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This thread will contain all the articles/interviews related to the show Ek Packet Umeed.

IF is in direct competition with Telly Chakkar & Indian Television so don't post articles from the above sites.

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Will Rupali laugh or cry?

Rupali Ganguly, who had earned herself the tag of a cry baby after the reality show Bigg Boss, is back on the small screen with NDTV Imagine's Ek Packet Umeed.

And even though the show does not seem to be a tearjerker, with Rupali in it, we're wondering if they have introduced some rona-dhona scenes as well.

But for audience's sake, we hope she's the Monisha from Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai who made everyone laugh. There are enough tears being shed on TV anyways! l_Rupali_laugh_or_cry_/articleshow/2755787.cms
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JD inspired by Ekta

At a time when saas bahu sagas are losing their touch, JD Majethia should be credited for starting a new genre of shows. His production company has created hits like Khichdi, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Baa Bahu Aur Baby. And now JD hopes to kick off another hit with Ek Packet Umeed. He currently has four serials aired on various channels, making him one of the biggest names in TV production.  No wonder he celebrated his birthday with style recently. And the producer is a strong believer in numerology. His birthday falls on February 5 and his wife's birthday falls on January 23 (which adds up to 5), which makes 5 his lucky number. It sure looks like he is following Ekta Kapoor's footsteps.
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excelent show Smile
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Lucky draw
February 5 was a red-letter day for producer-actor JD Majethia who celebrated his birthday with a new show on NDTV Imagine. Ek Packet Umeed which launched on that day was the fifth show from his banner, Hats Off Productions, to go on air. His four shows already on air include Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Chalti Da Naam Gaddi, Remote Control and Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki Joint Family. February 5 also marks the company's fifth anniversary. "Five has always been a lucky number for me. Personally too, we are five best friends," grins JD. So did he orchestrate the launch date of his latest show to fit in with his lucky number? "Not at all," says JD adding that initially the show was to be aired as part of the launch show of NDTV Imagine. "But they had the 11-day daily reality show Say Shaava Shaava on that time slot which is why they postponed the launch of weekly shows and Ek Packet... had its date on 5th."

Journey so far
JD floated his company - Hats Off Productions over five years ago but his first production Khichdi was in collaboration with UTV. "It was conceptualised as a daily and I did not have the finance required for that kind of a show. Eventually, however, it turned out to be a weekly but by then I had formed a good association with UTV and continued with them," recounts the producer. After an year of partnership JD decided to go his own way "because I had my own visions and goals." In the five-year span, Hats Off has produced over ten shows that include Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Batliwala House No 43 and Main Office Tere Aangan Ki amongst others. "It's been a wonderful journey so far. We may not have produced 30 shows but our ratio of success has been high. Most of the actors in our shows have won awards. My company's strengths are writer-director Aatish Kapadia and Deven Bhojani. I have also been fortunate to be associated with the best of people in the channels like Peter Mukerjea, Sameer Nair, Shailaja Kejriwal and Tarun Mehra," says the busiest producer on television.

Success story
After the whacky comedy Khichdi about middle-class Gujaratis, writer Aatish Kapadia came up with a script that delved into the psyche of Gujaratis residing in a posh Mumbai suburb. "The look of the show was very important because it was an upper-class family in contrast with the Khichdi clan and I had to get everything from the cast to the set right. A huge set with two flats was erected for the show and I wanted Deven Bhojani to direct it," informs JD. Deven was reluctant to helm the show because he thought he wouldn't be able to do justice to actors like Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak-Shah. JD and Aatish persisted and the rest, as they say, is history. The subtle and sophisticated humour in the show raised the bar of comedy in India. The show had a run of 90 episodes and even in repeat telecasts garners considerabale viewership on Star One.

Baa Bahoo... Breakthrough
"Nowhere in the world are soaps aired on weekends," declares a proud JD whose Baa Bahoo Aur Baby was one of the first tri-weekly dramas to lure and sustain viewers who were used to watching reality shows and films on weekends. "It was a tough slot at that time because nobody watched serials on weekends. Baa... changed the viewing pattern and today is the leader in that slot," says JD. Not that, it is sans hiccups. "In between the show had become serious and we had to act fast to bring it back on track. At times there are weak episodes but even today Deven (director), Aatish (writer) and myself discuss at length how to keep it fresh by introducing new characters and storylines," says the producer.

