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So We Can Talk About This Show discussion And

We Also To Play Games You Can Choose What Game You Want To Play...


I Will Give You New  Informations About This Show


So Join Im Waiting For YouWink

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US Game u can plyit onlin.. but i think srk show will be

better than this


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so you gaiz give me your opinion abut us show

do you think the indin show will be better
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wher are u gaiz com and join

no one wont to join Cry
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In saas bahu and saazish the biggest news is about the biggest show in the history of India. This Star Plus show will be anchored by BW's Badshah, Shahrukh Khan. The winner will get not 1 or 2 o3 but a full 5 crore rupees. The name of the show is 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain'. This show was launched in a grand manner in Delhi and Shahrukh Khan was present for it.

So Shahrukh Khan is starting a new show. After KBC he will be anchoring this new show. Let's see a glimpse of the grand launch.

Good afternoon everyone. As you may have noticed, I'm back and I keep coming back. Let me 1st clarify that this cycle (bike) wasn't given to me for doing a bad job on KBC. It's our creative idea. Please don't go on my KBC performance and I'm as always really happy that we can start off something new in Delhi, which is my hometown. Little controversial to say that nowadays, but still it's nice to be here.

SRK: First things first I'm back on TV but I don't feel I'm back. I don't think I ever left TV. I'm so glad I could come with the show because my promise this year as an entertainer is that first, I'll beat up those talking in front of me. Hey! Shush. Listen carefully. The most famous Indian in the world is talking. The idea is actually I wanted to do something for children this year and I will try and attempt that that desire of mine as an entertainer is fulfilled, so I can do something for kids. We'll discuss this show a bit more, you've already seen some of it and Siddharth and Uday saab will also tell you more. I'm very thrilled that I'm doing this with the Star family because of my experience with KBC and my long standing relationship with Star. We have a bond of many lifetimes so I'm really thrilled I'll be working under Siddharth and Uday saab again and hopefully we'll be able to churn out something which is entertaining and this time also very educative and educating. This show is very close to my heart because every time my children also keep asking me, you do 1,2 films, rest of the time you ride bikes and buy Cricket teams. Why don't you come more often? So I promise you I'm doing this for my children and for all the children in the country. It's a kind of family show where is clean, nice fun and hopefully we'll get families back to TV where we can all sit together and learn something and laugh a little.

Obviously I'm going to be a sort of teacher in this classroom and we'll try to instill a desire for knowledge in kids in an entertaining way because I truly believe in entertainment. So I'm really thrilled that Star has agreed to work with me once more. Siddharth is going to be there, Uday saab, the whole team, I'm back on TV, I'm raring to go, I've not had shooting work for sometime now after OSO and CDI. So I'm really thrilled I have some work to do finally.

(Rest in English….)

I'm not a teacher here, I'm learning too and I'm the most innocent, sweetest and least knowledgeable of the lot.
The process of selecting these kids by their talent and education is as interesting as this show, maybe even more. That process we don't want to divulge just now, I think that will be revealed as the show is going to come on air. That's it from now. The bell has rung so let me go sit in the classroom. You can take a few photos of me and then I guess the show continues.

Press Conference: PART 1

Shahrukh, good morning in Delhi. Let me start by saying you look even more handsome than before.

SRK: When did you meet me before?

Before, when you did those Watch ads. Yesterday there was a show…if you read the Champak magazine, there was a competition at an all India level. In it was a small child, Renuka Choudhry was there too, she was asking the kids what they would eat and drink if they wanted to become like Shahrukh. And a little boy said I'd eat Shahrukh. Everyone laughed. You're doing a lot for kids through this show, will you allow very little kids to take part too?

SRK: As we told you and Siddharth mentioned too, the kids will be of ages 1st to 5th grades. They will be my co-students and regular adults will take part in the competition. The questions will be posed to adults like in every game show and the rules will be the same – they have to be 18 years of age or more - and these 5 kids we expect will know the answers to the questions - they are smart and intelligent - and they will help the competitor. So the interaction in the classroom will be between me, the kids and Siddharth and the competitor will be the outsider who comes to study for that day and win money. So there will be a lot of interaction with children and our attempt will be to attract the whole family through the kids. That's the idea because kids watch TV, movies, read books and the whole family wants joins in that. so I would call it a more family show rather than a children's show but I'm very happy because I'll get a chance to interact with children and I love children.

