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Koi Aap Sa (2): NOTE on Page 154!!!!

love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 3:40pm | IP Logged

Hey guys.  I will be continuing my fanfic here from now on since the other topic has reached 150 pages.  Thank you so much for your love and support.

Click Here To Read "Koi Aap Sa" Part 1

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Thanks a Ton : smileyface, chocolate p, sameira-90, monikaseth, proud_2_b_mysel, komal, deeya123, rima791, iamsmart, desiqt8806, arwa72, *princess*15, phool527, prem-mukti#1, sabzz, nimrah, kunal, and my silent readers!


Part 44:

The Hospital:

Angad, Dhruv, Aliyha, Josh, Naina, and Dilip paced across the OT while Kripa sat there with her head burried in her hands.

Dhruv: Mujhe issi baat ka darr tha....agar Anjali ne Kripa ki baat suni hoti to aaj ye sab kuch nahi hota...

Angad: Bhul jao uss baat ko Dhruv....Dont worry....sab theek ho jayega.

Doctor(rushing out of the OT): This is getting out of hands...the delivery already had complications and now Anjali has lost a lot of blood....there isnt enough to supply each and every cell of hers.  This can be dangerous for both the mother and the child...the problem is that our blood bank is out of that blood type right anyone here B+ blood group....we need an urgent donation!!

Dhruv: I am A+...Angad is AB....Aliyah....Josh...any of you??

Josh: sorry bud...I am A+ as well....Aliyah is AB..

Kripa: I am.....I am a universal donor....

Doctor: havent you just gone through a miscarriage?

Kripa: yes I have but its been over two weeks...

Doctor: well..we could take your blood but that means you may feel terrible weakness or may need to be hospitalized for a few that alright?

Kripa: yes it is.  

Angad: but Kripa..

Kripa: prepare for blood donation...I am ready...(the doctor leaves)...dont worry Angad...mujhe kuch nahi hoga...aur agar kuch hua bhi to sirf weakness lagegi aur sifr kuch din ke liye mujhe hospitalize hona padega...that is the least I can do to save Anjali and Her baby....dont worry...nothing will happen to me...

Kripa followed the doctor into the room.  No one else had much say in this, If Kripa suffering mere weakness for a few days could save two lives, then it was nothing.  Kripa lied on the bed as the doctor started getting the apparatus ready.  


Everyone finished their pooja arranged by Naina.  everything was the same.  No problems between anyone no hard feelings, just the same old bunch of friends.  They were so busy talking that they didnt realize that the clock struck 12.

naina: Kripa...Anjali aur Aliyah...ab dhyan se suno....You guys can't eat anything until the moon comes out tomorrow...Kripa...tumhari 'sargi' mein tumhe kal subah dungi....Anjali...tumhare liye bhi 'sargi' meine taiyaar kar li hai...

Aliyah: aur meri?

Naina: beta...sargi ek aurat ko apni saas deti hai.....tum meri beti ho to rivaaz se mein tumhe sargi nahi de sakti...its a bad omen...

Kripa: mom...Aliyah ki sargi mein taiyaar kar lungi...Bhai ki shaadi mein mamma ki saari zimmedariyan meine li Aliyah ki sargi bhi usse milegi..

Naina smiled at Kripa.  She was indeed much more mature and understanding for her age.

Dhruv: Anjali...ek baar aur soch lo....are you sure?

Anjali: yes i am dhruv...

Naina: ab Angad, Dhruv aur Josh guestroom mein soyenge...sab ladies...dadi ko chod kar..mere saath soyengi...

Dilip: jao bacchon...aaj raat aap tino ko apni biwi ke bina rehna padega.....

Naina: are..sirf woh teen kyun?  Aap bhi to ussi list mein ho....

Dadi: Naina ek kaar karo...ek room mein chaar mard ko rakhogi to chaaron koi plan bana ke raat ko apni apni biwiyon se milne niklenege...Dhruv aur Dilip Dhruv ke kamre mein so jayenge...Angad aur Josh ek kamre mein so jaayenge.....

Naina: Aur Anjali ko mein apne paas rakhungi....usse agar kisi cheez ki jarurat padi to woh mujhse kahegi.

