Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat)


Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat)
Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat (Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat)

Bhagya Rekha - final part......page 84

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Dear friends,

Following is the introduction of the major characters in this FF.

The Royal family

The King : An intelligent and charming man and a successful businessman. He had first married Princess Malati Devi. And after her death, married a princess who was much younger to him as he was not in a position to raise his son alone. Though he loves his wife and children dearly, he is a man who has always believed in maintaining a royal formality between his family and himself. He has full control over the life of his older son and has pretty much always dictated what Prince Yudhistir would do. He currently wants Prince Yudhistir to take over his business empire and is planning on getting Prince Yudhistir engaged to a princess of another erstwhile royal dynasty.

The Queen : A very intelligent and ambitious lady, who herself was a princess. She was not interested in marrying the King and become his second wife as he was considerably older than her. But her parents had forced her into this marriage. The Queen still holds this grudge somewhere deep down in her heart.

Prince Yudhistir Shishodaya (24 years old) : He is the heir to the throne. He is the son of the King's first queen Malati Devi who had died during child-birth. A very handsome, serious and intelligent man. He has missed his mother's love since childhood. Though his step mother is good to him, he could never feel any closeness with her. He respects his parents, loves his family and has a great regard for his grandmother who had watched over him with great love and affection while growing up. He loves music and hates hypocrites and liars. Is slightly under-confident about his ability to manage affairs of the Kingdom and is uncomfortable to go against his father's wishes.

Prince Nakul Shishodaya (22 years old): He is eldest child of the current queen. The queen had really pampered her first-born, hence he always does what comes to his mind. A very handsome man, he is a BIG flirt and is very (in)famous for his casanova image!! He hates college and is more interested in becoming a movie star. The King is dead against this wish of his and so he is upset with his Dad. He loves his mother a lot.

Princess Bhayvata Shishodaya (20 years old): She is the second-born of the current Queen. Very arrogant and thinks no end of herself. Does not loose a chance to rub on others her princess status. But she respects her father very much.

Princess Namrata Shishodaya (18 years old): She is the youngest child of the current queen. Very bright and smart. Fun loving and a TOTAl Tomboy!! She hates the royal image and wants to live life as a commoner. She is the prankster in the family. She adores, idolizes and respects her step-brother Yudi!!

Queen Arundhati : The King's elderly mother who is not keeping well these days. A very grand and wise lady who has seen and experienced the vicissitude of life. Loves her grandchildren very much.

Pramod Jaiswal: Best buddy of Prince Yudhistir since childhood. They were classmates throughout and have just returned from abroad after completing their MBA and Pramod intends to manage his father's business empire. A very rich but friendly, down-to-earth, fun-loving guy.

Pradhan : The head man-servant of the Royal family with a limp. He is the boss for all the servants and it is his sole responsibility to run and manage the every-day affairs of the royal family in the palace and look after their day-to-day needs. He also manages the affairs of the Palace.

Lakshmi : Pradhan's assistant and the liason between him and the servants.

Rani's family :

Rani : An 18 year old friendly, sweet, caring and very intelligent young woman. She loves her family very much and wants to fulfill her late father's dream who wanted to educate his children. She intends to complete her college education and come back to the village and teach in the village school while helping her mother out in farming their land, her father's legacy to them.

The characters of Rani's family are no different from the serial. Her mom- Sumitra, her daadi, her younger brother, chacha ji, chachi ji, munshi, champa, chameli and chandu.......I have not changed them, they are all the same.



