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Kkusum is utterly dismayed on hearing what Kali said to her. Kkusum asks Kali whether she was responsible for all the problems faced by Kumud till now. Kali replies in the affirmative. Kkusum is dejected. Kkusum tells Kali that she treated Kali as her daughter and Kali betrayed her. Kali asserts to Kkusum that Kali had come to stay with Kkusum when Kumud left and when Kkusum was alone. Kali daringly says that Kkusum did not do any favour for her, but it was Kali who did a favour to Kkusum by living with her when Kumud hurt Kkusum. Kali tells Kkusum that she had left all the privileges she used to get at Abhay's home and lived a Middle-Class life to live with Kkusum. Kali tells Kkusum that even her nail polish used to come from Singapore. Kali tells Kkusum that she had to wait for the entire month for the salary of Kkusum to get her small needs fulfilled. Kali tells Kkusum that she lived with Kkusum in order to make Kumud loose Kkusum, 'coz Kumud had taken away her father Abhay from her. Kali tells Kkusum that Kumud did another mistake by taking away Garv from her. Kali tells Kkusum that now Kali had achieved Garv and tells Kkusum that Garv himself will leave Kumud and come to her. Kkusum is furious at this and tries to slap Kali. Kali holds Kkusum's hand mid-way and tells Kkusum not to think that she was Kumud. Kali tells Kkusum that she might even answer her back and shrugs off Kkusum's hand.

Kkusum is utterly dejected and leaves the Kapoor house. Kkusum is walking on the road and remembers what all Kali said to her just now. Kkusum remembers how Kali had comet to her home and told that she had come so that Kkusum would not miss Kumud, Kkusum remembers the scene where she tells to Kali that like Kumud, Kali was also her responsibility and if Kali had to leave Garv's home, then Kkusum also would leave. Kkusum feels bad by recollecting some supposedly sweet moments she shared with Kali.

A car passes by Kkusum and stops. Ksh*tij gets down from the car and is surprised to see Kkusum. Ksh*tij asks Kkusum as to where she had been so late. Kkusum tells him that she had gone to meet someone. Ksh*tij offers Kkusum a lift but Kkusum declines. Ksh*tij tells Kkusum that at this late hour she will not find even an Auto and forces her to sit in his car. Kkusum thanks Ksh*tij and sits in the car. Ksh*tij and Kkusum leave from there.

Garv is resting on his bed when he sees an image of Kumud on the wall. Garv remembers Kumud telling him that she didn't think that Garv would hurt her feelings in such a manner. Garv remembers Kumud telling him that even though she knew about Ksh*tij's sacrifice, she never let him come between her and Garv. Garv is in dismayed and tries to stop Kumud but the image disappears. Garv realizes that it was only his illusion.

At home, Kumud is sitting on the cot and crying. Aai tries to console her. Kkusum comes home. Kkusum walks to Kumud and Kumud hugs her and starts crying. Kkusum asks Kumud to forgive her 'coz she was not able to see Kali's true character even when Kumud told Kkusum about Kali. Kkusum tells Aai that it was all a part of Kali's plan to have come over to Kkusum and stay with them. Aai is shocked to hear this. Kumud tells Kkusum that she knew everything about Kali. Kkusum tells Kumud and Aai that Kali had insulted her so much. Kumud tells Kkusum that when Kali came to stay with Kkusum, Kumud understood that Kali is conniving against her. Kumud tells Kkusum that she hates Kali for having taken Garv away from her and starts crying. Kumud tells Kkusum that she feels bad for the reason that Kali hurt Kkusum.

Ksh*tij is shown standing at the door and overhears all the conversation. Ksh*tij can't believe his ears. Ksh*tij is dejected to know that Garv had done such a thing. Ksh*tij tells to himself that he did not trust Kali but he had full faith in Garv. Ksh*tij wonders how could Garv do this to Kumud.

Nakul and Sonia are at a club. Sonia tells Nakul that now Garv is alone after Kumud left him, so Kali can take advantage of the situation. Sonia tells Nakul that her sixth sense tells her that Kali will get Garv. Nakul laughs on hearing this and jokes that when not even one sense of Sonia works fine, how come she is talking about her sixth sense. Nakul explains to Sonia that when Abhay gets to know about Kali's wrong doings, he will throw her out of the house, and Garv being a romantic fool will be cursing himself for having betrayed Kumud and so Garv will not allow Kali to come near to him. Nakul tells Sonia with a satisfied look on his face that then Kali will have only one path to tread on and that would lead only to Nakul.

