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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

About the show & Characters Sketch

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The image

This story is about two friends Balraaj Maan and Lalit Juneja who used to stay together in Ambala (Punjab) This story is about their children Heer and Prem who fall in love.

20 years ago, Lalit after loosing his first wife Shipra marries Gayatri and goes to UK to get settle.Before leaving for UK Lalit assures Balraj that he will get Prem marry his daughter Heer. Since last 20 years Balraj and his wife Teji along with two daughters are waiting for Lalit to come back and take Heer as their daughter in law.


Krishna Juneja -Dadi  (KD)
She is the head of the Mann family.  A very lively person, KD has seen so a lot on life both up's and down's but this has never disheartened her and she has never lost her zeal.  She is a live wire and after the death of her husband she just lives for her family. Today KD enjoys every moment of her life.  She is a prankster and is full of stories – from love to ghosts KD has a tale for every occasion.  KD is very much like "Zohra Seghal" of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Lalit Juneja

Lalit is KD's only son.  One of 10 most powerful men of Mumbai City and is a very forthright human being.  A La rags to riches story.  In his younger days, Lalit started off their business as small time retailers of things like cars, electronics and gold from all over the world to sell it in the gray market. Slowly his clients became from the regular wholesalers to the who's who of the Mumbai city, from politicians to celebrities to high society crowd, everyone was floored by Lalit's way of doing business.  Mumbai saw his climb very rapidly, but it was due to his own ambitions that he's where he is now.  Besides this Lalit was a family man. 

Lalit enjoyed the power, the money, the 'ji saab's', and the 'aaya saab' attitude that he got from the same people who didn't think much of him before.  As the climb went higher, people around him respected him more and more.  He started expanding his business by getting into higher deals and as they say Lalit had arrived. 

Lalit fell in love with Shipra and married her.  Things were bliss till about five years and they had two kids – daughter Kulraaj and son Prem, till the day Shipra discovered that she had cancer.  Shipra passes away and Lalit then got married to Gayatri, Shipra's younger sister.  It took a while for the bond to develop between Lalit and Maya and today they have kids – two sons – Preet, Harman and and one daughter – Veera.

Lalit is very proud of Prem as Prem has carry forwards the business successfully and has managed to grow the business empire by leaps and bounds but his favorite son is Harman.

Lalit has all his hopes pinned on Harman, who is a lawyer by profession and is working under Ram Jatemalani.  Lalit is very upset with his daughter – Kulraaj as she had run away and had got married to Rajesh. It's been about ten years that Kulraaj and Kiran have got married and till date Lalit maintains a very cordial relationship with his son-in-law Kiran.

Gayatri Juneja
She is Lalit's second wife and a stepmother to Kulraaj and prem.  She is not the typical stepmother and for her the world revolves around Prem.  She loves Prem and no one can point any fingers on her son.  Gayatri has stood by Lalit trough all the rough times and that the reason Lalit respects her a lot.  Gayatri commands a lot of respect from everyone around.

Kulraj is Lalit and Reena's daughter and is the eldest sibling.  She fell in love with Kiran and married him against all odds.  Lalit had almost disowned her daughter but it's because of the efforts of Gayatri and Prem and Lalit even meets tolerates his daughter and son-in-law.  Kiran and Kulraj are not very well to do as Kiran is working as a manager in a firm, but both are happy and they have a five-year-old daughter – Gunjan. Kulraj has to think twice before she has to spend but she is proud of the fact that her husband is a self made man.

Kiran  is kulraj's husband and he loves Kulraj a lot.  He is a self made man and works as a manager in a firm.  At times the pressure of getting accepting by Kulraaj's family as well as the financial constrains take a toll on his and Kulraaj''s relationship.A point will come later in the story where Kiran will have an extra marital affair with his boss Urvashi and it would be Urvashi who would open a bundle of opportunities for him.  Thus kiran would be cough between a "Gharwali" and a 'Bharwali" 

Prem Juneja
Prem is Lalit and Maya's son.  He is the pillar of strength for the entire family.  Everyone looks up to Prem during the time of any crises as he has a solution for anything and everything.  He is an ideal son, brother, husband and person with a heart of gold. Prem has sacrificed his ambitions for the sake of his family. He has always kept his brothers and sister's wishes and dreams over and above his own.  Prem had to get into the family business, as there was no one to help Lalit to grow the business. For Prem Maya's words are like the final decision and he will do anything to make sure that Maya is happy.  Prem is someone who still has not done her real mother's (Reena) shraddh as he believes – my mother is still alive so why should I mourn her death.  He is man of strong convictions and a giver by nature. Prem is good looking, well spoken and has a great sense of humor.  Prem is a man any girl would want to marry. Prem is a single thread that binds the entire family and has a unique ability to be a fun loving prankster as well as a responsible human being.

Harman Juneja
Harman is Lalit and Maya's son and he is one of the promising lawyer of the country.  Not only is family, his boss Ram Jethmalani but also the media has lots of hopes from him.  He is always in the news.  Harman is Lalit's blue-eyed boy as he has fulfilled all his dreams that Lalit ever saw. Lalit banks on Harman and feels that his son can very go wrong.

Harman is in love with Urmila, Ram Jethmalani's only child.  This fact would be hidden from the Maan family and will only be unearthed later in the story when Lalit wants Harman to marry Heer because of Prem's sudden death.

