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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 5)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Halls of fame part 25

Fresca's eyes were welled up with tears. Aditi had finished half of the soup and went to Fresca and wiped her tears and left the letter on the table while she asked if Fresca didn't mind if she fed Fresca the soup.

Fresca was surprised and more than that, she was ever happy and stated to Aditi, "Only on one condition, that is, you'll bring me to Halls of Fame and tell me all the details with regards to it!!!".

Aditi too promised her that and both of them talked on and on and little did they realize when they slept.

The next day, the sun had come out with its zestful rays, shining on the sisters. Both had decided to sleep even more but shot up promptly, realizing that it was high time that they get ready before any one sees them going out of the flat. Unfortunately, all of them were awake and having their breakfast.

Both went up and wished every1 good morning and started having their bacon and eggs with sausages. Fresca and Aditi quietly attempted to sneak from the house but Raj caught them.

Raj:Where are you both going??
Fresca:Just to bring her around London since itz early morning and i need to go to an important place with her
Raj:And that is...
Aditi:Erm, Raj itz private...
Fresca:My love stop interrogating,alright!!!Naina's watching....

Aditi and Fresca chuckled and left.

Both of them went around Science Museum and Original London walks and after having their late lunch, Aditi brought Fresca to Halls of Fame institute and fresca was astonished as she had come across the street so many times and she didn't notice the institute.

Aditi brought her inside and talked to her of the 10 years of dance that has occured in this institute and took her inside. Fresca was simply in awe with its infrastructure and described it more of a paradise-like feeling much more than an institute. There were 16 rooms for accomodations for the choreographers and staff each and they had a huge  hall to accomodate all the students for international dances and festivals. Fresca has never seen a multi-storey institute just associated with dance and she couldn't believe the fact that her dad just created this for her. Oh gurl was she so ignorant of it!!!

Next Aditi brought her to her cabin. Fresca was so shocked and surprised at the same time.

Fresca:I have a cabin?
Aditi:Ugh..yes my dear. Now sit!!And I want you to read the documents very clearly before signing.

Aditi pushed the curtains to the side to bring freshness inside the cabin.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2008 at 2:02am | IP Logged
halls of fame part 26

Aditi pushed the curtains to the side to bring freshness inside the cabin. Aditi was telling her there used to be a Dean for the institute but he had been bribing some students to work for him for wrong reasons and Aditi caught all of them red-handed with the special camera inserted, of which no one knows except for her, and now Fresca knows.

Fresca:Is it ok if I take the whole day to read and then sign for I need to look at the annual reports & journals at home??
Aditi:You have them??
Fresca:To let you know I always adored this institute but I couln't get any details as it was kept confidential!!!!And the institute wasn't known to many and even me who didn't catch the name of the institute from afar.
By the way it is said that now there are not much choreographers coming in from foreign countries and for me to get started I need a committee of 5-6 members who  have to be multifaceted.
Aditi:Itz indeed true. I had been supervising the institute for the past 4 years. Ever since the death of our dad, less people have turned up, including the students and the international choreographers.
Fresca:You think I can do it??
Aditi:I think so but if you need more re-assurance, I want to bring you to a person of high strongwill and hope. Don't ask me who for I m bring you there personally.

Aditi and Fresca caught a cabby and went to Merck Hospital.
Fresca:Merck??I went there once when I actually fell from the stairs and one, Mr Sameer , i think, tended to me.
Aditi:Oh I see....I m bringing you there. Keep your mouth sealed until we are there.

Fresca kept her index finger on the middle of her lips.

Aditi reached Merck Hospital and told Fresca to wait while she asked a nurse where Jay is. The nurse had asked both of them to wait.
The nurse had called Fresca, saying that Dr Jay had called for her. Fresca was amazed to know Jay's a doc!!

