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KNI Update - March 3 - 6: Flashback!

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 8:21pm | IP Logged

Episode 43 -

Recap...Chandru (Divya's father) tells Sakthi about the importance of the temple....and hence the flashback. 

A man ( is murugavel), all dressed in white, along with his men enters the court in Chennai.  He is well built and walks like a dada.  He walks into a lawyer's office, and receives warm welcome.  He then inquires the lawyer regarding a matter (not yet known to us) that had reached the high court; the lawyer suggest the he not worry about it, but adds that the other party along with the police had taken the matter to court, and due to lack of evidence, the judegement is yet to be made.  He calms ayya, who seems to be in a hurry since they're all going to go look for a girl for Sakthi. 

As they walk out of the court, ayya bumbs into Chandru.  After a brief moment, both recognize each other, and start hugging (a longtime friends reunited!)  They inquire on their well being and share their happiness about having to see each other after a long long time (the last time they saw each other was at ayya's wedding).  Ayya tells Chandru the happy news about going to look for a girl for Sakthi...and the former request the latter to join them. 

They all go to the bride's house.  The bride to be's parent's are very happy and are elated to marry their daughter into a family of such caliber.  In the meantime, Ayya proudly introduces Chandru.  After talking briefly about their background, they decide to fix the wedding.  All of a sudden, one of the relatives of the bride receives a call from someone and is irritated on hearing the news.  He goes and tells the bride's father; just before priest began to read the auspicious date, the bride's father inquires Ayya on his whereabouts prior to coming to their house.  Ayya admits that he had gone to the court regarding a town matter.  The bride's family doesn't take it easy but start putting down ayya for that.  Soon the argument turns into a physical fight, between Ayya's men and the bride's relatives.  Chandru is trying to calm everyone down and advices that they are here for a good thing.  To avoid any further fight, Chandru suggest tht elderly talk it out.  Ayya asks Chandru to stay with them.  The bride's parents and uncle keep calling ayya as a roudy family, but ayya maintains that he is the leader of the town and hence such things tend to happen (still not sure what it is ... probably some fight).  Still the other party doesn't seem to get convinced, and as such Ayya decides to call if off, and they take off. 

Back to reality....Chandru adds that a good thing happened after this event at the temple...back to flashback.

The Suv stops at the temple.  Everyone get down the vehicle.  Sakthi's mom is blabbering and blamming her husband's short temper for all this messed up alliance.  Chandru calms her down and asks her to go pray.  In the mean time, ayya (murugavel) is expressing his feelings to Chandru - he adds that this was the first time he had ever gone to ask someone else for something and the outcome is too depressing.  Furthermore, he doesn't know how he's going to tell his people back in the town, since they will be awaiting the fixed marriage date.  Due to murugavel's circumstances, Chandru immediately is willing to get his daughter married to Sakthi.  Murugavel (ayya) asks Chandru not to take drastic decisions, but Chandru affirms that he is happy to give his daughter to them.  Hence Sakthi - Divya alliance is fixed at the temple. 

end of flashback.....

Back at the temple, Sakthi is amazed by Chandru's decisions, and asks how he came to this decision.  Chandru says that at that time, all his thoughts were for his friend, murugavel, and he didn't want murugavel to be embarrassed, and more over, he knew of how murugavel would have raised his son.  Sakthi is thankful to Chandru, but Chandru adds that such decisions were made without their permission, and hence asks for apology from Sakthi.  Sakthi takes it easy, and adds that he's happy to be part of his family. 

ninnaivugal thodraum.....

hope i wasn't too confusing....:):)....The story seems very interesting...KNI is amazing...

Episode 44

Chandru drops his family off at the house and leaves to do some work at his site.  Divya requests him to rest before going, but her dad suggest that he do all the work now and can relax when he's retired.  Sakthi agrees.  After sending Chandru, Divya and Sakthi walk toward the house; on their way, Sakthi talks proudly of his father in law, saying that he's lucky to have gotten such a nice FIL.  Divya is happy to hear this.  Someone from Chandru work drops the ticket off with Divya - the tickets were booked for Sakthi to go home the next day.  Divya once again begins expresses her feelings regarding Sakthi leaving - she feels happy when he's around her.  Sakthi tells her that the feelings for another is enhanced even further when one is far away, since they'll always be thinking about the better half.  Divya is amazed to hear Sakthi talk like this, and compares him to her dad.  Sakthi is happy yet begins to tease Divya about how she acts (i.e. still immature).  Divya begins to chase him. 

At the kitchen, Viji (Divya's mother) is preparing food.  Divya asks her whether if she's making special food for her son in law.  Viji replies that she wanted to prepare some delicious home made food since the two had bee out of country for a while.  Soon Sakthi senses the food, and joins them.  He can't seem to wait to have the delicious food.  Before he could have a go at it, his FIL walks in and suggests he eat later on with him.  Sakthi at first doesn't understand why, but Chandru signals 'drinks'.  Now Sakthi changes his mind and decides to go in his FIL's way.  Viji and Divya didn't get it first, but soon realize it and let it go the men's way, although Divya was being a little strict.  A funny scene altogether Big smile.

Chandru and Sakthi are sitting outside.  Chandru plays his favourite music (his usual company when he takes drinks).  Chandru wants Sakthi to be casual, and requests him to treat him as a friend.  At first Sakthi is not willing to drink in front of Chandru, but after Chandru compels, Sakthi gives in. 

In the kitchen, Divya asks Viji why she's allowing her husband to drink, and that too with a side dish.  Viji replies that no matter what the married women would want to keep their husbands happy. 

Back Sakthi - Chandru Drink Party.  Sakthi expresses that he's never been this happy (of course while having drinks).  Sakthi wants to know drinking is bad.  Chandru advices that as long as they stay within the limit then everything will be fine.  Soon Sakthi goes to the kitchen to get the side dish. 

