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Posted: 15 March 2008 at 4:47am | IP Logged




Hello and Welcome everyone to the First ever Annual Chit Chat Award… Im Geet…




Geet: Nugs! *Nudges* Say ur name!


Nugs: Oh right, geet.. Hay everyone… *waves lazily*


Geet: Um.. Yeah. Anyway we're presenting to you the biggest category of the awards… SmileSmileThe POP Awards Nugs..? Is something wrong?


Nug: Stern SmileWell.. no, no. Nothing.


Nugs: Well, its just that nothing exciting ever happens at Chit Chat.


Geet: *Shocked Shocked* Nugs… I don't think you realize… Chit Chats probably the most exciting forum on the GD Side! We're like… a family…


Nugs: Yah yah, but you know! Nugs ko excitement mangta! Like I don't know competitions, *Geet raises an eyebrow Disapprove*


Geet: pehle apni awaaz me to thoda excitement leke aao


Geet: Do you know where we are right now! Did you have something to drink last night…*frowns* Did Gracy give you something to eat… Were you hanging out with Huzi for too long last night… Or were you?


Nugs: Oii! Hold up.. what are you on about… excitement chahiye na


Nugs: *all charged up now* Smile SmileHey friends, fellow members, meri pyaari betiyoon, aur unke sabhi bahiyoon . . .a very warm welcome to the last and the most awaited category of Awards



Geet: *Sighs*  now that sounds better Ok?  Girls n Guys, before we begin we've gotta thank all the wonderful people at Chit Chat who made this evening Possible! Clap Clap


Nugs: Yup, specially to Star for organizing this event such beautifully Clap Clap


Geet: All the members who graciously accepted their nominations AND all you lovely people that voted!! Clap Clap


Nugs: And not to forget, ALL YOU PEOPLE AT CHIT CHAT! For making Chit Chat one of the most friendly sections at India Forums. Clap Clap


Geet: Hmmmm . . . its looking more like a "Thanks Giving nite" than "Awards Nite"


Nugs: actually you can call it that way too


Geet: Is it ? ? ? ? aur vo kaise Confused


Nugs: you see . . .till now jis bhi member ko Award mila hai sab ne Thanks Giving speechs jo di hai


Nugs: thanking their classmates, room-mates, college-mates, colleagues, kaamwalli, doodhwalla, chayewalla, dhobi, watchman, grocery shop ke uncle etc . . . etc. . .etc Big smile Big smile Big smile


Geet: ya u r rite. . . LOL LOLaagar yeh log nahi hote toh humare bechaare members CC par pura dhiyaan kaise de paate . . .


Nugs: Exactly


Geet: Ok so without further wasting any time lets move on to our Popular Awards


Nug: Wait yaar . . .itni jaldi kya hai. . . pehle humari audiences ko yeh to batao ke yeh Popular Awards akhi kya hai


Geet: oh sure


Geet: toh doston yeh awards humare CC ke un dedicated members ke liya hai


Timepass karna jinka kaam hai

CC me inka chalta bada naam hai

Jinki baatein Karen sabko heraan hai

Apni ulti-sidhee harkaton se jo badnaam hai

Aur jinse baki CC members bada pareshaan hai



Na yeh hote . . . .

Na yeh CC hota . . . .


Na yeh CC hota . . . . . . .

Toh naa yeh awards hote . . . . .


Naa yeh awards hote . . . . . .

Aur naa hum dono yahan kade hote . . .


Geet: Bassssssssssss Nugs . . . I guess ab sabko samajh aa gaya hai . . .toh shuru Karen . . .


Nugs: The first category of the night is the 'Javed Akhtar Award' It's the award for the person, jiski writing kay deewanay hum sab hi hain.


geet: Yup. Uske writing kay charchay har jagah hote hain or uskay topics bhi ek say ek hotein hain.


nugs: That's right Geet. And the Javed Akhtar Award goes to……ooops we have got 2 winners and they are




geet: This next award is for the person that comes first to your mind in a problem, a worry… or just.. a situation


nugs: For the person you know is always there for you, we present the 'Main Hoon Na Award' that goes to………gracious




geet: Now presenting the most fun award of the night… the 'Masti Award' !


nugs: The person who's filled with the most Masti, in comments, posts, topics… Personality!