Jay:Welcome...Fresca!!!Itz nice to see you here.. How are you??
Fresca:I m doing good and I must say i have been here once but I didn't know you were working here.
Jay: Oh you mean the time when you slipped and fell? My colleague Dr Sameer handled the case , if I m not wrong. I wanted to meet you but before that, he said you were ok and you had been discharged already.
Fresca:Aditi....Where did she go all of a sudden??
Jay:She'll be back.Take a seat, pls!!
Fresca:Why are you so formal??I totally hate formality by the way....
Jay:Hhmm....Aditi had called me yesterday after midnight and she just switched on the speaker while you guyz were talking...I heard it all...I hope u didn't mind???
Fresca:What??Aditi switched on the speaker??You've got to be kidding me...No??? Hhmm thatz ok provided itz only you who listened.
Jay:Yes itz only me who listened. Frankly speaking when Dad told me and Aditi about u, we were totally shocked and speechless. We felt so angry but soon pondered over it and consoled each other, thinking of your fault in his mistake. And I wanted to meet you so badly and prayed that we'll meet soon. I feel bad for whatever that has happened with you-withdrawing from an university, losing a friend,heartbreak.
Fresca:What is this?I m here to talk to you and know u better but here you are talking abt me instead!!! For me, life is pretty good. Since young, I have only learned to despise Dad but now I only love him more ever since Aditi entered into my life. For me, I knew how to move on. That is one attribute I often admire in me. Perhaps, there is something better in store for me!!!You never know!!!!Jay, I think ur patients must be waiting... I'll get going..
Jay:Fres, just 5 minutes more, we'll talk and tomorrow we'll go on a date, ok?
Fresca:Date??Haha...you have a great sense of humour!!!Date-Oh yes we can go and get lunch out and walk around and talk non-stop???
Jay:Awesome....Come in!!!

There was a knock on the door and it was Maha, his colleague.
Maha:Who's this Jay?
Jay:This is Fresca, my great friend.And Fresca, this is my colleague, Maha.
Maha:Never heard of her before...
Fresca:Jay...Tell her exactly!!!
Maha:Jay I came here to collect a set of notes but things do look fishy here..
Fresca:Where the heaven are you bringing things to, Maha??I'm just his...
Jay:Close friend!!
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 20 November 2008 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
hi guyz i m extremely sorry for not posting the episodes for I had been ill for the past 3-4 weeks....But I assure you that I'll post the episodes regularly as I m feeling a bit better now...
Sorry for the inconveniences caused!!!!
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 November 2008 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 27
There was a knock on the door and it was Maha, his colleague.


Maha:Who's this Jay?

Jay:This is Fresca, my great friend.And Fresca, this is my colleague, Maha.

Maha:Never heard of her before...

Fresca:Jay...Tell her exactly!!!

Maha:Jay I came here to collect a set of notes but things do look fishy here..

Fresca:Where the heaven are you bringing things to, Maha??I'm just his...

Jay:Close friend!!

Fresca:I guess I should be really going.

Aditi comes in and sees Maha.

Fresca:Oh finally you are here...Where were you till now??

Aditi:I'll tell you later. Jay, I'll call you. We need to meet up


Fresca:Jay take care. I'll see you soon. And make sure you clarify things asap!!

Jay:Ok. I'll see you guyz soon. Take care.

Aditi is talking to Fresca about Maha and how both Jay and Maha used to be so non-friendly but soon everything changed after a surgery where both had to work in synchrony.

Fresca: Maha is indeed possessive and envious!!Could see that from the conversation all three of us had today!!!I truly hope Jay would clear things...

Aditi:I doubt so for he doesn't like possessive girls who try to dominate guyz and put him under her control.

Fresca:Does he love her??

Aditi:I dunnoe

Fresca:One thing is for sure that she loves him and i believe she's a very good girl!!!I'll see what I can do as a friend this time round!!!

It was evening when both Fresca and Aditi reached home. They had bursts of fun throughout the day. James saw both of them and felt so glad that Fresca is all smiles again and that Aditi has made her smile even more and made her forget abt Addy for the time being. James too started pondering as to why Addy just left abruptly without saying anything and tried to contact him but to no avail.

James had gone out.

Meanwhile, Fresca locked herself in the room while others were watching TV. It was around night time that Aditi realized that Fresca was nowhere to be seen and that she got extremely worried. The others especially Raj started knocking on the door. After so much of banging, Raj decided to break open the door when Fresca was about to open. This left Raj hitting his head on the wall...Owww!!!

Raj:Couldn't you have opened the door asap??What the heaven were you doing???

Fresca gathered every1 around the table in front of the television set.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 November 2008 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame- Part 28

Anjali:Are we witch-crafting or something???