Angad: lekin humein alag kyun sona hai?

Dadi: yeh hamare khanda ki parampara hai ki Karva chauth ki raat ko, jabse patni apna vrat shuru karti hai...tabse le kar shaam ki puja tak, sab pati ko alag rehna hota hai..

Dilip: Angad beta mujhe dosh mat dena....mein to khud soch mein pad gaya hoon ki aise rivaaz banaye kisne honge...

All men laughed while the ladies gave them a they-are-impossible-looks.  Everyone retired into the respective rooms they were assigned to.  Anjali fell asleep in no time, Naina stayed up finished the bits and pieces of the preparations while Anjali and Kripa settled into Kripa's bedroom.

Aliyah: yeh mom bhi na....pehle nahi bata sakti thi ki 12 baje ke baad kuch kha nahi sakte?  

Kripa: kyun?

Aliyah: are 12 bajne se phele apna pet to bhar leti achi tarah se....mujhe to abhi se bhukh lag rahi hai....

Kripa: Anju....tu bhi na....abhi khaane ke baare mein band kar...lagta hai class mein ladko ki row mein baithne se bikul ladko jaisi ho gayi hoon...

Aliyah: oh god...tuhe abhi bhi yaad hai....I hated Mr. James for that..made me sit in a row of boys.....Do you remember which boys were in my row...

Kripa: of course I do....look...the first one was matthew...

Aliyah: ugly rocker!

Kripa: second was michael..

Aliyah: oh man...that guy was hot!

Kripa: aliyah shut up! your married......anyways...third one was YOU....and the guy behind you was........

Kripa left the sentence in between and looked at Aliyah who was looking right back at Kripa as if she was ready to kill her.

Kripa: sorry.......

Aliyah looked upset.  Kripa reched out and put her hand on her shoulder.  Aliyah hugged Kripa and tried to snap out of the memories of her past which were flashing back at her.

The guys had made many desperate attempts to go meet their wives including Dilip.  They finally gave up and went to sleep only to wake up in the morning and find the house empty.

Dilip: dekha beta...aap sabko to pehli baar yeh sab sehna pad raha hai...mein to peechle 25 saal se sehta aya hoon..

Just as dilip finished his sentence, the women walked in with Puja thali's.  All four women looked elegantly beautiful in their new saris.  Angad smiled ear to ear to see Kripa dressed in one of the red saris he chose for her.

Naina: aap sab yahan kya kar rahe ho??  Sab nahane jao chalo..

Dilip: naina yaar please....abhi subah subah orders mat do

Naina: Subah??  Aji aap kaunsi duniya mein 2 baje ko subah kahenge??

Dilip: 2?

Naina: haan! baj gaye hai...aur aap sab ab uth rahe hai?

Dadi: are to jaldi uth gaye hai.....puri raath soye nahi...aap logon se milne ka tareeka dundh rahe the sab...

All the girls laughed while the guys gave an angry look to them.  All the women continued laughing as the men walked out of the room in a huff.  Everyone was engaged in one thing or the other until the afternoon came to an end.  Dadi made sure that the men kept their limits.  All four men were getting really impatient by now.

Dadi: kya ho gaya hai aap sab ko?? bacchon ke saath saath tum bhi shararat par utar aye ho....apni umar to dekho....aur ek baat suno...sab aurton ne kal raat ke 12 baje se kuch khaya nahi...ek boond paani tak nahi piya...lekin un mein se koi bhi itna impatient nahi hai jitna ki aap mard ho...

Aliyah: dadi..can you please stop reminding me that!!  I am hungry.....yeh chaand nikla ya nahi?

Kripa(giggled): Ali...abhi se chaand kaise niklega?  Abhi to sirf paanch baje hai....

Aliyah: WHAT??....oh my god!!! I am going to die..

Kripa: Aliyah...i can give you a suggestion....STOP TALKING....dont waste your energy by talking...

Josh: nooo.....dont stop talking!!!  The only way I can feel her presence right now is by her talking....

Kripa: really bhai??  Meine to suna tha ki aap aliyah ko uski dil ki dhadkano se pehchaante hai...

Josh: woh to kehne ko sab kehte hai....

