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Tu Tu Main Main-complete(july26)

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Hi friends ,

Im opening a new thread for my ff- Tu Tu Main Main

On a special Note - this ff im dedicating to my sweety little angel , my cutie pie , my kaju aka kajal aka *armaan*.

This one is for you sweety .
love you loads and  Im sure you have never imagined me doin this to you .

Tu Tu - Main Main


They were so much in love with each other and were known as the cuties couple in the sanjeeni . From patients to doctors to even the interns all of them seek their advice on heart matters,be its surgery or dil da mamla . The cutiest couple is none other than our very own Dr.Shashank and his wife Nurse Padma . He was wiating outside the operation theatre to let the red light go off so that he cud hear his cutie babies coming into their world of love.

In one of the other operation theatre was Mrs. malik giving birth to her twins . She had twin boys and her husband Mr.Malik was wiating outside when a nurse gave him the good news .

"Congrats Dr. Gupta , aapko do  betiyan huyi hain ", nurse gave him the most awaited news.


Part 1

Both the ladies were moved out of surgery room to same room. Their beds were placed close to each other

but they havent gained concious yet . Couple of minutes later two nurses came to the room with the babies

and placed them closer to their respective moms .

The newly blessed moms were looking so charming hugging the babies and showering their love on them.

Dr.Shashank and Mr.Malik entered the room together and met their cutie pie babies .

"Congrats !!, im Dr.Shashank", shashank greeted Mr.malik.

"Same to you !!, Im Dr.Hiten Malik , Nice meeting you ",Mr.malik introduced himself .

"oh wow , uare a doc too ,and what a coincidence we became parents on the same day ",shashank was pleased
to know he was a doc too .

"Not only that doc ,we both are blessed with two babies", hiten said looking at the babies with gauri
and padma.

"oh yeah ,i m a father of two cute daughters now ", shashank was so happy being a dad, he wanted to tell
the whole world .

"and i have two sons !!" , hiten was equally excited .

Then shashank moved towards padma and took his daughters in his arms and kissed them and hugged them tightly.

At the same time Hiten went to gauri to shower his love on his sons.

(kajal the surprise starts here fr u ,get the glass of water )

           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Over to Gauri's bed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"gauri yaad hai na humne kya naam soche thea , ham dono ne alag alag naam soche thea na ,bhagwan ne dono ki

sun li , hamhe 2 bete diye "

"yaad hai hiten , kyun ki ek kuch seconds bada hai uska naam meri marzi ka ", gauri said firmly.

"ok ji ,jaise tum kaho , is ka naam Armaan, khush ", hiten smiled .

"aur chote ka ?", hiten questioned him .

"jo tumne socha tha ",she said smiling .

"SAMEER ", they both said together .

   (u ok kajal? hehee !!!!

         Over to Padma's bed

"toh kya socha aapne betiyon ke naam ke ?"padma wanted shashank to name the girls as she wanted him to

be their idol.

"kajal aur ridhima kaisa rahega " he suggested .

(someone hold kajal please !!!!, she is gonna fall off her bed , heheh)

"okay", and they both hugged .


         Outside the patient room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shashank and hitem started discussing their professional lives , and different cases they handled in their


While sharing about their colleges lives they started talking about the medical colleges they went to .

In just an hour of talking they felt like they shared a special bond.

They were now like friends .

          Inside the patient room

Gauri and padma were also becoming friends .

while relations being made ,how cud the babies not get into.

Baby ridhima and baby armaan had a eye lock ,and chotte miyan was no less ,baby sameer has his eyes on kajal.

Gradually the Malik family and Gupta family were getting close .They used to go over to each other's place

for dinners parties .

Its been 5 years now ,since the families became friends.

Kids have also become friends.

But Armaan and kajal shared a more closer bond , they cud understand each other much better .

While ridhima was kinda reserved nature ,she didnt like getting involved with gatherings much .

All she interact was with either kajal , armaan or sameer.

Those were her only friends even at school.

Being so nice didnt help her much most of the time ,since armaan and kajal used to play pranks on her .

Sameer wud join them sometimes ,but on occasions he wud help ridhima and support her .

On one such day ,Gupta family was invited over Malik's place for dinner along with the kids.

All the preparations were done ,and padma was in her room getting ready for the dinner .

Ridhima was wearing a nice pink frock and kajal wearing white short skirt.

The door bell rang and Hiten and Gauri were there with Armaan and Sameer .

to be cont................


Part 2

Precap : The kids were named as armaan, sameer and ridhima , kajal . The malik's and the gupta's have become good friends. The malik's are invited at Gupta's residence for dinner .

The door bell rang and hiten and gauri were at the door with Armaan and sameer. Mrs. Gupta opened the door for them and greeted them in .

"Andar aaye ", padma waved her hand in direction of the sofa over the corner which was beautifully complemented by the side tables with picture frames of ridhima and kajal filling the space with their lively smiles .

"Dr. sahab kahan hai ?" hiten was looking for dr. shashank to give him company as he was knowing he will be really bored sitting there with ladies gossips.

"woh abhi aate honge , aap baithiye toh . kya lenge thanda yaan garam ", padma maked sure they are feeling comfortable .

"Main coke loonga ", an innocent voice informed her with a cuteest smile ever on his face but also scared that he might get scolding from his mom on getting home .
the cutest voice was non other than Armaan's .

"kya bhai aap bhi na ", sameer hit armaan on his tighs with his sweet little hands trying to stop him from getting into more trouble . They very well knew hiten was too strict with the manners and behaviours and he wudnt tolerate any nonsense over some other place.

Padma was just goin towards the kitchen when again armaan called her from back.
"aunty kajal kahan hai ", he has always waited to meet his best friend outside school to plan for some tricks to play on ridhima .

"kajal aur ridhima dono uppar hai, tum dono bhi vahin chale jao , vaise bhi yahan ham badhon ke beech mein bore ho jayoge . Tumhare khaane ka saman main oppar de doongi ", she said while pointing towards the stairs that go upstairs to the girl's room and the play room .The stairs were all decorated with kajal and ridhima's pictures hanging on the wall all the way along the stairs.They were the angels of shashank and padma .

"welcome Dr. hiten ,kya haal hain , namaste bhabhi ji ", shashank came out from his room greeting the malik's while padma left to prepare tea and snacks.

"hey buddy ", armaan banged into kajal and ridhima's room without knocking at the door .
" hi armaan , sameer kahan hai ?", kajal extended her hand making a fist.Arman did the same , they hit each other's fist and then hit their shoulders with each other's opposite side and finally ended with giving a hug. That was their way of saying hello to each other, and which annoyed ridhima and sameer a lot.

"Tum kabhi nahi sudharoge , tumhe uncle ne kitni baar daanta hai ki ladkion ke kamre mein knock karke aate hain ", ridhima fuming with anger .Inspite of being just 5 years old she had very strict principles and was always formal . whereas kajal was just in bindass style just like her best buddy armaan .

"yaar kajal yeh teri behn bhi na har waqt bhashan kyun deti rehti hai ", armaan said while sitting cooly on the bed ,and was more than cool, that the bedsheet was messed up .

This raised ridhima's boiling point .
"tumhe to bilkul tameez nahi hai ", and she went towards sameer.

"chod na ridhi , tu bhi aise hi ladti rehti hai ", kajal went to ridhima to cool off her anger.
"agar next time tumne mere buddy ko kuch kaha to main dad ko bol kar apna alag room le loongi , fir sona akeli raat ko darr darr ke ", kajal warned ridhima walking towards armaan.

"oh to yeh champu raat mein darti hai ?", armaan giggled.

"yaar tum dono fir shuru ho gaye ridhima ko tang karne ke liye ", sameer popped in his head to stop the fight .

"oye tu kyun beech mein bol raha hai machar , tu bhi champu ki tarah hai ", kajal intruppted him keeping her hands on her waist .
Now the fight scenario has moved from armaan ridhima to sameer kajal. And the fight was just becoming brutal .

Just right on time padma opened the door and was shocked with what she just saw.
kajal and sameer were standing holding each other's hairs in their hands.Armaan was trying to save kajal and ridhima was saving sameer .

"Bacho yeh kya ho raha hai ?", padma ran towards them to set them free ,and told them to behave properly.
"kajal beta agar dubaara kiya to tumhaare dad ko bulaaongi ", she gave her a stern look .

"Aunty is mein kajal ki galti nahi yeh sab ridhi ki wajah se hua hai , usne ladayi shuru ki thi ", armaan said in hi sweet voice trying to save kajal from getting scold.

Padma just gave a smile to them for sharing such a sweet and true friendship . That they can trap anybody else to save each other ,but unfortunately the targest always was ridhi .

They were about to start their fight again and werejust close to get hold of each other's hair , just then padma turned around and gave them a smile and left.

After getting tired of their fight , they all moved towards the play room.

they were all enjoying the play when suddenly armaan noticed a differnet sound inthe room .
"ssshhhhhhhhhh.. yeh awaz kahan se aa rahi hai ", he tried enquiring .
"kaunsi ?", kajal said in her bindas style .Just then ridhima moved and everybody noticed the sound once again.

"yeh awaaz ", armaan was now confused .

"oh yeh ", kajal put her hand on her forehead,"maine to socha pata nahi kaun si awaaz sun rahe ho , yeh to ridhi ki payal ki awaaz hai ,usse shuank hai pehn ne ka ", she said giving a weird look at ridhima .

Armaan just cudnt control his laughter and burst up .
"yeh champu frock ke sath payal pehanti hai ", armaan said trying to control his laughter. No matter even he was only 5 , he was still the most stylish guy in their class .

ridhima was all fuming in anger as everyone was making fun of her .And this time sameer was also on armaan's side .

