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Jan 2 (Wed):

Annamalai tells Ram not to tell Radha about the phone calls as she would get upset. Ram goes to his room and sits by Rekha who is sleeping. Ram looks at Rekha's sleeping form and caresses her for a few minutes and gets up and paces for a few minutes before sitting down thinking.

Next day, Ram and Rekha come downstairs, get Santhosh from their maid and walk towards to Annamalai and Radha. Rekha tells her mom that they are going shopping for a bicycle for their son. Radha tells her husband that Rekha has slimmed down and looks very nice and trim. Radha asks for Santhosh but Rekha tells her mom that they are taking Santhosh with them because they are going shopping for their son. Annamalai tells Radha to let Santhosh go with his parents. After they leave, Radha tells her husband that Rekha looks beautiful now. Annamalai tells her to go get him some coffee instead of repeating the same thing over and over again. Unknown to Ram and Rekha, Cithibabu is waiting outside pretending to repair a car in front of their house and watching them. When Ram and Rekha pass. Cithibabu follows in his car. Ram stops at a fruit stall to buy some fruits. Ram pays the man but the vendor doesn't have any change, so Rekha takes Santhosh with her to the car to get her purse. She leaves Santhose int he car and goes to her husband to give him the change. Seeing this, Cithibabu sneaks to Ram's car and kidnaps Santhosh. As Cithibabu is entering his car, Rekha sees him and starts shouting. Cithibabu leaves the spot with Santhosh. Ram and Rekha follow but loses Cithibabu. Rekha is frantic and they go to the police station and lodge a complaint. Int eh meantime, Santhosh is taken to Cithibabu's place and he gives the sleeping Santhosh to his men and tell them to take good care of the baby. He tells his men that Santhosh is not his eneny but Ram is, so they should take care of Santosh.

At Annamalai's house, Radha is worried that it is late and Rekha has not returned. She tells her husband that Rekha would call her every hour but so far there has been no call from Rekha. Annamalai tells Radha to call her. Radha dials Rekha's number. Rekha comes home crying followed by Ram. They tell their parents about the kidnapping and Annamalai wants to report but Ram tells his FIL that a report has already been made. Rekha tells her parents that she will die if anything happens to her son. She cries for her son and faints. Annamalai and Radha take Rekha to the couch and revive her. Rekha tells her father to find her son. Annamalai tells Radha to take care of Rekha while he and Ram go in search of Santhosh. Rekha is in bed but gets up screaming for Santhosh and Radha try to console her. Annamalai and Ram return and Rekha asks what happened. Annamalai tells Rekha not to worry and Santhosh will be back soon. They leave Ram with Rekha and go out. Ram tries to console the irrate Rekha. Outside, Radha asks her husband what happened and Annamalai tells her that he just said that to console Rekha but he himself is worried now because, the Regn no. Ram had was fake. Now he is unsure what to do.

Ram gets a call from Cithibabu who asks him if he is worried about his son or he is ready for another! Ram tells him that he is not responsible for Cithibabu's predicament and wants his son returned. Cithibabu tells Ram that he had once pleaded for his wife but Ram had not listened. Rekha snatches the phone from Ram and pleads with Cithibabu to return her son and tells him that she will give him anything he wants as long as he returns her son. Cithibabu tells Rekha that he will let her know what she wants tonight when he calls again. Annamalai and Radha go to Rekha and sit with her trying to console Rekha who is crying fitfully. THODARUM.

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Short update Thu. Jan 3.
Nandini gets a lecture from a KR Vijaya lookalike, saying forget Selvam. Outside, Nandini threatens him otherwise. Another nethra in the making? I'll make pastry of you taking tips from Kavita.
Kavya does not know how to cook. Her pals take her to an expensive restaurant and get her a Rs. 2500 bill. She tells her bad company, and she gets the other lecture.
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3/1/08 Thursday

Creep comes to Ganesh - asks for Chitti's photograph. Ganesh finds the snap and gives it to creep. Does not forget to chide creep -
" u thought that your dad was the reason for all this and got him
behind the bars. Now, u know the truth. Ellathileyum nee late.
u will know many more things like this - but only much later in life". Creep ignores as usual and wants Ganesh to come along. Ganesh follows.

