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Bride and Prejudice(MS/ VS FF) PT6 PG2

jedi_girl Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2008 at 5:39am | IP Logged

Hello everybody. This is my first fanfic and it stars Mahi and Shabd from Maayka. My basic story is inspired from the novel by Jane Austen. Hope you like it!Smile

Part 1

The first rays of the sun set a rosy hue to the sugarcane fields of Bhatinda. The town was waking up and soon the market place was buzzing up with voices. Colours splashed around and the sweet smell of hot jalebis added a glow to the already festive mood. Indeed, there was a wedding today and not just any wedding but the that of the Mayor's daughter. No need to mention how grand it was expected to be! All the arrangements had been done by the best. One such person was Brij Mohan, a close friend of the mayor.

' Mahi jaldi aaja! Woh papers lana, puttar,' shouted Brij from his office in the Mohan Nivaas.

' Aai bauji!'

The sound of payals resonated around the house as a petite woman came running down the stairs. Dressed in a red salwaar kameez with her hair braided she walked towards her father.

' Yeh lijiyey, bauji.'

Brij was fidgeting in his chair. He always did on the wedding day. There was so much to do and it seemed like the time was never enough! Right now, he was searching desperately through his files for a number. He rumbled through all his drawers but it just wasn't there! 'Aur Mahi, maine joh number-'

' Bauji maine Khanna Sir koh kal ko hi phone kiya tha aur phoolon ki bhi baat kar di hain.'

' Tumne phone kar diya?', a relieved Brij repeated.

' Aur maine driver koh bhi bhej diya hain. Woh phool directly hall lejaeyga,' Mahi answered casually.

That was a typical behaviour from his youngest daughter. He watched her as she took a file, studied its contents and worked on it. Brij just couldn't stop himself from smiling. He remembered those days when she was just a 5 year old toddler. Even at that time he was very forgetful and would leave his wallet at home. But little Mahi would every day would run down the stairs before he stepped out and hand it to him. ' Bauji, Bauji! Aapka batwa. Aap Phir bhool gaye! Lo mein lekar aai!'

He knew that Mahi and him shared a special bond. Of course, he loved his two daughters equally but he was closer to Mahi. She was the first one to rush to him, to talk to him for hour; they were both very independent, free-spirited.... and Mahi! Uff! No one was as quick-witted as she was in the whole of Bhatinda. No wonder everybody called her Mirchi!

' Bauji... Bauji?' Brij awoke from his thoughts, ' Han Mahi... To ab main hall chala jata hoon.'

He had not gone far away when he realised he had again forgotten his wallet and turned back to fetch it but Mahi was already there with a bright smile.

'Phir bhool gaye na?'

'Phir bhool gaya,' said Brij as he laughed loudly, ' Theek sare saat aa jaana.'

' Aap fikhar mat karo Bauji. Main hoon na! '

To be continued...

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 June 2005
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Posted: 01 February 2008 at 6:59am | IP Logged
wow great pl conti soon Clap
imdudehead Goldie

Joined: 03 May 2006
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Posted: 01 February 2008 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Awsum beginning ...cont soon
ridizzz IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 March 2006
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Posted: 01 February 2008 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Awesome start.
liked it.
plz cont. soon
jedi_girl Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2008 at 4:48am | IP Logged

Thanks so much for your comments!!Smile Here's part 2, I'm hoping to hear your comments on itBig smile

Part 2

'Suna hai ke dulha ke kuch dost Mumbai se aa rahe hain. Kitna aacha hoga na? Ek dum filmon ki tara. Anjan log aur woh bhi ek shaadi mein! Kitna romantic hoga na Mahi?' Soni said excitedly to her sister, 'Mahi!!' Soni shouted to draw Mahi's attention.

