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Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee

Part 16
Abhi still cannot remember where he saw this man, but was sure he saw. (Ufff he's in CIDSB and still such a bad memoryAngry)

In Night
Pratap is driving Teji home from doctor's appointment. He drops her home and goes.

Rain starts heavily. Teji looking trough window and shivers, she was lost in her thoughts when a door bell jolts her back to the reality. She thinks who can come this time? And opens the door. And is shocked to see Rohan all socked.
Ro: my motorbike actually… and when he looks up shocked to see Tejali.
T: App?
R: oppss.. Hi I'm sorry didn't know it was your house. Well, I didn't thought ke hum itni jaldi phir milenge. (haan han tumne toh 5 saal baad ka kaha tha naLOL/)
T (Smiling rather shy): App yahan kaise?
R: Bike se..(LOLLOL..I lvoe this' boy's sense of homourEmbarrassed) both Laughs sorry bad joke, actually my bike broke down and its raining really hard so I thought to get some help from here.
T: Oh yea sure.
R: Yahin se, don't u invite inside whoever comes to ur door.
Teji now realises what he meant and invites him in. Now he was totally drenched.
Teji then get towel for him, and goes in the kitchen to make "coffee" for him. Then rohan starts to sing these words of song:
Kisiko samjhein hum apna
Kal ka naam hai ek sapna
Kal ka naam hai ek sapna

Teji hears it and is little surprised and then goes in the living room and is surprised to see there's no Rohan, then she turns around and jolts back to see Rohan standing in front of her.
T: U scared me so much. I'm making coffee it'll be ready soon. Rohan is just staring at her, Teji is getting little uncomfortable and tries to look away. Then she goes in kitchen where Rohan follows her and enters the Kitchen Rohan moved his head left n right n gave evil look to tej n tej is feeling abit scared now. n teji is trying to make coffee, rohan says u know tej iam the killer Big smile, mujhe maloom hai tum bahat aachi lardki hoo but phir be mujhe tumko khoon karna hoga
Rohan then put his hand in pocket and that out the SCALPER. (Haila, I was sure this boy is not good for TejiEmbarrassed)
R: how long I waited for this, now its your turn to die. I'm sorry teji u r a nice girl but I've to do this.
Yess, u r rite guyz its ROHAN!!!!! LOLWinkEmbarrassed
Rohan crazily starts singing:
Aaj ager tum zinda ho toh kal ke liye
Toh kal ke liye mala zaphna
Gumnaan hai koi badnaam hai koi
Kisko kabhar koun hai woh
Anjaan hai koi Gumnaam hai koi

A cup falls from teji's hands and Rohan turns around and smiles and starts moving towards her. Teji was so shocked that she could not even find her feet to move away.
R (while slowly moving towards her): Woow red my fav colour, sindoor lal, mirchi lal (haye haye mirchi, uff uff mirchiLOL), Gussa ke rang laal, VEHSHAAT ka rang bhi laal (when he says this he sees Vehshaat I tteji's eyesOuch) aur khoon lal, then starts laughs maniacally. Now he's front of teji and teji finally gather herself and says:
T (shocked, shaking): ohh, it was u who mur..der all the girls. Rohan hoo..w co..uld u doo thi…ss? (poor girl Ouch)
Tej is very shocked to see that she became friend to a serial killer, she tells rohan that it was u who who muuuurderr all those gilrs.
T (whispering): ho..ww?
R: who Rohan? I'm Ashu.
Teji is now in complete total shock.
A/R: ufff enough talk now, I've to kill u, sorry, beautiful girl. Bye bye now. (oh plzz dont do this, orelse how our story will complete?Confused)
T: But wh…y did u killed all the girls? Tum pagal ho kya?
A/R (Shouts): MAIN PAGAL NAHI HON. NA MERI MAA PAGAL mum wasnt pagaal but still she went to mental hopistal, n then at skool everyone was paying me out n used to say that my mum was pagaal, then he punches the door, he says in a very angrily voice MY MUM WAS NOT MENTALLY ILL,he says in skool no one would be my friend, no girl would wanna talk to me so thats y i hate every beautiful girl.
Now Rohan/Ashu saying this pushes her n she hit her head on the table n then he slowly takes his scalper n govles out.

In Buearu
Abhi was looking at sketch and then suddenly remembers that he saw him at the dhabba with teji and then thinks teji must know something about him and then he tells ACP now All CIDSB officers sits in car and starts going towards Teji's house.

Teji's house
Tej sat up n her head is spinning around n she manages to scape from rohan.
R/A: Tuck tuck, come on girl don't make me run now, I promise I'll go easy on u.
Teji still running in self defence from one room to other, but Rohan is near her, she quickly runs into the store room and looks the door and calls Pratap (there is an extension phone in store room) Pratap's phone ringing and not picking up
T: pllzz pick up Pratap pick up I need u.
Pratap picks up the phone (finally)
P: Hello..hello
T (whispering): Pratap..he.s here. He'll kill me.
P (shocked): who? What happened? dont worry tej i will be there in like two mins u stay in there i will get there as soon as I can. (aawww u r an angelEmbarrassed)
Teji was about to tell him when suddenly Rohan starts banging the door, to make it open.
Pratap runs to his car and starts driving as fast as he could.

At some road CIDSB people are stuck in the middle of traffic. (uuff jaldi karo, ladki ki jaan khatre mein hai Angry)
Abhi: damn it. Pata nahi yeh trafiic kab kaam hogi

Teji's house

Rohan/Ashu is still banging when teji trying other way other, when her eye caught on something It's a main switchboard and quickly goes there and take the switch out and the whole house's lights goes off. Rohan/Ashu gets pissed and finally opens the door and tries to look for her, teji meanwhile trying to reach the door. Ashu starts singing:
Maut ko kudh heerani hai
Maut ko kudh heerani hai
Aye sada virano se Jo paida howa
Paida howa woh fani hai
Gumnaan hai koi badnaam hai koi
Kisko kabhar koun hai woh
Anjaan hai koi Gumnaam hai koi
Gumnaan hai koi kisko khabar koun ha iwoh
Anjaan hai koi Gumnaam hai koi

Teji then sees a rod and picks it up and about to him when he turns around and cut her hand (in which she was holding rod) with scalper and blood starts to flow. He grabs her and teji struggles and finally kicks him hard and runs.
Pratap is driving totally madly.
He runs behind teji and finally catches her, about to stab her now and teji hits him with lamp and he falls on ground. Teji is crying and now she finds her feet and starts to run for life when suddenly Ashu gets up and holds teji's feet and make her fall, she falls on sofa. Teji cries in pain. He then holds both of her hand and take the scalper and teji closes her eyes and shouts: NOOOO
Teji opens her eyes and sees Pratap is here (yippiie my boyEmbarrassed) and fighting with ashu teji hides behind sofa. Finally CIDSB team reaches teji's house. (haan sab kuch ohne ke baadLOL)
Pratap kicks him and make him fall on ground and point gun at him. Teji comes and hugs Pratap tightly and snobs a little. Pratap holds her tight while still pointing gun at ashu and ashu falls unconscious and finally team comes inside and is shocked to see the horror. Abhi gets so shocked without thinking he runs towards teji ad asks her if she's fine. CIDSB team get hold of ashu and he regains conscious he sees teji so scared and asks her
R: Why are u scared of me?
T: Pratap he's ashu.
R:I'm not ashu I'm rohan damn it.
All are shocked CIDSB team takes him away while he's shouting he's not Ashu but Rohan.
Teji is badly hurted so she falls unconscious so Pratap takes her to the hospital.
In Bureau
Doctor tells then that Ashu and Rohan are same person but suffering from Split personality disorder. All are shocked. Doc also says when he's Rohan he's fine but when he sees RED colour he becomes Ashu and starts to murder all the girls, but after he become Rohan again he don't remember anything. ACP says take him to the mental asylum (cant think of anything else lol).
In hospital (Where teji is admitted)
All CIDSB team goes while Pratan abhi were there already. doc comes out and says to pratab n abhi n everyone,
doc say to pratab: we r very luck that she came on perfect time if it was a bbit late then she would have lost her baby. Everyone gets shocked and relievd that she's fine.
D: She has to stay under observation for few days. 1 of u has to stay with her 24-7
Before abhi could say anything pratap says
P: I'll be with her always.

By: Sallu_LoverSmile and Day_DreamerSmile



Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee

Part 17
Story starts with 1 Week later. For the whole week Teji has been admitted in hospital and Pratap took good care of teji 24/7.
Teji get discharge from hospital, she and her child is fine. Pratap comes and tells teji that now she?s getting discharge from hospital. She gets happy, Pratap: Teji before I need to go and get some medincines for u. Teji is still down with this incident by thinking what if something happened to her child that day? Thinking this she holds his hand and says: Pratap don?t leave me plzz.
Abhi: where he just walked in n saw tej holding pratab?s hand(haila he is getting soo jealous) abhi knocks at the door
Tej: looks at abhi n then looks at pratab and says pratab plz don?t leave
Pratab: i have to tej im sorry
Tej: ok fine go
Abhi: pratab if u don?t mind i will stay with her?
Tej: just looks at him
Pratab: yeah sure u can stay.
Pratab kisses tej on her forehead n goes
Abhi: gets abit jealous
Tej: is just looking don?t know wat to talk about
Abhi: so tej how r u feeling?
Tej: yeah good.
Tej is thinking old days where they used to be best friends n they were comfortable with each other n now they r acting as they r strangers.
Abhi:  So how u r feeling now?

Tej:  Yea fine. Pratap took good care of me. (abhi makes facesLOL)
Abhi: so u finally getting married to pratab?
Tej: looks down n says yes
Abhi: but do u love him?
Tej looks n she is silent.
Abhi: well do u? Ur silent means that u r not in love with him?
Tej: Can we not talk about it plz
Abhi: come on tej i know u, u used to tell me u marry someone whom u love the most n i can see in ur face clearly that u don?t love pratab. The love u used to talk about, ur dream man,the love u dreamt about.

Teji thinking he should not know turth at any cost, so she tries to convince him

T: He i..s of my child isn't that enogh to prove that we er... love each other.

A: I'm talknig about only u. Also being father of ur child doesn't really show on ur face that u love him.

Before he could carry on teji intrupts him and says

Tej: Abhi Just Leave plz i wanna be on my own.
Abhi leaves the room n tej is all confused now.

Abhi is so sad and blames himself of teji?s condition thinking he sohlud?ve recognised Rohan soon so he could save teji. He?s jealous and remembers the scene and his talk with teji.