I have 2 more questions. One is will you be able to do this show better than KBC? the other is that you do ads for Dish TV and Star doesn't come on Tata Sky…

SRK: Just like I get handsomer every year, my every new show will be better than the one before. So 100% there will be an improvement, God willing. The ads I do for Dish TV are a format to get all the channels into the house. It has nothing to do with TV channels. Our Star will also come in that along with other channels.

Very few Star channels are there in that.

SRK: How many are there? Let's count. Let's forget the show and talk about this.

Q: Shahrukh, do you feel that TV watching is increasing day by day? You're also here for a 2nd time so do you feel that TV's reach is increasing?

SRK: This is the 11th time I'm coming on TV. I started with TV and I never left. I make films too. My logic is that I entertain all the time. I dance on stage, perform on shows, do TV…I feel that whatever I do as a performer, whether it's great or not, is to do it through every platform. So I don't feel it's any different but of course Star and some amazing producers like Siddharth have started some really good programming because of which the audience participation has increased so of course you get more eyeballs which means the production values increase. I think TV is really increasing because of pioneers like these so the reach of TV increases and people like me also benefit.

Q: Shahrukh, don't you think that the kids will interact more with you and participate less in the show? Because they love you so much?

SRK: No, the kids won't ask the questions, I'll be asking them. They will interact with me but more….if you could see the western version, or why watch them, wait a bit for this show to air, there's a very nice interaction between the kids and the competitor. This classmate will help that classmate who has come to compete. There will be no time wasted, Siddharth's shows are always tightly run. But personally yes, I'd love to be sitting with children and talking to them. I love kids more than women. I really like spending time with them.

Q: Shahrukh, with this show all of us get reminded of our school days. Will your getup be that of a teacher? Tell us something about it.

Roza, who's incidentally Siddharth's wife too, will be designing them and our designers will help her in getting the right look. We'll try and keep it young, youthful and friendly and happy. That's the USP of the show. We will try to bring a preppy, lighthearted, happy look. I've already cut my hair because it doesn't look nice for a teacher to have long hair. So for the teacher look Siddharth had already called me up and said cut your hair if you want to enter the class.

Q: I want to first thank Siddharth ji for programs like these. KBC and others have been very beneficial to the audience. But just like KBC was stopped because you got busy and went abroad to shoot, you think you'll have enough time to devote to this show?

SRK: There's a bit of misunderstanding and that happens to everyone. KBC was supposed to have 52 episodes. As a matter of fact, because of our co-sponsors we made it 53 episodes, we made one extra. That's all it was to be. It's not a lifelong thing, it wasn't stopped halfway. The season was over. This too has a season which Siddhart and Uday saab will talk about, and this too will end. When that happens don't think I've left the show half way and run away because I was busy. I have a very loving bond and contract with Star but if I ever break a contract they'll throw me in jail. So I can't run away. KBC ended with the season and we just thought we'll have more variety just like you thanked Siddharth saab for, and there will be a novelty and fun with a new show. We'll see how it goes and new seasons of this show and KBC we'll try and work around them. Were very proud of KBC and I'm sure we'll be even prouder of this one. Siddharth also wants to say something. (in English).


Q: This show has been adopted from the US. People there can play it online too. Will our audiences be able to do that?

S.Basu: Right now it's only going to be on TV. Indya.com, which is the portal for Star Network will have all the info, like how people can audition for the show, all those details will be given. It can be played on the phone and that will be explained by Uday but there are no immediate plans for the net. There may be all sorts of plans later on. Right now this show is aired in 50 countries. Uday will tell you more about the interactivity.

Q: Shahrukh my question is to you. How will the adults get selected for this show?

SRK: I'll call whoever I feel like. No, there's a process for it which Uday saab will explain. There's a technical process, like KBC had. There's a research process for that, for applications and for choosing the contestants.

Uday: Very soon we'll be announcing the full procedure for people to participate in this show. But very briefly, we'll be asking for participants to express a desire to participate through phone lines, internet, and various other telecom means. These people will be selected based on the answers they give, their general awareness and their ability to answer classified questions and based on that we'll also bring in the elements of personality, their ability to perform well on TV. So it'll be a well rounded show that will look for participants who have the right chemistry for TV.

Q: What's was Aryan's 1st reaction when you decided to do this show and will you allow him to participate in it?