She left the room hitting her foot hard on the floor .
when she did that her payal came off ,but she was unaware of that .

"oye champu ki payal ",armaan winked at kajal and sameer to not tel her abt the payal and he pocketed her payal in his pants.

Few minutes later padma came to call them for dinner but they opted to have it in the play room.
As soon as padma left , armaan went to ridhima's room and apologized for his behaviour.
And like good friends she forgave him without knowing the real intentions of armaan . he knew if he didnt apologize then his had will come to know abt his behaviour and he will have hard time at home .Also he had kept her payal and he knew that ridhima doesnt like her things goin missing.and she will again get angry and thats what pleased arman and kajal most .They always loved ridhima's angry face.

They had their dinner and went back home .

"I hope u behaved properly there armaan ", hiten trying to assure that armaan didnt made a mess there .

"yeh papa bhai was very good", sameer replied trying to cover up for armaan .

"ok ab dono so jao jaa kar kal school bhi hai ", and hiten left for his room.

Armaan and sameer came to their room .they were really tired and sameer went right off to the bed to have his sleep.

Armaan went to his closet and took out a wooden box. he had been collecting all of ridhima's things that he took to annoy her .He was planning that one day when he wil grow up he will show her and make her big time angry on him.Saying this he had a big Haha HahahHAaaa .

to be cont...........


         Part 3

precap: All the kids are 5 years old .Armaan and kajal are best buddies and they together tangkarofying Ridhima


Armaan, kajal , sameer and ridhima all were in same class at school. Armana nd kajal were the most naughty in the class and they annoyed teachers a lot .
Most of the time they were caught red handed .Whereas on the otehr side ridhim and sameer were quiet in teh class.But outside class they were same as armaan and kajal.

Over the years passed their relationships got stronger and stronger.

They used to come to each others place to play and study .Armaan and kajal spend time playing while they make ridhima do homework for them .But of no use as by now all the teachers have come to know abt this .


It was a very special day of their lives.They all were entering teenage ,on the same day.
In these many years all the four were bonded so strongly with each other.Now even ridhima got used to Armaan and kajal's pranks and she started enjoying them .

The Gupta's and Malik's have arranged a big party at a resort for the kids.
"ridhi tu kya pehn rahi hai , party par", kajal and ridhima always asked each other's opinion on their dresses .
"Main to suit pehn rahi hoon , aur tu "ridhima alwways loved wearing indian dresses .
"U know my dressing,im wearing new kurta with my capris", they were born on same day but they were completely different from each other.

At malik's residence
Armaan and Sameere were getting ready too .

"Oye Armaan yeh box kya hai ", sameer had the box armaan had with all ridhima's belongings.

"hath mat laga usse ", he snatched the box and kept it back in the closet.
"Tu ladkiyon da samaan kyun ikaatha kar raha hai ", sameer was quite astonished with his behaviour towards the box.

"kya bhai tu bhi na ,peeche hi parh gya hai , chod bhi na , mom wait kar rahe hoonge na ", armaan tried his best to divert the discussion.

That evening had something special in it . The cool breeze that was blowing was saying something unusual is goin to happen.
And to not much wait , nature started playing its magic's .

The Gupta's and malik's reacheed the resort at the same time .
And just when kids got down from cars, sameer's ususal casual look towards kajal has turned its courses and he cudnt take off eyes from her.

On the other hand , Ridhima had her eyes on Armaan . At the moment she was thinking abt all her previous fights with armaan and was smiling at him.

Both kajal and Armaan unaware of these changes , moved into the resort in their bindas style .
Armaan had his arms around kajal's shoulders and kajal had hers on armaan's.

Sameer and ridhima stood there for a while before tehy realized everyone has moved in .

to be cont................



Part 4

Precap: Its grand birthday party for all the kids as they are entering their Teeen .
Sameer feels something unusual for Kajal and Ridhima feels something different in her for Armaaan .

Now ......

Sameer and Ridhima stood there lost in their thoughts, the thoughts that have never engulfed them before.The thoughts of losing themselves to an unusual force , that kept them driving to an unidentified destination through unknown paths and ways .
They knew the thoughts were very tender for their age ,but the feeling they were experiencing never had any limit on age.To that feeling it has never mattered if were pulping inside a heart of kid or a man to death .
It just finds its way .

A loud noise surpassed them making them aware of the world which to them felt like a fake one .The moment was so strong for them the music seemed to them as noise .

"yeh shaam mastani, madhosh kiye jayee, koi dor mujhe kheeche , tere aur liye jaaye ", a cool young dude passed them whistling .

They shook their head and looked at each other and then at the gate, Arman and kajal with their arms around shoulders were walking into the party .

"Chale ridhi ", sameer cud sense ridhima's thoughts and felt like he was infront of a mirror , a mirror that cud
not seee the face ,but cud show the one the waves of thoughts that were emerging in their so called head.

"haan ", ridhima tried a lot to act normal,but we all know when that happens ,u arenot a normal person anymore.
And more evidences were coming their way to prove their insaneness . Insaneness coz to those who never went through it call it insaneness.and actually it is , coz u dont have control over u ,ur thoughts, ur heartbeat.
U merely act like a extensions to an engine that are driven by the power of engine called heart .

They dragged themselves into the party along with their thoughts.They were still struggling withthemselves but ....
"oye champu ,tere sar par kya hai ", armaan walked to her trying to annoy her one more time .

"kya, mere sar par, ? ", ridhima tried to clear of her head with her hands but nothing came ooff.

"kuch bhi to nahi hai ?, aur agar hai to utaar do na ", ridhima was now worried if she really has something on there.
"Sorry main nahi utaar sakta ,mere bas mein nahi hai ",armaan giggled as he winked at kajal who was standing there with movie camera.
"kya matlab ",now she was getting annoyed and for a moment she forgot abt the thoughts that were surrounding her a moment ago.

"champu tu toh class mein badi smart banti hai , lekin hai to dumbo poori dumboo , tere sar par hona kya hai ,
jo sab ke sar par hota hai , asmaan ,dumboooooo ", armaan breaked into a big laughter followed by kajal who was capturing the moments in her camera.

"Teri tohhh ", ridhima stepped forward to hit armaaan , but he started running.
They were running like crazy around the garden.
"tu toh gya armaaan", armaan knew he will be caught in next moment as he knew ridhima was the best athlete at school and as a matter of fact he cant run faster than her.

And finally the predicted happened, ridhima got hold of his jacket and pulled him.
"tu mujhe pareshaan kyun karta hai ", she said hitting his foot with her sandals and hitting his arm with a box(mukka).
"aoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ", he screamed .
"kya hua lagii , koi baat nahi ", ridhi hit him once again put softly this time ,"zor ka jhatka , dheere de lage ", and she walked away.

"kya yaar toone lassi karadi", kajal came to him holding her head .
"oye yaar woh kitni zor se maarti hai ", armaan made a puppy face .

"chal jaane de , uske pech (screw) dheele hain ", and kajal dragged him."main tere liye paani leke aati hoon ".
And she went to the water table to get some for armaan.

"oye teri aakhen kharab hai kya , dekh nahi sakta ",kajal stood there looking at her wet kurti, as sameere just bumped into her when she was turning.

She was all screaming at him and he was just looking at her .

"kuch to hua hai , kuch ho gya hai ,do chaar din se ,lagta hai jaise, sab kuch alag hai , sab kuch naya hai ",the same guy whistled again while passing near them.

She gave sameer a jerk and woke him from his trance .
"oh , oh sorry ", he cud barely utter words.

"ok ok theek hai theek hai ",she said while moving away from there.

For another hour Ridhima and Sameer had their eyes on armaan and kajal.
Armaan and kajal were enjoying their evening dancing with other kids being their mischevious selves.
Ridhima and sameeer were enjoying theirselves looking at them and day dreaming .Their dream was more kiddish, they dreamt abt playing with them and doin all naughty stuff.

"ladies and gentleman, May i have ur attention please,we are about to cut the cake fro this special evening", Hiten took everyone's attention .and also called the kids to the table.

There was the big cake , as if four cakes have merged in one , one for each kiddo . It had all the names on it .
But like destiny had played his game again , Armaan and Ridhima's name were written together and sameer and kajal's.

There were four knives for all the kids to cut at the same time .They blew the candles and cut the cake.
After cutting the cake , armaan offered the first piece to kajal and so did kajal.

"wow they seem to be best buddies", one of the guests was surprised at their act ,as usually kids wud offer cake to their parents first.But here something different happened, they shared such a strongly unusual bond.

They all clapped and started moving away from the table back to their gossipping.

"Armaaan ,tumhaare liye ", ridhima came to armaan with a piece of cake in her hand to feed him.

"oh , thanks", as armaan opened his mouth fro the piece of cake and ready for yet another shararat.
"ouch, tum kabhi nahi sudharoge ", ridhima screamed as armaan bit her fingers.
"u know na , fir poochti kyun ho ", armaan once again smiled with his so gracious smile with dimples.

Everyone now went for the dinner .

Sameer was trying hard to get some dish as there was so much of rush .

"Lao main daal deti hoon ", kajal stepped in with her plate in one hand.

"Thanks kajal",he said handing his plate .

She handed him back his plate ,without an answer.

The beautiful evening was coming to an end .

"yo champu ek aur cheez mil gayi ", armaan had that wicked smile on his face,talking to himself, as he held ridhi's karha (bangle)that had came off when she was hitting him , and he had safely tucked it in his pocket.

