Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

*Bidaai-Kahani Ab Tak!*Character Sketch

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This post contains the story of Bidaai from epi one till now. So if you're new to the show and want to know what u missed, then this post is sure to help you! It'll be updated weekly to keep you up to date.
If you have any queries please post them at the Help Desk or contact the Dev. Team (Pinky / Kruthi) thru PM.

Info regarding Bidaai -

Character Sketch -

Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Format Drama
Created by Rajan Shahi
Starring Sara Khan
Parul Cauhan
Alok Nath
Vibha Chibbar
Mahesh Thakur
Opening theme "Bidaai" by Manish Tripathi
Language(s) Hindi
Original channel STAR Plus
Original airing October 8, 2007




Sadhna is Mamaji's sister's daughter. 17 yrs ago, Sadhna was left in her mamaji's care by her dad who left for America after her mom's death. She grew up with her cousin Ragini (mamaji's daughter). She and Ragini are closer that even real sisters and best friends as well. Her beauty is her biggest curse, due to which she had to grow with her mamiji's hatred, as she always compared her ordinary looking daugher, Ragini to the beautiful Sadhna.She is married to Alekh Rajvansh.


Ragini is Sadhna's jiji (cousin), best friend and they love each other more than anything in the world. Ragini is dark complexioned and not considered beautiful. Society looks down on her because of that, but she always has her cousin Sadhna's love and support.

Mamaji (Prakash Chand)

Mamaji is Sadhna's mom's brother, who took care of Sadhna and loved her like his own daughter. He showers his love equally on his own daughter Ragini and niece Sadhna.

Mamiji (Kaushalya)

Mamiji is Ragini's mom, who dislikes Sadhna because she is beautiful..But after the death of sadhnas father she likes Sadhna like her own daughter.


Mama-Mami's son, Ragini brother. He is very selfish and looks out for himself only. He doesn't care of anyone else. He keeps lying to his parents that he earns very less, just so that they don't ask him for any financial help.


Vinu's wife. She is a selfish and an insensitve person just like Vinu. She keeps telling "Jhoot to main bolti nahi.." (I never tell lies...) and then goes on instigating family members against each other. She enjoys creating misunderstanding in the family and lives for it.


Mamiji's mom. She comes to visit the family at times. And when she does, she keeps poisoning Mamiji's mind against Sadhna.. telling her that Ragini's life will be ruined because of Sadhna.

Kishan Chand (Sadhna's father)

He left for America, 17 yrs ago and left little Sadhna in mamaji's care. He went to the US to make enough money to come back and fulfill all of Sadhna's wishes, and his life's dream was to see his daughter, Sadhna's Bidaai.


The house maid, who's very close to the family and is treated like a family member.

Rajvansh Family

Vasundra Rajvansh

Vasundra's husband - Indrajit Rajvansh, the eldest son of the Rajvansh family.

Vasundra's eldest son - Alekh Rajvansh, has got mental problems,now married to Sadhna.

Vasundra's youngest son - Ranvir Rajvansh,arrived from America and went back but he has now come back with his new girlfriend Sonia who really just likes their wealth.

Vasundra's daughter - Dolly Rajvansh

Vasundra's Brother in law's wife - Chotima

Naveen Rajvansh - Avni's husband

Avni Rajvansh - The eldest bahu of Vasundra Rajvanch - Naveen's wife

Naveen and Avni's kids Guni and Pratham

Other Characters

Sonia Chopra/Singh - Ranveer's Girlfriend now left after being caught of her negative side.

