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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 3)

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halls of fame

The week was filled with disappointed hearts as the Dean announced that the prom nite will be delayed for another 3 months as a particular trend was observed that students performed better if there are no silly or trivial matters disturbing them before the exams. And Fresca was the saddest of them all as she's gonna miss Addy instead of the delay in the prom nite.

As days passed by reluctantly, the students were busy preparing for their promotion into the third year. While Fresca prepared, she had also sent tonnes of emails to Addy, with details on how boring her days have become without being able to tease or play pranks on him.

The exams were approaching but Fresca was also preparing for her final badminton tournament;she's finding it difficult to cope with her studies and tournament and what more can Fresca suffer as Presca bynes had to team up with her and play against the Wonder Girls of Burbury College, one of the tough teams Fresca had ever played with.

James had tried his optimal best to motivate Fresca to continue with the tournament but Fresca just can't be bothered with the "oomph" of Presca who thinks she has it all, looking down upon Fresca. Worse still, Presca had to shove Fresca during trainings. Fresca couldn't tolerate any further .

Fresca:Do you mind Presca?We have to cooperate in order to win this tournament.
Presca:You don't have to teach me a single thing. Get out of my way!!
Fresca:I will not go so easily. Think about it PResca!!You can't play this by yourself!!
Presca:My girls are with me and so you don't have to worry for me
Fresca:And where are they??I don't see them
Presca:They were here..a minute ago!!Erm..they have gone to get me refreshments
Fresca:Look Presca!!It is the college's reputation that is at stake!!
Presca:Hey you..i am the best player around and the coach has chosen me!!
Fresca:Let me tell you one thing clearly..In any sport, it is not any individual but the team work and rapport that is significant. And not the damn superiority complex of yours!!
Presca:Get the hell outta here..I don't even think you are worthy to make our college proud..You're such an idiot!!

Presca shoved Fresca out of the hall. Fresca packed up and went somewhere to spend some time peacefully and headed for home, preparing for her examz!!

Frustration became a part of Fresca's life. James and Frank noticed it and decided to get it out of her life. They brought Fresca for badminton practices in between her breaks during her studies and work. She had a blast, having the frustration bid goodbye to her.

Examz were finally over and the tournament had begun. PResca was playing well and it is not surprising that her co-player is not there but cheering for the college from the podium. Presca was aware of her mistake but her egoistic nature stops her and proceeded with the tournament and won it marginally.

The entire tournament was taped and Fresca was watching it. She was feeling bad that she wasn't playing with PResca especially when she needed her support. She started to feel miserable but she felt proud of Presca as she realized how difficult it must have been for Presca and the reserve players to achieve victory by a small margin of points. She silently thanked Presca,"Presca your ego has won and gained us fame.Thanks!!

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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halls of fame part 16
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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She silently thanked Presca,"Presca your ego has won and gained us fame.Thanks!!

She went to bake a cake when she heard the doorbell. It was James and Frank. Frank took over and decided to bake a chocolatey coffee cake and celebrated the victory with Fresca and James. All decided to just chit-chat till late night with some DVDs.James suddenly realized and announced that Zac and Adam are coming back tomorrow.

The next day, Adam and Zac were welcomed with open arms and the entire day the students were at the all attending no lectures. It was truly a big day for the college.Adam was rought to the stage to talk about his experiences for the past 3 months with Mr Zac Milton.

Adam told the girls who were crazy over him that he had missed all of them but most importntly he had almost died of the tortures he faced mentally at Johannesburg. In spite of him losing his wallet, he was mesmerized by how a family of three whom he was working with, depended on each other, toiling day and night who had no time to worry over them being ridiculed over matters considered BIG for us who are living in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In the means of narrating his experiences, Adam was looking at Fresca who had her eyes welled up and a sincere smile on her face. Just then, Zac told Fresca something and Fresca just left the hall.Adam stopped there abruptly and the Dean took over, announcing that oce Adam had tarnished the reputation of the collegeof his act but she is ever more proud that Adam had learnt various modes of life through a fully utilized opportunity!!

She had also announced that the prom nite will be scheduled three days after and Fresca and Zac were given the responsibility to arrange the hall within the short span of time.

