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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 22)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2009 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 105

Sameer turned to Jay while Maha was gone from there.

Sameer:I'll talk to you about this later but right now you've got to come with me for Fresca's here for her check up and we need to brief her about everything.

Jay and Sameer walked to Sameer's cabin where Fresca was sitting. Sameer instructed her to follow the nurse who will perform the regular, routine check-up and after that, they can discuss about Fresca.

Sameer: Can you read my face or do I have to spell it out to you???

Jay:Well.....Actually Maha was hiding something from me but in order for me to know that, I scolded her using an excuse. Well apparently we were supposed to perform an op today but she cancelled it, which I didn't get to know in time for my handphone was switched off.

Sameer:I see....Aha.. but Maha isn't the type to get ticked by that...Did you say anything serious???(looked at Jay's face) Shoot it right now, Jay!!!

Jay: Well I said that I'm not sure if we should go on...

Sameer:Let me get this straight. You didn't complete your sentence,did you???Arggghhh Jay, I really feel like slapping you!!!!Real hard...What's your prob,dude??Is this even the time to fight..Ok, leave the fact that there are only about 2 more weeks to your marriage but what's the reason of your fight?Tat she's hiding things from you..And is this even the way to get the truth out of her, and on top of that, you leave a pathetic dangling sentence, making a great miscommunication, oh yeah?? So what did you get out of this..I mean, I'm seriously asking you!!!

Jay:Ok fine!!I may have made a tiny mistake by ruining it all but hey she ought to tell me

Sameer:Jay...I'll really slap you now. If you ever do love Maha truly, let her come and tell you what the matter is. This is one important lesson which I imparted from some of our colleagues here. You can't compel or pressurize her to do that in order to get the truth out. And please stop acting so childish and immature!!Especially with such dangling sentences...Do you even realize how stupid it sounds???

Just then a nurse came in and informed Sameer that Fresca had fainted. Sameer told jay to stay back and wait for his instructions and perhaps solve his problem while Sameer'll handle Fresca. Sameer promptly rushed to Fresca who was being laid on the hospital bed by some nurses. Sameer checked her BP,and sprinkled some water. He couldn't feel any breathing and eventually, Sameer did cardiopulmonary resuscitation on her till Fresca coughed and exhaled. Fresca gradually opened her eyes and the nurses had raised her bed a little to make her comfortable. Sameer asked one of the nurses to quickly get a nutritious breakfast meal and an orange juice for Fresca, who did not eat anything since the last 20 hours, and received a cute chiding from Sameer, who realized that she's straining herself so much with dance rehearsals for her students' dance shows. Sameer turned around to see his love, Aditi who came with the breakfast meal and he smiled at her, excusing himself so that both sisters can have their own time while he went to check on Jay and Fresca's latest reports.

Sameer opened the door to see Maha and Jay almost at opposite ends. Sameer realized that their argument is not going anywhere and he warned them that they are not going to get to know anything about Fresca till their problem resolve. However, Aditi came in and made Sameer swallow his words as Jay has all the rights to know about Fresca's health and so does the rest who are much deeply concerned about Fresca. Sameer took the medical reports and went aside to read them while Aditi talked to both Maha and Jay.

Sameer just shoved the reports on his desk and dropped himself on his chair. Things were totally getting out of hand and he's trembling with fear.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2009 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Sorrie for the late update!!!!
Halls of Fame part 106

Sameer just shoved the reports on his desk and dropped himself on his chair. Things were totally getting out of hand and he's trembling with fear. He has not expected the results to vary to a significant degree. Aditi could not see Sameer's drooping spirit. Aditi realized that things are about to be far more drastic. She held Sameer's palms and gave him an affirmative smile and Sameer kissed her forehead and left to meet Fresca. Sameer had decided to inform Fresca bravely while he had asked Aditi to handle Jay and Maha and perhaps inform the rest who didn't know about Fresca till now, including her students, Raj, Naina, Anjali and James.

Fresca was feeling much better after her breakfast, no longer as nauseous as she was the night before. Sameer had opened the door and went inside and pulled out a chair to sit near Fresca. Fresca looked at him for a while and wondered what happened to him and took an intelligent guess. She knew it had something to do with her report results but she kept mum till Sameer decides to tell her.

Sameer:Hey, erm how are you?Feeling better??

Fresca:Much better, Sameer. Thanks to you and Jay who are trying real hard. I truly appreciate it.

Sameer:You're right. We are all trying real hard but sometimes i just think not all our efforts are good enough. I want you to know something, Fresca. No matter what, I'll make sure I'll fight with you till the end and I'll ensure that nothing will happen to you. And by the way you are progressing real well. Excellent, actually and within a few weeks, you'll be the cheery, bubbly girl I used to know way before I met you. Trust me, will you??

