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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 6)

*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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heey Big smile im soooo soo sorry i took me like the whole year to commentCry anyways, a few weeks ago i started reading ur story and i love it!!!!! ur such an amazing writerClap and im sooo sooo proud of u for keeping it up. For going further with ur story even when no one was commenting. For me I know its difficult to go on when no one is commentingCry But im so happy u still pushing forward and im sure u'll be an awesome author some dayEmbarrassed u are writing a book right?ShockedLOLLOL I hope so I want moreLOL I wish I could comment on each one but there are so many of them I cantCry But plz plz plz plzzzzzz keep writing moreeeeeeeBig smileBig smileBig smile It might take me a while to read more though bcause of all my tests n projects I have to finnish but I'll deffo do it on my break!!!Big smile God bless uEmbarrassed Keep it upEmbarrassedBig smile

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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^Hey thr thanks a lot!!!!Keep reading!!!:)
Halls of Fame-part 31

Fresca winked at Addy!!

Fresca:How long will you be here?

Addy:Till tmr..

Fresca:I think I'll be here for a few more days..

Addy:Are you in a rush??Can we catch a movie since the theatre is nearby…I'm quite bored!!

Fresca:Ooo yeah itz been sOo long since we've gone to the theatres together….Letz go!!!

Fresca realized that she had a video conferencing to do with her colleagues in London. However, she doesn't want to disappoint Addy and by the way, she's also eager to watch movies…She wondered when the last time was that she caught a movie in the hectic lifestyle she's got herself into. She sms-ed James and told him that that the video conferencing has to be delayed for about three hours. Meanwhile, Addy went to the loo only to call james and tell him about his coincidental meet-up with Fresca and his secret plan. He told James he'll call James later as he doesn't want Fresca to have any suspicions.

Fresca and Addy went to catch High School Musical 3. Fresca promptly rushed for a taxi after the movie but Addy caught up with her, accompanying her to Halls of Fame(Paris).

Fresca was quite amazed to think that Addy had nothing better to do but to follow her all the way to Halls of Fame. She couldn't help but thinking about her first crush sitting besides her;she chuckled to herself.

Addy was pretty much in awe at the speedy work the architects and engineers have been doing and takes pride in being a friend of Fresca, whom he greatly love and admire for working things out so quickly and taking initiative in whatever she's doing.

Fresca asks Addy to sit and watch some videos quietly while she conducts a video conference with Raj, Naina, Anjali and James. Fresca showed the interiors and exteriors of the upcoming Halls of Fame and while doing so, she kept looking at Addy. She called Addy and introduced him to Raj, Naina and Anjali.

Fresca went back to Hotel Paradiz with Addy. Fresca was having a bath. After she had come out, she saw Addy talking on her handphone. As she flipped her towel and dried her hair, Addy hugged her and Fresca almost lost her balance, if not for the sturdy study table. Addy gave her the great news that her dance institute is being called up for participation in the Annual Dance Charity Show held by FunkStar, a prominent charitable organization, organized 3 months after the Dance Carnival. Fresca gestured to Addy about his hug. He felt so embarrassed and went out to get some dinner, pretending that nothing happened between them. All Fresca did was blush, unaware of how she's feeling at the moment.

It was time for Addy to leave. Fresca and addy exchanged hugs and Addy departed. Fresca got a call from Raj, stating that she might have to extend her stay for another week as some choreographers are coming over to Halls of Fame there and no one else is free at the moment. Fresca reluctantly agreed to stay on.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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^Babylove, keep reading!!!!
^Nishi:omg...thank you so much hunni...your comments mean a lot to me...Even i am bz...i m in my final yr of my degree(Biomedical sciences)....am trying to keep up too.....keep reading,k????Well had not reallie thought of writing a book or not.....but if itz worth it, let me know,k???
Muackzz to all who haf commeted and to all my silent readers....
Robsessed. IF-Dazzler

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omg plz continue dis keeps gettin betta i'l def buy ur book! lolz

keep it awl up yeh

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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halls of fame part 32

Anjali just came back from Germany after her shooting for her album. She got her album videos and showed them to Raj and James while she went to refresh herself. When she returned, she saw Adam.

Anjali:Hi..u're Adam right?What are you doing here?

Adam:I'm here as i got the job for the Student Mentor after being interviewed yesterday.

