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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 23)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2009 at 12:40am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 110

Addy was sitting all by himself, trying to seek the leisure of solitude amidst the clouds of troubles looming in his life. He had no idea what he was about to do. He brought Fresca's favourite tulips to Merck Hospital but dropped them upon seeing his love in another man's arms.He was more than ever confused of his decisions. He laid down on the grass,thinking of his life.Did he make the right decision by choosing to move on and getting engaged to Candice? All did not preferably like his choice and found him to be compromising. What was he thinking that by getting engaged to Candice, he was trying to move on??He was in fact trying to make himself strong in front of Fresca for he didn't want her to consider him a weakling and inferior to her. He couldn't bear to see Fresca in the arms of Jaggz. Addy fell weak and had run away instantly from the hospital. And he had barely heard of Fresca's operation. He had to go back and check on Fresca but he felt ashamed for feeling so low and he didn't know how he was going to face Fresca. He didn't even get the chance to even talk to Fresca properly ever since he got engaged. He looked up at the large clouds high above him and saw them breaking apart, changing their colour and form into water droplets. It was raining. Addy stood up and clsed his eyes, feeling the rain wash away his doubts and smiled,as if he's been shown a way from God;to dance to the chance, to just be himself and not worry about anything else, to talk to Fresca just as he will talk to himself for that's how their friendship had blossomed. No one could take away their happiness with his permission to feel inferior and give authority to the others to do so. Addy felt a few years younger and enjoyed the rain and danced in the rain after a very long time.

He took his mobile from his bag and realized Aditi had tried to call and text him. Addy was delighted that Fresca was alright and Addy decided that nothing is going to stop him from expressing his thoughts to Fresca that day. He ran all the way to get her some chocolates,flowers and all that she needs, that is his support and his everlasting friendship. Addy reached Merck Hospital,all drenched. Aditi and Sameer saw him and told him of the news and Addy asked for forgiveness and that he's all cool right now, practically shivering due to the cool winds from the air-conditioners in the hospital. Aditi wiped his head and helped him. Sameer told him that it will take quite some time to get Fresca back as she's in the process of recovery. Her students are all at a church adjacent to the Halls of Fame, ardently praying for her. Addy smiled at him and told him that he shoudln't worry and that he's so proud of Sameer for being so brave, especially in a fragile situation like this. Sameer was pleasantly surprised to hear encouraging words from Addy who's usually worried and realizes that God must have definitely heard his prayers and Sameer felt that Addy came at the right time to cheer Fresca up.

Meanwhile, Jaggz came back after hearing of the successful operation and was talking to Maha and Sameer. Jaggz was thinking of planning a surprise for Fresca when she gets fully recovered. Addy saw Jaggz. Initially, he was a bit upset but he was determined not to let anything come in the way of his happiness and so he let it be. He heard what Jaggz was planning and he was utterly excited for his dearest friend, Fresca. Addy was extremely happy for one thing which he had and Jaggz didn't have..An extremely special possession of his heart which belonged to only Fresca and her golden friendship that can never be removed nor substituted.Right now, nothing can go any worse and he texted Jhanvi and JK about Fresca.

Just then Candice came at the hospital to see Fresca. She looked from outside the ward where Fresca was lying down and Addy was sitting besides her with his gifts and he's eagerly waiting for Fresca to open her eyes. Jaggz saw Candice and looked at her sternly. He recalled his vision and decided that he'll stay at the hospital to protect Fresca but without creating any doubts in Candice's mind.

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Aww, this is really good. Can't wait for Fres to open her eyes. This was a nice chapter. Candice, is a weirdo haha. Keep up the good work. Cant wiat for next chap.



jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2009 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 111