Ego is pensive. Rekhs crying in the bed room. Creep doing walking exercise. Chiti calls. Has his usual taunting session. Finally ends up talking to Rekhs, " what do u normally give yr son?? cow's milk or buffalo's milk?? I have both but your son gave a longing look at my biriyani and so fed him little of that" Rekhs freaks out. Chit has some more fun and tells creep that he will be called the next day and given directions for Rekhs to come alone to meet him. Ego takes aside creep
and has a muted dialogue ( Yenna panna porom maapple??? enakku yenna theriyum maama?? - Roja the dialogue writer- RTDW!!!)

Next morning - Rekhs is well dressed - did not forget her eyeliner or that Benazir lipstick ( athu sari, Eljay sonna mathiri athu yaar kozhandaiyo?? athukkaga naa make up panname moonijiyai kaatinaa Vaathu club members bayapaduvaangale!! again RTDW) Chiti calls and gives directions - Rekhs acts confused and asks him to repeat - puts him on the speaker - creep and ego get the place.

Rekhs goes alone, opens a door and calls "Santhosh.. santhosh"
as if the child will say " come in mommy, if u are all dressed up"!!! Never the less, Chiti obliges, meets Rekhs who wants her baby back. Chiti has no qualms about giving back the baby. He wants some thing else, menacingly advances to Rekhs .. she misunderstands that he wants to rape her.... Chiti says ' oh, no me not that kevalam" ( awww and so only rape is kevalam, kidnapping is spreading rose petals!!) I want to kill you, I want yr life, Because of creep my wife died, how can he be happy with you" Rekhs finds time to reason out " my hubby is not the reason, u stole company money and he had to report" Chiti has a valid Q here " Yen oruthanai thiruthitta, intha naadu uruppattu vidumaa??" ( wow Chiti, way to go man.. and you are creep's elder brother in acting/showing emotions!! athu yennappa kallu mathiri oru face?? emotions kattuvenaa nnu adam panrathu??!!)

Chiti guns for Rekhs' throat, Rekhs shouts a few stupid
"Vidra"s ( Hubby and wife nalla match!! Nilra nilra to some one who wants to run away and vidra vidra to some one who does not want to!!) Ego arrives with police, rescues daughter and grandson, Chiti and gang caught. Put behind the bars after a few " vaadas and podaas" - Chiti tries to roar " creep un kudumbathai pazhi vaangame vida maatten".
( romba kashta pattar to show anger in his face ... in vain!!!
Tamil kitte irunthu konjam emotions borrow panni tharen,
konjam wait  pannuppa)

FIL, SIL, daughter and grandson arrive home. Radha shows more emotion to the kid than all the others put together. Happy faces... Creep stares at the camera... ( director, athuthan theriyume creep can not act for nuts nnu, summa ethukku antha facele ye freeze???!! athu sari,   ungalukku enna problemo??)


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4/12/08 Friday

Creep has flash back - mommy telling him about vaathu becoming
beautiful and even knows "combuter" - "come and see her
once, at least for me" - creep is slightly curious - ("poi parthuttu,
amma solrathu truth nna , how about  having a go?? one here and
one there???  -Creep is thoughtful, all this is Roja's inference!!! RTSW - Roja The Story Writer!!) Rekhs walks in, tries to coo coo to
Santhosh but he is not game ( antha Chiti ye ok enakku, biriyaani kuduthaan!! - Santhosh lines by RTSW) Creep tells Rekhs about what his mother said about vaathu. He tells her that his mother is trying to woo him to come home and so such lies about vaathu. " I told them that they have to ditch vaathu if they want me but they are not ready. It is ok, I have my wife and PILs who love me more than parents, that is enough for me" _ Rekhs is pensive ( enna da kashta pattu weight koraichene!! Benazir lipstick maathanumo?? vaathu vaathu nnu polambarane Disapprove Disapprove Lakme poganum, to look for new lipstick!! - RTSW)

A dull Maasu calls Jothi who offers buttermilk. Maasu tells her
that a divorce notice has been sent to creep and he is sure that it
will be signed and sent back.  Jothi is not happy but listens. Maasu asserts that vaathu has got education and beauty now. " we must get her married again, what do u think of Bharath? Jothi's disapproval is obvious ( close up le her eyes brimming with tears, bayammma irukku ppa) How ever, she agrees with Maasu and wants to know if Bharath has been asked. Maasu says that he will talk to Bharath. Jothi has a sane suggestion "let us not do the same mistake twice. First let us talk to those concerned and decide". Maasu is overjoyed at wife''s wisdom and promises to comply.