Karan Mathur - Sonia's Fiance

Pictorial Chart
Mamaji's Family

The Rajvanch Family

Video of Bidaai Ab Tak Ka Safar
This is the Story So Far telecast on Nov 10, 2008
This shows the summary from start to the Taj Mohatsav Episode
Thanks to Rahm for the links
Part 1

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Links of Nov 10, 2008 on Youtube
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

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Written Weekly Summary
Bidaai Ab Tak Ka Safar

From epi 1 to the week of Oct 20th 07
17 years ago Sadhna's father left her in her mama's care and went to America to make a decent life for her. Sadhna grows up with the love of her mama and her inseparable cousin, Ragini and with the hatred of her mami, who hates her for being more beautiful than her daughter, Ragini. Both the girls pass college with good results. Sadhna's dad gives them the good news that he will be coming to India soon, and both he and sadhna will then move in to their house at Udaipur. The girls decide to go together to Udaipur, but their excitement is shortlived when Mami adamantly tells Ragini that she cannot go. Ragini's Nani comes to visit and further poisons Ragini's mom, Kaushalya, against Sadhna. Ragi's bhabhi, Malti, doesn't miss any opportunity to add fuel to the fire and instigates Kaushi against Sadhna. She and Vinu keeping lying to his parents that he doesn't earn well so that he doesn't have to pitch in the responsibilities of the family. Later Kaushi urges her husband to use Sadhana's money for Ragi's future, which he sternly refuses to do. After a lot of persuasion, Kaushi agrees to let her go to Udaipur with Sadhna. The girls are excited abt their trip, and Sadhna is overjoyed at the thought of meeting her father soon. On the day of her father's arrival, she decides to stay back and cook his favorite food for him, while mamaji and Ragi leave for the airport to pick Sadhna's father up. While at the airport they hear the devastating news that the plane crashed. Mamaji and Ragi return home to an eagerly awaiting Sadhana who stands at the doorstep... waiting to see her father after so many yrs. Mamaji breaks to Sadhna, the news of her father's death. Sadhna and the whole family are in shock.
Week of Oct 27th 07
Sadhana is devastated to hear the news of her father's death. Mamiji is unhappy as she realises that now Sadhna will have to live with them forever. The next day, a person comes from Della airlines with a compensation of Rs.10 lacs for Sadhna. Malti eyes the money and decides to do something to get all the money for herself. At the final rites puja, Sadhna's bua, chacha and chachi come and express that they want to take Sadhna with them to Udaipur. Seeing sadhna's discontent in going, Mamaji stalls the situation by telling them that he will take a decision after he returns back from immersing the ashes. Sadhna's relatives are upset abt this, as they wanted to take her right away, as they are eyeing her money, and think that mamaji will never let her go. In mamaji's absence, they try their best to impress Sadhna, and they even work on making Mamiji agree with their decision. But they see that Malti doesn't want Sadhna to leave, as she too is set her eyes on Sadhna's money. When nothing works, they realise they have to use plan B. Mamiji prepares Sadhna for leaving to Udaipur, and advises her to get used to be away from Ragi. Sadhna respects her mami's wishes. Ragini senses Sadhna's distance and feels hurt. She and Sadhna promise each other that they will never be apart ever.
Week of Nov 2nd 07
