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coolkitty_23 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 March 2007
Posts: 5657

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Thanks Kruthi.... Embarrassed Embarrassed

Zinu, i answered as much as i could...not one more question, i will go nuts!

First of all, Congo on being the MOTW.

1.     What was your reaction when you found out, you were the next MOTW??

Shock, Surprise, agony at the thought of getting grilled…hahahaha

2.     How do you feel right now??


3.     Age??

Aaah…ageless..LOL 24

4.     Name & Nickname[if have any] ..

Sunaina aka Su/Naina

5.     What are your faviorite colors??

Blue ofcourse..followed by white and black..oh n lavender too

6.     Reason why you make Avatars/Icons/Signatures/Video Avis, etc. ?! ..

To showcase my creativity..

9. If you were stuck on a deserted island, alone, whice 1 accecorie would you bring along??

Why would I knowingly bring something to get stuck in a deserted island?? I would rather not get stuck only! But if I did, I would prefer to have a video game, cell phones wont work, laptop no use, radio no channel, so the only remaining, video game will run on long as it can run..hehe

10. If you were stuck on a deserted island, alone, which actor/any family member/or anyone, would you like to bring along??

My Dad, he is super resourceful!

11. Your physical description ..

Nothing stunning, but pretty cute and average built..

12. Are you grilled yet .. [NOT]

very much so!

13. How would you feel, if yuo won a Million Dollar lottery.... ?? ..

On top of the world? But I wouldn't really get the whole damn million, taxes you see…but oh well..i will still be very happy

14. Do you smoke??

No way! I am totally a non smoker and hate the smell of it..

15. Do you drink??

Ocassionally yes, mostly socially..

16. Would you ever plan to smoke/drink?? Why or why not??

Never to smoke…drink..i am not inclined to becoming an alcoholic ever, I don't like it that much…plus, I drink only wine…so..there..

17. PICK ONE ..

a)    Burger King | McDonalds | KFC ??


b)    Earings | Bracelets | Necklace ??


c)     Kt | Bhoomi | Archita ??


d)    Chocolate | Vanilla | Strawberry ??

             Berry berry Strawberry

e)    Computer | Television | Books ??


18. ARE YOU ..

a) Shy | Outgoing ??  Both

b) Organized | Disorganized ?? organised

c) Serious | Fun-Loving ??  Seriously fun loving hehe

d) Optimistic | Pessimistic ??  very optimistic

e) Studious | Carefree ?? studious


a) Movies ..  Ghulam,KKHH,black, many more..

b) Songs .. Loads of them…


c) Actors | Actresses ..

Kay kay Menon,Sushmita sen, Rani, Ashutosh Rana…

d) Telly Actors | Actresses ..

Sandeep Sikand,Shilpa Agnihotri,Iqbal khan, amna sharif,chaitanya chaturvedi

f)       Television Shows ..


g)    Books ..

All Sidney sheldon, dan brown and david Baldacci..

h)    Sports | Games ..

Tennis, video games..

i)       Food | Drink ..

Anything edible…

j)       Vication Spots ..

Bora bora..sheycells..

19. Ambition ?? ..

To be successful as a woman,friend, mother,wife and daughter..

20. Languages you speak .. ?? ..


21. Occupation ..

Engineer hehe

22. Ever met a Celebrity ( Bollywood | Hollywood ) .. ?? ..

Nope..have no intensions of either..

23. Faviorite Genre of Music??

Techno, trance, sufi, electronic..

24. Faviorite Genre of Books??

Thrillers, mystery..

25. Current Location ..

US of A

26. Do you think your Fave. show should end | Shouldn't end?? Why or Why Not??

I don't really care that much about it…

27. Do you watch any other Television shows, besides Kyunkii?? If so, What are they??

That is one show I don't watch anymore..hahaha..i catch up with many other..

28. Describe yourself in 8 words ..

Kind,Loving, understanding, funny,smart,ambitious,helpful and romantic

29. One person, you love(d) to hang out with ..

Not one..there are many…

30. First person you made friend's with on IF ..

jhanvi aka desigrl05

31. How many friends do you have on IF?? Name them ( if you can ) ..

hmm…about 10-12 I think?

32. Three main goals for your future ..

To succeed in what I am doing, make a mark as a woman engineer and to be known for who I am..not what I do..

