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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 4)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2008 at 11:12pm | IP Logged

halls of fame part 21

Jhanvi was surprised to know that Fresca is born to Asian parents but after her dad passed away, her mom married a guy named Matthew Jones from Germany and how Fresca suffered a lot in the phase of her education. Despite all of these, Fresca worked hard;she learnt dancing and got involved in a myriad of activities in order for her to forget her worries.


As Jhanvi finished reading Fresca's diary,she gently kept the diary at Addy's table and went to cook something for him. By then Addy was standing in front of her. Addy asked Jhanvi how Fresca is.






Addy:So Jv..how do you find Fresca?

Jhanvi:Erm she's o-k

Addy:What? You only find her o-k?

Jhanvi whispers to him that Fresca is mind-blowing!!!


Jv kisses Addy's cheeks and tells him that she is always there to help him out if he needs her.


It was the second last day of the year and almost the graduation day for Fresca's batch. The examinations results are out as well. Adam was looking out for fresca. Fresca had appeared late that morning. She had actually gotten her selection for the RJ trainee after much begging and hassle. However, Fresca had come late so she had to run 3 rounds around the field situated near the college cafeteria. This was witnessed by Adam, James and the Dean.


Adam rushed to Fresca after her detention.


Adam:Why were you late, Fresca?

Fresca:Addy I got selected for the RJ trainee and I was rushing here to tell you but I got caught

Adam:Anyways Dean is waiting for you as he got some news for you!!!


Fresca rushed. Adam signaled James. The Dean closed Fresca's eyes and brought her into the hall where all the students, on the count of three, shrieked congratulationz and Fresca had almost fainted. She couldn't believe that Adam's and her conversation, anticipating their results, a few weeks back turned out to be true. Adam had believed in Fresca's capability and his undying hope turned to work wonders in Fresca's life.


Fresca is told to prepare a short valedictorian speech the next day, which is the day of graduation, the BIG day all are eagerly waiting for.


James and Adam decided to throw a small party for Fresca at Samtas Hall where some of the college matez' outside friends were invited too. Jhanvi, who is an ex-student,was impressed by Fresca and she decided to do the d'cor and catering section while James grabbed some collections from Fresca and other of his friends.


Jhanvi had organized some fun games such as Musical Chairs, Treasure Hunt and even a sing-a-long and a special game, Dance-a-long where all will be exchanging their partners and when the song stops, the couple dancing together then will get an opportunity to dance to their song, ensuring that all couples do get a chance.


Fresca was looking forward to it but Adam seemed to be the least interested as he doesn't know how to dance. The spotlight shone on Fresca and Adam. Adam stood frozen despite the numerous attempts of Fresca to bring him.


Fresca lowered her head nearing Adam and asked him


Fresca:Do you trust me?

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starry_eyes29 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2008 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
tha was soo gud
i like i like =]
plzz do continue
i finally found a story tha had lots to read ..
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 12 August 2008 at 7:34am | IP Logged
^thanx hunni thatz reallie sweet...pls continue reading!!!!

halls of fame part 22

Fresca lowered her head nearing Adam and asked him


Fresca:Do you trust me?

Adam:I trust you more than any1 else but..

Fresca:But what?

Adam:I..I don't know how to dance!!

Fresca:Uff..u r really crap!! Is that the matter that is bothering you so much??

Adam:All will laugh at me

Fresca:You are not dancing with everyone right now..Whoever wants to laugh, let them me for we can't stop them. The only thing that matters is YOU & ME!And we have this chance so letz seize the moment. If we did a blooper dance or a terrific dance we'll still be talked about amongst our friends for a temporary time. And we have only a chance right now so why not we dance??


Fresca:So shall we?

Adam and Fresca are on the dance floor.

Fresca:Just relax and tell me when you're ready

Adam:Yea letz do it!!


Adam and Fresca danced to various party songs. Although Fresca fell twice and hurt her leg, both Adam and Fresca held on and danced to their hearts' content..The party ended late and it was raining heavily. Fresca decided to leave before it's too late for her to head home!!


Fresca looked for Adam. She turned around to see a great transformation in Adam for he is enjoying himself in the rain. She couldn't help but bring a charismatic smile on her face. She tried waving goodbye to him but he seems to be indulged in his dance and the rain, which he used to hate so much. She turned to leave but Adam grabbed her hand and asked for a dance but Fresca gladly took away his hand and left promptly. Adam was pretty surprised for he had never in his wildest dreams thought that she will refuse a dance now that he's close to her.


The following day is Graduation Day. The Dean had unusually given the freedom to wear clothes of a myriad of colours describing our attitude for the day.