The party was wrapped up and all the guests were leaving.
Kajal and Ridhima also went towards their car,but ridhima kept looking back at armaan , as armaan and sameer moved to their car.And so was sameer looking at kajal.

Finally they got home .

"armaan yeh tum kya is box mein dalte ho ",sameer was now curious to know more abt the box.
"kuch nahi tu so ja ",armaan said while he dozed off to bed.

to be cont...........

I hope friends u enjoy this part was well.




Part 5

Precap :All the kids at their birthday party had fun . ridhi falling more and more for armaan .And once again armaan had ridhi's bangle with him in his treasure box.


Sameer dozed off to sleep with his confused thoughts as to why armaan has those girlish things in the box.
"chod sameer , tu bhi kya apna dimag ka dahi kar raha hai , vaise bhi armaan ke dimag ka kuch bharosa nahi , u never know wat he is upto ",he murmured to himself and tapped on his head for wasting his energy on these silly thoughts abt armaan .But looked like luck wasnt on his side tonight, with so much trouble he was able to shoo off armaan's mystery thoughts . and looked like it was now kajal's time to come in his thoughts which kept him turning sides the whole night .

The twin effect was coming into play, when one was unable to sleep,how cud other twinnie sleep in rest.
Armaan's thoughts were flooding with water- a water named ridhima .It reminded him of how innocent and cute ridhima was looking in the party and how she stumped his foot .
"abey tu champu ke baare mein kyun soch raha hai , woh tere dimag ka bhartha bana degi agar usse pata chala ki
uska saara saman tere pass hai ."now armaan's turn was to have a little chat with himself.
The Malik brothers were now goin crazy, but for different reasons though.

At Gupta residence was somewhat the same thing happpening.

Kajal was killing sameer with her words , for spilling the glass of water in her dress.
"dil kar raha hai uske sar par balti paani ki gira doon, nai woh bhi kam hogi , usse to poora ka poora paani de tub mein duboo dongi , aane do usse kal " the words gave her some satisfaction of revenge .

When everyone was thinking abt something and someone , why wud our ridhima stay away from it.
It was now like ridhi's night time routine to think abt all the past years she spent with armaan playing and his naughty pranks .
"yahan tu uske liye mari jaa rahi hai aur wahan uss gaddhe ne kajal ko cake pehle khilaya ,"she was fuming with anger thinking abt the evening ."aur hamesha kajal ke saath mil kar mera mazak banata haai , aur mera bhi kuch nahi ho sakta , mujhe to dhang se uspar gussa bhi nahi karna aaata "she was upset with herself ,coz of the fact that she cudnt even get angry at him.

"Kajal uth na " ridhima was unable to hold her feeling now, like it was getting hard for her to see kajal and armaan so close to each other , a fear was coming up on her mind wat if they start liking each other?

"kya hai ridhi , tu aadhi raat ko kyun tang kar rahi hai , itni mushkil se toh sameer ko pakad kar paani ke tub mein dubo rahi thi , saari mehnat bekaar kar di ",kajal was still in her sleeep.

"kya boli jaa rahi hai , tere dimag ke pech dheele ho gaye hain kya tu sameer ko sapno mein bhi tang karna nahi chodegi ",ridhima tried to laugh off to hide her insecurity .

"acha sun mujhe tumhe kuch bataana hai "ridhi hesitantly tried to express her feeling to kajal .
"itni raat ko , kya yaar subah nai baat kar sakte ?"kajal pulled her quilt over her face .

"Uth na please bahut zaroori hai nahi to mujhe neend nahi aayegi ", ridhima said removing the quilt form kajal's face .

"Bol kya hai , aur agar teri koi falto ki chatter patter huyi na to sachi mein tujhe bhi paani ke tub mein gira doongi ", kajal got up warning her beforehand.

"I like armaan " those were the hardest words for her to say.

"lai i also like armaan, ismeinkya baat hai ", kajal said made an annoyed face thinking isko yeh baat bolni thi adh i raat ko .
"kya u also like armaan ", she was close to a heartbreak but was relieve when kajal said" we all liek him , woh hai hi aisa " making an obvious face and got down and pulled her quilt back on her face telling her to not bug her with her no sense chatter .

"doosra vala like ,love vaala ", once again she felt like her heart skipped a beat or two while saying the word love.
"wattttt " , kajal jumpped off her bed hearing in excitement.
"tu aur armaan ?", she was trying hard to control her laughter .

"ya main ", she kept blushing .
"wow ridhi , lekin toone mujhe kyun addhi raat ko kyun bataya ", she was more surprised what prompted her to tell the love of her life right in the middle of night .

"woh kya hai na i was feelin insecure thinking abt how close u and armaan are ", she said bitin her lips trying to not hurt her .

"tu pagal hai kya , yaar ham sirf best buddies hain , and we will be forever " kajal tried to make ridhi comfortable .

and they continued chatting abt armaan .

At malik place

"oye armaan uth na ,mujhe kuch bataana hai ", sameer tried to wake uparmaan coz it was getting hard for him to keep him off kajal's thoughts.

"han kya hai bhai "armaan was quick in reponse as he was unable to sleep too for some random thinkings keep coming up .

"i love kajal ", sameer said with total ease as he and armaan shared a really strong bond . they cud tell each and every thought and feeling so easily to each other.

"kyaaa!!!!" armaan's mouth was wide open at the words.
"bhai are u sure ", he was surprised at waht he was listening to .

Armaan and kajal were best buddies and arman was quite unsure how he is goin to react with her .

"kya soch raha hai ?", sameer shaked him to bring him back from his thoughts.

"kuch nahi ", armaan nodded.

"yaar usse baat karne ko dil kar raha hai "sameer made a cute face expressing his desire to talk to her .

"ole ole ", armaan now teasing him to the full,"phone karun kya kajal ko , woh mujhe kuch nahi kahegi ".

And armaan picked up the phone and was just goin to make the call , when the phone rang . making him miss the phone and dropping it on the floor.

"hello kaun ?", gauri picked up the phone in her bedroom .
"ooops sorry aunty armaan hai kya ?" haan beta hai ek sec ruko usse awaaz deti hoon .Gauri went to inform armaan .

"armaan beta tumhaara phone hai "
"kajal hogi ", he knew it cudnt be anyone else except her as they both wud call each other at any hour .

"han kya hai buddy itni raat ko ?"armaan tried hard to hide his excitementto what he just came to know 2 mins ago.

"kya kar raha hai ?", even kajal was trying to hide her giggling .

and they both had their room doors closed and had their speaker phone on , so that sameer cud hear kajal's voice and ridhima cud hear armaan's voice .

"hi kajal ", sameer popped hi in .
"armaan yeh sameer bhi yahan hai ?isse bol main isse baat nahi kar rahai ",
"chod na yaar galti ho gayi bechaare se , oye sameer sorry bol ".
kajal was surprised as this was the first time arman took sameer's side .

"hi armaan ", ridhima also cudnt control herself.
"oh hi champu, oye kajal yeh champu abhi tak jaag raahi hai ?", araman was surprised as whenever kajal and armaan had late night chat over the phone ridhima was always sleeping.

"haan isse neend nahi aa rahi hai "kajal giggled in .
"yahan sameer ko bhi nahi aa rahi hai ", armaan giggled too .

And this left both ridhima and sameer kinda surprised as to why other was awake .

to be cont....................



Part 6

Recap : Sameer and Ridhima lost in their thought and finally gave up with their struggle of thoughts and decided to tell their siblings abt their feeling .and After knowing about ridhima , kajal made her talk with armaan .


Both Ridhima and sameer were surprised to as to why they both were awake till late night .They knew their reason but were wondering why other was awake.

"oye kahan kho gayi ridhi", kajal buzzed her to bring her back from her useless thoughts.

"haaan , kuch nahi ,armaan kaha hai ", ridhima didnt even realized what she was saying .
"tu na pagal ho gayi hai , phone to kab ka band ho gya aur tu abhi bhi armaan ke baare mein soch rahi hai , tera kuch nahi hosakta , ab so ja subah school bhi jaana hai ",kajal made every posssible effort tohide her giggle on ridhima's stupid question .

And they both went to sleep, it seemed like listening to armaan's voice helped her to get some sleep.

At malik residence.
"yaar kajal ki awaaz kitni pyaari hai na ", sameer said blushing at the every thought of kajal.

"bache jab uski awaaz kadakti hai na tab tujhe bhi hila degi , toone socha hai kaunsi bala ke saath panga le liya hai pyaar karne ka ",armaan was in full mood of teasing sameer.

"haan yaar lekin ab ho gya hai ti kya karen"he made a fake sad face over his condition.

"chal chal nautanki ab so jaa , nahi to kal class mein kajal ki jagah dande dikhenge "and armaan pulled the sheet over his face .

And love was playing its magic here once again making sameer sleep with a sweet smile on his face as if he was looking at kajal all the time with even his eyes closed.

Next day at school
They all went to their class and armaan and sameer used to sit together always and ridhima and kajal sit on the same bench.
As usual, armaan and sameer were sitting together when suddenly armaan spotted ridhima and kajal comming towards them .

"Oye buddy , yahaan aa "armaan called kajal winking sameer.
Sameer was thinking abt what arman was upto now.And he raised his eyebrows asking him what .

Armaan signaled him to wait .

"oye kajal yaar tu meri seat reserve rakhegi kuch der ke liye , mujhe kuch kaam yaad a gya , please please"he pleaded kajal to save a seat for him pretending that otherwise someone else will sit there.
and without waiting for an answer, he left towards the classroom door.

"yeh mujhe kahan fasa gya armaan ", kajal's anger was boiling as she was alreadu gusse with sameer and now she had to sit with him fro some time.

and ridhima was sitting alone on her seat.

