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I'm starting this thread at the recommendation of Ananya.  The Fan Fiction corner is a place where our talented writers can post stories that depict characters or are inspired by themes from CID.  Please post all new creative writing here so that we can make them easy to find and keep them all in one place.  Additionally, all writers who have posted stories, scenes, etc. in the past are requested to find them and repost them here so you can share your work with those who haven't read it yet.  Once stories are posted, I will list them by name and page number in the index below.


Fan Fiction Index

Kaun, Kab Aur Kahaan – by SuhanaSafar

Part 1  – Page 1

Part 2  – Page 3

Part 3 – Page 3

Part 4 – Page 3

Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee – by Day_Dreamer

Character Sketch – Page 1

Parts 1-15 – Page 1

Parts 16-29(end) – Page 2

Rishta – by Day_Dreamer

Parts 1-3(end) – Page 2

Everything is Fair in Love and War – by Day_Dreamer

Part 1 – Page 2


Thanks for your support and looking forward to reading your Fan Fictions!

-CID Dev Team

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Kaun, Kab aur Kahaan (Part 1)


As soon as the CID team received news of Payal's death, they immediately departed.  ACP Pradhyuman took Abhijeet, Daya and Muskaan with him to the Taj Hotel, to find out about the incident and to bring Payal's body back.


In front of Taj Hotel, there was a crowd of people.  In the center of this crowd, the CID team saw the hotel's owner Faisal Qureshi talking to some reporters.  Nearby, there was the body of a girl about 20 years of age with blood all around her.  When he saw ACP, Qureshi Sahib came up to him.  He began to tell that Payal had been staying in one of their hotel rooms, and that morning, some passerbies had seen her fall from her balcony.  In Payal's pocket, they found her photo ID which also had her address onit.  After taking some pictures of the body, ACP sent it with Abhijeet to Doctor Nayla for post mortem.  He told Muskaan and Daya to to go to Payal's house to tell her family about her death and to find out more about her.


Qureshi Sahib told ACP that Payal had come to the hotel just one night earlier and had stayed in room 540.  He also gave ACP the keys for the room.  In order to help search the room, ACP called Fredricks to the scene.  In the room, they found only Payal's purse.  They noticed that the door to the balcony was slightly open.  This caused ACP to speculate that perhaps Payal went there herself and jumped off.  In Payal's purse, they found 200 rupees and a piece of paper that said "Anand Kapoor, Taj Hotel, 7 o'clock".  After checking for fingerprints, ACP and Fredricks went downstairs.


ACP asked Qureshi Sahib whether he knew any Anand Kapoor, but he had never heard this name before.  No one by this name had stayed in the hotel either.  Fredricks went to the restaurant, showed Payal's photo and asked the waiters if they had seen her there.  One said that she had come the previous night to eat dinner with a tall man who wore glasses.  After writing all this, Fredricks returned to the office with ACP.


There, Daya and Muskaan were waiting for them.  Daya reported that Payal lived with her widowed mother and younger brother and worked at the office of industrialist Jai Mehta.  Her mother said that four days prior, she had been fired from work for no reason.  Since that day, she began to look for a new job.  She had gone to Taj Hotel to talk to someone about a job offer.  At 9PM, she called her mom and told her that she would be late coming home and there was no need to worry about her.  After that, she never returned.


As soon as Daya finished this story, Abhijeet entered the room.  He told them that after he had given the body to Doctor Nayla, he had called Muskaan.  She told him to go to Mehta Industries and find out why Payal had been fired.  Mehta Ji told Abhijeet that Payal had not been fired.  She had made her own decision to leave.  After hearing this, ACP began to wonder whether Payal's mother had been lying or had Payal lied to her mother.


Everyone was thinking about this when the ringing phone startled them.  Muskaan answered it.  It was Qureshi Sahib calling and he wanted to give them new information.  The man at the reception desk who had given Payal the keys to the hotel room was named Rahul.  He had taken a sick leave today, but called in as soon as he saw the news of Payal's death on TV.  Rahul told Qureshi Sahib that the girl who had registered in the hotel as Payal had a completely different face from the girl they were showing on TV.  She was a different person.  When Muskaan told this to everyone, they were astonished.  Why would some other girl reserve a room in Payal's name?


ACP was just about to go meet Rahul when Doctor Nayla called everyone into the Forensic lab.  She told them that whatever they all were thinking about this death was all wrong.  Payal did not die by falling from the balcony.  She was already dead when she fell from there.  Doctor Nayla detected poison in her veins and according to the post mortem, she had died at around 11PM, not in the morning.


Everyone began to marvel at how strange this case was becoming.  Payal's mother said she was fired, but Mehta Ji said she left work.  The name in the hotel registry was Payal's, but the person who wrote it said that it was a different girl.  Payal fell from the balcony in the morning, but she had died at 11PM the previous night.  It had become apparent that someone had killed Payal and thrown her body off the balcony.  But only time could tell them how many more secrets were about to be revealed during their search for the killer.




For those who haven't read this before, I want to maintain some suspense, so I will post the rest of the chapters over the next few weeks! Wink

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Jano na main ke woh koun tha
Koi apna yaan koi ajnabee
Bitaya howa har pal uske sang
Jane koi sapna yaan koi haqeeqat
Jane dil ko kyon uss par itna hai yakeen
Woh koi apna yaan koi ajnabee
Jano na main woh koun tha
Koi apna yaan koi ajnabee

WRITTEN BY: Day_dreamer

Sometimes in life many people comes in your life as strangers and before you even realise they become part of your life. But Sometimes your own, your friends when become strangers you don't even realise it.

This stroy revolves around three main people three close frineds: ABHIMANYU, TEJALI and PRATAP. How their friendship, their relationship changes due to one mistake of ABHIMANYU & TEJALI. In life we make many mistakes and we learn from them, some mistakes can be improved. But some mistakes only leave regrets, and cannot be improved. Their mistake was one of those which cannot be improved and leave only regret.

The battle between True Love and Friendship. Search for true love, regretion of losing love, Deceivness in Love. Sacrifising love, happiness, for the happiness of your true friend.

So this is briefly introduction of Story "KOI APNA YAAN KOI AJNABEE"

Character Sketch (Mainly all the Characters will be same as they are in CIDSB):

Tejali: senior inspector Tejali, she is very intelligent and capable inspector and a true friend. Who can sacrifice her happiness without any regret for her friends. She's in deeply in love with Abhimanyu, who is tejali's best friend 1. But she has not told him and have decided will not tell him. Tejali's second best friend is Senior officer Pratap. She has only dad Rishab Bajaj who lives in UK and don't really have time for her.

Abhimanyu: He was commando, and now he€™s inspector in CIDSB, very hardworking, hard-core but very emotional. He's two best friends who are his life; Tejali and Pratap and one more person he loves very much his girlfriend "Anu He's deciding to get married to Anu unknown to the deadly game his destiny plays with him. He's parents died in car accident so only has bua. 

Pratap: he's Senior ooficer, very professional, hardworking, intelligent, hard-core officer. He's best friend of Abhimanyu and Tejali. He knows about tejali's feelings towards Abhimanyu, and always suggests her to tell him or he'll tell him but she always stops him. He has to stay quiet, but he knows that tejali's love is true and one day her love will come to her. He has younger sister called "priya".

ANU: She's very rich businessman Mr. Riachand's daughter, a total spoilt brat. For her boys are like car models and the new one comes she leaves the old one. She does not love Abhimanyu, he's time pass to her.