Angad: not really josh...mere khayal se...pyaar ek aisa ehsaas hai jismein uss insaan ko aapke paas rehne ki jarurat nahi hoti....unki dil ki dhadkano se aap keh sakte hai ki woh yahin kahin hai...unki saanso se pehchaan sakte hai ki woh aapke bahut kareeb hai...unki khushboo se aap un tak pahunch bhi sakte hai...Its not necessary that they are always with you.  There are many ways to feel your love present somewhere around you.

Aliyah(elbowing Kripa and whispering): Kya jaado kiya hai tumne mere bhai par...pehle to aisa kabhi nahi tha..

Kripa blushed as she looked at Angad who was staring her down with his burning gaze making her want to run into his arms and melt.  He winked at her causing her to gasp.  She looked around but no one else had noticed.  Angad kept giving her mischieivious looks as she continued to flush.

Naina(from the kitchen): KRIPA!!!

Kripa(let out a sigh of relief and mumbled): Thanks so much mom.....

Kripa looked at Angad, who was frowning, and went away to see what Naina needed.

Kripa: Aapne bulaya mujhe mom?

Naina: haan..beta yeh coffee ladkon ko deni hai...Dilip ke liye chai mein bana kar laati teddy ko meine phool laane bheja tha...pata nahi kahan gayab ho gaya...

Kripa: koi baat nahi..layiye..mein de aati hoon...

Kripa took the tray of coffee and served Dhruv and Josh first knowing that Angad would have some mischief up his sleeve.  When she reached Angad, He just gently shook his head sideways saying he didnt want coffee.

Kripa: are you sure?

Angad: yep...

At 8, Everyone excet dhruv gathered on the terrece to wait for the moon to come out.  All the women look even more beautiful now as they were dressed in a different sari with full jewlery.  Kripa grabbed Angad's attention the moment she showed up and still had it.  Angad couldn't take his eyes off of her.  How was he supposed to stay away from her if she kept tantalizing him like that.  

Aliyah: chaand nikal kyun nahi raha!!!!


Aliyah(excited): KAHAN????

Josh: yahan...

Josh held up a mirror.  Aliyah frowned instead of smiling at his cute act.

Kripa: bhai..abhi rehne do..ab aliyah ke sabr ka ant (end) aa gaya hai...

Naina: know they say that if the women who are fasting sing...the moon shows up sooner.

Aliyah: mom...aapko lagta hai mujh mein gaane ki energy hai??

Dadi and Anjali sat on the swing quietly observing everything.  Anjali was feeling a little light headed and restless.  After a long wait, the moon finally shows up.  Aliyah ran to her husband.  She pulled him to her spot where she was supposed to do her puja.  Angad walked to Kripa while smiling with joy!  A few more minutes, after that he wont have to stay away from her.  All took their positions.  Naina started her rituals as she knew what had to be done.  Aliyah and Kripa were directed by Dadi. Anajli still sat there waiting for Dhruv to show up.  Him and his "important" meetings.  Kripa picked up her seive and looked at the moon through it.  She moved it to Angad's face and blushed when he winked at her.  Angad made her drink water and fed her a bite of sweets.  Kripa bent down and touched his feet as asking for his blessings.  Angad and Josh just stood there....what were they supposed to say?  They just put their hand on their wives heads like dilip did.

Josh: Kripa...ab tum bhi Angad ko paani pilao aur bechare ko free karo...

Kripa: what?? I am confused...

Dhruv(stepping in): Tumhe nahi pata kya...aaj pura din Angad ne bhi kuch nahi khaya...paani tak nahi peeya....usne tumhare liye vrat rakha hai...

Dilip, Josh, and Dhruv giggled teasingly while Anjali and Aliyah "awwwww-ed".  Dadi and Naina sent a silent blessing to the "lost-in-love" couple.  Kripa looked at Angad and gave him a teary smile.  She made him drink the water from the same glass and fed him sweets.  Now that everything was done, there were no barriers.  As soon as Kripa put her plate aside, angad hugged her tight.  Just like Josh and Dilip hugged their wives.  After they parted, all husbands handed a gift to their wives.  Kripa opened the tiny box to find the pair of silver and ruby earrings she had eyes at the jewlery store a few days ago.  She looked at him with those questioning eyes of hers.  In reply, he just rolled his tounge in his mouth and jerked his eyebrows.

