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KKK Mar 3 - 6 : Bala - Rag friends...but?

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 7:38pm | IP Logged

Episode 268 -

At school, Pandi is teasing Bala (with his comical liners) about fighting with Vineeth, while Pachai tries to ask Bala what happened.  Bala tells them that Vineeth and Rags had come up to him while acompanied by Priya, and starting questioning him about his friendship with Priya, while also putting Priya down.  He further justifies himself, and expressed that he will no longer talk to Vineeth nor Rags (Ouch).  Pandi and Pachai are a little suprised hearing this and suggest that he rethink his decisions, and advice him not to fall for the newly entered lady chinese.  Pandi teases Bala for having to develop feelings for Priya, while also adding that such is a result of Priya saving him (Bala) from Gabriel sir - to which Bala agrees.  Bala maintains that he no longer considers Vineeth and Rags as his friends, even while Pandi and Pachai try to tell him about Rags' favours.  Bala is stubborn about his decision and tells them that they are more than welcome to talk Vineeth and Priya, but he does't want to hear about them anymore and leaves.  Pachai seems worried about Bala's behavior (even after they repeatedly tried to), but Pandi tells him (Pachai) that once upon a time he too would not listen, and hence he (Pachai) should expect his friend (Bala in this case) to act the same way.  Pandi further adds that they should give him sometime and that everything will be back to normal. 

At school, Vineeth (along with Rags, Rishi, and Unni) is worried about Bala's behaviors.  When Unni asked him if he's angry at Bala, Vineeth expresses that if their relationship was like how it use to be (i.e. old days when they used to fight often), then he wouldn't have cared, but now he's upset since they just become close.  Rishi suggests that he should have gone a little easy, but Vineeth maintains that he was trying to be calm but Bala kept on talking nonsense.  He further starts inquiring about their fight - i.e. who started it first, who's fault it was and all that.  He's very upset about having to fight with Bala and wants to go and appologize if its his fault.  Unni and Rishi suggest that he leave the matter alone for a week, and that he not approach Bala (esp. if he's with Priya).  After Rishi and Unni leave, Vineeth apologizes to Rags for his behavior and having to create more problems.  Rags thanks him for understanding and being there for her, and adds that she was afraid of Priya splitting their friendship, but is suprised by the outcome (i.e. friendship with Bala).  Vineeth calms her down and promises her that he'd always be her good/ trustable friend. 

PT is laughing historically under a tree while the lecturer (who Pandi teases so much) is curious to know why; PT while still laughing tells him about the aapu the students had given Gabriel sir; and hence he's elated about it.  He starts mocking GS.  The two are laughing so hard, and their happiness ends with GS's enterance (who as usual is serious).  Sadly, GS had arrived a long time back.  The lecturer tells GS that it wasn't his fault (hence not to punish him), and takes leave from there.  PT is stuck and is giving silly reasons (such as late marriage, small children, my house stove burning on my salary LOL, poor family) to try and escape; GS advices that he should behave as a responsible man, but PT seems to be absent minded and hence angers GS even more. 

Pandi and Pachai are waiting for Rags and Bala.  They're not sure if they'll join them (since its the first time after the fight).  Soon they see Rags; Rags asks them if they can have lunch but the two suggest that they wait for Bala.  Rags confirms that Bala will arrive since Priya is absent.  Pandi and Pachai are elated to hear this, and to their suprise Bala does join them but with a bit of hesitance!  They all start eating their lunch; Pandi sees Bala eating fried chicken (since his dad is away his mom fried him chicken for lunch), and takes one and offers to Rags without his permission.  In return, he (Pandi) takes Rags egg and offers it to Bala.  Bala rejects it.  Pandi doesn't leave him alone, and takes another chicken and offers it to Rags (who's still shocked by Pandi's behavior).  This time Pandi's managed to irk Bala, who yells at Pandi for having to mock him so much.  Soon he chokes and the boys grab Rags' water and offer it to him, but Bala is soo frustated that he takes the water bottle and throws it before taking off from there (Angry oh why).  Rags is hurt by all this and leaves that place, even thought Pandi tired to calm her down.  Pachai scolds Pandi for having to create more problems. 

