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KKK Feb 18- 21: Bala in Priya’s Trap?

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 12:26pm | IP Logged

Episode 260 -

At school, Pandi teases Pachai by asking him about how he escaped from Guari.  Bala tries to stop Pandi from joking around too much but fails.  Pachai apologizes for what ever he's done.  Just then Bala jokes by saying that he wasn't planning of talking to Pachai but since he was getting bored seeing Pandi all the time, he decided to accept Pachai LOL.  Pandi then adds that the reason why he accepted Pandi as a friend was b/c of his mother's fish curry not realizing that she was no more (Pandi then appologizes).  At this point, Rags approaches them and informs that the practicals has been moved to 2 instead of 4.  All are frightened, and Pachai asks her if she could bring his record book from the lab, to which Rags indirectly refuses and asks him to tell Rishi  After she left, Pachai worriedly tells the boys that he is upset by the fact that she is no longer speaking to him properly.  Hearing this, Pandi scolds him to avoid such feelings. 

Priya rides her scooty and stops half way through, and waits for someone.  As soon as she sees Bala riding his bike along the same road, she pretends to fix the scooty.  Seeing this Bala suggests to leave scooty on the side, but Priya says that she needs to get to class on time.  He starts looking for an auto, but is unsuccessful.  So she suggests the he gives her a ride.  Bala is shocked and imagines himself jumping off from the  balcony (just like Pachai) LOL.  He refuses right away, but Priya tells him to avoid any bad thougths.  Bala has no choice and reluctanly takes her to school on his bike (that too on the front at Priya's request).  This girl is def. gonna create some problem.  All this while Bala is hoping that no one sees them, but to his dismay Rishi and Uni spot them (but Bala is not aware of this).  Bala drops her off and asks her to take off.  The kind of girl she is....Priya approaches Rishi and Uni, and asks for Vineeth (calling him as her man), and adds that they greet each other in the morning and at night.  They guys are shocked and can't seem to understand her (i too can't understand what she is upto). 

Comedy scene of the day...Bala and Pachai are joking away and as soon as they spot the teacher (who is now bold), Pachai gets excited and wants to do something funny.  He grabs santhanam and asks Bala to pass it on to the lecturer...but Bala refuses.  Just then they spot Puli and convince him to give it to the lec.  So Puli goes to see the lec.  There he runs his hand over his head and tells the lec that his new style is super...he then points to the various pictures in the office as well as that of Mottai sivaji.  The lec gets a little irritated but doesn't show it right away.  Puli then gives him the santhanam and asks him to apply to his bold head to cool it.  The lec tells him that he must gift him which Puli suggests that he would be happy to what ever Pandi gets even a bit greater would be good.  As such he gets beaten big time by the lec and when he walks out, he has santhanam all over his face.  Bala and Pandi have a good laugh at this LOL.

Last scene of the day....Rags is sitting and studying alone.  Pachai approaches her, and tells her that he needs to talk to her.  Rags is still not happy to see him. He tells her that he has apologized to everyone but not her, and that he wants her to accept him as her friend again.  Rags finally speaks up and tells him that she is afraid that the samething might happen again.  Hence she wants to maintain a distance, and that he's lost her trust as a friend.  The screen freezes on a shattered Pachai....

Episode 261

Vineeth joins Bala for supper at the road side upon Bala's request.  They order themselves omlette dosa along with half boils.  They, esp. Vineeth, enjoy eating.  Once they are done eating, Bala is suprised to see him father (also a police officer) there.  He gets scolded for eating outside and for wasting money.  He's asked to be at the house within the next 10 mintues.  Bala is irritated however, Vineeth calms him down and advices that Bala should be happy to have a caring father, unlike his own (who doesn't live with him). 

At school, Bala is in serious thoughts.  Pandi interupts him and asks him what the matter is.  He then tells Pandi about an incident where his friend (it indeed is Bala), is asked for a ride by a girl..who ends up sitting in the front instead of the back of the bicycle.  He further adds that as a BGM the song ennai konjam matri (song from Kakka Kakka) is being played.  He then asks Pandi what this is all about....Pandi gets irritated and tells him that they are already suffering from the lover boy, and that there is no need to deal with another, hence he suggests Bala to tell his friend to avoid that girl from now on.  Bala is a little saddened by this (oh oh..hope he didn't fall for that Priya).  When asked who the friend is, Bala lies that Pandi doesn't know him.  Just then Priya enters and sits by Bala.  Bala looks nervous while Pandi is in deep thought about something.  Seeing this, Priya starts singing ennai konjam matri....Bala is terrified and Pandi gets mad at Bala LOL.  Pandi directly asks Priya about the incidence...but Priya is building up on the story (that Bala acted all romantic).  Arg...she's there to screw people up Angry.  But overall a funny scene. 