The teacher arrived but armaan was stilll missing from the spot making kajal fume in anger as she had to sit with sameer.

Soon after the class started armaan popped up at the door and was excited to see kajal sitting with sameer .
And he didnt mind sitting with ridhima .

And for whole one day they were sitting together.
AT the end of day
"thanks kajal for making my day special ", ridhima was so happy the whole day as she got to sit with armaan .
"tu khush ho rahi hai wahan mera khoon ubal raha tha us langoor sameer ke saath baith kar".

"thanks armaan yaar aj main bada khush hoon , aj saara din kajal ke saath baitha ".

"aur woh tujhe sherni ki tarah ghoor rahi thi "armaan laughed off remembering the looks kajal was giving him whole day .

This started to happen every day after that and now kajal'sgussa was melting too with every passing day .

And one day the whole class was having fun playing antashri boys vs girls .
and it was boys turn now .
The moment they heard the song everyone was so quiet .
"jab ham jawan honge , jaane kahan honge, lekin jahan honge faryaad karenge , tujhe yaad karenge "sameer emoted his feeling with every word said .
kajal had a confused look as for whom sameer was singing that .

"yeh bachpan ka pyaar kabhi na bhoolenge " was the next voice by ridhima leaving armaan in confusion .
He was confused as he knew sameer was singing for kajal and for whom was ridhima singing .

That was infact their last day at school and after that they wud be seeing to a new world at their medical school.

But they had no fear as they were goin to be again together even in the medical school.

Just like they had their wonderful moments in shcool , the years passed away in their medical school as well .
It was their last year at medical school .

At Gupta residence.

"yaar ridhi tu kab tak chupayegi armaan se , tu itne saalon se usse pyaar karti hai aur kabhi usse bataaya nahi usse ."

"yaar kajal kya bataaon woh khud stupid hai itne saalon mein samjha nahi ki main usse pyaar karti hoon .ab main usse khud jaa kar thodi na bataaongi , agar woh mujhse pyaar na karta hua toh "

"tu bataayegi nahi to woh kiase samjhega ",kajal was serious this time.

"lagta hai mujhe hi kuch karna padega ", kajal thought of uniting them .

At Malik's residence.

"Armaan main usse kaise bataon ki main usse pyaar karta hoon , mujhe darr lagtahai ki woh mujhe kaccha chaba jayegi "

"hahhaa tu itna darta hai usse "armaan teased him to core."mujhe inko milwana hi padega "

Next day at Medical school .

kajal was looking for arman and armaan was looking for kajal.

In the corridor
"jeeju " kajal just said the words the moment she spotted armaan in front of her .
At the same moment
"bhabhi " amraan said the words.
Both the words were so synchronous .

They both had a shocked look at their faces .


Part 7

Recap: Armaan helps sameer to sit whole day at school with kajal. Then there was a leap and they are now in they havent yet confessed their feeelings . Kajal takes up the responsibility of making armaan aware of ridhima's love and armaan took responsibility of letting kajal know abt sameer's feelings for her.They end up facing each other at corrridor and calling bhabhi and jeeju to each other and it ended on their shocked faces.



"wat u said ?" both uttered at the same blink of second.

"okok hold on whats with jeeju thing u said ?", armaan was half confused and half shocked to hear the words.

"woh baad mein batati hooon pehle yeh bata ki tumne kya kaha bhabhi ?, wat the hell, now wat does that mean ?", kajal was now loosing her calm and was giving a killing look at armaan .

But it looked like destiny didnt wanted to let them know abt the most beautiful truth of their life, a word which cud have changed their world.The clouds of unawareness had just started to get cleared , but there were some other sounds that came in between their two steps.two steps that wud take them to a new paradise , a paradise called love. All they needed were two steps, one to make them aware of the long love that had kept blooming under their eyes without even their notice and the other step to take them forward and accept the love , the love that was yearning to be loved.

The bell rang warning them to leave for their classes.

"chal baad mein baat karenge , abhi lec mein chal ", armaan put his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down .
"nahi mujhe abhi baat karni hai ", kajal said as she shook his arm off , holded him by his arm and started dragging him towards the garden.

"lekin lecture , yaar lecture miss ho jayega ", armaan cud sense the anger in her tone and wanted to let the topic off for some time .

"lec ke liye woh andar baitha hai na tumhaara woh duplicate, woh tumhaari proxy laga dega , aur meri copy paste hai wahan woh meri laga degi ", kajal reminded him of the fact that they were twins .

"ok chal meri amma , tujhse kaun behas mein jeet sakta hai ", and armaan started to walk along with her .

The entire college was attending their first lecture in the morning and these two buddies were sitting on the cool fresh grass goin to the reveal some surprises and shocks for each other.

At the same time in lecture room

"Yeh armaan kahan reh gya ?", sameer was confused as they came together from home but he went missing as soon as they entered the college premises.

"sameer tumne kajal ko kahin dekha hai kya ? pata nahi yeh ladki kahan reh gayi "ridhima was now worried abt her whereabouts and the other thing that was worrying her was missing armaan .

"yaar yeh armaan bhi gayab hai , lagta hai dono buddies baithe koi shaitani kar rahe honge ", and sameer started top open up his course notes .
"yeah i think so too ", ridhima went to her seat with a sad and worried face.

In the garden
"ab bolo kya bola tumne ?", kajal gettin back in her anger mood .
"ladies first ", armaan giggled and passed a smile to her.

"ok theek hai jeeju
" , now she was more excited to blow the bombs on him .

"wats withthis jeeju , aur tu mujhe kyun jeeju bula rahi hai ", armaan now had an idea but wanted to make sure .

"ok pehle promise kar tu gussa nahi hoga aur kisi se kuch nahi kahega ki maine tujhe yeh bataaya hai aur tu bilkul normal behave karega uske saaath ", kajal took a deep breath after firing all of them at once.

"ek saans mein itna sab kuch bol diya , itne promises " he gave a naughty grin"acha chal bol ab "

"ridhima loves u " kajal said in once leaving armaan shocked for the second time, same day .

"wat ? kabse ? tu pagal ho gayi hai kya ?"he still cudnt gather words in surprise and shock .

"bahut pehle se , when we were just kids , tabse "kajal now had tears in her eyes,thinking of how her sisters love went unnoticed all these years, but she quicked wiped them.

Arman had no answer to it , he was all dumbstuck at this new revealtion of his life .

"tu bata tumne mujhe bhabhi kyun bola ?", kajal asked him again looking for the answers.

"sameer loves you "armaan said turning kajal's smile into    a still face without expressions.

"uska dimag kharab ho gya hai , marega woh toh ", kajal turned around to head towards sameer.

"Armaaan tera plan fail ho gya ", armaan muttered under his breath while walking toward the lec hall.

"Kajal tera plan to lagta hai gya ", kajal murmered thinking abt armaan's cold reaction .

In lec hall

"yeh kahan reh gayi ?sab kuch theek to hai na ", ridhima was now worried abt her .

"yeh kahan reh gya hai , ab tak aaya kyun nahi?"sameer was also tensed where he cud be .

All the four had different thinking goin on in their minds, everyone was scared of something.



Hi friends
Here is part 8 of the ff  on special request by natty and sonia


Precap: Armaaan and kajal told each other about ridhzi sameer's feelings.But they felt like their plan failed.


Kajal and Armaan turned around to get back to the class thinking that their plan failed.
"ridhima tumne armaan ko baataya apni feelings ke baare mein ?", kajal asked ridhima excited to know what happened .
"kaha to hai , lekin uska bada cold sa reponse tha "ridhima said with a sad face.

On the other side
"sameer tumne bataaya kajal ko ?", armaan was curious to know what happened.
"yaar tu sahi tha , woh to mera sir phod deti vahin ke vahin ", sameer had a sad face .
"yaar sameer tu bataata kyun nahi kajal ko ", armaan trying to explain sameer to expres his feelings before its too late.
"lekin yaar tu jaanta hai na uska dimag hamesha hot rehta hai ,mujhe kacha chaba jayegi woh ",sameer was scared to tell kajal knowing her reactions beforehand.

"ridzi tu bata kyun deti armaan ko ,woh tujhe khaa thodi na jayega ",kajal was sure abt his buddy that he wont get mad at ridzi for lovin him.
"nahi bata sakti na ,pata nahi woh kya sochega ".

"ok bhai aise karte hai tu armaan banke kajal ko bata de , woh tujhe arman samjh ke tujh par gussa nai hogi aur jab tak usse pata chalega uska gussa main shant kar looonga.", once again armaan said  showing confidence intheir strong bonding.(AK)

"dekh ridzi tu kajal ban ke armaan ko bata de , mere saath woh bindaas hota  hai , aur mujhse koi baat nahi  chupaata , toh woh tumhe apni feelings bata dega ", kajal inher supergirl mode ready to  help  her sis in any way she can.

end flashback

They did confessed the feeling but with wrong persons .But as its said everything happens for ur own good.So was this goin to bring them together.
"Aur ahista kiji baatein  , dhadkane koi sun raha hoga , waqt ke haath inko choo lenge ,kan rakhte hai yeh daro deewar, raaz ki saari baat sunlenge"

"kajal ek baaat bataun , tum gussa to nahi hogi na ?, tumhe meri kasam ",she made an attempt to calm kajal down before continuing.
"ok nahi gussa hongi batao bhi ",kajal stood there with a serious face thinking wat cud it be that ridzi ko kasam deni padhi?

