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Gracella IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 December 2004
Posts: 26197

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 3:52pm | IP Logged

HugHiya friends!! Hug

So so sorry for the delay...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I'm very excited to bring you the 8 entries i got out of the

MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 2Boys have sent their entry to win the Title of Valentine King

MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 2  Girls also sent their entry to win the Title of Valentine Queen


Below are all 8 entries and i will separate the entries i got from BOys from entries i got from Girls...

There are 4 entries by boys..and 4 by girls...ClapClapClap
Thanks boys and all rocked!!Clap


Entries by CC forum Boys:::: no 1:

my Letter to my sweetheart....

First of all...A hug to One for who my arms are always looking for...

There is nothing in this wold that is more wonderful than then my imagination, coz what is in my imaginaton is just you...  I am looking forward to holding you in my loving arms.  You are beautiful.  You are wonderful.  You are special n You are mine!!!  
My heart is overflowing with joy this Valentine.  I want to share the most wonderful time with you.. waiting for my heart start beating more fastly.. waiting for you to come..

      from your Imagination,


tere baare mein jab sochaa nahiin thaa
main tanhaa thaa magar itanaa nahiin thaa

terii tasviir se karataa thaa baaten
mere kamare mein aaiinaa nahiin thaa

samandar ne mujhe pyaasaa hii rakhaa
main jab seharaa mein thaa pyasaa nahiin thaa

manaane ruuthane ke khel mein ham
bichhar jaayenge ye sochaa nahiin thaa

sunaa hai band kar li us ne aaNkhen
kaii raaton se vo soyaa nahiin thaa

What would you do for your valentine?

Offer her to share sumtime wid me.. i request her to wear red on this valentine.. and being my redish lovely cutie..  bring her on a bridge.. tell her to luk at the most romentic view from that bridge and when she lost herself in that romentic view, i tell her to close her eyes.. thn i make her to feel that how speacial she is for me. give her a present, a red rose, some chocolates and ofcourse a ring..

and when she ask that what can i do for her.. i jumped from that bridge.. and make her realise how important she is for me.. that might show my love for her.. no 2:

What you would do for your valentine??

Firstly i would have a long Long BreathLOLLOL(So that i can get energy of saying HiLOLLOL...)...I would give her a bouquet..Uske baat thodi time ke liye bolti bandhLOLLOL..I would ask her for a lunch..Or go to a cafe or icecream parlor..and just talk n talk without any intteruption of frnds n chaosLOLLOL..Just spend some quality time together..or go to a place like a playing groundLOLLOL..Slide or swings..Just have a good time n make time for each other.

A Poem :

First Since i would be so shaant...LOLLOL..I would say

Mein hoon tum ho aur khamoshi
jaanay kab door hogi ishq ki madhoshi

(She will say mein khamost nahi Hoon, Tum ho)LOL

I will Add

mil jao tum kisi raah kisi modh par
dharkan ab sahamnay lagi waqt ki khamoshi

(She will say mujhe Milne le liya appointment ki zarurat haiLOLLOL)

Since she will be more angryLOLLOL..I will Add another one to impress her..but i plan will failLOLLOL

Chehre pe haseen chaa jati hai
Aankhon main suroor aaa jata hai
Jab tum mujhe apna kahte ho
Apne pe ghuroor aa jata hai

Aur Last mein..Jo dil ki baat...

Jaane kitni lambi raate,
jaane kitne lambe dinn..
duriyaa par jaise simat gaii,,

A Song Dedication:

Movie Raqeeb, Song Jaane Kaise

jaane kaise shab dhali, jaane kaise dil khila
jaane kaise kab kahaan, chal pada yeh silsila
meri aankhon ko yeh kaisa manzar mila
tere har naksh mein bas khuda hi khuda
tera chehra sanam ik rubaayi si hai
mere dil jism-o-jaan pe tu chaayi si hai

(This i will play in a backgrond)LOLLOL..Will ask a DJ..or may be the owner of a restaurant..aur may be will play in a car when will go for a ride) no 3:

To my Valantine......WinkBig smile


blue heart button 997 bytesIwantyoutonight

blue heart button 997 bytesallmypassionisforyou


The Gift I give to you, Is the Gift of myself..
The Gift of a heart,
The Gift of an endless Spirit.
The Gift of another life..........


Plzzz accept my Rose...Embarrassed




accept my small giftBig smile


move to dinnerEmbarrassed

then Sing a song for her.....


With love onlyBig smile no 4:
my love letter

My Love,

When you came into my life i k new you were the one, the one that would complete me. I was the lucky one. it was the little things we did that made the feelings we felt so new to us.

We had so many plans, we would create our own  little world, our own little house which you wanted to decorate like a palace, We dont need diamonds or rubys it would be filled with our love only.

