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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23 (Page 2)

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2008 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Halls of Fame-part 7

Fresca:If you don't mind, how is your dad? You are on good terms with him,right?
Adam:Nope, he had actually shifted to Paris after marrying a lady from Paris.Now I stay in a small flat just like you and I feel real independent.
Fresca:Thatz very nice Adam.
Adam:Actually do you mind if you could have lunch with me tomorrow at my flat?
Fresca:I'll be discharged within hours and if I am alright by tomorrow, I'll definitely love to come

Adam:Alright then I'll leave for now
Fresca:Ok,see ya ..Oh yes Adam
Adam:Yes u called?
Fresca:Thanks for coming. I am feeling way much better now!!

Adam smiles and leaves. James was there,waiting for Adam.

James:How is she?
Adam:She is real cool.Way better now.
James:So you do love her, do you?
Adam:James, what question is this? I don't even know her,why would I?
James:Instead of asking me, ask yourself!!It seems that your love is written all over your face.
Adam:I'll take your leave now
James:Alright dude..Just chill, I was just kidding!!See ya!!
James (in thoughts): I'll make sure Fresca goes to Adam's flat

Adam was so red in the face that he could feel the heat of love spreading evenly on his face.

Adam was so elated that he spent almost half an hour praying to God for Fresca's well-being and to ensure the success of his and Fresca's lunch tomorrow.

Meanwhile Fresca was resting in her flat after being discharged from Merck Hospital. James was in the flat with her and cooked her favourite spicy soup and left a message on the table that he's going out for a while.

Fresca woke up and drank the soup and watched TV for a while. Just then the doorbell rang. There is a courier for her.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 17 February 2008 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame-part 8

The courier had a message and a video cd. The message written was
"To the most brave and beautiful girl I have ever met,
   Sending you this CD a bit late but at the right moment
   Wish you could be this way at all times-You can;only if you want to !!


She put the CD and saw the video of herself dancing for a song shoot and how gracefully and elegantly she danced. This was followed by her poetries shown on the screen, flying around a tree during spring and Fresca recalled how she spent her spring two weeks back after coming to London and moments of solitude which created a whole fortune in her life by herself. Before the CD ended, it said,

You can just be the way you used to be
At least for my sake
For your smiles and your flaws
Make me radiant and beam
With pride for I am your admirer
A true admirer of yours!!


Fresca started wondering who the admirer was. However she thanked him silently and hoped that she would meet this admirer of hers one day. Meanwhile she got ready to go to Adam's flat for lunch.

Adam had just made something which he thought Fresca liked most-Indian cuisine. He made Butter Naan, strawberry milkshake and chilli chicken-recipes obtained from the Internet.
The doorbell rang. Adam opened the door and saw Fresca in a pair of blue beaded jeans and a white coat and looked elegant with a set of emerald necklace. Adam kept beaming with awe.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 February 2008 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame-part 9

Fresca:Will you just look at how ugly I am or will you let me in?
Adam: Oops..Come in..By the way you look real classy and elegant
Fresca(walking inside): Thanx Adam. Hey I just love this palace of yours. I think it's real cool, I must admit. The homely presence is definitely the critical element of beauty to your palace. Thanx for the invitation.
Adam:Make your way to the balcony where we can have our lunch
Fresca:I have no doubt that you figured out what I liked and made them but I hope you made something which you liked.

Fresca was amazed and kept on complimenting Adam for his cooking in a short span of time. It seemed just perfect for Fresca. Fresca shared jokes and stories about her life so far. Adam could just go ga-ga over her but to his bad luck, she was completely oblivious about it.

Then Fresca shared the CD event with Adam. Adam was surprised to see her so lively in the video and how well she had held herself and admired her spontaneity but he began to think hard of who could be more mad about Fresca other than him. He began crossing his fingers and hoping that this was a joke and perhaps the person may not come in front of Fresca.

Fresca was about to leave when Adam asked her to stop for a while. Adam wanted to tell her what is in his mind but then Fresca's mobile had rung. Fresca disconnected the call and attended to Adam. Adam thanked Fresca for coming and Fresca left. Adam was feeling bad that Fresca left without a goodbye kiss but Adam was on cloud nine for Fresca came to his incomplete home and left it with a beautiful charismatic touch of perfection and optimism.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 23 February 2008 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 10

The next day, Fresca was late for her classes and had missed a big opportunity. She had badly wanted to take part in the auditions of the Wilde Berry Productions new series-Halls of Fame. The script evolves around two people who met by destiny whose opposite attitudes slowly change as they get to know each other and stick up for each other forever despite various controversies that occur in their lives.