Other Characters are same as in CIDSB

ACP Ajatshatru




Dr. Niyati Pradhan

Ashwini & KHushal 

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part 1 - koi apna yaan koi ajnabee



pratab enters tejali's house n as he enter's he sees tej fainted n lying in the floor, pratab panics n thinks y is tej's like this, n he is worried so he decides to take her to doctors. pratab is waiting in the waiting room for the doc to come out n tells him wats wrong with tej, pratab gets the shock of his life when he finds out that tej is pregnant Doc tells him to take care of her 24/7 and also inform her husband. Pratap gets more shcok when he reliases teji is not married and pregnant before married, and he also don't know who is father of the child.tej is still in hospital but unconiouse n she has no idea that she is pregnant, when she wakes up, pratab asks her wat happened, n ur pregnant tej is fully puzzled n cant find any words to talk, she is fully shocked n she is just trying to remember wat happened. so pratab is asking her how did all this happen but tej is still in shock n she just wanna go home n have rest. pratab takes her home, n tej is still shock n pratab is confused how did all this happen. pratab drop tej home and again ask her about all this but she doesn't have any guts to tell him. Teji asks him to leave.n tej sitting near the window n thinks wat happened in that nite, so that nite she went to see her best friend abhimanyu in club, tej goes to abhi which he sitting in a table n he looks very angry n drinking soo much, tej goes to him n says wats wrong abhi u look very tensed? Abhi: i conisdered my life n my love anu turn out to be soo different then wat i thought, and playing with men's life is her work. how much I luved anu n I was going to propose to her but all my dreams broke.

n tej has tears in her eyes n she holds his hands n in the back ground music in the club they play sua dard hai from JAANEMANN

Teji: abhi control ur self maybe she's not the girl u r desitined to be with.

And teji goes on and on but he does not listens to her keeps drinking n drinking n tej asks him to stop, n she wants to drive him home, as tej reaches abhi's house,

Teji takes him t his room and make him sit on bed, she's about to leave abhi holds her hand

Abhi: Please do not leave me I LOVE u very much.

teji gets shock of life hearing this. The person she loved more than her life is saying I LUV U.

Abhi (holding her hand, and making her come near:) I really lov u (about to kiss her) ANU.

Teji gets another shock and thinks " Abhi mujhse nahi anu se pyaar karta hai, and I toghut ke woh mujhse" and tears are rolling down her cheeks, which are going red. Teji tries to move little but Abhi hugs her tightly.

ABHI; I luv u anu, U r my life, plz do not leave my, I'll die, Maine zindagi mein sabse zayada tumse pyaar kiya hai.

Teji is almsot breaking down. Treying to free herself but amazed with abhi strength. He is huggnig her very tightly and cressing her back. Teji could not control herself and she also hugged abhi.

TeJI: main tumhe kabhi chod kar nahi jayongi. I'll never leave u, I'll be with u till my last breath.

Abhi holds her face (abhi imagines anu's face) and slightly bring close to her, Teji closes her eyes. and Abhi presses his lips against her tighly, kisses her. Teji coud not control her feelnigs and kisses him back abhi is creassing her back and teji plays with his hairs. he starts kissing her neck and back teji starts to pelad him to stop with tears in her eyes

Teji (abhi kissing her neck): abhi plz stop. p..ll..z. S...sstop. Abhi.

She tries t ofree herself but fails against abhis' strong arms. Abhi rolls over her and they are on bed, abhi si continuosly kissing her teji is pleading him to stop. But all attempts fails. Abhi again comes to kiss her lips this time teji supports him.

TEJI: I Luv u abhi very much, I loved u alwys and will love u always. Hugs him tightly and starting kissing his necks.

In moring teji opens her eyes, And gets third shock of her life seeing abhi and her in that state. Teji remembers the incident of last night and starts crying softly and rushes off from abhi home.

(FLASHBACK ENDS)abhi still doesnt know wat has happened as he was fully drunk, so tej is now pregnant, abhi doesnt haven any idea wat happened that nite, pratab is confused, tej is shocked but doesnt wann tell pratab as abhi n pratab r best friends


BY: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer

Part 2

Pratab tries his hard to find out who is the father of tej's baby, so finally tej tells him who is the father of her child but before telling she asks him to promise her not to tell anyone.  Tej  tells pratab in a very nervous expression that the father of her child is abhimanyu, and pratab gets soo shocked, angry n he yells at tej that how could she do it n that too with abhimanyu as they r only best friends, tej is crying soo badly n she says to pratab that its not my fault, i luv him n pratab looks at him soo like heart broken. 

Pratab asks her if she is going to tell abhi n sh is refusing to tell him, pratab says if u dont tell him then i will, but she tells him that if he tell him then she will kill her self. Pratab does he his best to tell tej to tell abhi but he fails as tej doesnt anyone know who the father is.

Tej stays at home she doesnt go to work, but at the buearu abhi is sitting in his desk n thinking that wat happened that nite but he cant remember a thing that happened nite. Everyone else is working on a case n calling n finding out about the case but abhi is soo confused n thinking wah happened that nice n he is sitting quietly n not interacting with his co-workers at all.

ACP comes to him n says r u alright  coz u seem about down, abhi is still thinking so ACP is shaking on his shoulder n asks him if he is alright, abhi is asking ACP if he can go home as he is not feeling well, so he goes home n ACP is just think that his three workers r not here, n abhi didnt look fine, so ACP is thinking. Pratab comes to work, n ACP asks him where were u n Pratab says that he was abit busy with a friend thats y he ws running late.


Flashback, ACP is thinking y abhi left his work, Pratab is worried about tej n finding away for tej, Abhi is still confused n can remember wat happened that nite.

So wat will happen next is pratab going to betray tej's friendship n tell abhi wat happened that nice or he will support tej? Is tej going to tell abhi wat happened that nite n who is the father of her child, or she will only stay quiet for while until right time comes? If u wanna know u have to keep reading our story.

By: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer



TEJALI HOUSE – Following Night

Tejali is at home just remembering her old days, the phone rings, she picks the phone n its ACP, he is asking her to come back to work as everyone is missing her n also he wants her to work on this case.

NEXT DAY - Bureau

she goes to the bureau n everyone  is all so happy to see her back, but she is sad n ACP asks her if everything is okay, she tries to hide her sadness n smiles n tells  ACP that she is perfectly fine. so she is sitting in her desk just starring to the files but cant concentrate as she is sitting.

pratab walks n sees her very down n sad so he says that i have promised u no to tell anyone  that ur pregnant n who's the father but I cant stand u like this (soo sad n down) n he says that i have to break my promise for the sake of your happiness n tell abhi everything.

Pratab continued his walking n went to ACP's office n ACP says u have to go away to delhi for two days in  look after this case which is linked to delhi sio pratab is thinking n saying to himself that maybe i should tell abhi b4 i go to delhi as they can sort everything out. but b4 he leaves the office tej asks to promise him not to tell anyone at work otherwise her friendship with him is over. Before Pratap could say anything, ACP comes and tell him to leave for Delhi rite now they don't have any time.

abhi comes to work n sees tej n he comes towards teji n wanna talk to her but she is in no mood to talk to her as walks away from him, abhi feels very rejected. abhi is sitting in his desk n wondering why tej didnt wanna talk to him so he thinks that he should go back n talk to her about it. here tej is sitting in her desk still thinking suddenly she  sees everything blury n abhi comes to her n she stands up but she has her hand on her head n she cant see so she faints in abhi is arm . Abhi panics, samar was ther so he goes to call doc and other bureau people.

