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Mystery of Friendship/love/enemity(FF)

Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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  IS kahani MAy  Rajkumaron /rajkumarion ka naughty ness,bachpana,responsiblity,love,loyality,friendship,excitme nts,mystery,
adventure key barey may hey

Fan Fic
Sorri its Paritaallly in eng and some hindi because i don't know proper hindi so plssss cooperate with itttttttt
here is the story line
Maharaj Aryavardhan:

he is the king of aryanagar which is famous for buliding stautes ,he is king for 20yrs
he is realy kind,nobel,loyal,honest,hard working,royal person he is also an strict father for only his one son
whose name is dharam ,his main ambition is to make his son an future king
so he is very strict towards him and he loves his wife n sister n his praja
he have a brother named jaivardhyan
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ ---
Maharani Shamali(i don't know her serial name)

she is most caring person always support her son whenever he is in troble
perfect as a wife n perfect as a mother and is best friend of nivrithi

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- --------------------------------------
Nivrithi ;

she is an caring mother she lost her husband in an war between other country n lost his battle
she lost her 3 kids and she got veer from an lake n adopt him as her  own son n loves him till death
she is very kidn,friendly,loyal person but the fact keeps her hurting ,she misses her husband badlyyyyyyyy

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---

nivrithi's husband an brave,courages,good king of Shing nagar
but lost his last battle due to an cheap trick of other country person
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------------


he is the most naughty prince u will find he loves his mother n dharam till deadth
he loves to break rules and he is very courages,brave,kind,lovely,
he doesn't know abt his real identity-that he is an adopated son
he thinks that his father was cheated n killed n he will take revengue with the that cheap king
he is a good player ,smart,integent person
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

actcally she was maharani of Dajwar
an big rajyaaa it is rich in everything but an disaster took which changed her life
all wants this rajya as its rich but her husband somanad was grt warrior n king
he always wins all wars and his relatives are really jealous of him and their eyes are on his richness
he was killed by his relatives for wealth n oder to kill pari,sakshi(her daughter),veer(who was an month yr old baby)
but pari was lucky to escape them now also they are searching for pari,veern sakshi because somanad
put an will that only veer can be the king od dajwar or else there all wealth will be given in hands of the praja(ppl)
so she lost her veer on a river but knows that veer is in safe hands n joined sharmailks so she can see him every day

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------

An grt warrior n grt king of dajwar where is famous for wealth and  vast place all ruler have eye on it
but he became an door between the greedy ruler
he was grt king but was killed by his own brother for wealth
but he was smart enough to put a will that all his wealth will be in veer's hands only or else it will go to
the people
he was smart,intelligent ,wise,grt fighter of the era he loved his wife n children n loves his prajya
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
so here goes

he is the son of aryavardh n is scared of his dad n his strictness
he loves his mother and  veer more than any one or more than his life
he is very nice to everyone ,he is very hardworking n caring,kind,royal,living accrding to the rules n regulation of the
he likes to play with veer who is his cousin but it is like
Do jism ak jaan
dharam knows veer's aim he promised that he will surly help him to
kill that boney chacha(who killed vikranth )
so they both are very deep bonded
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- --------------------------------------------


jaivard's son who is very like him very greedy and loves to play trick on dv n break there relation ship but never succeded
he likes to see dharam in trouble and hate veer for supporting everytime for dharam n helps dharam to escape from trouble
which will be created by agni,he loves his father his mother was dead 16yrs ago due to illness
he loves her n miss her too much and
agni is very greedyy,selfish,rude,cruel character he always compares stauts and alll
he always teases veer by saying that he is kamzoor pita's son n is not rich as he is and all
but dharam always says that whatever dharam has is veer's also
agni never leaves a chance to make trouble for dv

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ----------------------------------------------

maharaj aryavaryd's father's brother's son
he n aryavaryd was nominated for the seat
he did a lot of things for the seat all stuffs bad stuffs
but he didn't get it and he is soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous n
he hates his cousin n love to killl dharam when he gets an chance
n he wants agni to be the next king
he hates veeeeeer toooooooooo much as he is smart

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ -----
boney chacha;

he is the one who killed vikranth and wanted to kill veer as he is afraid that one day
veer will kill him and take his dynasty so he is always on watch for veer wherever he goes
he is greedy,selflish,tricy,rude,cruel,who likes to kill ppl without reason
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------


he killed real father of veer somanad he is the brother of somanad
he is an crueslestttttttttttttttttttttttt person u have ever meet,you all can imagne how it will be to kill own brother for
wealth,he is greedddyyyyyyyy,crueslist, rudest,arrogant,disgusting,he badly wants veer
as all the wealth is in veer's name
he is most smart person cunning person crooked person

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------

he is an special killer of bhimdev who is searching for veer pari n sakshiiiiiiii
he is an proffestionate killer he never falls to kill anyone  his orders are to kill pari n sakshi on the spot n
bring veer to bhimdev he is still on his mission
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------

agni's best friend he is an landlord's son who is very close to jaivardyan
he is crooked all dako ideas are his n he is very like agni who always wants to
make trouble for veer because he hates veer more than anything
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------

