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KKK Updates Feb 11 - 14: The mother dies!

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 11 February 2008 at 5:42pm | IP Logged

Hi Guys,

Back with this week's update!  I just hope that KKK retains its humerous nature soon!

Episode 256:

Pachai, Bala and Rags are sitting under a tree all upset over Pachai!  They ask each other whether if they've discussed Pachia's matter with their family.  Pandi tells that he hasn't yet spoken about it since he doesn't want to lose his parent's faith on them.  Raghavi mentioned Pachai's disapperance, however, she hid the 'main reason behind' from her parents, to which Rag's dad was struck with shock.  Pandi asks her if Priya (lady Chinese) knows about the matter (to which Rags said No), and adds that they should hide it from her or else all the + 1 students would get to know it.  Soon PT sir walks and tell trio that he was always proud of their friendship and that they shouldn't lose hope.  He inquires on Pachai's mother's health (who is still in serious conditions). He also felt sorry for Murugan (Pachai's father), and advises them to keep the matter under cover! 

Scene shifts to the + 1 Shri's group.  They are all playing volleyball, and soon pick up a fight among themselves (for fun of course).  However, as soon as Priya walked in, they pretend as if they were great friends and not fighting.  Priya approaches them and greets them.  The guys were shocked and asked her whether if she had spoken to them first (and not Rocky's group).  To which she replies that Rocky's group was the first to talk to her, however, she also liked Shri's group and hence she wanted to be friends with them as well.  So they become friends now....

Rocky's group sitting by the stairs.  Rocky is all upset about Priya talking to Shri's group.  The other guys are calming him down.  Soon Priya walks in and asks them if she could eat lunch with them.  Seeing Rocky all upset, she asked him what the matter is, and Rocky reveals his dislike for her talking to Shri's group.  Priya goes on to explain that they were the first ones to talk to her and hence she became their friend, but, however, she liked his group (Rocky's) the best, so she also wanted to be their (Rocky's) friend. This girl is playing a double game here.  They share their lunch and some laughter!  At this point, she tells them that the two groups should remain like this (separated).

Bala and Pandi..all sad...Pandi requests Bala to skip the practicals (chemistry) and visit Pachai's mom, but Bala suggests not since Gabriel sir had seem them earlier.  So they decide to visit the hospital after their practicals.  Just then the police officer (Kathiresan) drives into the school.  Seeing this Bala and Pandi get a little suprised.  They ask the PO if Pachai's body had been found.  PO refutes and tell that Pachai indeed is alive...the two get very excited hearing this and ask Pachais' whereabouts.  The PO (after asking them a bunch of questions as usual) tells them Pachai was prevented from jumping off the cliff and was taken way from there (this was witnessed by the construciton workers). 

Both of them are soo happy and take off from join a worried Rags sitting with Vineeth, Rishi and Uni.  B and P are soo happy and without telling anything they are laughing....Rags and co. are curious to know what and even scold them for being soo careless at such harsh times.  Soon they tell them everything.  All of them are soo happy and decide to inform Murugan (Pachai's father)... and take off to Pachia's house.  At first they don't see anyone..soon they see Murugan arriving on an auto.  He is all dull..even after sharing the good news...he is very dull and soon breaks down....

An ambulance brings in the mother's body...At last Pachai has robbed his mother's life and that of his father (whose now a lifeless man).....

Guys, I was really happy for a while, but no longer....I guess this is a good lession for the teenagers!  We must appreciate the director for this...


Episode 257 -

Recap: Pachai's mother is dead. 

Pachai is walking alone and reaches his house!  He notices a lot of chairs (under a shed in front of their house) and  flowers on the ground.  The door is locked and hence starts calling out for his mother.  No answer!  The fresh flowers lay on the ground.  He soon opens the unlocked door..only to find a photo of his mother with garland...he cries ('re too late!). 

Murugan (Pachai's father) along with the boys are at the beach to dissolve her ashes.  Murugan is crying throughout (I really feel sorry for him..he's been going through soo much).  He starts thinking about his wife's dreams (of getting injected by his son ones in his lifetime), and immerses himself in water.  Soon Pachai is seen huridly pedaling his bicycle....seeing his father...he rushes and apologies to his father...but Murugan ignores him and walks away.  Pachai is left crying while the boys stand there not knowing what to do.  Soon Bala and Pachai walk away.  Seeing Pachai cry, Vineeth gets emotional and walks over to condole him. 

Vineeth (along with Rishi and Uni) are asking Pachai to come home, but he is not willing to...and starts blaming himself for all the mess.  He is ashamed of having to make his parents go through all this, esp. his dad now!  Vineeth and Uni tell him to not worry...but Rishi suggests that they try to change him!  Soon they advice him not to worry about other things and rather to focus on his mother's dream!  Vineeth also gets him to promise him that he'd never take such extreme steps.  They all leave from the beach. 

Vineeth and Co along with Pachai are at his house.  A relative comes out and advices him not to worry about anything and to accomplish his mother's dream and leaves.  Now Murugan comes outside!  Meanwhile, Pachai is calling out his papa..but Murugan is not responding.  Soon Vineeth and Co want to take leave....just then Murugan calls out Vineeth and thanks them for their support and further adds that he is an orphan now and that because he had promised his wife (of taking care of their son), he'd do everything for Pachai...but there will no longer be a father - son relationship between them.  He wants Pachai to stop torchoring him.  He also asks one of the boys (not Pachai) to do all the last rights!  Pachai is shattered (this is a good lession for he'll realize how hurt his parents were).   

