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Halls of Fame-part 113 pg 23

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2008 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
This is a sincere effort of mine, with lots of time and hard work invested. I truly trust that no one will steal or acknowledge my work as theirs.Thank you!!!
Yes I know that i haf not posted for ages and the sole reason is due to the fact that i was waiting for a great climax and I m ready wid my story.....

HALLS OF FAME (C) Jaslin Sulaiman, 2008

Time was running pretty fast and Adam has not reached the dance floor yet. Could he still be as introverted as he used to be 3 months back? James, my supposed dance partner has arrived and tapped on my shoulder.


James:You are waiting for someone known as Adam Kerry?

Fresca:Yes James'Oops!Nope!

James:Yes and stop worrying..He'll be here soon and when he said he'll come, he'll definitely come


James:Just chill'I am his friend and I know him well enough!!


I became more impatient. James handed me a refreshment pack. I slowly sipped my drink while recollecting my memories of him, though little but worth cherishing..


I have known Adam Kerry for quite some time-perhaps about 6 months. I first met him when I was late for my classes. I did not bring my timetable along so I basically got lost and I headed for the Mass Communication class LR-C146 but there was no one. Then I headed to the boys' locker area-the only big coverage area for our college magazine for there's where the college's top most gossiper-Presca Bynes who's always credited in disseminating events as such. Just then, Presca Bynes was there looking at a guy who's busy copying practical notes for her and at that spot, there was a flash..Thinking it was a lightning, the guy ran away and Presca ran inside-I went to check.Suddenly a guy handed out his camera to me and ran and Presca saw me with the camera-This incident had not only gained me unwanted fame and popularity but a whole week of detention..I just hated Adam Kerry then. I got to know that he's the son of John Kerry, a famous celebrity and who all were crazy about.

A few days later, there were bouquets of roses and tulips at the doorstep of my flat. This continued for a few days and this angered me even more. I decided not to go for my classes the next day. I left the door closed but unlocked. In the evening when I was done with my cleaning the flat, I saw a small note on my study table in the living room.

It read:-

Hi,Fresca. Yes I know ur name-Fresca Jones and that after the death of your parents, u stay alone in the flat and I am pretty much sure that u have noticed all those flowers..I am Adam Kerry, the guy who costed you loads of time in the entire week of detention where you had to clean the staff area as well as the college cafeteria. I had been watching you ever since I bumped into u. To tell you the truth, I went all over the school to find information anout you!You might think itz sheer craziness but I realized that I owe you the time of a whole week, approximately 20 hours, 30 minutes and 22 seconds. Since I owe you so much time, I hope you can bear my nonsense for a while for I wanted to ask for forgiveness from you and be a friend of yours!!You might be just wondering, of all people, why I would want to be your friend? Well there's no such thing in friendship..With a pure intention, I shall ask you,"Will you be my true friend??"


Adam Kerry


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Mini786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 February 2008 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
Very nice...
Why don't u try keeping all ur story parts in one post..so it is much eaisier on the acces?
And just edit ur first post with what page ur new udpate is on?
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2008 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
great idea mini..Thanks dear!!!
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2008 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Part 2- Halls of Fame

I bursted out laughing but my laughter was short-lived for Adam barged into my flat..Just like that!!I stared at him and he promptly left the flat, jumping in joy..

The next few days, I thought of neglecting the fact that he was following me..Even coincidentally we were stuck inb the same Mass Communications class with opposite reactions.

The following day, it was pretty embarassing for Adam. Adam had realized the fact that I had been neglecting him-his messages, his gifts, his efforts went futile..He saw me at the cafeteria after the day's lecture and brought me to a quiet area..Where no one could disturb his conversation and he started his conversation.

Adam:Look, I don't know why you are acting this way..But please, for God's sake, open your mouth and speak. I am simply asking for a week of friendship in compensating for the time, the dreaded time wasted in detention- as a result of my cowardliness!!Pls forgive me!!

Fresca:Look, I have already forgiven you but it is just that I don't mingle with guys so much..I find myself in an uncomfortable position when I talk to guyz..So sorrie..

Adam:WHAT?! Couldn't you have told me that earlier? I wouldn't have bothered you...You girls are so complex..

Fresca:HEY!!Stop there...

Just then, a professor passes by and both of us kept quiet and walked into opposite directions in anger.

A seed of hope started blossoming into friendship the next day for both of us. We were grouped in pairs to do a reflection of what had happened in our lives at least 3 months ago and we had to exchange our work after that. Both of us were trying to peep into the other's work but got caught by our professor, Mr Martin. Just then, James sat beside me and Presca beside Adam. We both felt bad for a moment but proceeded with the reflection.

jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2008 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
Part 3- Halls of Fame

The bell had rung and everyone had left except for both of us.. We both gradually walked out of the lecture theatre and instantaneously handed out our reflections to each other.

We sat on a bench with our backs facing each other and began reading our reflections.....