Nakul;(purana arjun)

in left
he is the best friend of veer n dharam who is rajkumar of kurukwar
he is very humoruos person,he loves his friends and hates agni n tashaaaaa
more than anything
he lives with dharam n veer

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- --
now rajkumari's intro

Rajkumari Anannya

ji ha dostion iss may shera rajkumari sach much ki rajkumari anaaya hey magar
jab she was born her mother died
but her father loved her sooooooooooooo much he coudn't see her in sunshine for one minute he loves her soo much
but she was really irrated because she want to be like others she want to play in rain with other girl,she wants to walk n go to temple
but her fathers order was not to make any of these wish come trueeeeeeeee
sooooo shera dedicded she will go around the rajya as shera (an boy)
she is brave like to fight n is best house rider ever known,she loves to help poors and is known as the dako
but her father nor other's non her real identinty
she is most wanted  dako
her father rewards 100000 money those who bring shera in front of him[:lol]
she loves her friends,very couarges n proud to be a princess,she is also an ghambandi
aur little arrogant n don't belive in love n she have her own rules n regulation she
obeys alll rules n regulation
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- -----------------------------
shera's father-jaichand;

he loves his daughtherrrrrrrr and he don't like hurting his daughter at all he thinks that she is all to him
and he won't make her hurt by anymean not even an sunshine can't touch her
he is good,very caring,poossieve king who loves his daughterrrrrrrrr
n is friend of maharaj aryavaryd

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- -------------------------------------

Rajkumari Anushka
new character i can't find my pic in my pc heheh kidding well i didn't get any girl according to her character

she is rajkumari of swargnagar
she is most naughtiestttttttt rajkumari who always talkssssssss and never obeys rule n regulation
she is mischeifer and an troublesome case
she loves to do what her father says to do she only hears what is right to her
and her father is  very very very strict
they are none other than maharaj .........
u will come to know it sooon
her father is an cruel one but she is like her mother who died 5yrs ago due to illness
she hates her father like hell n she doesn't like being his daughter
she always got punishments every time by her father always
she has a brother who is really like her father
she loves children n poor's she always escapes from mehal or palace as she can n hates being there

she don't care of stautus

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------

Rajkumari sakshi;
sorri couldn't find a pic (same as our sakshi)
but nw she is a sharmilk but she is really the daughter of somanad n pari who knows abt her identinty n all abt herself
she is senstive,pratcical,brave,nice,kind girl who always hears her mother's words
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- -------------------------------------------------------


her parents loves her she is very nice humours n love her friend anushka
she always support anushka whenever needed and her parents as there daughther
her father  is an landlord n know how anushka is treated n
vayshali also is very caring,senstive,friendly,kind girl,she is sometimes dump but very nice
---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Rajkumari Sia;

she is same as dv  nice n annoying girl always talks too much she is very ziidddi n she is arrogant too
she cares abt stautus and she love her parents
in this fic
sia's parents don't compel her to marry
she is in talash of her dream rajkumar

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Samarat ;

anuska's brother who is greedy n is very very careing n strict abt his stautus very arrogant he is cruel n rude
cunning and smart
he loves his sister but very strict with her
he loves being an emperior of the world

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Hariya dako;

bona chachu's fav men
chachu had given him the contract to kill veer
n jaichand had given him contract to catch shera at any cost

---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -------------------------------------------------------- ---- ------------------------------------------------------ --- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Part one-

The story starts as
we see an beautful ladiess voice chanting om jay jagish hare(yes that time also the song is there)
and two of the queens where [raying to god
one is nivirathi and other is shamali
they both are doing puja in the puja room in front of shiva ji's big murti
all lamps litten and glow of there faces makes us feel that its still night with 2 moons on it
both are praying(after finshing pooja)
nivrathi(n)(in her mind);shiva ji apko pata hi hoga ki muhjey kis cheez sey bahut parishaani hey
mera veer mera hi hey. may usey kohna nahi chahata and pls uski raksha karna
Other lady in mind;mera dharam aur maharaj ko salamath rehey aur mera dharam ko koi problem may mat dalna
aur maharaj ko dharam key sikayath karni ki koi mauka na dey
just then an man comes there n its non other than the maharaj
both ladies turn back n smiles
shamali goes n touch the maharaj leg n she gets an sign of perfect day by doing that n maharaj takes sindhur from tali n
put it on shamali's forhead  which makes nivirathi misses her husband soo much but she don't show it on face
she goes to her brother n takes his ashirwaad n brother gaves her ashirwaas
maharaj ;where is Dharam
shamali;still sleeping and why do u always ask for dharam not veer
Maharaj;because i know that Veer is shadow of dharam where ever dharam veer will be with him no matter where they are
   but how many times should i tell that an rajkumar should be one who always wake up first
when will dharam wake at early morning???? after all he is future king of aryanagar
shamali; he will surly be a grt king like u but he is just a kid and pls don't start to scold him from the morning
N;yes bhaya u should not spoil there morning as our pitaji spoiled ur many mornings
then they all laugh and goes