Anjali..Ohh..icic...you are quite lucky as the job vacancy had an all-low application status. Anyways, congratz!!


Anjali:By the way Raj, where's Fresca? She was supposed to be here yesterday..

Raj:She has extended her stay for another week as....as some choreographers are on the way to see her

Anjali:You don't sound so convincing after all...Will you tell me precisely what's happening?

Adam:I will tell you

Anjali: Adam?Great, so tell me!!

Adam:What Raj said is half the truth. I had requested James two days back, to actually try and extend Fresca's stay in Paris for at least a week. The truth is that I love her and wish to impress her somehow and win her heart....Thatz why I need the time.

Anjali:Wait a second!!You love her??Aren't you the same guy who broke all ties with her like 5 years back? What makes you think she's gonna be impressed by you?I mean...how dare you even think of putting a girl's reputation at stake like this and especially when she's never been there before and when she's alone there? Wait Raj, I am not done yet. Adam, can you guarantee that nothing will happen to her????

Adam:I was just....

Raj:Hold it right there Anjali. You have no right to talk to him like that!!!

Anjali:Oh yes I very well do. And why do you guys have to act like this? Temporary impressive acts and winning hearts and after attaining her heart, what next? Can't you guyz just express your feelings just the way you are? Such superficial and shallow behaviour!!!This is definitely NOT the right way to express your feelings. Try to be yourself and express,no girl will be able to ignore your feelings!!Try for once!!Look Adam, you better do something before the situation gets out of control or before I lose my anger!!!!

Anjali leaves, Naina comes in and says hi to anjali but she gets a mundane 'hi' from Anjali, which surprised Naina.

Naina:Hi guys and welcome to HOF, Adam. Hey what happened to Anjali? Is there anything wrong?

Raj:Erm yeah sort of. Hey, James!!

Addy: I'll tell you what the matter is.

Adam tells Naina of his and Raj's idea of extending Fresca's stay by purpose and Adam's love for Fresca.

James felt disturbed while Naina turned away from the guyz.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 7:33am | IP Logged
halls of fame part 33

Raj:Hey Naina, what's wrong? Please say something..

Naina(turns to Raj): What do you expect me to say? What is it that you don't understand about what Anjali said? She talked from her perspective. Now hear me out. What you guyz did was totally unacceptable for any girl, even me and if Fresca knew about this, she'll be utterly disappointed and shattered. Look Adam, there can be lots of ways of proposing to a girl other than playing some tricks to win her heart, alright?? And I have made a decision => Raj, you'll go and fetch Fresca from Paris and there'll be no more discussion about this. I'll book your ticket right away!! And Adam, if your classes aren't starting soon, I hope you'll make time to talk to and cheer Anjali up. Raj, please meet her before you go.

Addy:I think I'll talk to her right now!!

Raj:Naina, are you ok?I'm extremely sorry for hurting you. I didn't expect this outcome to appear!!

Naina:Then what were you expecting?Look Raj, I believe you too agree that this isn't the right way!!Then why??

Raj:I just thought of helping Adam and nothing else

Naina:You had overlooked the fact that Fresca is out there alone!!Don't you care for her??

Raj:Of course we all do but not as much as Anjali, I guess

Naina:Anjali doesn't want to lose another friend just like how she had lost Ari. Have you any idea how shattered Anjali was at Ari's death?In fact it was Fresca who gave her great comfort and affirmation to hold onto life with a positive attitude and to chase her passion and turn in to reality!!

Raj:Oh gosh...I'm so sorry Naina...I totally screwed it up. Didn't even think about that...

Naina:Hey, I got a SMS..your flight is at three hours later. Go and get ready!!

Raj:Thanks naina..you're such a sweetheart for helping me realize my mistake. Let me get ready.

Naina:Hey Raj, I totally forgot!!Don't mention anything about this to fresca,alright?? And I...I love you!!

Raj:Lurve ya too babez

Anjali was dancing with her class in preparation for the Dance Carnival which was less than 2 weeks later. Anjali was interrupted by Adam's presence and gave her students a good 20 minutes break.

Adam:Hi, you look beautiful as you dance so gracefully!!

Anjali:I guess flirting is ur hallmark

Adam: And so is sarcasm your hallmark!!

Anjali(smiles): Look I'm sorry if I did offend you or hurt you. Reallie am trying to control my anger..

