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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

Update for Tumhari Disha - 03rd Jan Episo

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 January 2005 at 11:53pm | IP Logged

Super kewl episode………………..DK and Disha have this really delightful, dreamy, romantic moment! (Disha is wearing a stunning, black colored, sheer, chiffon sari and DK was in a Cream-yellow Shirt with a Coffee colored Blazer with buttons open and Coffee Brown formal trousers!)


The episode begins with DK strolling in his living room thinking about Disha's plea to him to withdraw his complaint against Dev. DK then puts on his Hands-free and calls up the Police Station to withdraw his complaint against Dev, but the Police Inspector refuses to budge and retorts back to DK that he has stacked so much evidence to prove that he was poisoned, that if he now refutes on that, DK will land up in jail for providing false information to the Police. DK tries every tactic and even threatens the Police Inspector, but he refuses to bail out Dev. Disha is standing behind a pillar and listens to the whole conversation, as soon as DK disconnects his phone in frustration, Disha confronts him and tells him that he had dug the pit for Disha to fall in and now he has ended up getting trapped. DK who is very irritated and upset tells Disha that he has withdrawn the complaint against Dev, but the Inspector is not releasing Dev, what can he do about it. Disha tells him that she doesn't care how DK goes about releasing Dev, but she wants him free anyhow and if DK does not ensure that Dev is free by today evening, she will issue a Press Release in the Media that DK has falsely implicated his own servant in a murder conspiracy.


DK is shocked at Disha's threat to him and gets extremely harassed and goes to his Study to be alone. Gargi who has overheard this entire conversation between DK and Disha goes to DK's study and tries to instigate DK by telling him that Disha is going completely overboard by undermining DK's strength and that before she does any further harm to DK and the Kanaka Empire, they should do something about her very soon.

DK is sitting with his head buried in his hands and appears to be exceedingly beleaguered and vexed, gives a "Just lay off, will you?" type of look to Gargi. Just then Disha enters and as DK gives a "Oh No, now don't you start again" sort of look at her, Disha gives a stiff stare at Gargi and then asks DK in no uncertain terms what has he done about getting Dev released. Gargi looks at Disha with open hostility but tells her in a sugar-coated voice that what she is doing is very wrong and that she should not harass her husband in such a way. Disha does not bother to reply to Gargi and goes and sits near him on the floor with her knees bended (he is seated in a couch, this scene is very nice, they look enchanting together as the Camera focuses on their close-ups!) Disha then goes on to threaten DK in a vile manner and tells him that unless he secures Dev's release from the prison, she will give a blown-up account to the Media which will then question DK why did he falsely implicate his servant in a Murder case and then people will start questioning DK and Disha's relationship when they come to know that DK had originally wanted to trap Disha. As a bewildered DK listens to Disha unbelievingly, she goes on to say that rumors like this would ultimately affect the spotless image of Kanaka Empire which DK has so painstakingly built over the last so many years. DK is now totally shaken up and is just too frustrated and tells Disha that what can he do, he has tried his level best to pressurize the Police into releasing Dev, but they are not cooperating with him. Disha then gives a spiky look at DK and tells him that there is one way in through which they can release Dev, DK who just wants to be alone replies back impatiently that he is willing to do anything to secure Dev's release. Disha says that if DK hands over his land to the Progressive Woman's Association, they will help in securing Dev's release. DK is staggered on hearing this and instantaneously flares up and tells Disha that this is out of the question and that he will never part with his land. Disha gets up and tells DK with irrevocability that he has to take a final call on this and that he has time till evening to think on this. After Disha leaves, Gargi tries to fuel DK further, but he dismisses her and says that he wants to be alone now.


At the Bhosale house, Azuba is preparing to leave for Kolapur and he requests Suhas that he wants to meet Disha once before leaving. Suhas tries to explain to Azuba that Disha is now married and her priorities have changed, she might not want to meet him to which Azuba replies that Suhas has still not been able to understand Disha and that one day all the problems that Suhas and the Bhosale family are facing will be sorted out by Disha herself and that she will  be their savior. Suhas is appalled at hearing this but chooses not to argue with Azuba and tells him that she will call up Disha and request her to come home today to meet with Azuba.


In the next scene, Disha is seen in a close door meeting with Rati Mehra (the President of the Progressive Woman's Association) and with the Police Inspector. The Inspector tells Disha that he doesn't know what internal problems Disha and DK have, but he cannot further hold Dev in prison, as now he does not have any case against him since DK has withdrawn his complaint. The Inspector says that before DK sends his lawyers to him, he has to release Dev. Disha promises the Inspector and Rati Mehra that she will get the land papers signed by DK somehow by today evening and then the Inspector can release Dev. Rati thanks Disha profusely and tells her that she really appreciates the fact that Disha is going out of her way to help them out, to which Disha replies that she wants to make DK achieve one good deed, even if he does so under pressure.