' Haan... Kya bola tumne? Oh... Soni, tum kabhi nahi badlogee,' giggled Mahi. She knew how her sister was an utter romantic and how much she wanted to meet the man of her dreams. She continued to watch on as Soni tried on each on of her best dresses and asked her a million times the same question, ' Mahi yeh kaisa hai? Acha to hai ? Main moti to nahin lag rahi?'

'Nahin meri ma! Waise bhi, baar baar wohi sawaal poonchene se jawaab nahin badlega.... unless you do want the answer to change?' Mahi teased as she ducked the pillow Soni threw at her.

' Haha.. very funny,' Soni replied, ' lekin sach mein... main to inse milne ko bahut excited hoon. Just imagine Mahi, shayad ini logon ke beech koi hai jo sirf tumhare liye bana ho?'

Kya sach mooch main koi hai.... Sirf mere liye? Mahi pondered over these questions for a long time wishing that somehow, someone would answer them for her. A strange kind of emotion took her. It was as if she just knew that something would happen today. A mysterious smile came to her face, ' Shayad'

At the same time, at the other side of Bhatinda, the train from Mumbai stopped in its tracks, its passengers getting out into the station. Three people in particular were noticed by the locals. Veer Malhotra had come with his sister Suhani to attend to the wedding of his friend. The Malhotras were one of the richest families of Mumbai and Veer was the bubbly son who was in charge of all the business.

' Can you smell this Suhani? It's the morning sweets! Mera to bachpan yaad gaya!'

' Veer pleeeeaasssse!' whined a Suhani who was dressed in a mini dress and high heeled shoes, ' Kitni garmee hai yahan. I'm sure there's not even the AC in these village cars!' She had barely walked that her heels broke, ' Ouch! Dekha Veer! Maine to pehle hi kaha ta... Yahan to kuch nahin hoga!'

' Han han, to tumse kisne kaha ke TRAIN mein tum heels pehno? Maine tumse kaha tha yeh fashion show nahin hai. Ab thora sa bhukto meri pyari behan,' joked Veer.

Meanwhile, Shabd Sareen came out of the train. This tall figure was noticed by all and there was cause to be: his features were handsomely sharp. There was a natural charm and presence in him that was just fascinating. Not to forget that he was thought of as the one of the most eligible and rich bachelors of the country. He screened the area in barely a minute. It really was a scene. It might well have been a station, but it was just as lively as the market place of Bhatinda: full of colours, of people dashing in and out hurriedly and specially with everyone talking so loudly it was more like they were shouting. Nonetheless, there was a sort of magic here- an atmosphere of happiness that he found endearing. ' Veer mujhe to lagta hain ke yahaan humein kahin surprises milengey '

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The wedding celebrations beat their maximum as music of dhols was vigorously played. Hundreds of guests came and danced to the notes of the shenai.

Back inside the hall, dressed in their best salwars, Soni and Mahi were watching everything from the balcony. Mahi, especially felt particularly concerned: she had to make sure everything was going well and her eyes were intently watching all the rituals.

' Kitni sundar lag rahi dulhan...' Soni said dreamily, ' Maine to fasla kar diya hai! Apne shaadi ka jhoda mein India ke sabse bare designer se karva lungi! Aur music ek aache se orchestra ke saat... aur decorations to main-'

' Tumhe nahin lagta kuch missing hai tumare ine bade plan mein? ' Mahi asked.

' Kya ?'

' Ek insaan to missing hai'

' Kaaauuunnn?? Bauji hain, Tum ho, Mama hai - '

' Dulha! Waise bhi shaadi ke liye do insaan ki zaroorat hoti hai! ' Mahi grinned sheepishly.

' Mahi! Woh tum mil hi jaeyga.'

' Aur kya humare future Jijaji ke kuch armaan nahin hoge apne shaadi ke liye?'

' Usske kya armaan honge? Main to bholti hoon, uska ek hi kaam hai: shaadi mein aane ka!' And with this the two sisters laughed and chatted without even realising that a black car had just arrived outside.