Sadhna is pampered by Malti who is trying her best, for her own selfish purposes, to keep Sadhna from going to Udaipur. And on the other hand, Chachi, chacha and bua are trying to persuade her to come with them to Udaipur b4 Mamaji arrives. Naniji convinces her further to go with her relatives saying she's a burden to her mama and by her gone, they can focus more on Ragini.. and for Ragini's well being, Sadhna decides to go. Mamaji is in Banaras and misses his bus to Agra which delays his arrival home. Sadhna's relatives use this chance and hurry their trip to Udaipur with Sadhna with Mamiji's consent. They leave with Sadhna to the railway station just as Mamaji arrives home. When he learns what happened in his absence, he rushes to the railway station just in time to stop Sadhna from going. There, he finds out of Sadhna's relative's evil intentions and makes it clear to them that Sadhna will be living with him as his daughter... thus spoiling their plans. Mamaji returns home with Sadhna to a disappointed Mami n Nani and an ecstatic Malti n overjoyed Ragini.
Week of Nov 10th 07
Mamiji and Nani arn't happy with the turn of events and makes it clearly obvious to all. Sadhna and Ragini almost meet with an accident,  Saket sees them and offers them a lift home in his car. Ragini is completely smitten by Saket. But we see later that the only girl Saket thinks about day and night is not Ragini but Sadhna. But Sadhna is unaware of it. She is happy to see that Ragini is in love with Saket. Malti senses something fishy going on b/w the girls and Saket. On Karva Chauth pooja, Saket arrives to give Ragini's purse back to her, thinking that it was Sadhna's. Saket later points Sadhna to his mom telling her that he is madly in love with her. His mother sees Sadhna and is happy that her son has found himself such a beautiful girl. But confusion arises when she hears only a part of Sakets convo telling her abt Sadhna's family and she mistakenly thinks Sadhna is Prakash Chandra's daughter. Saket's parents send a marriage broker to Prakash Chandra's house, to ask his daughter's hand in marriage for their son. Prakash Chandra and his wife mistakenly thinks that the marriage proposal is for Ragini. The whole family is excited with the happenings, but Malti is suspicious abt why would Saket choose Ragini, over a beautiful girl as Sadhna. When Saket calls and asks for Sadhna, Malti realizes the misunderstanding. Saket and his family arrive and Ragini is abt to go with the tray of tea cups. But when Malti sees her hands trembling she takes that opportunity to create more misunderstandings and tells Sadhna to take the tray out for her.
Week of Nov 16th 07
Saket and his family are confused when they realise that Sadhna's family thinks that Saket wants to marry Ragini. All hell breaks loose when they clear up the confusion. Kaushi insults them and kicks them out of the house, and she blames Sadhna for all this. But Ragini doesn't hold her responsible. Seeing Kaushi worried abt how united the girls are even after all this, Naniji comes up with a plan to split them up and get Sadhna married to Saket. She manipulates Sadhna's emotions and love for Ragini and persuades her to meet Saket.. and then turns around and informs Ragini abt it and makes her feel as if Sadhna is betraying her. Malti too fans the fire, seeing that it could be beneficial to her as well. Ragini sees Sadhna talk to Saket and is devastated and believes her nani's allegations. When Saket proposes to her, Sadhna point blankly refuses to marry him. Naniji further manipulates Sadhna and pushes her into agreeing to marry Saket. Ragini is happy that Sadhna is marrying the guy she loves. But Sadhna silently hurts within, because she agreed to marry Saket only because of Naniji and not cuz she loves him. Her mama senses that Sadhna's decision could have been a forced one, and secretly calls up Saket b4 the roka. When Saket and his family arrive for the roka, Saket demands Sadhna tell him why she agreed to marry him. Sadhna is nervous, and Saket tells everyone the truth, that Sadhna had refused his proposal earlier and now she has agreed to marry him against her own will. The family is shocked, especially Ragini. But Naniji and Mamiji are dissappointed at how things turned out.

