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Tale of Dreams-LoveBehindBars?-Part 4(Jul

aritzia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2008 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Hi friends ,
For some time now i was thinking of writing another FF-rather it wil be short tales Dream FF.
But this one wud be a short one -to mention here-inspired by Kat di.
Special Note- Thanks Kat di for inspiring me for the short stories.


Looking into an empty frame , a lone tear dropped from  her eyes which were searching something in that empty frame. The frame that was technically holding a picture but to her it was empty as that one picture once holded  entire world. This young girl still in her childhood of mere 5 years was looking all sad at the frame when suddenly she saw an image appearing in it . A young lady clad in a simple pink saree stood behind her .

"jannat, beta kya kar rahein aap yahan ?" a melodious voice attempted to fill the empty room with her voice. But in fractions of second, got dejected with no response.
"jannat kya hua beta ?" the slender lady lend a hug to this angel of her life called jannat, which really meant a jannat of her love and her life.

To her expectations, jannat responded back hugging her from her waist,as it was all this high she cud get . And she took her in her embrace .

"maa , dad kab ayenge ?" though her name was jannat ,but her own jannat was missing from there.No wonder the frame and home were just like an empty frame for her with him not around her .
Before she cud give her an answer, the door bell rang, which rang all thebells in Jannat'smind as well.
Unable to hold herself to wait who was on door she ran towards the door , expecting the unexpected.

But it looked like , luck wasnt on her side today, it was mere some kids playing outside the house who just rang the bell for prank.

Outside the big house named as " Ridhima and Amir's Jannat" was this angel standing once again diapppointed.
Few minutes later , the young lady came out to see who was on the door but the look on Jannat's face said everything .
There stood both the most beautiful ladies in the world in their own ways.
"Jannat Khanna and Ridhima Khanna "

tobe cont......
Part 1

Recap: ridhima Khanna and her daughter Jannat are missing Amir who happens to be ridhima's husband and jannat's dad.


 Ridhima and Jannat were standing outside the house looking at the name plate saying 'ridhima and amir's  jannat '.

'chalo beta andar chalo ', with a sad face ridhima tried to make jannat realize there is no one on the door.

'but maa, paa kahan hai , mujhe laga woh aaye hai',disappointment was clearly visible on jannat' face saying each and every second that how much she was missing her paa.

'andar chalo beta, fir paa ko phone karke poochte hai ki woh kahan hai'she made every effort she cud to bring a smile on her face.

'pakka?' both the beauties walked into the house while jannat was looking at her mom ,trying to look for confirmation in her words.

'pakka !!'ridhima gave a sweet lil kiss on her cheeks knowing wat exactly jannat was looking for on her face.


The ladies walked into the living room ,both were looking for something. Jannat was looking for TV remote while Ridhima was looking for phone.

They were so much in synch with each other that the things they were looking for, they got at the same time .

With jannat turning on the TV and Ridhima got hold of the phone. She has just begun to dial the numbers and Jannat was scrolling through the channels. She looked like an exact replica of her mom. No matter what they were doing, they always looked like mirror image of each other.


'Hello? Kya main captain Amir Khanna se baat kar sakti hoon ?', as she placed the phone on her ears hoping to have some news from  his side, fearing he was in battlefield.


'hello ? hello ? aap kaun mohtarma baat kar rahi hain ?', the officer on duty on the other side tried to hear clearly as everything sounded so dead due to post battle hassles and doctors and nurses running here and there to save as many lives as possible .


'Ji main captain Amir Khanna ki wife hoon', she tried to convey her message but was getting disturbed by the loud TV sound.

'jannat beta please awaaz kum karo mumma paa ko phone kar rahi hain ', she said a lil irritated.

'Sorry maa ', as she turned down the volume.


The officer on phone was silent for a bit but then couple of mins later a voice came over the phone, but it was different from the one before.

'hello ?' she tried again to communicate with the other side.

'hello? Mrs. Khanna ?' the person on other side tried to compose his voice amidst the rush that was taking place at his side.


'Ji, main Mrs, Khanna, par captain Amir se baat karva dijiye please, unki beti ko unse baat karni hai.'


'Im sorry Mrs.Khanna' he said with a pause ,as if he didn't had the courage to speak the rest of the missing words.


'kya matlab , aap kaun hai' she didn't wanted to believe her ears.

At the same time, while jannat was scrolling through screens she came across news channel, where they were showing live telecast of post battle .She always hated watching news, specially news related to army and battles.


'main unka doctor hoon, Dr.malik , im sorry hamne bahut koshish ki bachaane ki ,par' at that moment he hated his profession coz he had to give bad news to family members of soldiers.


