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Psychologist ( Angad and Kripa) (Page 4)

Simiran Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Hey guys thanks for the great comments, hopefully I live up to your comments and to my first story. I can' t wait to start this story. I am going to post the first part tomorrow its going to be long.


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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
CAN'T WAIT Tongue Embarrassed
madu1006 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 8:00am | IP Logged
can't wait for u to cont.
can i have the link to ur other
FF Embarrassed i didnt read it nd it
seems to be good since every1
likes it soo much
Simiran Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
The next part will be posted in about two hours.
Simiran Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 4:12pm | IP Logged

Part 1

Miss Sharma?" He asked the lady in blue reading a letter. The lady looked up from the letter in her hand and frowned when she recognized him.
"Mr. Dinglemen, she is having her lunch break right now she is unavailable and as far as I can see you had no appointment today with her." He took out his inhaler and puffed into his mouth.
"I know Mrs. Shelly, but I need some advice quick." He said and moving his hands at the same time. Before she can reply some one came out from the door near the desk.
"Who is Shelly?" the woman asked with her hand on the doorknob.
"Miss Sharma I need help, I know I have no appointment but please" He said running up to her and talking too fast.
"Kripa" Shelly asked.
"Don' t worry Shelly I had my lunch come on in Mr. Dinglemen lets see if I can help you I will be right in. You know where to sit?" Kripa asked. She waited till he went in and closed the door and turned to Shelly.
"I know what you are going to say, save it the man has problems he needs me." Kripa said before Shelly can say anything she opened the door to her office and closed it.
Shelly looked at the door. Kripa Sharma needs a man that will help her with her own problems, Shelly met Kripa when she was first opening up her clinic and she needed a job badly especially since no one would hire her. Since she was involved in a crime with her husband sorry ex-husband which was not even her fault in the first place, but would anyone believe her no way after having a criminal record you are good as finished. Kripa was different she never judged her instead when she came for a interview Shelly told her straight up she was convicted as a criminal , instead of showing her the door like other have. Kripa calmly said that Shelly looked too sweet to harm a fly. This wasn't true at all! Kripa said before Shelly could reply that she will give her chance to work for her as her secretary as she needed someone badly, after explaining her pay and job she said she will see her Monday at 8:00. Shelly was too shocked to say anything but nod her head and leaves the office after grabbing a taxi, she thought about how Kripa never asked her about her crime or anything? Since then Shelly has always taken care of Kripa like a mother fussing over her and taking care of her needs especially when she found out the girl lives all by herself without any family. She wants Kripa to get out more and meet men, not the old bald men that come here like a wimp talking about some pathetic problems. Shish the things she has heard. Like that greasy Mr. Dinglemen always bugging that sweet child at various times everyday calling her or coming over when he has no appointment. Kripa is a beautiful sweet child that makes others feel like someone is there to listen to her problems, but what she needs is a man that would show her that running away or denying her problems will not make the problem go away. Since the girl does no go out very much to meet young men, it would be nice to have a young man come here to meet her instead of these weird old men that sometimes end up flirting with the poor girl. Shelly sighed looked at the door knowing Kripa is going to be in there for a while; she took out the letter and began typing.

"How dare you say I need a psychologist?" Angad Khanna screamed raising his voice at the lawyers getting up from his seat.
"S sir no me but Mr. Bridge will not tell give the information unless you got some professional help." Reeves his lawyer stammered pushing his glasses on to his nose looking straight at the man that scares the hell out of him, Angad Khanna angry is not pretty sight. Sometimes Reeves hates being the person that has to reveal the bad news to the boss. There is no other way since everyone in this office barely talks to Mr. Khanna since they are scared of him, and Angad never wants to deal with them either, he thinks of them as imbeciles.
"I am dealing with monkeys why can not we get the necessary information without making it seem as I am mental?" Angad asked loudly coming aside from his desk and looking down at Reeves and other two men in the room. He looked to see if the door was closed this was not a topic anyone was allowed to listen to. He saw Reeves wipe the sweat from his brow using a hand kerchief and other two men gazing at him with fear: Jordan and Matthew twins helping in this assignment who brought news from that fool Bridge.
"Sir Mr. Bridge said he says the clue lies in talking to a professional and once he saw you doing what is required he will let you know the second step to uncovering the truth." Reeves said wiping his forehead rapidly, dealing Mr. Khanna always takes a lot of energy that he burns up sweating and being nervous.
"So let me get this straight Bridge wants me to play act I have problems till he decides the next riddle to getting me answers?" Reeves swallowed nervously.
"Y yes sir." Angad frowned
"Do you think I should do this Reeves, or do I have an alternate choice?" Angad asked.
"No sir there is any other choice, this is the only way and Mr. Bridge even said the psychologist who you would be going to every week for as long as Mr. Bridge next contacts you." Angad took the business card Reeves offered and looked at it said Miss. Kripa Sharma. Angad looked up from the card for what seemed like ages for Reeves and said. "Get the car we are going to visit Miss. Sharma." Reeves released his breath he did not even reliased he held and looked at the two men Jordan and Matthew.
"Jordan, get the car out for Mr. Khanna." Jordan left quickly.
Reeves was about to pick up the phone to dial the number, when Angad took the phone and put it back in its place.
"What are you doing?"
"I am calling Miss. Sharma to notify her." Reeves said.
"There is no need, if she is going to be my doctor she should know that Angad Khanna does not need to call in. She should know my habits .Lets go." Angad said sternly.
"But Sir I-" Reeves got interrupted.
"I said lets go to visit this so called doctor." Angad said leaving the room with Reeves following him helplessly.