"sameer loves u a lot "ridzi was all sweating telling kajal as she knew she cud lose her anger.
"wat " she just frozed there with those words.
"ridzi usse nahi chodungi ?"
"kajal tumhe meri kasam hai , tum aisa kuch nahi karogi.meri khatir .yeh soch kar ki jaisa tum sameer ke saath karogi, agar vaisa hi armaan mere saath kare toh ,tumhe acha lagega kya ?"
"armaan aisa nahi karega main jaanti hoon usse,aur tu apne devar ki side lena band kar "
"please kajal , tu usse kuch nahi kahegi ".
"ok baba "kajal was irritated coz of her helpness.

"armaan ek baat bolun", haan bolo aashiq ji kya kehna hai ,armaan said putting his arm around sameer's shoulders.
"ridhima loves u "
"wat?", armaan was all shocked to hear that"lekin kab se ?"
"bachpan se "
"kya "armaan was geting shock after shock "woh pagal hai kya abhi baat karta hoon usse ".
"nahi yaar kajal ke saath woh gussa hogi ,kyunki mujhe kajal ne bataya hai na"sameer was playing defensive for kajal.
"chal chod in baaton ko class ka time ho raha hai ", sameer started to drag armaan with him to the lec room as armaan was all lost .

In the lec room
Armaan and kajal were sitting together as usual,but there was still something unsual between them. They were silent like never before leaving even teachers surprised at their behavious.
Armaan was still in shock to know such a big truth of his life.kajal was trying to control her anger coz of ridhima's kasam as she knew she cud errupt like volcano any moment.

On the other hand ridhima was scared as according to her she told armaan abt her feeling in kajal's disguise and he was all silent.
"kahin main ek dost bhi na kho doon ?"all these different thoughts were engulfing her mind.
Similar thoughts were clouding sameer's mind too.

"hey kajal tujhe kya hua ?"armaan was worried as he had never kajal this serious everin his life.
"woh sameer kya samajhta hai khudko ?"
"kyun usne kya kiya ?"now he was worried to as if she knows abt sameer;s love.
"that mad guys loves me ?i mean uska dimag kharab ho gya hai kya ?"
"ya i know he loves u , bachpan se karta hai, bahut karta hai , lekin kabhi keh nahi paaya darta hai tumse "armaan thought he shud let her know he knows abt it as her best friend.

"ok ", this time her reactio wasnt as voilent, shayad after hearing he loves her since childhood cooled her anger a bit.

"aur tumhe kya hua , itna chup kyun ho ?"kajal asked armaan feeling a bit of absence of his mind.

"uhh kya ?"
"kahan khoye ho armaan ?"
"kahin nahi , acha yeh batao ridhima mere liye kya feel karti hai ",armaan wanted to confirm it fromhis most reliable source.
"haan ,lekin usse mat bataana ki maine bataaya hai ,please "kajal pleaded arman ,coz she knew ridhima was very delicate when it comes to relations.

"ok "
And this was how their day went, for the second time everyone was lost inits own world.

It was night time and sameer has already fallen asleep,leaving armaan awake lost in his thought.
Armaan went to his cupboard and took out the box .and started to look all his treasure that he gathreed to annoy ridhima,but for some reasons he was feeling attachment with those jewels of love.
He kept on blushing as he kept tooking one item every time .


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awsome part kehu! loved it! finally armaan and kajal know the truth! cant wait to see what they do next! hope everything will go ok! please continue soon! and PM next time please Smile

haan yaar next time pm karungi na , is baar abhi karne thea and this whole thing came up .


Part 9

ridhima and sameer went in disguise as kajal and armaan to express their feeling but no success. But finally armaan and kajal came to know abt ridhima and sameer being in love with them .


The night was magical like it was being blessed with God's love and he was showering his love on this creation of HIS who was till now untouched by the eternal feeling of love .The love that cud change his life forever,that cud change him for ever.

Armaan had the box in his hand which just a day ago was just some thingshe had kept to annooy ridhima ,but in a day so much had changed ...those were now not just things but ridhima's belongins ...her "nishaniyan".....he felt like those bangles and anklets were a way to connect him to her .Suddenly he felt a pull on his hands......he felt like those anklets of her were dragging his hands and were bringing them close to his ears...."chan chan " those felt like a soothing music to arman, who has been a rap music lover just a moment ago and now was playing with an anklet liek he was already in love with the pleasant sound of the it.

he was about toget lost in those lovely moments of childhood when he had stole those beautiful ankletswhen suddenly........sameer woke up ..
"armu tu pagal ho gya hai kya ?aadhi raaat ko shor kar raha hai ?mom aa gaye na tu tujh par gussa honge . soja ab araam se "......sameer didnt hear an answer from armu and so he decided to ask him wats with him ......"oye armaan !!!"shaking him a bit , he asked armaan."tera dimag to theek hai na , kahan khoya hai ?"........."sameer kya sach mein tumne uski ankhon mein mere liye pyaar dekha tha ?"a reply came after much awaited silence..."tu kyabaat kar raha hai ?"sameer was now confused  thinking wats up with armaan ......"koi  kisi se itna pyaar kaise kar sakta hai ,ki woh bachpan se lekar itne saalon tak bas intezaar karta rahe , kabhi kuch kahe na ...."armaan was surprised on how she managed to stay away from him for so many years without saying a word to him abt her feelings ........."ladkiyan aisi hi hoti hain , they have lots of patience"now sameer was geting wat arman was saying and was getting emotional ....."yar kajal mera pyar kab samjhegi ".........."sameer yaar tumne kaise bardaasht kiya itnse saalon tak, tumhe kabhi darr nahi laga ki kahin kajal kisi aur se na pyar kar baithe ?"............."nahi usse mere illava koi pyaar nahi kar sakta , aur kaun jhelega us pagli ko , woh duniya mein single piece hai "sameer tried to gear away from emotional feeeling and fear...."acha yeh bata tu kyun adhi raat ko yeh sab pooch raha hai ,kahin tu bhi ridhima se ..."............."pata nahi sameer , abhi bhi is strange feeling ko samjhne ki koshish kar raha hoon .."armaan said making a cutie pie face. "chal ab soh  jaate hain subah lecture bhi hai na "sameer said while pulling up the blanket.

At Gupta residence..
"chodungi nahi uss ko "and here was kajal again getting angry at poor sameer ,she doesnt spare him even in her dreams...."kya bol raha hai tu /"ridhima shaked her a bit ...."yeh ladki bhi na ..sapne mein bhi us bechaare sameer ki dhulayi karti hai "..."kajal ek baat poochun?"ridhima tried waking her up .."kya ridzi tu bhi aadhi raat ko KBC shuru karti hai .haan bol kya hai ",kajal was in nno mood to listen to ridhima ,but forher sis sake got up ......"tu sameer se itna chidti kyun hai , kyun uske peeche padi rehtihai "................"yeh poochna tha tujhe...... aadhi raat ko ....kya tu bhi na kabhi kabhi ......"kajal taking a pause for a bit .."nahi yaar actually main usse chidti nahi hoon lekin usse tang karne mein bada maza aata hai  ..uski shakal dekhne vaali hoti hai ....." ridhima was a lil confused coz kajal never said like this before in abt sameer." aur ab tujhe iski vajah samjh mein aayi woh kyun tujhe kuch nahi kehta ....kyunki woh tujhse pyaar karta hai .."ridzi tried explaining her but..."pyaar ka matlab sirf yeh hota haiki saara din baith kar pyaar pyaari baatein karo ......inn chote chote jagdon mein bhi apnapan hota hai ...pyaar hota hai.."last few words left ridzi mouth open .."kyakya kya ..tumne abhi abhikya kaha ".........."yar ek to tu excited bahut hoti hai ..maine yeh nahi kaha ki main usse pyaar karti hoon but u never know ..."and saying this kajal pulled up her blanket leaving ridzi in deeep thoughts...thoughts of armaan .

Next day at college

The spark has kindled in the hearts, there was something that they had started to feel that was no usual.
Ridhima and kajal were the first to enter the class as usual coz they hated sitting on the back benches. But today ridhima went straight to the back bench leaving kajal confused"yeh aj isko kya hua ?".
"bhenji kahn jaa rahi ho uppar ?" ....ridhima just pointed to the back benches of the big lecture theatre.."par kyun ?"kajal hoped to have an answer this time .." taan ki armaan ko dekh sakun chup kar ,kyun ki woh hamesha  hamaare peeche vaale bench par baith ta hai na " ridzi was blushing saying all these to kajal ....."but pehle bhi to peeche hi baith ta tha..ab aisa kya hai ?"kajal now getting more confused .."haan par pata nahikal ke baad uska kya reaction hoga "ridzi was still under impression that she told armaan , unware that it was sameer .
They left their bags on the bench and went outside .In the mean time armaan and sameer reached the lecture theatre.
"arman aj peeche baith tehai na ",sameer looked at lost armaan.."armaan ..armaaan"........."huh kya?"armaan finally came out of his thoughts that have engulfed him since yesterday."peeche baithen ?"......"par kyun ?"................."woh yaar pata nahi uss atom bomb ka kal maine jo kuch usse kaha uske baad kabhi bhi mujh par explode ho sakti hai "sameer was now worried abt the blunder he did yesterday ......"ok "and they both moved to the back bench . they put their bags onthe back bench on the other side of where kajal ridhima were sitting.Unfortunately they didnt notice that kajal and ridhima already had their bags their. The class was about to start , and kajal ridhima were walking through the doors.

as they started climbing the steps ,ridhima was shocked tosee armaan sitting at theback and so was sameer shocked to see kajal coming up the steps.