'nai , main nahi maanti' and phone dropped from her hand and she fell on ground.But was waken up by a scream

'mumma , paa ....paaa..........paaaa..........paaaa' the lil girl screamed with her lungs filled with pain instead of air

She ran upto her, took her in her lap 'kya hua beta' she tried her best to not cry infront of her ,she knew she has to be strong for her Jannat.

And before Jannat could answer, her eyes went on to the tv screen and tears started brimming from her eyes.

It was live telecast from the battlefield and the camera was rolled at Captain Amir Khanna's bed side

'capt.Amir Khanna ne bahut hi bahaduri se apni jaan ki parwah kiye bina ,apne 4 saathiyon ki bachaya, par khud is jung ke maidan mein apni jaan  gava baithe' the reporter was still narrating the event .


'Maa , paa......humhe chod kar chale gaye' Jannat took hold of her more tightly.

'Beta woh dekho paaa........' as she wiped her tears.

 And both of them kept staring at the screen trying to catch every glimpse of their world for the last time till hours after the news was telecasted.

Part 2

Recap: Ridhima and Jannat came to know about Amir's death


The words that shattered their world were still echoing in the little world of Ridhima and Jannat. There was everything in that small little place except life of the 4bricked walls.

But Ridhima knew she has to be strong to secure her little world 'Jannat'.One month has passed by since Aamir passed, but Jannat's eyes were still looking at every corner of the house hoping that her paa would come out of anyof the corner like they used to play hide and seek and he would scare her. Ridhima felt herself more helpless seeing her Jannat with a false hope, a dream she knew would now  never come true, all she could do was  just imagine her world with her, as if he would walk with her all her life holding her hand.


'kabhi yun bhi toh ho , dariya ka sahil ho

Poore chand ki raat ho, aur tum aao

Pariyan ki mehfil ho, koi tumhaari baat ho

Aur tum aao

Kabhi yun bhi to ho ,kabhi yun bhi to ho

Yeh naram mulayam thandi hawayen

Jab ghar se tumhaare guzre toh tumhaari

Khushboo churayen

Mere ghar laayen

Kabhi yun bhi ho

Sooni har mehfil ho, koi na mere saath ho

Aur tum aao

Kabhi yun bhi ho, kabhi yun bhi to ho

Yeh badal aise toot ke barse,mere dil ki tarah

Tumhaara dil bhi tarse

Tum nniklo ghar se

Kabhi yun bhi toh ho ,kabhi yun bhi to ho  '



Life was no pleasure for him as well, he knew how much he hated his job during the battles when he has to reveal to families their loved ones are no more. He has been doing this job for last 4 years now. The day he was done with her doctorate, he joined armed forces as a doctor. He wanted himself to be isolated from the worldly affairs. The things in a common man's world had given him so much pain that his heart was left with seizures.

The day he disclosed the news of Capt.Amir to his wide, for some reasons he started hating his job. Only he knew how much he wanted to run from there.

'May  I come in Sir ?' the young doctor walked into the cabin of the senior doctor at the army hospital.

'yes. Come in Dr.Malik , how can i help you ?'a rude voice took over the air of the room .He was the senior doctor at the hospital, and with years passing seeing all the dead people have somehow turned this man into a stone, unwillingly.


'Sir my resignation' and he extended his hand towards a farewell from the battlefield.

'but why? What happened ?'

'Sir, i cant see these dead bodies anymore' somewhere he felt , he chose this profession to save lives ,but today he is giving up the job .

'ok , good luck with your future 'somehow the old senior doctor was cursing himself, if he could have been able to make this decision earlier in his life he wudnt have turned into a cold stone.


The very next morning he packed his bag and his little belongings, some precious and some unvaluable.


The brakes made the bus came to a halt and he woke up with a jerk.

Looking around, he discovered he was back in his old world, the world which he left behind long time ago for not coming back again .


'welcome back Armaan' as he kissed the 'jhumka' in his hand. The only precious thing he had with him.





'Jannat beta , main bazaar jaa rahi hoon kuch sabziyan lene, tumhe kuch special khaana hai toh bata do ?'she made one more failed attempt to cheer her up .

'nahi maa, kuch bhi bana lo'came a low response.

'ok '

'wait maa, aj paa ki favourite khaate hain , pasta banaouge ?'came a weak smile on her lips.


'ok beta , aj pasta banayenge' she left through the door giving a sweet kiss on her cheeks.