33. Three main goals right now ..

Finish this grill, kill you, drink a pinacolda!

35. Ever been in any car accidents?? If so, how many?? What age??

Touch wood..never..would like to never be in one either..

36. Most memorable moment ..

my B'day of 04 *sigh*

37. Most embarassing moment ..

Hmm..i don't remember…those shouldn't me kept in the memory…

38. Worst injury ..

Broke my finger hurt bad L

39. A deep secret, you'd like to share .. ?? ..

it's a's not supposed to be shared…

40. Describe IF, with your point of view ( How should it change | Not change | Need anything new added? | Suggestions | Comments ) .

It's perfect the way it is..just needs more advertising…

41. Would you like to be MOTW again??

Yes and No..

42. Did you like being the MOTW??

So far, it's been fun..

43. How was the experience of being the MOTW??

It's sunk in and I am enjoying it…

44. Whom would you say to be (on IF) your bestest friend , pick one ! ..

jhanvi..without any doubt.

Personal questions

4) Ur middle name?

No middle name..

5) If you could bring someone back from the dead who would it be?

No one..their loss has made me realize their importance..i wouldn't wanna ruin that….

6) Do u have any regrets in life?

Yeah, some..

7) What would be change if u could rewind time back?

Somethings I did without thinking much…


8) Favourite location?

Hill stations

9) Your favourite movie?

10) Do you watch Disney movies?

Oh yes..all of them!

11) Who is your all time favourite childhood cartoon?

Jungle book

12) Who is your favourite Disney character?

Mougli..hehe..loved him..and of course..Pluto..aww..what a cutie pie!

13) What was your most memorable/percious moment?

My b'day of 04

14) Favourite Bollywood actress?

Sushmita sen

16) Do you watch Indian Idol?


17) Who do u want to win Indian Idol 4?

Not interested..

18) Ulimately, if you had three wishes what would they be?

Three is too less….i have so many..but oh well, meet my family, travel to different places and find the one person who can love me for who I am..


About You...

Birthplace India
Current Location  USA
Hair Color  Raven black
Eye Color  Dark brown
Height 5'3"
Heritage Indian!
Your fears I would not see my family before I die..
Your weakness love..
Goal for today finish this thing!
Goal for this year move out of the place I am in..
Lifetime goal haven't thought so far…
When do you want to
get married?  In about an years time..
and to whom? I wish I knew..i would have been married by now then..
Ever been in love?  Yup yup!
Currently in love?  Nope..
Do you think you are attractive?  Yes..but not earth shattering one.
Your best physical feature  eyes..

Have you ever...
Sushi... Many time,Love it!
gone skinny dipping... nope
been beaten up... nope
wanted to kill someone... yes
gone a week without MySpace... a week?? I don't even have a MySpace..hahaha
gone a week without
TV... oh yes, I have gone a year without one

What's the last...
Time you cried?  A week ago..
Book you read?  Kite runner
Store you've been in?  Macy's

Can you...
Dance? Yes
Speak a different language? Yes
Cook? Yes
Write w/ both hands? Yes
Whistle? Yes

This or that:
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King:  McD
Pizza or Spaghetti: Pizza
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Love or Money: Love
Dog or Cat: Cat
Rap or Punk:  Rap
Summer or Winter: Summer

Do you have any pets? Yes!
What color shirt are you wearing? Black
Name three things that are physically close to you: computer,cellphone,pen
Are you or were you a good student? Yes