Fresca and zac, meantime are wondering what to do within these three days.James and frank came over and decided to help them out. James decided to cheer Fresca up with his romantic and melodious collections as well as his latest remixes and volunteered for DJ-ing the entire night with Frank and Jolene.

Fresca seized the opportunity of asking Zac to the prom nite and Zac promptly saud yes, provided that FReca wore the attire that she wore for the song shoot as in the CD he sent her. Fresca was elated,did a elated jig but clumpsily fell in Zac's arms when Adam arrived
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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halls of fame-part 17

Fresca balanced herelf and welcomed Addy.Zac went off and Fresca made a drink for Addy. James had come with addy.

James:Didnt I tell you?Now do i smell ashes of jealousy??Just relax..itz just a dance
Addy:I dont care;i want you to make things in a way that I can dance with her and tell her my feelings!!
James:What will I get in return?
Addy:My happiness...Isn't that good enough??
James:What a good cheeky try of yours...Try with someone else but not me!!

James left and Adam was feeling miserable seeing the progressive, blooming relationship between Zac and Fresca.

Itz da prom nite.....

Zac called up Fresca and told her that he wanted to tell her something personal. Fresca kept her flat dark and the curtains drawn. Zac came through a side door form behind.

Fresca:What's the matter Zac?You sounded strange yesterday, today you look so disheveled and unkempt. What's the matter?
Zac:I went to Bradford Road for an important meeting on the edition of the articles for tomorrow's paper and after the meeting, I bumped into your step-dad and mom who were so lethargic and famished. They did not know who I am, except that they were showing your picture and wandering around. Suddenly I heard some gun shots and I brought them away from the site and into my editorial firm nearby. I received a call and excused myself as I couldn't hear properly. After my call, all I saw was my site being bombed and I realized your parents were stuck in the printing section and I couldn't save them,Fresca!!
Fresca:Noooooooooo!!!!!This just can't be...OMG!!!!

Fresca kept screaming but Zac tried to stop her. He slappd her tightly across and hugged her, asking for forgiveness that he couldn't save them and extremely guilty. Just then the phone rang. It was James, asking if Fresca is coming for the prom nite or not.Fresca answered yes and quickly hung up, leaving James in thoughts.

Fresca cried and wwept. After two long hours, Fresca and ZAc were equally disheartened and a sudden, bleak stmosphere transformed into an unexpected phone call whereby both fresca and Zac are startled. Fresca wiped her tears and went to refresh herself whereas Zac picked up the phone. James talked to Zac who told him everything which was meant to be a secret.

Fresca got changed, with a red-black seductive dress which Zac bought for her and a fancy necklace by James. Zac told her his plans where Zac will be accompanying her and perhaps linger for about 15 minutes and secretly leae as he got inside information that his life is at great risk since some "unwanted creepz" as defined by Zac as those to whom he fought against, are after him and Zac will be approaching his secret hideouts. Fresca hugged him and Zac kissed her tears, saving them from being lost to the Earth, telling her that he will always fight for his friends and the truth to the optimum till his last breath. Fresca kissed him on his cheek, telling him that she will always pray for him.

Fresca had recollected her memories of Adam and everyone till now.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Fresca had recollected her memories of Adam and everyone till now.

Fresca was searching for Adam but he was nowhere of sight. James bumped into Fresca

Fresca:Are you alone?
James:Nope, actually I had come with a stranger but I guess she must have gone to mingle with others so yeah..Zac told me everything..You ok??
Fresca:He did?Oh ok..James this is indeed the second time I feel my world crashing down on me..
James:Adam is here..You wanna talk to him..
Fresca:Nope;not now.Zac is here.I need to talk to him.Bye!!

Adam said ""Hey" to Fresca but it fell on deaf ears.

Fresca went ahead and danced with Zac intially, later all the couples are called to the dance foor for dancing. Fresca conversed with Zac for a last time.

Zac:Stop crying Fresca.This is not the right moment. I am only going to fight the battles of my life through truth. Right now, I wanna see the cheery, bubbly face that I often admire and boast to my colleagues.

Fresca(smiles a bit): How do you and your sis manage to mke me laugh in the worst of situations?I just don't know if I'll ever see you again but easier said than done,I will try not to miss your friendship and love that you showered upon me. I m always proud of you Zac-ey!!This is my first dance with you, which will remain special to both of us!!