Abhi goes to club to meet his friend when he remembers that (this is the same club where in 1 part) he proposed Anu. And remembers that night (not what happened between him & teji) And goes from there.

Pratap's House
Teji?s friend come (say sia) to invite her to her wedding, but she refuses she could not take her mind off from the incident and also the wedding was in Lonavla so she don?t wanted to go far. Sia tries hard to convice her but she knew teji is adamant so she the leaves with sad face.

In Evevning
Pratap and his sis (Priya) finally convinces her to go. But teji says she?ll go if Pratap comes with her and Pratap have work in bureau so say Priya will go with her. Then Teji agrees Pratap finally sighs relief and thinks ?now sh?ell be able to take her mind off from the incident?. And hewr calls Sia and lets her know that teji and his Sis Priya are coming she gets happy.
Next day Teji and priya leave for her Sia?s wedding in Lonavla.

By: Sallu_Lover and Day_Dreamer

Part 18

Teji and priya reaches Lonavla at sia€™s house. Wedding preprations are in full swing of Sia€™s wedding. Sia€™s mum is happy to see teji. Sia shows them their room and teji and priya goes to get fresh.

In evening in Sia€™s house its haldi rasam going on and everyone enjoying. They then also dance and teji and sia also dance on €œPiya Piya from HDJPK€ and priya records it to show it to Pratap.

In night around 12 am when all house was slept after the tiredness they had and in morning it was sia€™s wedding. Teji was on tarrece sitting on jhola and sia comes and sits with her and tells teji how much she loves Amit (who€™ she€™s getting married with) and so happy to have him. Sia asks him about Abhi and teji tells all the story (sia is also v close to Teji and both share everything, sia also knows teji always loved Abhi). Sia says her decision is rite, she€™ll be really happy with Pratap and Teji agrees. Then sia€™s 2 cousin also come up there and tease sia about Suhaag raat and sia gets shy and runs away and her couz€™s go behind her leaving teji alone. Teji then smiles and thinks if she and Abhi ever got married so how her suhaag raat was to be.

TEJI€™S Dream of Her Suhaag Raat With Abhi.

Teji is all dressed up as birde She€™s wearing really beautiful lehenga which is green and blue colour with very heavy embroidery and her room is decorated for suhaag raat. All house is lited up with candles only. There€™s a star made from candles and teji is sitting inside that star and litting the candles. A handsome guy enters from doorway he€™s wearing black Sherwani with embroidery done in golden and wearing golden chunri. Yes it is none other than our dashing Abhi, (my god he€™s looking damn hoottttt in Sherwani *FaintsEmbarrassed) He sees teji litting the candles which makes a star.

Teji then stands up and steps out from star will her back is at Abhi and can€™t see him she€™s moving backwards and suddenly dashes with Abhi and he holds her. Teji puts her right hand on Abhi€™s neck in back and left hand on his chest (in order to stop from falling) Abhi holds her from her wrist. And both look in each other€™s eyes

€œDhaage tor lao chandi se noor ke
Ghoongat hi banalo roshni se noor ke€
Abhi gives a flying kiss to teji€™s eyes and teji slightly shy.  Abhi then slightly moves teji so that she faces him now teji is facing Abhi. Teji closes her eyes and Abhi with his thumb slightly touches her cheeks. His one gentle touch makes teji week on knees. Dhaage tor lao chandi se noor ke Teji feels shy and moves away little but Abhi is coming close and she is moving away

€œGhoongat hi banalo roshni se noor ke€ 

In this process teji realises she cant mov any futher because behind her there€™s a wall. Abhi comes close to her now there€™s no space between them, both can feel their breaths

Sharma gayi to aaghosh mein loOh,

Saanson se uljhi rahein meri saansein

Both looking in each other€™s eyes and Abhi then touches her lips with his thumb and teji closes her eyes feel the gentle touch of his

Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
Honth se halke halke, bol na halke

Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
Honth se halke halke, bol na halke

Abhi holds her face with his both hands and gently kisses her forehead.

A: Ajj es chand se kaho ke badlon mein hi chupa rahe agar esc hand ka dil meri chandni par agaya toh?

Teji laughs a little and gets little shy.

Aa neend ka sauda karein
Ek khwaab de, ek khwaab le

Teji: Par es chandni ka dil toh sirf es (Abhi) ke liye dharakta hai.

Abhi smiles and bring his face closer to her and kiss her eyes, then kiss her cheeks, then kiss her ears and says:

A: I love you so much Tejali, dehko en chand sitaron ko yeh ajj humare pyaar ke gawa hain

Ek khwaab to aankhon mein hain
Ek chaand ke takiye tale

T: Abhi I love u so much, main tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karti hon. Tum meri duniya ho, tumse meri sansein hain.

Teji said all this with her eyes closed and all the time Abhi is cressing her face with his hands and looking at her with all love in his eyes. Abhi thinking €œI€™ve not seen so beautiful eyes before, I€™ve not seen such innocence in anyone before€ Teji slowly opens her eyes and sees Abhi staring at her. Then teji looks away and sees a shooting star (where they both are standing is near a window showing a clear sky)

Kitne dino se ye asmaan bhi
Soya nahi hain, isko sulaa de

T: Abhi dekho shooting star wish karo. And she closes her eyes and Abhi slowly kisses her eyes. Teji is between

T: Abhi wish karo na.

A (kissing her neck): Main kya wish karon duniya sabse keemti aur pyaar icheez meri bahon mein hai.

Teji fells shy and kiss him on his cheek.

(Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
Honth se halke halke, bol na halke)

Abhi picks her up in his arms and take her to their room which is totally decorated (usually how rooms are decorated at suhaag raat) and they enter to room. Abhi sees how flower petals are spread on their bed. Abhi sees this and crack a joke.

A: teji, bed par toh phool hain hum kahan baitheinge?

T (with surprised look on her face): abi bed par hi.

A: phoolon par?? Par phoolon ko dard nahi hoga? With innocent look on his fac.

Teji laughs and hits on his arm jokingly.

Abhi then gently put teji on the bed and goes to on the fan, but teji says no need. But Abhi does anyway. He turns the switch on and as fan starts turning from the fan all the rose petals from the fan falls on teji and teji love it and looks at Abhi who smiles. Then Abhi comes to her and he sits on the bed. Teji gets shy and Abhi holds her hand and says:

A: Teji, mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.

T: toh kaho

A: pas ayo kan mein

Teji gets shy and cover her face with her hands. Abhi then smiles and bring teji closer to him. when Abhi comes closer and says:

A: Main tumse bohut pyaar karta hon, Love u sooo much.

T: I love u too, main tumse chahat, mohabbat, ishq, pyaar sab karti hon. Abhi smiles.  

Umrein lagi kehte huye
Do lafz the, ek baat thi
Wo ek din sau saal ka
Sau saal ki woh raat thi

Kaisa lage jo chup chap dono
Oh, pal pal mein puri sadiya bita de

Abhi then starts taking teji€™s jewellery off and kisses her. Take her bangles off and kisses her hand. Take her necklace off and kisses her neck. Takes her earrings off and kisses her ears.

Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
Honth se halke halke
Dhaage tor lao chandi se noor ke
Ooh, Ghoongat hi banaloon roshni se noor ke

Abhi rolls top of teji and starts kissing eyes then her nose then her cheeks then kisses on her neck. Abhi now brings her face closer and kiss on her lips ad teji now also starts kissing in same passion as Abhi. Abhi while kissing cresses her back and teji starts playing with his thick hairs. Both are kissing in same passion.

Sharm aa gayi to aaghosh mein lo
Oh, saason se uljhi rahein meri saasein
Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
Honth se halke halke, bol na halke




Suddenly someone taps on her shoulder jolting her back to the reality. It is sia.

Sia: what u doing still up here? Come on its 2. am now go to sleep tomorrow its my wedding now.

Teji and sia then share some emotional talk and both goes to sleep.

The End


P.S. I know it was dream, so to disappoint u'll. But Sure 1 day It'll be real. EmbarrassedBig smile


Written by:

Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover



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Part 19

Written By: Sallu_lover& Day_Dreamer

Sia Wakes up n also wakes Tej up, n she says can u believe it that today im getting married to the person i luv. Tej just looks at her, n then tej pays her out n says now u have to order wat ur hubby says all the time. Sia says come on u know i wouldn't be the wife who cooks three times a day n stays at home all the time. Both of them r having a fun moment n hitting each other with pillows. Sia tells tej now u r not far away from me u r also getting married soon u better invite me to ur wedding, tej just looks abit sad n thinks n then sia says "hey wat r u thinking about?" oh "r u thinking about u future hubby pratab" tej hits her wit pillow. They get ready for the wedding.

Tej decides that she will stay for another nite at lonavla so she calls pratab that it will be too late in the nite if she travels so she will stay for another nite. Pratab says its alright.

Everyone is getting ready for the wedding including tej too, then she goes to sia's room n tej says u look gorgeous. There is sangeet going b4 shaadi so they both dances on its rocking kabhi ishq karo n everyone is loving sia n tej's dancing.

Finally the bharatis r coming n everyone is soo excited. Sia finally gets married n then she leaves her maayka n goes, sia's parents r side n crying alot n tej cries too. Tej supports Sia's parents, sia's parents says its soo hard when bheti leaves maaya n goes to sasural but this happens in every family. Tej asks them to inside as its about to rain out side.

She stays out side n then she just thinks about everything that has happened to her n in her life, she starts crying. Then it starts raining flashback of tej n abhi wat great friends they were, then wat happened that nite, how abhi told tej how much he loves anu, then pratab telling tej how much he loves her, n then saying yes to pratab for marriage, how much pratab is happy about this marriage, how that serial killer tried to kill her, n pratab saved her.

She is saying to herself that we should marry the person whom he loves u, she cries n then says to herself its not easy but I(tej) fell in love in that i got nothing except sadness, pratab is a nice guy but i don't love him. She is thinking about all these stuff then sia's mother calls her in n she stops crying n then its very late nite every one goes to sleep.


Tej is back in Mumbai n calls pratab that she is back he is soo excited that she is back so he comes the next day to see her n then goes to doctor for routine check up, the doc says everything is fine with the baby n with tej too. So both of them r very happy. They decides that they will go shopping here they r arguing wat to buy if tej is going to have a boy or girl n choosing clothes as tej wants to have a little boy so she is choosing blue boy's clothes n pratab is thinking tej will have girl so he is choosing pink clothes, they r laughing n arguing wat they should buy.