Dev meanwhile is in the Prison and imagines that Disha has come to know of his real identity and is happily accepting him as her father and that both father and daughter are reunited. Just then the Constable announces that Mrs. Disha Sehgal has come to meet him and Dev is snapped out of his daydream. Disha comes to meet him and is very saddened to see his state and promises him that she will get him out of the prison by the end of the day.


In the next scene, which was the ultimate romantic scene, DK is sitting in his Office and looks very tied up in his work when the ghastly step-mom comes (she looks so smutty) and goes on to instigate DK against Disha. Gargi says that Sanya was utterly right when she said that Disha is out to ruin DK and by pressurizing & blackmailing DK into donating his land to the Progressive Woman's Association, she is proving to be the Achilles heal for DK and that unless and until they deal with her promptly and immediately, she will bring about not just DK's ruin but also the down fall of the Kanaka Empire. DK at first is highly irritated with Gargi's interruption in his work but then after listening to her appears to be extremely amused and judging his appearance, Gargi falsely assumes that he is in accord to all what she is saying and further goes on with her tirade against Disha. DK gives a wily smile at Gargi and asks her what is her plan against dealing with Disha, to which Gargi very excitedly tells him that if he hands over the said piece of land in Gargi's name, then Disha won't be able to do anything about it, and once Dev has been released and the problem at hand solved, Gargi can then hand over the land back to DK. On hearing this, DK tries to suppress his laughter and tells Gargi seriously that he really liked her plan and will think on it. Gargi is mighty pleased with herself and goes out of DK's room in a self-assured manner that she has taken him for a royal ride and now the rift between Disha and DK will intensify further, once the piece of land is in Gargi's name.


DK is then shown immersed once again in his work and is seated with two of his employee's and is busy signing some documents, when Disha enters his room. DK glances at her but does not offer any reaction, and continues working. Disha tells him that she wants to speak to him pretty urgently, to which DK who still does not look up at her tells her to say what she wants to and then just get out as he is tied up with some rather important work. Disha is now very hyper and worried and mutter incoherently that she wants to know whether DK has taken a final decision on signing the land documents or not for which DK gives her a short, sarcastic smile and tells her that he has already conveyed his decision to her before and that it is not going to change, she can do what she wants to. DK's employees leave and Disha then speaks in a offensive manner to DK that if he still refuses to budge from his adamant stance, he will see the consequences of it in tomorrow's Newspaper to which DK coolly replies that if she goes ahead with her threat, then even she will see the consequences of her actions in day after tomorrow's Newspaper. Disha is taken aback and asks him what he means by this to which DK replies that he has secured Dev's release already and that he has no need to donate his land to the Progressive Woman's Front.


Disha is shattered and for a moment does not know what to react, when in an astonishingly well-directed sequence, DK looks at Disha with an obsessive intensity and takes the file from Disha's hands and asks her quietly where he has to sign. Disha is fleetingly staggered and then opens the file to indicate where all to sign. This scene was so romantic and the chemistry between Disha & DK shown like a diamond! As Disha flips the pages of the document, DK and her fingers keep touching each other's and DK almost holds back his breath, DK is seated and Disha is standing besides him and is slightly bent. The Camera then focuses on their  respective hands, which brushes against one another, Disha is oblivious to this while DK keeps looking at Disha as he signs on the pages where she indicates and then when the documentation is completed, Disha looks at him gratefully and says that she never expected that he would donate his land for this purpose and that she will always remember this favor to which DK looks at her with immeasurable love & worship in his eyes and says (in English itself) "That's because I am in love with you Disha" and Disha is frozen at hearing this! Just then DK snaps out of his reverie and realizes that he has completed signing the documents, Disha looks at him with gratefulness in her eyes and repeats the same thing that DK had imagined in his momentary trance. DK does not reply to her and tells her in an emotionless voice that she can leave now, he has work to do.


Gargi who had been watching the interaction between Disha and DK comes in as soon as Disha leaves and asks DK in an agitated manner that why did he give away such a coveted piece of land and that too for a person whom he hates the most. DK looks at Gargi with venom in his eyes and says that he did so because he hates Gargi more than he hates Disha.


Gargi is humiliated beyond words and stares back at DK with naked hatred in her eyes.

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lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 4:06am | IP Logged
As usual Disha update was like watching the serial itself. You do a great Job girl. In fact the 1st think I do on opening my laptop in the morning is reading your updatesTongue
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 7:04am | IP Logged
ClapClap Just fantastic!!
Kiran1018 Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 10:02am | IP Logged

Sounds like a great episode....cant wait till we get to watch it.

Thanks for the update disha.


anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
I just felt I was reading a novel's chapter.
owesome update Disha. Thanks!ClapClapClap
Jyoti_2006 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 November 2004
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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Disha.Clap I havn't seen a single episode of the this serial, but your updates are like watching the serial itself. I could picturize the entire scene in bold. You are too good with words. Looks like I am going to be hooked on to your updates.Clap
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
thanks disha!!!!!!!!!!!! yahooooooooooo, disha and dk are starting to fall in love!
zindagi Senior Member

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Posted: 04 January 2005 at 6:46pm | IP Logged

Great update........... man i have to wait for this episode to begin in US


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