Fresca kissed him one last time and was about to leave but Zac held her hand and brought her closer, forced up Fresca's chin in order for her eyes to his's, and Zac whispered to her that he will not let her tears ruin her future or his hope in her. Fresca smiled and her eyes sparkled like shining stars. This was exactly what Zac wanted to see before he left.

Adam witnessed everything and felt extremely bad that he somehow felt as if he was being jilted indirectly. He decided to leave the place before he felt even worse. He walked through the exit behind which led to a private spot known as Lil Peace. Adam didn't know which way he was going but he kept walking as he had learnt that there is such serenity in this path that no decisions ever taken in life's journey is wrong. He had so much of hope of his love growing but as he talked about his pain with the wind, he slowly realized that he was never there when Fresca is totally shattered or when she even needed him to share and talk things out. Adam slowly lay his card and his flowers by his side on a bench, reminding him of Fresca.
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aaww Ouch so much work and no one commented Ouch i;ll read soon Smile im sure i'll love ur work Big smile LOL LOL
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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thanx Nishi jaan!!!!

Halls of Fame part 19

Zac saw him and talked for a while.
Zac:So you decided that you are not gonna propose today?
AdaM:What are you talking about?
Zac:Your love for Fresca. Have you ever wondered of various ranks of love??
Adam:Ranks of love?
Zac:Yeah..Don't you know the terms used to describe love such as crush, infatuation,lust,desire,obsession and true love?So how do you actually explain such cases and differentiate them and know which category your love belongs to??
Adam:Now I am super confused
Zac:Since childhood..Hey I was just kidding..Actually me being a journalist helped me in my reflections of the relationships I have with everyone, be it a 6-month old baby, a toddler, girls such as Fresca and even my loved ones and through this, I managed to tell Fresca what I will like to offer to my first lady trump-my first crush
Adam:Yea…What?She's your crush only??She knows about it and she's cool??
Zac:Yep!!She felt so special when I said it to her and further more she said that she would have felt bad if I hadn't told her. There you go…I hope I have tried to boost the chances of you being able to confess your love to her. Just remember one thing in life, that is, the first step is always the distinct and the one which causes much resistance. Therefore, take the chance and dance to where life takes you to. Tada..I am off and will see you if I come out alive as I m off to my next mission.

Adam looked more confused than ever yet clear of what he has to do…What an irony!!!

Adam goes back to the Prom Nite auditorium. He sees no one except Fresca, James and Presca. Presca spotted him and scolded him but he slapped her and told her to get lost. They worthy slap broke the silence between James, Fresca and himself. James excused himself leaving Adam and fresca behind.

Adam:Fresca,are you ok?I mean, can I be of help??
Fresca stood up and hugged him and told him what had happened. Adam abruptly let go of her and told her to control herself as he can't see her in this state and he wants his vibrant, ever-helping friend back.

Adam:I wanted to tell you something today but I think I have forgotten it . You just relax, I'll catch up with you soon.

Adam walked out of the auditorium, wiping the tears he let go after much suppression in front of Fresca!!!

Fresca realized that she had not let her dear friend speak what he wanted to and Addy had left by the time she became conscious of her situation. She saw a small bouquet comprising of tulips and alternating white and yellow roses and a Valentine's card in which Addy wrote about how he had loved someone but was unable to tell her and this took her by surprise as she didn't manage to see what her friend was going through.

Fresca brought Addy;s precious thoughts with her and went in search of Adam. She couldn't find him at all. She headed to her flat and there Adam was standing, looking at her picture.

Fresca:ADDY!!!Where have you been>I went searching for you the entire night.
Adam:Why?Anything wrong??
Fresca:That is what I wanted to know from you. There's something so wrong with you!!!

Fresca slammed the door and talked further.

Fresca:What is it Addy?Tell me right now!!!!
Adam:Nothing much,seriously. Whatz wrong with me?I'm perfectly okay
Fresca:Addy, this card of yours tell a lot. Who is the girl?Do you want me to talk to her or do you need any help in confessing???Are you having the fear of rejection by the anonymous girl you love???