SRK: When Uday saab sent me the DVD of the show, I saw it with my family. I'd never seen it before and I saw it with 4 kids, Aryan and Suhana's friends. Their 1st reaction was to want to come on the show. But just like the adults they have to have the awareness and personality, the kids have to have it too. I hope my kids are not stupid and will be able to do well. But I feel, and I'm not just talking big, but I feel that every kid in the country will want to participate in the show and to do that he will have to increase his awareness. So indirectly, through entertainment, this is a very educative program. I'm 100% sure every kid will say, papa, mamma, I want to be on this show. And to be there you have to be a little aware of how things are. it's not that you have to have rote memory or be a bookworm but you need to be aware till the age of 10 or 11 as the case may be for class 5. so it'll be something that all children would love to participate in. it makes the children feel very happy and proud of themselves.

Reality show…this is a quiz show. For reality show I'll send him to Big Brother. I don't think being my son should be an achievement. I hope one day he becomes so big and achieves so much that he comes on a reality show.

Q: As the show name mentions, had it been a kid hosting this show, would it have made a big impact on the audience? Provided the fact that kids are making it big in BW as well as other fields. You know FF nomination for Darsheel is fighting big time with you guys. Do you think of compromising on that and stepping out of the nomination? Just to let the kid grow up and gain potential in the BW industry?

SRK: This is a very utopian and beautiful idea. But I'll tell you 2 things honestly. One, I'm still a kid at heart, I'm not a complete adult. And the 2nd thing, it's a beautiful idea. Let's take a kid, a 9year old kid, send him at 7am to shoot, and he'll come home at 1am. Eat, bathe and sleep at 3am and then go to school at 6am and come back at 1pm. It's I think a bit unrealistic and uncalled for to push children to this extent of work that would be involved in KBC or in a show like this. This needs a lot of hard work. When I did KBC I realized that I've been working for 17 years but this is not fun and games. It's very time bound, it has to be on the spot, it has to work fast, and the host has to work it through. I'm sure there are a lot of child prodigies in the world, but I'm sure there are rules against working them 14 hours a day. So as much as I would like to encourage children to be the host of this show, it would be falling into a child labor kind of situation and I can get arrested for this.

Every year the competition keeps getting younger. Now newcomers are becoming 9 years old so it's alright. Now even kids who are not yet born will compete.

Q: The last time I asked you about Raj Thackeray you said you don't know about this. Anyway, you showed your interest in Saurav Ganguly, Gilchrest. What plans do you have for IPL, whom do you want and expect to be in the IPL team and why particularly Saurav, why not somebody else?

SRK: Darling fist there's a rule you need to understand about IPL and this is not the platform but I'll just say it, the thing is that they are icon players from the city you're going to play from, our city is Kolkata and the icon player from there is Saurav. Even if he wasn't the icon player who needed to be in the team I would still play with Saurav, because he's a great player. And the team like I told you last time will be selected when the process happens. So I'm really still quite unaware of the players that we'll have or the comments that Raj has made.

Q: But what about the reports it seems you showed interest in Gilchrist coming….

SRK: You only write the reports and you only ask me, I don't know who's reporting this. I said I'm interested in every player in the world. But it will be decided by the coach and the captain of the team which is Saurav or most probably should be Saurav. And that also will be decided by the coach. I'm just the owner of the team, I don't do the technical part of it.

Q: You did KBC and it's being launched again. Will you be hosting both shows? You chose this show to do something for kids and it's said you're producing a 100 crore film too.

SRK: Whatever I earn here will be used for making that film. No, this is the show were starting off with. Let me clarify again, I'd signed on with Star for 2 seasons of KBC and we were very happy doing it but things change and at this time this show is the most popular and current around the world, it's being sown in 50 countries, so Uday felt that 100% we should do a new show. It'll be a novelty and Star stands for that. they have homegrown shows, they're making shows in India, they are the 1st ones to really up the quality of that and they have been getting international shows like WWTBAM and some other also. So they do try their hand at that and this is one innovative thing that Star is doing.