Part 10


Armaan and sameer didnt notice that kajal and ridhima already had their bags their. The class was about to start , and kajal ridhima were walking through the doors.

as they started climbing the steps ,ridhima was shocked to  see armaan sitting at the , back and so was sameer shocked to see kajal coming up the steps.

Now :

The class was about to start and ridhima and kajal were walking upstairs towards the last benches where sameer was standing all shocked.

'yaar armaan aj toh mar gaye lagta hai ,yeh dono to yahin aa rahi ........', sameer cudnt hold his breath thinking about the consequences .

He wasn't even finished saying his words when both the ladies joined them at the back and were now standing right beside them.

'tum kuch keh rahe thea sameer shayad?'kajal in a very normal tone that was very unexpected for sameer. Poor guy never knew that he blurted everything out to ridhima not kajal.

'Miane ? maine to kuch nahi kaha, tumne kuch suna kya ?',sameer tried to cover up his words.

'ok, mujhe laga kuch kaha ', kajal gave a who cares look to him.


'Tum dono bas bhi karoge ?'this was armaan and ridhima's turn to shut the two up , with their tumne kuch kaha tumne kuch kaha sentences repeatedly. Unbelievably they said the same thing at the same time .Before they could get into more arguments the teacher was already there.

They decided to settle things later on after the class. They looked for their seats before teacher could notice them and shove them out of the room. In the same rush they didn't notice who they were sitting with.


A lil while later, armaan turned his head around to talk to sameer, when he  found him missing instead it was ridhima was sitting next to him. Ridhima who was completely unaware of armaan;s glance was busy listening to the teacher. But armaan was bitten fresh by the love bug, at least that's what his feelings were saying. He kept glaring at her trying to find answers to his trillion questions. He kept thinking how can she love him all the years and not let him know, how she kept inside her so patiently where he is not even sure of his feeling and finding it hard to resist himself. He kept on wondering how cud she, how cud she.


On the other hand , sameer was confused as to why didn't kajal reacted to wat he said yesterday. After a mile long struggle with his thought, he settled his mind with the fact that may be coz teacher came in ,thats  why she didn't say anything.


But Armaan's small world of questions was now open to a battlefield, as the teacher noticed his absentmindedness and addressed him.

'Armaan malik can u explain the procedure for insertion onto scalp'(sorry guys don't know any medical terms L ) her strict voice fell on his ears, making him kind of deaf, deaf coz he was lost in his own worlds and her words were like falling on deaf ears. He didn't even realized that whole class was looking at him ,until ridhima elbowed him to bring him back to the class.


'ummm........... sorry prof',thats all he cud say with his head bowed down, unable to meet prof's eyes. ..................'please can u repeat it' trying his level best to gain his presence in the class.


'leave it ,but please next time be carefull , u may sit down' as the prof turned back to the white board once again resuming her lecture.


He was feeling so embarrassed throughout the lecture and ridhima kept giggling looking at his nervousness .

Everyone was going through million of questions in their mind, except kajal, nobody knew what she was thinking rather what was being cooked in her mind.


The whole day went by like this, in a very unusual way, a way which all the 4 never came across. Was it their changing feeling, the way their mind was talking with themselves, the way their hearts were dictating over them. For the first time they were scared, scared  to say something, of the fear that they let their heart open to friends, and doubted what will be their reactions .


As there internals were approaching, the quadruple decided to stay at the campus library and study for the exam. Usually they wud study all together either at girls place or at malik house, but this time all the four felt it as the best option , this way they all cud keep silent in the pretext of silence demanded in the library.


Hours passed away, but they looked like it took forever to finish 4 hrs. It was 8 oclock in the evening. They all were sitting on the table for 4.

'main thodi der fresh air lekar aati hoon'was the perfect excuse ridhima cud think of , finding it unable to stop herself from looking at armaan .

'okie'came asn instant reply from armaan...............:koi chale tumhaare saath'

'nahi im fine armaan' may be she wanted to spend some time with herself.

'ok'armaan kept looking at ridhima as she crossed the main entrance door of library.


Sammeer also went out of the library to attend some call.

But what he saw when he came back was unbelievabale to his eyes.


'Open page 143 of your book , paragraph 4 ..... there is something for you' read the lil red note.


'hmmm............ who cud this be ?'sameer was all surpised while  thinking of who cud it be , at first he thought it might be armaan;s new prank.


When he opened page 143, wat his eyes viewed was even shocking for him. In his wildest dreams he wudnt have dreamt of it .


Here is a screen shot of wat was on the page :

'Human anatomy, including gross human anatomy and histology, is primarily the scientific study of the morphology. Anatomical models, skeletons, textbooks, diajgrams, photographs, lectures and tutorials.'

His eyes cudnt believe wat he read, at first he thought it was armaan's prank but looking at the handwriting on the note, he assured himself it was kajal who wrote that. But still not sure of how to react to this sudden gesture of kajal rather confession.

But she was no where to be seen around, his eyes tracked every corner of the library in search of her, but without any success. Disappointed , he sat there with his head down still looking at the page , where his destiny was written. A cool breeze played with his hairs over his ears, and he was away from his love just a turn away. There stood she to welcome him to her life, to share her joys, her sorrows and more importantly her pranks. They stood there for a while looking at each other not sure wat to do next .but they too wanted to let that moment stick to that second forever. After few mins they settled down on their chairs..............'yeh armaan kahan hai ?' kajal and sameer looked around to share this news with him , but he was no where to be found.

On the other hand.....

Ridz was walking all alone on lonely campus road, when she dreamt of armaan holding her hand and they walking in the moonlight. When she suddenly saw a shadow behind her.But she just shook her head thinking all her illusion and she is still in her dreamland. The next second she felt her hand held securely in a strong hand giving her a feel of security.she turned around to see armaan standing next to her assuring her, he will be there by her side always like this moment.

Along with surprise and shock, there was confusion on her face trying to find million answers in this expression o f him. She just parted her lips to drop a word in the silence even though her eyes were asking same questions. Before she cud say something, she felt his finger on her lips making a delicate seal on her lips and he nodded his head in a NO, telling her not to say anything and next minute she found herself in his embrace.

'I love you too', one word that changed her world but at the same time he found her eyebrows arched up questioning him 'shhhh.........main sab kuch janta hoon' the moment he finished the word she clutched to him more firmly with  a sense of right over him.

They stood there for like an hour and then finally she broke the silence .


Part 11

Recap: KS and AR confess their love, KS in library and AR on street in a sweet embrace.


Ridhima broke the silence with her questionare.

'tumhe bura to nahi laga tha, jab maine tumhe apne dil ki baat batayi , us din garden mein ?' with her eyes looking for answers in her eyes, but she wanted to have confirmation in words.

'Tum sach mein mujhse pyaar karte ho na , kahin tum aj yahan is liye to nahi ho kyunki main tumse pyaar karti hoon' , she continued with her fire of questions once again .

'Tumne kab mujhse kaha ?', his confused looks confused ridhima too.

'us din garden mein, yaad hai jab tumne mujhe bataya tha ki sameer kajal se pyaar karta hai?'she was trying to remind him about the incidence.

Her innocence made him laugh out as louder he can , he stood there laughing holding his stomach, which left Ridhima all confused with his gestures.

'Kya hua ? tum aise kyun has rahe ho ?'her patience was crossing all her limits, looking at armaan laughing endlessly.

'pehle batao maarogi toh nahi na ?'assuring his safety, he took her in arms once again .

'pehle batao tum kyun itna has rahe ho,maine koi joke to nahi sunayaa?', putting up a fake anger,she further probed her questions .

'acha baba, gussa kyun hoti ho, bataata hoon. Us din garden mein  tumse main nahi sameer mila tha', before he could say anything further, he recalled what sameer told him.

'ek min ek min .........., sameer to kajal se mila tha?' he was playing detective now,to get answers to his more and more confusions.

'ohhhhhhhhhh............tabhi main sochun, kajal ne sameer ko maara kyun nahi ?' he said as he got hold of the facts , things were becoming clear .

And Ridhima stood there looking all embarrassed for her silly act of kajal.

'Haan woh main kajal ban kar gayi thi , tumhe khud aa kar baatane ki himaat nahi huyi , is liye kajal bankar dil ki baat bata di', as she continued to look down.

'but yeh kajal ka idea tha ', she uttered as fast as she can.

'jaanta hoon, itna ulta idea kaju ka hi ho sakta hai , uska dimag poora shaitani hai' as he tightened his grip.

Armaan comforted her saying that it happened for good, otherwise he wouldn't have come to know the most beautiful truth of his life. He caressed her hair while she was still in his arms.

'abhi andar chalen, yaan saaari raat yahin guzaarni hai?' how cud he miss a chance to tease her.

'armaan.......', as she playfully hit his strong chest.

He kissed her hairs and held her from her waist as they kept walking towards the library.

In the library

Kajal and sameer were still waiting for armaan ridhima.

Kajal pinched sameer on his arm.

'ouch...kya hai?' as sameer exclaimed.

'kuch nahi, aise hi, dil kiya,ab to iski adat daal lo', being her naughty self( like natty ;P), she giggled.

'acha ek baat poochun?, tumne us din kuch kahe bina hi wahan se chali gayi ,jab maine tumhe bataaya ki sameer tumse pyaar karta hai ' he asked her holding her hand in his and looking into his eyes.

'toh woh tum thea, bechaari ridhima samjhi usne arman ko apne dil ki baat batayi hai'as she bursted into laughter.

'aur maine armaan ko bata diya', and they both started laughing.

'mujhe bhi ridzi ne bataaya,pehle to bahut gusa aya,but then miss ridhima apne devar ki side par thi, tumhe bachaa liya', kajal gave him u saved look, and hit him again on his hand.