I would take you away from this world, in my arms i would forever keep you, have faith in my love forget what anyone said.

I filled your life with happiness as you did mine. When i was with you it was like a paradise, no where else in the world was as nice. I gazed into your eyes and instantly you became mine.

Our first kiss was the most july the fourth,the most fireworky,hollywood,bollywood,mountain tops,crystal waterfalls all rolled into one moment, i found heaven on earth when i found you.

All i want to say is that if i could touch you one more time then i would take you where tommorrow couldnt fine us,

No matter what i will always LOVE you.

yours forever

your prince



my poem

if kisses were raindrops, i would send showers

if hugs were seconds, i would send you hours

if smiles were water, i wouls send you the oceans

if love was a person, i would send you me

my song

From Jaanbaaz

tera saath hai itana pyaara
kam lagta hai jeevan saara
tere milan ki lagan mein
hamein aana padega duniya mein dubaara

maine tan man tujh par vaara
pyaas bujhi na karke nazaara
tere milan ki lagan ...

jitni tujhamein hai ada ( utni hi vafa )
jitna jahaan mein pyaar hai ( tujhse mujhe mila )
badhti hi jaaye ye betaabi badhti jaaye ye betaabi
jitana karoon nazaara
hamein aana padega ...

pyaar ke ek ek pal pe hain ( sau jeevan qurbaan )
pyaar kabhi marta nahi ( marte hain insaan )
pyaar usi ka jeevan hai jo tere saath guzaara
hamein aana padega ...

Entries by CC forum Girls:::: no  5
  * * * To The One and Only……..* * *  Naaaa hai Yeh Panaaa….. Naaaa khonaaaa hi haiTera na hona jane kyun…………… honaaaaa hi hai  Nope..its not just a song..but something that I wish to tell you…..Embarrassedwhat I feel about you……....would you want to know more??…ki tum kya ho mere liye………  Tum se hi din hota hai,Surmaiye shaam aati,Tumse hi…………. Tumse hi…. Har ghadi saans aati hai,Zindagi kehlati hai,Tumse hi…………tumse hi……………  Don't know when, where and how it happened….but you definitely changed my life……..aaj kal tumhare siwa kuch sujta hi nahi……………kyunki…  Aankhon mein ankhein teri, bahoon mein baahein teriMera na mujhmein kuch raha…….. hua kyaBaaton mein baatein teri, raatein saugatein teriKyun tera sab yeh ho gaya, hua kya….  Main kahin bhi jati hoon, tumse hi mil jati hoon, Tumse hi……. Tumse hi…….Shor mein khamoshi hai, Thodi si behoshi hai…….. Tumse hi……… Tumse hi……….  Yep..tum hi tum rehte ho around…Day DreamingAnd my world goes round and round and round……………Blushing  Now please don't laugh at such a bad poem…..coz its nothing but the truth… life's actually going that way…b'coz of you……………Embarrassed And if you ask me what all I can do for you………….well all I would say is…………  Aadha sa wada kabhi, aadhe se jayada kabhiJee chaahe kar lu is tarah wafa ka..Chhode na chhoote kabhi, tode na tute kabhiJo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka….  Main teri sarmaya hoon, jo bhi main ban payi hoon, Tumse hi…. Tumse hiRaaste mil jaate hai, manzile mil jaati hai, Tumse hi… Tumse hi Na hai yeh paana, na khona hi haiTera na hona jaane kyun hona hi hai ab yeh to thi mere dil ki baat............god knows what you think...but no  matter what your answer love would always remain the same.....Embarrassed ***  Someone Who Would Love You Forever *** no 6

1) Love Letter

Dear Apun ka love,

Apun ne jab se tujh saale ko dikha hai, apun ka heart dakh dakh karne laga, aoo mora jiya na marne laga.. Sayaan Bayaan chod na.. Oppps sorry apun thoda filmi hojata hai.. Oh i mean hojati hai..LOL Anyways apun ne jab se tum ko dekha hai na tv per apun ka dil bahut zaoor zoor se dakh dakh kar raha hai.. Tumhari woh black shirts, totaly thanda (Cool) style garam (Hot) looks ne apun ko fida kar diya hai..Tu kya tu saala apun ka valentine bane ga??? Please ban ja na.. Apun tere bigar hell mien chale jaye ge.. Opps i mean mar jayege.. Please please please please please i love u.. Oyi!! Apun ne ab tu i love u bhi keh diya pehle baar kise ko zindagi mien.. Please man ja na.. Ur apun ka only love, only heartbeat.. Mien unn bewafa biwyo mien se nahi hun jo IF per 3  3 husbands banati hai...Apun tu only for u..