At school...we have a cheered (with his usual mokkai jokes) up Pandi running upto a sad looking Bala and Rags.  He tells them to cheer up....but Rags questions him on the aftermaths of Pachai's decisions (death of Pachai's mother).  Bala adds that he's not able to see Murugan and starts scolding Pachai!  Pandi asks them to forgive him, but Rags says that what Pachai did was wrong, to which Pandi replies by saying that they (his group) were helpless in explaining to Pachai. Just then, Pachai enters in his bicycle.  The latter is ashamed..but calls his friends.  No one respond to him and leave....

Kanavugal thodarum....

I think Pachai is already isolated....Like you guys said, he will forget rags, and will focus on becoming a doctor....wah...what a way to realize his mistakes...


Episode 258 -

Bala, Rags are concentrating on their studies, while Pandi sits opposite them and starts laughing and eventually lets the other two that he was reading kumudam (under his chemistry book ;)).  Throughout this time, Rags remains serious but Pandi challenges that he'll make her laugh soon.  Just then the two new entries (the two boys they had previously ragged) enter and Pandi and Bala tease them.  The guys are soo funny (esp. the one who's singing..) and make everyone laugh! 

At a temple, one of the +1 student (Aathi who is a bhramin) comes to the temple, and like any other son, he too is getting yelled by his father; because the boy doesn't want to follow the tradition  (i.e. dress up as a typical priest) .  Just then he sees Priya and runs away to hide, but eventually gets caught!

Priya goes and tells Rocky and co.  They have a good time talking about Aathi.  Just then the latter enters..and the boys start teasing him about the temple incidence.  Not able to withstand them, Aathi admits that it was him.

Pandi tells Bala how boring the latest episodes have gotten due to Pachai matter...and hence want to bring back the comedy to the show (wow..they read our mind).  Just then they see a bold man...Pandi calls this man stylishly as "mottai".  As the man (angrily) walks toward them, Bala recalls seeing him somewhere....(As a old song engey paarthe gnabagam...).  It turns out to be on of the teachers (the one who used to always beat Pandi).  A Very comical scene!

Pandi Bala and Rags are at the beach.  It was all Pandi's idea to calm Bala and Rags and to accept Pachai as their friend again.  But the two are clear about it, and are not willing to forget Pachai....however.....Pandi doesn't leave them.  He keeps talking about Pachai.. Rags gets really irritated and leaves from there...telling him that she's had enough of it.

Morning...Pachai walks out of the house and imagines his mother!  He soon starts thinking about the days with her and cries over her saree. 

Kanavugal thodarum....


Episode 259 - A time for reunion :)

Pachai goes to Rags house.  He is welcomed by her parents (however she is not home).  Rags papa convinces him to talk and eventually he does...but initiates very emotionaly.  He apologizes to them for his behavior to the very confused parents, and reveals everything to them (his love for rags, and how he fought with Bala and ends off with his desire to commit suicide).  He blames himself for all the mess and further adds that he's betrayed them.  Rags mom is very upset and leaves.  The father is mad initially but then advices pachai about what true love is and feelings at such ages are all infactuations, and tells him not to worry about anything.  He basically forgives Pachai (who's accepted his mistakes). 

Rags having dinner with her parents.  The mother is very bothered, and is cranky.  Rags finds out the news (of Pachia comes) from her father, and explains to her mother that she did not want to add stress on them.  But her father tells her that they treat her as a friend and hence she should share such problems with them.  She agrees. 

At school, Rags meets up with Bala and Pandi (at their comedy :) )...and tells about Pachai apologizing to her parents.  Pandi and Rags convince Bala that it is time they start talking to Pachai since he is very isolated and needs their help at such harsh times.  Afterall, they do want to see him succeed in life.  So they all decide to visit him at the usual place (which is only known to Pandi).

At the beach...Pachai is sitting alone thinking.... The trio reach there and Rags asks the boys to approach.  With some hesitation the boys go and sit near Pachai.  Once noting them, Pachai gets up and starts hugging them and asks them to forgive him...all of them are crying....and are watched by Pachai is hugging Pandi, he notices Rags...and the screen freezes on a smiling rags...

Ok guys...I think KKK is be back to norm hurray!!! And with that i'll catch you next week...have a good weekend..and for those of you in Canada...enjoy your long weekend...time to celebrate family day with the family....




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ginny007 Senior Member

Joined: 12 September 2007
Posts: 280

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Thanks Aisha for the updates...omg!! thts too bad...i wanted her to be there with Pachai so much...But then he deserves this ...Hope he atleast realises his folly now and repents for it...

Def the director has done it well but then i want tht cheerful mood bk...
Azhagiya_Barath Groupbie

Joined: 11 February 2008
Posts: 83

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
omg the mother dies how sad Cry Cry Cry Teenager should watch this serial should learn how to live a life without disrepecting parents there are always to for you even if your are in danger because they are your God and Guardians

Thanks for the update Aisha Clap Clap
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
Posts: 5536

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update aisha.

sudden shock in the end of the serial poor pachai's mom Confused but a good lesson for teen agers
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 12 February 2008 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
I feel extremely sad looking at Murugan (pachai's father)...he portrays the character so realistically....but wonder if this Pachai will ever change....he is so unpredictable that this transient isolation may actually force him to another drastic decision....who knows....
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
Posts: 5536

Posted: 13 February 2008 at 1:59am | IP Logged
ya aisha that chance is there he might turn good or a fool who knows Confused

it was very pathetic to see pachai's dad Cry
usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 October 2006
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Posted: 13 February 2008 at 7:15am | IP Logged
Thx Aisha for the updates. Poor Patchi's dad but green boy deserves this punishment.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
Posts: 5536

Posted: 13 February 2008 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
thanks aisha

there is no use in pachai crying now.

but it made my heart feel heavy

mom sentiments Cry

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