Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

Update for January 3 - starparivar

sabsebadifan* Groupbie

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Posted: 06 January 2005 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Hello All,
I borrowed this update from the starparivar yahoo group and full credit goes to Brandon... it begins with recap of 2004.
I'll post the update for the 4th of I can find it...
(Thanks to Brandon)
KGGK – 03rd January Update

First of all let me apologize for being away for so long. As everyone
knows the Tsunami did some major damage to all our countries but mine
was the second most badly affected after Indonesia and we had so much
going on here that I really couldn't find it in myself to even log on
to the net. I actually got back on the Internet only after I came
back to work yesterday. Anyway thanks for being patient.

RECAP 2004
Shruti breaks off her engagement with Aryan. Monalika is welcomed
into the Agarwal home. Pallavi and Monalika plan the Agarwals
destruction. Aryan and Monalika have sex after which Mona falls in
love with Aryan.

Shruti and Aryan decide to get back together no matter what their
parents have to say. Om is against the marriage and proclaims that
Shruti will marry Ketan. Parvati arrives home and convinces everyone
that Shruti will marry Aryan.

Monalika and Shruti become defiant enemies; Mona leaves the house and
goes back to Pallavi where Parvati proves to her that Pallavi was
just using her. Monalika comes back to the mansion and no one is nice
to her. Monalika suddenly gets sick and her attitude has completely
changed and she wants Aryan and Shruti to be together.

We find out Monalika is pregnant and Parvati finds out the father is
Aryan. Both Parvati and Pallavi promise that Aryan's life will turn
from bad to worse for what he did to Monalika. Meanwhile Pallavi gets
closer to Krishna and he and Smriti build up a relationship.

Parvati tries to stop Shruti's wedding to Aryan and tells everyone
about Monalika's child. No one believes them and Monalika decides to
go back to Avantika in Australia. Parvati leaves the house with
Monalika a day before the wedding. Dadi leaves to bring Parvati and
Monalika back but they never get back in time for the wedding. Aryan
and Shruti are married.

The next day the police inform the family that the three Agarwal
women who were on their way to the mansion met with an accident and
died but soon after it is revealed that they were saved and are in a
hospital. The doctors say that Dadi is ok but Monalika has lost her
child and Parvati has burnt her face beyond recognition. At the
hospital Monalika and Shruti finally make up.

Sanjay brings in the best plastic surgeons to treat Parvati and soon
the operation is done. Everyone is stunned however when Parvati's
face changes completely. Shruti and Aryan go on their honeymoon to
Australia where Shruti sees a woman with Parvati's old face. Om
arrives in Australia and finds Monalika there. Avantika has been
released from the hospital but no one knows where she is. Aryan and
Shruti come face to face with the old Parvati who introduces herself
as Swati Dixit.

Once everyone is back in India the family is shocked to see Swati.
Parvati and Swati come face to face and have a dramatic encounter.
Problems arise in Aryan and Shruti's marriage and these problems are
fueled by Mallika who also tries to weaken Om and Parvati's marriage.
Shruti finds out about this and declares war with Mallika.

Problems continue to arise when Parvati and Swati cross paths more
than once. A new man Sandip Sickand says that he is Swati's husband
to be. Meanwhile Manya sets a trap for Krishna and forces him to
marry her. Krishna manages to get out of it with Parvati's help. It
is revealed that Parvati is the real Swati Dixit and they have
changed identities to save the Agarwals from something terrible.
Avantika returns and is in cahoots with Mallika and Pallavi to get
back at the Agarwals.

The plot unfolds and while Krishna is released from his marriage
bonds to Manya, Aryan and Shruti start fighting and she ends up
slapping him.

A team comprising of Parvati, Swati, Sandip, Monalika and Swati's
nephews Saumil & Jatin and their father Umesh discuss their plan. We
find Sanjay Dhoshi is behind a huge plan to destroy Om. The plot is
unveiled and Aryan goes against his father and takes Shruti's side.
He leaves home and Sanjay is devastated. Soon after Shruti begins
working with Sambhav.