I began reading Adam's letter. He had been the top student in GP-General Paper module. But he too, just like others, got frustrated by the surroundings he was living in. He was consistently humiliated by his dad and Adam had always kept a distance from his dad and his co-stars and relatives. Adam felt so pissed off by the fact that he is not regarded as a member of John Kerry's family and this drove him crazy. His dad did not even bother to take out time for him for John Kerry is career-oriented and not family-oriented, and Adam was the mistake John regretted deeply every single day.

His frustration grew worse, when Hillary, his wife had passed away due to tuberculosis (when Adam was about 15 yrs) Ever since then, John had always vented out his anger on Adam and Adam had always cried in front of his God-whom he always talked to and prayed for his success and strength. Adam had always looked out for newspaper advertisement and the next day Adam struck a lottery. He decided to call Mr Klutz –who published the ad details:-
CALL MR KLUTZ 91574163

Adam had called up and agreed on bringing the deposit from his dad's locker while his dad was asleep. The next day, Adam waited for Mr Klutz. He came and shot Adam for a photo shoot and explained details to him about the next week's modeling shoot for the fresh face auditions.

The following week, Adam had been anticipating the arrival of Mr Klutz and his technicians. He missed his GP project's submission for he was too engrossed into researching on modeling. Adam's close friend, James approached him and asked him about the project. James realized that Adam did not do his project and decided to help him for he doesn't want Adam to lag behind. James realized that something was amiss somehow but waited for Adam to disclose the matter to him.

James somehow managed to complete Adam's project and handed in at the night box . James called Adam's mobile and his home but there were no replies. James decided to pay a visit to Adam's place. As soon as he reached there, he saw Adam sneaking out of his home with a black baggage. Adam got scared upon seeing James but James pulled him inside his car. Adam was unable to reveal anything to James as he needed some time to sort out everything. Adam instructed James to reach his house as soon as possible. James made Adam a hot cup of coffee and as he slowly sipped the coffee, Adam disclosed the events which occurred and how he got conned.

James helplessly let out a laugh but soon, he proceeded to ask further about Adam's plans. Adam has decided to defer from his classes for a few months and stay away from his dad. Adam realized that he had erred by secretly opening his dad's safe and giving Mr Klutz $200 and that he will want to earn his own money.

For the remaining three months, Adam had worked in James's uncle's press firm which deals with the order of news publication and journalism. Adam had progressively widened his knowledge further and earned a great deal of money-his own money with his fruitful efforts. In these three months, he had valued money as a precious asset of his life, returning $200 to his dad who had already disowned him to relieve him of his burden and to prevent his reputation from being tarnished.

And after three quick months, Adam is back to further his studies in Mass Communication and work part-time in the press firm.

Adam and I had finished reading our reflections at the same time. Both of us felt really regretful of our attitudes towards each other. A moment of silence united us as friends and soon we began to leave in opposite directions. I had walked away but Adam still held there, until I had vanished from his eyes. And he walked on, thinking of my reflection.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Part 4- Halls of Fame

Adam had not hoped much from Fresca's reflection.Fresca who turned 18 last year had gone through such great difficulties that Adam felt his sorrow as a needle in the sea. Fresca was a fresh vibrant student of Kiel College in Germany, the most recommended college. Her parents had sent her to the hostel so that they do not have a burden on their shoulders-a decision felt by her step-dad who hated the sight of her and was trying to get rid of her in every way..And her mom was blindfolded by Fresca's step-dad and followed his decision. Never had Fresca faced a peaceful life yet..

As a junior student Fresca was bright and no one really caused her much problems till 2 weeks prior to exams in December 2006. Fresca had been facing ragging by her seniors due to the fact that one of their friends could not get into this recommended college. Fresca was humiliated to a great extent but she focused on her exams. This aggravated the senior bullies and they had come up with the crudest plans ever by informing her parents.

Fresca was shocked to death by seeing her parents intervening in this matter as they had disowned her a few months back. Fresca waited till all had been said. Fresca did not say a single word against anyone and went to the hostel and started packing her bag to leave the next day. While the girls were busy shopping and lavishing, Fresca prepared a moderate speech on an audio tape.

The following morning, the attendant cleaning Fresca's room saw an audio tape and gave it to the Dean. The Dean invited the entire college students to the auditorium and let them listen to the audio together.