Fresca arrived on time but bumped into Presca before reaching the hall. Fresca quietly kept a note in Presca's hands and walked off. Presca opened the note which read, " Life with you will be good if you are willing to forgive me for my frustration. You are a nice person of heart  but I feel you are afraid of being open. No one is ever perfect and by intimidating others, u can't be as famous as one who does good deeds for worthy causes.. Let bygones be bygones…I have a request:Will you be my lucky charm???



Fresca Jones


Presca looked and saw Fresca who stopped. Fresca came and held Presca's hands and entered the hall.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 23 August 2008 at 4:56am | IP Logged
halls of fame part 23

Presca looked and saw Fresca who stopped. Fresca came and held PResca's hands and entered the hall. All received their individual awards sequentially except for both of them. They soon received their awards and Fresca was called up for her Valedictorian Speech. Fresca had held Presca behind with her.


Fresca started her speech.


Today we have fought and appeared triumphant over the hardy obstacles throughout the three crucial years in our life. Yet we somehow knew we were all going to ace through this part of our lives as we have such a great system of friends who may have betrayed us or parted from us. Let's look on the brighter side that we also have friends who might have overlooked our mistakes and covered up for us and supported us all the way. These people are indeed are precious to us in many ways for they have apparently left footprints in our lives and it will remain etched in our lives for an everlasting span.


We have laughed together, lived together in camps and cried together and this is indeed the true spirit of the Bradford College so let's all cheer together…Hip Hip..Hurray….Hip-Hip-Hurray….and once more HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!


Today I will like all of you to know that before leaving I have made such a great friend and her name is Presca Bynes who is not only a great gal of charm and beauty but also a gal of honour and intelligence who's an all-rounder and today I want to tell you Presca, I love you for what you have done for me and always stay like this-never change!!!Presca was crying and hugged Fresca intimately!!!!


Fresca moved on while Presca took a seat.


Thanks Presca for an affectionate gesture like this for I m touched. Today I will also like to brong forward to you a special person whom I've met in this university. A blue-eyed guy entered into my life and he doesn't even realize this but I had been attracted to him due to his warm personality and his nature of being himself,not changing himself for anyone. Over the past 2.5 years, I had seen him struggle but I have also seen him facing his fears bravely. He may not have been with me in my worst times but he had been with me all the while in my bestest times and I love the time I had spent with him. I had waited patiently for the graduation day to confess my love as I wanted no interference in mine or his studies.


Before I end, I will like to dedicate a special song to my special stranger as well as all my university mates




And so we talked all night about the rest of our livesWhere we're gonna be when we turn 25I keep thinking times will never changeKeep on thinking things will always be the sameBut when we leave this year we won't be coming backNo more hanging out cause we're on a different trackAnd if you got something that you need to sayYou better say it right now cause you don't have another dayCause we're moving on and we can't slow downThese memories are playing like a film without soundAnd I keep thinking of that night in June I didn't know much of loveBut it came too soonAnd there was me and youAnd then we got real coolStay at home talking on the telephone with meWe'd get so excited, we'd get so scaredLaughing at our selves thinking life's not fairAnd this is how it feels 1 - As we go onWe rememberAll the times weHad togetherAnd as our lives changeCome whateverWe will still beFriends Forever  So if we get the big jobsAnd we make the big moneyWhen we look back nowWill our jokes still be funny?Will we still remember everything we learned in school?Still be trying to break every single ruleWill little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?Can we ever find a job that won't interfere with a tan?I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbyeKeep on thinking it's a time to flyAnd this is how it feels Repeat 1 La, la, la, laYeah, yeah, yeahLa, la, la, laWe will still be friends forever Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?Can we survive it out there?Can we make it somehow?I guess I thought that this would never endAnd suddenly it's like we're women and menWill the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?Will these memories fade when I leave this townI keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbyeKeep on thinking it's a time to fly


Every1 applauded and hugged every1 before leaving.


Fresca, who was searching for Addy since the start of her speech, finally saw him at the caf bench.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 03 September 2008 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 24

Every1 applauded and hugged every1 before leaving.

Fresca, who was searching for Addy since the start of her speech, finally saw him at the caf bench.

Adam: Hey ur speech was awesome
Fresca:Yea rite u weren't even there to hear it…
Adam:Yea..sorry about that!!
Fresca:What next?
Adam:I guess this is it between us. I have got to go and if possible I might meet you if I still stand a chance
Fresca:What the heaven do you mean by saying that???
Adam:Nothing..Nothing at all….
Fresca:Are you hiding something from me, Addy?
Adam:Why would I, Fres??
Fresca: Precisely…I m asking you the same question!!!
Adam:Look..you are mistaking me, there's nothing of the sort!!
Fresca:Fine..if you do not want to tell me itz totally ok, u know!!
But may I know if you will keep in touch with me after this??
Adam:I'm sorry Fresca I don't think I will be able to do that!!Thatz totally difficult because….
Fresca: Because….
Adam:Nothing….Oops I forgot the Dean was calling me

Fresca was shocked at his behaviour. She was in a total dilemma and she tried calling Addy for several times but he didn't even listen. James witnessed all that but tried to deviate the topic by giving her the special ticket for the RJ audition camp.