Tere Rapchip Deewani

2) Poem:

I woudnt send you perfume
To linger in the air
Instead i will send salvation, sweet
To show how much I care.

I wouldnt bring you candy hearts
In boxes of delight
Instead I would always lets you know
You are precious in my sight.

I wouldnt give you teddy bears
That whimper, "please be mine"
Instead i would give my heart to you
To wear it all the time.

I wouldnt give you roses, pink
For all the world to see
Instead I would give my eternal life
That should be good enough for you!

3) Song:

Dhak Dhak Karne Laga,
Mora Jiye Na Marne Laga,
Sayaan Bayaan chod na,
Kachi Galiyan Chod na

4) Describe what you can do for him:

Well i have had a crush on the guy i want to be my valentine since 2 years and aside from the fact that i know that he would never love me, i cant stop loving him. Now what can i do for him? Very frankly i dont know. Im not gonna say im gonna give my life for him, because dude get a life, i would never do that. So what can i really do for him? I have already given up my 2 years of dating life for him..LOL Which is a big thing..[LOL] If he seriously likes me, then yes i can do alot for him. I can let him be my first kis...

*Goes off in dreamy world*


Teri Deewani no 7


For my valentine I would...

Cross the oceans and leave my life behind, to be with that person I truly care for... for my entire life..

Sacrifise the big things in life, to make room for the little...

Realistically, make 14th feb, the best night of their lifeDancing

Chilling with them and spending some One on One quality time together

and most importantly...!!!!

MARRY THEMBig smile *Wedding music plays*



 Dear... ****

    You are my life... you know that, though.. right?Smile I've tried to make it really obvious and I know you've got the message Blushing. Jahan tumhara comment, uske forun baad mera. As soon as you post anything... a long reply, a quote, a word or even just a smiley, I'll immediately comment there... and then you do the same x]] You know you've got me wrapped around your fingerSmile!

     Hamari flirtatious games kay bare main to pura Chit Chat charcha karta hai. Kabhi yahan ek song dedicate kya, to wahan ek romantic sa text message. Main aur mera dil to bas, idhar udhar ghoom te rehtein hain... and then suddenly your profile becomes online... or jaisay hi tum online aate ho, waisi hi mujhe forun say CC Hospital bhaag na parta hai. I've sent you so many messages through the CC newsletter... par tum to samaj hi na paiiLOLLOL 

     I still remember our various encounters Smile. From jab we first met, to our first comments, from our first 'Quoting each other' to our first PMsSmile. Just... everything about you! It's just so perfect for me Embarrassed. You mightn't be able to realise it now... but we're practically made for each other... practically soul mates!

 Like topping is to a pizza, like jam is to a jam sandwich.

 Like stars are to the sky, like a newborn is to a mother.

 Like work is to the president, like money is to the queen.

 It mind sound so cliche... but it comes from the bottom of my devoted-to-you heart. If we don't meet and join each other as life partners... the universe will be forced to change the course of natureEmbarrassed!!! Ok.. so thats over the top!

 But as the very hot (Not as much as you thoughDay Dreaming)Shahrukh Khan, once said... ''Kehte hain kay jab koi cheez, pure dil say chahiye ho, to puri kaynaat use tumse milane main lag jaati hai''.

 Kainaat nay to humay mila diya... par aagay... Humara future hi kyaSmile... Humara future hai kya...Embarrassed?

  Coming soon is the Valentine's day, the day of the LoversSmile. Come ****, let's give our relationship a try... You'll never know if we dont give this a shot... and then...! Salaam namaste to dekhi hai na! What if twenty years later you wake up next to a fat woman... and then you'll wonder... ''What if...? What if we two would have clicked... if we would have made it work...Dead?''TongueLOLLOL

  I don't want you to live in... this 'What if...' life, ****. Come on, let's give this a shot... Plus, St. Valentines has his blessings over us too...Smile

 For 2008... and further more,

Will You be my

ValentineBig smile!?!?!

  Pleaseeee, Naah mat karnaDay Dreaming

After all... dekho mainay tumhare liya kitni pyaari poem likhi!


 Jo kehte they tum, maantay nahin they hum,

Pyar abhi is duniya mein hi rehti ...

 Hum to kehne kai aashique they,

Main ''I love you'' hi kehdeti.


 Dekhay jinhone heer-ranja, dekhe unhonay sassi-panu,

Par hamari kahaani to alag hi thi...

 Jo humney kya tha, tujhe manzoor nahin,

Main ''I am Sorry'' hi kehdeti.


 Kiya jo tumne, hamaray liye...

Jaan say bhi barkar thi,

 Rahin main vaisi hi na shukar...