what's your favorite sport?  tennis
Do you enjoy sleeping late? Oh yes!
What's the
weather like right now? *@#@*!!*
Who tells the best jokes?  Hmm…no idea!
What was the last thing you dreamed about?  It's been a while…
Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? I drive, touch wood, never been in one, would like never to be in one.
Do you believe in karma?  Yes
Do you believe in luck? Yes
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?  Sunny side
Do you collect anything? If so, what?  Coins..
Are you proud of yourself? Oh my achievement..not of myself
Are you reliable?  Very much
Have you ever given money to a bum?  Yes
What's your favorite food? Fish
Have you ever had a secret admirer? Yes
Do you like the smell of gasoline? Nope
Do like to draw? Love it!
What's your favorite invention? Light bulb and telephone!
Is your room messy? Right now yes!
What do you like better: oranges or apples? oranges
Do you give in easily? No
Are you a good guesser? Yes!
Can you read other people's expressions? Yes!
Are you a bully? No
Do you have a job? Yes!
What time did you wake up this morning? 7:30
What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Skipped it
When was the last time you showered? Today morning?
What do you plan on doing tomorrow? Relax!
What's your favorite day of the week and why? Saturday!
Do you have any nicknames? Yes..many..
Have you ever been scuba diving? No
What's your least favorite color? Dirty yellow
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?  Yes, I would like it to be in my thoughts than write it out.
Would you ever go skydiving? Yes
What toothpaste do you use? Colgate
Do you enjoy challenges? Yes
What's the worst injury you have had?
What's the last movie you saw? Cloverfield, hated it!!
What do you want to know about the future? When will I get out of this God forsaken snow laden winter maniacal city!
What does your last text message say? "where r u"
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to? My school friend
What's your favorite school subject? Maths and chemistry
What's your least favorite school subject? economics
Would you rather have money or love?
What is your dream vacation?
What is your favorite animal?
Do you miss anyone right now? Yes..many
What's the last sporting event you watched? SuperBowl!
Do you need to do laundry? Yes
Do you listen to the radio? Yes
Where were you when 9/11 happened? India.
What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Kick and curse it! Billions of blue blistering barnacles! Money swalloing pirate!!
Have you ever caught a butterfly? No
What color are your bed sheets? Blue
What's your ringtone? T-mobile
Who was the last person to make you laugh? My colleague
Do you have any obsessions right now? Yes, IF
Do you like things that glow in the dark? Yes
What's your favorite fruity scent? None
Do you watch cartoons? Yes
Have you ever sat on a roof? Yes
Have you ever been to a different country? Yes
Name three things in the world you dislike: Violence in the name of religion, selfishness and expectation that you r the best n everyone should follow you.
Name three people in the world you dislike: there are many…
Has a rumor even been spread about you?  Yes
Do you believe in magic? Nope, it's figment of imagination
Do you hold grudges? Yes but not for too long

-Compare any 10 people on IF with a
fruit. (and no dodging the question missy )
I am dodging this question, since I did it in the p revious grill.
-If you were to be an object, which object would you be?
A rose
-From all the members on IF, which one is...
-Most angelic fari
-Most Evil hmm…
-Most Hyper Zinu
-Most active No idea
-Most chatterbox You
-Sweetest Fari
-Cutest Kiran
-Funniest Jhanvi
-Most mature Anu
-Most lovable Jhanvi
-Most addicted  You
-Most charming me?Hahaha
-Friendlist many….

- If you had to describe the situation u are in, in this MOTW, what would u say?

In a grill and being barbecued!

- Choose a different username for any 6 people on IF.

-What are you thinking right now? food

-When will you find my jeeju? I wish I knew

-What is my soon to be jeeju's name? I wish I knew

-Are you annoyed? Yes

-Will you block me soon? No…

-If you had to change your IF ID- what would you change it to? Havent thought of it..

-Describe the following with at least 5 words:

Vijay: A great admin and entrepreneur

Sree: I don't know Sree, sorry.

IF: The next best thing on Net

Moderators:  The best and worst job

Viewbies: The writers of the IF

Coolbies: Cucumber cool IF-ians for fun

Videobies: The eyes of the IF

Newbies: The tiny tots of IF

Global Mods: The next best to Mods

Wildblossom: Who? What?

MOTW: bali ka bakra!!


Color- Blue

Indian Food- Bengali Cuisines

European Food- Italian

American Food- Burger

Food on the go- burger

Food to prepare yourself-  Indian

Food your mom makes-  Bengali cuisines and many more!