Shabd first came out of their car. He looked around amazed at the obvious joy everyone felt for the newly weds. His relations with his family were, on the other hand, very strained. His parents had never very really time for him because of their business and the rest of his relatives were there only when they needed some money or service from him. If it were not for his best friend, Veer, he would have been left all alone in his empty world. So, coming to this wedding in this strange place with Veer was already quite a big deal for him. Today was the first time in a very long time that he wore a Kurta and it suited him to perfection. Veer, for his sake, was already enjoying himself for he was at ease in such celebrations. He immediately searched for his friend, Rohit, the dulha.

' Hey Rohit! Congrats, man! Ab to tum phas chuke ho! Isnse milo. Yeh hain mera dost, Shabd Sareen aur meri behan, Suhani,' he said pointing to a Suhani who was clearly wishing to flee from there.

' Thanks. Oh! The Shabd Sareen! Pleased to meet you! Hmm... Aap kuch piijiyey, main abhi aaya'

Veer looked around, impressed by the decorations when he suddenly caught a glance of Soni leaning against a balcony. She looks so beautiful! was the only thing he could think of. He kept staring at her until her own gaze met with his. She too was as mesmerised as Veer. He just couldn't stop himself from contemplating her until Soni, who was blushing profusely, looked shyly away.

' Shabd!' Veer motioned his friend to come, ' Shabd! I'm in love!'

'What? When ? How? No wait... With whom?'

' With this most beautiful woman leaning against the balcony'

' Veer... Yeh tum kaise keh sakte ho ki tumhe isse pyaar ho gaya hai? You barely know her!'

' Isse se kya hota hai? Pyar to aise hi hota hai...' Veer retorted, his gaze still locked on Soni. He knew Shabd had not received the same loved Suhani and him had received from their parents. Such notions were naturally alien to him.

' Mein nahin manta. I don't believe in love at first si-'

Shabd never had the time to complete his sentence for by a series of unbelievable turn of events he saw a young woman run down the stairs, slip and fall straight into his arms.

He caught her right in time but the moment he looked at her he was stunned...Her cheeks had taken a rosy shade and her hair, loosened from her braid, fell all around her face. Her arms were around his and it seemed to him as if it was just perfect. But it was not just that. Sure, she was beautiful, but her eyes, still registering her fall, were twinkling, as if conveying a thousand emotions to Shabd. It was first time that he had ever seen that. In Mumbai, there were hordes of girls who were running after him but none was as this petite woman. They remained like that for what felt like an endless moment until the worried voice of Soni shouted out, 'Mahi, tum theek ho?'

To be continued!


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mpatel97508 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2008 at 7:04am | IP Logged

amazng story! i love itEmbarrassed

jedi_girl Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2008 at 8:09am | IP Logged

Thanks for all your comments! Smile

Part 3

' Mahi tum theek ho?' Soni's voice, filled with worry pulled out Shabd from his dreams.

So, her name's Mahi! Shabd thought. Mahi was still in his arms but as Soni approached them she got up and joined her sister. Shabd held on to her hand for a short moment, unknowingly imprinting Mahi's touch in his memory.

' Haan, Soni, main theek hoon. Wo bas main phisal gayi,' Mahi comforted her sister while stealing glances at Shabd who was subtly staring at her. For the few moments she had been in his arms, as he had held her, for the first time in her life she had felt tingles spread through her.

' Tum bhi na! Be more careful Mahi! Agar yeh,' and she indicated Shabd, 'na hote to tumhe chot aa jaati na... Waise aapka bahut thanks ke aapne meri behen ko girne se bachaya, ' Soni said to Shabd.

' It's okay. Main to sirf right time, right jaga pe tha,' Shabd answered back abruptly, ' Koi aur bhi tha, to wahi karta,' He was rather amazed at Soni, she had such a genuine smile that he immediately regretted having replied so brusquely.