Abhi walks pass from the shop n sees them together n he looks how much tej is happy with pratab but then he says to himself y do i feel like this, am i in love with tej? But she is marrying my best friend? Y all this confusion. But then he says that she is soo happy with pratab, she loves pratab, n they r marrying very soon.

The End


Part 20 (Sunday's Part)

Shopping Mall

Abhi sees them laughing together and gets jealous. Pratap sees him and says hi to him and he just ignores him and asks teji how is she?

Teji: I€™m fine. Teji then looks at Pratap and sees to Abhi

T: Abhi sorry can u excuse us please, we€™re getting late. Abhi feels dejected and leaves from there. Teji thinks €œI know Abhi u r hurt, sorry for this but I€™ve to hurt my love for the sake of my friendship. I cannot let you hurt Paratap like this€.


Teji and Pratap goes to caf and sit there. Pratap gets surprised and shocked at Teji€™s behaviour with Abhi and is upset at Abhi€™s behaviour with him.  Teji sees him down asks him what happened?

P: teji, what had I done wrong? What did I do with Abhi? Why is he behaving like this? I kept you promise and lost friendship and my brother Abhi.

Teji sees a tear in Pratap€™s eye and tear drop and teji lead out her hand and tear drops on teji€™s hand.

T: I€™m sorry, Pratap meri wajah se Abhi turned ur enemy. I€™m sorry.

P: It€™s not your fault. Abhi is behaving like child.

T: I€™m sure Abhi will understand.

P: Mujhe nahi lagta, woh bohut ziddi hai, bilkul tumhari tarhan.

Teji looks at him, and slightly laughs. Pratap also laughs

P: chalo Abhi kisi kaam toh aya.

Teji looks embarrass. Pratap holds her hand teji looks at him and Pratap says

P:  Promise me 1 thing,

T: What?

P: Jo ronak tumhari ankhon mein, and jo Khushi tumhare honton par Abhi ka naam sun kar ati hai woh humesha hi rahegi.

Teji looks at him and smiles and both hug.

NEXT DAY €" Bureau

They€™ll go to bureau and Teji finds jasmine in other room sitting alone and very upset. Teji asks her whats the problem? Why is she sitting here alone?

Jasmine tells she angry with Akshay because a new girl came (client) and Akshay started flirting with her and she got angry.

Teji: But I can see you getting really angry.

Jasmine looks down. Teji explains to her

T: Why don€™t you tell Akshay sir, that you love him so much? What are you waiting for?

J: I can€™t tell him? what if he does not love me back? What if because of this our friendship break? Jasmine starts crying and teji hugs her. Teji thinks €œPlease god, give Jasmine her love back. Please, I don€™t want another Abhi-teji€.

Mumbai Airport

Announcement €" €œFlight no. 10647 London to Mumbai has arrived to the airport Thankyou€.


A girl comes out from arrival gate. And looks around (Face not shown yet)

G: I€™m back, hhmmm Finally I€™m back India€ A guy comes and holds her and twirl her around and then they kiss. When they break,

G: I love u darling.

G: I love you too.

And guy moves little away and we finally see girl€™s face and it€™s none other than ANU.


Written by:

Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover



Anu still hugging her Bf: I'm back India, I'm bak. and laughs

Teji's house
A winodw of teji's room opens and wind comes in like storm and a photo frame drops. Teji comes and picks it up. And sees the photo frame which has her and abhi's pic together. The mirror of photo fome from abhi's side is broken. She thinks "Mujhe aisa kyon lag raha hai ke koi tofaan ane wala hai. Lagta hai abhi koi bohut badi musibaat mein phasne wala hai. Hey Bhagwan uski raksha karna".
She closes the window and goes.

In bureau
After worknig so much on some case all have thier lunch break and Pratap brings "Carrot juice" for teji and asks her to drink. But teji refuses coz she dont liek carrot juice as its quite bitter (eww i hate caroot juice, once i drank it by mistake after that Tuba meri tuaba LOL ) Abhi sees this and get jealous and comes to Pratap and says
A (clenching his teeth): when she dont like it why the hell u r forcing her? Angry If she wants to drink she'll drink and in case u forgot she hate carrots and carrot juice.

Teji listens this and gets surprised that he still remembers and smiles inside. then she realises how abhi spoke to Pratap, so teahc him lesson She without thinknig take glass from Pratap's hand and drink it all in once. Abhi and pratap watches her with their open mouth. Abhi bang his hand hard on table and teji gets scared and abhi leaves from there hurridly.
After Abhi leaves teji makes faces and eat sugar and pratap luaghs at her. Teji scolds him as why he's laughing.

Abhi is at his home and very restless as why the hell he's behaving like this? why can't he see teji with someone else? He thinks "Maybe i'm in...No No this cant happen I'm sure this is just a wild imagination" (ufff itne ache khayal ko koyun wild keh diya? Angry Angry Angry saare romance par jhado pher diya Angry Ouch )
He then sees a picture oh his, teji and prataps. He then pick the photo and put that in cupboard when his phone rings, he picks it up and his friend says to come to XYZ disco as he's gonig with his other friends. Abhi says no but his friend convinces him.

Teji's House
Priya and teji are planning to give Pratap a surpirse. Its pratap's bday tommorrow, so they are planning to throw a suprise party for him.

Teji: don';t worry Priya, I'll talk to ACP sir and make sure that he doesn't let pratap come home till we say.
P: Sure bhabhi,
Teji looks at her and Priya bit her lip
P: can i call u bhahi? plzzz (makes a cute puppy face) teji luaghs and nod her head as yes. Priya gets delighted and hugs her.

Then they both continue planning party for pratap.

Abhi goes to disco to meet his friend. his friends are dancing when abhi is sitting alone in some corner table and thinknig of teji. In backgroun this song palys: "Jane kyuon mani tuhjko din raat sochta hon".
He then gets tired and decides to leave, he telsl his froens and goes then.

He still lsot in Teji's thoughts when he bumps with someone both say sorry and a girl turns around Abhi is shocked to see her.




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Part 22

By: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer

Friday's Part

Abhi got out of his car n he walks n sees this girl from the back n trying to look y she looks familiar, abhi looks at her n its NONE other then ANU, anu is shocked to see abhi in front of her she looks around abhi is about to ask her, she tries to run away from abhi, but abhi catches her. He is asking her question suddenly Anu's Boyfriend comes n then the B/F starts fighting with abhi n he punches abhi n gets hurt abit n abhi falls in the ground anu n her B/F runsaway from abho.

Abhi is stil lying on the floor everything is just abit blury for him so stranger helps him n he says iam a doctor don't worry everything will be fine by the way my name is Raj Malhotra Dr. Raj malhotra, raj takes Abhi to his house.

Raj is putting bandages on abhi when abhi's fone rings he picks the fone n its NONE other then Tej, Tej has called abhi to invite him to Pratab's surprise party when he is in raj's house, raj is putting the bandages as he kinda hurts Abhi n abhi says ouch n tej says r u alright abhi says i just had a small fight. Tej is about worried about him but abhi says he is fine.

The next day Teji n Priya sees pratab but none of them wishes him, pratab feels really down n h says to himself that its my b'day n no one has wished me yet, maybe they don't know its my b'day. Pratab asks Tej that i will take to the buearu but she makes an excuse n she says she has to meet a friend in the mall so pratab leaves n goes to work.

Teji n Priya decides that they will call ACP n Make sure that Pratab is busy at work, Teji calls ACP n Tells him that keep pratab busy at office so he doesn't go out anywhere. ACP asks y so teji tells that she is aving a suprise party for him n he SHOULDNT find out about it. So now Pratab is in the office n down that he has to work on his b'day n no one has wishes him yet.

Priya starts decorating the house for him, n tei says i will go n buy him a gift n also the cake. Teji is walking in the mall n looks for something unique so she sees this lovely decoration piece for pratab, so she goes inside the shop to buy it but the sales man says that its already sold, another lady bought it, so teji asks where is the lady who bought this n the salesman points the lady.

The End



By: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer

Teji goes to the lady n says excuse me? The lady turns n says Yes, Teji is shocked to see coz its none of the then anu, anu is shocked to see teji too n tej starts firing her with her questions and why she left abhi n how much abhi was hurt when she left him. Anu say to tej u have no right asking me y i left abhi, so both argues and tej says she is not here to fight with her, tej says atleast abhi has the right to know y u left him. Tej also asks her that if can get that gift from her n she can get something else but tej wants that gift for someone.,

Pratab goes to the buearu n walks to the office n everyone is acting normal n no one wishes him, soo pratab gets about upset that no one has remembered his birthday n no one has wished him yet not even ACP, so ACP asked him to work with him today. ACP asks pratab y he has that sad face on, he asks if everything is ok with teji n pratab says no no sir everything is fine. ACP says cheer up if nothing is wrong.

Anu n Tej r still in the shop, tej says how could u break abhi's heart n go out with someone else, he really luved ya, anu says wat about you, you are being two timer plays with abhi and getting married t pratab, anu says to tej first clear up ur own mistakes n choose who you wanna be with and then judge other people. Anu gives the Gift to teji and walks away from her and teji is in tears n remembering her old days with abhi n then how used to tell her how much he loves anu, and then remembering pratab how much he helped her out at time when she needed someone the most.

Teji goes n sits in this coffee club and she is very sad about wat anu said to her. She thinks for while n then goes n gets fresh n then goes n gets pratab's cake, while waiting for the cake, she calls up priya how she is going with the decoration at the house, priya tells teji that she is nearly fnished n teji tells her that she is bringing pratab's  cake now soo everything is nearly done. Abhi thanks raj for looking after him and they become friends and then abhi leaves.

ACP is trying to keep pratab busy as much as he can so he doesn't go to his house or soo, so ACP decides to send Pratab somewhere to keep him busy with office work until its evening n by then priya and teji finishes preparing for the party. So ACP gives this file to pratab and asks him to go and investigate this place, and pratab is just looking abit shock and ACP says any problem pratab, he says no sir.

Its evening and the house is full of decoration and guests starts coming so priya n tejali decides that its time to call pratab and give him a scare, so priya calls pratab and say pratab plz help me and tejali then priya makes all these background sounds as if someone is attacking her, then priya shouts no teji are you alright, pratab is really freaking out n rushes to get in his car n drives soo fast to get him as he thinks someone is trying to hurt priya n teji. Pratab reaches his home its very dark outside of his house so get runs towards his house and the door is already opened, he enters the house and its very dark n he shouts priya!!!! Tejali!!!!! Suddenly Tejali shouts n lol pratab is looking around and then the light is one n everyone is saying  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pratab is shocked and soo surprised that everyone actually remembered his birthday.