geet: And the most Masti-fied Chit Chatter is…la….la….la……..




nug: This next award… well lets just say a guy can definetly not get this award…


geet: It's the award for the member who can't stop talking here and there… always has to spill what's on her mind, and her comments and posts are found.. everywhere 


nugs: And the award for CC'S Basanti goes to…




geet: This next award is something that probably EVERY member would wanna get!


nugs: The one's who has a good sense of fashion and style… and that shows also in…


geet: his online personality aka siggys and avis.. and the 'Most Stylish member' is…OMG we have again………so the joint winners are




nugs: And now this award is off the couple who's you know… well known throughtout the land of Chit Chat


geet: Yup you said it Nugs, and the girl and guy who can rule every member with their naturally charming personality and up-to-date knowledge…


nugs: The Rani of CC goes to…




geet: and the Raja of CC is…….aha…….its you




……congrats yaar any special comment


NUGS: well i always knew that this wud be coming to me Wink Wink, who else deserves it LOL LOLand i have my acceptance speech ready as well.....firstly i wud like to . . .


Geet: *interrupts* Well nugs you can give your acceptance speech later, can we please proceed with the awards.  


nug: JealousAngryAngry! This next award is for that ideal Gossiper. Idhar ki baat udhar tak paunchana to koi isse sikhe!


geet: Not just that Nugs, aisi baat ko waisi baat bhi banana isse behtar koi nahin jaanta… all in all we still love him/her no matter how many times (s)he exaggerates our sentences.


nugs: Our very on live BBC of CC award goes to…




*Geet laughs hysterically*


nugs: Kya hua Geet?


geet: Hahahahahahahahahaaha!ROFL


nugs: *looks at audience worrily* oh well *happy again* i guess i'll do this award...yeh member kuch bhi kehay to pata hai kya hota hai ? ? *points to geet* ROFL ROFL


*Rolling on the floor laughin*


geet: Yup.. it's the Comedy King and the award goes to…




nug: *helps Geet up* Better?


geet: *recovering* Yup.. Sorry people… anyway.. ab thora serious hojatay hain.. to announce our very own diabetes member!


nug: Diabetes ?


geet: Yup! It's the Chit Chat Cheeni kum member and that is…




nug: Ab bari hai ek AUR couple ki… Par yeh jori alag hai! aur is couple ka first half hai the 'Jungli billi' and she is…




geet: And the Jungli sher for guys goes to….




nug: This next award im gonna present, is really important to anyones personality…


geet: Bilkul! Agar yeh award apko mile then samjho apki to life bangai! Yeh award mila to aap to full top pay chalay jayn gai!


nugs: Correct! Yeh sabse friendly member Chit Chat ka 'Yaaron ka yaar' and that is…





*Geet starts peeking from the micropohone stand*


Nugs: What are you doing Geet?? Angry


Geet: Guess who I am.


Nugs: Oh god…I know... one of her lame attempts at a joke. Go on Geet, tell everyone who you are…?


geet: *stands up* Hah! im an EID KA CHAND! cause that's the next award *laughs hysterically* Big smile



Nugs: -.-' Yah anyway the seldom appearing award aka Eid ka chand Member goes to…




Geet: Agla insaan to wo hai jiski, you know… bahaut 'chalti' hai. Uska naam sun kar log ko dar lag jata hai… presenting to you, The Don of CC




Nugs: This person… is kinda like me… (Who knows it might even BE Wink ) Yeh us insaan kay liye, who doesn't spare a member of the opposite gender to peace… he'll flirt with anything that moves, its CC's own: Biggest flirt and the award goes toooooo……..




Geet: And the next award is the biggest, most prestigious awards…  for USERNAMES! Yup its 'Naam ka badshah' and the award goes to…




nugs:This next couple is like.. the eid ka chand.


geet: So its not always there?


nugs: No no Geet, its always there… but is so shy, that it tries to be unseen  The Mr and Miss sharmili of CC GOES TOOOOO:……..




geet: Alright Alright, my turn to present a couple Nuggy! This is exactly my type of award! ^-^ It's the award of the valentines.. the award of the lovers, the award of the heart Embarrassed Embarrassed, the award


nugs: *looks around* How bout you just say it now ?