Abhi picks her up and takes to couch, make her lay down on couch very gently, He then tries to move away when he realises that teji's bracelet is stuck with abhi's necklace. Abhi tries to release the necklace but could not so he tries to release teji's bracelet, he holds teji's hand and gently release the bracelet. And gently tries to put her hand down when from inside something was stopping him from releasing teji's hand. He didn't know what. Before he could do something doc and other bureau people comes.   

since she is at the bureau there is already a doc in there as the doc checks her out n everyone is around tej, n the doc tells everyone that dont worry guyz this is a normal thing(in a very happy way he said it) everyone else is puzzled (they r just confused wat the doc is talking about) so the doc says arre guyz she is pregnant everyone gets shock n abhi is fully shock and the doc advice tej to take rest n not work too much otherwise it will affect the baby. Everyone looking at teji now.

Tommorrow in "Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee":

 abhi is shocked as everyone else is too, n all of them wanna know who is the father of the baby. so do u guyz thinkg that pratab will betray his friendship n will tell abhi, or tej will decide to tell abhi? if u guyz wanna know then u guyz keep coming to our fan fic n u will find out

by: sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer

(will add all parts soon)

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Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee


Every1 shocks with this news and tries asking her but she doesn't tell any1.

Teji: this is my personal life, and I don't want any1 asking anything about my personal life.
Akshay: but Tejali?
Before could he finish Tejali decides to go home
Teji: I?m not feeling well I need to go home. Sorry sir
And saying this she runs from the bearu and leaving evry1 in total shock. Mostly Abhimanyu. He could not even open his mouth to say something. Abhi feels every1?s stares are at him. He avoids all stare and decides to go behind teji to find out the truth.
She goes home Abhi follows her and reaches homes and both get into fight.

(Tejali's house)
Abhi confronts her but she doesn?t tell him he shouts at her and teji cries, and both fight.
ABHI: teji wat is this tell me the truth? Kiska bacha hai YEH? Who is that person? Tell me?

Teji doesn?t speak. Abhi holds her tightly and jolts her, tears rolling down her cheeks, but nothing coming out from her mouth.
Abhi (shouts): TELL ME?
Teji (manages to say this): tum hote kuon ho yeh sawal karne wale?

Teji could not think anything else, but to she has to hide the whole truth from him.

Abhi: tum mujhse puch rahi ho? I?m ur best friend damn it. Aur tumne mujhse itni badi baat chupayi. How can u?
Teji: Wat should I tell u ha? And u were heartbroken coz of anu, how could I add more sorrows

Teji has tears in her eyes. Abhi feels heartbroken

Abhi: I also shared everything with u and u never thought me as ur own.

Teji thinks ? tum nahi jante how much u r my own?.

Abhi: tell me who is that b******?
Teji: Abhi, mind ur language, u can say anything to me but not to my love, did u get it?
Abhi: u call it love so where is he now? Where is ur stupid love and lover, when u need him the most?
Teji looks down tears rolling down her cheeks. and finally get courage to say this
Teji: Abhi listen to me carefully, THIS IS MY CHILD AND NO ONE ELSE?S. Tumhe koi hak nahi hai mere pyaar ke baare mein kuch bhi bolne ka.

Abhi get shocks hearing this from teji.

Abhi: u r saying this to me just coz of that, I swear he if comes front of me, I?ll kill that b****** with my own hands. Teji is shocked. Teji is now even more scared, Teji thinks: "that what will happen that day when he???l know that he;s the same person, will he able to take it.?"

Abhi: that b****** I?ll kill him and teji get rid of this child, I don?t?.

Before even abhi could finish his sentence BAAMMMM a tight slap comes from Teji. Abhi gets shocked.

Teji: how dare u abhi, how can u even think like?.
Teji couldn?t finish her sentence and tears roll down her cheeks.
Teji: get out abhi, from my house, I thought u were my friend. But u
Abhi: I said it coz of?Did u have slightest idea if ur dad comes to know thst u r pregnant before marriage wat wil happen then? I thought we were friends and shared everthing between us but u?

Teji get shocked hearing this and teji & abhi hears something fall. When they turn around its. TEJIALI's FATHER.
Both r shocked. THE END

IMP: Tejali's Father is Mr. Rishab Bajaj from KZK)Who mainly live in USA. (In my story)

BY: Sallu_Lover & Day_Dreamer


Part 5


Mobile falls from Mr. Bajaj's hand. Teji, and abhi r shocked to see him. Teji's senses stopped working at the moment. She could not feel anything. Tears were flowing like river from her eyes, but she could not feel it. Abhi was also standing there like rock, but manage to say something
Abhi: uncle, a..aa…app? uncle who actually,…wooh
Rishab: Abhimanyu, I want to talk to my daughter alone, please leave now.
Abhi did not dare to speak another word and leaves from there and teji still was standing like statue.
Rishab still in shock goes near to his daughter.
Rishab: Tejali what is this? Is this all true?
Teji has not guts to say anything
Rishab: IS THIS TURE?? (shouts)
Teji gets shoked and and scared voice:
Teji: Ye…Yes..Dad. woh
Rishab salps har really hard. Teji is crying realy really HARD.
Rishab: Kya es din ke liye maine tujhe paida kiya. KIS KA BACHA HAI YEH? BOLO?
Teji: Mera
Rishab slaps her again.
Rishab: I'm asking who is the FATHER?
Teji: I can't tell u, this child is only mine.
Rishab asks her again and again but teji is not ready to tell who the father of this child is. So finally Tejali decides to leave house. Rishab doesn't stop her and she leaves crying, before leaving she bends down to take her father's blessings but he moves his feet away. Tejali leaves the house.
Teji walking on roads crying finally she goes to Hotel Kingston.
Rishab is house crying and remembering teji's childhood moments.

In bureau everyone are still in shock, trying to contact Tejali, but on luck her cell phone is off. Jasmince calls her home and Rishab takes the call and angrily says she doesn't live her anymore and bangs the phone. Jasmine is shocked. She tells ACP and Akshay this, at this point Abhimanyu was entering and hears what Rishab said to Jasmine and is shocked. He tries to call teji but her cell is off. Trries to call her friends but no noe knows about her whereas about. Abhi gets quite worried about teji and remember what he said to teji in her house and he feel so angry on himself. He looks at his hand wrist and remember old times of both of them.


Teji: Happy Friendship day Abhi.
Teji ties a friendship band on his hand wrist.
Abhi: Same to u. woow I like the band
Teji: this is half the other half one will be on my hand wrist. And this will always remains on our hand like our friendship.
Abhi smiles and holds teji's hand and says
Abhi: Teji our friendship will last forever and I promise u I'll always stand by u through thick and thin, will support u in ur every decision, like a shadow I'll always be with u. Like you've been with me through all these years.
Teji has tears in her eyes. Abhi cutely wipes them off and both hug.
Flashback ends
Abhi: teji, I'm sorry, I couldn't keep me promise, but now I'll promise me self I'll be with u always, I'll support u through this crisis and will support u in ur every decision. Bas aik bar batao tum kahan ho, Aik mauka toh do apne es dost ko. Bas aik bar.

Abhi could not control his tears from rolling down then decides to call Pratap and let him know about all this. Abhi calls pratap and tell every single detail of what happened here. Pratap gets totally shock to hear what happened with Tejali and gets more frustrated on abhi for wat he did
Pratap: What u mean by pata nahi? You should have not talked to her like this. If u cannot share her grief then for God sake don't increase.
Abhi (Shocked): What r u saying pratap? I said I'm sorry, But I really cannot trace her. I don't know what to do.
Pratap:Ok, I'll be back as soon as I can. Till do not try to pressurise her, if she doesn't wanna come in front so leaver her alone for sometime. It'll be better for her.
Abhi: Ok, bye
And both hang up.