Abhi is driving and while he is driving he sees anu, abhi forces anu to sit in his car n he drives soo fast as he is soo angry at anu for wat she did. Suddenly abhi stops the car in the middle of the road n asks anu  why did she do this to him? WHY? Anu gets scared  but anu shouts n says that because u love TEJALI abhi is shocked.



Part 24

By: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer

Sunday's Part


Pratab is really happy n surprised that everyone actually remembered his birthday. Everyone is enjoying the party, some of them are dancing "wheres the party tonite", everyone is having blast.

Meanwhile abhi is shocked of wat anu said to him, she said that he is in love with tejali, abhi shouts at anu and saying that he doesn't love tejali. Anu says that abhi were always with me but everytime you were only talking about tejali wat she was doing, remembering old days how you guyz were good friends and everything. Anu cries and said that i couldn't handle this anymore we were together but in your heart was tejali not me.

Anu cries and tells abhi sorry but this is the truth your in love with tejali and you don't even know, anu cries and walks away from abhi, where abhi is standing n not moving as he is surprised, then suddenly a tear comes out of his eyes and then goes down and sits on his knees and remember tejali, all the moments that they were together. Abhi remembers their friendship, wat a good friends they were and the remembers tejali n pratab together. He gets jealous and wipes his tears off.

Abhi is still not conviced about him loving tejali so his heart is saying he loves tejali but his mind is saying something else. Somehow he is starting to fall in love with tejali and thinking that the love of his life is tejali his true love his tejali and no one else. Abhi breaksdown and cries as tejali is about to marry his best friend pratab. Abhi is all heart broken.(sooo sad L)

Here in the party everyone is having a great time here priya and tejali talking to each when pratab comes and askes tejali to dance with him while dancing with tejali pratab asks tejali where is abhi, tejali says that she doesn't know its looks like that he is not coming. Pratab got upset coz its his birthday and his best friend is not there.

Abhi decides that he wanna go to the party, he is driving and while he is driving he remembers his
friendship with pratab wat a close friends they are. He then remembers
tejali, he turns his radio on so he can take his mind off, song starts playing !!!!!
bheegi bheegi si hai raaten

bheegi bheegi yaaden

bheegi bheegi baaten

bheegi bheegi aankhon mein kaisi nami hai

aa ha ha ha aa ha

aa ha ha ha aa ha

aa ha ha ha

sapnon ka saya palkon pe aya

pal mein hasaya pal mein rulaya

phir bhi yeh kaisi kami hai

aa ha ha ha aa ha

aa ha ha ha aa ha

aa ha ha ha

na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani

kahaani adhuri kahaani

na jaane koi kaisi hai yeh zindagaani zindgaani

kahaani adhuri kahaani

He reaches the party and pratab and tejali is surprised to see him there. Pratab goes to him and says he is soo happy too see him tonite. Abhi is just looking at tejali and pratab is asking him are u alright abhi. Abhi look at pratab with angry look and says im fine. Pratab asks him to come and enjoy the party. Priya comes and asks pratab and tejali to dance DJ plays wheres the party tonite and pratab and tejali are dancing here abhi is getting real jealous.

While in pratab's house party going, here in anu's house she is crying and holding abhi's pic and how much she loves him but she cant be with him because he loves tejali , and she cant be with him because she loves him alot but there is not point being with him when his heart is with someone else. Anu continue crying.

In the party Tejali stops dancing and stands in the corner of the room pratab says i will go and get you a drink, so pratab is getting a drink for her while abhi comes to tejali, tejali is asking him if he is alright as he told her that he didn't want to come to the party. Abhi says im fine, so tejali looks around and abhi is still looking at her in strange way, tejali is feeling abit uncomfortable she tries to go somewhere, but abhi holds her and says to her "I LOVE YOU TEJALI", tejali is shocked? Here pratab heard it too, he is in shock?

The eposide ends on showing Abhi-Prata-Tejali's faces.


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Recap: Abhi realises he loves teji and goes to Pratap's party and says I LOVE U.


Abhi holds her and says to her "I LOVE YOU TEJALI", tejali is shocked before Abhi could continue BAMMM Teji slaps him really hard on face. Abhi put has hand on cheeks and realises it was only a dream. (so sorry guyz to crush ur hopes but it was only a dreamEmbarrassed)


Abhi is really crying and regretting of losing his love. He thinks "Kyon mere saath aisa hua hai? Kyoun? Woh har pal mere paas thi aur es baat ka ehsaas bhi nahi howa mujhe. Par ab toh woh aur paratap…Par aisa kaise ho sakta hai? I know ke woh Pratap se pyaar nahi karti par phir ussey shaadi? Aur Yeh baacha? Agar yeh kya horaha hai? Kyon ho raha hai? I need to see Tejali, coz only she has all the answers to my questions. I have to see her". Abhi without thinking (his senses of thinking stops working for while from this shock, He doesn't know what he's doing, plz dont ask me howEmbarrassed)


Pratap's house

It now 11 pm. Party is now finished and everyone is gone. Pratap, teji and priya are sitting and chatting Pratap is happy that teji and priya did this for him. After a while teji goes to room for rest and priya too goes. Pratap ready to go too but he hears a doorbell hie opens the door and shocked to see Abhi.

Abhi (not his senses): Mujhe teji se baat karni hai.

Pratap little hurt that Abhi forgot his bday.

Pratap: its very late and she's resting, talk to her in morning.

Abhi sohuts: noo..I want o see her and now. Now means NOW

Pratap tries to control Abhi, tries to stop him from shouting but Abhi is not listening.

Abhi: coz of u, I lost Tejali, She changed so much coz of u, u r not a friend but a worst enemy. My and teji's friendship broke coz of u, she's gone far from me coz of u. Tum jaise dost ke hote howe dushmano ki kya zarorat?

Pratap gets shocked and shouts: Abhi. Get out before I lose my temper and forget my limits and foget u r my friend.

Abhi holds pratap's collar and days: not leaving till I meet teji. Both are now struggling.


Someone shouts: STOP IT…..STOP IT….

Both turns around and are shocked to see teji. Teji comes there and see Abhi holding pratap's collar and she angrillry comes near them and holds Abhi's hands in order to free Pratap's collar. Teji is trying to free pratap's collar, while Abhi just stand there like statue staring at teji and feeling the effect he's having by the touch of teji's hands. Teji finally manages to free Pratap's collar and jolts and push abhi really hard. Abhi is now coming back in his senses realising what he's doing..


Teji is really furios and starts to gice both of them piece of mind

Teji (shouting): ENOUGH…ENOUGH…ABHI GET OUT rite NOW. Abhi shocked.

Teji (continuing): What has happened to u huh? Teji goes to abhi and starts pushing him backwards Pratap tries to stop her but she stops him.

Teji: tumne pratap ko kaha ke us jaise dost hote howe dushmanon ki zarooraat nahi, main kehti hon tumnhare jaise dost hote howe dushmanon ki zarooraat nahi. (abhi, pratap shocked), sincewhen he's ur enemy? KYA HOGAYA HAI TUMHE? Yeh wohi pratap jo tumhara bada bhai tha kabhi, itna badal gaye tum ke ajj es insaan ko dushman keh rahe ho woh bhi ajj jab uska bday hai.

Abhi gets shocked and remembers and pratap is trying to control his tears back.

Teji: for what u r so angry huh? Is that all for coz I didn't told u about me and pratap?

Abhi is looking down could not meet teji's eyes.

Teji: Well, Listen to me very carefully MR. ABHIMANYU. This is my life and I and only I have the right to take decisions about my life. This is my and Pratap's life and no on has right to interfere.

Abhi is now totallt shocked to hear all this from teji.

Teji: Tumhe main kyon batati, muhje kya tumse permission lekar pyaar karna chahiya tha? Tumne mujhse poocha tha yaan bataya tha jab ANU se pyaar kiya tha? MUJHSE POCHA THHA KE TEJI MAIN ANU SE PYAAR KARLON?

Abhi is now so close to breakdown but trying to hold himself, while pratap us also shocked to see teji behaving this way with abhi.

Teji: maine toh apne baap tak se nahi pocha yan bataya toh tumhe kyon batati?


Teji: get out abhi, tumne jis tarhan se pratap se behave kiya hai, main tumhe maaf nahi karongi, aur aj ke baad humari life mein interfere mat karna.

And She storms out from there, paratap goes from there and abhi totally heart broken leaves from there.


Song playing:

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka

Mere Pyaar Wale Sabhi Phool Murjhaaye
Kaante Hi Khizaon Wale Mere Hisse Aa gaye
Mere Pyaar Wale Sabhi Phool Murjhaaye
Kaante Hi Khizaon Wale Mere Hisse Aa Gaye
Raas Na Aaya Mujhe Sapna Bahaar Ka
Raas Na Aaya Mujhe Sapna Bahaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka

Ashqon Ki maala Mere Gale Pehna Ke
Khush Hai Woh Ghar Kisi Aur Ka Basa Ke
Ashqon Ki Maala Mere Gale Pehna Ke
Khush Hai Woh Ghar Kisi Aur Ka Basa Ke
Kar Diya Khoon Dekho Mere Aitbaar Ka
Kar Diya Khoon Dekho Mere Aitbaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka

Naaz Tere Marke Bhi Uthaye Hain
Ashqon Ke Moti Teri Yaad Mein Bahaaye Hain
Naaz Tere Marke Bhi Uthaye Hain
Ashqon Ke Moti Teri Yaad Mein Bahaaye Hain
Sun Kabhi Shor Meri Dil Ki Pukaar Ka
Sun Kabhi Shor Mere Dil Ki Pukaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka

Accha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka
Yaar Ne Hi Loot Liya Ghar Yaar Ka

Screen splits in three and show 3 of them crying. (just imagine its on tv lol, but this song totally suits them dont u think?Wink)


Teji in room is crying and talking to abhi's pic.

TEJI: plzz forgive, for my behaviour abhi, but things are not the same now. I did all this so u can understand the situation. Tumhe samajhna hoga ke ab sab bada lgaya hai. Aur shayad tum muhe bhula do aur shayad main tumhe". And she cries pratap comes there and teji hugs him tightly and cries.