geet: Yah yah.. It's the CC's Aashique and Queen, the people who've been deeply involved in one of this year's major themes: Link Ups. The pair who've been hooked up with practically EVERYONE of the opposite gender…


nugs: Or not  Wink Wink*wink wink at Vinu*


geet: *looks disgustingly at Nugs* Eeeeeeew !! Yah anyway CC's Aashique and Queen ARE…….OH MY MY…..ITS 




nugs: Oh wow………i. .. im speechless now…… u guys for voting me


Geet: Moving on lets keep aside our awards for a while


Nugs:Its entertainment time and guy who is gonna entertain us none other than Vinu Clap Clap Clap



Hiiii all ...

Hope you all know mee............(mic To audience)....


No probs.....My name Is famous....

Audience ....what..!!!???

No my name is not 'Famous' ..My name is VINU Big smile.....just came here to talk 10min....

Abi just b4 stage pe aane se pahale ...when am talking with my friend he ask me...."tum udhar jaakar kya karne jaraa, you not prepare anything" so i reply him..."kuch prepare kiya tho darr
lagtha i not prepare hu..but plan to do shoole dialog...

So he ask me..."After your show....just ask Kitne aadmi hoga"

hey dosto ...aisa tho nahe naa....

aaaj kal itne rush hogya life ....No time to do breakfast or bathing and 2lines diary likha thak time nahe , main tho diary likhna chood diyaa...5 saal pahale....kyu ki mere diary unfortunatly my cosin aakar padaa....wo behosh hogya....phir aunty read that wo bi same....Mom read kiyaa then DAD....after muje kuch yaad nahe....

hey kon see film dheeka recently!!!????....

Mere neighbhour aunty doubt 70 year old her Hus...After seeing Cheeni kum and Nishaband
films. ...pata nahe aaj kal kya hora....Men have no choice...Just do or die...kya karee...

ho then about bollywood...Puraane film ki audio sunega thooo we sure confused hoga............

mature lady: Ghar mein do javaan betiyan hain............

after another seen- lo…muh meetha kar lo......., tum kitni achchi ho....

how strange naaa

you know am a big fan of BIG B pata nahe log Srk ke saath kyu compare karte hey...
64-year-old can be a competition to a 41-year-old relatively shorter actor.
Is there a comparison to begin with?

Sub ko pata hoga...Actrress Shilpa shetty's grade changed B to A after winning Big brother
pata nahe kya kya game khelthe hey....What you think is she still B grade lol ssssssssh sorry shilpa fans...

Am the gr8 fan of Cyrus...MTV anchor...I always watch his show with binoculars...recently he added explain one joke...i love that joke ppl wanna know wats that...Abell, 25, of Blue
Springs was rushed to a hospital, where doctors removed a mobile phone that  she swallowed to prevent her boyfriend from finding out who she had been calling. When asked. The boyfriend said, "I have no idea what the big deal is. I've been trying to convince her to swallow ever since we first met."

hihihihi let me smile myself...oops no probs.... hoo plz dont cry...its a joke

Aaj kal full reality shows ki beeed hey tv pe...kidar be dheka tho reality show...
koonsa dheeku dheeku ya music...bacho ki dhekoo ya badooki....TV dheka tho be
double kharcha aagaya...SMS ka bill and Electricity ka bi bill.....

Actuly I not watch much Tv....shaareef hu na but we friends do watch beauties.....from long...paaas nahe jaate...danger hey...but they not seen us there....their mind and eyes start ....... but The difference between Girl & boy... EgYou throw a little girl a ball, and it will probably hit her in the nose.You throw a little boy a ball, and he will try to catch it. Then it will hit him in the nose....sometime i feel all men are Feminist....huh....Common man jaagoooo Empower men plzz...

anyway....Dosto Njoy the Other programs .....not taking much time.....