Pratap thinks: "I'll have to leave as soon as I can. Tejali needs me, I' have to save her from defaming. She don't want anyone know who is father of this child, and she won't let me tell, so I have to do something I won't let Tejali ruin her life like this. Tejali I'm coming."

Written by: sallu_lover & day_dreamer



Pratap comes back ACP asks him why he's back so early and did he finish the work. And Pratap says he did and is back now.
Pratap goes to Abhi and asks him about teji. Abhi with sad face nods his head in and Pratap gets angry on him. Abhi gets confuse why Pratab is getting so angry on him without any reason. Pratap then goes to ACP he asks for leave for 1 day, ACP asks the reason but he says personal and then with lot of convincing ACP agrees, and gives Pratap leave. While Pratap is leaving ACP says from back
ACP: I know that u are going to look for Tejali.
Pratap gets shock that how ACP knows then without saying another word he leaves.


In hotel room Tejali is sitting she suddenly remembers something and turns her
mobile phone on. When she turns it on and sees 10 messages from Abhi and 20 missed calls from Abhi and some from bureau. She then reads abhi's sms
T"eji, I'm sorry, for what I said I did I know I should've understood u, plz teji once talk to me. Plz tell me where r u? I remember my promise and I promise I'll
support u in your decision. But please once talk to me meet me. Yours, Abhi" Those two words "YOURS ABHI"for a moment made for very restless. Butterflies starting flying in her stomach. But this happiness soon ended when she realised that this meant as a friend. He does not love her. Abhi€™s words started to spin in her head: Abhi: €œ I love Anu, and will only marry her.€
Teji could not control her tears and then she could not dare to read other sms€™. In rage she throws her mobile on couch. And thinks €œhow much I try to forget u you do not let me. Whenever I take two steps awy from you. You take two steps to come closer to me. But know I have to stay away from you.€ But she was not sure will she be able to or not.

Pratap goes to Tejali€™s house and Rishab opens it, and before Pratap could say anything or do Rsihab says Tejali is not here and you also get out of here. Rishab insults Teji and Pratap could not bear it and starts to tell Rishab truth but he remembers Tejali€™s kasam so stops. He leaves from there. Before leaving he says to Rishab.
Pratap: If something happens to Tejali u€™ll be responsible for it. You never even tried to understand her. You never even gave her father€™s love and never gave her your time. U r and only u r responsible for it.
And saying this he leaves leaving Rishab in totally shock.

Pratap in his car not even have clue to where to find teji, in trying to figure how to find her. He calls Tejali and bingo her phone rings Teji picks up the phone.
Pratap: teji, where r u?
Teji: Pratap plz leave me alone.
Pratap: Ok, if u want it this way Ok, I€™m going to bureau and telling abhi and ur father also the truth.
Teji gets shocked
Pratap: I€™m breaking ur kasam because I cannot see u like this.   
Before Teji could even say anything Pratap cuts to phone. Tejali panics and without thinking leaves for bureau.
Pratap calls Rishab and tells him come to bureau he€™ll tell him all truth.
Pratap (Thinking): €œTeji, I know what I€™m going to do has not anyone even you would€™ve not imagined. No one would€™ve imagined the truth I€™m going to tell today. I know you€™ll be so mad, but I don€™t have any option left except this. Please if possible forgive me. I€™ll try to give you all the happiness you deserve.€

Everyone is discussing about Tejali€™s issue and is trying to figure out where she is.
When Rishab enters the bureau are asks for Tejali and Pratap. Everyone gets shocked that why he's asking.
ACP: Tejali did not come to bureau since the truth€
He could not dare to complete his sentence and Rishab realises that everyone knows the truth.
Rishab: Where is Pratap?
Abhi: He'ss on leave today.
And then we see Tejali enters the bureau and notices every eye down on her. She tries to steal glances with abhi. Shocks to see Rishab and thinks that they might know the truth.
Tejali: sir, where is Pratap?
Everyone is now confused that why Rishab and teji are asking for Pratap.
Rishab then could not control his anger and starts shouting at teji of what she and Pratap are upto, Teji gets shocked and confuse of what Pratap is trying to do. Abhi tries to interferes but Rishab tells him off, and tries to insults him.
Rishab: In your company my daughter has become like this.
He also insults bureau and again asks her loudly who€™s child this is?
Voice: This is my child.
Everyone turns around and are shocked to see, especially Tejali. Its Pratap.
Pratap: This is my child.
Abhi shocked, Rishab shocked, Tejali shocked and everyone are shocked.


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Koi Apna Yaan Koi Ajnabee


Pratap: I'm the Father of Tejali's child.

Abhi shocked, teji shock and everyone else gets shocked as hell. Abhi hears the news n he is soo shocked n cant even express how he is feeling as pratab, tej n him r best friends n he is shocked that how come pratab didnt tell him. Teji is too shocked. Abhi is so angry he goes near Pratap and THADDDD Slaps him as hard as he can. Everyone are shocked esp. Teji and Pratap. Before he could say or anything another THADDD Rishab slaps Pratap. Teji tries to stop and tries to say

Teji: this is all a….

Before teji could say anything further, Pratap announces

Pratap: I'm going to marry Tejali.

Teji is now almost faint, she tries to butt in but Pratap stops her with eye signal.

Rishab is shocked to hear this,

Rishab: well, what made u think that I'll leave u like this, after doing all this with my daughter. You thought u'll escape. Even u would've not said it I'll make sure this happens.

Pratap: I'll marry teji, soon

Rishab is disgust leaves the bureau. Teji tries to behind him but felt like nail to the ground.

Pratap: I know everyone of you thinks why I disclose this truth here, coz I wanted all of you to know the truth and in future do not point finger at her. If you have anything to say, say to me not to pint finger at her.

Everyone is quite.

Abhi comes near Pratap and hold his collar,

Abhi: How dare you, where were u when people WERE pointing fingers at her. Haan? Where were u when she needed u the most? Where were u? and now all of sudden u care for her, oh its not for her, its for ur child na.

Teji shouts: ABHI!!!! How dare you, how could you say anything to him, leave him I said leave him!!!

Abhi: Teji u r saying this. Oh yea u'll na, he's ur love of life na, ur everything, we shared everything among us but u did not even thought of this sharing with me, why? WHY?

Teji is so shocked to see Abhi in this manner. Abhi tries to hit Pratap and both get into fight. Samar, Akshay breaks them up and teji leaves bureau crying. Everyone else goes and only Pratap and ACP left. ACP tries to talk to Pratap but he goes, and ACP cannot believe that Pratap and Teji cloud do something like this. He had a hint that teji liked Abhi.

Abhi is all shattered and heart-broken, he don't know why he did not liked Pratap-Teji's this relationship. He cannot believe his two best-friends can betray on him like this.


Teji goes to seaside and sitting on stone is crying really hard. Pratap comes there and teji sees him and encounter him with questions.

Teji: how could u Pratap? How could u? What the hell you were talking about?

Pratap: teji, listen…

Teji: What should I listen? Do u know that now what will happen now? Why are you sacrificing your life? I can't let happen this with you.

Pratap: Do whatever you want I will never change my decision. I really want to give you all the happiness you deserve. I want to give your child my name. Only my decision will change when you'll tell abhi the truth.

Teji shocked, Pratap tries hard to convince to marry him. To give her child his name.

