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Chat transcript with Dhanush on sify

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Posted: 31 January 2008 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Transcript of the chat with Dhanush
duskysun13 asks Hi Dhanush.. how are you! are you doing fineee?!
dhanush says im doin great
neerajanik asks You seem to be going the extra mile for acting in your brother's movies, but i dont feel you doing the same for other directors?
dhanush says u shud get good charectarisation
a.srinivasan asks Pudupettai is full of violence. Do you really think so much blood and gore was necessary?
dhanush says yes...we cannot shoot about a college without showing a college
raghued asks Dhanush, I liked your acting in Pudupettai very much. How was it acting with Sonia and Sneha?
dhanush says it was good...they were very cooperative
neerajanik asks Is your beard real? Do you plan on becoming a director like your brother and father?
dhanush says yse of course , yes...direction is my passion
duskysun13 asks How old were you when you joined the film industry?
dhanush says 17
duskysun13 asks How old were you when you joined the film industry?
dhanush says 17
duskysun13 asks Who is your inspiration?
dhanush says al pacino
duskysun13 asks Was it a concious decision to work predominantly with your brother?
dhanush says he s giving me good scripts. and i go for that , thats all
duskysun13 asks What made you join the film industry?
dhanush says my father, i never liked acting or film industry
duskysun13 asks How any movies have you acted it in? Which is your favorite?
dhanush says 9 and pudhupettai is my fav
duskysun13 asks Hi...i love u
dhanush says i love u too
duskysun13 asks why6 did u get married ya ?
dhanush says im askin it myself
duskysun13 asks Who is your favorite hero and heroine?
dhanush says al pacino, simran, i guess or monicca bellucci
duskysun13 asks hi i miss u
dhanush says who r u
duskysun13 asks Hai how are you?
dhanush says good
mayavii asks Does your father-in-law watch your movies?Do you seek his advice before choosing your roles?
dhanush says he does, but i never take any advice from anybody , i follow my instincts
duskysun13 asks Will you act with Simbu if you get a chance to work together?
dhanush says depends upon my character
mayavii asks Are you planning to enter Tollywood anytime soon?
dhanush says i don think so
mayavii asks Who is your inspiration?
dhanush says al pacino
Wanny asks Hi Dhanush. How r u ? hope u r fine.
dhanush says yes i am
balamurugan1980 asks hella danush how are you
dhanush says great
Wanny asks Where do u see urself after 5 yrs?
dhanush says director????? i guess
bab70ji asks will you act in telugu movies
dhanush says not in the near future
ambujammami asks What made you join the film industry?
dhanush says father
ambujammami asks How do you spend your free time?
dhanush says table tennis and reading novels
bab70ji asks hai dhanush, congratulations for your hits and very nice to chat with you on sify, keep going
dhanush says thanks
duskysun13 asks Dhanush... I have watched Puthupettai five times till now and even though i cant understand tamil, i thoroughly loved the movie! you were simply amazing in it, Dhanush!
dhanush says thanks a lot
thiru_vishnu asks can you say about sonia agarwal. i am her great fan
dhanush says what can i say, i don wanna get into trouble
duskysun13 asks Your transformation from the helpless lad to the ruthless ganglord was just too good. And throughout the movie, you did the eccentric bit too good
dhanush says thanks
ambujammami asks why a change in your role from that of an innocent boy to a gangster...
dhanush says u shud ask the director
duskysun13 asks Hi how long are u plannin to act?
dhanush says till i retire
annakannan asks Who is ur role model?
dhanush says al pacino
annakannan asks What is ur food menu? Why u r so lean? I hope Ishwarya giving proper food.
dhanush says ya man, but i wanna be like this, this what showed me unique from the crowd
deepkri81 asks hai,are u going to do any flim with thalaivar (ONLY)SUPER STAR RajiniKanth?
dhanush says i don think so, already its hard for pple to call me dhanush, they call me alludu of rajini
ksa_arun asks Whom according to u is the most respectable person in the world
dhanush says my mom
ksa_arun asks Y r u acting nicely only in your Brothers movies only
dhanush says bcos of the good characterisation
Leasha asks If u was not an actor what career would u have chosen?
dhanush says marine engineering
deepak_lm asks Hi dhanush you have done a good job in pudhupettai, you have crossed my expectations, keep it up
dhanush says thanks a lot deepak
gnanasivam asks Was your's a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
dhanush says arranged....gosh who am i kiddin, love marriage
gnanasivam asks Comments on Rajini and kamal...
