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FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10 (Page 17)

stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 11:14am | IP Logged
aww KC dont be sad!! it was a very very gud update!! i luved it, plz continue soon!!!!!

dilgone4u Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 11:17am | IP Logged
it was so good.. loved it.
diya219 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2008 at 5:33am | IP Logged
that was good,continue soon
sejal719 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2008 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
it was so good i just can't wait 4 the next update plz write soon =)
KC294 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 5:15pm | IP Logged

here it is... Sorry its late... this is dedicated to my four lovely

sisters. Fatima, Sara, Naina and Salma. A special Thakns to

Sara who helped me write and gave me inspiration. Sara you

mean the world to all four of us an we love you loads.

Part 17

The therapy session that afternoon turns out to be a girly

gossip session. KC see's Kanya opening up and talking to her

twin. KC is happy with the progress all round. Kanya and Ranbir

have started to peice back their relationship. In the days

before KC's birthday Natasha's relationship with Ayan comes to

light and while Harry is not happy he accepts that Ayan was

being blackmailed and that he would never have let Kanya get

hurt if it hadn't been for his own sister.  On thrusday Ranbir,

Kanya, Miq and KC go to the craft course.

Ranbir: this should be fun since i don't have a creative bone in

my body.

Miq: tell me about it... i wonder why i said i'd go.

KC: well Miq you can go and i'll call Sara and tell her to meet us


Miq: no can do... its k we'll brave it out.

Kanya: thats good now lets go.

They all walk into the hall.

Kanya: miq tume pata hai ke tume kya karna hai.

Miq: yeah i know...

Ranbir: tum log kya gup shup karahe ho?

Kanya: sirf Miq ko plan yaad dilarahi thi.

Ranbir: oh

Miq and kanya go to a pottery stall and Ranbir and KC go to a

painting stall.

KC: how did we end up together?

Ranbir: i dunno... but lets manipulate them so we end up with

who we want.

KC: yeah... the whole point of bringing you and Kanya was to

help you guys get closer instead she runs off with Miq.

Ranbir: don't worry. I have a plan...

Ranbir and KC start painting and have so much fun. On the other

hand Miq and Kanya are watching with envy.

Kanya: ab to kuch karna parega

Miq: haan par kya kare?

Kanya: KC ko txt bhejo aur yaha bulalo phir mei waha jawungi.

Miq: aur hamara Plan?

Kanya: kya plan? Woh dono ko itna mazaa ara ha hai ke hame



KC: lagta hai ke hamara plan kamiab horaha hai

Ranbir: woh dono ko dekho jal jal ke rakh horahe hai

KC: lets continue... ready for phase 2...

Ranbir: ready to rock.



Ranbir: KC here hold on to me

He grabs KC's hand and Holds her really close.

Miq who can't stand it anymore walks up to them and snatches

KC out of Ranbir's arms while Kanya comes and stands neaxt to

Ranbir and glares at him.i

Kanya: Ranbir tume sharam nahi ati... tume pata hai ke tumne

Miq ko kitna dukh ponchaye ho.

Miq: KC whats wrong? KC talk to me...

Kanya: is she ok?

Ranbir: ofcourse she is ok... tum don sabse bare bewakuf ho...

mei aur KC kanya ko jalane keliye ye natak kiya.

KC opens her eyes and smiles cheekily at Miq.

KC: Ranbir is right... this was a plan...  you guys are the biggest

losers in the world.

Miq: i will personally kill you... you... you...

Ranbir: Chill out Miq... now Kanya come on lets go to the

jewellery stall and make something.

Kanya: mei tumhare saath nahi chalungi

Miq: yeah tum aur Ranbir apne gatye chale ki planning karo mei

aur Kanya jarahe hai.

Ranbir: comeon u guys... thats not fair...

KC: Miq... a word right now

Miq: I'm busy as you can see you can speak to me later... comeon

Kanya... lets go...

KC: Miq please...

Kanya: no... he is busy so u can wait.

Ranbir: Kanya don't be rude...

Kanya: how could you guys even do something like that? And

Ranbir why are you jealous? You know that Miq is only my

friend so why?

KC: it was all my idea ... don't get mad at Ranbir...

Kanya: well both of you shud be ashamed of urselfs.

Miq: yeah... comeon Kanya lets go.

Miq and Kanya leave there and KC and Ranbir can't believe how

their plan backfired in their faces. Miq and Kanya feel a bit

angry and feel a bit ashamed themselves

Kanya: i am glad we did not get to carry out our plan

Miq: yea or else it prolly would have backfired on us as well

Kanya: still doesn't mean i am not angry at them

Miq: yea me too

Later on both the couples meet up. Kanya and Miq ignore KC and

Ranbir all the way back to the hospital. When they reach the

hospital they are greeted w/ Natasha and Sara

Natasha hopping over to kanya meanwhile Sara does the same to


Nats: How did it go kanya?

Kanya: I don't wanna talk about it and she stomps out of there

Sara: How did it go baji?