Pratap: whne your child come in this world how will you tell him and what will you tell him. That he's a…

Teji: STOP!!!!

She could not bear what Pratap was going to say.

Pratap: see, how hard it is even to imagine. This is why I'm saying to you. Teji I want to become your humsafar. I promise you I'll love your child as mine. Main tumhe aur es bacche ko Kabhi bhi kami mehsoos nahi hone donga. I'll never leave you. Main tumhara humsafar banna chahta hon. Es dosti ki khatir, Please I want to marry you. Kya tum mera haath thamugi?

He lead his hand out in order for teji to hold it.

Teji: I…I. I need time to think. I'll tell you later.

Without listening to another Pratap's word and she leaves from there.

Pratap sees her leaving and then watches the sunset and thinks "I'll give you every happiness, I will never let you cry. I'll never leave you alone, and will love your child as mine. I promise this to you."

written by: Sallu_lover & Day_Dreamer


Tejali comes to her home to confront her father and ask forgiveness; Rishab is sitting on the rocking chair and looking at the photo album. Teji goes near him and bend own on her knees and put her head on his lap. She starts crying and asks for forgiveness. Rishab explains to her that she should get married to Pratap, as she needs to think about her child too. Teji tries to explain him that Pratap is not real father of this child but then she stops herself as she cannot tells the truth either.

She goes to her room and sits near the window. Remembers all the time she spent with Abhi. Then she has the flashbacks of her, Abhi and Pratap and then flashback of Pratap telling everyone that child is his' and also proposing her.

Tejali's conscious appears in front of her.

Con: What are you thinking? Life doesn't give everyone 2nd chance.

Teji: How can I? I cannot be so selfish, why should Pratap suffer on my account? I cannot let him pusnish of my deeds.

Con: Ok, then go on and tell everyone the truth. Tell that this child's is Abhi's not Pratap's.

Teji: I cannot do that.

Con: I know you cannot, this is why I'm telling you to accept Pratap's proposal.

Teji: I cannot, I cannot Pratap is my friend.

Con: Tell Abhi the truth.

Teji: NO!!!NO he's my love. I cannot hurt him.

Con: Well, you'll have to choose between love and friendship. Either tell Abhi truth and hurt him, or forget

Abhi and accept Pratap as your future. Think about your child, think about your father. Think when people will call your child a sin, think about your father's reputation. Think Tejali THINK.

Teji remembers the dream, voice of her conscious, she remembers Pratap's proposal, spent night with Abhi, and she could not control herself.

Teji: NOOOOO!!!! Go away just leave me alone.

The conscious disappears. Teji fell down on her knees and cries.

Teji is down is street and everyone pointing fingers at her and are calling her child a sin, she runs from there and comes to her house and see that people are abusing her father.

Teji: NOOO!!!!!

She wakes up and find her self on the floor, she's sweating, she realises this was all a dream.

Teji: Thank god this was a dream. I'll never will let this happen, I've decided now what I'll do.


Abhi is sitting is his room like devdas (lol). Remembering their friendship days, and still trying to think that whatever happened in bureau today was really happened or not. He cannot believe it, he then tries to call teji but she does not taking his call. In frustration he picks up side lamp and throws at the mirror and mirror breaks into pieces.

Abhi: Such a big deception, what is wrong with you two? Teji, am I so stranger to you that you did not even wanted to share this with me. And Pratap, I'll never forgive you. Never".


Teji calls Pratap. Pratap picks his phone.

Pratap: hello.

Teji: Pratap, its me.

Pratap: Yeah, teji tell me.

Teji: I wanted to meet you. Meet me at hilltop garden at 5 pm.

Pratap: Ok, I'll be there. But is everything ok? You sound tense

Teji: Bye.

Teji cuts the phone. Teji put her hand on stomach.

Teji: "I've decided now what I'll do, beta what I'm doing is only doing for you. I'll forget my past an move into future just for you. I'm doing only for you. I've decided."


Written by: sallu_lover & Day_dreamer



Tej calls Pratab n he picks the phone n tej asks him if she can meet him but pratab is sad n everything he says he is very busy,
Tej Says: I wanna Meet u right now its emergency
Pratab: He is shocked n confused n he says that i will come right away.

They meet in a restaurant
Tej is sitting down n waiting for pratab as she is waiting for pratab she remembers all those moment of abhi n her, she remembers how good were does days n how much she loved/still does him, she has tears in her eyes. She sees pratab coming so she wipe her tears off.

Pratab: comes in sits n ask tej what is soo urgent that u called me he looks at tej very sweet way.
Tej Says: Tej looks at him n she has tear in her eyes. She said Pratab what u said the other day (pratab asked her to marry him, coz he wanna give his name to the baby too so the child is not fatherless) she says im willing to marry u.
Pratab: is shocked n also surprised he is speechless.
Tej: she looks away n looks at him again n she said im willing to marry u i don?t love u, i luv someone who is in love with someone else, but i will marry u n i might fall in love with u after marriage. She is crying.
Pratab: he holds her hands n says i promise u i wont hurt u, i will keep happy forever.

Background Music: Dil Mera Pooch raha Hai Kya Pyar Karogi Mujhse Se
(this is when they r showing Tej n Pratab where tej is crying n pratab is supporting her.)

Pratab goes to Tej?s house with the panditji n panditji says that the suspicious day for wedding would be after six months it will be a good day. Tej looks sad n pratab is just looking at her. Panditji leaves n tej n pratab r on their own.

Tej is just looking sad n everything n pratab is looking at her with soo much concern and sad eyes.

Background Music: Dil Mera Pooch raha Hai Kya Pyar Karogi Mujhse Se

Suddenly tej?s dad comes to her house n says that im going back to USA i have a big business meeting.

The next morning:
Tej goes to the beaure as she walks she sees abhi n then she remembers the paste how good friends they were n how much she luved/luv him, she walks in n abhi sees her. She says i wanna tell u guyz something she looks very sad about it n pratab just comes in, tej says i have decided to marry Pratab we both decided that we will marry. Abhi looks very shocked n surprised about it as tej is his best friend he didn?t know about any of these things.

Abhi is in his table n thinks about everything as pratab is his best friend n even he didn?t say anything about him marrying tej. Abhi is been hurt coz his friends didn?t tell this.

Abhi sees pratab with tej all the time n he gets jealous, a new case comes to beauru n ACP asks Pratab n tej to go n investigate about this case n abhi gets jealous of both of them.
The End

Preview: will Tej marry pratab? Abhi?s jealousy? Will he finally realise that he luvs Tej? Or would be late?


By: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover


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Part 10
Samar in car going to CIDSB talknig on phone to Akhsay, tellnig him hell be dere in half an hour. then suddenly his car stops near a jungle. He then finds that water in finished so he goes to jungle in the search of water. (Sorry guyz, I'm not good at thriller, I'm a romatic person Embarrassed LOL Wink)

Samar is gonig in jungle whisteling .Embarrassed When suddenly his feet stuck wtih something and he falls, he then with effort tries to get up, he manages to sit up and then he get shocked to see on Wat he's sitting on (or fall on). It was a dead body of a girl. Girl's all vains were cutted, (gross Dead ) and blood was coming out os much.
Samar gets shocked and worried so he calls CID SB and tells akshay to come soon.