Meanwhile, Jay was continuing to search for Maha and finally he saw her. He watched her from afar, falling in love with her smiles and simplicity. He hit his head from the back, thinking of how stupid their fight was which was all started because of him. Who knew things could go this drastic as all he wanted was to fight with her in a fun manner just like how he had always teased her. He loved her but he had to learn how to control the words that come out of him when he's angry. And today had to be the worst of it. He slowly walked to her and when she was done talking to her patient, he pulled her arm into her cabin and locked the door and closed the blinds so that no one could see them. Maha rolled her eyes. Jay came close to her and held her face with his hands. Maha looked at him but let go and turned to go but Jay held on to her hand and pulled her towards the wall. He placed his hand on the wall, looking at her. Maha kept looking away for she knew that she'll end up looking at him and forgiving him easily. Jay came close to her ears and whispered sorry and he'll try to control himself especially his anger. Maha advanced to go but Jay stopped her and went behind her and spread his arms around her, promising her that he'll never say what he said in anger ever again because only he knew the pain he's going through and he never wants to ever face such pain again in his life for he can't live without her or her beauty expressed in her simplicity. He can't bear to part from her. Maha turned to his side and Jay almost kissed her cheek, making her blush. Eventually, Maha forgave him and told him that she knew of his intention to fight with her as per normal but the words really worsened the situation. Maha told Jay of whatever she has read about Candice so far and that she has still lots to read about her and find out about her but this was to be kept confidential from Fresca and everyone else. Jay hugged her and told her that he's always with her and he too agreed that this could possibly solve most of the problems that Fresca might be facing and told her to ask him for any help she needs. Maha told him to let her go and that she had to go but Jay was getting overly romantic and finally Maha gave him a push he badly needed from her. Maha unlocked the door and left. She came out of her cabin and turned, seeing Jay looking at her. She raised her eyes and romantically winked at him and blushed, and left.

Jaggz sat down on the bench outside the ICU where Fresca was resting inside. He kept forcing himself to think of what Candice is up to but he's getting nowhere. He kept delving into the vision he's received a few weeks back but it just stops when he sees Candice. He feels that Candice could be here with some plan. Just then he saw Jhanvi approaching him and asked about Fresca and he fed her the details. Jhanvi saw him quite upset about something and she realized what it was when she saw Candice.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Halls of Fame part 112

Jaggz sat down on the bench outside the ICU where Fresca was resting inside. He kept forcing himself to think of what Candice is up to but he's getting nowhere. He kept delving into the vision he's received a few weeks back but it just stops when he sees Candice. He feels that Candice could be here with some plan. Just then he saw Jhanvi approaching him and asked about Fresca and he fed her the details. Jhanvi saw him quite upset about something and she realized what it was when she saw Candice.

Jhanvi:You must be worrying about Fresca's wellbeing,right?

Jaggz:Yeah..I'm just so scared for her but right now I'm so glad that Addy's there!!He is her best friend and there are just some things which only Addy can do and I'm glad that he's there for her right now.

Jhanvi:You're right. I'm glad there's no problems between both of you. Let me ask you; are you worried about Candice??That was just a guess..am I right??

Jaggz:Actually yes.Yes I am!!

Jhanvi:Ahh...well I do know some things after all.

Jaggz:I've heard about you from Fresca about how you almost got att..I'm sorry

Jhanvi:Go on..say it..how i almost got attacked by Addy under the influence of Candice's drugs. You never know how much of terror I've gone through because of that. Anyways, let bygones be bygones. As long as Addy's here, you've got nothing to fear. But I hope you're staying here as well just in case of anything.

Jaggz:Yep I am, not because I don't trust Addy or any of that sort but just to make sure that nothing happens to Fresca.

Jhanvi:Thanks!!By the way do you know something??Fresca's truly lucky!!

Jaggz:Why do you say that,Jhanvi??

Jhanvi:Don't you know the reason???(stands up to leave)

Jaggz:Actually nope. Stop turning tales. Just say it.

Jhanvi:Alright,relax!!!Fresca's extremely lucky for before she departs, she has accomplished the two most formidable missions in any girl's life; finding true love and fulfilling her fairy tale and finding true friendship. These are highly important for us girls especially no matter how much we deny the former. And I have no words to show how much I really appreciate guys like you who are there for their beloved especially in such fragile and delicate situations whose balance can easily be vanished if not handled well. It's indeed true that you'll know who really cares for you in such times and you've always proved to be a true gem in Fresca's life. I seriously wonder why God had stopped creating men like you. Cheers to that thought while I'll go and meet Addy.