Devin and Rohan return and interfere with the Agarwal business. Devin
tries to get Anamika to gain the confidence of the Agarwals and help
destroy them by living in the mansion but she says she can't and Om
comes to her support. Devin and Rohan go off to a business meeting
and Smriti is on the same plane. The plane crashes and all three of
them die. In the meantime Parvati is ready to come back home but
Pallavi blackmails Swati into saying that she is the real Parvati.
Another battle unfolds and Krishna discovers the truth and exposes it.

Parvati is back home and Swati finally leaves with her husband
Sandip. The Agarwal home is then penetrated by the Gargs, Devin and
Rohan's families. A woman by the name of Garima says that she is
Devin's wife and Anamika confirms it. Garima reveals that Devin never
divorced her. Devin's sons Shashank AKA Sasha and Machan together
with Rohan's son and daughter Rob and Neelam AKA Neel turn the
Agarwal mansion upside down. Pallavi disappears.

Shruti leaves Aryan after she finds out that he is actually the child
of Monalika's father. Shruti finds out that Monalika still has her
baby and also that she is pregnant. Neel takes a liking to Sambhav
but he couldn't care less. Sambhav and Shruti's relationship grows
and Om is uncomfortable with it. Neel accuses Sambhav of rape.
Sasha's friend Gunn fights the case but lets go of it half way when
she finds out the truth. Sambhav is charged with rape and sent to
jail for 4 years.

Gunn and Krishna develop feelings for each other and suddenly both
Krishna and Sasha propose to her. Gunn ultimately chooses Krishna.
The Gargs conspire and have Om sign false papers, which gives the
Gargs complete control over the property.

Krishna and Gunn are married. In the meantime Sonu continues seeing
her boyfriend Rahul, much to Shilpa's dismay. Krishna finds out about
what the Gargs did and is furious. The Agarwals leave to Bangalore
where Babuji has taken quite ill after visiting Anamika who met with
an accident. Back in Mumbai Sasha makes a deal with Krishna. He says
that in a game of cards if Krishna wins he can have everything back
but if he looses he gets only 33% of the business and the house in
exchange for one night with Gunn. Krishna is furious at first but
then agrees.

On the same night Babuji dies Krishna looses the game of cards. Sasha
tells Gunn about this and gives her recorded proof. Gunn shocks
Krishna by saying that she will spend one night with Sasha.

The family returns to Mumbai and Gunn has made a deal with the devil
but comes back with the rights of the mansion and 33% of the
business. The family finds out the truth and berates Krishna. Garima
sets her house rules while Gunn gets a stay order and tries to win
back what they lost. They loose the case.

Parvati fears that Gunn and Sasha maybe having an affair when Krishna
takes ill and she finds Gunn's earring in Sasha's shirt. Gunn defies
Parvati and tells her what really happened. Parvati is shocked and
attacks Krishna after which she tells Gunn that she's with her all
the way. Aryan returns and joins Sasha and his family in their
business. Sasha shows the family a recording of what happened between
him and Krishna. The family turns on Krishna.

Shruti runs out of money to pay Aryan's loan and borrows money from
Saumil. But on the way to deliver the money Parth and Vigyat are
robbed. Shruti confronts Aryan and Sasha and soon after she has a
miscarriage. Vigyat finds out that Parth was behind the robbery and
is shocked. Vigyat tries to tell the family but Parth turns it on him
and Vigyat leaves home. Krishna reveals that Parth stole the money
and then Parth joins with the Gargs. Vigyat refuse to come back to
the mansion.

A series of events unfold after: Sasha challenges God, Sonu and
Shilpa argue, Aryan proposes to Monalika and she refuses much to
Avantika's dismay. Sasha advices Sonu to get married, Sonu and Rahul
are found in a hotel room and the Agarwals are shamed.