Adam had jumped with joy when he saw that he got selected by the crew and disseminated it to Fresca. They were both really excited for Adam.
Adam:But I wanted to do the series with you
Fresca:Some other time Adam!Now I'll get more chances to tease you.Haha!!Oh yes may I ask you why in the world you nominate dme for the Best Friend of the Month award for??
Adam:I thought you deserve it for our friendship.It is a great title!!By the way you are welcome!!!
Fresca:Thanks a tonne. Anyways I have a badminton tournament this weekend at the Samtas hall in our college. You might wanna come.
Adam:I think I am busy .Sorry!!
Fresca:It's ok. Hey I will catch you later as I got an appointment with Mr Smith.
Fresca left.
Adam: Well I m not gonna leave this opportunity. I will be there for you no matter what!!I'll support you till the end!!

Adam received a call at night. It was James. James had called to inform him that Adam has gotten a main lead in wilde Berry's new series and therefore he has to spend more time with the crew from tomorrow onwards.James further told him that this was a clear message from Eddy-the personal assistant of Wilde Berry.

Just then Adam realized that Fresca's badminton tournament was tomorrow.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2008 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 11

The next day, Adam had woken up early and went to the college to see fresca and gave her a cap written:You Rock Fresca and went to Samtas Hall to see her play!!

Little did he realize about his play and that practically everyone was waiting for him. When he reached the drama theatre, the room was quiet. Not a single person waited to hear his apology. Only 5 words greeted him:You are so screwed up!!

Monday of the following week had not been easy for both Fresca and Adam. Fresca was extremely angry with him for not prioritizing. She kept chiding Adam but Adam is so quiet.

Fresca:Now what Adam? You have really lost your chance to fame.
Adam(kept his finger to Fresca's lips):Sshh…Gosh you talk too much. Now you listen to me!!I did not want to miss your tournament as it meant a lot to me. It showed your passion in winning and your determination just made me feel so small. I didn't even realize how time flew so damn quickly and I didn't feel bad for missing the play!!

Fresca just felt so strange with Adam's soft tone and how he left the cafeteria just like that. Fresca thought deeply about what Adam was trying to tell her subtly but the more she thought the more confused she became

The college prom night was held every year for all students, including the fresh students out there about to progress into the senior year like Adam Kerry and Fresca Jones. Fresca was sulking at this prospect and found it real crappy with a waste of time in sheer entertainment. On the other hand, Adam thought of it as an opportunity to fame by flirting around and looking more glamorous,aiming for the Hot-O-Meter based on how hot a couple looks on the night itself.

Fresca was amused by Adam's thinking and left for her classes.

Adam, on the other hand, has been trying to impress the girls in his batch. One after another—he was determined not to give up. Adam finally decided to have a bet with Fresca and James.

Present moment-in lecture theatre

Adam:Stop laughing. You both don't know how easily girls fall for me
Fresca:Yea rite..we know about it since we have not observed you for the past two to three weeks
James:And almost none could say 'no' to you indeed!!
Adam:Let's have a bet—The next girl who comes into this lecture theatre will be my other half for the college prom night.
Fresca:Let's see who the lucky girl is

OMG!!!Fresca, James and Adam were frozen with shock!!
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2008 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 12

OMG!!!Fresca, James and Adam were frozen with shock!!

It was none other than Presca Bynes!!Much as Fresca and James wanted to maintain a shocked expression on their faces, they just rolled on and started laughing. Adam looked at them as though Fresca and James were alien to him

Presca went forward to Adam and asked him for the college prom night. Adam had an expression-which conveyed BINGO!!Presca went to her seat and had already started her gossipy talk with her two best buddies who are no doubt, damn irritated for both had been eyeing Adam too but just couldn't muster the courage to ask him out. Either that or the fact that they feared rejection and the fact that Presca might know shook their guts out!!
Fresca and James just couldn't contain their excitement for Adam!!

Fresca:Finally you've won the bet Addy. But seriously Presca asking you out even after the detention incident?Guess she hasn't known about it,yeah?
Adam:No one knows it that I was behind it so just shut it and James you are coming to the prom night,right??With whom??
James:Sorry Adam.I won't be able to make it as I'm spending the day alone, cherishing my true friend's love and memories!!Wait a second..Who are you going out with,Fresca??