CIDSB team (Minus Teji and Khusal) and comes where Samar is and are shocked to see the state of girl. ACP tells abhi and Akshay to take boday to Dr. Nayati. While the other investigate the case. Tells Pratap, jasmine to find out about this girl. When they leave, ACP gets call from Teji tellnig him to come soon to hill gardens.
ACP, Samar and Ashwini goes to hill gardens and shocked to see another body of girl. And she was killes excat the way the girl was found by Samar. Now Acp concludes that the killer is same person who killed the other girl (found by samar).

Teji and Samar goes to Dr nayati with this body and tells her to investigate this too. Then Acp calls his officers to Bureau they all leave. Abhi and teji are last ones to leave. Teji is leaving and abhi is behind her. When she reaches to the door suddenly she remembers her phone is on the talb she quickly turns around without looking and BAAMM both Abhi and Teji crash with each other Embarrassed. teji is about to fall on ground with Abhi but abhi quickly catches her by putting his arms around Teji's back. Both make an eye contact. Embarrassed (OMG... I just love thier eye contects Embarrassed)

THE END Embarrassed Embarrassed


Teji is about to fall on ground with Abhi but abhi quickly catches her by putting his arms around Teji's back. Both make an eye contact. (OMG... I just love thier eye contacts )While Song playing: Jiyein to jiyein kaise bin app ke. And both are lost in thier own world. Embarrassed Embarrassed While Niyati who was looking contentaly at both of them suddenly getting bored says: Ahhemm LOL LOL Both of them suddenly come back to reality and both are embarresed. (Aarrgghh Angry Angry Nayati why did u have to interfere? Angry ) And without saying or looking to anyone Teji runs outside and abhi follows. While Dr. Nayati starting to realsie there is something between them, but then shakes the thought of this coz then thinks "Teji and pratap are getting married." (uuff itni baat nahi samajhti Nayati
Angry LOL ).

In Bureau
Everyone arrives (-Pratap) and Acp starts briefing the case. When Teji tells she's not feelnig well and asks permission from Acp to leave. and Acp gives her permission to leave, while going Abhi says he'll leave her to her house but Teji refuses. (arrggh Arre itna nakhra theek nahi Angry Embarrassed) anbd leaves and gets mad at hers this behaviour. Then acp continues breifing the case. (sorry
guyz but I cant exlpain this scene in detial so please bear with me, sorry for ruining it, u guyz imagine it Embarrassed ).

In Teji's car
Teji is driving but her mind is thinking about Abhi. Embarrassed Embarrassed "Why did I refuse him for lift, Aarrghh why i'm still thinking of him, I'm gonna get married to Pratap. Now he's everything for me". Ouch In this thinking her concentration was lost from driving. When suddenly a man come from no where a teji screms and put her feet on break. Car stops just few inches from guy's feet. Teji gets out from car and go to guy and asks him is he fine? and guy tells he's fine. Guy gets up and says: my motorbike is not working so can u give me lift till Andheri (sorry couldn' tihnk of any name else).
And teji 1st thinks then agrees.
He sits in pessenger seat while teji drives. then finally breaking the ice guy says: I'm Rohan
Teji: I'm tejali.
Ro: Nice meeting u. Well app es raste se itni raat ko?
Te: yea, other road is under cunstruction.
While they were chatting radio was on and then this song palys:
Gumnaam hai koi Badnaam hai koi
kisko khabar koun haai woh
Gumnaam hai koi
Ro (laughs): this song suits us. Teji then looks at him suspicuosly and rohan says:i'm just kidding. Teji gets embarrased and smile a bit. They chat a little.

Then teji finally drops rohan in Adheri and Rohan says: nice meetnig u, thanx for lift. Well meet soon
Teji: app ko itna yakeen kaise ke hum phir milenge?
Ro: yeh world bohut choti hai, and I'm sure ke appse phir zaroor milonga. ( Embarrassed Embarrassed ) Teji looks at him in suprised and amazed look and smiles and both says goodn't, Rohan open the door and before going he turns around and says: Has someone ever told u that how beautiful u r and esp. ur eyes. Teji gets suprised and also feels shyEmbarrassed and while lokonig away: Thanx for compliment.

Rohan smiles and looks at teji while she's trying not to look in his eyes. and finally say good  bye and leave. Teji thinks "Strange guy, but nice guy" and look at herself in mirror and smiles and goes (teji dont fall for him Angry Angry Abhi is for u Embarrassed ).
While in bureau Dr. Nayati calls Acp and tells him to come fast she got some clue.




Part 12
Rohan smiles and looks at teji while she's trying not to look in his eyes. and finally say good bye and leave. Teji thinks "Strange guy, but nice guy" and look at herself in mirror and smiles and goes.

While in bureau Dr. Nayati calls Acp and tells him to come fast she got some clue.

ACP, Akshay, Abhi, Ashwini, Samar goes to Dr. Nayati tells them that she got one clue. Acp asks what clue? Dr tells that these both girls are killed by one person. Acp rolls his eyes (arre every1 knows this, tell something new lolLOL) She tells that the murder weapon is "Scalper" (its kind of knife). All look at each otherWink. While Pratap calls acp and acp aks him to come beauru. They all leave from beauru.

Tejali's House
Tejali comes home, goes to her room. She then looks herself in a mirror and remember Rohan's words "Has someone ever told u that how beautiful u r and esp. ur eyes". She smiles Embarrassedand then suddenly her eyes goes on the tweety baer which was hanging on the mirror and remembers her and Abhi's time when he bought this for her.
Flashback: Abhi and teji are shopping and Teji bought almost all shopping mall and Abhi was holding all the bags. Then at the ned when they were about to go out of mall teji stops and Abhi sees in ther direction her eyes were looking and sees a lovely Tweety bear. She really wanted to buy it but knew Abhi was really tired so she goes. Both its in car when Abhi says: I'll be back teaji I think I left one bag back in the shop, and goes. While teji waits after 5 mins she also goes to mall and goes into that shop and asks salesperson that She want to buy that Tweety bear. But salesperson says that that one was last one and someone just buyed it and she directly goes back to car and sits with her off mood. Abhi was waiting for her and shows the bag her left. Teji didn't feel like opening it but on Abhi's insists she opens the bag find the Tweety Bear and she gots so happy and hugs Abhi and asks him: how did u know I wanted this?
Abhi: teji we may not know our own choice but definitely know each others choice. Embarrassed
And teji gets happy and both hug. Flashback ends;
Teji cries and thinks no Abhi we were wrong we certainly not know each other's choice and then takes the tweety bear and puts in the cupboard. Ouch(poor abhi)

In beauru ACP gets call from someone telling that they found a girl's body. All officers go to the crime scene (teji was also there). This time with the body they also find the murder weapon a SCALPER.
Akshay: so Sir Dr. Nayati was right murder weapon is scalper. (akshay why r u behind Nayati still?Angry)
So ACP asks Akhsay, khusal, Jas and samar to take boday to forensic and also a scalper, while others investigate.
While nearby teji and Abhi investigate while investigation Abhi teji splits and teji goes to nearby dhabba. And while questioning her eyes caught someone and is shocked to see the person there. IT is ROHAN. Rohan sees her and waves at her, she also waves and rohan starting coming towards her. Meanwhile Dhabba people turn there roadi's volume up and teji gets annoyed with this and songs plays:

Pal do pal ki masti hai
Bas do din ki yeh basti hai – 2
Cheen yahan par mehanga hai aur maut yahan
Maut yahan par sasti hai
Gumnaan hai koi badnaam hai koi
Kisko kabhar koun hai woh
Anjaan hai koi Gumnaam hai koi
And teji tells them to turn volume down. While she is shocked to see rohan and rohan comes and tell her
Ro: hi, I told u we'll meet soon. And teji remembers his words and gets surprised by his good confidence. Embarrassed
Teji: what r u doing?
Ro: Well usually people stops at Dhabbas to eat, I'm not sure what u do in Dhabbas? LOL
Teji llaughs and gets embarrassedEmbarrassed: I mean here so far from Mumbai.
Ro: well I was going for a some out of Mumbai so thought to stop here. What about u?
Teji: investigating the case. And then suddenly stops herself and realises her mistake
Ro(excitedly): oohhh. So u r police officer?
Teji bitting her lip and confused: errr, no actually CID SB officer.
Ro gives her his million dollarBig smile smile and teji gets embarrassed and say: I gotta go, rrrmm bye.
Ro (smling): hum phir milenge
Teji whiel going trudn around and simles ans waves at him and goes and Abhi who saw this (not heard) gets mad at teji even more for mot telling him about her new friend. (aww abhi, why dont u ask herself?LOLWink)

In Forensic
Dr. Nayati is investigating and finally says:
Bingo.. Akshay looks at her and jas gets jealous
Aksh: what happened? Looks like appki lottery lag gayi.
Nayati: Not mine but urs, there are some fingerprints of killer on the Scalpar.
Then they start matching the fingerprints but unfortunately that have no luck.
Khushal: looks like this person never had any criminal roecord.
Jas: but the way he is murdering girls looks like he's criminal.
With this they all leave for Bueau

Akshay tells him what happened in forensic. They all discuss how discusting he is. Then Abhimanyu comes and tell ACP that the girl (who murdered today) lives in Banglore with her family mo one is here. So ACP tells
ACP: Abhi, teji and Pratap u all go to banglore right now and tell girls parents about this and try to find some clues from there. All trio gets shocked hearing they'll be going together. LOLWink


WRITTEN BY: day_dreamer & Sallu_lover


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Koi Apna Yaan koi Ajnabee

Part 13
ACP: Abhi, teji and Pratap u all go to banglore right now and tell girls parents about this and try to find some clues from there. All trio gets shocked hearing they'll be going together.
All trio tries to argue but Acp is adamant, and asks then to pack their bags and leave. (aiise keh raha hai jaise beauru se nikaal raha ho) they all leave. In car park Abhi goes to his car while Pratap and teji goes to their and then Pratap goes to Abhi and after sometime says: I'll pick u up in 1 hour, before Abhi could say Pratap says: sir said we have to go together. Then pratap leaves.

1 hour later
A car stops front of Abhi's house, its Pratap and teji. Pratap honks and Abhi sees it and comes out. Teji sees the house and remembers the night. After that night teji did not came to this house did not had courage to. Abhi comes and sits at the back, coz teji, Pratap sitting in front. Then they begin their journey, and they reach banglore in 4 hours (sorry, guyz don't know how long it takes). Throughout the journey no one talked to each other, while teji fall asleep. After reaching to go to hotel and take the key from reception and goes to their rooms for fresh up.

All three of them goes to that girl's house (let's name her Preity) and imform her parents about death, preity's parents beakdown teji and Abhi console them. Preity' parents decide to leave for Mumbai, and these trio leaves afterwards in night, coz they had to find about this girl.

They all go to Priety's workpalce and find out that just 3 days ago she was transferred to mumbai brach (she works in bank). After getting their findings they decides to go back to mumbai.

Its evening now, and Pratap decides to have dinner before leaving coz he know teji hasn't eaten since morning.
P: I think before leaving we should have dinner.
T: but then we'll be late.
P: But u've not eates since morning, and in this condition u need to have proper food.
T smiles and aggress and looks at abhi, who was rather bored and annoyed not a bit interested in their care talk.
A (mokingly): u both go, I don't want to ruin ur ROMANTIC dinner.
Pratap gets surprised and Teji is rather had 250 watts ka jhatka.
A: I'm going for some important work, when u both finished call me I'll came to car.
With that he turns to leave when pratap starts
P: Abhi till when u'll behave like this, we used to such a good friends, for our friendship sake stop this, u r hurting teji and me. Why are u being so childish?
A (getting angry): Mr. Pratap kochar we were friends our friendship broke the day u both took such a big step without telling me. When u both betrayed me, my friendship, broke my trust. Abhi holds pratap's collar.
Teji had tears in her eyes and put her hands on her ears coz she could not bear one more accuse of abhi. Pratap was so shocked to see him angry like this. (hhmmm seems like Pratap's angry young man award now goes to abhi)
T: Leave it abhi, and Shut up.
A (shouting and points finger at her): U SHUT UP.
Teji gets scared with abhi's this behaviour and holds pratap. Abhi sees this and gets hurt and leave from there.
Teji was crying pratap holds her face and wipes her tears, and convince her for dinner. Teji was in no mood now, Pratap had very togh time comvincing her and finally they both go to resturant and have dinner.

In meantime abhi is at beach sitting on a rock thinking "Why I'm behaving like this? What happens to me when I see them both together? Why cant I control myself? Today I've hurted teji so much, when I don't wanted to hurt her?" and after sometimes he gets up and leave.

He finally comes to car and sits and sees pratap and teji there. Journey starts with silence. Raining starts half an hour car jolts and stops.

Their car beaks down all three of them gets out of the car to check the car pratab holds tej's hands, abhi is just looking n gettting jealous n says that u r pregnant n at this condition u should bt studying so go n sit in side.
pratab n tej smiles as they r smiling from the middle abhi is just starring at them n raining very hard (haila soo much of jealousy from abhi) the car doesnt get fixed as it has major problem in it abhi n pratab says there is a house over there maybe we should go there for the night until we get a help. (aslo they tried to call but no network)
abhi is standing in the rain n pratab says wait i will get tej from the car.
pratab opens the door n tells tej that there is a house there we r going to spend the night there as the car is broken n its not going to be fixed tonite. Teji is getting out of the car n abhi is just standing SUDDENLY tej's foot slipped n then pratab catches her they both look into each other's eyes. but then tej's looks at abhi too n she stands up. pratab helps tej to walk n goes in the house. They knock at the door and someone opens then door.

The End

By: sallu_loverSmile & day_dreamerSmile


Part 14
Someone opens the door Abhi asks him can they spend night there? As their car broke down and also its raining heavily. A guy starts thinking while. Then guy (he's servant ram singh) says ok, but till morning only as the owner in not in town, so they've to leave tomorrow.

Then he brings them to guest rooms (which have 2 rooms) and also gives them the night colthes to change as their clothes are wet.

After a while when they all settle down ram singh brings "Kawa" (its kind of tea which is really bitter) and gives them. Teji makes faces as she does not like "kawa" but Pratap says she need to have it, as it'll make her feel better. But teji refuses Pratap tries really hard (while whole time Abhi is looking at teji who is looking so cute while making those facesEmbarrassed) but then Pratap makes such a cute sad puppy face which makes teji laughs and Abhi gets so annoyed.LOLWink
A (mockingly): Have it Tejali before he bend downs on his knees. U never know he might romantically proposes u. (OMG ABHI, its look like u wanna propose herEmbarrassed)
Pratap gives him an angry look and teji inside knows that Abhi is getting jealous so she takes opportunity and knows how to shut his mouth.

Teji gradually put her hand below Pratap's chin and make him look at herEmbarrassed. And Smiles at Pratap and says
T: arre baba, I was joking na, I'll definitely drink it for u, and for our child and yea for me too, I know If I'll feel sick u won't bear it. EmbarrassedWink

Abhi now was burning inside so much that from his heat inside the whole room's temperature was rising He felt like someone gave him a really tight slap across his face. The cup Abhi was holding so tight the with the tightness cup can break into pieces any minute. Teji was enjoying this moment and knew now he's mouth is shut for good. Pratap 1st surprise then seeing Abhi's reaction knew what teji was really upto.