Bala is riding his bicycle to school, and is elated to see Priya waiting with her scooty.  When asked, Priya gives the same old reason (that her scooty is troubling).  Bala, with a smirk on his face, asks her if he could try to start the scooty - he sings Raaja kaiya vatcha athu wronga ponnathillah Big smile; Priya tells him that he's not a Raja and that the scooty wouldn't start no matter what.  She tells him that they leave to school soon, but Bala freaks her out by making up a story about bike thefts.  She gets freaked out, and asks Bala to try and start.  He pretends to start (but doesn't try) hence confusing priya.  She then presses the button on the handle, and the scooty starts.  Bala laughs at her and expresses that he knows the truth.  She apologizes to him and says that she wanted to become friends with him.  Bala is all happy, until, she pops another question: will you easily throw my frienship just like you did to Rags, who's been your best buddy.  This angers Bala and he takes off, even while Priya tries to call him. Clap weldone Bala....hope you maintain this anger on Priya....screen freezes on Priya's worried face!

Kanavugal thodarum.....

Episode 269 -

Bala, Pandi, and Pachai are happily entering the school on their bikes.  The trio seem to have a fun time, but soon spot Vineeth's group walking on the oposite side. Pandi wonders if they are allowed to talk to them, but Bala strictly says no, since Vineeth had hit him the day before.  Unni sees the trio coming and asks Vineeth if it is ok to talk; the latter suggests they don't since the guys might start mocking them.  As they close in, Pandi and Rishi act as if it is their first time meeting and soon start hugging; Unni hugs Pachai.  Bala and Vineeth are left in the middle; both are agitated, and soon are seen to walk in different directions.  The rest of the boys laugh hard at it. 

At the beach, Rishi joins Pahcai, who as usual is selling Sundal.  Pachai wonders why Rishi is here and not studying, Rishi adds that he'll study later on.  They soon hear Murali (who apparently is there to study) calling Pachai; after saying hi to him, they bump into Gabriel sir.  GS advices that Pachai prepare well for the exam and not spend time on such activities, since it takes a lot out of the studying time.  He further adds that he is willing sponser Pachai's studies from his personal scholarship account.  Both Pachai and Rishi are elated to hear this, and speak proudly of GS. 

Vineeth's group is sitting underneath the tree; Rishi asks Vineeth about his favourite number, color, and person (A chinese game).  When he got to the favourite person, he (Vineeth) suggests Sanghave; Rishi wants him to choose a person who is still alive.  Vineeth then said Chris' name.  Soon Unni begins to joke that all Vineeth's favourites (including Mano, Bala, and Priya) are far away from him.  These words really hurt Vineeth, who begins to ponder over it.  Unni apologizes, but Vineeth adds that it is the truth.  Rags walks by them and asks what the matter is.  Unni and Rishi tell her what the matter is; Rags advices him that no matter what, those who adore/love/care for him will always be there for him, and gives a few examples (such as his mom, Unni, Rishi, and herself).  This makes Vineeth happy.  They are all happy now. 

Exam Time.  In 12 A class, Pandi is sitting on the teacher's bench and is being playful; Bala and Pachai are teasing Pandi for having to hide Bit papers.  Rishi and Unni on the other hand are teasing Vineeth for not receiving any good luck SMS's from Priya.  Vineeth tells them to just focus on their studies.  Just then Gabriel sir walks in, and Pandi is terrifies.  GS wonders why Pandi is nerous and asks him to take out any bit papers if he'd hid them earlier.  Pandi takes out a whole bunch of papers, and before GS could hit him, Pandi request he not hit now, since he won't be able to write the exam.  So GS asks Rags to remind him afterwards.  Lucky Pandi LOL.  All are writing the exam! 

Pandi, Pachai, and Bala are under a tree; Pachai wonders why Pandi had visited the principal's office; Pandi replies that he had gone to have a meeting with Prici to find ways to develop the school.  Bala kicks Pandi in return.  They all seem happy, and realizing this, Pandi expresses that it's been a while since they had fun.  Soon Pachai apologizes that he was the reason for the hardtimes.  Pandi teases Pachai about it and advices Bala not to follow that path.  Pandi further adds that their group is not entirely happy since Rags is not happy.  As soon as Pandi mentions Priya's name, Bala tries to cover his mouth.  The trio are having an awesome time.  All of a sudden, Murugan (Pachai's father) angrily yells at Pachai - i.e. he's found out that Pachai was in love with Rags (who had done them a lot of favor).  He starts slapping Pachai, but is stopped by GS. 

Kanavugal thodarum....

new twists...hope Bala reunites with Rags this way...