The 2nd part is, I'm planning to make a film for children….we have to work that out, because if I do just this how can I make that 100 crore movie? It's a children's film, the budget and all I think were a little misunderstood, I was in Berlin and my German isn't that good so maybe they didn't understand. But the budget is not done, were working on a story but I'm genuinely interested, I'm not saying so because in here and doing a kid's show. Barry John also taught me that, we both have learnt from Barry, that if you can capture a child's interest as an actor, only then you're a good actor. And I love kids. So I would love to do things for kids and this year I really want to do lots of things for kids and one of them, God willing, will also be a film that we can produce.

They've put some magazine pictures of me outside and that's why that lady said I've improved in my looks since I was in class 5. I was very naughty; I used to play a lot whole day and I used to be very aware of making sure that I did not let my parents down as far as my marks were concerned. My parents never pushed me to come 1st or 2nd or 3rd , they just told me you should be proud of yourself in the class, you should not feel ashamed that you have not done well. Like, in the races I used to come first, in sports I used to do a few goals and stuff like that, so they would say do the similar thing in your studies. So I was never pushed to study but I was very naughty. My teachers used to say I have the devil's smile. So whenever I was naughty and misbehaved I would smile and there were my dimples and they would let me go scot-free. But I was caned many times, punished many times and I was nearly suspended also once. But I was a good student, I got the sword of honor, and I've done ok for myself.


Q: In your film MHN you played a student. (I don't know what he said after that)…

SRK: Can you say that word again? Manaspatal? Yeah too much manaspatal will happen with me.
After watching this show….can I say the last bit or not yet?....ok, there's a condition on this show that if you don't win 5 crore rupees, which if I'm not mistaken is one of the highest prizes ever in India, and it's achievable on this show because only the 'manaspatal' of class 1 -5 will happen. Nothing more than that. So if you can't answer those questions - there are rules which will be announced later – there's a condition whereby you have to say on camera, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader. I'm completely stupid. Something like that you have to say. I think it's not embarrassing but it makes you feel like oh! This is 5th grade stuff, I should know this. the questions are not difficult but because we get so involved in our everyday life, manaspatal, we forget those little things we learnt. The frustration that follows as in oh! I knew this! I just missed it, I think that is really the most interesting part of the show. But I'm not smarter than a 5th grader, I can tell you that.

Q: (I think the reporter asks if SRK will work with Basu even after this show ends or something like that).

SRK: Of course.100% I'll either play a mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. Shahrukh Khan in and as saas and bahu. And he's already doing some shows like that.

Q: My question is about the format of the show, the number of questions a person has to answer in order to win 5 crores.

S. Basu: There are 10 questions, typically, that somebody goes through and they can choose in what order they want to answer those questions. There are 10 questions; 2 each from class 1-5 and varied. It can be Indian History, World Geography, Animal Science, plant life, English, Hindi, a mix of subjects. And any 10 of those categories will be there and questions behind it. And in the course of answering those questions they can decide if they want to cheat from their classmates because the classmates usually can figure out the answers. It's up to them to decide if they have the right answer or not and to use it or not and work their way up the money tree toward the grand prize of 5 crores. 5 crores is absolutely unprecedented and were all trying to cope with the implications of that.
It's not all multiple choice questions you also have true or false questions, fill in the blanks, straight questions with answers. So there's a variety of 4 kinds of questions.

Q: When's the show going to be launched? And how different is it going to be from KBC?

Uday: It's a very different show, it's going to be completely different. We're working on the final dates of the launch, we want to launch it ASAP but it depends on various things not the least of them being the selection of the contestants. We'll come back to you very soon with a final date of launch.

Q: Mr. Khan, I'd like to know what you think of some of the helplines here are cheating and copying from your classmates. I'd like to know whether as a kid you were a copycat and would you suggest to your kids to do the same?

SRK: I'll be very honest, I think - as wrong as it may sound and as politically incorrect as it is – cheating is a natural instinct. I don't think any parent teaches their children that so I will never teach my children to cheat but I would not claim they wouldn't do it on their own. I think all of us at some time or the other if not cheated, at least been close to it. yes, in my class to be really honest I must have cheated. There have been days when I've not prepared and gone and I remember cheating from a paper and I was very happy I finished very well. My friend got 3 out of 100 and I got 2 and that was really sad. That was one time I decided to stop cheating.

S. Basu: Here the whole point is not that children are asked to cheat from each other, it's the adults who have to take recourse to cheating from the children. So it's a little different, it's the adults who have to take underhand means to try and get to the answer and that's the point.