Just chill n Njoy

Sign off from Vinu's




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Geet4u Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2008 at 11:26pm | IP Logged

Nugs: Many thanks Vinu you were brilliant Clap Clap


Geet: no doubt and I guess audience share the same view. So what next we have


nugs: we are now proceeding to our next set of awards which are dedicated to CC and its Jodis


nugs: It's the fun filled jodi of CC. The FIRST Jodi award is--


geet: What do you mean FIRST?


nugs: Well all the other ones were like separate for females and males… but this is an actual Jodi JODI! It is *drumroll* the Bunty n Babli of CC Award! W000t! And the bollywood-like Bunty n Bubli are…




geet: Well look at this Nuggy! I get a Jodi award… a Jodi JODI as you say it… !


nugs: Yah… but it's a bad jodi award… Tongue


geet: Wutever *pushes Nugs* OH GOSH.. Im just sooo sorry  Anyway this following jodi is sooo mismatched…


nugs: Like me and you *glares while getting up*


geet: Nope…Dont say that


nugs: ITS WORSE  The CC Mismacthed Jodi award goes to…….goooes too……(slows down) goooooess tooooo Confused Confused


Geet: whats the matter ……..*snatches envelope from nugs* haaa haaaa haaaaa Big smile Big smile! we have a joint winner again . . . but with a common male member . . . its




and *still laughing* Big smile Big smile


NUGS again with GRACY…….


Geet:  any comments dear Wink Wink


Nugs:  NO COMMENTS…….can we move on please ! ! ! Angry Angry


geet: HAAAA LOL! I get the last jodi award x]! This award is like a Jodi blended with Comedy king… It's the funny jodi award!!


nugs: Just announce it so we can get someone else funny on stage besides me!


geet: Anyway the award for the Funny Jodi goes to…



nugs: Moving on to our CC awards. This next award is for the best Game of the Week.


geet: We've had (thank god) a very successful business of GOTWs that just makes it harder to choose the best… but the people made a decision…


nugs: And that decision was…


Clap ClapRUMOURS Clap Clap


geet: We've had a range of code words this year,


nugs: From dil to happiness, from life to Chak De…


geet: That was… a Movie remake…


nugs: ....i knew that...i was testing you Wink *looks around*


geet: Yah... Right, but by far the Best Codeword of the week was…oh god joint winner again



Clap ClapLIFE & HAPPINESS Clap Clap


geet: The main thing of Chit Chat is… Can you guess what it is Nugs?


nugs: Yup… comments!


geet: YAH But u cant have comments without…???


nugs: ..Err… Ooh Ermm! Members


geet: *sigh* Topics


nugs: Oh yah.. and Masha-allah we have a variety of Topic Makers, both talented and creative…


geet: You said it, and though all of them are fairly deserving… that one person that stands out the most, the Best Topic Maker is…





nugs: So NOW what Geet was talking about EARLIER… the Best Movie remake out of: Sholay, Mohabbatein, K3G,Kuch kuch hota hai and chak de India.. was Lights Camera Action! *smirks*


geet: *looks at audience* See Nugs? No response...please carry on...


nugs: *sigh* well it gave Chit Chat that slight touch of Bollywood, and the best Movie Remake of the year was . . .


Clap ClapSHOLAY Clap Clap



geet: Now we've had a range of themes in 2007,


nugs: From the dating game to X-mas--secret santa


geet: From movie remakes to link ups


nugs: Codewords to just.. general x]


geet: The best theme of 2007, AS voted by YOU is… *Band Drumroll* -


Clap ClapLINK-UP Clap Clap


Nugs: Ladies and Ladies Wink Wink


Geet: *frowns at Nugs* And guys...we're coming to the close end of the POP awards...and hence the awards . . .


geet: And now we begin our final two presentations. The person who committed solemnly to Chit Chat.


nugs: The person who really put an effort into Chit Chat.


geet: The *Outstanding contribution to CC* Award goes to…




nugs: And now our final award of the evening, the one who made us laugh,


geet: The one who made us cry with his/her dramabaazi


nugs: The one who drove us Crazy THE MOST…


geet: The one who was always there with quick ready comments, entertainment to the next and just the personality to go with…


nugs: The Biggest Entertainer of the Year Award goes to…




geet: Congratulations to all the winners…and 


*Star enters the Stage*


Nugs: Hi Star.....what are you doing here


star: Well before we end i wud like to say something to my CC friends


Geet: Well then goahead stage is all yours


Nugs: Lekin Star ke bhaashan ke baad kahin jayega nahi...........Kyunki show abhi baaki hai doston ........wait for the Grand Performance


star: thanks nugs....i was about to say the same


star: since it's the end of Award season, we thought of finishing it in a GRAND way . . . so here we come with our GRAND PERFORMANCE....