Both James and Adam were looking blankly at Fresca!!
Fresca:What??Did I say I m coming? Look,frankly speaking, I have no dates and perhaps I won't/
Adam:Now since I have won the bet you'll do what I say and you will come to the prom nite and that too with someone!!Thatz it ..no more arguments!!

Fresca:But Addy!!
Adam:No buts!!

Fresca is ever puzzled and annoyed too, thinking of where to get a guy who's likely to entertain her for the night.

Fresca tried all means to coax Adam into taking his words back but to no avail. In the mean time, James tried to warn Adam.

James:Listen Addy you never know she may come with anybody in the nick of time
Adam:James, she won't be able to.I am certain of that
James:What if she did?Then you'll be h itting yourself with your own trap!!
Adam was silently regretting but tried to reassure him and James that nothing of the sort will happen!!
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 February 2008 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 13

Fresca was at home and she was about to go out but she had someone at the door. Fresca was totally shocked!!It was her cool buddy whom she had studied with since childhood but she had lost touch with him for the past eight months. He looked so charming with his shoulder-length hair with a great array of colourful flowers for Fresca.

Fresca welcomed Frank, her childhood mate into her home!!

Frank had been working 24/7 at his own restaurant in London, earning recognition for all kinds of Western food but what caused his success was Fresca's idea of introducing special Indian dishes beginning with appetizers and then with spicy pakoras and tea-time foodies. Now Frank is taking a long break from his work, which is being handled by his partner and his love, Jolene.

Fresca spent her entire day with Frank. Frank was all-smiles and intrigued by her self-motivation to think wisely and move ahead in life. Frank mde dinner for Fresca and both had a ball. James came back, tired after a football match with Adam.

Fresca introduced Frank to Adam, who was apparently irritated by Frank's presence. James had a great time with Frank as usual but Adam was the least interested in their conversation on national crises and left after eating dinner, sulking across the journey to his home. James pretended to be oblivious of what's happening and conversed ahead with Frank.

James had headed back home early that evening and Frank talked with fresca for hours about her school and life. Just then, Fresca stopped mid-way and asked Frank about the prom nite.

Fresca:Hey I was just wondering if you were free next week as I m haing a prom nite and I need to go there with a guy and right now I have no dates..
Frank:Aha,I have known you for ages. I would love to come bu I had agreed to go out with Jolene as we had not gone out for months and I decided to shut her complaint box by going out..But I m sure some guy out there will be your lucky charm for the nite!!I will take your leave as it is pretty late already!!
Fresca:Alrito Frank.You have my handphone number and make sure you contact me and keep in touch!!See ya..
Frank:Hey I enjoyed the dinner we made together
Fresca:Yea perfectionist I enjoyed too and had a blast..See ya
Frank:See ya too!!

Fresca had been quite sad as she had not even gotten a date yet and the prom nite is next week. But soon she realized that she could actually coax James to go with her. However she realized that James will not want to go with her as James wanted to be left alone as he wants to cherish Ari's love and their fond memories. Fresca decided to wait for the right moment.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 March 2005
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Posted: 02 March 2008 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Halls of Fame part 14

The next day, a famous journalist came over for an hour to share his experiences when he had first embarked on his career two years back. He had brought up an exciting offer of a volunteer to be chosen randomly at that spot to work with him for three months which was a rare yet fantastic an experience not to be missed out. And he chose Adam Kerry. Fresca was so elated and excited that she had come forward and kissed Addy lightly on his right cheek. Adam had gone blank at the spot and just gazed at her with true love for her subtle gesture, assuring himself that this time, he will not let neither her or himself down and started beliving in himself.

After the talk the journalist looked for Fresca and he called her out from her Journalism class.
Fresca:Nice talk, buddy. Didn't know that you have transformed so much and by the way you look really smart too
Zac:Thanks Fresca. Oh yes, I will like you to know that Adam will definitely work with me. I want you to be assured that Adam will soon rock in journalism as both me and you see the growing passion in his eyes.
Fresca:Alright Zac you might be busy so I will see you some other time
Zac:Hey wait.Just hear me out!!By the way I sent you the anonymous CD with your song shoot and poems.I really loved your energy and zest when you expressed yourself.
Fresca:Ah..now I get it. Your sister, Ari used to tell me a lot about you and how you admire my style. I m glad to have met my crush and the support you have given me and James in times of need!!Thanx buddy!!

Zac and fresca hugged and parted, with smiles on both of their faces. Adam was speechless after hearing them out.

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