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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 7)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2008 at 3:01am | IP Logged
^thx dearie!!!
halls of fame-part 35

Meanwhile, Anjali saw James and went to talk to him.

Anjali:Got any idea of who locked you up?

James:Whoosh...sorrie..you just scared the hell out of me!!Erm, apparently it's not Raj. I have a doubt on Adam...

Anjali:Same here but can't say for sure.....hey, you look great today!!

James:Ahem, okay...Thanks for the compliment!!!You are looking oh-kay today....haha jk...Fresca's looking hot by the way

Anjali:Excuse me....you are not supposed to be using that for a good friend of yours!!!

James:I know but I can't help it!!!Lol...I think itz time to hit some songs and involve every1 in the party..

Anjali:You're right!!Letz hit it!!!



There were great dance numbers being played and all the choreographers and dance teachers mingled and gelled greatly with their students. Fresca enjoyed herself thoroughly, and quickly went to change back into her sleek vaulter-neck dress and got keys of Halls of Fame institute to go there and carry out further preparations together with the help of Raj. Before she had left, Anjali introduced her to Adam Kerry as the new student mentor. Fresca was truly surprised and gave a fake smile to both of them and left. Adam and Anjali didn't recognize the faked smile but they were quite confused by Fresca's attitude.

Fresca drove to the Halls of Fame institute, thinking. She just went for a couple of days and quite a lot have changed. Even her friends have not considered interviewing Adam appropriately with his portfolio. Furthermore, it was entirely out of Fresca's perception that her good friend, Adam would stoop this low in order to get what he wanted; Fresca couldn't fathom how Adam could turn out to be truly selfish. Indeed, with time people do change.

Fresca changed the entire set of stalls and rearranged them. Furthermore, she added a slam-dunk game section too. Fresca got a brilliant idea and decided to manipulate it. It's time for some sweet revenge-taking; Fresca smirked!!

Fresca called to check on the entire unit and if they were already on the way to the institute. Everything was going as planned. Fresca recollected how Raj wanted her to not misunderstand Adam and how he was beating around the bush and how she had heard the conversation between Naina and Anjali. Without Fresca's realization, her friendship was gradually growing apart and things were changing at a pace that Fresca herself couldn't take control of.


Just then a postman delivered a bouquet of a wide array of flowers to her. It was from a guy named Jaggz. She wondered who that was. However before she even started thinking, everyone came in and settled at their individual stalls and brought the rest of the guests and parents in for the Halls of Fame's 4th anniversary bash was carried out as an open house annual event, where parents of students poured in to have fun times with their students.

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Posted: 30 December 2008 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
aww poor fresca plz doo continue im addicted to dis story
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 December 2008 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 36

Fresca started off by welcoming all the parents and guests and appreciated their belief in her and her group of colleagues in bringing the best of their loved ones, and promised to continue so as long as Halls of Fame exist. She further announced the fact that Halls of Fame has been acknowledged as amongst the Top 5 Dance Institutes in UK. In addition to that, she welcomed Mr Adam Kerry as the new student mentor of the institute and all the students cheered for him. Fresca was pleasantly surprised at the magic Adam has created in all the students'hearts..Fresca assured the parents that each of the students will be able to shine in every event that will be taking place in the soon future especially in the Dance Carnival due two weeks later.

After a concise speech, every one danced to the various hits and dance numbers. Furthermore, there were individual videos of the choreographers and the fun moments spent with the students. It was indeed memorable for all who were present at the auditorium.

Everyone were at the slam-dunk machine. All were shouting for Adam, who happened to be the first guinea pig to be participating in the game section. Fresca decided to seize this opportunity and take the fun all out on Adam, by hitting bull's eye several times, immersing Adam in the cool water until he got a little sore. Fresca stopped and left to check on the other stalls while Adam thought of leaving after that but poor boy, he was held back by his female fans!!

The evening ended on a great dedication made to Fresca by all the students and choreographers, leaving Fresca with tears of happiness!!!

After every1 has almost left, Jaggz entered the institute. Jaggz had turned out to be a handsome guy and unexpectedly Anjali's great friend. At first sight, Fresca felt that she had seen his face somewhere but she couldn't exactly recall. Fresca got caught up talking to Sameer about some medical reports and Aditi's and Jay's marriage. Just then Jaggz interrupted them and brought Fresca to a corner to talk to her.

Jaggz:Hi Fresca..you received the flowers??

Fresca:Hi Jaggz. Firstly pls don't do this ever again. I barely know you,alright? And secondly, you didn't have to send me the flowers in the first place. I don't know why you are doing this but anyways I truly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Jaggz:Don't you recognize me???

