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A-K (KYPH) ...A-K Valentines, End Part/pg 28,Feb15 (Page 8)

A&K_4Evr-S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
its mondayyyyy LOL

HeavenlyBliss. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
no its not its tuesday
A&K_4Evr-S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrsRanbirKapoor

no its not its tuesday
no its monday :(
HeavenlyBliss. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
nooo its tuesdayyyy
cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2008 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
di ur gonna cont this ff? gr8Embarrassed. can't wait.

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 2:24am | IP Logged

Thanks everyone for ur wonderful responses to Valentine's Day Special!

Sorry for the delay in posting 2nd part as promised....I was too busy with Godfather! Big smile Wink



Kripa woke up after midnight, shivering in the cold Shimla air. Angad had kicked off the covers again and sleeping on his stomach, his arm around her chest. She sighed and shook her head, laughing softly at his heavy snores. She managed to push his hand away after some tugging and pulling. She pulled the cover over him and looked for her clothes. Her bright red sari and undergarments were all scattered over the floor next to the bed. She didn't want to wear that heavy sari again. she looked around, her eyes fell on Angad's pink shirt lying on the floor next to her blouse. She laughed softly….Angad's penchant for pink shirts had always made him the brunt of her teasing but he didn't mind her leg-pulling.

Asli mard iss rang mein bhi manly dikhtey hain" he would declare arrogantly. "Only real men can carry off this color"

Kripa picked up his shirt…fingered it lovingly, then wrapped it around her bare, shivering body, buttoning up to the 3rd button from top. She walked to the burning candles scattered around the room…..most of them had almost burned down to stubs, beautiful, scented candles…she blew on each candle, snuffing them out till only half a dozen tall candles were left. She let them remain, they were tall enough to last the night.

She went to the wood-burning fireplace and stoked the fire to warm up the room again.

She heard Angad groan and turn over, groping the bed for her soft presence: Biwi….tum kahan ho? Yahan aa jaao merey paas…….Im missing you!

She walked to the bed, and sat down next to him, smiling: Chalo, main aa gayi….now move over!

He opened his eyes a chink and saw her in his shirt. He was wide awake at once, sat up with a delighted grin, ogling her from top to bottom : DA**! You look HOT! Ab se merey shirts tum hi pehena karo….you look too sexy! DA** GOOD!

Zabaan sambhlakey! She scolded him, laughing still…..…..main agar tumharey pink shirts pehnoon toh tum kya pehnogey? Merey red sari ya salwar? She giggled.

Koshish kar sakta hoon! I bet I will look nice in a sari or salwar…..his hands travelled up her bare legs amorously, checking out her curves above the open buttons.

Kripa slapped away his invading hands and laughed: Toh theek hai, kal ghar jaakar tum merey kapdey pehen lena aur main tumhara……

He cuddled her waist with both hands, nuzzling her stomach with his mouth : Kal Ghar kaun jaa raha hai?

She was puzzled: Matlab? Hum kal ki flight se ghar wapas jaa rahey hain na? Meri return ticket toh kal ki thi!

He rested his head on her shoulder and kissed her cheeks: Mainey tumhari booking change karva dee….kal hum Manali jaa rahey hain…wahan se Rohtang Pass.

Lekin kyun? She looked at him in surprise : Bachchey wahan hamara intezaar kar rahey hongey…..main unhey bahut miss kar rahi hoon!
Bachchey kahin bhaagey nahin jaa rahey, Jaan! Wo teen din baad bhi Mumbai mein hi rahengey. Lekin hum yahan baar baar nahin ayengey !

Angad pulled her on his lap and cupped her chin in his hand: Kripa….humein bhi thoda waqt do saath bitaney ka…Mumbai mein tum kaam mein ya bachchon mein busy rehti ho….aur main Academy aur students ke saath busy rehta hoon. Aisa mauka baar baar nahin aata…..tum aur main akeley, pahaadon ki vaadiyan, Valentine ka maahaul….kyun na hum isska faida uthaye? Chalo, hum Manali mein apna Honeymoon manatey hain"

Kripa pinched his cheeks and laughed: Haan, tumney theek kaha…aisa mauka phir milna mushkil hai….hum Holiday per jaatey hain tab bhi bachchey hamarey saath hotey hain. Yehi achha mauka hai Honeymoon mananey ka.