"Does that solve your problem with Mrs. Dinglemen" Kripa asked sitting in her seat with a clipboard in her hand. Looking at Mr. Dinglemen seated in front of her on the sofa.
"It does Miss. Sharma I just won't care anymore if she calls me ugly I know I am prettier than her." He said adamantly. While Kripa kept a neutral face looking at the man that looked like he was in his late 40s that still lives with his mother, and has greasy hair big glasses and pot belly.
"Well I am glad I was of help to you." Kripa said getting of her seat and putting the clipboard on it, walking to the door with Mr. Dinglemen following her. She went to Shelly' s desk and noticed four men near her desk and one man who looked like in his 50s who was five feet 4 inches talking to her.
"Shelly what seems to be the problem" Kripa asked as she approached them and saw all the men turn and give her attention. Beside 5o year old man was two men who liked they were in there late 30s look at her they seem like twins with the same built, height, hair. They parted to the side and let the man she could not see go through them he approached her and stood in front of her. She had to raise her eyes to meet his eyes that to be shielded with sunglasses he removed his glasses and she was memorized with his chocolate brown eyes. He looked at slowly from her feet to her face which made Kripa feel uncomfortable , he was looking at her like you look at something you are about to buy , she had the urge to make sure her hair and suit were straight. She looked at him to taking in his Armani suit that fit him like a dream in which you could see his muscles and his broad shoulders; he looked so tall and handsome. Kripa looked up at his face and saw him staring right into her eyes it was like time stopped when she took in his handsome face he had such sharp features that were so manly like his jaw that bespoke determination and stubbornness. Kripa has seen men with good looks before but not to this degree this man basically made her want to throw herself at him and feel his solid arms around her, which she has never in her life felt.
"Wow thank goodness someone listens to me around here, I want a young man I get a handsome young man" Shelly said loudly breaking Kripa and Angad's trance.
"Shelly." Kripa looked at her warningly. The girl had a sweet voice which suited like her body she was very tempting to look at her, but he had a job to do not look at this woman.
"I am sorry sir; if you had a meeting I was busy. Hope you did not have to wait long time." Kripa asked.
"No madam we do not have an appointment but we need you to help us out, your assistant did the necessary paper work which I gave to her." Reeves said politely to the pretty Miss. Sharma.
"Well since I have no patients waiting I can take you in, but please next time make an appointment it would not be fair to others." Angad was about to say something but Reeves replied quickly.
"Sure madam" Mr. Dinglemen was watching this scene curiously and he did not miss how Miss. Sharma and that tall man were looking at each other. He grabbed Miss. Sharma' s hand and did not miss how the tall man looked at him hiding his smile he turned to Miss. Sharma,
"Miss. Sharma thank you very much for your help I will see you tomorrow have a nice day." He said and before she can reply he walked away and opened the door and let himself out.
"I swear that man touches you one more time I am going to break his chubby little fingers and feed it to him." Shelly said handing Kripa the file of her new patient frowning.
"Shelly be nice." Kripa warned taking the file and looking through it.
"Well sugar I do not how you can listen to that idiotic man and stupid pathetic problems with his mother and" Kripa interrupted her.
"Shelly enough, show these men the waiting room while I work with Mr. Khanna, which I am thinking is you sir?" Kripa asked the tall man who was frowning.
"Yes." He had a deep voice that matched his face.
"Right this way into my office, where we can talk." Kripa lead them into the office opening the door. Mr. Khanna and Reeves walked in, Kripa blocked him.
"I am sorry Sir you can not come in this session its private between me and Mr. Khanna." Kripa said.
"But madam I have to be here." Reeves said looking at his boss who was looking at Miss. Sharma intensely. He knew that look very well.
"Miss. Sharma I don't have mental private problems that it has to be only two of us, my lawyer is allowed here." Kripa just looked at them.
"I am sorry Mr. Khanna but those are the rules." Kripa stated.
"Listen Miss. Sharma no one tells me rules." Angad said approaching her. Reeves quickly intervened before the boss scared her.
"Madam I understand, Sir I will be outside if you need me." Reeves said making a quick exit and shutting the door behind him. Angad looked from the door and looked down at the woman.
"Well Miss. Sharma it seems we are alone, if you wanted to have just both of us alone you could have said so without those so called rules. Poor Reeves ran way." Angad said arrogantly backing her to the wall and blocking her with his hands over the wall, while Kripa Jaw fell open at his audacity.

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NYC_gurl_17 Goldie

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 4:24pm | IP Logged

wow! Angad sure is arrogant! I think he took kripa rules the wrong way. I think kripa is being a little harsh on shelly, she's just trying to help Tongue. I could picture it now, the famous angad khanna with the psychologist  kripa sharma.Day Dreaming lol seems like mr. dinglemen was jealous LOL. ! Cute part, continue soon Big smile.

Edited by NYC_gurl_17 - 24 February 2008 at 4:35pm
~*~kom@l~*~ Groupbie

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
great start...i loved the way you describes each and every character...i can imagine angad the way you described him...and i love this angad lolz...kripa is so angad is fast...poor kripa has to deal with those old, stupid, and idiot men...overall awesome part and conti. soon

sweetangle04 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2008 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
wow..nice part...
angad i tell u much attitude..
but i dont get it why does he have to c a psychologist..can u plz clarify?

continue soon will be waiting :)

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