Creep receives the courier. The divorce notice has come. Rekhs and Ego get to see it. Ego is very happy.Informs Radha happily that at last Maasu is scared and has taken the right action. Wants to know what darling SIL has in mind. Creep wants to accept and Ego says "do it now" - all leave and creep is again thinking : (vaathu nijamma
beautiful aa, educated aa iruppalo???!!! How about a quick trip to VM Patti?? - RTSW)

Maasu waiting restlessly for some thing/some one. Jothi throws a questioning glance and Maasu says that he is waiting for Bharath.
" Oh he respects me a lot, if I call he will come, any tiffin??" Jothi says" of course". Maasu says that all their problems will be solved if Bharath agrees for his plans. Bharath arrives. Jothi is asked to bring eatables " take your time Jothi" ( Do not eavesdrop, we have some thing to talk and u better keep off) - Maasu starts his preambling but Jothi enters with tiffin (ayyo, na kekkanume, enna pesaraangannu) Maasu drives her away asking for water and coffee after some time. Maasu praises Bharath about how he chose the right course for vaathu and how he knows her well. Jothi comes doubling up with coffee and water. Now Maasu has no option but to ask her to stay. Maasu goes on " I did wrong to vaathu by getting her married to creep. but now I want some one who will treat her well. Must shower her with love. I have found some one." Bharath is happy and wants to know if that mappilai is a relative. Maasu at last points Bharath and says " you are the chosen one". Bharath is shocked ( ada paavi manusha, I had so much respect for u, vaathai yen thlaile katta paakriye, ithu gnayamaa?? - RTDW)


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Masi is asking Bharat to marry Kasturi. Bharat is in full shock. He keeps on looking at Masi without answering him. Masi continues to beg him to marry Kasturi and to give her a life. Barath gets up. Masi tells Bharat to take some time to give the answer but hope the answer is a good one. Bharat just leaves and Masi is calling upon him. Bharat is out and Kasturi is caming in from temple. She ask him why he is here. Bharat just keeps quite and leaves. Kasturi goes to Masi and ask what had happen. Why Bharat left angry. Masi walks in quite. Kastur ask her MIL but she too walks in silent. Kasturi is confused on what is going on.

Annamalai is doing his office work and Radha cames there with coffee. Radha ask Annamalai that day Jeothi came, why did she came. Annamalai tells her Jeothi came beg Ram to came back to village and leave happily with Kasturi. But Ram has told his mother to chase Kasturi out of the house first. Annamalai says Ram is his Mappilai. But Radha is confused as Kasturi has send divorce notice, so why is Jeothi caming here to make peace for Ram and Kasturi? Annamalai says the divorce is send by Masi but Jeothi is here to see his son for love. Rekha cames in and tells Radha she and Ram going for some party and to take care of her son. Before leaving, Rekha reminds her dad to get permission from her mother for going back to office to start working. Radha agrees for Rekha going back to office. Rekha is happy. Ram walks by the room and stops at what Annamalai was telling Radha. Annamalai says he has no worries about office as Rekha has more capabily and experience in handling office matters way better than Ram. Ram is angry to hear this. Annmalais continues saying Ram can't decide right things fast unlike Rekha. Annamalai says Ram has grown with Masi in Village but Rekha grown with him here in business line. Ram is angry and he leaves. Both Ram and Rekha goes for party.

Kasturi cames for tuition but no one is at home. The neighbour cames and tells kasturi Bharat ask to inform her not to came for tuition anymore. Kasturi leaves confused and sad. She wonders if there is any problem with Master and her FIL. Kasturi goes back.

Rekha in office doing work and her friend cames in. The friend starts prasing with Rekha on her wealth. Rekha looks like she is not happy to have her fren here in office. Rekha ask her friend what she wants and the friend says anything that Rekha can give. The friend came there to borrow money from Rekha because he husband business got some problem. She wants to loan from Rekha. Rekha tells her friend sorry and she can't help her out. Indirectly Rekha ask her friend to leave. The friend just looks at her. She then leaves in anger as she had expected Rekha to help her. Outside the friend mets Ram. And this girl was smart. She ask Ram if he recognize her as Rekha friend and he says yes of course. The girl tells Ram she wanted some help but Rekha said must ask her husband first. Thats why now she is asking Ram. Ram takes her to his cabin.