Teji says to pratap while crying: plzz mujhe yahan se door le chalo, ab mujhse yeh sab bardashat nahi hota. Plzz pratap. And Pratap consoling her tells ok and thinks.



Written by: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover




 Guyzzz..there's a new entry in this story of this girl:



Pratap decides to take teji away from Mumbai. 


Next Day


Pratap asks ACP for leave for 5 days. Coz he and teji needs to go Goa

ACP doesn't agree but after a long requesting ACP Agrees Pratap gets happy than ACP asks: Why do you want to leave? What's the reason? Pratap looks away and says: please don't aks me this sir.

ACP: I'm not asking as sir but as friend Pratap.

Pratap: Then as a friend I'll say please don't. and leaves the room while ACP is shocked.


Pratap and Tejali decides to leave for Goa.

Pratap tells teji they're going Goa for few days and that too today.

Teji is happy and little sad for leaving Abhi, but thinks this is good for all of us.

Pratap and Teji reaches in Goa and stays in hotel. While abhi goes to Bureau and finds out that Pratap and teji are on 5 days leave he gets shocked, he tries to know where they gone but ACP didnt  want to tell him as Pratap requested ACP not to tell anyone where they are. Abhi gets frustrated and leaves the office.


Shine Hotel - Night

Teji and Pratap has different rooms but next to each other. Pratap is in Teji's room giving her medicines.

Teji looks affectionately at pratap): why do you care for me so much? Itna khayal mat rakho darr lagta hai.

Pratap: kisse?

Teji: kismet se..Kabhi tumhe bhi kismet mujhe abhi ki….tarhan cheen na le. Pyaar toh khoh diya par dost nahi khoh sakti.

Pratap holds her face in his hands and says: don't worry, nothing of this sort gonna happen. Then hugs her and give her a reassurance smile, and tells her to go to bed now.


Pratap then goes outside and from hotel and goes to beach its quite late night and beach is isolated. He sits there for a while a thinks about how things are going in his life. "I never thought this is how my life is going to be, I never planned it to be my life like this. Why is our lives going not right. Tejali loves Abhi but marrying me because of child we both dont love each other but this world is cruel, that if tejali is not married she will be very insulted, if she goes anywhere people will say that she is a mother but not married.  I don't love tejali but marrying her because she's me best friend I'm marrying her coz she is my best friend n at this time and condition she needs her friend more then anyone esle. And abhi I don't know what does he wants? Why is he doing all this? All this is happening because of him" he sits there some more time and think about his future and then after stands up and leaves.

Shine Hotel – Tejali's Room

Tejali is trying to sleep when her phone rings and she looks at the phone it showed private number so she picks up the phone as she thought it might be emergency.

Teji: hello

No one speaks from other end Tejali says Hello..helloo 2 -3 times.

Teji: hell…Then she gets shocked to realise that its Abhi's call.

Teji: A.bhi..tu..m hona? I..know its u. Main tumhari awaaz hi nahi par tumhari khamoshi bhi pehchanti hon.

Teji the nrealises what she said and curse her self for saying it. Abhi while on the other hand is soo happy to hear what teji said his happiness has no limits. Before abhi could speak teji cuts the phone. Abhi then again dials the number but then hangs up and decides that he has to find where teji and pratap are. 



Pratap is driving the weather is stormy but his mind is still on the thoughts of what happening is his, abhi's and teji's life as he is driving he is thinking wat has been happening in their lives, and he is saying to himself that if things doesnt settle three lives will be destroyed.. When suddenly  he sees a girl front of his car and puts his foot on brakes and car hits the girl and girl falls in front of Pratap's car. Pratap quickly gets out from car and goes to help the girl he couldn't see her face as her long hairs have covered her face. He tries to help her to get up her back is at pratap, he tires to help her and touches her shoulder as soon as pratap touches her shoulder she turns around and her long her hits pratap's face and pratap closes his eyes when he opens his eyes he sees a innocent beautiful face as the moonlight struck that beautiful face. Pratap is lost in that beauty. Girl is looking at pratap and screams and Pratap jolts back to reality. And is shocked.


Pratap (getting scared): r..u..Al..right???

G: R u blind? Dekh kar car nahi chala sakte?

P: r u al..right? I'm v sorry

G: sorry? What sorry? Ager meri hadhi tot jati toh?

P: par toti toh naih?

G(getting angry): Toh kya tumahara dil hai ke meri hadi totti?

P: u r misunderstanding me.

G: No..I understood u very well.

P(getting pissed): well, appko jo samajhna hai app samajhaye

G: kitne besharam hain app, pehle muhje takkar mari phir iss tarhan se baat ki (in a little girl crying voice) aur upper se sorry bhi nahi kaha.

P: arre..kaha tha maine, par ab nahi kahonga. Glaati tumhari hai tum car ke samne ayi.

Girl finally gets up pushing pratap out of her way and says.

G: apne khayalon mein gum hokar car tum chala rahe thay, yeh nahi dekha ke koi samne hai ya nahi.

Pratap tries to say something but she cuts her off and says ajeeb insaan and both says "HUHHH" (wasu: mota bhai's HUH" lol) and goes to separate ways Pratap gets in the car and drives off, this time carefully (Lol).


Abhi is determined to find where teji and pratap are, so he goes to Teji's house (Or rather breaks in) and goes to her bedroom. He the looks carefully at each thing in her bedroom touches all her things with soo love. He sees a teddy on the left side drawer of her bed he gifted her on her Bday and goes to the teddy and hugs him, while hugging his eye catch something behind the bed and there are some torn pieces so he picks them up and then starts to putting them together. When a wind blows all pieces so abhi again starts putting them together, he realises this page is from teji's diary. He puts all pieces together and starts reading it and is shocked to see what is written.


Written by: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover


Part 27

Abhi sees a torn letter and he picks up all the pieces and then starts to put them together. While putting pieces together he realises that this torn page is from teji's diary. He puts pieces together and starts to read. The letter reads "mujhe pata nahi chal kab mujhe usey Pyaar hogaya, I love him I love" and suddenly a strong wind blows all the pieces.



Wind blows and the photo frame falls (photo of teji-pratap) and glass breaks, teji gets up and sees this and get scared and thinks "lagta hai kuch ashub hone wala hai, yeh hawayein itni taiz? Lagta hai koi tufaanane wala hai, bhagwan humari raksha karna". And she gets up goes to window and close the window and go back to sleep.



Abhi again collects all the pieces and one piece was missing on the piece on which the person's name was written. Abhi could not control his curiosity and searches for the last missing pieces and finally finds it and put them all togeth and reads "I love my Best Friend, my only Abhi, My Abhimanyu". Abhi gets so shocked, everything freezes, stops. Abhi just become statue totally shocked, he couldn't sense anything for him world stopped there for a moment. Abhi is soo shocked, he reads further "par Abhi toh Anu se pyaar karta hai na. Main usey Kabhi nahi kahongi ke main usey pyar" and its finishes here. Abhi is soo shocked and has tears in his eyes.  Abhi " Pyaar, par phir? Yeh sab kya ho raha hai? Teji agar mujhse Pyaar karti hai toh pratab kahan se? Tejali ne mujhse Kabhi kaha kyon nahi ke woh mujhse Pyaar?


He doesn't understand anything except that Teji loves him. (hehe, mera ranhjna)

Abhi: Meri toh kuch samajh nahi a raha, mujhe teji se baat karni hi hogi, now its time for the confrontations. I've to talk to teji and I will. Now its time for teji to be mine and only mine forever. I will make her mine she'll listen to me. She will be mine only mine.



Abhi is thinking how should I get trough teji as she's not picking the phone, ACP is not telling him where are they? Suddenly the wheels of brain starts turning and he knows how he can get teji's whereabouts. He decides to track down teji's mobile so he puts teji's number and tracks down the number.

Abhi: yes, so these 2 are in Goa. Goa here I come.

Abhi turns around and is shocked to see ACP Ajat there and so is ACP to see Abhi

ACP A: Abhimanyu, what r u doing in bureau?

Abhi tires to make excuse and Acp tells him to leave and abhi leaves, after abhi leaves ACP is shocked nd left thinking.


Goa- Morning

Pratap and Tejali go to mandir, both start praying.

Teji: god give me shakti to fight these circumstances, give me strength to become Pratap's and forget Abhi.

Pratap: God give me enough strength to keep Tejali happy, now nothing goes bad". While both are praying a girl comes in mandir and stands behind them and closes her eyes and starts praying. Pratap suddenly starts to feel uneasy.

Pratap: yeh kaisa ehsaas hai? Kyon ho raha hai yeh?

Pratap then open his eyes at this momoent that girl also open her eyes pratap turns around at the same time girl too turns around and strats too leave and so it pratap. Girl is at front while pratap is few inches behind her, suddenly someone pushes pratap and pratap falls forward and pushes girl, she was about to fall with pratap over her when she holds a wall and pratap is almost over her. Pratap sees the girl and she sees pratap and both r shocked.

Both: oh no not again.

Yepp it's the same girl who had an accident from pratap's car.

Girl: what the hell u doing here? Sharam nahi ati ladki ko mandir mein…chi chi

Pratap getting angry; hey madam its not my fault.

Girl: han han tum toh naiki ke farishte ho na toh tumse koi galati kaise ho sakti hai?

Pratap: hey, I said na its not my fault someone from behind pushed me.

Girl just look at him in disbelieve

Girl: waise toh shariff ghar ke lagte ho par harkatein itni chichurein.

Pratap: what u are saying.

Gril: tumhe sharam ani chahiye, aik toh Dhaka dete ho upar se sorry bhi nahi kaha

Pratap rolls his eyes, thinks this girl is now getting on his nerves.

Girl: pehle bhi us raat mujhe marne ki koshish ki aur ab yeh. She makes face in disgust

and Pratap starts to say something when girl just do HUH and leaves.

Pratap gets angry and in anger hit his fist hard on wall. He looks around and sees teji and is shocked. Teji ofcourse had witnessed the whole scene. She comes to pratap, before she could ask anything pratap says leave and head towards to car. Teji had no choice but to go behind him.

In car teji finally asks him about the girl.

Teji: pratap who was that girl and what happened? Why did she said u tired to kill her?

Pratap looks at teji in anger and amusement and teji gets embarrassed.

Pratap: its nothing like this, arre aisie logon ko tamasha karne mein maza ata hai.

Teji (looks at him): do u know her/

Pratap surprised: no, now lets forget about her don't need to talk to about her.