Dear all-Students, professors and the Dean

I came here to study peacefully. I had such great hopes of pursuing my education further and for the past 2 months, my days were filled with great joy now that I do not have to face any form of abuses from the people I meet here. But I soon realized that I was so wrong. My seniors were totally dissatisfied with my presence in this college. One of their childhood mates have gotten admission based on the Dean's recommendation but I was given the admission after much consideration. In the room which I stayed in, I had experienced blank calls and open threats to leave the college promptly or else life will be made miserable for me. I had neglected all these threats. The semester examinations were approaching. Days before, some girls had come to my room and woke me up and shaved my head bald. I did not make a big deal out of it and remained quiet. Sooner, false rumours were sent to my parents that I am on drugs and am dating many guyz. I still remained quiet. The girls got more annoyed and they leaked out the examination papers and blamed me for it..I had known all the plans for I asked my close friend, Ari to place a small camera behind the curtains in their room. I thank Ari for such a brave effort for having stood by me when I needed her and even now she is with me while we leave the college. The only point where I seriously got angry was that why were my parents intervening in this matter? Those parents who have disowned me and left me stranded?And how dare these girls interfere in my personal interests?I can do what I want to but can't these girls mind their own businesses??I do not have to defend myself in front of the others as I know myself more than any of these preposterous, idiotic and nonsensical girls out there..I am leaving for my friend Ari for she too was threatened by these girls that they will attempt to shoot me as they were so desperate to get me out of this college and get their friend in. It is even more worthy of me to leave this college now for I have gotten to know that the Dean whom I believed in had decided to suspend me due to his greed for money from these spoilt brats.

The tape went dead and it was stopped.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Part 5- Halls of Fame

The following night, Ari and I stayed at Ari's boyfriend namely James Parker's home. He was an orphan since he was born and sheltered us home for a few days. Six days later, everything was going alright. James thought of surprising me, giving a surprise party for I had a successful interview and my job of being an admin assistant was confirmed. James had received a call and had gone out to get a small chocolate chip cake from the confectionary shop he ordered from. Little did he realize that he would see the last image of Ari. Ari was all alone and I had just come back. We were reading magazines and at the same time, trying to make chocolate brownies for James. I had just gone to the loo and with the twinkling of an eye, the doorbell rang and the seniors had slashed Ari's throat in the hall while James and I had helplessly watched her. We brought her to the hospital but the doctor announced DOA.

James and I could not have faced a worse trial than this from God. The last moments were still vivid for us- Ari was gasping for breath and mentioning the girls who plotted to kill me but since she opened the door, they killed her. Ari's last statement is still very precious to me-We have lived up for friendship to the truest sense and I love you both!!

She cried for a while and her face was frozen and expressionless. She had safely reached Heaven-something which James and I truly felt at that moment and we closed her eyes and took a last glance at her sparkling beauty in awe. She was a rare gem. A true kind.

I decided to let James stay alone for I felt my presence as a burden to him. He too agreed to provide me a place to stay but I realized that Ari herself had filled in my registration form at the Bradford College in London and therefore I decided to stay at the hostel accommodation for a month until I could get a flat on rent. James was far more shocked but glad that he too would be studying with me.

The first few days and weeks were tough for both of us to control for we were missing Ari too much. Gradually we began to accept the fact that Ari is still with us, wishing for our best as a guardian angel.

Adam folded the pages of Fresca's reflection in his altar-where he always placed gifts, letters, notes, encouragement in front of his God to thank for..Adam is now staying alone in a small flat like Fresca too and he promnptly goes to the church-just across his flat to pray for Fresca.
jassie_17 IF-Rockerz

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Halls of Fame- Part 6

Adam decided that he will invite Fresca to lunch at his place the coming weekend. The next day, Adam waited for Fresca at the lecture theatre but she didn't turn up. This occurred for the rest of the week. This got Adam cracking with an unknown fear and anxiety. Adam had gone to Fresca's flat, a few houses away but he heard no one. Upon approaching a neighbour, Adam dashed to Merck Hospital. Fresca had met with an accident by saving a small child, the child of the neighbour Adam approached.

Adam let out a sigh of relief when he saw Fresca resting. James tapped on Adam's shoulder and Adam let out a shriek.

James:What in the world are you doing here? Came to see anyone??
Adam:Actually how is Fresca?
James:Go and talk to her..go she's awake

James pushed Adam inside and prayed that both of them talk out everything and slowly trust each other and become great friends!!

Fresca was reading while Adam just looked at her with much affection that he just wanted to hug her for what she had gone through and just be her true friend.

Fresca:Hey Adam when did u come?
Adam:Just a few seconds back. I had heard about the accident and decided to meet you.
Fresca:Oh, it was nothing much, really!!Yeah it does hurt a lil though
Adam(smiles): It will heal very soon and so will your wounds. Itz real bad losing your friend but I just don't understand all these to me..What I mean is how did you actually tell me all these when I m not someone whom you know..What if I spread it to the entire college??
Fresca:You ask a lot of questions. Firstly my friend Ari is alive within me through our great memories. She is never forgotten at all. Now to the questions of our friendship, I had begun to trust you the moment you had shown that you have realized your mistake and even admitted it. And I totally trust you that you would not even spread it to anyone. I am sure you are a decent chap and we are friends now!Can we start all over?

Hi I am Fresca-Fresca Jones
Adam:And hi, I am Adam-Adam Kerry

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