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"Advika-Unique"(LastPart V)Above18yr plzz (Page 6)

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2008 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
Part V (last part)
After coming back from the trip. Advika and Nirmit met for dinner. Nirmit at that point asked her, whether she could share her past with him.
Advika: Nirmit, I have never ever let anybody interfere in my life and into my past. But for u and for the special friendship we share I will tell you…….(there was silence)Nirmit, I had gone for a birthday party of my friend who belong to a very high profile family. We friends together would hang around. In her birthday party, my bad luck I went to the wrong place at the wrong time. Within a matter of 10 minutes my life took a turn. I was raped by this Man named Avinash Sahu who was on high dosage of drugs. My friends who reached there soon, could just take me away from that site and we packed ourselves in a cab n reached home. At home, I locked myself in the room. The painful part was the constant anger in me, due to the touch of that person. It was hard to forget it even for a sec...
Life wasn't a bed of roses for me,
One dark night stole innocence from me,
My small dreams about my yet to come first kiss had vanished,
Nightmares about his touch & society's pity end, that's what I wished.
After a lot of thinking for many days when i got to know i was carrying his child.. I informed my parents that they need to go and ask the Sahu's to get their Son married to me. That family had no shame & they felt as if Avinash was a patient and I was a wrong treatment he took for his disease. They were high profile names to save their prestige and name, I was married to Avinash.
Nirmit: Why did u marry ur rapist?
Advika: Nirmit I am selfish u can say, or may be stupid and weird in thought. But very honestly, I cared a damn for what & how should Avinash lead a life? My only concern after few days of anger for him was I.. ME.. Myself. How can I lead a better life? I never thought that killing or a death sentence; prison for Avinash will help ME improve my life. I knew these things don't matter to me.
Nirmit: You never wanted to teach Avinash a lesson, punish him for ruining ur life?
Advika: I wanted to teach him a lesson that's why I got married to him. I did also want myself to have a better stand in life without having to confront people's pity and constant court sessions which will publicly make me a piece of entertainment. My pregnancy should as well be a thing of celebration not a part of sad unhappening.
Nirmit: How did ur marriage with him, made u achieve what u wanted?
Advika: My marriage was accepted by the Sahu's as they need to stay away from controversy, they felt a bechari type of girl like me, would just keep quite and live a silent life into their big household. They thought I will be caring for my sindoor and respect my in-laws.
Nirmit: So what did u do?
Advika: I had a straight attitude, marry the Son, get a status of wife, have a week to stay (for the simple reason that people don't question how I became pregnant) divorce the man, get the alimony. The family was in shame to answer anything in order to keep the secret that Avinash had raped me, they knew I wasn't the innocent , sati savitri type, Also the DNA could prove he is the father of my child. I was determine to make hell loose if I don't get all my conditions fulfilled.
Nirmit: U weren't scared they may well finish u? As well as Avinash may harm u in some way?
Advika: On the first night, I remember him saying that one day I forced u to sleep with me, now it's legal to do that. I had warned him my father army's personnel who r inside the bungalow who would take a gunshot at him if they feel I am in danger. I remember him sneezing in doses of drugs and behaving like maniac.
Nirmit: Why didn't u let the justice come to u by court? Avinash didn't get any punishment either.
Advika: Look from my side, I am not forgiving him, I don't want to fight the case which will make him free as he will surely get bail, he is out, am fighting for years, I am a heroine for the whole nation, face people their question , my life will be screwed with that  topic all my life. After enjoying freedom for years finally few months of prison…or may be he will be in jail….but what am I getting…?I am not saying this is for all the women to do if raped, am talking abt my own self. A divorce is a better option for me than a victimized rape victim who is fighting her case for years to get raped in each court hearing.
Nirmit: Do u think, Avinash got the punishment he deserved, such people in society need to be taught a lesson.
Advika: I can't do for the society; I can think for myself, I wasn't a Mother Teresa. Ya, he did get into a lot of Ego trips by me, I had made him really cry within that one year. As a husband he was made a joke at all parties, We did had a agreement as well in the process of divorce, I had asked for 75% property in alimony they gave 50%, me had put conditions for agreeing to the 50%as well.
Nirmit: Conditions? He agreed,…..  how?
Advika: He thought these conditions like change in name , make a public apology, attend few function with me…. Were simple to do, so he signed.
Nirmit: They do look simple..