Masi is at home wondering why Bharat has not given answer yet. Kasturi cames in and ask him what is the problem between both of them until Bharat has ask her not to came for tuition anymore. Jeothi is also there. Both Jeothi and Masi is shocked. Kasturi ask Masi why this sudden change. Jeothi keeps quite. Kasturi demands from her FIL on what had happen. Masi changes stories and tells Kasturi to go inside and study. Kasturi leaves. Masi is worried now that Bharat had stopped the tuition. He wants Kasturi to get full education.

Rekha at her cabin doing her office work. Her phone rings and its the same girl – Rekha friend. The girl tells Rekha although she did't want to help, her husband Ram had helped her out by giving the money to her. Rekha is full of shocked and angry. The fren in muted background starts telling her the whole story on how she got the money. Rekha cuts the line and looks angry.

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Sorry folks about the delay, I had to go somewhere, and then I had to watch online after returning.

Scene 1: Rekha puts down the phone with an angry look on her face, talks to someone, then gets up and goes out of her office. She walks into Ram's office, shouts at him for signing an agreement with her friend Umadevi. He tells her that he was under the impression that Umadevi had already met with her and the project had her approval, and Rekha gets really angry, saying he should have consulted her or her father, he should know his position in the firm and at this rate, the whole company will go down the tubes in four months. Annamalai walks in and asks what is going on, and she tells him to ask his mappillai and leaves. Annamalai asks Ram what happened, and he tells him to ask his daughter and leaves. (This is why he should never have agreed to work with his FIL and wife - serves him right)

Rekha is sitting on her bed, and Radha comes into the room and scolds her for getting angry with Ram at the office. Rekha is trying to justify her actions, saying that she has an MBA. (However, her management skills are very poor, as already seen, from the way she readily slaps the manager or anyone else who dares to cross her path, so what good is the MBA, when she has no people management skills?) Radha tells her that it is all due to the indulgence of her father that she is like this, and she has to learn to control herself. Meantime, Ram walks in and Radha apologizes on her daughter's behalf. Ram says that nothing has happened for which she should apologize.

Rekha is getting dinner out of the casseroles, when Ram comes in, drinks water and says that he is not hungry. Rekha says that she will not eat if he does not eat, and so what if the baby does not get any milk, either? Ram gives in to all this emotional blackmail and sits down and eats.

Next morning, Annamalai is reading the paper, Rekha comes down and Radha asks her if she has given coffee to her husband. Rekha says yes, and when Radha asks about the problems in the office the previous day, Rekha tells her that she always speaks her mind openly and then the matter is over. She says that she and Ram ate dinner last night, and they are okay now. Annamalai scolds Radha for interfering in their spats and says that they will make up their quarrels. Rekha goes upstairs, gives the newspaper to Ram, who is lying on the bed, reading, with the baby sitting next to him. I didn't see any conversation, though.

Bharath is drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Masilamani comes there, and insists on sitting down even though Bharath keeps telling him to go away. Masi tells him that he is intelligent, has helped Kasthuri so much and taught her so much, and he had given up drinking, why has he taken to it again? He asks Bharath to promise him one thing ...

I guess we will be treated to a couple of weeks of Bharath's past now.
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Wednesday Updates

Bharat is still asking Masi to leave. Bharat tells Masi that he had awaken all bad memories of him. Masi ask him to promise him something. Masi said he had only told out his intention about the marriage, so Bharat has every right to me angry on him but not stopping Kasturi education. Bharat says yes, he don't want kasturi to came here for tuition anymore. Masi ask him why. Bharat says if someone shows they concern to him, he becames scared. He don't want anybody involving into his life. He had lost something special before and he can't take it if he needs to face again by losing someone he loves again. Masi tells Bharat that he had lost someone he deeply loved before, and ask Bharat who is it. Bharat says nothing and ask Masi to leave. Masi advices Bharat atleast if he talks out his problems, it might help Bharat out from feeling sad. Bharat ask Masi if he tells his problems, will Masi stop caming here? Finally Bharat tells out his side of story.