Week of Nov 23rd 07
Malti is in a tough spot when a guy from the jewelers arrive at the house asking for Rs. 1 lac she owes them and they give her a day's time to pay it off. In her worried state she messes up the kheer she was making on Diwali and Naniji explodes on her for it. She gets mad at nani and blurts out that what nani did was worse than what she did and accuses nani for trying to split up the girls. A humiliated nani leaves the house and goes back to her house and vows never to come back. Malti uses every trick in the book to get the 10lacs to pay off her loan.. until she overhears that Mamaji has brought Sadhna's 3 lacs home from the bank. She decides to somehow get the money and manipulates Sadhna into making mamaji agree to give the money to Vinu for business. But when Mamaji agrees to it on the condition that Sadhna will be the one to take care of how the money is messes up things for Malti and she decides to try something else to get the money. She manages to send Ragini and Sadhna to Nani's place to bring her back home. In thier absence Malti steals the money. Later when Sadhna realises all the money gone.. Malti turns around and begins to blame Sadhna, and when that didn't work she blames Gujri for it. Gujri is hurt and the family apologise to her. Nani comes home and suggests to get the cops to catch the theif.
Week of Nov 30th 07
Mamaji decides to call the cops to find the thief, but Sadhna stops him. Vinu later finds the money in his closet, and Malti lies to cover it up. She's all set 2 pay the cash to the jeweler, when punditji comes in with an alliance for Ragini. The family is ecstatic with this news and Malti couldn't leave. Ragini is upset that she could be rejected again, but mama and sadhna calm her down and assure her that everything will be fine. Mami shatters Sad's joy when she tells her to stay away when the boy's family arrive to see Ragi. Sadh agrees and stays in the kitchen when the boy's family arrives. Amidst all this Malti tries to go out of the house with the money, but couldn't. Puneet (prospective groom) and Sulakshana (his mom) seem least interested in Ragini and is more interested to find out if Prakash Chandra is rich. When they realise that he isn't, they are on the verge of rejecting Ragini, when bundles of cash come flying down, as Malti was trying to sneak out of the house and stumbles against Gujri... thus tripping and letting the money fly off her hands in front of the guests. Seeing all this, the groom's mother becomes greedy and is assured that Mamaji is rich and immediately agrees to the proposal. Later the family confront Malti abt the $$ and Sadhna saves her by saying that she misplaced the money herself. But Mama realizes Sadh is lying to save Malti and he later confronts Malti in her room and tells her that he's aware that she stole the money.
Week of Dec 8th 07
Malti secretly visits Puneets' mom and tells her that she will can make it possible that Ragini's family gives them 10lacs but in return she asks for 3 lacs from it. Sulakshana agrees. At the temple, the pundit tells mama that an auspicious day for the wedding is coming up soon and they all decide to have the engagement done ASAP. Mama and vinu are upset that Puneet's family has asked them to give Puneet and his dad garlands containing Rs.20,000 each just for the engagement. But they decide to do it anyway. Mami as usual keeps Sadhna away during the engagement and lies to mama that she is sick. After the engagement, Vinu overhears Malti scheming with Puneet's mom and he warns Malti not to mess up Rag's wedding. Malti promises to do as he wants. Nani sends a fake letter as if written by Sadhna's chachiji from udaipur asking Sadhna to comes visit her dying chacha.. and on the pretext of going to Udaipur, Sadhna will be staying at Naniji's house. Malti finds out that the letter hasn't been sent from Udaipur, but from Agra itself. As Sadhna was about to leave the house for 'Udaipur', Malti calls up Sadhna's chachiji and reveals to all that the letter was fake.
Week of Dec 15th 07
Mamaji decides to probe into the matter, but Nani advices him otherwise, saying it must've been some prank. Nani comes up with a plan where the family believes Sadh will be going to work, but theyre unaware tht she will be staying at Nani's house during the rasms. Mamaji blesses her and Nani offers to drop her at her work. Malti tags along with them. She spots Nani take Sadhna to her house, and is sure that nani is upto something. When alone in Nani's house, Sadhna gets a visitor, Shailendra, who is nani's neighbor and is a loose character himself. Sadhna is scared of him and wishes she wasnt there. When she comes back home, Mamaji notices her tense and she lies to him that it is becuz she missed him. The whole family get ready for Ragini's sangeet function and Sadhna is excited cuz she's allowed to attend. Vinu gets into trouble when his old friend, Bittu persuades him into gambling. In gambling, Vinu loses a lot of money that mamiji had given him for Ragini's wedding expenses, but keeps the fact hidden from his family. Wondering how to pay off his debt, Vinu gambles away Malti's necklace and loses yet again.
Week of Dec 21st 07
 Vinu is threatened by Bittu's guys to return the money asap. All leave for the pooja organised by Puneet's family. At Nani's house, when Sadhna gets out of the house to return home, she has a scary encounter with Shailu and his friends who stop her path. She manages to escape from Shailu and lands in a strange house where she sees 2 kids playing. An olderly lady comes there and tells her to leave, but b4 she cud she hears someone playing a harmonica in an outhouse. Sadhna reaches the pooja and Mami and Nani are nervous seeing Sadhna there. At the temple, mama witnesses Bittu's men threatening Vinu, but Vinu covers yet again. Mamaji is troubled by Puneet's family's endless desires. Ragini too is uneasy by their attitude towards her and wonders if they really like her. Vinu confides in Malti she uses that to convince him to support her in her plan with Sulakshana. Mamaji is surprised to see Sadhna going to work even on the day of Ragini's haldi, but she gives some excuse and Nani supports her. There while alone in the house, she sees Shailu circling the house. She hears someone crying in pain and wanders behind the house following the voice, and she ends up in the yard of the same house she ended up the previous day, while running away from Shailu's friends. She notices crashing sounds coming from inside but is stopped by a lady.