Bolly Movie-        

Hollywood Movie-  Notting Hills

Hindi Serial- CID

TV Show-  cartoons

Song in English- A kiss from rose -Seal

Song in Hindi- Chandan sa badan

Song in Hinglish – Dard-e-disco

Bolly Actor- Kay Kay menon

Bolly Actress- Sushmita Sen

Indian Telly Actor-  Iqbal khan

Indian Telly Actress- Shilpa Saklani agnihotri

American Show Actor-  Hugh Lori

American Show Actress- Jennifer Anniston

Smiley on IF- hugs

Smiley on MSN-

Vacation Spot in Winter-  Rio-de-Janero

Vacation Spot in Summer- Hawaii

Section on IF-

Fruit-  Strawberry

Veggie- potato

Nut (no not me, edible one please!)- Almond

Movie you own- Thank you for smoking

Type of car- Sedan

Weather- Summer

Season- Fall/Spring

Month- May

Day of the Week-

Subject in school- History


Store- MAcys

Restaurant- Olive Garden

Outfit (as in clothing)- anything comfortable

Type of
shoe-  Stilettos

Piece of Jewelry- necklace

Feature of yourself- smile

Nailpolish color-  mauve

Stone (like sapphire, emerald, etc)- emerald

Type of Flower- orchid

Type of Bird- birds of paradise

Type of Dog- Golden retriver

Type of Cat- tabby

Type of Big Cat (lion, tiger, etc)-  Puma

Whats a perfect day like for you?  Happy, relaxed and satisfying

If you could take one person with you on a deserted island, who would you take?  My Love

If you could meet any one person in the world who you have never seen before, who would you meet? Princess Diana

If you found a genie's
lamp, what would your three wishes be?

To go back home successful

To have a happy family

And to marry the one who loves me for what I am.

If you could invent a smiley for IF, what would it be and look like? It would be the "flirty" smiley

What kind of
ice cream flavor would you create if you could put anything you want in it?  Butterscotch + vanilla+brownie + caramel + almonds + choclate syrup…yum!!!

Whats an odd food combination that you love to eat?

Do you like to
drink tea? Yes

Do you like biscuits with your tea? Yes

Do you like milk with cookies? Yes

Do you like cookies with
tea? Yes

Do you like tea with milk? Yes

If you could meet one person from Bollywood (produce, actor, choreographer, etc)- who would you want to meet?  Sushmita Sen

Do you like being MOTW? So far so good!

Do you like these questions?  Not all of them!

Describe yourself in 1 word. Smart

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Have you ever had a dream that makes you blush when you remember it?  Yes

How many times do you have dreams like this? sometimes

Describe the scariest dream you have had. With snakes! I hate snakes!

What are your hobbies? Music,masti and net

Do you like filling out forms? Yuck!

Do you consider this a form? Almost to the point right now!

Why are you filling this out? Bcoz I am the MOTW, and I am getting grilled!

Do you still like being MOTW? Yeah, once in a while is fine.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat? Rice, daal, fish curry and papad!

If you could take one object with you to a deserted island, what would you take?

Do you like to excersice? Nope!

Do you feel that all this typing is finger excersice? Certainly!

What is your favorite excersice? Aerobic!

What do you plan on doing to me now? Make a murga out of you

What does your dream home look like? Don't know yet

If you could live anywhere in the U.S. where would you want to live? Rhode island

If you could live anywhere in the Universe, where would you want to live? Home, India.

What is the funniest thing you have done this year? Kicked my own self!

What was your most embarrassing moment? None
Describe 3 funny things you have done because you liked a guy.

Missed buses, taken longer routes, given blank calls to hear his voice!

Are you annoyed now? Nah..i am above it already!

How many of these questions are dumb? I lost count!

Do you think you are wasting time? Yes yes yes!

Do you want to answer more questions? No no no!

How many of these questions do you like? Some I do..

If you could star in any movie, which would you want to star in and in what role? In KKHH as anjali

How many questions do you think you have answered so far? All except 3/4

Are your fingers tired now? Yes!

Edited by coolkitty_23 - 11 February 2008 at 11:29am

zinny.xo IF-Sizzlerz

CC 2 & JMD Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 22 April 2007
Posts: 13567

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 11:51am | IP Logged
YAY! *happy dance* It's finished! Tongue Tongue Tongue Okay, chalo.. I won't give you any more! Embarrassed
desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 09 July 2007
Posts: 20124

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
i like the answer to 'how is the weather?' question LOL
coolkitty_23 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 March 2007
Posts: 5657

Posted: 11 February 2008 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by desigrl05

i like the answer to 'how is the weather?' question LOL

That is exactly how it is!! i could use some more expletives, if i  knew!! *sigh*
coolkitty_23 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 March 2007
Posts: 5657

Posted: 14 February 2008 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
I wholeheartedly thank all of you for giving me this awesome time!! Hug

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