SRK: The whole idea is done very sweetly, it's not in any which way encouraging cheating or copying but because the adults have to do it and you know all adults tell their kids don't cheat or copy and suddenly you're on this show and you're like…hey Raju, tell me the answer. it has that element.

Q: Shahrukh you said something very nice in Berlin. You said that finally after 17 years I feel like I'm a big actor. For 17 years the whole of India has been crazy for you and only now you feel like a big actor?

SRK: I don't feel I'm a big actor even now, no one acknowledges that. Everyone uses the word Star for me. What I meant to say was that I felt very proud to be recognized and feted outside my country for acting in my own country's films. I feel that - and I could be wrong and people may feel I give myself too much importance – I feel that I'm somewhat of an ambassador for my industry. And I wanted to thank them on behalf of myself and my country with humility for liking me and giving me the status of an international star. 5-10 years back, even last year would you have imagined seeing 5-10,000 people on the streets of Germany singing our Hindi film songs? It's not that they were singing my film songs, the fact is that they recognize Hindi films. And it's every Indian's duty, if outsiders honor us, like the French honor, not to say hey I'm already a big star in India so who cares. I said you have given me the honor of an international star and I'm very thankful. It's a great think for every film maker in India that our films are being watched by the whole world.

Q: Shahrukh how different will the lifelines be in this show and are these 5 kids there to help you?

SRK: Not to help me but to help the competitors.

Q: So they need help? You're not as smart as a 5th grader?

SRK: I'm not, that's why I'm an actor.

Q: Adults get prize money of 5 crores. What do the kids get?

SRK: I think it's very clear that for those under 18 there shouldn't be a game show for money. So there's no prize money for the kids at all and I personally also feel morally and ethically there should not be. Of course we'll give them teddy bears and lots of love, chocolates, but it's just for them to participate and Siddharth will also explain to you.

S.Basu: The plan of the moment is to that they'll be compensated for their time and expenses of their parents and families but they're taking part really as part of the conducting team, they're not competitors. And apart from that Star will be thinking of helping them with possibly scholarships but that's something to be worked out. But they will be well rewarded for their participation, materially and otherwise.

Q: Shahrukh, the day after tomorrow, the anti-smoking law will prevail. So are you going to gift BW by quitting smoking? Are you going to quit smoking onscreen or just completely quit?

SRK: There's a ban from day after?

Q: Yes. On screen.

SRK: See, obviously if there's a ban why would we do it? We're not going to break a ban.

Q: So are you planning to quit it personally also? Do you wan to take it or quit it? as a gift on Valentine's day?

SRK: I've been trying to quit for a long time, yaar. Everybody asks me this question. Now I find everybody telling me I should quit. So many people are so worried about my health. My family is too and so am I. I should give it up so I'll give it my best shot. But I'm not one of those who dishonestly say I'll give it up. I'm trying my best. It's difficult, bad habits are difficult to give up. But like I say any time any questions are asked to me about smoking - which none of you ever carry, you edit that part – children, don't smoke. It'll finally kill you. So it's not a nice thing to do. Please don't smoke and if there's one think you should not learn from me is smoking. So please don't smoke, it's a bad habit and I completely agree if there's a ban we would not 100% smoke on screen. Personally yes, I'd like to give it up. I always say this. I don't have a stand on this, I'm not a 'rebel with a cigarette' cause.


Q: Celebrities and controversies often go hand in hand. In that context do you agree with Sania Mirza's view that she wouldn't like to play in India at least for the moment?

SRK: It's a personal viewpoint absolutely and she must…each celebrity has it's own…see I'm a very easygoing kind of guy, I'm also a male gender person so maybe certain things said to me or done to me…and actually let me be very honest, nothing controversial has ever happened to me that should make me react very adversely to a situation. I think press, journalists, everybody has been very kind to me for years. So I can't comment on her personal choice. She must have felt very hurt. I've read comments where people say she should react like this, she's a player, she should concentrate on her game. Harbajan said even if I'm booed I don't give up, I'm only more encouraged. I think it's a personal thing. It's unfortunate when a controversy starts plaguing a sportsperson or an artiste also. I think one should refrain from it. But it goes hand in hand, it'll keep happening. It'll be unfortunate if we don't get to see Sania playing in our own country, she's easily one of the best sportspersons we've produced in our country and we're very proud of her. Hopefully things will sort out and some nice things will happen that we'll see her in the country.