Fresca:Haha..Nope...Read the document copy I have given each of you very carefully and let me know if you are interested!!!Right now Raj...(who's trying to switch on the tv set while Fresca snatched the remote control from him).

Raj:Wait a second, you want us to form the six-member committee for ur dad's institute??


Anjali:I'll lurve to be part of this,Fres. It is pretty challenging but as long as we are there for each other, I think we can overcome all sorts of hurdles.

Fresca:No one else is up to the challenge??I chose you guyz especially since you guyz have a lot of experience and exposure to dance styles and are on your way to earn your masters in art and drama. This is indeed a BIG platform to develop yourselves professionally and you all are letting this go just like that??

Aditi:Fresca, I believe you are being carried away. Control yourself.

Fresca:Thanks Aditi!! I am sorry guyz ;I do not wish to force you guyz, after all the choice is yours.

Naina:James and I are definitely in this. The only person left to respond is....

Raj:ME..Erm Fres, you know how busy I am, right??I a am practically thinking 24/7...

Naina:Buzz of idiot!!You've got nothing better than to idle around and dance and laugh around!!This could be a constructive platform for you to transform your ideas and passion that you've shared with us and turn it into charismatic moves!!

Raj kissed Naina on her cheek. Naina blushed and pushed him away.

Raj whispered yEs in Fresca's ears. Fresca gleamed with excitement.

Meanwhile, Aditi graduated from the Queen's University, having completed her degree in fashion designing. It was her prom night and she's extremely excited for she's gonna dance with the love of her life and Jay's medical mate-Dr Sameer Sharma.

Aditi and Jay were talking and discussing about her prom night when Fresca received a phone call.

Aditi and Jay were looking at her go "Hi Jean", "Yes", "Oh-okay" and "Ok, I'll see you in 20 minutes time". She hung up and screamed with joy for Jean Gatzo, an international choreographer is coming to the Halls of Fame Institute.

All are equally excited but Aditi for she had to go to the prom night.

Aditi:Of all days, the prom nite had to be tonight, Fresca's essential day!!

Fresca had gone with James and Jay. She went to the institute where Jean had just arrived. Fresca broke the ice by discussing about Jean's career which started approximately seven years back. Jean was definitely in for a sweet surprise. Their meeting ended on a smooth note, fulfilling all the terms and conditions.

The next thing that was on Fresca's mind was the interior and exterior designs and attracting young and fresh,vibrant students who possess a passion for dancing and expressing themselves through their dances. Indeed all of them including Aditi and Jay had collaborated and teamed up, rising to the challenge of polishing the gem (Halls of Fame Institute) in front of them in order to attract and invest in as many students and choreographers globally as possible.

Fresca was discussing about the land which she had inherited from her dad in Paris with Jay and Aditi. Suddenly an idea sparked in Aditi's mind. Aditi further suggested, the land be used for dancing facilities.

Jay:Better still, why not set up a Halls of Fame institute there too

Fresca:But are there sufficient people to supervise and check on the place??

Jay:Why not...You can go every now and then....Raj and Naina can go as well...In that way, every1 has critical roles in developing this branch institute too....

Fresca was extremely delighed at this prospect and immediately thought of consulting the engineers and architects whom her team members knew and all responded positively to the wonderful idea.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame Part 29

Fresca was extremely delighed at this prospect and immediately thought of consulting the engineers and architects whom her team members knew and all responded positively to the wonderful idea.


All have been working for the past 1.5 years. Now, in the midst of that, Fresca has to go to Paris to supervise everything in her institute there. The work on the institute had been progressing so fast together with her demands and every1 followed her orders and did their work.


Aditi finally introduced Sameer to Fresca after so much of anticipation at the Heathrow airport.


Fresca:Sameer Sharma....Hello and I have been bored of hearing things from our dear Aditi...


Aditi hits her gently...


Fresca:Ow...that hurts!!Anyways, I am rushing..Do take care of her and yes, I shall say on her behalf, dun even think of betraying her!!Lollz she just thinks too much nowadays....Do advise her a bit for she's neither listening to me nor Jay!!!Alrito I'll have to go. I'll be having video conferencing with Jay and the rest. So, I'll catch ya later.