Fresca:Sameer...I've always trusted you and will so in the future. But is this really the way it is supposed to be conveyed???You can't even lie properly so don't Sam!!It hurts me to see that you are attempting to suppress your emotions in front of me and that your eyes are telling me a different story compared to the words coming out of your mouth. Trust me, I'm brave enough to hear and handle the truth.

Sameer:Heyy you caught me after all!!!Fresca, I might need to have you operated immediately!!!You know the problem lies with your pancreas,right??I'm devastated to find that your pancreas is fully infested with your cancer cells and none of the medications are effective enough. I'll have to operate on you immediately so that I can minimize any fatalities associated with me delaying this procedure as the cancer cells are much more aggressive than before and they can even spread to your other organs at an advanced rate.And...

Just then, Jaggz came in to see Fresca. Sameer paused and told Fresca to talk it out with Jaggz and let him know within the next hour and that he'll come back to her. Jaggz sat beside Fresca and saw Fresca's eyes welled up. He held out his hand to wipe her tears but stopped and kept his bouquet of flowers aside while he hugged her. Without Fresca knowing, Jaggz was crying inside his heart. He was starting to feel anxious and scared of the their future.

Robsessed. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2009 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Aww, omg, this was a sweet and sad chapter you have ever written. Fresca will survive, inshallah x
This might sound daft because it's a story, lol. Hopefully nothing will go wrong and Fres && Jaggsz will have a happy future. *Sighs*
This is my favourite story in this whole corner x
You've improved alot on your writing skills, and stuff ... blah blah, lol ever since you've written part 1 of Halls Of Fame x

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jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Thx Selina, missed ya!!!!
Halls of Fame part 107

Fresca was talking to Jaggz. She smiled at him and informed him of the surgical procedure that Sameer had briefed her before he came in. Jaggz was frozen and pale and Fresca only knew he didn't have anything but fear for her but then he surprised her with a smile and told her that he's with her no matter what happens. Fresca was halfway cheerful for Jaggz was still there with her despite her pale,weakly appearance and her tremendous rate of hair loss.

Jaggz:Why are you smiling like that, Fres??Are you surprised that I've stood by you this far??

Fresca:It all seems like a fantasy for me, Jaggz for there are very few rare gems like you who've stood for true love and especially when the emotional is needed the most during such shaky times.

Jaggz:You'll always find me by your side forever. My kids tell me that you are the best thing that could have happened to me and them recently. They love you so dearly and tell me that they miss you so much. They asked me if you could stay with them for a while so that they can give you a wonderful surprise.

Fresca:Aww..they are the sweetest angels. I will love to spend time with them. But right now, I just hope the procedure goes fine. Sameer told me there are high chances of success but of course there are some minor unsuccessful cases. But I'm pretty hopeful but today before I even tell Sameer, I want you to know something.

Jaggz:What??(gazes at her eyes)

Fresca:That you are a handsome gentleman who believes in internal beauty and true love and I really love you so much.

Jaggz and Fresca held each other's hands, interlocking them and went nearer to each other, their foreheads touching each other. Addy opened the door to see Jaggz and Fresca and stood there with some lilies and tulips. He dropped them and left the room promptly and almost bumped into Sameer, who seemed much confused.

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Halls of Fame part 108

Sameer knocked the door and asked Fresca about the procedure and she nodded; she's ready for the procedure. Sameer asked the nurse to get the emergency room ready together with Fresca while he talked to Jaggz while Aditi talked to Maha and Jay. Sameer thanked Jaggz for being Fresca's great support system and reuqests him to pray for her well-being while Aditi tries to solve Maha and Jay's problem.

Maha:Aditi...it's Jay who started it. I admit that I have not told Jay anything about my doings for the past few days but he has not given any opportunity or space for me to even tell him about it. Why doesn't he even understand the fact that I only started it because of him and now he's suspecting me and he's even gone on to saying that he isn't sure about me and him.How could he say that???That's what that really ticked me off. And if you are going to talk to him, just tell him that I can't tell him anything right now and if he knows what he's doing, he'll know that I've never hid anything about me from him so far and will never do so and if he does love me, he's got to trust me!!!

Aditi:Hhmm..Yea i'm definitely going to talk to him and you just stay calm. I haven't known the cause of your fight till now. I've got to see what he has to say and dont worry. Everything will be alright. Do pray for our darling Fres.

Maha:Sam told me. Aditi she'll pull through this. I'm sure of that and I'll pray for her. You go ahead; I'll make a move.

Aditi went to talk to Jay who was trying to avoid her looks and Aditi finally caught him. Jay couldn't even look at her.

Aditi:What happened,Jay??Can't even face me for what you've done to my best friend???What's wrong now???

