.


'It's getting late 'I should go home I have a long day at the hospital!' he looked at her as she placed the empty cup on the counter.


With his heart pounding in his ears he looked at her and could no longer hold back.. he was totally smitten by her and she was running away with every part of him as she opened the car door'.feeling his hand on her arm she turned to look at him'.feeling him stepping closer and look at with his haunting green eyes' she lowered her eyes feeling his body so close to her..


'I should go!' her body ached as she stood so close to him' as he notice her shudder as he took hold of her hand..


'What have you done to me?' she kept her eyes lowered as his voice boomed in her ears.




'Shhhh!' feeling his index finger on her lips.


'I have symptoms I have never felt before for anyone and 'I know you feel it!' he looked at her eyes '.but saw nothing but an innocent woman' but these feelings where not part of his game.  'No Riddhima resist he using you as well' she thought as she felt his finger gentle outlining her lower lip.


'I am totally serious' can you feel this?' he lifted her hand and placed it on his chest'.she gasped feeling his heart pounding but could hear her own heart pounding in her ears to the  rhythm of his'feeling her body almost on top of his car as she was backed up with no room to move'


He looked at her as she was trapped in his trap'Like a lion looking at his prey he panted looked at her lips'as he moved forward' feeling her trembling lips on his he took hold of her melting body in his arms' Feeling herself lost in his arms but not wanting the kisses to stop.. as they haunted her every night since he last kissed her'  feeling her feet no longer on the floor anymore she felt as if she was floating in the air'.  As he gentle placed her on the bed he looked at the uncertainty in her eyes as he moved on top of her and kissed her passionately''.




As he looked out of the small plane window he smiled as he remembered making love to her all night ' but she was like nothing he had ever touched or felt before and now he was totally Taken by her' It had been three months and he had not looked or touched another woman but her' His tour was officially over now and he remember her asleep on his bed as he left '. Now he was going to make her his'..


Riddhima looked over at Dr Kirti as she proudly handed her diploma she was now officially a Doctor and moving to London'she need to get away from the hospital as no matter how hard she tried to forget that night 'he had taken something so valuable and she had let him.. without any struggle she disgraced herself by a man who used women for one thing his amusement' She was another prey he had conquered.  If she ever saw him again she would seriously KILL HIM'



Part 6 PN=22&#15358412


Final part PN=26&#15391474



EXTENDED 2 Parts to come....Wink


Love KatEmbarrassed


Thank you guys!HugHug


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TwilightLovee. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Wow Kat! loved it! i guess this time Armaan isn't a doc. but a very naughty boxer!

do carry on please!

Nish. x
kdrs Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Yes! A new FF. Nice Intro. Continue soon.
charminggenie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:24am | IP Logged
its such an awsum,start cant wait 4 more,it wud br interesting 2 c a new armaan n Ridz relation...............dyin 4 more Clap
i m huge fan of ur fanfics they hav such a fresh appeal 2 them,u rock
yamnovbloom Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:27am | IP Logged
wow yaar a very diff storyline, wonderful but heart just ches at the part of Armaan's behaviour but i think
that's the thing helping that to make a diff and gud story line wonderfull yaar plssssss proceed for next upd
Tania.k IF-Dazzler

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asweome start,just great!

Naughtynatty IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:33am | IP Logged
amazing Kat di
but only 5 parts uff LOL LOL LOL
its ok loved the first part
cant wait for the next
do continue soon

zgerl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2008 at 10:38am | IP Logged

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