Uni, Rishi are teasin Vineeth for receiving SMS from Priya.  Then they inform him of seeing Priya with Bala on his bicycle.  Vineeth doesn't get bothered by it.  A suprised Uni and Rishi refer to him as Gemni Ganeshan, since he's been linked with Sanghavi, Mano, Raghavi, and now Priya.  They then ask him who he likes the most (out of the four girls)...Vineeth shruggs off.  They boys keep on bugging Vineeth about Priya matter, but all their efforts go in vein. 

Bala, Rags and Pandi are studying.  Bala requests for a break and starts talking about Priya (indirectly)...telling Rags that he had seen her at the beach yesterday, and asks her about Priya.  All this while, Pandi is very much irritated (i really hope Bala is'nt falling in love with her....noooo), and interupt them by reminding Bala of Pachai's matter indireclty (by referring to Crow on the electric wires) LOL.  Soon Rags figures out that Pandi is trying to tease Bala, but can't seem to figure out who the electric wire is, but before she could, the boys escape. 

Priya is sitting with Karthika (Poornima).  Soon Karthika looks at Priya with a question in her mind.  Priya figures out what the question is without her telling it: why is she acting like this (i.e. coming on the bicycle with Bala, and then sending SMS to Vineeth).  Upon request, Priya answers that she completely hates Rags Angry.  She doesn't like that fact that Rags is being treated like a queen at the school and by her friends.  So Priya wants to create problems by first splitting Bala and Vineeth and then making them as her own friends, and finally to isolate Rags.  She proudly tells Karthika that she will accomplish this soon....

Kanavugal thodarum....

I hate this Priya...can't wait till Vineeth slaps her as per the promos. 

Episode 262 -

Bala rides his bicycle to school and stops at Thomas road where he had picked Priya from the other day.  For a second, I thought he had stopped to wait for Priya.  He soon calls Pandi to come join him there soon.  While waiting, he spots Priya on her scooty and decides to hide.  Priya stops at the same spot and grabs the tools to pretend that her scooty needs to be repaired.  After a waiting for a while, she calls Bala (who is just behind hinding).  She lies to him that her scooty is troubling and that she needs a ride, but Bala knowing the truth lies to her that he won't be able to make it since his class starts an hour late.  Hearing this, she tells him that he'll take an auto.  She leaves the place on her scooty.  A shocked Bala comes out and wonders the reason behind.  He calls her again, and tells her that he'll pick her up soon from the same spot (don't know why though).  She soon returns but Bala remains undercover.  He is confrims that it is Priya and wants to find out the reason as to her behaviors. 

A worried Unni sits with Rishi, and when inquired, he (Unni) describes about being scolded by Gabriel Sir for not getting any marks on the exam.  However, he adds that what got him the most was the prescence of two girls at the spot LOL.  While they are talking about Unni's experience, they spot Pachai.  Rishi calls Pachai who soon joins them (just then Unni takes off).  Pachai looks so down and Rishi inquires on it.  Soon Pachai opens up and worriedly tell Rishi that he's made a mistake at the cost of his friends.  He feels that his friends are no longer close to him.  Rishi calms him down and offers him some food (Pachai had earlier lied that he's already had his lunch).  Pachai is moved by Rishi's kindness and accepts his lunch. 

Bala walks back and forth tensely (at school).  He is very much frustrated by insurance/ credit card calls, and is joined by Vineeth.  Vineeth curiously asks Bala what the matter is; the latter is unable to hide it and soon reveals what he's confused about.  Bala begins with the word 'oru ponnu'...all of a sudden Vineeth freaks out and tries to escapte LOL....Bala assures that this is totally different from Pachai's story.  He moves on and asks Vineeth why girls would lie.  Vineeth says that the question is too broad....hence Bala adds that the girl is waiting for him.  Vineeth is able to understand and starts piling up some possible habits that Bala might be developing (habits of love).  Bala agrees with all of them (oh he in love with Priya...noooo).  Vineeth tells him to switch school, but doesn't reveal what all this means.  Bala is still confused and is left on his own by Vineeth (who takes off from the scene not wanting to tell that Bala is in love).  Bala tries to convince Vineeth to tell what this is all about, but Vineeth suggests that girl might be treating him as his brother LOL

Rishi and Uni spot Bala and call him.  They all tease Pandi who's grandma is sick hence his family to trying to get him married.  Just then, they see Priya approaching them (Uni refers to her as Chandramuki).  Bala is terrified.  In the meantime, Rishi asks Uni why such name for Priya; the latter compares Priya to Ganga when she's with Vineeth and chandramuki when with Bala (split personality).  Rishi corrects Unni and tells him that she's here to split them.  She all of a sudden asks them for a treat, and after much thought, Bala agrees to take her on a Saturday (Bala is regretting this).  She decides to have the treat at Bala's place.  Bala is shocked, and tells her that his house is too small; but Rishi and Uni tell him that they won't mind him treating Priya frist.  Matter over....Total damage (says Unni). 