Abhi without saying puts the or say bangs the cup on table hard and starts to leave when suddenly he starts sneezing and teji could not control herself and say
T: Abhi, drink "johar Joshanda" now, coz with that only your cold gonna get better. Then suddenly bit her lip and what she said. While Abhi was surprised a bit and was soo happy inside that she knows that. Then pretends the he did not hear it and goes. Pratap looks at her and smiles.
P: Its so strange na. tum uski (Abhi) ki choti si choti baat janti ho ke uski cold sirf "johar Joshanda" se hi thik hoti hai, (teji lower her eyes) par who tumhari zindagi ka itna bada sach nahi samajh sakta.
T: I'm sure he'll understand 1 day.
P: But I'm afraid by then maybe its too late. Tejali u still have time to think, coolly think through ur decision and tell Abhi the truth before its too late.
T: I've made this decision after thinking a lot, and I'm not gonna change my decision now. I'm so lucky to have companion like you, and happy my child will have u as father.
Both smile and Pratap hugs her as a friend. Embarrassed
Pratap then leaves as now teji needs to go to sleep too. He goes to his room which he and Abhi unfortunately they had to share, so as soon as Pratap comes Abhi goes out out in lunge and sleep on couch. (Their room is little far from teji). Teji then fells thirsty (u just had a "Kawa" girl) and goes to kitchen. She then drinks water and then goes out from kitchen there's another room next to kitchen she hears someone talking on and goes there (how rude, where r ur manners girl?) and the person is still talking. Its too dark coz light is not working in that room. She hears the voice which is talking on phone and teji thinks she heard it somewhere. Teji then remembers and thinks his voice matches with Rohan and says:
Teji: Rohan u here? Is that u?
The person is not moving.
Teji: Are u Rohan? Answer me. Someone from behind taps her, she turns around and its ram singh.
RS: What r u doing here? And who are you talking to?
Teji: him. Pointing backwards still her face at RS.
RS: looks where she's pointing and says: WHO? There's no one there.
Teji: what rubbish. And turns around and sees no one is there and is shocked. She tries to convinces RS she saw someone there, and his voice matches with Rohan.
RS: Who Rohan? My owner's name is "Tarun Desai. I think you need to go to sleep, I think Kawa is affecting you.
Teji gets so mad at him but doesn't say anything, and was giving herself a second thought as If really she saw that or was her mind playing with her.
RS: go madam go back to room.
Teji starts leaving when her hand bangs with something and it falls, teji sees its frame and its fallen downwards (means, picture is on ground side) teji picks it up in that way, she almost turns it when Rs snatches it from her and says
RS: sont touch anything, saab doesn't like it.
Teji gets mad and leaves from there.
She comes to room and sits on bed and starts thinking "was it really Rohan or my imagination, well, I didn't saw his face but his voice…I can't forget his voice. But where did he vanished? I think its my imagination" with this thinking she goes to sleep.

After everyone goes to sleep a guy (who teji saw and thought it's Rohan) goes to the guest room, while going he sees Abhi sleeping on couch in lounge and goes near him making sure he's sleeping than goes to Pratap's room and sees him sleeping then sees his bag and check the bag and then find the ID card (CID SB)
Guy: ohh thats mean my guess was right, so these are from CIDSB.
And then keeps the ID card back and goes to Teji room. Sees her sleeping and then goes by her and then covers her with blanket and slightly touches her face and pulls the curtains together and goes from the room.

They all three have their breakfast and thanks Ram Singh, Pratap and Abhi goes to car while teji coming slowly, then she also goes out from the main door, and she sees someone in garden and goes behind him and again sees him and thinks he's same who she saw in room and thought he's Rohan. While going Pratap calls teji and she turns around and Pratap signals her to come and she nods. She turns around and shocked to see no one is there. Again thinks her mind playing with her and leaves.

They all sit in car and leaves. While sitting in car teji thinks "Is this my imagination or was it Rahan? But how can he be here when he's in Mumbai. Ram Singh was so wired na. I can't forget Rohan's voice. Well, I think its my imagination, well Rohan is kind of person who you want to imagine all the time." And smiles at herself and slaps on her head (OMG..girl now u falling for himAngry.) While Pratap was watching her and asks
P: What's the matter?
Teji just make some excuse. Finally they reach Mumbai and goes to CIDSB.


By: Day_Dreamer & Sallu_Lover



ACP is in the bureau with everyone as the phone rings n he says "what? When? How" he then tells the rest that there is a another murder? Same motive? Same way? n with the same weapon. CID Sb arrives at the scene and everyone gets started with their  job.

ACP: pratab n abhi what do u guyz think about this murder?

Pratab: sir its the same way as the other murders

Abhi: pratab is right sir, its serial killer.

Tej finds a scalper just two meters away from the dead body. And she also find a torn Id card from which they could only see a logo. Back to the bureau   abhi searches in the comp to find where this logo is used. Finally he finds  that this logo is used for a company. Abhi then tells ACP that this logo belongs to a company.

Pratab: Sir aap ne notice kiya? That all the girls who got killed was wearing Red. ACP says to pratab that he is a serial killer, he is sick, he is killing poor innocent girls.

Sammar n abhi goes to the company n talks to the manager n says "we r from CID SB , can u recoginze this ID card(which is only half)", the managers searches in the comp to find who's ID is it(there is the ID number in it), the manager says that oh yeah his name is Raju(of course a fake name) but he doesn't work in her anymore, he left job like a few months ago.

Sammar: can u remember how he looks

Manager: yeah i do.

So abhi n sam takes him to the bureau, then manager tells the artist how he looked. So now they have a sketch of the killer.


 Car Park

Cloud were covering the sky, "I think its gonna rain today, I think sotrm is coming I better get home quickly" teji was thinking while in huge car park trying to find her car. While walking she was looking at sky and thinking that today storm will definitely come. And suddenly she bumps to someone and her purse and someone's file drops. Both bend down to pick up their things while saying sorry together. Both bend down and hit their head and say sorry again and looks up and are shock

Both in same tone: APP??

T: Rohan app?

R: Tejali APP?

Both laugh a slight and then picks up their things.

R: its so strange we always bump into each other like this. And teji nods her head in agreement. Teji then remembers the Pune incident (where in house she thought she saw rohan) she thought to ask him, but then went against it. Rohan seeing her lost in toghuts snap her out by saying

R: mere bare mein soch rahi hain app kya?

Teji gets surprised and looks at him, while he laugh saying he was joking.

T: Its so coincidence we always bump into each other.

R: I think its destiny, maybe destiny wants us to be together.

Teji gets shocked "what he meant be this?" rohan as if he was reading her mind says

R: As friends, I mean can we be friends? And held his hand out and teji while smiling shakes hands and says: FRIENDS

Then little rain starts to drop and both say goodbye and leave to their directions.


Abhi comes to ACP's office n he then sees the sketch

Abhi: Sir it feels like i have seen this person somewhere?

ACP: Abhi u have seen him? Where? When?

Abhi: Sir i cant exactly remember where i have seen him?

ACP: abhi u have to that killer is out there n might kill some other girl.

Abhi: im trying but i cant remember sir.


The End

BY: Sallu_lover and Day_Dreamer

Edited by Day_Dreamer - 03 March 2008 at 2:59am

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