He caught her hand and kissed them: Aur Kripa, tumhey yaad hai?….hum kabhie apney Honeymoon per nahin gaye….its still PENDING!

Both of them laughed loudly, remembering how Kripa had foiled his attempts to go to Mauritius for Honeymoon after their wedding. She had torn up her passport so they couldn't go…and in the long run she had saved him from jail-time as he wasn't supposed to leave the country at that time.

She cuddled into his muscular chest, sighing with past memories: Tab main kitni nadaan thi…..mainey tumharey pyaar, tumharey dard ko nahin samjha….tumsey badla lena chaha….jabkee asliyat mein Prithvi….......she stopped, feeling disturbed to mention the name of the person who had almost destroyed her life…he and his cursed family had separated her and Angad again and again. But now they were together and nothing could separate them again!

Wo sab baatein chhodo…..wo sab hum peechhey chhod aaye hain…ab hamarey raastey sirf pyaar se roshan hain….sirf pyaar pyaar …..aur zyada pyaar!

He drew her lips to his and kissed her deeply, passionately. Kripa circled his neck, relishing his ways of showing his love. His hand parted the pink shirt, exploring her curves. She moaned and caressed his bare chest and waist ….they slid down on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, moving urgently against each other! Soon the room echoed with their sighs and moans of pleasure as the fire burned brightly in the grate!

The next morning, they left the Valentine's cottage, and went to Kripa's Hotel room. Angad had hired the cottage just for the special night! But their Valentine weekend was just beginning! They were going on a Honeymoon for the first time!

Kripa quickly packed her bags and they left for Manali in a hired car. The journey was beautiful, gorgeous, the mountain roads curving up sinuously like an asphalt snake amidst verdant valleys, raging waterfalls, plunging gorges and lofty peaks of the Himalayas!
They admired the scenery and enjoyed each other's company, cuddling together, wrapped in Kripa's shawl. Angad planted kisses on her cheeks and lips whenever he could.

Finally they reached Manali and checked into the Solang Valley Resort, a secluded Luxury accommodation near the banks of the Beas River.

They took a shower together …..when Kripa emerged, wrapped in a towel, she was all flushed and trembling from his torrid affections. She dried her long hair with the hair-dryer and took out a peach pink salwar suit that brought out the glow in her complexion. She was in her mid-30s but still gorgeous!

She got ready quickly in the dressing-room while Angad completed his shower, singing loudly:
Tu Iss Tarah se Meri Zindagi mein shaamil hai
Jahan bhi jaaoon yeh lagta hai teri Mehfil hai….

Kripa smiled at his deep vocals fittering through the bathroom door as she put on her dangling earrings….he was in a real good mood and she blushed at the reason why.

He finally emerged, a short towel wrapped around his waist, shaking water drops from his spiky hair…..then vigorously wiped it with a towel. He looked at Kripa in the mirror and stood behind her, admiring her charms in the peach pink dress. Suddenly he shook his head wildly, spraying drops of water on her neck and cheeks.

Kripa squealed : AN-GAADDD! KYA KAR RAHEY HO? MUJHEY BHEEGA MAT KARO, PLEEEASE! Phir se dresss badalna padega"
But Angad was in a romantic, mischievous mood….he bent and licked off the water drops from her neck and cheeks, one by one. She shivered and moaned, her nerve-ends still sensitive from his loving in the bathroom.

Please Angad….aur nahin….she whispered on a moan.

Honeymoon per pata hai log kya kartey hain? he whispered in her ears, then bit an earlobe gently.

Haan, pata hai….baahar ghoomney jaatey hain aur gaana gaatey hain……she chuckled teasingly.

Spoil-sport! He complained, holding her waist in his hands.