Teji just shouts her mouth.


Mumbai – CID SB

Abhi is talking in his phone.

Abhi: yes, I need to a ticket to Goa for today, next available flight.

Abhi hangs up the phone and turns around and shocked to see ACP.

ACP: Abhi u've to go with ashiwini now its v urgent.

Abhi sohcked : but sir, I've…

ACP: Abhi no excuses, ashwini is waiting go NOW.

Abhi had no choice but to obey ACP's order. Abhi goes outside Ashwini is waitingfor him.


In Car

Abhi is in bad mood ashiwini sees this and tries to ask him what's wrong Abhi just rudely says nothing and ashiwini feels bad. Abhi then just says sorry.



ACP thinking "thankgod I have sent Abhi with ashwini or else he would've gone to Goa where Pratap & Tejali are, its good I saw him bureau in night and came to know what he's upto. I have o fulfil my promise which I gave to Pratap".




Coming up next:



Abhi: Tum mujhe Pyaar karti ho na?



Pratap: I should've told teji about this, mujhe ussey chupana nahi chahiye tha.



Teji: I don't love you.



Pratap: Main wada karta hon aur usey nibhaonga bhi.

Written by: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover


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~~Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee~~

Part 28

Abhi and ashiwini goes for investigation and come back and give acp update. Abhi asks for leave ACP have no choice but to say yes, coz he now don't have any excuse. Abhi now decides to go by car. Before he leaves he goes to ashwini and say sorry to her again and leaves.


Its getting dark now and abhi is on his way for a confratation from tejali.

Abhi (thinking): ajj chahe jo bhi hojaye main sach jan kar hi rahonga. Agar tejali mujhse pyaar karti hai toh usay muhjse kehna toh chahiye tha. Aur yeh sab jo kuch howa hai yeh kaise howa kya howa, kyon howa? I've to know the truth." he turns his face to passenger seat and is shocked to see teji there.

Abhi: Tejali tum yahan?

Tej: toh tum arahe ho mere pass

Abhi: haan, aur main tumhe apna banakar lekar jaonga

Tej: main intiezaar kar rahi hon. and teji's image vanishes, abhi is left looking and happy too.

(Background song)

Dill karta hai nadaniyaan sehta hai lakhon sitam

Dill karta hai nadaniyaan sehta hai lakhon sitam

Rahi.....chalna hai ab tere sang yonhiiii

Tujhe main dhoonta phiron meri har chahat hai tu

Tujhe main dhoonta phiron meri har chahat hai tu

Tujhe main dhoonta phiron meri har chahat hai tuuuuu…. ( this songEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)


Goa -

Pratap's room

its now 9 pm. Pratap and teji had a fine day except pratap's encounter with that girl in mandir. They both are sitting and chitting teji is still thinknig about that girl but doesn't say anything. Teji then wants to eat Choco cip Ice Cream and pratap says its now late and shops are closed teji tells him there's a resturant where they sell this ice cream but resturant is like 20 mins far but pratap says he'll get het that ice cream. Teji asks him to leave it but pratap says no he'll get her that ice cream.


Abhi reaches hotel sunshine, while pratap is waiting for escolator to come. Abhi enters the hotel pratap enters the lift and push ground floor bottun. Abhi goes to receptionist and asks her about tejali and pratap. receptionist tells him thier room no. He goes to escolator and puches the bottun, he's waiting outside while pratap is inside the lift. Ting...lift opens when suddenly abhi's keys fall from his hands he bend dwon to pick them up and pratap gets out from life and goes other way and abhi enters the lift.

Abhi reaches the floor and goes to teji's room after 2-3 knocknig he realises she's not in her room so he decides to check pratap's room, he knocks the door and teji opens the door thinkig its pratap.

Teji: Pratap..itni chaldi ag..

Teji gets so shcocked, could not beleive what her eyes were showing her. She wanted to scream to shout to say something but her voice refused to come out. While abhi was sooo happy to see her after 4 days btu these 4 days were like 4 janams for him. His eyes were constantly looknig at her, memorising her beautiful faceEmbarrassed. she was looknig more beautiful than usual. Teji tries so much not to look in his eyes, tires to steal glances from him. teji finally looks at him and find him staring at her and she mistakenly looks in his eyes and both share an eye contact, both's eyes are locked, both seemed to forgot about world around them. *faints*Embarrassed

(background song)

Naina ki mat maniya re naine ki mat suniyo re

Naina ki mat maniya re naine ki mat suniyo re

Naina thag leinge naina thag leinge naina thag leinge

Naina thag leinge naina thag leinge naina thag leinge

jag te jado phunke ge re jhag te jag te jadu 

jag te jado phunke ge re neendein banjar karlienge

Naina thag leinge naina thag leinge naina thag leinge

Naina thag leinge naina thag leinge naina thag leinge


Finally teji breaks the silance and say: What r u doing here? why u came now? just leave ok.

Without waiting for abhi's answer she tries to close the doro but abhi put his hand in between so teji could not close the door. Abhi feels the pain and teji could see pain on his face so finally she lets him in.

Abhi: tejali..main

Teji turns around so she could not face abhi and says: just leave abhi, jsut go, mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni.

Abhi: aur main yahan apne sawalon ka jawab lene aya hon aur woh leye baghar nahi joanga.

Teji: kaise sawal, kounse sawal? mere pass tumhare kissi sawal ka jawab nahi hai.

Abhi: hai sirf tumhare pass hi hai.

Teji: i don't want to answer ur any questions u just leave

Abhi gets angry and goes near her and hold from her arm and makes her turn around and look at him. Both are looking in each others eyes, abhi wants to hold her, kiss her soft lips. Teji is feelnig butterflies in her stomach

(background song)

Naina raat ko chalte chalte sawarga mein lejawein

Maigh malhar ke sapne bijaein haryani dekhlayein

Naina ko zabaan pe bharosa nahi ata

Likhad padhe na rasedh na khata

Naina ko zabaan pe bharosa nahi ata

Likhad padhe na rasedh na khata

Sari baat hawai re Sari baat hawai re


Teji tries to free herself but abhi is holding her tight.

Teji: abhi leave me, abhi its hurting

Abhi this instant release her arm, last thing he wants to do is to hurt her, give her pain. (awwwwwwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

ABHI: i want the answers

Teji: which answers u talking about?

Abhi (shouts): YEHHH. and shows her that page from her own diary. teji is so shocked. Abhi shouts "READ THIS" and teji jolts and tries to read and is in totally shock, she doesn't know how to react. The truth she hid from him for her whoel life now is no longer hidden.

AbhI: i hope know u know which questions I'm talknig to u about?

Teji has tears rolling down her cheeks and she's standing life statue. Seeing her in this state abhi feels bad.

Abhi: teji plz speak, plz tell me the truth, I want to know the truth. Is it true?

Teji is still not reacting.

Abhi: plz react teji, plz do. kuch toh kaho kyayeh sach hai? kya tum mujhse?

Teji is still not looking at him

Abhi goes near her he then holds her face and teji gets shocked, wants him to stop but has no strength left in her. Abhi holds her face and makes her look at him. Teji feels an electric current flowing thorugh her body.

Abhi (looknig in her eyes): do u realyl loved me? always?

Teji did not dared to answer him he was still loonkgi in her eyes for an answer. teji lowers her eyes tears are fallnig like reain drops from her eyes and abhi could not see her like this. He uses him thumb and gently wipes her tears.

Abhi (wisphering and teji could feel abhi's breath on her face): bolo tejali kya yeh sach?

teji lowers her eyes, abhi sees this and is shocked.


Abhi: teji, I really wanted to know anu if she loves me or not.

Teji: so did u confess ur feelings to her

Abhi nods his head as "YES" like a little boy

Teji: did u ask her if she loves u or not?

Abhi again nods his head in "YES"

teji: so

Abhi: So she just lowered her eyes and left

Teji: YESSS...

Abhi (in heartbroken voice): kya howa?

Teji hits him on head and says: arre budhu thats mean yes she do love u

Abhi: woh kaise?

Teji: arre baba when a guyz ask girl if she loves him or not and if girl lower her eyes that means yes

Abhi gets happy and jump in air

Flashback ends


Abhi feels on seventh sky, when suddenly teji moves away from him and turns away. Abhi become restless and then asks her

Abhi: teji I know u love me and now I want to tell you this too that I've realised that I too love you. U r my love teji, not anu. U were rite it was infatuation with anu but u r my true love. I love you.

Teji has so shocked and overwhelmed the 3 magic words she wanted to hear from him now she heard them. Teji turns around.

Abhi: teji but 1 thong is bothering me if u loved me for ur whoel life then how come u r with pratap? and how this Pratap's Baby? What happened?

Hearing this a thunder falls on teji's heart. Pratap's Baby teji could not bear this and now she knew what need to be done.

Teji with so much courage turns around looks at abhi and then speaks.

Teji: I think we need a correction Abhi. Main tumse Pyaar karti hon..

Abhi was on seventh sky

Teji: hon hani balke karti THI….

Abhi feels like someone has thorwn him down from seventh sky. His all dreams scattered (Ouch)

Teji: yea Abhi, I did loved u, but not anymore. Because you loved Anu na, remember Anu.

Abhi could not believe what he's hearing.

Teji: and now, when she dumped you and come to me and say that u love me? HUH…

Abhi trying to speak: teji..main

Teji (raising her voice): Main kya hah? Main kya? Ajj kehte ho ke anu se infatuation thi aur mujhse Pyaar hai kal kahoge ke muhjse infactuation hai aur tumhe kisi aur se Pyaar hai

Abhi shouts "Teji".

 Teji: don't shout Abhi, I can shout too. Abhi the truth is I'm very happy with Pratap and we are going to begin our new life and I'm happy. Aur sach kahon mujhe tumhare es Pyaar par bharosa nahi hai.

Abhi goes totally red as someone has given him real tight slapOuch, teji just shouts at him tells him to go away from there and from her life as sh'es happy with Pratap and she doesn't trust his love.

Teji: anu ke saath nahi nibha sakey mere saath kiya nibhaoge?

Teji pushes Abhi away and Abhi is totally scattered, his dreams were crushed. He just leaves in shocke teji closes the door and cries hard.



Pratap has got the Ice Cream and is way back to hotel.

Pratap: mujhe Tejali se chupana nahi chahiye tha, mujhe usey batadena chahiye tha us ladki ke bare mein, pata nahi Tejali kya soch rahi hogi.