Bharat was working in a big company as software engineer. They show Bharat working in an office. He has a friend name Jayaram. Close buddies. Both Bharat and Jayaram are working in same office. 10 mins went by showing both guys working in the office. Next they show the two buddies going to someone's house. Oh its Jayaram's house. His sister (Thanam from Metti Oli) open the door for them. After a few greetings, both goes up to Jeyaram room and starts working in the computer again. Jayaram sister brings gulajamun for both of them. They show both doing work again. Later she brings back tea for them. Next the 3 of them sitting in hall having both gulapjamun and tea. Some happy conversation takes place. The sister name is Kaveri.

Then again the next day back to the same office scene where Jayaram is working in his office. He is thinking about all his sister's alliance's. Looks like he is worried about her wedding. Bharat cames in and ask Jayaram why he is early to office. Jayaram tells Bharat about his problem. Jayaram is worried because the recent proposal also had been cancelled. Everyone cames and see his sister, praise her but after that because of Jadagam, its all cancelled. Bharat fells sad too. Jayaram also said that Kaveri's jadagam shows that her life is short. He is sad and worried. Bharat tries to calm him down by saying his sister will get a better proposal and not to worry. Bharat then suggests to Jayaram to change write the Jadagam. But Jayaram says its not right and he can't do that. But Bharat says elders had always say We can lie a thousand just to make a wedding. But Jayaram still not convienced about the Jadagam. Bharat ask him not to worry and he will settle Kaveri's problem. Bharat finally makes Jayaram happy and smiley all again.

At Jayaram's house. Kaveri ask Jayaram why he looks upset. Is it because the recent proposal has been cancel? Kaveri tells her brother not to worry as she would get a better mapilai soon. Jayaram says even Bharat had this same opinion too. Looks like Kaveri has got a heart on Bharat. She then tells her brother that she likes Bharat and what does the brother think of this? Jayaram is shocked but happy. This is all heard by Bharat who happen to walk in at the same time. Kaveri says she likes Bharat and she will be happy with him. Bharat is also happy to hear this. Jayaram is so much happy. Thodarum

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Jan 10 (Thurs):

Flashback continues.....................

At the office, Bharath tells Jayaram that he had found a groom for Kaveri. Jayaram is very happy and asks about the groom. Bharath tells Jayaram, that it is the same person whom Kaveri has in his heart and shows his image on the computer screen. Jayaram is very happy and Bharath asks Jayaram to go ahead with the wedding.

Wedding is over. Jayaram is looking at the wedding photo and a lady comes there and tells him that his wedding will be next. Jayaram tells the lady he will only get married after seeing his nephew or neice. The lady takes leave saying that she has to get Kaveri ready for the Shanti Muhurtham. Kaveri enters the room and sees Bharath working on the laptop and asks if he needs to work even at this time. Bharath says he had an idea about their present project. Kaveri reminds him that it is their first night in case he has forgotten. She gives him the milk and tells him that it is how they do in the movies. Bharath takes the milk and drinks. Kaveri takes the laptop and puts it away despite objections from her husband.

Kaveri is watching a movie on TV and a very nice song plays...Kanmaniye Pesu, maunam enna kuuru! Kaveri grumbles that it has been three months since they got married and that she and her husband have never been anywhere together. She's talks to herself saying that her husband is more attached to his computer and loves it more than her. She tries to call him on the cell but it is switched off. The door bell rings and she opens the door to see both her husband and brother standing at the doorway - totally stoned!(drunk). Kaveri is shocked and scolds them. Both Jayaram and Bharath tell Kaveri that a new client from software company had thrown a party and could not avoid but to attend. They promise not to do it again and say sorry. Kaveri tells her brother to go in and her husband to stay outside. Both the men tell her that they are together in it and should be punished the same. Kaveri closed the door leaving Bharath to sleep outside.

Next morning, Kaveri wakes up and realizes her husband is not in bed. She recalls the previous night's incident and goes downstairs. She sees her brother sleeping on the couch, then procees to open the front door and sees her husband sleeping on the floor. She wakes her husband and takes him inside. Jayaram wakes up and both man apologize again. Jayaram then asks why she only punished Bharath and not him. Kaveri explains that one day her brother will get married and his wife will punish him for his follies, she didn't because she is his sister. Both men promise Kaveri again that they will never drink and Kaveri tells them that she will die if they did. Kaveri goes inside to bring coffee for them and the men go in to clean up.

At the office, a man comes in and congratulates both Bharath and Jayaram on their success. Jayaram congratulates Bharath and tells him that Kaveri is a very lucky woman. Jayaram and Bharath are very happy plan to have a party right then. THODARUM.

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