Kripa turned around, grabbed his broad shoulders and propelled him towards the dressing-room. Ab Jaao, kapdey pehen lo….BESHARAM! Jab dekho tabhi masti…..sharam nahin aati ?…Ab toh bachchey bhi badey ho gaye hain!"

Abhi toh HUM Jawaan hain! Abhi Toh HUM JAWAAN hain! Angad sang as she pushed him into the small room and handed him the clothes. He quickly kissed her peach colored lips and grinned: Theek hai…baaki ka pyaar Dinner ke baad!

Kripa glared at him and shut the door in his face!

Angad emerged, looking remarkably handsome in a white turtleneck sweater and blue jeans with a brown leather jacket…..Kripa smiled with delight when she saw him.

Toh kaisa lag raha hoon main? He strutted in front of her, jutting out his chest muscles, tucking in his tummy.

Kripa laughed: Bilkul Hero jaisey lag rahey ho…..ab yahan aao, apney baal sukha lo….geeley baal lekar iss sardi mein baahar jaogey toh beemar pad jaogey"

Okay, MOM! He obeyed like a kid…..and sat down on the dressing stool so she could reach his head. She dried his wet hair with the dryer while he admired her in the mirror. Then she brushed out his hair, hiding the slightly balding spot in front. He was in late 30-s but still looked dashing! Her handsome Rockstar still rocked!

He got and thanked her with a smacking kiss: Thanks Mommy! Ab chalein?

Kripa pulled on a dark pink fluffy cardigan and they walked out of the Resort, hand in hand, like any other Honeymooning couple there!
They went down to the River Beas, stepping gingerly over rocks and boulders down to the riverside. Kripa posed on a big boulder, Angad took her pictures. Then Angad posed and she snapped his pics. Finally they called a local goatherd to snap their joint picture on the Rock. There wasn't enough space for the two of them and Kripa almost fell into the icy water, but Angad caught her in his arms and held her tightly.

The picture came out great, Angad-Kripa hugging tightly, smiling at each other. A Kodak moment!

They walked upstream towards the town, hand in hand….the frothy mountain river bubbled, leaped and gurgled beside them, keeping them company!

Kripa's heart was full….she felt so happy and carefree, looping her arm around Angad's as he held her shoulder….she walked carefully over the rocks, Angad guiding her carefully. She started singing……  (Chandni---Lata)

tere mere hothhon pe, meethhe meethhe geet mitawaa
aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe pareet mitawaa

pahale pahale pyaar kee pahalee raat yaad rahegee
fulon se is shahar kee mulaakaat yaad rahegee
kaash yahee saaree umar, yoo hee jaaye beet mitawaa
aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe pareet mitawaa

aakhiyon mein too bas jaa, aakhiyaan main band kar loo
pahale in aakhiyon se, baate main chand kar loo
teree in hee baaton ne, liyaa muze jeet mitawaa
aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe pareet mitawaa

chhote chhote din raat lanbee lanbee baate hai
jaldee hain kis baat kee, badee mulaakaate hai
baaton mulaakaaton mein umar jaaye beet mitawaa
aage aage chale hum peechhe peechhe pareet mitawaa


to be continued! Next: A-K talk to their kids, A-K  in Rohtang pass playing in the snow!


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ananya7736 Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 2:47am | IP Logged
awesome part di!!!

loved it totally!!!

Haye unka romance!!!   Embarrassed

i dint know that it was a stry wo to i just read and i found it... r u gonna convert into a full - fledged stry.??????????? plz do!!!
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 2:53am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ananya7736

awesome part di!!!

loved it totally!!!

Haye unka romance!!!   Embarrassed

i dint know that it was a stry wo to i just read and i found it... r u gonna convert into a full - fledged stry.??????????? plz do!!!

Thanks ananya! Embarrassed

Actually I had planned it as a one-time thing but everybody wanted me to continue so Im posting 2 more parts after this. Big smile

Its like a mini-story abt A-K of old KYPH. How I imagine them in their 30s....LOLLOLEmbarrassed


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