Main ''Thank You'' hi kehdeti.


 Jo kehte they tum, wohi kehte hain hum,

Pyar abhi is duniya mein hi rehti ...

 Ab tak jo izhaar na kiya,

Kehti bhi to kya kehti?


 Ab maanay mere guna, kabool ki apni sazaa,

Tere liye ab jaan bhi tehar jayegi...

 Din jo aye ga, choda fervury

To ''Be my ValentineHug'' hi kahoon gi.

Song dedicationBig smile:

  To dedicate... I've chosen a song that's really close to my heart... Hope you can see the depth in it tooSmile


---------------------------------------------------- no 8

"aashiq banaya
aashiq banaya apne.."

no i m not himesh reshamiyaa... this is from the person who loves you the most in the world!
i never thought i would be writing this and especially not to you. when i met you, it wasn't raining, there was no lightning.. no sparkles.. music bhi baj nahin raha thaa...infact it was a very dull day n i was in a very crapy mood (very unlike what i thought it would be when i'd meet my someone special)
but you know what?if i could go back, rewind and pick the best day of my life, it would be the day i met you. i would pause and live that day over and over. you are probably thinking what is going on.. don't ask me how this happened because even i don't know.
you came into my life out of nowhere and completely changed it. for the first time, i have fallen for someone so hard.
for the first time, life seems so beautiful that i feel nothing can go wrong now. your presence has some kind of a magic!!i m the happiest whenever i am with you, but when you are not around, life is miserable. all i do is count the minutes till we meet again. it might be shocking for you, but i love you. i know you are the one. . would you be my valentine?

i don't know what your answer would be, i woudn't say it doesn't matter much because it matters to me more than anything else. i would be the luckiest girl in the world if you love me too.. but if not, i'd sing dard e disco and move on just kidding. even if you don't feel the same for me, i still be the luckiest girl to have fallen in love with you.

you will always have a special place in my heart which i promise would never be replaced. i just want you to know that i love you, immensely and truly, more than anyone else has or ever will... and i will always do regardless of whether you hate me or love me...    

a Poem for you:

From the first time we met,
You made me forget all my fears,
and all the bad things in life,
you always knew what to say
and always wiped my tears away,
then I figured out that I finally
found someone I could trust,
someone who's a great friendEmbarrassed
I love you so much...
That It hurts me...Embarrassed

Yours foreverEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8

Okay those were the 8 rocking entries..ClapClapClap

This should be your voting Form:

KIng: Entry no ....

Queen: Entry no ...


MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 2All members....Remember you should vote for an entry on basis of uniqueness, creativity, style, decoration, the romantic level.

MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 2Participants should not vote for their own entry and can also not advertise their entry in any way(in posts or thru pms).
If seen so, the entry will be disqualified immediately..

Girls who participated can vote only for the best Boy Entry..


Boys who participated can vote only for the Best Girl Entry..

MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8MySpace and Orkut Butterfly Glitter Graphic - 8

 Voting ends on 13th Feb 23.55 pm,

i know only one day..but as u all know..we want the chosen King and Queen to be crown on 14th Feb and on that day there will be a dating thread for them as wellWink

Be Fair..and Please VoteTongue

If there are any questions.. and if your entry is missing...plz pm me asap..


Edited by Star_on_earth - 12 February 2008 at 9:21pm

fly2me IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 November 2007
Posts: 17770

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 4:22pm | IP Logged

WOW!Clap ...great job everyone!Clap's so hard to choseEmbarrassed

ok, so here is my vote-

for the Valentine King, i vote for entry no. 4

for the Valentine Queen, i vote for entry no. 7

Embarrassed Embarrassed

-Lara Smile
kal-el IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2007
Posts: 10306

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
i am a guy so my female entry is no 7
shruti_5 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 29 August 2007
Posts: 9344

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
nice job, everyone!!!!! Clap amazing entries!!!! Clap Thumbs Up

here is my vote-

for the Valentine King, i vote for entry no. 1

for the Valentine Queen, i vote for entry no. 7

Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8568

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 9:23pm | IP Logged

here r my votes..........

King -- entry # 2

Queen -- entry # 8

(love their honesty n simplicityClapClap)

Edited by Star_on_earth - 13 February 2008 at 12:39am
-Believe- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2005
Posts: 25719

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
my vote goes to 4 n 7 Clap
Khaya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 December 2006
Posts: 24970

Posted: 13 February 2008 at 1:14am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
-x-Riddles-x- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 November 2007
Posts: 3490

Posted: 13 February 2008 at 1:21am | IP Logged
Ok Being a girl who took part Embarrassed Ummm.....

Entry number four was breath taking Clap Clap ClapWell done to everyone though... theyre all so damn good Dead !

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