Harman not only refuses to marry Heer but even walks out of the house as marries Urmila and agrees to stay with her in her house.  For him Urmila is his ticket to success.This is something that Lalit will never come to terms with and may even disown Harman

Preet Juneja
Preet is Lalit and Maya's youngest son and very much like the boys in Rang De Basanti. Preet is a arm chair rebel and a lawyer by profession, the profession that he has never taken seriously.  He is very much like Shah Rukh Khan of Dilwale.

He and his cousins Nirbhay and Jeet are like a house on fire and the only person that these three are scared of is Prem. Preet always looks up to Prem and wants to be like him but does not want to make an effort.

Lalit thinks that his son Preet is good for nothing and nothing will happen of him as he is not at all serious about anything in life. Preet is in love with Shweta. Its only when Prem passes away that Preet realizes his responsibilities and even agrees to marry Heer and becomes "The son of the family"

Veera Juneja
Veera is Lalit and Gayatri's youngest child and the most pampered of the lot.  She is use to luxuries in life and feels that having money is the only way to live.  Veera wants to get married to a "Bank Balance" and feels that love is just good in books and without money nothing can work.  She is proud of her good looks and see knows that her good looks are the ticket to getting a wealthy husband.She does not see eye to eye with Heer

Nirbhay and Jeet

Nirbhay and Jeet are Manoj and Divya's sons.  Manoj was Lalit's brother but both Manoj and his wife Divya died in a plane crash when Nirbhay and Jeet were only five and seven respectively.  Gayatri has brought up theses kids with as much love and care as hers and all of them live together as one family.

Balraaj Maan
Balraaj is very much like Anupan Kher from the film Bride and Prejudice.  He takes immense pride in his daughters and has thought them to always keep their head held high.  He is a farmer and has petrol pumps as well.  They are very modern cum routed family. He is only worried about his gossipmonger daughter Piya.  All in all the maan's is a very close nit family.

Teji Maan
She is Balraaj Maan's wife, a very simple lady who cares for her family. He loves a son Kuldip (who's like Hrithik Roasan of Fiza), she is still in the hope that one day he'll be back.. she cannot argue with her husband

Balwant Maan
He is younger brother to Balraaj, a hen pecked husband to Daljeet. But when it comes to his brother he is very loyal. But later on we reveal that whatever problems have occurred in Balraaj's life is all because of him…he had planned everything.

Daljeet Maan
They are very much like Nadira Babbar from the film Bride and Prejudice.  She is a very typical small town ambitious mother and aspires that all her three daughters get married into rich families and does not feel a wee bit awkward if she has to be pushy to find prospective bridegrooms.  Sarita has three daughters – Ashlesha and Vishaka and son – Nihaal .

A very down to earth girl living amongst the bad people. She falls in love with Prem and then we play on the Silsila track between Heer, Prem and Ashlesha.

She is someone who wants to be know and does want to be in the limelight all the time. She is very arrogant and brash. She cannot hear a "NO" for an answer and always gets what she wants.  The reason that Vishaka had got attracted to Preet was the fact that he was a tough nut to crack and was the heartthrob of the university. Vishaka is totally charred when ram leaves her and married Heer. 

Heer Maan (Main Lead)
Heer is the daughter of Balraj and Teji maan. Heer is a lawyer by profession and works a lot for NGO's.  Heer is not a rebellious person but does not hold herself before fighting for causes that she feels are right. Heer is a person who would listen to her father and would even give up her dreams if they came in the way of her family.

Meher Maan
Is second daughter to Balraaj and Teji maan. She is very much like Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met, she likes to talk a lot, a biggest gossip monger. Loves to eat food. She can do anything for her family.

Nihaal Maan
Nihaal is the son of Balwant and daljeet Maan.  He is someone who wants to be a model and is always in the gym.  He is a very typical jaat, good to look at but no gray matter up there. Nihaal is a typical small town glamour struck boy and for him Hindi films are the epitome of fashion and he thinks after Salman Khan and John Abraham people should die for his physique. He apes them to the core and at times ends up making fools of himself, something they he is least bothered about. Nihaal is willing to sweat it out and struggle his up in the modeling industry and wishes to be in Bombay soon.

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tnx for dis shruti Clap Clap

its reli helpfull Smile

i think im gonnna like dis show LOL
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Thanks for this,ShrutiBig smile.

It'll b quite helpful for the members.
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Thanks for the wonderful character sketch Shru!! So Prem is going to die!Shocked

Keep smiling...



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Thanksss a lot!! Big smile
shopgirl1 Goldie

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very nicley xplained really helped...gud post Clap
sarah1024 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2008 at 9:04pm | IP Logged

Thanks a lot, Shruti! Smile

Wow, seems like Ekta has already planned this show's storyline for the next ten months! The character sketches give away a LOT about the future plots. I was initially looking forward to this show, but with Prem dying, Heer marrying one of his brothers, Heer's uncle turning out to be negative, and an entire army of useless supporting characters, this serial is going to be just like all the other k-soaps. Why can't Ekta try something different for once?

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lol dont worry these characters will be gone from the show in a matter of 2 months...then itll be the girl ALL alone FIGHTING for the TRUTH

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