'kya hai ? aab kyun maara?', he looked surprisingly at her.

'aiven hi.....mere dabbu 'and she giggled again.

'please be quite this is library', came a voice from other end, ofcourse the librarian.

As armaan ridima entered the library, they were shocked to see Kajal Sameer sitting together, holding hands.So were kajal sameer astonished to see armaan ridhima together.

It was already 12 midnight ,and library was closing.

Armaan and sameer decided to drop kajal and ridhima back home.

While on the way, sameer asked armaan 'armaan ab to bata de wats in that box, itne saal.....'

Before he cud finish armaan put his hand on his mouth making him shut.

'kaunsa box ,armaan?'ridhima asked with a questioning look.

'box? Kuansa box?...'armaan replied with his words stumbling.

But ridhima was still not satisfied and felt something is fishy.


 Part 12

Recap: All the four confessed their love and are on their way back home. And sameer questions Armaan about the box he keeps saving things since childhood.

And when ridhima enquired about it he denies .


She was still not convinced with the answer and left the question to be asked in detail later. Her inner self was telling her its not the right time to inquire about anything and to just enjoy the world she got couple of hours ago,the world which became her world from the very next second. The happiness she got was infinite as compared to the finite thoughts about the box.

And she didn't ask any further questions surprised armaan as he could see the dissatisfaction on her face and yet no words from her. He knew she was a quiet person who doesn't like fuzzing about her thoughts openly and loudly.

Breaking the silence that started to prevail in the small volume occupied by the car, a young guy stood in front of the car that was rolling tyres on the lone road at midnight. As the force of friction took over the speed of light, yes, speed of light as the thoughts in all the four minds were running faster combining them to move it faster as light, the guy knocked on the driver's window.

'Hie, sorry to bother you at this late hour, actually our car broke down' the young guy tried pulling up a face filled with a makeup of apology, and pointed to the car a couple of feet away with a beauty sitting in it, spreading radiance ,that made the car even visible in the dark night.

'wow wat a beauty!!!' armaan uttered these words looking at the beauty in front of him spreading a glow unaware that there was one more glow radiating at him, as ridhima's eyes were glowing with anger ready to hit him with full thrust .

'oopss!! Sorry darling' as he left a kiss for her in the air ,but looked like the puff of kisss left someone else in confusion .

'wat ? tumne mujhe darling bola?' the guy at the window transplanted a look of apology with a look of confusion.

'nai aapko nahi, how can we help you' armaan clarified his confusion and geared the talk to other angle, turning his neck at an angle of 45 degrees.

'can we get a lift to the Parker Avenue ,if you guys are going to that side ?' hoping a ray of hope come to his eyes, he revealed his destination.

'ohh yeah sure we are going that side too , get in' armaan signalled him to join them looking at only seat available.

'oh you guys have only one seat available , actually we are two ppl, even though we are one but to other we are two' he let the words other after waiting for a 2 sec delay thinking if what he was going to say make any sense.

'hmmm........'yeah for sure for couple of seconds he didn't make any sense as everyone expressed their confusion.

'ohh.. actually my life of love is with me too' as the guy pointed toward the glowing car.

'Dont worry dude, tell her to come we can adjust' a broad smile came across armaan which probably got transferred from ridhima's face to his.

'Thanks pal' the guy left to get the love of his life or we can say life of love, leaving his words trailing toward the 4sum.

Appending the string of 4, the two lovers joined them into the small array of car, looking where to adjust themselves with a confused look.

'Wait..., let make some room' no wonder how hard was for her to keep silent for this long, she jumped on Sameer's lap.

'here you go !!' pointing to an empty seat for them to sit.

Looking at her innocent advancement everyone smiled.

'Thanks , Im Atul ' the sofar unknown guy extended his hand .

'Hie, Im kajal, nice meeting  you.'

'Yeah same here ,myself Anjali'.

The name sounded somewhat familiar to Ridhima, she looked in the rear view mirror and then she turned around to clear another air of confusion in her mind that just cultivated few seconds ago.

'Tum?'the astonishment was visible on her face.

'hey anjie !!!' as ridhima greeted her friend.

'Oye ridhu u know her ?' kajal was surprised, as to how come she doesn't know about her friend.

Kajal and ridhima being twins knew each others friends.

'you are anjali Sharma rite ?' before she cud utter something else , she wanted to confirm the person she is assuming to be is really the person she is thinking to be.

'you know her ?' nows it was armaan's turn in the queue to fire the questions at her.

'yeah I am , how you know ?' anjali was surprised how some stranger knew about her name .

'I am Ritz, your friend , remember India-forums ?' she made every attempt to let her friend recognize her.

'OMG i cant believe this, ritzu tummmmmmm....?' Anjali was feeling like flying in the air, she never dreamt this in her dreams that she wud meet her dearest friend like this as strangers.

And in few seconds they were hugging.

'Girls yeh kya ho raha hai ? koi humhe bhi bataayega ?' armaan was in total confusion as to what was happening.

'Armaan me and anjali are online friends, we met through India-forums , its a online community to watch Indian shows , and we met on Dil Mil Gaye section.'

'and me and ritzu wahin friends bane thea, remember atul i told you about one of my friend for whom i was making a siggy with armaan's pic on it .' anjali giggled trying to suppress her thoughts, about how her friend ritzu loved Dr.Armaan .

'Armaan?????????' armaan was hell shocked to know this and was double shocked .

'uff tum nahi woh show mein hai Dr.Armaan, baad mein detail main bataaungi uske bare mein 'ridhima cleared his confusion instantly.

Everyone thought ridhima to be a quiet person who doesn't interact with many ppl, and they never knew she is having a separate life on net.

'Ridhima u never told us' kajal jumped up with a fake anger.

'Ridhimaa ??'now anjali was  confused to what was happening in that small car.

'yeah thats my name' ridhima answered a little hesitantly.

'Ohhh ritzu from ridhima , ab samjh aaya , vaise yeh kaun hai tumhaara real life armaan' anjali stressed on the word armaan.

'yepp' she proudly said while others supported her a Big laughter.

'Ab sabhi kyun has rahe ho ?'once again losing her mind , as she had no clue wats happening there.

'Actually his real name is Armaan' ridhima's face was all red with blush as she said the truth.

'OMG, im here with real Armaan Ridhima ? i cant believe this , Kudrat ka karishma, my beloved Jodi on TV exists in this real world. Gud luck you guys, and i hope tum dono AR ki tarah jhagadte nahi ho'.

'Ek min , and this is youuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr Atul rite ? tum dono bhi ? wow i cant belive this is happening , remember we used to tease you with dr.anjie and atul and wud ask you ur dr.atul' both the girls were rolling with laughter ,as others were admiring their beautiful friendship, how close they were, dispite of the fact that they had never even met each other.

'par ridhima tumne pehle kyun nahi pehchaana anjali ko jab she came close to our car, kya tumne use pehle kabhi nahi dekha ?'armaan was confused yet once again.

'I have seen her pic par woh tum jo kuch keh rahe thea isliye maine dhyan nahi diya, ' ridhima answered remembering how armaan was praising her friend.

'ooh okk' as he smiled slyly.

'Anjie this is my sister and twin Kajal and our friend sameer' pointing towards kajal and sameer and kajal's eyes were telling something else which she didn't let go unnoticed  'and kajal's love'.as she quickly added.

Armaan'Atul we are close to Parker Avenue, Ghar kahan hai ?'

Atul 'house number 63 , near the fountain.'

'oh really ? wow  ours is 58 ,just the opposite side of the lane , and ridhima and kajal are at 60' armaan excitedly informed them about their habitat.

'here we  are guys' armaan pulled the car in the driveway.

'you both stay together ?' sameer was surprised when he saw both getting down the car.

'naahi , its my house and i will drop anjali at her place , Thanks a lot guys its been so nice meeting you all. Chale anjie' as he looked at anjie and ridhima in a sweet hug.

The quatro(4) also drived back to their home.

'Tumne kabhi apni online friends ke baare mein nahi bataaya ?'armaan was upto teasing her not aware of the time that it was 1 am .

'haan jaise tumne kabhi uss Box ke baare mein nahi bataaya'ridhima retorted backfiring his question.

Part 13

Recap: AR and KS met Atul and anjie on their way back home.Anjie is revealed as ridhima's online friend.
and again they start talking about the "mystery Box "

Now :

'Tumne kabhi apni online friends ke baare mein nahi bataaya ?'armaan was upto teasing her not aware of the time that it was 1 am .

'haan jaise tumne kabhi uss Box ke baare mein nahi bataaya'ridhima retorted backfiring his question.

"kya yaar tum ek hi baat ko kyyun baar baar kheech rahi ho?" armaan thought acting annoyed can save him from all her questions . He wanted to gift her the box on their wedding night and for now wanted her to forget about the box.

"Armaan its has been only few hours we confessed and you acting all weird just in hours ?
how will you react for the rest of life ? you meany !!" and she playfully hit him with her purse.

"Oye laila majnu , apna drama band karo ghar aa gya hai " kajal stepped out of the car
winking at ridhima ."tum aa rahi ho yaan seedha armaan ke ghar hi jaana hai ?" and she pulled her out with her .

"Thanks kajal yaar " he murmurred but was caught by ridhima .

"wat , armaan you gone crazy " and she entered the main gate laughing and kajal blowed a flying kiss for sameer. smile.gif

and armaan blowed a flying kiss towards the ladies . Seeing them blowing kissies , ridhima and sammer couldnt help bursting out in laughter .

and there was a synchronous reply from Arman and kajal
"haso haso ,tum dono ko toh dekh lenge "

They knew it was useless to answer them and whole night will go in arguements and they just let it go .