Part 1 : CITY TRAVEL - Page 1
Part 2 : SERVANT PHASE- Page 2
Part 5 : THE CORONATION- Page 5
Part 6 : SAVING THE QUEEN - Page 7
Part 8 : SHE IS IN LOVE- Page 9
Part 9 : AND THEY MEET.......- Page 11
Part 10 : MISTAKEN IDENTITY- Page 11
Part 11 : SHOCK.....ITS NOT HER!!!- Page 13
Part 12 : TROUBLED HEARTS!- Page 15
Part 14 : SHE IS MY ANGEL- Page 18
Part 16 : "PIYAA TOSE NAINA LAGAA RE"- Page 20
Part 18 : HEAD OVER HEELS........IN LOVE !- Page 23
Part 19 : IN THE NICK OF TIME......- Page 26
Part 20 : DECISIONS TAKEN- Page 26
Part 21 : FLIGHTS OF FANTASY- Page 28
Part 22 : A PROMISE, TO KEEP A PROMISE!- Page 31
Part 23 : HOME......SWEET HOME- Page 32
Part 25 : MRIGATRISHNA!!- Page 37
Part 28 : THE BAD AND THE UGLY- Page 45
Part 29 : LOVE WILL FIND A WAY- Page 45
Part 30 : BEING TESTED.... - Page 48
Part 31 : PASSING THE TESTS - Page 51
Part 32 : IT SIZZLES, WHEN IT HURTS- Page 55
Part 33 : BLAME THE RAIN!!!- Page 60
Part 35 : RING A LING A LA!- Page 67
Part 36 : CHIVALRY SUITS A KING- Page 69
Part 37 : TIME FOR TROUBLE?- Page 75
Part 39 : TIDE HAS TURNED- Page 80
Part 40 : THE STORY BEGINS....- Page 84

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pragalbha IF-Dazzler

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Throughout the journey Rani was constantly remembering her family. It is both a sad and scary experience for her, leaving her family behind.Cry She does not know what to expect, what was going to happen in her life. The car in which Rani is travelling reaches the palace first. Pradhan gets down and so does Rani. Her luggage is also brought out. Rani looks up at the palace in awe!!! She is completely unprepared for the magnificience that was in front of her!!! It was in every way beyond anything she had seen in story books or imagined in her mind!!! The palace will be ten times bigger than the the village haveli. Made of whitestone, it is beautifully scultptured and perfectly maintained!!!

Pradhan : Rani, RANI!
Rani jumps and comes back to reality. Pradhan pointing to a servant
Pradhan : Yeh Nandu hai. Yeh tumhe Taayee ke paas le jaayega. Samaan lekar chalo.
Pradhan (talking to Nandu ) : Nandu, isse taayee ke pass le jaa. Mei thodi der mei aata hun.
Nandu picks her bag up and Rani follows Nandu. Nandu takes her around the palace to the back. The servant quarters will be built at the back of the palace. They walk into the quarters and Nandu takes her to the kitchen. As they are nearing the kitchen, they hear loud shouting and somebody rushes out of the kitchen and crashes into Rani. Rani holds the person from falling. It will be a young boy of 7-8 years. The boy will quickly brush off Rani's hands and run off.

"Naaspeete.....Phir iss taraf aaya toh, haath - pair todh ke rakh doongi!!!!" Angry Angry

Rani turns around to see a overweight elderly woman standing at the door with a broom stick in her hand. Her face is mad with anger and she is huffing and puffing. After a moment she looks at Nandu and Rani and yells at Nandu

"Tu yahaan kya kar rahaa hai? Tujhe toh Rani sahibaa ke swaagat ke liye bheja tha na, maine??" Angry

Nandu : Taayee, mujhe Pradhanji ne iss didi ko aapke paas laane ko kahaa hai.
Taayee (looking at Rani) : Kaun hai yeh?
Nandu : Nahi maaloom, Pradhanji ne kahaa ke woh thodi der mei aake tumse milenge. Ab mai jaau?
Taayee shakes her head in affirmative and is still staring at Rani. Rani feels uncomfortable. She looks at taayee and slowly joins her hands and says
Rani : Namaste Taayeeji
Taayee (yells) : Ab din bhar yahin khadi rahegi yaa andar bhi aayegi??
Rani quickly grabs her bag and gets ready to enter the kitchen. She follows taayee who turns and walks into the kitchen.
Taayee : Woh samaan uss kone mei rakh, aur haath muh dhoke aa (pointing to a rest room outside the kitchen).
Rani : Ji.
Rani keeps her bag in a corner and goes out to the restroom.