Garv is sitting on the sofa when Ksh*tij comes there. Garv asks Ksh*tij as to why did he come there? Ksh*tij tells Garv that he wants to talk to him. Garv tells Ksh*tij that he does not want to talk anything with Ksh*tij and starts to leave. Ksh*tij follows Garv and holds him by his hand. Ksh*tij asks Garv as to why did he do such a thing with Kumud. Garv tells Ksh*tij that he is not in a mood to talk with Ksh*tij and asks him to leave. Ksh*tij counter questions Garv saying that whether Garv was not in the mood or he is not able to lift his eyes up after what he did. Garv asks Ksh*tij as to why was Ksh*tij standing there. Ksh*tij replies that he is standing there 'coz of his righteousness and Garv is not able to talk to him by lifting his face 'coz Garv is on the wrong side. Ksh*tij asks Garv as to why did he hurt Kumud. Garv retorts back by saying that why is Ksh*tij feeling bad. Garv asks Ksh*tij as to why is he so concerned about someone else's wife. Garv tells Ksh*tij that it is a matter between Kumud and Ksh*tij. Garv tells Ksh*tij that all relations come to an end from where the relation of husband-wife starts. Garv tells Ksh*tij that no one has a right to interfere between a husband and wife. Garv asks Ksh*tij that he is interfering 'coz there is still a relation between Ksh*tij and Kumud. Ksh*tij tells Garv that to hide his mistakes, Garv is putting the blame on Ksh*tij. Garv retorts back saying that what if he says that to hide their mistake, Kumud and Ksh*tij were blaming him. Ksh*tij is shocked to hear this. Ksh*tij tells Garv that he didn't know that Garv can stoop so low to have thought that way. Ksh*tij tells Garv that whatever respect he had for Garv has all finished now. Garv tells Ksh*tij to leave or else… Ksh*tij asks Garv that what would he do if he doesn't leave. Garv catches Ksh*tij's collar and warns him to leave and then pushes him aside. Ksh*tij tells Garv that Garv would have to pay for whatever he had done with Kumud. Ksh*tij leaves angrily.

Kumud is crying at home. Kkusum asks Kumud to eat something. Just then, Garv comes there and calls Kkusum. Kumud sees Garv and says to Kkusum that she wants to talk to Garv. Kumud takes Garv to her room and locks the door. Kumud asks Garv as to why he had come there. Garv tells Kumud that he knows he did a mistake and was sorry for it. Kumud tells Garv that when Garv was not ready to even accept Kumud meeting Ksh*tij, then how can she accept what Garv had done with Kali. Garv tells Kumud that sometimes a human does a mistake for which he can't do anything except repenting. Garv asks Kumud that can't she forgive him. Kumud asks Garv that if she had done something like that, would Garv had forgiven her. Garv tells Kumud that he believes in leaving the bad part and moving forward with the good part. Garv tells Kumud that when she was going through a bad phase, Garv had helped her and married her. Kumud is hurt deeply to hear this and asks Garv whether he had married her just to do a favour. Garv replies back that it was not so and he didn't meant that. Kumud refuses to listen and says that anyhow Garv had told what was in his mind. Kumud tells Garv that their marriage was just a compromise and she knew that relations couldn't stand on compromise. Kumud tells Garv that their marriage was not a marriage in the real sense and neither was a promise attached to it. Kumud tells Garv that if he feels like he is being forced into this relation, then she can relieve him of this compromising relation. Garv shouts at Kumud to stop. Garv asks Kumud whether she was able to forget Ksh*tij. Kumud tells Garv that she is not able to forget Ksh*tij 'coz she thanks him deep in her heart that 'coz of him she got Garv and she opens the door for him to leave. Garv is spellbound to hear this. Garv hears Kumud's voice in his head repeating "she thanks him deep in her heart that 'coz of him she got Garv " and goes from there. Kumud rushes to the window to see Garv. Garv looks back and sees Kumud looking at him. Seeing Garv looking at her, Kumud turns her face. Garv leaves.

Abhay is having breakfast with his family when the servant informs him that Kkusum has come to meet him. Abhay asks the servant to call her inside. The servant tells Abhay that Kkusum refused to come inside. Abhay gets up from the table and goes outside to meet Kkusum. Mahi id dejected on seeing this.

Abhay sees Kkusum and asks her to come inside. Kkusum tells Abhay that she was fine there. Kkusum tells Abhay that Kumud had left the house. Abhay is shocked. Abhay asks Kkusum as to what the reason was. Kkusum tells Abhay that Kumud is telling that there is a relation between Kali and Garv. Kkusum tells Abhay everything (background music in this part). Abhay is aghast to hear this and is not able to believe that Garv and Kali had done something like that. Abhay runs inside telling Kkusum that he will talk to Garv.

Garv is resting in his bedroom. Garv opens his eyes to see Kali there and shouts at Kali as to what is she doing there. Garv tells Kali that 'coz of her, he had fallen in the eyes of Kumud. Garv tells Kali that he could not show his face to Kumud, Kkusum and Abhay after what he ahs done. Garv asks Kali as to what she wants now. Garv taunts Kali that she still expects him to leave Kumud and marry her. Kali nods to which Garv says that it can never happen. Kali tells Garv that why can't it happen when Kumud and Ksh*tij are still in love with each other. Garv tells Kali to shut up and says that believing her nonsense, he had committed a grave crime.

Just then Abhay enters Garv's room and asks Garv as to why Kumud left the house. Abhay asks Kali as to what she is doing there when she said she was going to her college. Kali tells Abhay that when she was on her way when heard that Kumud left home, she came to meet Garv. Abhay comes inside and asks Garv that he didn't understand why Kumud left the house. Kali also tells Abhay that even she doesn't know. Abhay turns his back to Kali and stands there uttering to himself as to why Kumud left the house. Suddenly, Abhay turns around and slaps Kali hard (a slap…. well overdue). Kali is stunned and so is Garv.

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I wonder what Mahi will do when she finds out about this Cry
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thanks for the updateBig smile
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Hey guys, check out the new caption contest under the announcements...great prizes available!!!

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Thanks flora

i am not going to watch that show again so that update can be much helpWink

keep up the good work

P.s:please vote me (chocolate) for the september moderate poll

Thank you


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