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Week of Dec 28th 07

Bittu turns out to be Malti's maternal cousin and it was all her game plan all along to make Vinu vulnerable to her. Bittu returns Malti's necklace back to her, and Vinu finds it. But as usual she lies that this one is an artificial one. Mama begins to wonder why Sadhna is never present for any function. When questioned she covers up, but he orders her to be there for the wedding. Nani and Mami think abt another way to keep Sadhna away from the wedding. Sadh overhears Mami, Mama, and Ragini talking abt Ragini's bidaai and hoping that nothing goes wrong with the wedding. Sadhna sees a pot nearby and throws it on her feet so that she can use that excuse to stay away from the wedding. All take her to the hospital and the Dr tells them that she cant leave for 2-3 days. Sadhna convinces them to go the wedding. Mami feels bad for Sadhna. At the wedding before the pheras, Sulakshana asks Malti abt the girl in her plan and Malti replies that she'll bring the girl during the pheras.

Week of Jan 4th 08

Ragini's wedding starts off well and Malti makes a fake call to the hospital to lure Sadhna to the wedding. Just as the pheras were abt to begin Sadhna arrives there. Sulakshana sees Sadhna and is furious that Ragini's family never mentioned that they had such a beautiful daughter and stops the pheras. Sadhna is shattered since the pheras have been stopped cuz of her and she realises that she was tricked into coming here. Puneet's parents and Ragini's parents have a serious talk and Sulakshana tells them that they have to either marry off Sadhna to Puneet instead of Ragini or pay 10lacs in cash if they want Puneet married to Ragini. Ragini is worried if the interuption in the pheras happened becuz Puneet's family doesn't like her. Mamaji tells Sulakshana that they won't be able to pay them 10lacs. Sulakshana continues to go on insulting them when Ragini tells them to stop it, and refuses the marriage herself. Mamiji and Naniji try to stop Ragini, but Mamaji supports her.

Week of Jan 11th 08

Mamaji tells Puneet's family that they can take the baraat back. Puneet and his family leave. Sadhna consoles Ragini, and Nani blames Sadhna for all this. Ragini blames her dark complexion for it. Mamiji disagrees and blames herself for all this and rushes home locking herself in the kitchen and tries to kill herself. They manage to stop her. Kaushalya then breaks down and pours her heart out as to how she was always looked down upon becuz of her complexion and that Ragini is facing the same fate. Vinu blames Malti for all this, but she manages to calm him down with her tears. Sulakshana asks her money back from Malti, the one that Malti had taken from her after Ragini's engagement. Malti fans the fire at home by bringing up Sadhna's job, and Mamaji learns that Sadhna had no job and had been lying to him. He realizes that Sadhna was going to Nani's house this whole time. Malti asks Vinu to help her pay Sulakshana even if it means he has to steal. Mami starts to realize how much Sadh cares for them.

