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A-K (KYPH) ...A-K Valentines, End Part/pg 28,Feb15

pallavi25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 2:59am | IP Logged

<FONT color=#ff0000>Part 1/ pg.1 ; pt. 2/ pg 8; pt. 3/ pg. 12; pt 4/ pg 17; pt. 5/ pg 21;

</FONT>Part 6/ pg 26

THE END PART/ pg 28:

<FONT color=#ff0000>HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL ON IF! EmbarrassedBig smile</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff0000>This is not a new Fan-Fic but a short story about original A-K from they celebrated Valentine's Day 10 yrs after they reunited. Big smile</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>A-K Valentine?s Day</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Ten years have passed?..since the birth of Arjun Khanna?.Yes, that?s the name they decided to give their third child<FONT size=2>! </FONT>Ten years since Nishant?s tragic death?ten years since Angad-Kripa reunited for the final time?.to be together forever! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Ten years of marital bliss?.with fights, arguments and blanket snatching as well!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Sur is now a precocious 15 year old , pretty like her Mama, arrogant like her Dad, a fashion-conscious diva. She is smart in studies, as well has a sweet singing voice. Angad has great hopes for her singing career. But shes more interested in becoming a famous model or actress!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Prateek is an active 14 year old, tall, hefty, almost caught up withhis Dad in height! He loves soccer, cricket and music! He sings regularlyin the Musical shows held at Avantika Aggarwal Music Academy, run by his Dad. Hes on his school?s soccer and cricket teams. He cant decide yet whether he wants to be an athlete or a singer!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Arjun Khanna, youngest of the brood, 10 years old, spoiled, Mama?s boy. His older brother and sister bully him, yet love him a lot ! Hes more interested in cars and mechanics. Angad and Kripa are sure hes going to be an Automobile Engineer when he grows up.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Dadi and Bua also live in Khanna House with A-K since Dilip and Naina moved out.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Kartik moved to London, reconnected with Kanan and married her after some persuasion and romancing. They have a son named Aaryan and a daughter named Krittika.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Tanu met Bobby, Kripa?s younger brother, who came to Mumbai for Higher Studies?.they fell in love, got married and now live in Bangalore, where Bobby works for a Computer Consultancy Firm . Tanu is a fashion designer. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Bheem and Bali are also teenagers. Both have a huge crush on Sur?. Sur secrectly likes Bali ?..but she doesn?t give him any indications, putting on airs and making him dance to her tune . </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Angad is busy with the Academy, training young students, supervising and planning musical programs andconcerts. He introduces fresh young talent for TV and music world.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Kripa started singing again when Arjun turned 3?..her Ghazals and Geet album had been a big hit and now she tours India, performing songs from her album. Angad sometimes accompanies her as co-singer. But hes a bit tired of the whole aging rockstar image , preferring to stay home with the kids and manage his Academy!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Feb. 8: Kripa had left Mumbai for a big Concert tour of Northern India?.she went to Delhi, Jaipur, Allahabad, Kanpur. On the last leg of her journey, she was in Shimla, where agrand concert had been planned in the biggest Auditorium. All the tickets had been sold out! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Feb. 14: Today was the big day in Shimla?.all the ladies and gentlemen hadcome in their best dresses and eagerly waited for Kripa Khanna?s performance. Her beauty and voice were both famous in music circles. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Kripa, dressed in a red zardozi sari with light Kundan jewelry came up onstage amidst thunderous applause! Her long hair was openon her shoulders. She looked pensive, slightly sad as she started her performance. She was missing Angad! It was Valentine?s Day and she was away from her husband, her lover! She wished he was here with her, performing by her side. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She wished she could return to Mumbai for this special day! But she had to honor her commitments! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She sang sad, romantic numbers, which were her forte:</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo
Manzil teri dekhe rasta
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bepanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bepanah pyaar hai aaja
tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>

Bichhde bhi ham jo kabhi raston main
To sang sang rahungi sada
Kadmon ki aawaaz sun ke chalungi</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff><FONT color=#0000ff>Kadmon ki aawaaz sun ke chalungi
Tumhe dhoond loongi sada
Bhooli mohabbat ki yeh khushbuye hain
Hawaon main phaili hui
Chhu kar mujhe aaj mahsoon kar lo
vo yadein meri unchhui
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bepanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bepanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha