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Geet4u Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2008 at 4:03am | IP Logged









Geet4u Senior Member

Joined: 29 November 2007
Posts: 478

Posted: 18 March 2008 at 4:55am | IP Logged

Star: Thanks for being such good audience.


Nugs: Hope you have enjoyed the show. All the winners will be getting their signatures very soon.


Geet: And Insha-allah you'll see us all very soon, again Next year!



Nugs, Geet & Star: Good Bye, Namaste, AllahHafiz, Syonara and Alvida


*wave wave*








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Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

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*Nugs & Geet leaves the Stage...while Star takes the mike again*Embarrassed




Sorry friends….I m back to give my bhashan….pls bear with me one last time…Embarrassed



Actually…..there are a few members whom I would like to Thank Personally for all their support and co-operation…which has made this Awards Show such a great success!!Big smile


Starting with…


Ms. Pooji : well coz while every member in the CC only asked when the awards would be and how and for what….she was the only one who offered to help in organizing the awards..that too not being a part of CC dev. Team and not even the most active memberEmbarrassed…..well…this really touched me…and I Thank You Pooji…for being there when I needed you…Big smileBig smile (here's something for you..Embarrassed)






Next on the List..


Nugs: another friend who offered to help without being asked!! EmbarrassedAnd wat more can I say…not only did he help…but made it a great show altogether…ya…the script that made u laugh so much was actually his creativity…I only had the part in decorating it…Thank you nugs..Big smileBig smile (something for you too..Embarrassed)







Geet: don't be surprised…call it my luck that even the new members here are so friendly and helpful…ya I know she's not so active in cc…but when she accepted the responsibility of being the host….she did it with full dedicationClapClap…which we all can see in the above posts..….Thanks a lot geet…it really means a lot to get your help….Big smileBig smile 







Gracella: how can i not thank her??Embarrassed…well ms. Busy bee….chahe jitni bhi busy rahe..but she did keep her promise and tried her level best to whatever she can for the awardsClap….i still say gracy…rishtey awards were superb…and Thanks a lot yaar for everything….Big smileBig smile





Well that's not all…I still have a few more people to thank…Embarrassed


Sapna, Anjali & Misha….


Thanks all of you for making such wonderful siggy's for our CC AwardsClap Clap …I know all of you are very busy and still you took  time to get us all those wonderful siggy's…that are shining so brightly in siggy box of every cc memberBig smile…Thanks a lot guys…really appreciate your efforts…



for Sapna..



for Anji..




for Misha..



Well Ya that was it….without all these people above the whole awards show wouldn't have existed…Each one of them played an important role…and I would never forget it..You guys mean a lot to me….and one last time….


Big smile Thank You All For being My Friend!! Big smile


Luv Ya All…HugHug




[PS: I m sorry…I know I m not a great siggy makerEmbarrassed…infact a siggy spoiler u can sayConfused…but I jus wanted to give all of you something as a token of thanks…so I made up all that above…Big smile(spoiling anji's siggy made for meWinkLOL)….i hope u like it…that was the best I could doEmbarrassed….and I wouldn't even force you to use it…its all your wish…Big smile]




All The Winners Can Start Posting their "Thank You" Speeches below...



(my short thank you speech is over now!WinkLOL)

will post my thank you for awards soon!TongueLOL





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-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2008 at 6:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Star_on_earth


*Nugs & Geet leaves the Stage.....while Star takes the mike again!*Embarrassed

Are you going to sing...National anthem or smthing !!?Embarrassed

Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2008 at 6:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Believe

Originally posted by Star_on_earth


*Nugs & Geet leaves the Stage.....while Star takes the mike again!*Embarrassed

Are you going to sing...National anthem or smthing !!?Embarrassed

^chk it up for yourself.....Embarrassed



-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Star_on_earth

Originally posted by Believe

Originally posted by Star_on_earth


*Nugs & Geet leaves the Stage.....while Star takes the mike again!*Embarrassed

Are you going to sing...National anthem or smthing !!?Embarrassed

^chk it up for yourself.....Embarrassed

Ok Gr8.Clap....


Just Wannaa Thank to Allllllllllll....Big smileWinkKeep rocking...and Make rock others...Big smile

just chill


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