Meanwhile the Royal family has also reached the palace and as soon as they get down, the servants will do aarthi and welcome them. They all enter the palace. Rani Maa and the King will be sitting in the living room awaiting them. They all go in and one by one touch the Rani Maa and King's feet. Rani Maa blesses them all and kisses the forehead of Yudi and the princess. They all sit.
Rani Maa (with a smile) : Accha hua tum log aa gaye. Badaa khali khali lag rahaa tha, bacchon ke binaa.
King : Kaisi rahi yaatra? Kul devi ki pooja mei koi baadha toh nahi aayi?
Queen : Ji nahi, Yatra aur pooja, donon bhi bahut acche se hui. Aur sab logon ko Kunwar ji se milne ka mauka bhi mila.
King (looking at Yudi) : Kunwar ji.........kaisa lagaa aapko, purkhon ki haveli mei? Kahin aap bore tho nahi ho gaye?
Yudi : Bahut mazaa aayaa, Raaja saahab. Do din kaise beet gaye, pataa hi nahi chala.
King : Good! Mei toh darr rahaa tha ke kahin woh dhoop, dhool aur mitti se aap ko pareshaani na ho jaaye.
Yudi : Jee nahi, gaanv bahut sundar tha. Aur gaanv ke log bahut seedhe aur mann ke saaf hai.
Queen : Yeh aapne sahi kahaa, kunwar ji. (Looking at Rani maa) Aur isiliye mei gaanv se ek ladhki leke aayi hun, Rani maa ki sewa ke liye.
Rani Maa : Gaanv se ladki??
Queen : Haan, Rani Maa. Gaanv ke bhole-bhaale log mei niswarth sevaa bhav hotaa hai jo sheher ke logon mei milnaa asambhav hai. Isiliye meine wahaan se ek naukarani ka prabhandh kiya hai aapke liye. Aap milnaa chahengi usse?
Rani Maa : Haan.
Queen : Pradhanji!
Pradhan who has been standing respectfully in a corner, comes forward.
Queen : Usse bulvaiye.
Pradhan : Jo angya, Rani sahibaa.
Pradhan starts towards the servant quarters.

In the servant Quarters
Rani washes her face, hands and feet and drying herself up with her dupatta, comes into the kitchen. She walks up to taayee, who is sitting near the stove. There are 2 more women in the kitchen working furiously.
Taayee (moving 20 onions towards her) : Le, yeh pyaaz kaat.
Rani (surprised) : Ji??
Taayee : Arre, yeh ji ji kya lagaa rakha hai. Ladki nahi hai kya? Chulah Chauka kabhi nahi samhaala kya? Phataa phat pyaaz kaat. Waise hi aaj bahut der ho gayi hai. Ek ghante mei raaj parivaar ka khaana tayyar hona hai!
Rani is staring at the onions when taayee yells at her
Taayee : Arre baatien samajh mei nahi aa rahi hai kya??? Jaldi kaat!!
Rani trembles and quickly goes to the cutting board and picks up the knife.
Taayee : Aur yaad rakh, pyaaz ekdum baarik kaatna. Agar baarik nahi kaati, toh aur bees katvaungi.
Rani starts cutting the onions. She cuts them as thin as possible. By the third onion her eyes start to sting and water. With great difficulty she will cut 2 more onions. Her eyes are in a really bad shape and she is constantly closing her hands and wiping her eyes off with her dupatta.
Taayee who was supervising one of the other woman, comes to her and notices that only 5 onions are done.
Taayee (yelling) : Arre, kitni der lagaayegi?? Kabhi ghar mei pyaaz nahi kaata kya? Aaj kal ki choriyaan, koi kaam ki nahi hai!! Bas ban-than ke baithne ke liye kaho, toh fauran tayaar ho jaayegi, lekin ek bhi kaam bolo toh ghanton lagaa degi. Hamaare zamaane mei thodi aisa hota tha. Arre dus saal ki umr se hi hum toh poora khaana banaana seekh gaye the.............