Back in the kitchen, Viji tells Divya to stop teasing, and adds that Divya too will do Sakthi such favours.  Divya opposes and adds that she'll never allow Sakthi to drink after marriage.  Just then Sakthi walks in to grab the side dish.  Divya (a little annoyed) tells Sakthi that he already seems drunk even before the arrival of the side dish, but Sakthi maintains that he only had a soft drink (what a lie).  Divya tells him not to lie, hence he admits that he had a drink that too for his FIL.  Viji then suggests that he could have not had the drink for her atleast.  Poor Sakthi LOL!  He tires hard to tell them that he got confused and hence had the wrong drink.  Soon Divya gives him the dishes and advices him to drink little and have supper soon after. 

Sakthi brings the side dishes to their place.  Chandru wonders if Sakthi likes his MIL's food.  Sakthi likes it so much.  Chandru adds that Divya is also capable of cooking, but if she had stayed with her mom for a bit longer, then she would been an expert.  Sakthi adds that Divya is sharp and hence she'd learn a lot quicker.  Soon Chandru shares his feelings about not getting the type of drink he wanted, but Sakthi tells him that they'll not always get what they want and hence will have to adjust to what ever they get.  Going along this line, Chandru asks Sakthi to categorize Divya: i.e. whether she's what he expected, or otherwise.  Sakthi considers Divya to be above all. Sakthi is totally drunk LOL! Chandru adds that Divya is a short tempered girl, and asks Sakthi to reason it out.  Sakthi justifies Divya' negative qualities, and that they must adjust to it.  He further adds that Divya is everything to him, his heart n love.  Chandru is elated to hear this and adds that his daughter is lucky.  Chandru wonders how in such a short time period, they got to know each other so well.  Sakthi not aware of anything begins to talk about their special arrangement - their living together.  But before he could say a word about it, Divya calls his name.  She then tells Sakthi to go sleep, since he's soo drunk.  Chandru so badly wants to know abut that special arragenment, but Divya is not willing and asks her dad to take Sakthi to his room.  Chandru agrees.  The screen freezes on Divya's face.

Ninaivugal thodarum....

Episode 45 -

Hi guys, sorry for not updating for the last couple of dates;  have been extremely busy; but here's a short summary of what is happened thus far.

The next morning (after Sakthi - Chandru have the drink), Chandru has an emotional chat with Divya talking proudly of his son in law. His wife later scolds chandru for making SIL drink the day before - since sakthi is still asleep.  Chandru goes to wake him up, but Sakthi keeps thinking that it is Aish LOL. But when he reazlies that it is indeed his FIL, he wakes up just like that.  Sakthi is really suprised to see Chandru steady as ever with no hang overs. 

Sakthi in his room fixing his hair; Aish soon joins him with fairever cream (I think a promo here Wink);  She tricks him and applies the cream all over his face - a facial for Sakthi.  In the meantime, Divya is amused by all this.  Once Aish is done, she asks Sakthi where his vollet is so she could put the instruction as to how to do the facials himself.  Divya requests him not to tell her, but Aish still finds it.  In the process of putting the instructions in, she grabs some money.  Sakthi has no objections.  Divya then tells Sakthi that Aish had tricked him and asks him to go wash his face so they could go out.....

Episode 46 -

Sakthi is in the family room playing with the thabla.  Aish approaches him and praises him as one of a kind....Sakthi gets the point that she's upto something.  Aish requests he come meet her friends;  At first Sakthi declines, but then later agrees.  He wanted to get permission from Divya, but Aish told him that she'd get permission of Divya.  She goes to the room only to find Divya taking a shower.  Rather than asking Divya if she could take Sakthi out, she just tells her and leaves.  Divya tries hard to stop Aish, but fails. 

At a restaurent, Aish is with her friends.  The friends don't know why they aer here.  Soon she calls over Sakthi.  At first, Aish's friends think that it is her boy, but later Aish clarifies.  The girls ask Sakthi a bunch of questions, and also inquire on Divya.  They then order food, and Sakthi is shocked to see how much the girls ordered Big smile

Back in the house, Sakthi asks his mother in law of Divya's whereabouts.  Viji tells him that she's in her room, but warns him of Divya's mood (who's really mad at him for leaving her....EmbarrassedBig smile..choo chweet).  Sakthi affirms that he'll calm Divya down. 

In the room, as soon she hears Sakthi calling her name, she pretends to talk on the phone with her friend.  Sakthi is suspicious and decides to call her cell.  Soon Divya's cell rings.  Divya is a lil embarrassed.  As Sakthi approaches her and tells her why she needed to do such acting, Divya straight away tells him that she didn't want to talk to anyone right now.  Sakthi tries to convince her, but Divya suggests that he should have thought about her since he's leaving that evening; and that she had a lot of plans for that day.  She further adds that scold her sister for taking him away even while she was telling no.  jJust then Chandru walks in (he isn't aware of any of this), telling them to get ready to go to a place - that is a suprise!  The couple are confused, but Divya still seems a bid moody....Embarrassed

Kanavugal thodarum....

sorry for the short updates guys....

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sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
thanks aisha

yes this story is getting interesting day by day
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
Thanks aish... story is getting so much interesting. Wish i cud watch it too Cry Astro will never air such good serial Confused
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2008 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
sakthi was so near to blabbering the truth sounds good

super update Clap
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2008 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aish for the updates.

LOL LOL lucky Divya came in time, or else thats it LOL Tongue
Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2008 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aisha..
Sorry that I'm unable to watch this and update as i'm bit busy.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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no worries Arjun... take it easy buddy Big smile

geethanjali_92 Groupbie

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