Adam:Fresca,nothing of the sort

Fresca:You know something??You are the first guy whom I really love to be with as I can share anything with you and you have a witty sense of humour too. For these, I truly respect our friendship. But I am really gonna think twice now as you concealed something big to you from me and all the while I had been thinking you are a brave guy who is out there to face your fears and give courage to all your buddies. I had been thinking you will cheer me a lil after hearing about my problem and perhaps give me encouragement but noo….You have grown selfish indeed!!!

Adam just left without saying a word. Although he was walking so strongly ahead and heading to his house, Fresca saw him walk slowly, feeling bad that she had chided him so much.
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halls of fame part 20

Adam just left without saying a word. Although he was walking so strongly ahead and heading to his house, Fresca saw him walk slowly, feeling bad that she had chided him so much.

Addy went to his home. Addy broke down, as he couldn't realizr the worth of him in his own eyes but for a moment he felt great that Fresca is there for him. He wiped his tears and started laughing to himself and prayed to God that he's definitely gonna propose to Fresca, no matter whay and he's not gonna worry about being jilted. He gave James a ring. James wasn't picking up the mobile and Adam promptly rushed to James's place. James opened the door.

James:Whatz wrong Addy?
Adam:Why?Am I not your friend at midnight?Let me in as I need to talk or else my head will burst!!
James: Woa…itz been long since I've seen this face of yours!!!Hurry..Get in!!!

The next morning, Fresca was buying a cup of coffee and as she turned, she spilled her coffee and she was about to say sorry but she paused as she realized she bumped into Adam. Fresca just left. Adam went after her and stopped her finally to say sorry and Fresca forgave him and took up the offer for a cup of coffee with him.

Both sat on a bench, facing each other. Just then, Fresca saw a pamphlet concerning a radio jockey audition poster. She is very excited and she talked about the poster.

Adam:You serious?
Fresca:Yes Addy. What do you think?
Adam:I think it is a hot offer and you should immediately prepare for this!!Perhaps you should go the extra mile to get it at any cost for I know that opportunity only knocks once and I will like to be interviewed by you once at least!!

The Dean called for Adam at her conference room.

Dean:Mr Adam you have a guest waiting for you..
Adam:And who is it Ms Parker?
Dean: She is your sister-in-law, Jhanvi.
Adam:Oh hi Jhanvi ji how are you doing?

Adam and Jhanvi hugged each other and Addy brought her to meet his love, Fresca.

Adam:Fres….This is Jhanvi, my closest net friend, the one whom I usually talk to you about??
Fresca:Oh yes.. Hi Jhanvi you look gorgeous!!!Oh yes, you are engaged,right??
Jhanvi:Yes babe and I think he did tell me a lot about you too…I'll be here for a couple of months at Addy's place. Addy,you don't mind nah?
Addy:Nope..Not at all….Alrite Fresca I'll be meeting you in class then.
Fresca:Sure, no worries.

Fresca leaves and Jhanvi and Addy walks around for a while.

Jhanvi:So Addy..what is it that you wanted to tell me?
Addy:Jv u know what I want to tell,right?
Jhanvi:Not at the moment Addy
Addy:Jv….come on….
Jhanvi:What?Ok let me guess..My wild guess is that you love Fresca
Addy:Hey how do you know that?
Jhanvi:I have never seen a guy who's so damn innocent as you….Isn't it written all over your face that you really love her and that you can do anything for her..But Addy let me tell you something! I agree that some girls are just too crazy about you but I don't think this Fresca loves you; I mean I just don't see it in her..
Addy:What do you mean?
Jhanvi:Well…some girls don't take these things to heart as they may just say their opinions casually so you can't just go for the casual talk and all. I am telling you simply to be prepared if let's say you proposed and she rejected you.

Addy:Jv….I don't know whether I will be able to..I want myself to be independent and stand on my own feet before I tell her.

Jhanvi:You already are standing on your feet…lol..just kidding!!

Addy was resuming his talk with Jhanvi and both reached home since Fresca is taking some notes on Job Assessment for him.

Addy showed Jhanvi his place and she really loved it. She felt glad that he valued family despite Mr Kerry's personality profile of being promiscuous.

Jhanvi read Fresca's diary while Addy went to bathe and freshen up.

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