Fresca:Sorrie. I have no idea!!!!

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jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2009 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
halls of fame part 37

Jaggz:Hi Fresca..you received the flowers??

Fresca:Hi Jaggz. Firstly pls don't do this ever again. I barely know you,alright? And secondly, you didn't have to send me the flowers in the first place. I don't know why you are doing this but anyways I truly appreciate it. Thanks!!

Jaggz:Don't you recognize me???

Fresca:Sorrie. I have no idea!!!!Excuse me..I've got a call!!!

Fresca:Hi, Fresca here. Who's this?

Himani:Heyy...this is RJ Himani from Power FM. Do you recall of HOF contest last week?I called to ask if the winner of the contest, Mr Jaggz has arrived or not. I hope I have given him the right address.

Fresca:Thank God you called, Himani. I totally forgot about it in the midst of my hectic schedule. I just arrived from Paris today. He has arrived. I'm quite sorry Himani but I can't exactly recall the reward that I had mentioned for the winner of this contest.

Himani:Oh..it is one-month free dance trial at HOF and I just wanted to ask you if there is any vacancy for Events Manager post for he has experience in it. The thing is that Mr Jaggz is someone whom I know personally. He was an ex-convict; he was accused of killing his girlfriend but the real murderer was caught red-handed by Jaggz and the police officer in charge two days ago.I am quite worried of his future and I thought of helping him with whatever I can so that his future does not get spoilt. If you can trust me and possibly him, please think about it and let me know about your decision as soon as possible.

Fresca:Hhmm....I see....Can you possibly drop by tomorrow 10 am?I need to discuss something very important with you.

Himani:Sure, 10 am is surely fine with me. Ok then I'll see ya tomorrow. By the way happy 4th anniversary bash for HOF!!

Fresca:Thx!!Will see ya tmr!!

Fresca headed towards Jaggz and gave him an appointment tomorrow at 9:45 am and went to talk to Adam in the presence of her other colleagues.

Fresca:Mr Adam, you'll have to report to me at 10:45 am tmr sharp as this time round, your schedule will be changed and more intensive.

Naina:But why a change all of a sudden?

Fresca:Well, I have decided to put some people to the test; that includes Naina, Adam and Anjali who will be responsible for every participation of HOF in the Dance Carnival two weeks later. And since you want to know it now itself, let me tell you, Adam, that you will be in charge of three classes instead of one. You are here for professional experience and exposure; so start getting used to it.


Adam held Fresca's hand but Fresca got his hand away from hers and told him outrightly,"Don't you even dare to hold a girl's hand without her permission". Adam was totally shaken by her tone as he had never seen this face of Fresca's.

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omg dis is sooo kewl
wa up wiv fresca awl of a suden den, eh?
omg adam mus b sooo confused ur characters ar lyk soooo real  its all ur fault u mayd b addicted 2 dis awsum stowryTongue
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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^hehe...cool to hear that u r addicted to the story!!!
Halls of Fame part 38

Adam:Wait Fresca, why are you behaving to me like this?What did I do?And why are you calling me Adam??

Fresca:Wow...Adam you don't even know what you've done?Well figure that on your own and do that by asking yourself..The pressure is on your head and handle it well or else you'll be out of this place, that's for sure!!!

Jaggz had been listening to all of these but he had no clue of what's happening and just left.

Adam went to his room and tried to sleep but he just couldn't. What was it that has troubled Fres so much that she's showing her anger on him??

He trembled but thought of drinking some wine to cool a bit. Little did he realize that he drank more than enough and just slept on the floor.

The next day, there was a ear-deafening thud. Adam was half awake. Adam realized that it was a knock on the door and opened the door. It was James. James was trying to observe Adam carefully but he didn't notice any difference till Adam greeted him and saw an empty bottle of wine. He promptly walked inside and locked the room, glaring at Adam. In another instant, James was trembling, visualizing how Fresca might have reacted upon seeing the stupor state of Adam. Suddenly, there was another knock. James pushed Adam into the wash room and kicked the empty bottle under the bed and opened the door. James heaved a sigh of relief when it turned out to be Anjali.

Anjali:Why are u here in Adam's room?

James:Erm nothing

Anjali:Aha..tell me...Whatcha doing???

James:Ok fine..I was waiting for Adam since we start classes at the same time as per our plan but this duffer got drunk last night and I had no clue until now. Yeah, by the way why are u here??

Anjali:I just wanted to tell him that we're meeting for lunch to discuss about the Dance Carnival rehearsals

Adam:Ok. I'll meet u later then. Need to get the schedule from Fresca. Can't believe that I lost count on the number of pegs!!