Fresca walked a bit but turned around and lingered for a while. Fresca pondered if she had done anything wrong. Fresca couldn't get any answer at the moment, and out of frustration, just tore the special ticket she had badly wanted. James felt her pain and wiped Fresca's tears. Fresca prayed that she will meet Addy soon.

Fresca and James had lunch. James told her that some of Ari's net friends are coming over for dinner the evening at her house.

Fresca:You mean our friends, Raj,Naina,Anjali???
James:Yes, you don't mind, na???
Fresca:Not at all!!!!They are always welcome!!!!

Fresca is enjoying her lunch. Suddenly, she received a phone call. At first she didn't realize who it was until the person told her about it. It was Aditi, her step-sister, whom she didn't know that she existed.

James and Fresca finished her lunch. James asked Fresca what's bothering her but she just asked James to drop her at the airport and allow her to use his car, leaving James in doubts and deep concern!!

Fresca was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Aditi, holding a small cardboard with Aditi's name written on it in capital letters.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 September 2008 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 25

Aditi tapped on Fresca's shoulders, held her hand and took Fresca outside.

Aditi:Sorry to keep you informed in such a rush. I have actually talked to you today because this is the day which our dad told me and Jay, my brother that I had to disclose some important information to you.
Fresca:Woah..take it easy gurl.. Letz make a move to Caf Corner, walk towards your right. But wait, letz put your luggage in James's car while we make a move to your right.
Aditi:I didn't expect to cause so much of interruption at this point,seriously
Fresca:Now stop being formal or else I'll reallie slap you. You are my sis and thatz a fact but more than that, I want you to feed me details on your life and to keep our relationship as a damn good friendship and when the time comes, we'll fulfill our sisterhood as well. But I don't get it; what is left to say of the man I couldn't understand from childhood till now??
Aditi:You're getting it all wrong!!!! I'll tell you everything..But for the time being can you let me know where will I be staying?
Fresca:You'll be staying with me at my flat..Itz quite big and so you don't have to worry at all!!!!

Aditi:By the way we're just three years apart and Jay's one year elder to you.
Fresca:I'll have orange juice and you?
Aditi:Coffee…I need that for my great mornings….
Fresca: Quite typical of the people here as well…I found it too addictive and I tried to drink coffee to make myself more alert while studying but it worked the opposite way for me, making me sleep!!!

Aditi:Lol….You're good company, sis…
Fresca:Call me Fres, thatz wad all m8s call me…or u can create a nickname for me,dearie!!

Anon:I'll do that as soon as I can think of one….

Both Fresca and Aditi reached home, only to realize that Raj, Naina and Anjali are all there, watching cricket. Fresca was feeling so crap and looked at Aditi, who was looking amused by her absent-mindedness!!!

Aditi went to refresh herself while Fresca prepared a hot chicken soup for both of them and locked Fresca's room so that no one would come to disturb them.

Aditi loved the warm soup and made Fresca promise that she will teach Aditi on making the soup. Aditi took out the old letter which her dad had prepared for Fresca. Fresca requested Aditi to read.

It read;

Hi Fresca this is your step-dad. Remember once you had gotten so angry because I had beaten you with the feather duster whenever you had gone for dancing classes and bunked your classes.. And for one night, you had slept on the streets and made your mom worried.. I can never forget the night as that was when I truly realized the worth of having a daughter. After you had come back the next day you glared at me and perhaps after that you never talked to me until the day we met you at your university and I heard that you had left with Ari the next day. After that I couldn't contact you but I kept on trying till I fell prey to my age. I had always wanted you to know that studies should be done at the age that is stated best for it will be easier to get a job and progress ahead in your life but you didn't want to listen to me. I was never against you dream of dancing but I totally disagreed on the fact that you should bunk classes while studying in order to dance.

I do not know if you'll ever forgive me but before I die, I am making Halls of Fame in your name, the institute I started for you and only you. After my death you should bring the institute into the limelight and my greatest victory truly lies in your happiness-Do remember that!!!

God will always bless you with companions with whom you shall work and achieve this victory…This is not for me but for you my love…You can and will do it for dance is your PASSION..dance is your LIFE!!!

Fresca's eyes were welled up with tears.
gungun Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 3:25am | IP Logged
omg its such a lovely story jessie
its gr8
do continue it soon
i'll b waiting
Gun Smile
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2008 at 8:10pm | IP Logged
Thanx Gun.....ur comments are reallie appreciated and they r very rewarding for me...Pls continue reading!!!!


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