Q: You were associated with TV from the serial Circus till today, how do you see the evolution of small screen over the years?

SRK: Absolutely astounding and amazing. Some of the people most responsible for this amazing change in TV in our country and in programming are sitting beside me. I'm sure they wouldn't like to take the full credit but they are part of this evolution. See I'm just an actor who's been given an opportunity to come on this platform and perform since my beginning. I became what I am today because of TV. So I owe my life to TV and stage and of course movies now. I think it's an amazing change quality wise, technology wise, eyeballs wise, the business wise, the whole media news wise, everything has taken a huge turnaround. 5-6 years ago when I used to go for press conferences, there were 5 TV cameras. There was not so much technology available. Now you have TV beaming some of this directly I'm sure all over the country. So there's a huge amount of change and we welcome the change. I think it's really wonderful for media, for films, for anything that is related to getting news or entertainment across to the country.

Q: About Darsheel in TZP. Do you think every child should change that way? Do you want every kid to be like him?

SRK: With all kindness, you've already presumed I've watched the film. I haven't seen it unfortunately, I've told Aamir I've been very, very busy, but as soon as I get a chance, as soon as the DVD's out, I will see it at home. What Aamir and people have told me, I think the little kid has performed astoundingly but your question is a little more in-depth. That should every child change like that or not, I would really not be able to comment on at this point without seeing it and making an opinion.

Q: Shahrukh, as host of the show, how will you be preparing for it with the kids?

SRK: Actually, as Siddharth pointed out, the kids and I and all of us are conductors of the show in a certain sense. Of course I'll do the main conduction…conductring…conducting. The kids are very important; they are the cog in the wheel. Whenever I see the show I feel that the anchor's role is very important, the competitor is of course important because of their reactions but the interaction and reactions and answers of those 5 kids, they really make the show more round and in a certain sense sometimes emotional in a funny way and perhaps if they give a wrong answer on a big money thing and you cheat from them like I cheated and got 2 marks, you could lose all that money. So the USP of the show is that you're on your knees in front of a 9 year old and begging for the right answers to questions of 1st and 2nd grade level. So it is very funnily embarrassing for an adult to do it. And I think that interaction will really make the show go well. My job would be to ensure that this interaction comes out to the fore and people enjoy it.

Q: Hi Shahrukh. Is this show the only thing you have or so you have any other projects?

SRK: No, I'm still getting work.

Q: Can you talk about your future projects?

SRK: I'm doing this, this will take up some time, because it's a very complex show. In a way, in a certain sense it's on real time. Because competitors keep coming it cannot be pre-recorded. So 8-10 days in a month go towards this for rehearsals, and technicals. After this, I plan on doing 2 films, then Aditya Chopra is starting a film in May. I think I'll wait for that and concentrate more on this in terms of screen and shooting work and then I'll start the film with Adi and then there are 2 other films we are planning to start in our production including one animation so 3 films we are starting and in 1 or 2 of them I'll act.

And I also think if we need to make sports popular in our country we need to make it business wise sensible. My dream would be at the end of my career, with the monies that this country ahs given me, with the love ands niceness that I've got by being a movie star, if I can invest in that, one – into bringing better technology and taking Indian cinema to international levels, 2nd – because sports is something I love I'm able to invest my time more than even the money which is important to propagate the sports that I've played or haven't even played. So it's starting with Cricket because it makes a bit of business sense and also it was available, but God willing if this does well, we have actually a segment in our company called Red Chillies Sports and Games so we would like to take on Hockey, football, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and even if it goes down to marbles, kanchas, gulli-dandas. I like sports and I think youth should be encouraged to play sports. A healthy body has a healthy mind. And I truly believe, if you can get kids to play the whole day round and study a bit I think they will get into a move which I call constructive aggression. They will be aggressive, wanting to succeed but it would be constructive, not destructive. It won't go into smoking and drinking and drugs. I think sports is the healthiest form of teaching your child into making a good life for himself or herself. So I would love to encourage it, I encourage it with my children. If I'm able to God willing, please pray that I'm able to invest into these platforms and create a great platform for youngsters to come and play in every sports possible.

Last question:

Q: Why did Star network only choose Shahrukh Khan? Aamir Khan also made a film with kids which was a big hit. So why only King Khan?

Uday: the answer is very simple. Because Shahrukh relates with every member of the family far more effectively than any other star of this generation.