Bala at his house and is trying to tell his mother of the forthecoming treat.  He is unable to do it, so is pretendnig to help her (ice for his mother).  The mother is aware that Bala is upto something....when inquired, Bala tells her about the treat.  The only problem is his dad (who is very strict) they decide to do it without letting his dad know.  But once she finds out that it is a girl..she's shocked.  But Bala somehow convinces her.

Bala is with Rags, and is telling her about the treat for Priya.  Rags is keeping quiet (she looks a little upset).  Soon she asks him about how long they've (rags and bala) been friends for....about 1 1/2 years! She then directly asks him why he's never invited her to his house.  Bala playfully tells her join on saturday, but Rags rejects the invitation and tells him that she'll come when ever he heartfully invitres her.  The screen freezes on Bala's upset face....

Kanavugal thodarum...

Can't believe Bala fell for that devil...who is there to spoil everyone's life.  I'm really happy that Rags asked him directly....hope Bala learns something from this...

Episode 263 -

Saturday....the day Priya is supposed to come to Bala's house.  Unexpectedly Bala's father is still home; they are all frightened...Soon the mother asks the father whether if he's going to police station or not...the father gets a little irritated by her question and scolds her for cooking fried mutton for her sons (not knowing that Bala's so called friend is coming for lunch).  Hence the mother tells Bala to inform Priya not to come, but before Bala could do anything..She arrives.  The dad is wondering who she is, but Priya (Angry) introduces herself as Bala's girl friend (joke vidurathukku allavey illai), and talks bunch of crap (as if she's the to be daughter in foot).  They soon go to eat and Priya keeps on blabbering some nonesence which finally irks Bala's papa..who just takes off.  I can't believe Bala let her go for that.  Bala goes to send her off, and on their way, he appologizes to her for his father's behavior (OH My....whatz wrong with him). 

The + 1 students are playing gilli along with PT master.  While catching the stick, PT falls over the bicycles and calls out for help (LOL very funny expressions).  The boys tease him about that wonderful catch!  Soon the boys convince him to teach them the proper way to play Gilli.  Just then Princie walks in and scold usual PT tries to calm Princie by saying Yes Sir..No Sir..Sarree (Sorry) sir!  This time, Princie doesn't let go of him, and enforces a deadline to submit his certificates.

Rishi and Uni inquire Vineeth on Priya and her text messages.  Just then Priya joins them (as usual Vineeth was able to sense her arrive ahead of time).  She offers Vineeth a chocolate bar, but Uni grabs it from her.  Soon Rags enters the scene to offer the record notebook to Rishi.  The boys tell her to stay but she doesn't want to.  Before anyone could say anything...the lady chinese blabbers some nonsence about Rags, only to irk Vineeth...who slaps her hard...ClapClapClap LOL (a lovely scene to watch).  Vineeth walks off angrily while everyone else are shocked. 

Vineeth is in front of Gabriel Sir along with Priya and Rags.  GS scolds Vineeth for slapping her.  Vineeth maintains that Priya was wrong.  GS still tells him that whatever he did was wrong.  Soon he inquires Priya who keeps lieing that she wasn't at fault and was only joking (Angrywhat a lier).  GS strictly warns that if he hears anyone complaining about her, she'll get in trouble.  He then asks Vineeth to apologize, but the latter refuses, hence is suspended for 2 days along with a written explanation.  Priya walks away giving a nasty look to Vineeth.  Vineeth tells Rags not to worry about anything.

Priya is sitting on a bench and is crying..she's soon joined by Bala (can't believe Bala....his character has changed so much).  When Bala asks her, she tells him that Vineeth hit her because she visited Bala's house Angry.  She further adds that Vineeth is not a true friend to Bala...At first Bala tells her to ignore the matter and that Vineeth isn't that type of a person.  She doesn't end there...she maintains that Bala is believingVineeth more than her and takes off(yeah right...what does she think of herself.... ).   Now Bala begins to think deeply....hence has he fallen under her false trap????

kanavugal thodarum.....

ok guys..lets hope that Rags comes to Bala's rescue.....See you all next week...have a great weekend. 

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ginny007 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Thanks Aisha for the updates!!
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 12:11am | IP Logged
thanks aisha

i think this priya is up to something.

they showed a promo were vineeth slaps priya

this was shown after the cycle scene they showed today

Edited by nallu - 19 February 2008 at 3:37am
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Hurray thanks for the news Nallu....can't wait for that scene...itz better to warn Priya at early stages rather than to let her do what ever she feels like doing...
Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Aisha.

Priya is after to separate Thala gang from chinese gang I think and to kick Rags out from her parents Confused

cant wait to see the slap LOL
kabee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 10:09am | IP Logged
thnx aisha for update Big smile i want to see the slap scene Big smile
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2008 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Arg..I just hate Priya Angry Angry. She's really getting on my nerves... and can't believe Bala's feelings for her.... Hope Poornima lets someone know of Priya's plans...
Shalinikanthan Senior Member

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Posted: 20 February 2008 at 12:49am | IP Logged
cant wait to see dat wonderful scene she needs to get more dna a slap probably we can ask our rojakka wo s an expert in dis

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