KC: I don't wanna talk about it and she stomps out of there

Sara and Nats turn around to face the dude w/ glares. If looks

could kill both the guys would have been done and halfway to

heaven or hell by now. Sara and Nats start to advance towards

the guys..

sara and nats:  WHAT DID YOU TWO DO?

the whole hospital shakes in fright

Miq: calm down sara

Ranbir: calm down nats

sara & nats: don't you dare tell us to calm down... what the heck

did u guys do....

Miq: uhm ... hehe well see i'll leave it to ranbir to explain and

tries to hightail it out of there

However, sadly for him Sara holds onto his collar blocking his

escape to freedom

Sara: Miq u better start talking otherwise i'm going to hurt you

where it hurts the most...

Miq: comeon... be kind...

Nats: so start talking then...

Ranbir: well you see... me and KC made this plan to make Kanya

and Miq jealous but it went a bit haywire because of Miq and


Miq: well what did u expect? She called us loosers infront of


Ranbir: yeah but you didn't need to be rude. I mean come on you

guys were having so much fun without us. How do you think KC


Miq: oh why are you blaming it on her only. Admit it you were

jealous too.

Ranbir: yeah fine i was jealous. I was jealous that you were

spending my time with Kanya. The whole point of us going was so

that Kanya and i could spend time together but i spent the whole

time telling KC it wasn't her fault. That girl nearly cried

because i didn't spend time with Kanya and to think you actually

love her but then i have to say you were pretty jealous when she

fell in my arms. You don't like it if she's in another guys arms do


Miq grabs Ranbir's collar...

Miq: watch it...

Sara: hey guys calm down...

Natasha: first of all both of u were acting like stupid macho

males. She smacks both of them on the head with a rolled up

magazine that she had been reading earlier.

Sara: yeah... and Miq you know that the whole purpose of this

was to get Kanya to start trusting Ranbir again. Why were u

acting so stupid? Instead of helping KC out with her therapy

you went and destroyed it.

Nats: and ranbir u... how could you even think Kanya was

thinking of another guy. Even that Miq. Everyone knows that

Miq loves KC and Kanya loves you. You should have just waited

for them to finish and then taken Kanya to another stall. Shame

on both of you.

sara: if my wish could come true maybe it would be for the


ranbir a bit scared to ask

Ranbir: uhm... wh..wh..wha..what was ur w...wi.....wish??

Sara: that both of u disappear from my sight before i rip ur

head apart for hurting both of my friends....

Ranbir : gulp

Miq: maybe it would be better if we went away...

Sara & Nats: any of u take another step and we'll

They both look at each other and an evil glint comes in their


Miq: i don't like the look in ur eyes...

sara: well i don't like what you did but there's nothing we can

do to change ur behavior is there.

Ranbir: we'll go say sorry... and beg for forgiveness

Nats: ranbir you would probably get away with it but Miq

wouldn't... so we need to think of a suitable punishment for the

both of you.

Sara: since baji's birthday is day after tomorrow... how about

we ban them from seeing Kanya and KC until the party.

Ranbir: no way... nats you know i can't sleep with out being next

to Kanya.

Nats: well Kanya is going home with me just now so you are


Miq: i work with her... i'm her supervisor. How do i get around


Sara: simple call in sick.

Miq: you know i can't do that

Sara: tough you should have thought about that before doing

somehting so stupid

Miq: but...

Sara: i don't care no but wutt.... think abt ur actions before u

carry them out


Sara: now off you go and if i see any of u in the hospital i'll

leave u in ur birthday suits hanging upside down for everyone to


Nats: oh and send them flowers jus no cards... GOT IT... they

must be Orchids.

Ranbir: yes boss... (He looks at Miq..) i'm outta here...

Miq: I'm coming with you...

Ranbir: do u know any florists who will be open...

Miq: yeah i know one

Ranbir: lets go

They both hightail it out of there so quick its like the devil was

on their tails.

Sara and Natasha both crack into laughter as the guys run from


Sara: well nats we make a good team.

Nats: yeah we do... now i think we shud go and check on our

respective sisters.

Sara: yeah keep me posted...

Nats: you too...

Natasha goes to Kanya's room and what she see's shocks her.

so here it is... tell me what you guys want to see happen next...

i'd really appreciate it. thnx and don forget to comment.

Edited by KC294 - 29 June 2008 at 5:36pm

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dilkeroshni Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
suganain Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 5:16pm | IP Logged
my space Muhaz!WinkWink

What does she see? Natasha? Kanya doing what??
Sara's character is so funny!LOLLOL
Continue Soon!
Suspense is killing me!!

Silent Readers, why are u not commenting?
Comment NOW!

Edited by suganain - 29 June 2008 at 5:53pm
Sallu- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
baji sara di excellent as always ...
u had to end it CryCryCry   gosh wat did she see im too left in shock!
aur haan i luv sara's character she cracks me up!
rannu and miq too are funny..
tanx for da update aur haan update sooon!
love u'z........x

Edited by princez-preciou - 30 June 2008 at 7:09am

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