Abhi goes out with his lost senses and Pratap comes in the hotel but both misses each other again. Abhi is completely scattered.


Pratap goes to room he knocks the door but hear teji's crying he then knocks but teji doesn't open so he the take out the keys and open the door. Pratap goes inside and is shocked to see teji sitting on floor and crying very bitterly and hard. He goes to her and asks her what happened teji just hugs him tightly and cries bitterly and loudly. Pratap could not bear to see teji in this state and asks her what happened? Teji still sobbing tells him all what happened between her and Abhi. Pratap is shocked to know all this and more shocked of what teji did.

Pratap asks her why she did this with Abhi as now he could've been hers as this is all she wanted in her life? Teji tells him: how Abhi still don't remember that night and how he thinks that I have relation with you and this baby is our, our MISTAKE, moreover if we tell him that then this baby will be burden on him remember he doesn't like the children much, I'll be burden on him which I don't want. And also I don't trust in Abhi's love rite now, I don't know why but I just don't.  (Angry, how dare she)


Pratap is heartbroken to know this, he really wants to tell truth to Abhi but can't. Pratap "maine wada kiya hai tumse aur main apna wada nibhaonga"

Pratap: lets go Tejali, lets go back. And teji just cries.


Abhi is walking on road shocked remembering Tejali's words and each word was breaking his heart each time in thousand pieces. Abhi breakdowns and fall on his knees in middle of road and cries really hard and looks at sky and shouts "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????" and cries really hard.Cry ( i can't see my abhi like this)



Written by: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_lover

Coming up:

New Entry coming soon.

Abhi: I'll make her believe in my love, she'll believe in me and my love.

Fight for love has begun.....

2 month later,
Naina moved to mumbai 2 months back and met pratap both became friends and naina fell in love with pratap and pratap too, but stayed in distance coz of teji.

On the other hand abhi kept trying to get close to teji, make her believe in his love and little worked but not much. Teji was falling for him again but this time controlled her feelings and was committed to promise she made to pratap.

Evening – Pratap's house
Pratap gets call from Naina, she asks him to meet her urgently, pratap goes wher naina called him. On getting there he gets shock of his life. Naine confess her feelings to pratap and pratap is soo happy insode but then he remembers teji and then decides to hide his true feeling for naina. He tells her he doesn't love her, naina doesn't seem to be convince and asks him to look in her eyes and say but pratap could'nt and goes from there. Naina is shattered and is crying "Pratap I know u love me, u r not confessing coz of teji. I know u don't love her even though u gonna marry her and she's ur friend but u don't love her". Naina is madly in love with pratap. Naina knows that teji's child in not pratap's but someone else's.

Pratap is really in dilemma and thinking what to do as he loves naina but marrying teji, can't leave teji alone and can't forget naina too.

2 days later naina comes to teji's house to ask something and teji gets shocked.

Naina asks Pratap from teji and teji is shocked, naina begs teji to give her pratap. Teji is shocked and heartbroken to know coz of her this situation aroused.
Naina: tejali I agree that he is going to marry you and you are his child's mother, u r his friend but he does not love you, I've seen in his eyes. U r just his majboori
Teji is shocked and has tears in his eyes. He's marrying u for the sake of child but does not love you.
Saying this naina leaves and teji is scattered. She decides to go to pratap's house. She goes there and was about to enter his room when she sees him holding naina's pic and saying how much he loves her, and can't confess his feelings coz of teji.
Teji is shocked and leaves from there cries and thinks what to do now.

When acp calls her and asks her to come to bureau
Teji goes to bureau and acp tells her to go with Abhi to capture some goom.
Abhi teji goes behind him, following him and go to some jungle, goon sees them and Abhi and goon have some fight, teji sees a gun a shots goon and teji and Abhi tries to go from there when goon sees a gun too and fires at Abhi, bullet hits Abhi's chest and Abhi falls, goon dies too teji shouts Abhi. Teji can't see anyone and shouts for help she sees a small hous near there and goes their and asks for help an old lady helps her, gets Abhi to her house.

She asks teji if she's Abhi's wife, and teji nods yes. Old lady asks teji to take Abhi's shirt off teji shocked but does so. Old lady takes bullet out and teji applies medicine as she';s touching him all passion and love is coming back to her. She tries to control herself. Old lady tells she's going to get doc who is far so It will be late and keep the door locked. Teji agrees old lady goes.

Teji is standing outside the house just on door step. Abhi regains conscious and he sees teji outside and tries to get up but struggles but finally gets up and goes to her. Comes v near her and whispers in her ears "thanks", teji comes to reality and is shocked to see him so close to her. Teji tries to move away but Abhi holds her from wrist and bring so close to him and then kisses her neck, teji tries to protest then Abhi turns her face towards him and teji looks down and then holds her face and kisses her cheeks, then ears, then eyes nad finally her lips this time teji doesn't protest and kiss him back with same passion. Abhi then starts to feel sometying "why this kiss and passion seems to be familiar? Why I feel like I kissed her before" then suddenly he gets all flashbacks of that night (1st episode) and suddenly he remembers all of it. He sthen breaks from kiss and look at teji is total shock and goes from there and teji is left shocked.
Teji goes to him and before she could asks Abhi asks "this is my child u r carrying isn't it?" teji is in complete shock.
Abhi: I remember everything teji now. That night and everything. Teji is happy and everything. Abhi tells he wanna marry her now and release Pratap from this mess, teji is soo happy.

2 days later
Abhi-teji finally get back safe, tells acp that how they killed the goon. Acp is happy.
Teji gets home and decides to talk to Pratap, when she tells Pratap about what happened Pratap leaves from there and teji is shocked.
Pratap goes to Abhi and asks him does he really love teji and Abhi tells him all truth how much he loves her. Abhi asks him to give teji to him, and asks forgiveness from Pratap. Pratap forgives him and just goes without answering his question.

Day later Pratap takes teji to mandir and both are praying when Abhi also comes there. Pratap tells them that his decision
P: if u both love each other who am I to come between u two. Both are so happy Pratap gives teji';s hand in Abhi's and asks him to take care of her.
Teji asks about her dad and Pratap said he did talk to him he has no probs.
Naina also comes to mandir Pratap is happy to see her and announces that he's gonna marry naina. Everyone is happy. Naina is happy too. Happy Ending

Written by: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_lover

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Short Story (by: me)

Abhimanyu sitting in his office thinking about what happened eariler.
Tejali and abhimanyu were fighting some goons when one of them attacks on tejali and her hand gets hurt realyl badly and it starts to bleed. Ouch abhi sees this and hits that person, he fights all of them and they run away.
Tejali is standing by the car and holding her hand which is bleeding and paining, she ignores it all and starts to walk off when abhimanyu sees this and is suprised.
Abhimanyu: Tejali u r hurt, haath se khoon beh raha hai.
Tejali turns around and says:
mujhe Aadat hogayi hai es sabki ab dard nahi hota, behne do khoon ko.
and walks off, abhimanyu is shocked to hear this. He walks upto her and start to say something but tejali turns to the car door and was about to open it. Abhi this time holds her by arm and turn her around and holds her hand but tejali frees her hand abhi again holds her hand tightly making her sigh in pain Embarrassed Embarrassed.
Abhimanyu with other hand takes out his handkerchief and styarts to tie on her hand, tejali feels her tears are forming in her eyes, but not because of the pain but due to abhi's affection Embarrassed Embarrassed Abhimnayu ties handkerchief on her hand and sees that tears rolling down her cheeks. abhi moves his hand and is about to wipe her tears, but tejali with her hand wipes them off and looks away. Abhi feels a lil disappointment Ouch

Abihmanyu: jab dard bardasht nahi hota toh kyon itna bardasht karti ho? nikla do sab dard, sab ansooyon ko, dil ka sara gubaar nikla do bahar, takay dil mein kuch na rahe.

his words making her weak, making her cry but she thought to be strong and not break down. Tejali palying stong tries to move away but away put his both hands on both side of her blocking her way, he stands there with few incheces gap between them.

Abhimanyu: main janta hon tum bohut dukhi ho yeh natak mere samne mat karo, apne app ko kyon saza de rahi ho, en ansooyon ko ruk kar?

this time tears could not be held longer and they start to roll down or rather fall like rain. Tejali starts to cry uncontrolbly Cry Cry Cry, in sobs she tries to say something but couldn't and just cries, abhiamnyu's heart is aching listeing to her wails, seeing tears running from her eyes like rain. Cry
abhimanyu put his hand on her cheek and moves his other hand down to her waist and slightly slips his hand behind her waist and holds her waistBlushing. while pats her cheek with other hand, tejali could not bear longer and holds him tightly from his shirt and hugs him tightly Embarrassed Embarrassed Wink and cries more. abhimanyu colud sense how much she is hurt by the way she was holding his shirt tightly and digging her nails into his chest Embarrassed Embarrassed.
after a while standing like this and crying tejali suddenly senses what was happeing, she quickly moves her face upto his nd looks at him in shock. Abhi is alos confused, tejali pushes him away hardly and runs from there, leaving abhimanyu in shock.
Flashback ends

Abhimanyu's face glew remembering what happened but was also lil confused of Tejali's reaction. Abhimanyu thinking "main janta hon tejali bohut upset hai abhi aur usay kisike saath ki zarooraat hai, par yeh ladki bhi na.... kuch dinon pehle main samajh nahi pah raha tha ke akhir kya rishta hai hum dono ka? ajj ehsaas howa ke jo bhi hai dosti se badh kar hai Embarrassed ajj ehsaas howa ke haan yeh dosti se badhkar pyaar hi haiEmbarrassed. I love her....haan yehi pyaar hai, chot usko lagi toh dard mujhe howa, ajj tak woh mujhe janne ke bahene dhondti rahi aur ab main uske kareeb janne ke liye..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed" he remembers when he touched her, when he held her from waist, he blushes EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Abhimanyu picks up the phone and dials tejali's no. then disconnects it, then again dial it and disconnects it. for the 3rd time he finally dials it and doesn't disconnets this timeLOL. bell is ringing but tejali is not picknig up the phone, here abhimanyu is getting anxiuos...finally tejali picks up the phone..

gotta go now will continue laterEmbarrassed bye...and do comment


Tejali: he..llo

Abhimanyu could sense the tiredness from her voice, hearing her voice he loses his voice. just holds the reciever and listens to her quiet, while she was queit her breaths were talking to abhimanyuBlushingBlushingBlushing.BlushingTejali when hears no answer again says Hello...then 3rd time a lil loud making abhi come out from his dreamy worldLOLWink

Abhimayu: ermm..ehmm...tejali its me

Tejali holds the reciever tightly as feels her hands tremblingEmbarrassed

Tejali in trembling voice: ky..a hoo..wa? kuc..h kaam ha..i?