She goes on and on while Rani is trying very hard to quickly cut the onions. By the 10th onion, Rani cannot open her eyes any longer and while cutting with her eyes closed, she cuts her finger.
Rani : Aah!!!!
She quickly pulls her hand off the board and puts it in her mouth.
Taayee : Kya hua??
Rani (hesitantly) : Ji, ungli.......ungli kat gayi.
Taayee is getting ready to yell at her again when she hears an order.
Pradhan : Kisne kahaa tumse, ke tum Rani se kaam karvao??
Rani slowly tries to open her eyes and see who it is.
Taayee : Woh........woh meine socha yeh nayi naukraani hai........
Pradhan (cuts her) : Tumne galat socha.....hamesha ki tarah!!. Sochna un logon ka kaam hai, jinke paas dimaag hota hai. Isiliye mei hamesha kehta hun ke tum sochna band karo, aur kaam karna shuru karo. (looking at Rani) Rani, Haath dholo aur mere saath chalo.
Rani wipes her eyes with her dupatta and goes to wash her hands and then follows Pradhan out of the kitchen.
Taayee (seething with anger at Pradhan's comments, thinks) : Ek din aisa aayega jab tumhe meri dimaag ki hi wajah se, muh ke bal girnaa hoga!

Pradhan : Abhi tum Raja saahab aur Rani maa se milogi. Jaise hi tumhaara naam liyaa jaaye, unke paanv ko chukar pranaam karna. Samjhi? Aur jo prashn poocha jaaye, sirf usika uttar do. Koi aur baat mat karna. Raja saahab ko adhik prasang pasand nahi hai. Samjhi?
Rani shakes her head in the affirmative.

In the palace, the royal family will be conversing. When there is a lull in the conversation...
Yudi : Raja Saahab, ab mei angya chahta hun.
King : Haan haan, aap jaake aaraam keejiye. Yatra mei thak gaye honge. Kal subah mei aapse milna chahunga. Dus baje, mere Study mei haazir ho jaiye.
Yudi : Jo angya, Raja saahab.
The princess also gets up. They both touch their father, grandmother and the Queen's feet and retire to their rooms.

Yudi enters his room and heaves a sigh of relief. He has always disliked the formal relationship that he and his father shared. He yearned for more love and affection from his father and he also wanted more freedom in his life. He slowly removes his headgear and unbuttons his coat. He pulls out Rani's dupatta that he has been carrying throughout. He looks at it for a long time and is lost in thoughts about the singer...."Itni sureeli awaaz maine aaj tak nahi suni! Tum kaun ho? Kaisa pataa lagaa sakunga? Kya hum kabhi mil sakenge?"
He heaves a deep sigh staring at the dupataa. Then he folds it up and stores it in the almirah.

Back to Rani.
Rani follows Pradhan. He will take her through a myriad of corridors and steps, through beautiful rooms filled with exquisite portraits, breath-taking decorations and expensive furniture. She sees all the rooms maintained in a spic and span condition. Rani will be mesmerized by the aura of the palace!!! She will drink it all up with her eyes!! It will be a long walk and they will finally reach the living room. They both enter the room. Pradhan goes closer to Rani Maa and Rani comes and stands next to him, her eyes downcast. Pradhan folds his hands and says