Jhanvi sees Addy beaming, something she wouldn't normally expect from him and she definitely knew something was up with Addy.Addy told her of what an inspiration he had received from his inner self through God's miracle and how he's feeling so different yet the same;as though he's found his true self and he's never gonna depart from this feeling as much as he can. Jhanvi smiled at him and kissed his forehead and encouraged him and told him to talk to Fresca about their friendship, to lighten up this environment with their friendship moments and try to recreate the magic which might have faded over the years and just be himself and talk to her for this opportunity may never knock again. Addy loved this uplifting idea and hugged Jhanvi.Jhanvi is happy for Addy and she gently talked to Fresca, wishing that she'll recover as soon as possible to experience the most beautiful magic that she'll probably never ever have seen in her life. The magic of love and friendship which will be pervading in her spirit by her two best guys in this world- Addy and Jaggz.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2009 at 1:03am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 113

Jhanvi leaves Addy and goes back to Addy's home where JK was waiting for her. Jhanvi is currently nursing JK and taking good care of him at home, which is very much recommended for JK's health and he's improving. JK saw Jhanvi and asked about Fresca. Jhanvi informed JK of Fresca's successful 7-hour operation and that she might take some time to recover. Initially JK was extremely happy but he grew dull again. Jhanvi asked him of his fluctuating expression and JK expressed his concern for her and Jhanvi told him not to strain himself so much for Addy and Jaggz are there. JK told Jhanvi that he's very much worried with what Addy is doing with his life. Jhanvi too couldn't help but wonder what Addy is going through. She knew that he couldn't possibly stay all optimistic behind her back. In fact, although Addy assured her that he's perfectly alright, she felt that he's hiding something from her. Something extremely BIG.

It was 3 am when Jhanvi received a call. For a moment, she was shocked to receive a call at this hour of the night and thought it was Vishal and without looking at her phone, she told him to call her later as she's sleeping but she paused when she realized it was Addy. Addy called her and she switched on the lights.

Jhanvi:What the hell Addy???Right now???Have you gone nuts??

Addy:Just do what I say Jhanvi..Please, won't you even do this for me???

Jhanvi:You are so in trouble, mister!!!

Addy:Oh come on Jhanvi...You just know that I can never trust anyone else besides you to do this for me...

Jhanvi:but(yawns) Addy, I'm reallie tired. Please, I'll wake up at 6 and come there..

Addy:Please do it right now!!!

Jhanvi:Arrgghhh...Fine but you are so going to owe me BIG time!!!!

Addy:How sweet Jhanvi!!!

Jhanvi:Cut the crap..I'm coming!!

Jhanvi kept mumbling her way up to Addy's attic up his house while JK is sound asleep. Jhanvi has not walked up the attic since 6 years back. She recalled the last time she walked up was when she had to carry all of Addy's junk and store it upstairs. Addy's junk of his notes, his certificates and even his books which she has never gone through before as she was not allowed to. And now her eyes are quite swollen because she didn't sleep that night as her darling Addy had to call her just half an hour after she went to bed. And he wants her to find him all his precious notebooks. And the attic is filled with tonnes of boxes and how the hell is she going to find it and the attic light is dim and on top of that, it's irritating her eyes as it's flickering and she had almost wanted to switch it off and shooed that thought away as she will only find herself in pitch darkness.

She tried her best to sort out the boxes and she was about to go when she fell, stumbling upon a large box. It was written confidential on it and when she opened it, it was filled with lots of goodies and notebooks and other colourful items. She got amused as she knew Addy had no habit of collecting things and it was far more interesting to see a specially wrapped notebook which had a heart drawn and written Addy loves Fresca. Jhanvi gleamed with excitement and realized that this could be the box that Addy wanted and brought the box down with much difficulty and emptied the contents of the box.

As Jhanvi emptied the contents further, she saw several photographs which Addy hasn't shown her at all. In fact she also came across several notebooks and amongst she also saw a black diary. It was written Candice's thoughts but as Jhanvi flipped through the pages, she recognized Addy's handwriting, which was even more puzzling. It seemed like Addy had copied the enitre of Candice's diary and Jhanvi pondered over this unfathomable act of Addy but she had got no clue at all. But she decided to look at the big picture and thought of hiding this from Addy and kept it to herself while she got the contents back into the box and packed it and kept it in her car. Before she left, she wrote a note next to JK's bed of her whereabouts and that she'll be back in the morning at around 7 am and to call her if there is any emergencies.

Addy saw Jhanvi coming in and he thanked her so much and Jhanvi slapped him on his cheek lightly and Addy just smiled. Jhanvi told him to take care and call her if he needs any help and left quickly. Jaggz was sleeping on the couch in the ward where Fresca was resting while Addy slowly unsealed the box and looked at the wonderous things that were in the box just as he had kept it. He looked at the items and turned nostalgic. At first, he decided to look at his scrapbook that he's made with Fresca. The last gift that both of them made before their friendship was strained by Addy's decision. Addy touched the scrapbook and felt special.

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