S. Basu: Can I just also answer? I think Shahrukh....it was evident to the entire country that we have in Shahrukh one of the most charismatic, natural anchors in the country for any kind of show because it's his natural intelligence, his wit, his sense of humor, his personality and charisma and the love of the game and sport that he makes it all cook. So I think a very natural choice for any kind of show of this scale size and seeking this kind of impact, I think he selects himself.

Uday: When we were considering the presenter for this show, that was the easiest part of the whole exercise. It didn't take us even a second to decide who would be the person. And when we went to Shahrukh, that was a little more difficult, to persuade Shahrukh to find the time to do the show. Converging on the name of the presenter of the show was the easiest part. There are lots of amazing stars in this country but we were looking for somebody who captures the values of the show. We wanted somebody who's known to be a very bright person, who's been a very good student himself, who connects with every member of the family and with due respect to everybody, I don't think there's any other film star in this country today who connects with an 8 year old and an 80 year old at the same time with equal strength.

That's it, then. You have tasted the appetizers, the main course is left. Watch out for the TV premiere of KAPPS with Shahrukh Khan only on Star Plus.
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this from star news.. srk


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Posted online: Monday , February 25, 2008 at 10:42:24
Updated: Sunday , February 24, 2008 at 11:01:59

Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? Sounds like the next from the Ekta Kapoor gang? Put your apprehensions to rest, this is more intelligent than what gushes endlessly from Balaji Telefilms.

Although the name starts with K and is a mile long, the show is a quiz contest to be telecast on Star Plus later this year. The Indian adaptation of Fox TV's hit quiz show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, is currently a rave in 50 countries across the globe. Shah Rukh Khan, who struck gold on TV last year with Kaun Banega Crorepati, will host the show. Doesn't this make Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain itelligent in terms of content and actor host?
There have been quiz shows and there have been quiz shows. So how will this be different from Big B's or King Khan's version of, let's say, KBC for that matter?
"There is a lot of excitement in the waiting. The first is that this has the biggest prize money — Rs 5 crore — which has ever been offered on Indian television. Secondly, the contestants will be judged on the basis of their knowledge from a fifth class student's textbooks. Most of us feel more enlightened than fifth class students and dismiss what their books have to offer. If the contestant wants to quit the game at any stage, s/he will have to confess, main paanchvi pass se tez nahin hoon," says Siddharth Basu, India's best known quizmaster and head of Synergy Adlabs which is producing the show for Star.
Touted as 'India ka sabsey barha quiz show' by Star Plus, Kya Aap… is, according to them also India ka sabsey exciting and ambitious TV show. At a level which is closer to home, this show also attempts at bringing the family together before the TV around dinner time, says Star India's COO Uday Shankar.
"Star has done that before with KBC and other shows. This is our next attempt," he says. "We chose him for this show because he relates with every member of a family more than any other actor of his generation. Frankly, selecting the anchor was the easiest pxart of the show. And, Shah Rukh was a good student in class five," Basu explains Star Plus' of choice for the show's anchor.
Perhaps there is more to it: when KBC2 began last year, weren't we told that the show would run for two seasons? On the contrary, it ended after one season only spanning 52 episodes. Is this new show, a Khan compensation for the time lost in the KBC contract? "KBC ended when it had to. People thought I've run away from TV," says Shah Rukh Khan matter-of-factly issuing a caveat: " like all things, Kya Aap… will also end. Then, don't think I've run away!" And the family man the King Khan is known to be, what does he say on this?
"I simply love children. I am doing this for my children and everyone else's children. Main jo bhi karta hoon, bachon kay liye karta hoon. Adults just like because of that," he makes his point in a joke. "I saw the DVDs of the original Fox TV show with my kids and their friends. While we were at it, the kids were jumping with excitement and each one wished to go on the show. That is when I sensed the potential this show has," he adds. One the show, Khan will be accompanied by five children who are actually fifth class students. These children will be what lifelines were in KBC. "They'll give hints to the contestants when they need help. The sets of the show will be designed like a classroom," says Basu. And will King Khan look like, well, Kid Khan? "Anita Kaul is working on my look. But I sense we'll keep it casual yet crisp because I will play the school teacher," Khan says. "You'll see me writing on the blackboard," he adds.

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anathr video for this show

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM9lOiSUHEA Wink

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