Pradhan : Rani Maa, yehi hai woh ladki.
Rani Maa and the King and Queen all look at Rani. Rani is trembling inside, she does not dare lift her eyes. Pradhan nudges her slightly. Rani looks up to him. He signals with his eyes to do pranaam. Rani realizes her mistake and quickly goes and touches Rani Maa's feet and says in a whisper
Rani : Pranaam Rani Maa
Then she goes to the king, touches his feet and says
Rani : Pranaam Maharaj
And comes back to her place. Pradhan nudges her again. She looks at him confused and he directs her with his eyes towards Rani sahibaa who is sitting on the side and in her trepidation had not seen her. She turns to see the Rani sahibaa giving her a cold stare. Rani quickly walks to her and bends and touches her feet and says
Rani : Pranaam Rani sahibaa.
Rani's hands and voice are trembling with fear. Rani maa is watching all this and a slight smile spreads on her face. She says
Rani maa : Mere paas aao.
Rani looks up to Pradhan. Pradhan nods his head. Rani goes closer to Rani Maa and stands with her hands clasped tight and looking down.
Rani maa : Meri oor dekho.
Rani slowly lifts her head and looks up at Rani maa. Rani maa stares at her for a few minutes looking into Rani's eyes. She sees that Rani is very scared and is trembling inside. She thinks how innocent and cute this girl is!! Rani cannot take her stare anymore and so quickly lowers her eyes.
Rani maa : Tumhaara naam kya hai?
Rani (whispers) : Rani
Rani maa : Sunayi nahi diya.
Rani clears her throat and says a little more loudly
Rani : Rani!
Rani maa (surprised) : Tumhaara naam Raani hai?
Rani : Ji
Rani maa (laughing) : Agar tumhaara naam Rani hai toh tum bilkul sahi jagah pahunchi ho!! LOL LOL
Everyone laughs at her joke. Rani slowly looks at Rani maa for a moment and quickly lowers her eyes.
Rani maa : Bahut acchi baat hai. Ab tum jaake aaraam karo. Kal se ek Rani doosri Rani ki seva karegi. LOL 
Everyone laugh again and Rani looks at Rani maa who is smiling at her. Rani is confused and does not understand that statement.
Rani maa (Looking at Pradhan) : Ise kaam samjha dena aur kal subah mere saamne upasthith hona.
Pradhan : Ji, Rani Maa
Rani once again bends down and does pranaam to all 3 of them and then slowly walks out with Pradhan. As soon as they come out, they are accosted by another woman.
Pradhan : Lakshmi, isska naam Raani hai, yeh Rani maa ki sewa ke liye aayi hai. Isse ek kamraa de do rehne ke liye. Mei subah aake isse le jaunga.(Looking at Rani) Subah saat baje tak tayaar ho jaana.
Rani musters courage and opens her mouth : Chacha ji, ek....ek baat poochna chahti thi.
Pradhan : Jaldi kaho.
Rani (with fear and confusion): Woh Rani maa kya....kya keh rahi thi? Mujhe yahaan pe kaam karna hoga? Kaun....kaun sa kaam??
Pradhan : Kya matlab? Tumhaare ghar waalon ne tumhe kuch bataaya nahi?
Rani looks at him innocently.
Pradhan : Arre tum Rani maa ki dekhbhaal ke liye laayi gayi ho. Unki tabiyat aaj kal kharaab rehti hai. Tum unki seva karogi.
Rani (looking very confused) : Ji....Ji mei kuch samjhi nahi!!
Pradhan (loudly) : Arre, tum unki nayi naukraani ho!!!
Rani (shocked) : Nauk.......Naukrani?????
Pradhan : Aur nahi toh kya?? Itni door, gaanv se sheher tumhe kyun laayenge? Iss mahal ki Rani banaane??
Lakshmi and Pradhan burst out laughing while Rani looks at them shocked, confused, scared and horrified!! Shocked Shocked

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Pp, I just read the intro and Iam confusedLOL..... The King's family is not the same as the serial one?? U made up some characters???? If yes, then can u also give a face or identity to the made up characters, It wud be easy for me to remember the characters if they have an actor/actress attached to their nameLOLLOLLOL


pragalbha IF-Dazzler

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Hey Krishi!

The serial was taking such a long time to get to the King's family, that I had no patience and so made up some characters that I will be needing in my FF LOL

Ok, for the siblings........
Imagine Namrata to be Daljeet Kaur (the one who acts as Suhaana in Santaan and Shikha in CHA).

And imagine Nakul to be Mukul Chhablani, who playes Neil of Annu ki ho gayi wah bhai wah.

And for Pramod..........Prince's friend, imagine Manish Paul (Farhaan of CHA).

Hope that helps!!

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Zuzana IF-Rockerz

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Hey Pragz: That was a good beginning! Clap Loved the way u have introduced the characters! The language is so classy Clap suits the whole situation well! You are too good in writing Clap ...yeah yeah I will tell u this many timesmore! Embarrassed LOL

But I dont know anybody whom u have associated the characters to...its fine with me...I will give them my imaginary faces! LOL

Now I am really curious to read how u will make Rani meet the Prince! Embarrassed Looking forward to it!
Shwetha! IF-Sizzlerz

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qau24 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2008 at 5:20am | IP Logged

wow ..awesome writing ... Clap Clap .... r u sure u not writing for this serialWink ..coz it seems so well etched and evrything sooo good .. keep it up .... luved it .... lookin forward to the next part .... Embarrassed

Bee3nazz IF-Dazzler

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Clap nice intro!!! liked the whole concept!!!

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