Advika: Ya, Simple I made him write a note of apology in public paper that he wasn't a Nice Gentleman nor a Good husband to match up to his wife, that's why his wife isn't able to adjust. Avinash had to change his name too I removed 'A' from his name…Vinash. In all our legal documents u will get to see that name. The function I told him to attend with me were at a 'Naari Niketan', where he had to speak n hear about Womens rights and protection. I made him donate some money there. For his public image he did so. At another function with me I made him talk about Aids awareness, he did donate money there as well. At the last function we met women who have been victimized or should I say survivor's in hospitals, n donate on their medical treatment.  Avinash was scared he couldn't utter a word with the kind of determination I had. Avinash feared he may turn into a moron as I had so many conditions. He gave up soon & had cried at my feet one day. Also if I am not a virgin due to his deeds, he too should be a second hand for anyone else coming in his life. He wanted to escape n get free from me & my conditions…
Nirmit: Finally he migrated….
Advika: Avinash after divorce had to migrate from this country, the property which I had taken under my child's name, had made it impossible for them to stay in India & earn a living, the only property I left was which was out in remote countries, I was educated n had a far better knowledge of their own business, so they had felt my marriage had ruin everything. The share prices had gone down as well. Here it was difficult for them to get settled again n face pity.
Nirmit: U took into account about society looking at u and ur son, what about now they think abt u.
Advika:  If I say I was married and something went wrong. I am not a victim but a strong woman. On the contrary if I am rape victim I am victimized all over again. Even my child will not be called illegitimate if I am married. I can with dignity bring him up.
Nirmit: People say u were wrong u ask alimony? They don't know what happened with u? so ….
Advika: There wasn't anything wrong to get the alimony for my child. The child's responsibility was more on him, as pregnancy was forced upon me,. Be it married or raped. My son got the share in his father's property which was his birth right. Still now the property and everything is in his name, I am just the guardian.
(Nirmit looked into her eyes.. she was amused why he is looking at her so differently).
Advika: what happen? U cant belive what I am saying?
Nirmit couldn't understand what he was feeling,
Nirmit: I am speechless Advika, I am among the same people around, who think after getting to know a Woman divorced a rich guy she made quick money. I actually could take in the fact that u needed the money. But now after getting to know ur way of looking at things n life I am so shocked. U r very unique ….very Bold and may be very aggressive outlook. May be ur stand was very Unique but u pulled it off and brought the justice as u wanted
Advika: Yes, I am Unique as my name suggests it…Advika..means Unique..I am made Unique becoz I lived life on my terms n conditions. I gave everyone what they deserved I wanted no one should look at me n my family with pity. I wanted my child should not be deprived of his father name as well as the label of legitimate. That's why I named my child 'Tirth' which means pilgrimage. He is a blessing after walking through my path which was a pilgrimage for me, I got him. I am ready if people talk poor about my attitude towards life….but that's better than trying to prove u r innocent each day and ask for justice. I couldn't beg for justice, I made it to come my way, as I knew I was right…..and I have the right.
I am ready to be called a divorcee, who threw her husband out,
I am not ready to be a raped victim crying not to bail him out,
I made him migrate, child got all his right, got the status of a wife,
I tore this chapter forever and having a better and brighter life.
Nirmit: Advika……u r amazingly spirited woman. Really ur life inspires me, am sure I am overwhelmed u r My friend.
Advika smiles….
Nirmit: Come lets be together….its been time I was making my mind convince my heart…now it is…R u ready to marry me?
Advika: So at last finally u r thinking to ask me to marry u?
Nirmit: I am not very strong n don't have this amazing spirit n will power u have. But after knowing u so well….I know u said truth…and am a honest person as well. I loved u for ur beauty inside you which my heart felt every time, but now I want to marry u….as I feel….My life with u as my partner will complete ME.
Advika: Nirmit, u r just thinking about what u want? & how u would be complete….What about me, what will you do for me?
Nirmit laughed: I think I don't need to say…I love u…and U know...I am a perfect husband material….(Advika just laughed at his answer)
Advika: husband material...…..what about father material……
Nirmit: So u r hinting ,before that I need to collect father material in me. That's scary…(he said emotionally)my father never stayed with me, so am inexperienced….(continued with love in his eyes)Tirth is adorable if he loves me….am sure its easy to get her mother's immense love as well…
Advika smiled said: May be....(with a soft tone)
That was the day; they had the most romantic time together. They danced, they watched movie and in matter of two months they got married.
After three years, 'Tirth' was their only son. Tirth was more close to Nirmit than Advika. Nirmit was always the pillar of strength for her. Advika, after establishing the 1st biggest Software firm was awarded the 'Woman achievement award'. Here r her last lines while taking the award..
Tirth, my dear child, my treasure,
Am proud to be called your mother,
All my problems seem so small,
Whenever I am with u happiness comes on.
Nirmit I love you,
I know I don't have to tell you,
But let me tell the world,
I am the happiest when I am with you......
'I have travelled a long journey...along way... But every step, every move through my way...' Thanks to my parents for their immense support.
~A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love. ~