Anjali:Sshh...Even walls have ears too...And how in the heaven are you going near Fresca??Won't she know that you were drinking...

Adam:Nope. She won't. Cuz I'm sending one of my students to get it for me, hehe....

Adam thought of asking his favourite student, Regina to get the schedule for him but she wasn't there, thus deciding to wait outside Fresca's cabin while Fresca was talking to Himani.


Fresca:I'm extremely hurt to hear about Jaggz especially when he has not done anything. But I'm truly glad that everything worked out well and hope he leads a peaceful life. Anyways, where is Jaggz???

There was a knock on the door and it was Jaggz.

Fresca:Ah, I had just mentioned your name seconds ago. Come, take a seat and show me your portfolio.

Jaggz: Sorry but can I use the loo???

Fresa:Sure, go ahead.

Himani gestured to Fresca of the jail statement and testimonial written in the last three pages of Jaggz's portfolio. Fresca was really amazed to know that he has an amazing singing record in Los Angeles, where he has a huge fan line-up. Fresca is ever ready to help him in any way she could.

Himani:So, what do you think, Fresca??

Fresca:I will love to hire him but only if I can know his worth in event designing and organization.

Jaggz came back to join them.

Fresca:I will like to ask you some questions. What is your passion?

Jaggz:My passion is artwork,; working on projects which interest me. Recently, I learnt about the various styles of dances and I had created a huge banner and poster on them and exhibited for public view. I believe it was done a few years back.

Fresca:However according to your portfolio, you are a great singer,right?

Jaggz:Well, singing is a talent which is God-gifted to me. However, my one-source inspiration is always art and colours at all times. I always turn to art therapy for relaxation and inspiration for singing. Well I term it the singer's block!!

Fresca:Hehe..that's really nice!!!I'm quite impressed. I will give you an opportunity right away. I have a Dance Carnival coming up in 2 weeks' time. If you could do a banner or poster on Dance Carnival associating Halls of Fame with it in a week's time,and if I'm impressed with it, you'll surely get a permanent job as an Events Manager.

Prove it to me and you'll definitely get it. I guarantee you that!!

After one week, you'll know the results,ok?

Jaggz:Thanks for the big opportunity!!!I'll work on it and inform you.


Fresca realized from Himani that he was given 3 moths parole and he did his art work then and that Himai did his exhibition for him and recorded it for Jaggz.

Adam finally came in and Fresca gave her his timetable.

Fresca was about to leave when Naina and Anjali came in.


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ooo i cnt wayt 4 wa happens next!!!!!!!!!
oh yeh im addicted all ryt ur such an amazin auther Embarrassed
plz continue i cnt tayk da tortue ennimorCry 
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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halls of fame part 39

Fresca:Hi..Is there anything regarding Dance Carnival that u guyz wanted to ask?


Anjali:It's something else. Itz about Adam. May we know why you are reacting as such to Adam? We have been observing this attitude for quite some time already. What's wrong with you?

Fresca:Excuse me, I've got a call and i really need to go off for my appointment. I'll really get back to you later

Naina: No way Fres..( disconnects Fresca's call) .. Answer us before you even think of leaving!!Come on, tell us!!

Fresca:What do you want me to tell you guyz? Isn't it pretty much spelled out? Everything's changed ever since I had returned from Paris. A new student mentor was chosen without my permission. I can still accept that as that is a way of delegating work but what about when the

person has no portfolio with him?? I have not introduced any sort of partiality in this institute for the past 4 years. When we have stuck to and abided by the rules and standards created by us for our students and ourselves, why aren't you guyz adhering to them now??Why are the rules being bent for one Adam Kerry???

Naina:Look Fresca you've got it all wrong. He actually came with his portfolio but it was lost. When I had actually asked him at night, I saw him trembling as he couldn't find his portfolio which was then lost.

Anjali:Yeah and you have misunderstood him.

Fresca:Now stop it you two. How can his portfolio be lost just like that?? Is there any rivalry going on that his portfolio is lost just as he had arrived???Tell me something which is believable for God's sake. And that idiot....I am.....

Naina:Looks like our suspicion is true. She had heard everything.

Fresca:Of course I did for your hubby, Raj wasn't willing to share anything except to beat around the bush. Since I heard the conversation, I have made a strong decision to increase the level of stress and pressure on him so much, perhaps he would have never worked as hard as this. I'm very pissed at his selfish nature. And I'll continue doing this till he learns his mistake. No one of you dare to open your mouths about this to him otherwise that's it!!I'm dead serious about this!!!!


Fresca took her coat and her mobile and left while Naina, Anjali and Adam stood still.

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