Parvati then decides to begin a battle in her home and opens the
Mahabarata. She gathers Shruti, Monalika and Gunn and go after the
Gargs. The fight rages on and the Gargs are loosing when suddenly Om
puts a stop to the fight after Vigyat is badly injured by Sasha and
Aryan. Parvati gives up the battle but the other three Agarwal women
refuse to. Soon after Mona's child is kidnapped and Sasha blackmails
Parvati with that fact. Everything goes back to the bad way it was
but there's hope when it seems that Rob is not like the rest of the

Now on the 1st Episode of KGGK in 2005

Sasha and Machan wonder who overheard their conversation about
killing Mahesh Pandey. When they come back to the party the only
person they find on edge is Aditi. Sasha and Machan corner her and
threaten her saying that if she loves her life then she will keep her
mouth shut. Aditi promises not to say a word. Rob wonders what is
going on but Sasha turns the story around. When they leave Machan
asks if they can be sure of Aditi keeping her mouth shut and Sasha
says that he will take care of it. Later when Om is taking a walk he
sees Shruti and Monalika having a late night discussion. He overhears
as Monalika says that she's worried for Aditi because now she and Rob
seem to be good friends. Shruti agrees and says that even though Rob
doesn't seem like the rest Aditi should still be careful about Sasha.
Shruti and Monalika decide to talk to Aditi the next day.

The following morning as Shruti is leaving the house Om says that he
wants to come with her. They arrive at Aditi's house where her mother
says that she just left and was probably on her way to meet Shruti
and Monalika. Shruti and Om race to the bus stop where they see Aditi
standing and soon after two men arrive on a bike with a bottle of
acid in their hands. Om sees this and runs to Aditi's rescue. The men
only manage to throw acid on Aditi's hand and run away. Om and Shruti
rush Aditi to a hospital where Rob arrives. Rob asks Shruti what
happened. Shruti gives him a lecture on Sasha and says that he was
never human to begin with but now he's become an animal. She tells
Rob the whole story and says that this shows how low Sasha will sink.
She gives Rob a choice and says that now he has to prove if he wants
to help his brothers or support his friend. Om overhears the
conversation and starts thinking. Rob sees Aditi and heads out in a
rage. Om is also on his way home and thinks about stopping Parvati
from fighting the Gargs and again questions his decision.

Rob arrives home and asks Sasha about Aditi and Sasha says that he's
the one who had acid thrown on her. Rob yells and screams and opposes
Sasha by calling him Shashank Garg. Parvati walks out of her room to
see what the commotion is and on a lower level of the stairs Shruti,
Monalika and Vigyat walk in to watch the fun. Rob goes against his
family and says that he won't stand for anything being done to his
friend. Garima says that this is what they get for bringing them and
calls him ungrateful and at this point Neel steps into the picture
and tells Garima not to talk nonsense because they have supported her
in everything she did and that is payback enough for her so called
love and care. Everyone is shocked at Neel's change. Both she and Rob
go against the family and Rob says that he and his sister want
nothing more to do with them and they want their share of the
property. As Rob and Neel walk out Sasha is on fire and Parvati walks
away. [ATTACK MODE] Shruti, Monalika and Vigyat walk down and taunt
the three remaining Gargs as they recall how the same thing happened
with their family. The three young Agarwals make fun of Garima, Sasha
and Machan and the three of them leave with the Agarwals smiling
broadly behind their backs.

Shruti walks into her parents' room where Om has just arrived and
Parvati is folding clothes. Shruti tells Om again that he made a
mistake by stopping the fight. She then says that even Sri Krishna
knew the end of the Mahabarat from the beginning but he still brought
it on so that evil may learn a lesson out of it. She says that she
doesn't know if her childhood teachings were wrong or if Om's
decision is. She walks away and Parvati follows her leaving Om to
think. Later Garima and Sasha are talking about the change in Rob and
Neel when Aryan arrives and says that they have to think of something
fast because Machan's lawyer called to say that their case is very
weak. He says that if found guilty Machan could be sentenced to life
in prison. Machan can't stand the idea and runs to his room where he
tries to kill himself. Sasha and Garima break in just in time to stop
him and Sasha slaps him telling him not to act crazy. Garima comforts
him as Sasha seethes.

On the next Kahaani…
Om finally realizes that his decision was wrong and gives Parvati the
go ahead to finish what she started. The Gargs prepare unknowingly to
face their worst nightmare yet, the real wrath of Parvati.

Starring Kiran Karmakar, Chetan Hansraj, Kunika Sandanad Lall, Ali
Hassan with Tina Parakh, Mansi Varma, Purva Ghokale and Saakshi
Tanwar as Parvati.

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Awesum update!!!

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Thx for the awesum update!

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