His gaze was searching like they used to years ago, looking for one face. Unbelievable to his eyes it was in front of him, but his eyes refused to believe the reality. He thought its his imagination, just like years ago his eyes used to deceive him. One more look at the reality and his eyes started to belive as he heard the voice effect along with the vision.

He couldn't belive what he was seeing was happening in real.


'Kabhi dil ke kareeb, tumhe mere naseeb

Yun layenge socha na tha

Ek chahat ka pal

Sab sawalaon ka hal

Yun payenge ,socha na tha

Kabhi dil ke kareeb .


Aankhen jo ab meri aakhon mein hai

Dhoond raha tha kayi saalon se

Kitni milti hai aankhen yeh

Khwaabon se mere khyalon se

Ke haqeeqat mein hum

Sapnon ka sanam ,

Yun paayenge socha na tha

Kabhi dil ke kareeb.



He couldn't belive his destiny that he could be showered with this luck, as he saw her standing in front of her. She was still the same , her simplicity hasn't changed a bit. One thing that was missing was the glow that she used to have on her face , the charm that she had , all was gone. But the reasons behind that? His mind was unable to think of them as of now.


Where he was in his own world, so was she lost in her thoughts. As all that was left in her hands were thoughts, thoughts without dreams.


'Kabhi tanha baithe baithe yunhi

Pal mein hi main ghum ho jaati thi

Main bhi kahan main rehti thi

Aksar main tum ho jaati thi

Yeh ajab si khata

Aur iski sazaa

Yun paayenge socha na tha

Kabhi dil ke kareeb'



As she turned away from her thoughts, she saw him stood infront of her . Was she shocked to see him there after so many years ? Even she didn't know.But she felt like she got someone of her own she can share her sorrow with.

'Hey, armaan, tum ? yahan ? itne saalon ke baad ?' a smile formed on her lips seeing him.

And all he cud do was smile , he was happy atleast she remembered him.


'yepp me , tum kaisi ho Ridhima ?' barely able to utter words .


 Part 3

As she turned away from her thoughts, she saw him stood infront of her . Was she shocked to see him there after so many years ? Even she didn't know.But she felt like she got someone of her own she can share her sorrow with.
'Hey, armaan, tum ? yahan ? itne saalon ke baad ?' a smile formed on her lips seeing him.
And all he cud do was smile , he was happy atleast she remembered him.

'yepp me , tum kaisi ho Ridhima ?' barely able to utter words .

The moment he asked about her well being, the tears which she tried hard to hide from her best friend started brimming up .

Trying to remove the tears on a sly , she wiped the lone tear that was struggling to stay on the surface," main bhi theek hoon "

"ab tak jhooth bolna nahi seekha tumne ? " as he wiped the tear she was battling to hide .

"Tum yahan kaise ?" continuing the game of acting unknown of the facts he asked her . He knew she got married when he was off to the battle field years ago but wasnt sure which city she was in .

"I live close by . ghar chalo baith kar baat karte hain " she was trying to find the ears who would know her sorrow and feel the pain she was goin through without her saying a word. and who could be better than armaan , her best friend .

"aaj nai phir kabhi " smiling through his dimple cheeks ,inside he was scared to face her after so many years, scared to face ridhima he wasnt used to, scared to see his ridzi lost.

But as always unable to refuse her pleasing requests he agreed." ok chalo ".

"Amir and Ridhima's jannat " as je read the big bold letters outside the house , the words where hurting like needles and poking every inch of him, seeing her name with someone else ,he died every second a death all these years imagining ,and now the truth was in front of him .

"jannat meri beti" she smiled while pressing the bell button,giving another shock to his tender heart, everything was going expcted as he thought in all these years but yet his heart didnt know how to react to all that.

As the little angel opened the door ,"Mamma aap a gaye, itna time laga diya sad.gif, papa ki fav dish laye ho na ".

"Haan baba layi hoon " she picked the love of her love in her arms and led armaan into the drawing room.

The thought of meeting the man who took away his love,was heart wrenching for him.
and all these strange feelings made him skip a step or two.

"Armaan, tum theek toh ho na ?,main abhi paani laati hoon " and she headed towards the kitchen.

Looking over the walls , he was thinking " her likings are still the same " and suddenly he came across a frame with a photo of an army office."i have seen him somewhere " while struggling to remmeber where and when,

"paaa, captain Amir Khanna " jannat was watching this stranger and the way he was looking over the pic.

The moment he heard the name he cudnt believed destiny could play this game with her. Because of the incident he left army ,and here it was again to remind him of that.

" paa humhe chod kar chale gaye " and the tears started flowing her cheeks .

As he held her in his arms ,ridhima heard the sobbering and came running quickly .