Adam:Your anger is justified. By the way I am here to clear your misunderstanding. In fact it was raj's and my plan to make Fresca extend her stay for another week. James wasn't involved at all, he was in fact, against it!!!And raj's packing to go to Paris to fetch Fresca right away!!So please forgive all of us, especially me!!!

Anjali:Hey stop kneeling down. I have forgiven all of you. I need to meet Raj and James. I'll talk to you later.

Anjali couldn't meet James but she met Raj before he left!!

Raj:Hey Anjali

Anjali:Hey Raj..haha said it in chorus...hey i m reallie sorrie for being so rude...

Raj:No you weren't. Both of us spoke our minds..And just imagine if any1 falls in love with ya and he was like me, as in, the conversation we had tdy..it'll be reallie hilarious...

Anjali:Jokes apart..Look I just spoke my mind and itz not like what you are thinking!!I talked for a great friend of mine and I wasn't being overprotective of her

Raj:How in the world do you know that..Even Naina figured that out!!!I screwed it up ,rite??I am sorrie too...

Anjali:Looks like you'll be leaving soon. Don't want you to miss the flight,k??

Raj:Won't you give an Anjali-special hugg??


Both of hug hugged each other, while Anjali whispered to Raj to see Naina before leaving or she'll feel bad.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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halls of fame part 34

Both of hug hugged each other, while Anjali whispered to Raj to see Naina before leaving or she'll feel bad.

Anjali gets a call and went upstairs to the rooftop while Raj was romancing Naina.

It was James. James had called Anjali.

Anjali:Where the heavenz are you James?I had been looking for you to say sorrie. Adam told me everything!!!

James:Hey i wanted to say sorry....

Anjali:You didn't even do anything..Instead you protested..and I am ever so proud of u!!! I am sorrry that I misunderstood you

James:I know that Addy said in such a way that anyone can misunderstand me at that point of time!!!

Anjali:Where are you?

James:In your room!!I thought of surprising you in your room but you had locked the room

Anjali:How did you get in??Aha...what's cooking behind my back,James???

James:Look I really thought you were in the room and thatz why I came to cheer you up but I saw no one. That means you didn't come, then who did???And after that, the person locked me up in your room....

Anjali:Gosh..I am coming!!!

Anjali reached her room and opened the door.


Anjali:I really need to know who's behind this

James:Not right now cuz we have a party to organize for Fresca's return together with the 4th anniversary of HOF, which is tomorrow.

Anjali:Oh yeah thanks for the reminder. I just want to thank you for being such a dear friend.

James wonder how Anjali could hide such a big secret from him.James got to read her entire diary to find out more. Meanwhile, James decided to keep that diary away from Anjali and distract her.

James and Anjali went to the guesthouse that Fresca had bought with her savings for all of them to use every now and then. The party was going to be a big surprise for Fresca for she would not have the slightest idea of the fact that they were gonna organize a pool party cum HOF carnival for all students and choreographers and for the first time it was made open house. So, there will be a huge crowd tomorrow at London's HOF!!

The next day, the anticipation of welcoming Raj and Fresca grew to a large extent. Everyone were at Fresca's guesthouse for the pool party. Eventually, Raj and Fresca came and all cheered loudly for both of them.

Anjali and Naina brought fresca upstairs to change into the pool attire but to no avail. Fresca received a phone call and excused herself to attend the call; went into the bathroom and went to change while Anjali and Naina walked outside.

Anjali was in conversation with Naina, not realizing that Fresca has changed and was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Naina:Don't bring up this matter, at least not in front of Fresca. I thought we have settled this matter so why are you bringing this up???

Anjali:It's not that. I don't feel quite right keeping this matter from Fresca. Why should we hide this?After all, she has all the right to know.. Would you tolerate it if Raj did that to you, just like what Adam did??Adam purposely extended Fresca's stay with the help of Raj...Oooppss(gestures to Naina about Fresca's presence).

Fresca, being her natural self, pretended to talk to someone over the phone and left; wiped her tears and went to socialize with her fellow students.

Anjali feels so stupid. She felt that Fresca might have heard everything.

Naina:Do you think she heard us???

Anjali:I don't exactly know. Well if she heard everything, she would have confronted us or else she might be in deep thoughts in some corner but instead, she's socializing with her students. So can i imply she didn't hear us???

Naina:I don't know babe..We've got to watch her..

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aww plz continue dis is gettin good cant wait for 35!!! yay!!!!

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