Aaa.. Aaa..
Vadon ke dhagon main hum tum bandhe hain
Zara dor tum tham lo
Bahon main aise pighal jane do mujhko
Aise mera naam lo
Main vo shama hoon jo roshan tumhe karke
khud to pighal jaungi
Subah ka sooraj tumhare liye hai
Main hoon raat dhal jaungi
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bepanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bepanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bepanah pyaar hai aaja</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She sang many songs?some sad, some joyful?..but all were about LOVE! Love was in the air! Couples in the audience cuddled up to each other, Kripa felt tearful, wishing again she could be with Angad tonight!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff><FONT color=#0000ff>Ye Samaa, Samaa Hai Ye Pyaar Kaa
kisee Ke Intezaar Kaa
dil Naa Churaa Le Kahin Meraa, Mausam Bahaar Kaa

basane Lage Aakhon Mein Kuchh Aisey Sapane
koi Bulaaye Jaise, Nainon Se Apanet
ye Samaa, Samaa Hain Didaar Kaa, Kisee Ke Intezaar Kaa

mil Ke Khayaalon Mein Hee, Apane Balam Se
neend Gawaayee Apanee, Maine Kasam Se
ye Samaa, Samaa Hain Khumaar Kaa, Kisee Ke Intezaar Kaa</FONT> </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>After the performance, she was mobbed by fans and autograph seekers! She obliged many of them with autographs, posing for photos with eager fans?..but her heart and mind were with Angad in Mumbai. Finally, with a tired sigh, she made her way back to her dressing-room backstage. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She opened the door and gasped! The whole room was flooded with flowers, red, white, yellow, pink, orange?.of all colors! She ran to see who they were from?.there were no notes on them. But it was the Centerpiece that drew her attention?.a huge bouquet of white and purple orchids?.her favorite flowers. There was a note attached with a poem on it: </FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Phoolon Mein Khushboo Hai, Is Dil Mein Ek Tu Hai,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain,
Nainon Mein Jyoti Hai, Seepi Mein Moti Hai,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain...

Jaise Hanson Ke Sung Hansini,
Jaise Chanda Mein Hai Chandni,
Jaise Kaviyon Ki Ho Bhavana,
Jaise Man Mein Koi Kamana,
Diya Aur Baati, Hum Saath Saath Hain,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain...

Jaise Aankhon Mein Ho Shokhiyan,
Jaise Hothon Pe Ho Surkhiyan,
Jaise Saawan Mein Jhoome Jiya,</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff><FONT color=#0000ff>Jaise Sajni Ke Sung Ho Piya,
Diya Aur Baati, Hum Saath Saath Hain,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain.

</FONT>Kripa?s eyes turned moist as she read the poem, smiling, blushing, crying all at the same time! She looked around at all the flowers! Angad had sent them here! Ohhh, He was such a sweetheart! She loved himtoo much! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Suddenly she heard strains of a guitar coming from outside the door. She stepped out into the passage outside?.there was nobody there. She heard the music again from a side door and followed the guitar sounds with a wildly beating heart! She knew?..she knew HE was here! She just had to find him!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She walked out into the street through the side door? was cold and misty outside?she could barely see the street or the lamps. Everything was hazy, covered by a thick mist?.only the strains of a guitar playing this song beckoned her?.tantalized her, called out to her: </FONT>

<FONT color=#666666><FONT color=#0000ff>[YOUTUBE]</FONT> [/YOUTUBE]</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>aankhen band kar lu jo main
dekhoon bas tumhe
khwaabon mein hi keh sakta hu
apna tumhe

rehne de mera yeh vehem pe hi yakin
na ja abhi...

pyaar ki yeh raat hai
ab na jaa...
choti si ek baat hai
ab na jaa...

tumhi se hai meri neendein
na bhi ho to kya
tumhi se hai meri baatein
na bhi ho to kya
kehne de taaro ko kahaani ankahi
na jaa abhi

pyaar ki yeh raat hai
ab na jaa...
choti si ek baat hai
ab na jaa...
pal do pal ka saath hai
ab na jaa...
jaadu si yeh raat hai
ab na jaa...
ab na jaa...

maathe pe pyaar ki boondein
bikhre se kai sawaal
aankhon mein kitne mausam
pal mein beete kitne saal
rehne de jahan bhi le jaaye zindagi
na jaa abhi

pyaar ki yeh raat hai
ab na jaa...
choti si ek baat hai
ab na jaa...
pal do pal ka saath hai
ab na jaa...
jaadu si yeh raat hai
ab na jaa...
ab na jaa...