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Clap Fabulous...........Advika is a real Gem of a person....! Kuddos to her...!
jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 March 2008 at 5:42am | IP Logged
a superb story i am glad that i was above 18 and that i could understand this story a really fab part ab jaldise ek aur likho a jappi 4 u a writing such a story Hug
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2008 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Originally posted by togepe30

Clap Fabulous...........Advika is a real Gem of a person....! Kuddos to her...!

hi Vandu dear... am so glad that u actually liked Advika way .. though i cant say whether she is made the right path to approcah but its unique and in its way got her justice... ur admiration for her makes me really glad..Big smile

bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2008 at 2:40am | IP Logged

Originally posted by jyothi_cool

a superb story i am glad that i was above 18 and that i could understand this story a really fab part ab jaldise ek aur likho a jappi 4 u a writing such a story Hug

Hi Jyothi dear.... awww it feels so nice to know that u enjoyed reading and in the end it made u feel nice that u read the story... i was nervous whetehr u all will like this story or not..its just not that romanctic sweet types.... ek aur story heehheheh ..LOL not bored of these quick stories ...ek ke baad ek.. ok..will try n see... Smile..aur ur jahppi was so ncie full of warmth and love.. ekdam mast lagiiii thanks for the jahppiEmbarrassed one from my side as well...Hug

Edited by bhoomikauttam - 07 March 2008 at 2:41am
golu_1677 IF-Dazzler

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Sorry bhoomi for not replying earlier just a little busy these days. This was a amazing fic. I liked the advika way of getting justice. I admire her courage and boldness. Very few will be able to take such a step. Its rare. U have to be tough like her.

loved this fic. waiting for a another one. hopefully soon.
bhoomikauttam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2008 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by golu_1677

Sorry bhoomi for not replying earlier just a little busy these days. This was a amazing fic. I liked the advika way of getting justice. I admire her courage and boldness. Very few will be able to take such a step. Its rare. U have to be tough like her.

loved this fic. waiting for a another one. hopefully soon.

Hi Golu dear.. no need to say sorry yaar.. i can totally understnd..its fine.. even sometimes i get busy and i know how u all must be waitign for the next part... and i am here not able to post..heheh but we all kow how much we care for each other na.. especially few of us here have kown each other from really long....Big smile

Ya Advika is a story with am happy was inspiring.. the thing which always i felt that when a rpaist get s a life term or even jail or hanged ...doesn the girl get her justice really?? does all women suffernign from that trauma want the justice in the same way..?? does the society behave the same way with all?? few women cope few dotn, few stand, few fall... there is a lot of thought of how she wants to sort tit out for herself to feel better than abt how we all want it... and thats where this story was brought up in my mind..

thanks dear for appreicating it.... next story hmmm ya it will be soon.. i will be busy next weekend.. so probably will post soon... a short one....

monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi dear bhoomi sory for late reply Smile bhoomi you are amazing dear verry well ending ,mindblowing i love avdika in youe ff soo much. Clap Clap Clap

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