dhanush says rajini superstar kamal super actor
gpsureshkumar asks hi, y didnt u concentrate on ur physical apperance in pudhupettai
dhanush says oops , i will in my next projects
gnanasivam asks Why so violence in pudupettai?
dhanush says the script required it
gnanasivam asks Who is ur favourite actor and actress in tamil cinema?
dhanush says rajini kanth and simran
gnanasivam asks How was the experience acting with Balumahendra?
dhanush says wow...good question man, it was great, he s like an university
gnanasivam asks Whom do u think is ur smart pair?
dhanush says manorama
gnanasivam asks Why do tamil cinema dont concentrate on heroine subjects?
dhanush says gotto sell man
gnanasivam asks What advice did rajini give u for the first time?
dhanush says he never gives me any sort of advice
gnanasivam asks How can we compare Amithabachan and Rajinikanth?
dhanush says cant compare, amitabh i sa little better than him, i guess, hope my rajini does nt see this
tamilprakash asks hai,your acting is too good in pudhupet but choose ur roles better and dont give films like sullan and dreams
dhanush says i kno, thanks
sifysaravana asks Dhanush !! Appavanathukku valthukkal !!
dhanush says yet to be, thanks any way
tamilprakash asks convey my regards to selva for making a high class tamil movie
dhanush says ill do that
sarvan_theking asks hi how is experience as a gangster in pudupettai? have met any gangster 2 seek as rollmodel?
dhanush says i did....three or four pple,,,was very haunting
shnr_sujai asks whether u r acting in director bals's movie
dhanush says i was not approached yet
tamilprakash asks u and sneha formed a very good pair
dhanush says u think so? don u think she s little older for me?
Leasha asks Hey dhanush!Back here in singapore,my family and i loved your acting so far.Congrats 4 ya latest movie.Keep doing good roles...
dhanush says thanks leasha, my regards for ur family
tamilprakash asks when will u and ur brother give another film?
dhanush says next year, its a family script
bala_rabhouse asks ssup dhanush...wached pudhupettai...it rocks dude
dhanush says thanks...whats up with ur accent?
mayuria asks what your real name?
dhanush says vengadesha prabhu, bad na?
mayuria asks WHAT UR favorite color?
dhanush says black....rocks
socrates_4875 asks hai kokki, puthupettila pattiya kilapita.... congrats
dhanush says thanks...hope u enjoyed the film and my acting
deepak_lm asks which one of ur brother's films is ur favourite, tt,kk,7g or pudhupettai
dhanush says pudhupettai
socrates_4875 asks hello dhanush,great performance man............great
dhanush says thanks again
socrates_4875 asks how do u rank ur self?
dhanush says an actor who is tryin very hard to stabilise himself
santhiya30 asks hello Dhanush! what is your age?
dhanush says 22 and u 30?
anirudhr asks hey...which do u think is ur best movie ever
dhanush says pudhupettai...for a long time i think
daguru asks hey kokki kumar..!! if you were given a chance to act in a hollywood movie,which hollywood director would u prefer?
dhanush says i don thinki its gonna happen ever, still ,....may be guiseppe tornatore...but he s a italian director
dayanna asks I am so happy you are here to chat with me... I have got this major crush on you, man!
dhanush says really? u shud really see a doctor
mayuria asks DANUSH i like ur movie pudupaitai , and i love ur movie kadhal konden. and do u like kadhal konden or pudupaitei
dhanush says pudhupettai
Leasha asks what are the advices that u will give upon entering the indian cinema industry?
dhanush says its worse than politics and make sure u r ready to lose all the peace u have
santhiya30 asks hello Dhanush!! how is old aishwarya(wife:p)
dhanush says 23....hmmm now i understand
socrates_4875 asks wer's director selvaraghavan ,plz call him na .dhanush u know ur near my house defence colony.
dhanush says even im searching ....i don live in dedfence colony anymore, im in mylapore
deepak_lm asks hey another quesiton how many takes u took for that dance in thiruda thirudi... its awsome man..
dhanush says it was shot in three days, not much i guess
vj0751 asks Whats the secreat of ure Diet ??
dhanush says thats secret
dayanna asks hi dhanush! you there?
dhanush says very much
mayuria asks the which thing which you like more in the world?
dhanush says i think my baby ....still under production
bala_rabhouse asks do u get bugged wen ppl keep askin u bout ur father in law??