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Kripa?s heart racedlike the windas she followed the song?..stepping in the mist blindly, just trusting the singer and the song! She smiled softly as she remembered this song from their First Valentine?s Day after they got married. She whispered "Angad" as she went forward in the blinding mist. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Finally the song ended in front of a cute little cottage with a small garden. She opened the gate and stepped in?..went up the garden path?.still following light guitar sounds. She opened the door and stepped in?..a cozy scene greeted her?.a living room with a small fireplace burning?.a dinner table set up with wine glasses, candles, cutlery and delicious-smelling dishes. She grinned in delight! Angad was sooo romantic! She was really lucky!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Angad! Kahan ho tum? Ab toh baahar aao?..aur mat tarsaao! AN-GADD! She called out lovingly.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She heard his guitar from an inner room?.she went ahead?..opened the door and stepped into a bedroom?..candles were lit all over, big, small, medium?.some floating in rose bowls. The large bed in the center was scattered with rose petals. There was a champagne bucket on the bedside table. She laughed softly?..and walked to the open window?.looking out into the mists of the grey night outside.</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She closed her eyes, inhaling his essence?.he was coming close to her. All her nerve-ends were stretched to an apex of feeling, sensation....thrills gave her goosebumps. She felt his warm breath on her neck?.as he came behind her?.and kissed her softly on the curve of her neck:</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Happy Valentine?s Night, my Sweet wife! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>His strong arms curved around her waist as she leaned back on his chest with a soothing sigh?.she was back where she belonged! In his arms! The night had just begun!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She turned slowly towards him and looked into his loving eyes, passion and affection shining in them. </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She smiled slowly?..circling her arms around his neck: Happy Valentine?s Day, my Darling Hubby! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She reached up and kissed him on his firm lips?..he deepened the kiss, exploring her sweet mouth, her scented breath . Sealing their love with a long and passionate kiss till both were breathless. Finally he raised his head and pecked her on the cheek: Chalo, ab dinner letey hain?.bahut bhookh lagi hai?.Romance makes me hungry!"</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>She laughed: Mujhey bhi bahut bhookh lagi hai! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>He led her by her shoulders to the dining table, they sat down sat by side, she served him, he served her?.he fed her, she fed him! Hands met and tangled on the table?.fingers interlocking, caressing ?eyes locked in a secret passion shared only by two lovers!</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>He poured out wine in two glasses, they made toasts to love and theirfamily. They looped their hands together and drank from each other?s glasses?..they licked each other?s lips, tasting the wine! Softpiano music played in the background! </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>Finally, he picked her up in his arms, his lips sealed with hers?.and carried her into the bedroom?.to the rose-scattered bed! </FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff></FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Yeh raat hai pyaasi pyaasi</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Pyaasi na guzar jaaye</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Tum baahon mein aa jao</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Ya waqt theher jaye</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Nayi aag dil ko jalaney lagi hai</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Machalna sikhaney lagi hai</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Jawaan pyaar kabu mein kaisey rahega</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Ke angrai aaney lagi hai</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Yeh palkey uthao</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Yeh nazrein milao</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Masti bikhar jaye</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Yeh raat hai pyaasi pyaasi</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Pyaasi na guzar jaaye</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Tum baahon mein aa jao</FONT>

<FONT color=#0000ff>Ya waqt theher jaye</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff><FONT color=#0000ff>------------------------------------------------------------ </FONT>-------------</FONT>

<FONT color=#ff00ff>pallavi</FONT>

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MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 4:33am | IP Logged
nice part.
btw is it ur new ff
miss_neha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 4:35am | IP Logged
That was absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! liked the way u continued da story, it was soooooooooo gud, n romantic!!!! Embarrassed

insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 6:46am | IP Logged
tht was amazing...
fabulous dii...
i guesss it was a prt of the ff O BEWAFA right ...ur 1st one...awsomeeeee Embarrassed
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 7:16am | IP Logged
hey great update.. Clap Clap Clap
ananya7736 Goldie

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 7:58am | IP Logged
awww.... so cute i loved it.... the romance was so sweet.. Embarrassed

is this ur new ff???
HeavenlyBliss. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 8:41am | IP Logged
pallu di
that was soooo roanticccccc
me loved it!!
i hope u write more short stories like this:D xx
jassiee. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Ohhhhhhh. Embarrassed
Thatt wuzzz CUT333!!!
Imm soo luvin this FF.

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