Fresca reached Paris and hailed a cab and it took her to Hotel Paradiz where she's gonna stay in a suite for a few days. This was already planned by Jay. Fresca refreshed herself and went to sleep.


The next day had been pretty tiring as she had to conduct several meetings with the architects and ensured that the foundation of the building is strong and there are no problems with the infrastructure nearby. This is followed by video conferencing with her team members on the flyers and posters created by them and the interior designing of the branch institute. Fresca decided to take a quick brunch at a restaurant nearby. She grabbed a chocolate croissant and orange juice. Fresca then realized that there was a party going on. While she attempted to check what party it is, she bumped into Jhanvi, Addy's close mate together with a guy.


Jhanvi:OMG.Is that you, Fresca? A haircut and wow, gurl u look awesome!!

Fresca: Yeah Jhanvi..thanks for the compliment!!By the way what is the party all about?

Jhanvi:Oops…I forgot all about it. It's my engagement today and this is my fiance Vishal.

Fresca:Congratz to both of you. You both look great together!!My wishes for many, many years of togetherness in married life. I'm just here to speed up the architectural work of Halls of Fame, a dance institute originally started by my step-dad in London.

Jhanvi:Wow, that's amazing. How long will you be here?

Fresca:Less than a week. Oops(looks at her watch), gotta go guyz, I'm a having a video conferencing to conduct with my team mates in preparation for the upcoming Dance Carnival due in 6 months time. Hope you both can make it. This is my hp number and contact me if you guyz can make it!!!!

Jhanvi: Sure, we will certainly do!!Take care, glad to have met!!

Fresca hugs Jhanvi and heads for the door and bumps into another guy.

Fresca:Oh God!!Why do I keep bumping??I m sorr…Addy??

Addy:Fres??You lookk beau--ti--ful….


Fresca just glanced at him for a moment and left from there promptly, not knowing what had come upon her. However, Addy knew her and decided to get information from Jhanvi, who was pretty amused with their coincidental  meet-up!!


jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 30

The next day, there was a visitor at the hotel lobby. Fresca was surprised to have a visitor so early in the morning and was far more shocked to see Addy as she had expected a choreographer for HOF instead.


Fresca went down to meet him. Addy requested on meeting and talking to her in private and off they went out, to a nearby lake, Thomson Lake. While walking, Fresca saw an ice-cream seller but she left her wallet in the hotel room and forgot about the ice cream. The next moment, Addy had bought her a chocolate cone.


Fresca:What's the bribe for?

Addy:Can't you thank me?

Fresca:Thx..What is the matter that you've been wanting to tell me since yesterday?

Addy(grins): Hehe..don't look at me like that, Fres. I admit that it was my fault that tI talked about breaking ties with you and our friendship. When I received the news that Mr Kerry is suffering from AIDS, I felt speechless and my mind wasn't working at all. I wasn't myself when I had been talking to you. Right now, the docs in USA are trying their very best as Mr Kerry is in a critical stage. I am quiute glad that Jhanvi and Vishal are there for support ans consolation. Itz because of them that I went to pursue a degree in Arts and Social Sciences and right now I've been going for internships and seizing opportunities in having great exposure to different dance styles. Look, I've said so much and why are you still so quiet?

Fresca: I have always thought that I'm the one at fault and kept having the tinges of guilt that it's because of me that our friendship didn't last. And you didn't even think of sharing your grief with me?Since when have you become so shallow and narrow-minded?


Fresca looked at him and then looked down..

Fresca: You could have contacted me back or at least replied to my sms-es or emails.

Addy:I'm sorry Fres…Look I…..

Fresca:Shut up, you idiot!!Now, don't give me that puppy, real-innocent look.I forgive you, only this time!!And no more!!


Fresca wiped her tears and took a sip of her chocolate cone while closing her eyes.

Fresca:Addy, close your eyes and take a sip of your cone. Enjoy the ice cream and feel your spirit flying freely high in the air, frolicking between and across the clouds..It'z just amazing, ain't it??

Addy:Fres, I got you back!!The "bubbly, cheery"you!!!


Fresca winked at Addy!!

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omg dis iz amazin plz continue plz ma fav story book fingy!Clap

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