The biggest setback for Hats Off came in the form of Resham Dankh which failed to bring in viewers though it was based on a popular novel by the same name. "Our folly was to deviate from the original storyline, which was its USP. The minute we changed the story, viewership dipped," sighs JD. One of their earlier shows Main Office Tere Aangan Ki that was aired on Sahara One went unnoticed. JD blames the lack of publicity for its poor show. Another show that failed to catch on was Batliwalas at House No. 43 and Kudkudiyas. A celebrity chat show-cum -sitcom, Batliwalas was based on the popular BBC show Kumars At 42. "I think the show was ahead of its time. Bakthiyar Irani was not a known face then but he was really good. Yet, it got a TRP of 2 which was good for a weekend show," defends JD who feels the channel (Sony) should have sustained it for some more time. "With humour and celebrities driving the content these days, the show has a lot of appeal and I wish some channel envisages an interest in it," he says wistfully.

A recurring charge against JD is that he economises on his payments to the actors. He was also accused of taking only a few actors of the Baa... team to Singapore which upset the rest of the cast. Recently, Mouli Ganguly made a nasty remark about her experience working in Resham Dankh . Vaishali Thakkar who played Praveena, one of the most popular characters of Baa... quit mid-way and is currently seen in another serial Teen Bahuraniyan. "I don't want to comment on Mouli's remarks. All I'll say is that she was also part of the show and responsible for its fate. As for Vaishali, she quit for personal reasons," is all JD's willing to say.

As for his poor payment to actors, JD points out that he pays at par with what other producers are paying. "The difference is that if they get an X amount for six days, they get the same here for ten days, the reason being I don't compromise on the quality of my show. The same shot which is canned in two takes by other producers is okayed in six takes here. This extends the number of days actors put in the show," explains JD. "If remuneration was a problem do you think actors like Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak-Shah would work with me?" he questions. He had also shot a one-and-a-half minute song sequence with Deepshikha, "who is an expensive actor".
What about the Singapore schedule of Baa... that left a lot of actors miffed. "That's because the schedule was decided by the channel in association with Singapore Tourism. If you look at other serials that have been shot abroad you'll see only three main actors in it whereas I took around ten people. It was not possible to accommodate everyone, also not everyone was needed in the story that was shot there," he offers.

Report card of new shows
Chalti Da Naam Gaddi, JD's first show on Zee and the first to depict a Punjabi family in a caravan was launched with great fanfare but has failed to move up on the charts. "I agree we went through a rough patch and we were aware of it because the story was moving in that direction. But we have changed the track in the last couple of episodes and there is a sizeable improvement," informs JD. Remote Control, a weekly comedy on 9X is going the same way. "Whoever has seen it goes ga-ga over it, but its not getting the numbers as it is competing with popular shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii which recently did a crossover. Smriti entering Teen Bahuraniyan was highly publicised which overshadowed Remote Control," explains the producer. It is too early to comment on Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki Joint Family aired on NDTV Imagine but having caught the episodes, one gets a sense of deja vu. After seen Baa... the emotions, highpoints and humour of this show are predictable. "I agree it is predictable but that's because we need audience participation. There's no point in introducing surprise elements or shock value just for the heck of it," he comments.

Ek Packet Umeed
JD promises a completely different concept in this show. It's about women from different backgrounds who have gone through traumatic situations and are staying under one roof. "Not a single character driven story, Ek... is about upliftment of women in a realistic way. There's no sermonising, even men will enjoy it. Full of emotions and humour it will give you a positive energy," assures JD who has culled stage actors like Suhas Joshi, Neena Kulkarni, Sulabha Despande and Lubna Salim for the show.

Future plans
JD is currently working on the script of Khichdi that is based on his serial by the same name. He wants to concentrate on filmmaking this year. Event management is another concern he plans to get actively involved. A reality show is in the pipeline and soon his company will be going public. "Most importantly I want to give a lot of time to my family and take care of my health," says the hot-shot producer.

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Telly Talk

We saw her last in Bigg Boss on Sony TV and then she vanished from the small screen. However the idea behind disappearing from television was not her bend towards the big screen but to take a break, spend time with her family and then return with a bang. Rupali Ganguly won millions of hearts as Monisha in Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai and then in Bigg Boss.