Kripa(hugging him and whispering): I love you..

Angad(whispering back): I love you the way...this gift is only because of the will get the 'real' gift tonight...

All couples stayed hugging while Dhruv came back all changed ready to break Anjali's fast.

Dadi: are ab bas bhi karo...abhi Anjali aur Dhruv ko bhi apna vrat todna hai..

Anjali, somehow, made her way to her spot with Aliyah's help.  She followed her instructions as dadi told her what to do.  Dhruv was about to give her water when the puja thali slipped out of Anjali's grip.  Anjali grabbed onto her stomach and cried in pain.  Everyone rushed to her preventing her from falling.  She continued crying in pain.  This was it.  She was in labour, A month early.
Kripa opened her eyes with great difficulty.  She felt terribly weak.  She weakly smiled as she saw Angad as soon as her eyes opened.  She tried to talk but Angad stopped her.

Angad: kuch mat are just fainted during your donation the doctor had will feel really weak for a few hours.  mein jaanta hoon tum kya puchna chahti ho..Anjali abhi bhi OT mein hai...she still hasnt delivered...but its not complicated anymore...both the baby and Anjali will be fine.  Thanks so much Kripa...I am so proud of you...go to sleep now...I'll be right here okay?

Kripa couldnt say or do much at the moment.  She slowly entwined Angad's finger as his hand layed beside her and went to sleep.

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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Kripa was sitting on her bed reading a novel when Aliyah showed up.

Aliyah: KRIPA!!!

Kripa: kya hua Aliyah...itna chilla kyun rahi ho?

Aliyah: Kripa...I'm......Im Pregnant.

Kripa's smile faded as she heard pregnant.  Kripa got up and walked up to Aliyah.

Kripa: how long??

Aliyah: th...three months...Kripa....mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai...

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nycdesiqt IF-Dazzler

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omg!! anjali went into early labor!!
i knew that would happen!! a pregnant woman has to eat!! especially in her last stagess!!
but thank god that both the baby and her fine! i hope she deliveries a health baby!!

and aww the karva chauth was soo cute!!!!
angad fasted for her! i knew it the minute he didn't drink the coffee! he iss sooo sweet!! i want a husband like that! sweet and caring and loving!!! ur making me have too way too many expectations for my future husband LOL LOL

and omg...aliyah has a past....the fourth guy in her row??

and the promo...aloo is pregnant...josh is not the father is it?? Ouch

neways wonderful part!! loved it!!! Big smile Big smile Big smile
jdsean Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
Hi, great part.   Congrats on getting 150 pages.   Clap

Love how no matter what Kripa is always there for Anjali. Glad Aliyah is preggers, hopefully Kripa gets pregnant soon too. Continue soon Big smile
~*~kom@l~*~ Groupbie

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fab part ekta...AK romance was great...they are the best couple ever...even though the show ended but u people made the couple more loved...i m proud of kripa...she is a perfect friend, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and a perfect wife...alliya is so hilarious...and now she's going to be a mom...loved the anjali and the baby going to be all right?......and i hope anjali gets well soon...loved the promo too...cont. soon

Smileyface IF-Veteran Member

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awww wat a cute part...and kripa is a complete true friend...glad tht anjali and the baby are okay...and angad is jus so cute he fasted for u said ears instead of yaaa....imagine if he gifted her ears instead of earings...hahaha...okay im gonna stop making fun of u yayy aliyah is cuteee...cant wait for the next part!!
totally_desi Goldie

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Congrats For passing the 150 pages Clap Your fan-fiction is just awesome! The part was terrific. It was soo cute how Angad also kept a fast for Kripa. I had a feeling he did when he didn't take the coffee. He's such a sweet husband. Embarrassed Kripa's a great friend, it's nice how she's always there for Anjali. Hope that her and her baby will be fine. By the way you made a mistake, instead of writing Aaliyah you wrote Anju.The guy in the 4th row, was it Aaliyah's boyfriend? Write the next part soon! Big smile

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