Abhimanyu sense that he's call made her uncomfortableOuch he was about to hand up when tejali speaks up.

Tejali: yehi janna chahte thay na ke main theek hon yaan nahiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

abhi gets stunned hearing this as how come she knows about it?ShockedShockedShocked

Abhi (after few secs): Ermm...woh main woh, actually...LOLLOLLOL

Tejali: akhir kyon tumhe meri itni fikar hai? why do you care for me? akhir koun lagte ho tum mere?

abhimanyu feelsPinchPinch in heart a lump in his throat appears, he is shocked that how simply she said thisOuch

Tejali: bolo na....bolo na koun lagte ho tum mere?

Abhimanyu stays quiet for some time and his silence maknig tejali restlessEmbarrassed. finally he speaks.

Abhimanyu: main tumhara kuch na lagta...

Tejali's whole body trembles and her hands shakeCryCry tears are forimng in her eyes, abh stays quiet for few secs trying to catch her reaction. then finally speaks.

Abhi: sab ke liye main tumhare kuch nahi lagta, par main janta hon ke kuch na hokar bih main tumhara sab kcuh lagta haiBlushing

Tejali is surprised and finds herself smiling widelyEmbarrassed and abhimanyu could sense itBig smileEmbarrassed he too smiles.

Abhimanyu: humare beech koi rishta na hokar bhi koi rishta zaroor hai....yeh tum bhi manti hon na?Embarrassed

tejali colud not get word out of her mouth, totally numb,

Abhi (speaks or rather wispers) : manti hon na tejali?Embarrassed

Tejali closes her eyes could feel his soft, hot breathe in her ear when he wisperedBlushing

Tejali: hmmmm...BlushingBlushing

Abhimanyu (raises his voice a lil): toh kyon bhag gayi thi ajj es tarhan se?

Tejali instantly opens her eyes and remembers what happened, and what has happeing rite now. She without giving any hint bangs the phone and throws it awayOuch

Abhimanyu on the other hand is so shocked of what happened and looks at reciever strangelyLOLOuch

Tejali on the other hand falls on bed and trying ot realises of what convo they acutally had...Embarrassed



Abhimanyu still confused that why is she doing this...."i know ke woh mujhse pyaar karti hai, mujhe maloom hai. par phir tejali aik dam se mujhse dor kyon ja rahi hai? jabke ab mujhe bhi ehsaas hogaya hai ke I love herEmbarrassed kyon kar rahi hai woh aisa? main ajj sach jan kar hi rahonga"

He decides to go to her house but when looks at clock sees its 12.30 am,  but he doesn't care, he wants to talk to her now..EmbarrassedLOL

Tejali at home crying..

Tejali: yeh sab kya ho raha hai, kyun ho raha hai?

Abhimanyu reahces her house, with a hesitation rings the bell, tejali thinks "who can be at this time?"

Tejali opens the door and is shocked to see abhimanyu standing on the door. Shocked

Tejali with shocked voice: tum....yahan kya...kar rahe ho?

Abhi: tejali main tumse...

before abihmanyu could finish his sentence tejali closes the door, abhi bangs on the door. Tejali on the other side of the door kneels down and pleads him to go. CryCry but abihmanyu is too ziddi.

Abhi: Nahi tejali, ajj jab tak mujhe jawab nahi milienge main yahan se nahi jaonga. Tumhe batana hoga tum aisa kyon kar rahi ho? kyon humhare es rishte se bhag rahi ho kyun?

Tejali on the other side of the door is crying silently CryCry

Tejali: Please tum yahan se chale jao, just leave me alone.

Abhi: nahi ajj jo bhi hojaye main yahan se nahi jaonga jab tak tum mujhse nahi milogiEmbarrassed

Tejali finally gets up and runs to her run she falls on the bed and cries, hoping that abhiamnyu will go.

after sometimes rain starts to pour and then suddenly its heavily rains weather gets worse. Tejali suddenly realises that abhimanyu might be outside, she runs to her window and sees abhimanyu sitting on his car bonnet all wetBlushing Tejali is shocked to see him in this state and runs all the way to door and opens it. She runs outside abhimanyu sees her and gets up from the bonnet tejali comes to him and stops (few inches distance) both are drenching in rainBlushingBlushingWink

Tejali: abihmanyu...yeh kya pagalpan hai, chalo andar chalo tum bemaar hojaongeEmbarrassed

abihmanyu doesn't move so tejali holds him from his arm and drags him inside the houseLOL. once they are inside the house tejali sighs of relief and brings him the towel, abhimanyu just looks at herEmbarrassed she's wearing white shalwar kameez which is lil transparentEmbarrassed abhimanyu is his usual blackEmbarrassed tejali colud not bear his stares and runs in her room. she stands there holding the bed pole lost in deep thoughts when abhimanyu enters her room quietly, he sees that she's lost in some thoughts. he secretly goes behind her so she cannot see him. she was dreanching like him water was dripping fromn her hairs her body was lil appearing from her clothes. Wink

Abihmanyu is now standing rite behind her, he slightly moves his hands foward and wrap around her waistBlushingBlushingBlushingTejali by his touch jumps out from her thoughts and is shocked to see herself in this situation, she turns around and looks at abhimanyu directly with angrily look.

Tejali: Chodo mujhe..

Abhimanyu: jab tak mujhe mere sawalon ka jawab nahi dogi, main nahi chodongaBlushing

Tejali is shocked, she tries to move but abhi tightens his hold maknig her body totally toching his body. Tejali feels a chill running down her spines. BlushingBlushingBlushing

Abhimayu: kya huwa hai tumhe? kyon kar rahi ho aisa? kyon humare es rishte ko accept nahi kar rahi? kyun?Ouch 

Tejali tries to move but cant abhi is holding her tightly from waist, suddenly she finds abihmanyu gently creasing her wet hairsEmbarrassed she feels gonig weak on her kneesBlushingBlushing

Abihmanyu slightly brings his lips to her ears and wisphers: bolo na..

tejali holds her breathe, he's certainly maknig her weakEmbarrassed Tejli closes her eyes,and with her both hands puches his away and turns around abhimanyu from behind holds her from waist again andwith other hand pushes her hairs aside and kisses her neckEmbarrassedEmbarrassed tejali is gonig weak, abhi slowly asks again same question and tejali finally answrrs it

Tejali finally speaks up

Tejali (lil loudly): kyonki, main nahi phirse hurt hona nahi chahti, zindagi mein jis par bharosa kiya usi ne mera bharosa todaCry thak gayi hon...ab aur bardhast nahi hota..

she has tears in her eyes but she

s trying to stop them.

Abhimanyu: aur tumhe laga ke main tumhe dhkoa donga? how could u think like this?Ouch tum ho jisne mujhe pyaar kya matlab samjhaya, pyaar karna sikhaya aur tumhi ne yeh soch liya ke main tumhe....Ouch

tejali looks down abhimanyu with his finger keeps under her chin making her look up. tejali feels sad for hurting him

tejali: so..

Abhi: shhhhh...abih put finger on her lips maknig her quiet...

Abhi: dont hurt me by saying sorry

Tejali smiles, abhimanyu with his thumb traces her lips and then finally brings his face close to her...tejali closes her eyes, and both have a good passaionate kiss.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



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Another Short Story - by MESmile

Status: In Progress


"He's mine, kehte hain na ke everthing is fair in love and war sahi kehte hain. I beleive in this saying and I'll make sure ke I get my love. He is mine and mibe forever, I'll make sure of itSmile. Chahe mujhe kuch bih kyon nahi karna padheEvil Smile akhir Everything is fair in love and warEvil Smile"

Tejali was sitting in her car and was looking across the street where abhimanyu and his girlfreind Sia was sitting in coffee shop and were happily chatting, unknown to what next gonig to strike themEvil Smile. tejali sees abhimanyu and smiles and then leaves in her car.

later in night,

Abihmanyu is still worknig in office on case while everyone is gone home excpet tejali. Abhimanyu was lost in file and doesn't notice tejali, she comes quietly and stand next to him, but he doesn't turn and look at herLOL she bends down a lil and notices that abih is sleepingLOLLOLLOL he was lookin so cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed tejali was like awwwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Tejali kneels down on her knees and with a lil hesitation put her hands in his airs and start stroking his hairsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedshe was about to touch his forehand whe nabhimanyu wakes up he looks up and finds tejali all smiling and her hand still in his think black hairsEmbarrassed

Abhi is shocked to see all this he instantly gets up and tejali too gets up leaving his hairsLOL. Tejali sees that he's feeling akward she the speaks.

Tejali: tum kitne mazaey se soh rahe thay naLOL maine awaz bhi di par nahi uthey toh socha ke....yunhi utha lonROFL

abhi looks at her stangely

Tejali: i mean ke...

Abihmnyu: woh...kab ankh lag gayi pata hai nahi chala, tum abhi tak gayi nahi~?Confused

Tejali: ErmmErmm woh main bhi yahin par ruk kar kaam kar rahi hon, woh kidnapping wale case ki file tayar karni hai na.

Abhi: usko dene mein oth abhi 3 din hain aur tum..

Tejiali: Ermm woh bohut kaam hia es liye abih kar rahi hon, waise mujhe bohut bhook lag rahi hai chalo na canteen mein chal kar kuch khatey hain..

Abhi: ErmmErmm

tejali holds him by his arm: chalo na mujhe bohut bhook lagi hai aur akele khane ko maan nahi hai chalo.....

and stops in middle and looks at abhi who was looknig at his arm which was she holdingEmbarrassed and then he looks upto her and she too looks at him, both gaze into each others eyes.Embarrassed tejali takes a step towards him while looknig at him then another when she takes 3rd step she slips, was about to fall but abhi moves farword and instantly catches her from her waist and tejali was holding onto his arm but then also put other arm around his neckEmbarrassed both look in each other's eyeEmbarrassed

So Guyz!!!!Kaisa laga part 1? should I continue or not? Embarrassed please do comment

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amazing work... Clap

seriously mind blowing...

u should mail this to BP Singh and I am sure he too will be delighted!

I think even I will write a lil fan fic and some other time Wink

Meanwhile..u do continue..u are superb Wink Wink

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