Week of Jan 18th 08

Ragini is depressed after her wedding fiasco and Sadhna suggests that Ragini join the dance class. Ragini joins the dance school. After the dance, while returning home Sadhna meets the 2 kids from Nani's neighborhood.. guni and pratham, who she had met in the yard of the mysterious house. They drop the kids home and meets their parents' Navin and Avni there. The head of the family, Vasundara Rajwansh comes there and is not happy seeing the kids mingling with Ragi and Sadi. Later Ambika Rajvansh comes to Nani's house to ask abt Sadi and requests her to send her over to their house. Vinu steals from his own office to pay off Bittu and Sulakshana. But his act is caught on camera and cops arrive at his place to arrest him. Mamaji is alarmed when the cops reveal what Vinu has done. Mamaji is humiliated by every1, which completely shatters him. He becomes emotional and suffers a heart attack and the doctors suggest that he should have a open-heart surgery. The whole family is worried cuz this surgery will cost them in lacs.

Week of Jan 26th 08

Sadhna gives her money to mamiji for the surgery. Naniji later tells her that she is called to the Rajvanshs'. She then meets with Vasundhara Rajvansh who hires her as the tutor for the kids. Mamaji gets better after the surgery and comes home. Sadhna then tells him about her job. At the Rajvanshs' Sadhna has a sour introduction with Avni. While playing with the kids, they almost blurt out to her about the outhouse mystery. Vinu realises Malti has been lying about her necklace and puts her to test when he throws it out the window, knowing very well that she will go back to get it. And as expected he catches her with the necklace outside, leaving her speechless and scared. Sadh realizes she's being stalked.
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Week of Feb 1st 08

Malti confesses to Vinu that this was all her doing. Vinu's boss gives Mamaji a week to come up with the money, but the man who was stalking Sadhna convinces him to shorten the amnt of time to 2 days. That very day Vinu's boss comes to Mamaji's house and demands the money right away, leaving Mamaji and his entire family in confusion. Mamaji gives him the house papers as security and promises to pay the money in 2 days. While tutoring the kids at Rajvansh's, the maid, Gauri spies on Sadh and places an expensive necklace in the kids room for Sadhna to find. Sadhna returns it to Vasu. Sadhna decides to ask Vasu for a loan to save Mama's house. There, Vasu is planning a party and Sadhna is called early for work that day. Ragini's teacher tells her abt a dance competition where she is selected to represent her school and the prize money is 1lac.

Week of Feb 8th 08

Satyendra, Ambika's husband, and Dolly, their daughter, enter the show. Meanwhile Vasu is busy making preparations for the party. She invites Sadhna to the party on the pretext of giving her the money she asked for Mamaji's house then. The family learns that Ranvir, Indrajit and Vasu's younger son, is coming back from America the night of the party. All are overjoyed except Vasu, since she thinks this could mess up her plan. Ranvir makes his grand entry, but he finds something weird abt Vasu's behaviour. He sees Sadhna enter the party and its love at 1st sight. A waiter spills food on Sadhna on Vasu's instructions and she is sent to the outhouse to clean up. Ragini learns that Dolly will be her competitor in the competition, and she wonders if she can do better than her. Mamaji's condition worsens.

Week of Feb 15th 08

Sadhna enters the outhouse to find Alekh, Vasu-Indra's elder son, tied up there. She lets him go, but he runs for it when shes not looking. He lands up on the roof, and the entire Rajvansh family and all the guests come out to see whats happened. All the guests realize Alekh is Vasu's mentally unstable son and they all taunt Vasu for keeping this a secret, even when asking some of their daughters hand in marriage for him. Vasu vows to them that she will get him married within a month. Later, Ranvir confronts Vasu and Ambika abt all this, since he had no idea Alekh was being locked up. Vasu blames Sadhna for opening the outhouse door, and takes her into a room to privately talk to her.