Episode 270 -

Kadhambari's Version:

Pachai's dad & pachai is with Gabriel Sir.He is telling murugan that this is school not his home 2 beat pachai.He is advising Murugan that pachai has only few months left 4 his exams,so he shudn't treat him like a accused.pachai breaks down by saying murugan is not talking 2 him 4 which murugan says he can't give him the same affection he used 2 give him gabriel says 2 murugan that Pachai will stay in his house with him till Final Exams.Murugan is saying he is not worth 2 be given such importance but gs ignores his words.

Bala is at home studying while his brother prepare chocolate drink.bala is enquiring about that & his bro says it is a new chocolate drink which he shud also take 2 improve his studies.bala & his bro running 2 beat each other while his father bumps in & question him y he is here without school.he says bro is unwell & his dad start scolding him & ask him what he is planning 2 do after 12th.bala says medicine,sidha,homeo,agri& a list.his father scold him & asked him 2 visit SRM engineering next day & ask him 2 get details.he goes 2 SRM with Pandi.Both of them go around & get prospectus.Pandi is asusual enjoys SRM's canteen & bala joins him after he gets prospectus.

Bala is luking at both pandi & pachai & says both of u luk confident while Pandi interupts & says i know i will not get thru,pachai will always get gud marks but u'r like madhil mela poonai,u'll fall down & get hurt badly.Gabriel enters & he says he doesn't have answer sheets with him now.Pandi is happy & says but i have all u'r marks in hand.pandi is shocked while gs says he forgot his cane.pandi thank god & says 2 bala god exists while bala sees puli with cane entering theri class & accept with pandi that god exists.pandi is telling puli 2 go back while he enters & give Gs his can which he forgot in their class.he read the marks,rishi is ok,bala has 2 improve,vinith,pandi fails & get his cane treatment.Gs announces i have 1 very gud score & 1 dissapointing score & informs Ragavi got a very bad score for the past few exams & she shud improve.she is sad & bala & everybody luks at her.Gs then announces Pachai's score & he scored above 190/200 in all subjects & 200/200 in Maths.Everybody is happy 4 pachai & applauds.Murugan enters the class with some circular & while he leaves Gs says welldone Pachai,u shud keep going with the same scores & murugesan luks at pachai & leaves.


Recap from 269 - Murugan (Pachai's dad) goes and scolds Pachai for having to develop feelings toward someone (Rags) who had done so much favour to their family.  Gabriel Sir comes Pachia's rescue!

GS advices Murugan not to distract Pachai since studies is important to him.  Pachai adds that it is his fault, but what ever the case be, GS wants him to focus on his studies.  GS further adds that Murugan should love his son, but the latter says that he is willing to do anything for his son (even his life), but that his heart feels empty after what had happened - wife's death (GS still doesn't know whom Pachai had fallen for).  Keeping Pachai in mind, GS suggests that Pachai stay in his house till he writes the exam in about 4 months.  Murugan is ok with the decision.

At Bala's house; Bala's brother is making himself some chocolate milk shake and suggests his brother have some to solve all his problems.  After some quarrels, Bala chases his brother only to bump into their dad.  His dad scolds Bala for skipping school (the reason being that he had to take his brother to doctors) and then asks what Bala's plans are after completing + 2.  Bala blabbers LOL, not knowing what exactly he wants to do.  Then the farther suggests he go visit SRM engineering college (Confused..I thought Bala wanted to be a doctor....ah...very confusing). 

Bala and Pandi visit the college, and are amazed by the classroom size, labs, and of course the food court LOL. Like ginny and utopique said, it was purely a promo for that college.  Bala so badly wants to enter that college, and so does Pandi, but the latter has to first cross the hurdle (i.e. pass the + 2). 

At school in 12 A class, Unni teases Vineeth about what's happened thus far: Vineeth becoming Rags' friend, hence is the hero, and Bala becoming Priya's friend, and hence the villain.  As predicted by Rishi, Vineth has no answers and laguhs it out.  Next scene with Bala's group....