' Waise mera naam Veer Malhotra hain,' Veer said out loud. He so wanted to talk to Soni but there she was talking to his friend! He wanted her to look at him, to talk to him and surely to dance with him! ' Hum Mumbai se hain'

At the name of Mumbai, Soni smiled at her sister. What a coincidence! And she who wanted to meet them so much! Mahi smiled too and Shabd could not help noticing how bright her eyes became. But Veer did not just watch. Unlike Shabd, he was neither shy nor reserved enough to hide his admiration for Soni, ' Hmm... Kya mein aapke saath dance kar sakta hoon?'

He was so friendly and sincere that Soni wanted at once to say yes, but she was also worried about Mahi. She turned immediately to her and they had one of those special sisters' moment. Mahi knew that Soni was dying to dance with the new visitor but would never leave her sister like this and that too just after a fall. So, Mahi accepted in Soni's name, ' Haan, jao Soni... Aur meri fikhar mat karo, main bilkul theek hoon,' she said confidently.

'Par Mahi-'

'Are kuch 'par' 'var' nahin. Jao na.'

Soni went along with a Veer who had a happy air to his walk as they started to dance to the tunes of the dhols and shehnaiis. Back inside, Shabd remained with Mahi. He had met her only moments ago but everytime he looked at her he was drawn to her. Mahi, on the other hand, knew not what to say to this strange man. He was different for sure but still a silence came between the two of them until Mahi broke it, ' Is it the first time that you're assisting to a wedding in this region?'

' Haan .... ek experience hai,' he finished suddenly.

'Kyun? Don't you like it?'

' No, it's not that.... but yeh arranged marriage mujhe samaj nahin aati hain,' he replied. Nearly all the people he had met before had immediately agreed with him like brainless puppets so he didn't expect anything different from this girl.

' Wohi puraana khayal. Aapne dulha ko tho dekha na? Wo tho kush lagta hain. He certainly hasn't been forced.' Mahi said coolly. Startled, he nearly lost his balance!

' Nahin.... lekin main jo kehna chaata hoon is that it seems so old a tradition.'

' Are! Internet par to log bina mile shaadi ka faisla karte hain! It's a new thing but still a bit strange' Mahi could not understand why Shabd could have such typical thoughts!

' Fine. Lekin yahaan Bhatinda mein tumhe yeh arranged marriage theek lagta hoga. Ek city mein to yeh nahin chalega-' Shabd argued

' 'Bhatinda mein' Tumhara matlab kya hain?!' a completely angry Mahi retorted, ' And anyways, did you think that things are different in cities? Wahan bhi kahin arranged marriages hain... What about Marriage bureaus? People with high posts like doctors, engineers and accountants turn to them! So, does that mean they are against love marriages?'

The conversation which had started so naively ended up being a heated argument. They were both so stubborn that none wanted to lose to each other.

' Mahi, that's different.'

' Oh! They're from a city so they are different,' came out Mahi's sarcastic remark, ' Dekho Mr Shabd Sareen, main tumhe sirf ek baat kahoongi: shaadi love ho ya arranged, important yeh hain, ke dono log khush aur raazi hain. Bhatinda surely tumhare shehar ke tara na wo, iska yeh matlab nahin ke hum tumse chote hain!' Mahi threw at him before leaving to see her father.

Shabd could not believe it! Wow! Now that's a mooh tor Jawaab! He was lost between anger and fascination. What a girl! He watched her go and smile brightly to her parents. It seems like she hates me! Good start Shabd!, he scolded himself, Pehli baar ek ladki ne tumhe impress kiya, pehli baar kisi ne tumara dil chooha... and you just forced her to hate you!

His eyes turned to Veer and Soni: they were both dancing away, just too engrossed in each other to have noticed the argument. Things were certainly not going to go as smoothly between Mahi and him.

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eternal IF-Rockerz

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ahahah lmao i love the way this ff has turned out in the first couple of parts....wonderful job dear please continue soon love it Clap

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