Week of Feb 22nd 08

Vasu suggests that Sadhna marry Alekh and promises to fix her family's financial problems. Sadhna refuses the proposal telling Vasu that she can't get married b4 her older sister, Ragini. Vasu fires Sadhna from her job and determined to learn more about Ragini appoints ppl to investigate. She learns abt Ragini's problems getting married due to her complexion and plans something. Ragini prepares for her dance competition. Its the last day to pay off the money and mamaji and his family are worried. Ranveer comes to Sadhna's house and gets along very well with Mamaji. He meets Ragini for the first time, and Sadhna senses sparks flying b/w them. Sadhna faces a scary encounter with Alekh when he tries to throttle her. Nani sees Ranveer drop Sadhna home and advises Mami to keep Sadhna away from the Rajvansh boys.

Week of Feb 29th 08

Ragini loses the competition when Vasu switches the results and Dolly emerges the winner. Ragini and her family are devastated since losing the competition destroyed their last hope of saving their house. Seeing the whole family shattered, Sadi decides to do something to help. She approaches Vasu and agrees to marry Alekh on the condition that Vasu agrees to get Ranvir married to Ragini. Vasu is thrown off by Sadi's demand and refuses to it. Sadi and the rest of the family leave Kaushalya Nivas and hand the keys to Khanna, who gives the keys to Vasu. Nani opens her home to mamaji and his family and gives them a warm welcome. Vasu is upset to see that she is losing her grounds to a simple girl like Sadi and decides to change things to her favor and calls up Sadi to meet her at Mata ka Mandir.

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thanks a lot kruthi...thats a great effort.appreciate it Clap .
i have heard abt this serial a lot, planning to start watching it..
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Week of March 7th 08

Sadi meets with Vasu and is happy when Vasu agrees to her terms and conditions. Sadi agrees to marry Alekh. Soon after, things start getting better for the mamaji's family and they all return back to their house. They get another pleasant surprise when Vasu walks in with her son's marriage proposal for Sadi. Confused as to why Vasu never brought up Ragi-Ranvir's marriage, Sadi confronts her about it. Vasu cooks up an excuse and Sadi falls for it. So that nothing goes wrong in her plan, Vasu pushes for a Roka to be done asap and agrees to Alekh being present for it and this panics Sadi.

Week of March 14th 08

Vasu informs the Rajvanshs' abt the roka and requests Ambika to keep Alekh in control while at Sadi's house. During the roka, Mamaji and his family observe Alekh behaving strangely. But Vasu covers-up with excuses. When alone, Alekh almost attacks Sadi again, but Ambika comes and stops him in time. The roka ends successfully w/o any mishaps. Unaware of Alekh's condition, Mamaji and his family excitedly start preparations for the wedding and arrive unannounced at the Rajvansh House to discuss abt the wedding details.

Week of March 21st 08

Mama and Ragini almost see Alekh in one of his fits of madness, but luckily for Vasu they don't. During the mehendi-sangeet, Mamaji gets a disturbing news when a neighbor tells him that Alekh is mentally unstable. He sends Vinu to the Rajvanshs' to find out the real truth. There Vinu and Malti are troubled when Alekh gets overly hyped over a meager matter. Mamaji is upset to hear this and both him and Vinu decide to investigate deeper into the matter.

Week of March 28th 08

Sadhna takes God's promise that Alekh is normal and Mamaji believes her. The Sharma's enjoy their Holi, still unaware of Alekh's truth. On the day of the marriage, Naveen is sent there early to make sure everything is ok for Alekh. Alekh and Ambika arrive there late at the last second. Everything seems to be going ok until Alekh hears a police van driving by. He becomes hyper and Mamaji realizes that Alekh is crazy. He stops the marriage, but Sadhna goes against him and still wants to get married.

Week of April 4th

Mamaji is hurt when Sadhna marries Alekh. When Sadhna comes to his house for his blessings, he renounces her in front of everyone. Mami, Nani, Ragini, Vinu and Malti are heartbroken for her. Mama throws away all her memories out as she leaves. Sadhna does her bidaai on her own and leaves her mamaji's house completely heart-broken and in despair. Alekh gets mad seeing an unconsolable Sadhna, but Ambika handles it. Sadhna is welcomed to the Rajvansh house with proper customs and steps foot into her new life as Sadhna Rajvansh.

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