Jay:Look I know I've made a grave mistake and I'm terribly sorry.

Aditi:Why are you saying sorry to me for???You ought to say that to Maha. She's truly hurt!!!She's never hurt so easily and yet you had to be the one!!!!!

Jay:I just got startled and extremely anxious that she's hiding things and things are changing. These things never happened between us. Ok, maybe the fact that she's a little overprotective and all, that's fine but this is not.

Aditi:Ok, the overprotective part..She's changed that for good. And now if I remember clearly, didn't we all push her to be overly friendly with Candice????So how is it that now Maha alone is at fault???

Jay:How could that have slipped my mind??

Aditi:How couldn't it???You guys are never thinking straight!!!!Now what's your plan..To get separated and never talk again..And if you did that, let me remind you that you are not the only one who's going to get hurt but it will be Maha who's only going to be much more deeply hurt for she can never live without you or with anyone else. But I guess I'll tell not to waste her time with you anymore.

Jay:Aditi!!!!You'll not do that!!!Who told you that we're going to part??I got blinded by anger and said those words. But that doesn't mean anything.

Aditi:Oh yeah and you can dare say that whatever Maha's doing is wrong???I find you anger a much worse trait compared to Maha's overprotective nature. You better change your attitude or else things will turn out to be bitter later on. And why are you justifying your actions to me for????IF you don't do anything by tomorrow, I'm really going to do something real drastic and that's for sure, Jay!!!!And you know what I mean by that!!!

Jay saw Aditi leaving in anger but he smiled as he knew no one would love him as much as Aditi and through her words, he just knew what he had to do. He strided to search for Maha.

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Posted: 22 August 2009 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Ooo ... Addy? Man, have I missed him. Omg, i think he still loves fresca.
Please update, i want to know what happens next.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Halls of Fame part 109

Jay saw Aditi leaving in anger but he smiled as he knew no one would love him as much as Aditi and through her words, he just knew what he had to do. He strided to search for Maha. Meanwhile Sameer and an another doctor got ready to advance to the emergency ward. Sameer met Aditi who hugged him and smiled, telling him not to worry about anything in particular and she has full faith in him. Just then Sameer recollected seeing addy and told Aditi to see if he's ok and passed the tulips and liles and a note attached with them to Aditi. Aditi wished him all the luck and soon the operation began in full swing.

Aditi lingered outside the operation theatre for a while before sitting down at an adjacent bench. She looked at the note that Sameer kept in her hand before embarking on the crucial operation. She opened the letter to see Addy's words. Addy wishes Fresca Get Well Soon and he said he wanted to talk to Fresca in private for some time for he had not even managed to even talk to her properly ever since he had gotten himself engaged. He hoped to talk to her soon. Aditi recalls hearing from Sameer that he had come to give these special flowers for Fresca but he didn't and had left after seeing Jaggz with Fresca. Aditi wondered if Addy still loved Fresca or else why would he just run away just like that. She folded the letter back and waited for Sam to bring her the good news. As she looked around, she saw Jaggz who smiled at her and told her that he's going to pray at the church with his kids for Fresca and asked her to call him once anything is known.

Jaggz too seemed lost in his thoughts at the church. He recalled his extra-sensory perception he's had a few weeks back when Fresca was in Paris about him being with her in the hospital. Just the way it happened today. But then, he's afraid of the vision for he saw Candice in it too. He had seen Candice coming to see Fresca and that was the end of that vision and from what he has heard from Fresca and even Jhanvi, he began to feel very anxious and prayed for Fresca's well-being.

The operation was seemingly too long. Aditi waited with Maha who had come after performing a miraculous operation and she and her team had thought that her patient had passed away; her patient had miraculously fought back to life and Maha affirmed that perhaps Fresca could come back just like that and Aditi hugged her. Both of them crossed their fingers and prayed real hard for Fresca, the precious token of their heart.Sameer finally came out and brought to them the great news of Fresca's successful surgical removal of her pancreas. However she has yet to gain her consciousness and only after that can they fully tell of Fresca's condition. Aditi and Maha told Sameer of her operation and soon informed Jaggz and texted Addy of Fresca.

Aditi went to talk to Sameer privately about Fresca and asked if there was any kind of complications. He kept mum for a while but told her that it was seven hours of operation which took place and he was extremely worried that there might be complications but he thanked the Lord for a success for him and his team but most importantly, for Fresca's loved ones. He just prayed that nothing wrong takes place any more and it will indeed take a lot of time for Fresca to recover; he approximated the time to be a week or even more.Aditi showed Sam Addy's letter and wondered where he was right now.

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Aww, Jassie! Congratsz on PART 109!!!!
This is ... really really good. I think it's better then good. Fresca will live. No matter what! I have hope in you jas! HA!
You better update ... or ... else ...

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