At Malik house :

Like a customery , like one of his routines before sleeping , he would have a look at the box and its contents. A look of his precious treasure of life always helped him sleep better, giving him the feeling of she is there with him close to him .

"where it is ?" seeing the box missing from there astonished him and more shocked as if he was left lifeless .

"kyun aadhi raat ko chilla raha hai ?" lost in his dream world with his kajal, sameer was getting annoyed with armaan's screaming ."chup chaap so ja , subah dhoondh lena "

He didnt had any other option than just pray that wherever it is its safe.

In the morning, Gauri entered their room with "The Box "

" kyun isse hi dhoondh raha tha na aadhi raat ko ?" with a winking smile on her face she pulled his ears ."tumhe kya laga ki maa ko kabhi pata nahi chalega ? maa hoon mein teri , itni toh khabar rehti hai ki mere bete kya kar rahe hain biggrin.gif "

"Maa wohh..... " stumbling and looking for words .

"Yeh sab kajal ka hai na ?" she looked at him for confirmaton of what she thought. She always thought about armaan kajal as she has seen them together all the time , the best buddies .

Hearing this sameer was left disheartened not sure how to react to his mother's remark about his love kajal and her name with armaan. For the first time he was feeling insecure from his own brother.

The moment he looked over sameer and his devil mind started planning and he kept quiet didnt say anything to his mom , not even that she was thinking wrong abt Kajal.

Disturbed about the way things were turning out , he left for the terrace and Armaan got a chance to get his plan in action .

At Gupta Residence

Ridhima was still fast asleep and lost in her own worlds dreaming about her desires , her armaan.

"Ding Ding "

"Padma zara dekhna kaun hai darwaaze par kaun hai subah subah " while shashank was enjoying his newspaper.

"Gauri tum ? Itni subah subah . Sameer aur armaan beta andar aao "

"kyun main subah subah nahi aa sakti kya ? " and she walked in .

"Aur sab theek hai , dont worry " she tried to assure her worried friend.

"yeh kya hai tumhaare haath mein ? " as padma looked over the Box wrapped in beautiful wrappers.

" Apne bete Armaan ka Rishta lekar aayi hoon tumhaari Kajal ke liye " hearing the words sameer almost lost his balance and feeling helpness that he is unable to do anything and was looking for Ridhima to say something.

"Kya , sach , main abhi kajal ko bulaati hoon " and padma goes to get Kajal .

And she disclosed the news to kajal that gauri wants her to get married to Armaan.
Hearing this Ridhima broke from her sleep and was shocked to see her world shattered in minutes and more surprisingly kajal was all cool about it she wasnt shocked or rather reacting.

The girls came down and greeted Gauri.

"yeh meri Bahu ke liye " as she handed over the box to Kajal .

" yeh kya hai aunty ? " now kajal was confused wat was that box of ?

"yeh sab armaan ne bachpan se sambhal kar rakha hai apne pyaar ki nishaniyan " and she looked at shying armaan .

"toh kya yeh woh box tha jiske baare mein sameer keh raha tha aur kya issi liye armaan mujhe bataana nahi chahta tha " lost in her thoughts she kept murmurring all that came of her mind.

"Dikha na kajal "and she literally snatched the box from her .

" Yeh toh meri payal hai , aur yeh meri choodi " she screamed out loud with happiness seeing how much armaan loves her that he kept all her belongings with him all these years.

Armaan and Kajal broke into laughter hearing her leaving everyone else confused at the change of events.

"koi batayega yeh kya ho raha hai ? mujhe toh laga tum aur kajal ? aur yeh kajal ka samaan hai , tabhi toh main yahan aayi , kajal ko apni bahu banaane " gauri looked over at armaan for answers.

"maa aap bhi na main aur kajal" and he laughed more loudly and gave a high 5 to kajal "maa kahani mein thoda twist hai , samjhaata hoon , see main aur ridhima " and he walked over to ridhima and held her hand .

"aur main aur sameer" and kajal went towards sameer .

"toh phir tumne mujhe subah kyun nahi bataaya ?" gauri probed further .

Leaving ridhima's hand he walked towards kajal and put his arm around her shoulders "woh kya hai na kal raat ko yeh dono hum dono par hass rahe thea, toh jab subah aapne poocha aur maine sameer ki shaqal dekha toh mujhe idea aaya en dono ko tang karne ka , toh maine already kajal ko phone karke bata diya tha "

"Hey Bhagwan yeh dono kabhi nahi sudharenge " as shashank and padma intrupted .

"Toh kya main dono betiyon ko apni bahu bana sakti hoon padma ?"

"kyun nahi , bai miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi " and everyone laughed out loud.

Part 14

"The Happy Beginning "

"kyun nahi , bai miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi " and everyone laughed out loud.

"Main abhi meetha aur shagun lekar aati hoon " and therego padma with a dream in her eyes for her daughters , adream in which they wud live their life happily with a crazy man and other turning the sane guy into insane . She never thought that she wud marry off her daughters into same household , and that to in a family that was like a second family to them, where her mother in law will not be a mother in law but a mother instead of both of them. She was sure and no doubts in how much gauri will love them both, and on top of that the one special person in their life will be so loving and caring. And at the same was smiling looking at her seeta geeta jodi meeting with ram and sham jodi . Just like everything, happiness came into her life as a double dhamaka once again .

"yeh padma kahan reh gayi ? main dekh kar aata hoon " was it that time was flying by or was going slow , the man who always valued time was today unsure of the fact that life was going fast or slow . Was he waiting to give the happiest moment to his daughters as soon as possible or wanted time to stay with him for some more time to spend with his second life .
Was he asking time from time ? even he didnt had answer to it .

"Rukiye main dekhti hoon " and with that gauri marched into the kitchen to find padma , standing by the counter with her hands trying to wipe the last bit of tear , as soon as she heard someone entring the kitchen . But all in vain, as gauri caught the salt water which was rather sugary this time , with happines and very well understood how a mothers heart feels at the situation . Without saying anything she picked up the big 'thali' with shagun and moved her arm around padma's shoulder and soon they were in exposure to another mess in the living room .

"yeh kya ? kisne kiya ? " for a moment she forgot she had tears in her eyes and looked over at gauri kinda embaraased , with a thought that if this is done by her daughters, what wud gauri feel, is this how her 'bahus' gonna behave at their inlaws.

And there came running sameer saving his life from kajal and armaan taking ridhima's breathes making her run up and down the sofa as she was all ready to choke him .

And without answering Padma they flew like a flock of birds upstairs bringing a small earthquake downstairs .

"koi baat nahi padma , bache hain dheere dheere theek ho jayenge, let them enjoy " gauri wasnt among those khadoos saas's who wud expect their bahu's to be like sitting quietly and live a life they dont want.

Upstairs was like an earthquake has just transfered from downstairs to upstairs .
"why on the earth you hellbent on killing me , aur woh bhi shaadi se pehle " knowing the answers himself , he cudnt leave another chance of teasing the sweet of the two girls .
"you you, hamesha tang karte ho" and once again she ran from room to room chasing arman.

"yaar ridhima ka toh samjh aata hai woh armaan ko kyun maar rahi hai, tum mujhe kyun maar rahi ho , maine kya kiya ? " not knowing the answers and dared to question kajal, has itself called for his death .

"aiven hi "and with a giggle kajal followed sameer .

Finally all the 4 collapsed on the floor and outburst laughing like anything .Holding on to their stomachs , trying to inhale some cute moments, was the quatro lying on floor. The were the most happiest coz now they can enjoy all this tom jerry runs at one place, they dont have to wait to get to each others place and they getting love of their life. what else cud they ask from life ?

As the wedding date was being decided ,all the options available were sounding like a multiple choice questions for exam for entrance to some institution, was it institution of love , friendship, relationship or marriage, all the words holded same meaning for them.

" Acha toh this coming sunday ka moharat kaisa rahega ?" hiten was as excited as gauri to get the trouble at his place.

"itni jaldi kaise hoga sabkuch ? " only 3 days in hand was too less to arrange everything for the wedding .

"arey yar ho jayega , sab kuch ho jayega toh bas sunday final hai "hiten announced rather than asking .

While all the decorations went on for another 2 days, the quatro was busy shopping for their weddings .

Finally the grand day came and there were hiten gauri and padma shashank standing around the mandap and waiting for the brides and grooms to enter.

Ridhima and kajal were wearing same dress and Armaan and sameer were wearingthe same costumes and it was making it hard for the pandit to decide who was with whom .

After 2 years,
another miracle happened , Ridhima and kajal were in the hospital giving birth to their first child .

Few minutes later the doctor came out surprised and shocked with what happened inside .Seeing his worried face, made the 6 worry as well .

What could have happened inside ? that doctor is so shocked and worried ?

To end their long trail of thoughts came the nurses holding 2 babies each and with
God's Miracle all the 4 babies were identical

Yes, ridhima and Kajal gave birth to twins and all 4 of them being boys .
They were not only identical to their sibblings but to their cousins as well .

The four baby boys were name - Atul, Rahul, Shubhankar and J2 - junior armaan .

"Kabhi kabhi zindagi mein itefaq hote hain "

And this was beginning of thr trouble , for them to realize how much trouble they gave to their parents as the next generation waas more troublesome than AR and KS

Thanks everyone for enjoying this ff and im so sorry for delaying it this late and for a long pause .

Loved writing this ff .

Thanks everyone !!



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Nice, continue soon.
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nice pls continue soon

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