"Jannat tumhe kitni baar kaha hai , dont cry for you paa, he is with us , and i wont ever believe in the words of the doctor who said that he is not with us".

One more bitter truth he came across, he was the one who broke that news to her unknowingly that its her ridhima , and he could see the anger for that doctor ,Dr.Malik, that was he himself .

 Part 4

"Jannat tumhe kitni baar kaha hai , dont cry for you paa, he is with us , and i wont ever believe in the words of the doctor who said that he is not with us".

One more bitter truth he came across, he was the one who broke that news to her unknowingly that its her ridhima , and he could see the anger for that doctor ,Dr.Malik, that was he himself .

Still struggling with his thoughts , he found lilte angel pulling his hand . As he looked down there was his little ridhima staring at him for some answers .

"Aaap kaun ho ? aur yahan kyun aye hai ? aap maa ko kaise jaante ho? kya aap mere paa ko jaante thea ? Uncle batao na !"

once again feeling the pull on his fingers.How can a little girl leave a grown up speechless ? Was that happening in real or was that his fears that were asking him all these questions ?

why was he here ? should he even be here ?
There were lot more questions than answers to them .

"woh beta main !!"was he just saved in time with ridhima intruding in there ,was she his only hope to help him answer the little angel.

was she the daughter of the soldier he infomed about,or was she daughter of his first and last love of life, or was she just a pure symbol of innocence ?

"beta yeh mere best friend hai ,college se ,say hi to him " trying to smile on her own comment about her bestfriend,ridhima lifted jannat in her arms .

Grabing her from ridhima,now jannat was in the arms of a completely new strength

."well woh dosti puraani ho gayi ,kya aap mujhse doste karoge ?" waiting for an answer ,he looked at jannat swirling her head from one end to another ,not giving a response,butjust looking at her mom,what should she say .

with a final approval from ridhima ,jannat extended her hand towards him .

"myself jannat khanna aur aap ?"

"myself armaan ,armaan ..."thinking should he say malik or not, as her words of hatred for dr.malik roared in his ears .

"armaan malik" ridhima completed giving a smile.

"Tum dono baith kar baatein karo ,main lunch ready karti hoon ".

"nahi ridhima rehnde do, i will be leaving now "

"Armaan please khaana khaa kar jaana .Bahut din ho gaye kisi apne ke saath baith kar khaana nahi khaya"almost choking on her words,she marched into the kitchen .

~~~In the kitchen ~~~
"Armaan malik " the words from 2 seconds of flashback hit her mind again .

"Dr.malik , kitne farak hai na dono malik's mein ,naam ek jaise hai par hai bilkul alag"she smiled on her own comment while peeling the onions .

"Armaan bhi toh doctor hai na " peeling the next layer of onion as if she was peeling some truth .

"Toh he is dr.armaan "and she giggled on the thought of arman being a doctor.she still remembered how carefree he was even as an intern,and with that she peeled another layer of onion .

"nahi nahi dr.malik" she said with a sense of pride, trying to imagine how her best friend's name ,as it might have been taken by others ,adding the last name as elegance

"dr.malik? " as she reached the core of the onion ,she almost choked on her thoughts .unknowingly she peeled the onion to the core,just as someone would do to discover a truth.

"nahi nahi ,armaan woh dr.malik nahi ho sakta " unable to lose another loved one,she tried her best to avoid the destructive thoughts,emerging in her mind .

whole heartedly she went back to the living room,with some steaming pakoras ,just like her eyes were steaming, thinking about the worst consequences of her thoughts .

A little hesitant with her thoughts ,she put down the tray .

Despite being not around her for years ,he still could read her face and he could sense there was something terible going on in her mind.

"Armaan where are you practicing these days " was that enough of the shot he needed to conclude wat was going on in her mind ?

Making an excuse would be a perfect excuse to not answer her question.
Just then he saw his cellphone vibrating, as if God was with him ,

ofcouse He would be as he did nothing wrong "ridhima i have to go rite now " he silently thanked God for helping him just on time and got up from his seat to leave .

As he was on the door stepping out from the new world he has just revealed,he was stopped "Ruko Armaan "

to be contd..............

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hi di,
it sounds great.............will wait for u to continue.....

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Aweee kanu u are welcome babes .... actuallyim happy to see u and many others writing more ...

Love kat Hug

btw... U have insprired me to write a punjabi poem which i will post when i get to get ur response when i dooooo Smile

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wow kanu.....another waiting 4 sounds interesting

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great Tongue

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wow kanu
another one by u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait to read it...............

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pppplzzz continue soon........i think it wud b worth readin...plz write.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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