The trio (Pandi, Pachai, and Bala) are sharing some mokkai jokes (i'm assuming regarding the studies).  GS soon enters the classroom and informs them that he does not have the exam papers on him.  Pandi is excited to hear this, but his excitements soon dies down, because GS has the grades on him.  To add to Pandi's misery, Puli brings in the cane that GS had left in their class LOL.  Bala does average; Rishi does fairly well; Pandi (very anxious) gets 68/ 800 and gets some blows; Rags has done averge only (GS is disappointed and ofcourse we know the reason for this); Pachai did an excellent job (all in high 190s Tongue).  Everyone are happy for Pachai.  Just then Murugan walks into hand over the attendance; GS advices Pachai to achieve the same in final exam.  Murugan turns around to look at Pachai, but has mixed feelings...can't seem to figure it out....

Kanavugal thodarum.....

Episode 271

In Bala's house, Bala and his brother are eating along with their dad.  The dad inquires Bala on whether if he had gone to SRM college.  The former doesn't really reply since he's into eating!  But as soon as he realizes the seriousness of the situation, he tries to answer but isn't able to.  Guys itz really confusing; he had just gone to the SRM college in the last episode (yesterday) to collect all the details.  The dad scolds him for having to go to  the college along with Pandi, and lays a deadline for him to show him the applications by that evening. 

As such, Bala once again goes to the college along with Pandi (on the same bicycle).  Bala lets Pandi know that Priya was going to join them. They see Priya waiting for them  Bala roombave asadu vazhinjaaru!  It clearly shows that Bala is interested in Priya, and also they are promoting this college.  Near the end, Bala had decided to offer Priya a ride on his bicycle, leaving Pandi to go hom on his own Angry.... As the two are on their way to Priya's house, they bump into a police vehicle.  Bala loses his temper and starts scolding the driver not realizing that it was his dad.  Bala is shocked, but Priya is so friendly, and asks his dad for a ride instead. 

At school, Vineeth (who's sitting alone) is approached by Priya who sits fairly closeby (i'm assuming she wants to talk to him?).  She soon spots Shir's group and calls them over.  She thinks that Vineeth was beaten by these guys last time and hence requests them to repeat it again.  Puli once again requests her to walk away without turning around, and the guys unwillingly accept another round of blows from Vineeth..all for Priya's sake. 

Priya, with Bala, inquires Bala whether if he was scolded by his father after seeing them together.  Bala says no and asks her why she is so interested in him being scolded.  They then talk about being followed by his father, and the discussion moves on to his parents being suspicious of him being in love with  Priya (i.e. his mom crying when he's watching love songs LOL, and the dad checking on him all the time).  Priya too adds that Rags is suspcious, but Bala neglects the thought, since he's aware that Rags would never do such a thing.  Then Bala asks her why she's so angry at Rags, and she tells the story about Rags (being an orphan after Boxing day Tsunami).  Bala is really moved by this and soon leaves. 

Bala along with Pandi and Pachai (who already knows everything) approach Rags, and ask her why she never shared her flaskback with them.  She adds that all she wanted was friendship and she did want anyone to feel pity for her.  She requests them to be friends, and Bala agrees.  Hurray.....Clap.  They are all friends now....BUT....Bala lays a condition......he still does not want to talk to Vineeth, and also orders others (including Rags) not to talk to Vineeth.  Rags is shocked.  He further asks Rags to decide which group she wants to be part of.....Shocked

kanavugal thodarum....


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ginny007 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aisha..This bala seems to have kept his brain at home...
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
thanx aisha 4 update.

Thaan endra Ahangaaram
Thanadhu endra Mamagaram
Nyanathin edhirvedham
Voonathin adaiyalam.This is dedicated to Priya.

I wish Bala shud come bak 2 his sense soon.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys... Tongue

Kadhambari, thas such a nice poem...what does mamagaram mean again? Thanks for sharing the poem with us.. Tongue
Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Nice updates. Thanks aisha.
We will not b able to watch tv for another 10 or 15 days.
Ur updates make us feel serial happen live.
Thanx a lot.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
thanks aisha

wonderful words from priya's mouth hope bala understands atleast now Confused
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 11:24pm | IP Logged


Thaan endra Ahangaaram
Thanadhu endra Mamagaram
Nyanathin edhirvedham
Voonathin adaiyalam.

The above mentioned lines are from Bajagovindham.we used 2 have it as a prayer song in school. Mamagaram means mamadhai,u must've heard it.

i just thought the 1st 2 lines wud be appropriate 4 Priya's character now in KKK,the last 2 lines will soon be applicable 2 her.



Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 04 March 2008 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aisha.

It will take time before Bala realize the truth colour.

btw, nice poem kadhambari Embarrassed

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