dhanush says YES YES YES
dd967 asks hi sir how r u?
dhanush says im great...about to be a father u kiddin??
bramesh asks Hi Dhanush, I'm watched Pudupettai really super, what about your next movie? and Dhanush-Sneha pair 100% perfect.
dhanush says thiruvilayadal is my next...sneha and i don match....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
dansmeall asks Hi danush some body told : dhanush is a male SHAKILKA plz give ur comment?
dhanush says may be...i bow for ur comments
dayanna asks the first half of puthupettai was too good, but i did not like the second half very much .. comment
dhanush says second half was bare truth, its hard to digest that...watch it the second time u ll like it
williams123 asks hey dhanush. you're a great guy, man. I liked your acting in Pudhupettai.
dhanush says thanks...that wud make me a good actor...but on what basis u r callin me a great guy??
mayuria asks Which is the film that you like in all films that super star rajanikanth played
dhanush says netrikan and baasha
williams123 asks who's your fav actor?
dhanush says al pacino,i worship him
williams123 asks do you have aspirations of becoming the next super star after Rajni?
dhanush says nope, i wanna go beyond that... i dream big....lets see
deepkri81 asks thank u for answering Did thalaivar watched Pudhupattai?flim What did he say about your acting?
dhanush says he was very proud of me
rammu_sivraj asks hi.,really a splendid performance in pudupet,why didnt u try change your physic which is the only -ve i suppose
dhanush says im workin on it
vj0751 asks U had done a GOOD job in Pudhupattai especially ure Dialouges. Everybody likes that. Whatz d next film ?
dhanush says thiruvilayadal...light hearted film...comedy
sesha_dri asks What difference you feel professionally after marrying Superstar's Daughter
dhanush says i lost my identity...
kundan_mca12 asks hello i m from patna.and i like southindian actor.and ur favourate actoress in bollywwod?
dhanush says kajol and kareena in asoka i guess
mayuria asks if it is necessary to choose between the cinema and your family,what you will choose?
dhanush says family...i love my wife too much to lose her for anything
dayanna asks i thought that soni agrawal's role was not required. tell your brother he should have cut out the useless love triangle from a perfectly good gangster movie
dhanush says ill do that...
socrates_4875 asks u know im a student of sathyabama studying visual communication and u came once 2 my college we performed b4 u.u look smart man.
dhanush says thanks...whats ur name?
sesha_dri asks What you think of today's celebrities, as we see there acting is not upto the mark and they charge exorbidantly after giving one hit film which is purely on viewers courtesy.
dhanush says may be...i don kno how to react
mayuria asks N the young people actor of today, WHAT YOUNG ACTOR DO you LIKE ?
dhanush says surya
rammu_sivraj asks hi prabhu,really a splendid performance in pudupet,y didnt u try change ur physic,which seems a minus
dhanush says sorry...im workin on it...whatever i eat i dont put on weight
mayuria asks Is DANUSH IT called how your baby?
dhanush says not sure yet
sika_s asks when a u getting u baby?
dhanush says oct 21 st
kmsaravanan83 asks wat is ur plan abt next movie
dhanush says thiruvilayadal...comedy
socrates_4875 asks Dhanush, Defence colony grounduku ippo varathae illa ? come & play cricket there man?
dhanush says told u...i don live there anymore
kannadaedit asks how does it feel to be the son-in-law of the world's greatest hero - Rajnikanth!
dhanush says wierd...
daguru asks who is your all time fav music director? and also name one song by him :-)
dhanush says ilayaraja...thendral vanthu from avatharam is my fav song
k.vanisha@sify.com asks hi dhansh i like u very much plz give good films
dhanush says sure...sorry for dis appointing in few projects
schumi555 asks how do u look so handsome
dhanush says i kno u r kiddin
dayanna asks What is your favourite colour?
dhanush says black
salavudeen asks Hi ya, Congratulations for your performane in Puduppettai
dhanush says thanks..hope u liked the movie also
dayanna asks Do you feel more comfortable acting in action movies or romantic movies?
dhanush says i feel comf acting as a psycho...cos i guess iam one
dayanna asks Is there any Hollywood hero that you really like?
dhanush says al pacino
mayuria asks DANUSH , when will come you to France?
dhanush says i wish...will let u kno..send me ur id
santhiya30 asks hello Dhanush... how is aishwarya? is she with u now there? answer me:p
dhanush says no...who r u?