then in same mahal an corner there is an larger room with 3 beds in side it
and we see a three beds with 3 charming young rajkumars sleeping in it
in first bed its decrated with blue silk cloths and we see a very neat bed and an rajkumar sleeping in t with his heads up in his cool nice blue pillow
 he is very deep in sleep  his sleeps like an kid sleeping with innocent face pure n charming n he is unaware of what his uncle n cousin way to kill him at any time
awarre of his responsbilty n he is sleeping with dignity
its non other than rajkumar dharam
and in second bed its decorated with pink(light)silk cloths and u can see aa messy no messiest  bed u ever seen
u can see some dresses here and there some sticks and there is an bg talwaar n some books and in middle of that there is the charming prince sleeping innocently
doesn't know his destiny he doesn't know wat all trouble are ahead of him
he is none other than Rajkumar Veer
then moving on to next one its a bit messy not like the veer but messy with some cloths on the bed with some sticks to
in middle there is our cool guy sleeping with karakete he is very funny sleeping face is also funny with half open mouth with all noise still sleeping unaware of his
destiny or his family reaction when they know that he disbey there command n run away from the house
but sleeping very peacefully n enjoying his sleep
its none other than Nakul

Rajkumar Dharam was more responisble one
so he dedicded to go @sharp time n try to be puntcal
he wake up as the sunshine glow his face and he loves to hear birds singing n hears to see his fav flowe which is rose to be in front of him a vase he loved nature
he went n look at the other who was sleeping n laughed n he went for his usual fresh ups
then after comming back from there
he heard an bell
as he heard the breakfast bell he was shocked because it was already 8.35(breakfast timing at 9 his father was very striict abt punctcallilty whoever it is) and he don't want any reason for his father to scold him or his friends and decided to
wake the others
he reached veeer first then he started to shake him but no asar then he took some water n sparyed it on to his face
Dhaam;Veer utha bhi then veer wake up n smiles @dharam
and stated there pillow fight
in middle of fight
Veer;dharam tumney agni ki nayi plan ko suna
Dharam in an confuseed expersion
Dharam;kaunsi plan ki barey may baat kar rehey ho tum????????

as then(dharam) heard the breakfast bell he was shocked because it was already 8.30(breakfast timing at 9 his father was very striict abt punctcallilty whoever it is) and he don't want any reason for his father to scold him or his friends
then HE and Veer went to wake up nakul which was a diffcult job because
Naakul  was a kumbakaran
veer n dharam tried every thing water trick then also no effect time was runnning out n then
after there 10 mintues hard wrking veer got an idea
And Veer immated nakul's father's voice
Veer;Nakul tumney yeh kya kiya hey
then nakul suddenly wake and started to say
Nakul;mayney kch nahi kiya hey pitaji woh (then he opened his eyes n sees veer n dharam standing n laughing)
NaKul;may tumay nahi chodogaaaaaaaa tum na dharam bhi tumney muhjey dara diya tumney almost meri jaan leliiiiiiiiiiiiiii arghhhhh
Dharam;not now nakul its already 8.45 omg its 8.45 omggggg commonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn go n get ready

Nakul;tho dharam aur Veer aapp dono muhjey uthdeney may itni dheer kyun kar dhi??????
Veer n dharam both stare at him and with a quick bath n changed there dress
and then they reached the hall but all where there all except these 3 rajkumar's
Maharaj extremlyyyyy angry for late comers
ALll knows this
The 3 rajkumar strae each other and says
veer to dharam;hum to gaye kaam sey
dharam to nakul;hum to gaye kaam sey
nakul to Dv;ha pata hey agey dekthey hey hota hey kya
all scared
agni n jai very happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

End of PaRt 1
Kya Punishment milega inn 3 rajkumaron ko
aur agni ki nayi plan kya heY????????
deknekeliya read Dharamveer fanfic
do comment should i continue or not??????????????????

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Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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do commentttttt
pls suggest a name too
anjali83192 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2008 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Wow yaar!kya aagaaz hai,anjaam to bahut hi mazedaar hoga! Clap Clap Clap
i"ll be eagrly waiting for the nxt part Smile n yes sabhi ko puntual to hona hi chahiye! LOL LOL LOL
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by anjali83192

Wow yaar!kya aagaaz hai,anjaam to bahut hi mazedaar hoga! Clap Clap Clap
i"ll be eagrly waiting for the nxt part Smile n yes sabhi ko puntual to hona hi chahiye! LOL LOL LOL

LOL magar may nahi  ho
thanks for reading n commenting pls do commenttttttttttttttt
crazy_kiran IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely completely spell bounding
crazy_lil_gurl IF-Rockerz

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great Clap plz continue Tongue
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by kirantarani2007

lovely completely spell bounding

LOLLOL ya all spelling mistakesssssssssssssss
thanks for reading n commnetingggggggggg
Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by crazy_lil_gurl

great Clap plz continue Tongue

Embarrassed thanks for commentinggggggggggggg

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