Rupali is now seen in an altogether different avatar in J.D's new show Ek Packet Umeed. When asked which character — Monisha or Sujata describes Rupali best, she replies, "Monisha's character in Sarabhai had more shades of my personality than what Sujata has. But in order to play any role effectively, there has to be some similarity between you and the character and somewhere it should relate to you. Same goes with Sujata as she is a young effervescent girl, positive towards life and as strong as sunshine." We are sure the audience this time has more packets of Umeed from the talented actress who started off with a tacky debut in cinema long ago in a film called Do Aankhen Barah Haath. No it wasn't V. Shantaram's film, silly. She wasn't even born then.

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After having won accolades for her performance as Sujata in NDTV Imagine's Ek Packet Umeed Rupali Ganguli is happy revisiting her first love, stage. She will soon be seen in a stage play Oye Ki Girl Hai being directed by the very talented Paritosh Painter.

We speak to the talented actress to get some more details on the play and she happily reveals, "I have been doing plays like Dil Maange More and See More Evil Hear More Evil 2 with Paritosh since quite some time now. I can do any play for him no questions asked. We are very close friends. He has been producing, directing and acting in earlier plays but this time he is only directing Oye Ki… as he is now busy directing a film for Subhash Ghai too." She further adds, "My character in the play is called Suchi who helps her friend who gets stuck up in a situation when all her three boyfriends come together at the same time. It's an out and out comedy play, something which Paritosh excels in. We are still rehearsing and its first show will be on April 15."

And what keeps her busy on the television these days? "I am only doing Ek Packet Umeed right now. This show itself takes most of my time. See it's like a baby. You cannot think of a second child until the 1st baby is old enough. I am very happy with the show and my forthcoming play and have no plans of doing any other show or films as of now," she smilingly concludes. With such veterans associated with the play, the audiences surely have not one but many packets of umeed from it.

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I am insane: Rupali Ganguly

I am… Insane

Life… Rocks.

Love is… An illusion.

Lust is… A powerful feeling.

Marriage... Sacred.

Hugs or kisses... Both are a necessity

Your first crush...
It was my classmate of ninth grade. His name was Sharad. He used to never give me a second look. I used to look like a total behenji then with spectacles.

Your first date... It was at the juice centre at Bandstand in Bandra. I can't name the guy but he was my first boyfriend and also the last boyfriend so far.

Your ideal man should be…
Tall, a kind human being, love animals and be fairly intelligent.

Your dream date... It should be one where I am taken by surprise. It should be something like flying me down to a beach in Goa. As far as the person is concerned I don't find any one so desirable to go for a date.

What you did on your last birthday...
I went out with my family.

How many places have you lived in... I have lived in Worli area of Mumbai all my life.

Your long lasting friend… His name is Rajat. He is not from the entertainment world. I know him since we were in nursery and we are still best of friends. He is still my neighbour.

Do you make friends easily... Yes.

What kind of music do you like…
Old Kishore Kumar songs and all the item songs.

One thing you want to change about yourself... My impulsiveness and tendency to trust people very fast
Favourite TV show… Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai.

Favourite actor in Bollywood… Shahrukh Khan, Kishore Kumar and Kajol.

Favourite actor in Tellywood…
Satish Shah, Sumit Raghavan, Rajesh Kumar and Ratna Pathak.

Favourite cartoon character… Calvin. He is a lot like me.

Last movie you watched... U Me Aur Hum.

How do you rate yourself as an actor…5/10. I give the entire credit to my directors for my acting. Otherwise I don't think I am a good actress.

Last time you boarded a local train... It was very recently when I was shooting in Dahisar. I boarded a train from Borivali to Bandra. I was thrilled to see the appreciation I got from people.

Last time you were stalked... I wish I was stalked. This never happens to me.

Last time you went for shopping... I shop every day.

Last time you cried off the screen... Last night when watching my own show Ek Packet Umeed.

Last time you cooked... In Big Boss. My mother pampers me so much that she doesn't let me cook.

Philosophy of life... Just be happy and try to keep others around you happy.

Advice to youngsters… Don't smoke, don't drink and be kind to animals as well as to old people.


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