bramesh asks Hi Dhanush, I,m selva big fan, what about selva next project? How's it your marriege life?
dhanush says selva s next project is a telugu film...
sailani_81 asks Did you choose name for your child?
dhanush says two or three...not sure
arunsenbbl@sify.com asks Hi Dhanush good day. Please one good thing that you like most?
dhanush says my home thtre
dayanna asks Do you think that good looks is essential to become a hero in Tamil cinema?
dhanush says did n u see my films?
gnanasivam asks What are your hobbies?
dhanush says table tennis and readin novels
vj0751 asks Dhanush have u done any child artist role before??
dhanush says nope
williams123 asks You are going to be a dad, Dhanush! Congrats! What will you name him? Sivaji?
dhanush says lol...good one
bkiran63 asks how does it to feel like to be a son in law of rajnikanth
dhanush says wierd
padychennai asks Hi Hope doing good.What is the next movie?pls can u give us something differed like KadhalKonden again...?
dhanush says ill release the same film again
sathictr asks hi dhanush this is sathish from bangalore
dhanush says kie?
kcswaminathan asks can we fans meet you on a free day when u don't have shooting schedule? will u permit fans to meet u? plz..
dhanush says of course...
gnanasivam asks Comments on Vijay and Ajith..pls
dhanush says to be frank...i think both of them shud work on thier acting skills
senthil_sarath asks Why you are acting unmatched characters like CHULLAN, this is not at all fit for you, And you always acting like playboy. You like much?
dhanush says no...i will def avoid projects like sullan here after
vj0751 asks HAPPY chatting with u Dhanush. KEEP ROCKING. ALL D BEST.
dhanush says thanks a lot man
gnanasivam asks Can namitha act as ur heroine? hahaha
dhanush says i ll look like her two yr old son
deepak_lm asks hey i dont agree with sonia 's role was not required. actually it dint suit her image which she got in her prev films.. what u say?
dhanush says ur call
sha_ga_82 asks your film pudhupettai is vrey good. try to do films which is ahving the real story
dhanush says will do, thanks
dayanna asks Do you want to direct a movie?
dhanush says ya ya ya....but nobodys encouraging me
dayanna asks Who is your favourite music director? and your favourite actress..
dhanush says ilayaraja...monica bellucci
dayanna asks who was your first crush... ever?
dhanush says her name is mayuri...high school sweet heart
rachana_1982 asks hidanush wt is ur next movie and with whom
dhanush says thiruvilayadal with shreya
socrates_4875 asks what did thalivar say on seeing pudhupet?
dhanush says felt proud...u shud talk to him i guess
deepkri81 asks Pudhupattai is really good and keep rocking with good stuffs like thalaivar and advance CONGRATS for u to be a Dad
dhanush says thanks a lot
dayanna asks Are you eager to get a national award? Do you think that parallel cinema is necessary for an actor to prove his mettle?
dhanush says i want to win so many awards...some times i cant even say that loud..i shud wait..its too soon,,,,about ur other q...no comments
sheik_83 asks Suppose iswarya got twins how is ur feelings?
dhanush says ill freak out
ramsanthosh123 asks How do u felt when ur into this industry and how do u feel today?
dhanush says then peaceful....now i donno where i am
sathictr asks action is soo good and improved well
dhanush says thanks...its been 4 yrs
mayuria asks danush you LIKE movies of ur father or ur brother?
dhanush says obv my bro
rammu_sivraj asks pudupet,being a long period project.did u feel annoyed at any point of time
dhanush says nope...i loved being kokki kumar
pears91 asks hi DHANUSH . i am priya from keralapls will u say a hi 2 me.
dhanush says hi hi hi hi hi
rachana_1982 asks danush y dont u put on some weight
dhanush says i wish i can
daguru asks if you can travel back in time which year would u go to? and why ? and dont tell me u wanna travel 23 years back :-)
dhanush says che che,...i wanna be 17 again...i wanna go back to my 11 and 12 th time
santhiya30 asks hey Dhanush...i liked ur acting in Kathal kondan. i like u very much. I saw ur new film. your acting is well there. before i was vijay's fan. now i m your fan. dont say that to vijay .:P okey kiss u Dhanush bye bye..
dhanush says thanks a load
pears91 asks ur kathal konden performance was too good
dhanush says not a film after that???
deepak_lm asks where do u rank your brother as a director among tamil directors...?
dhanush says a step ahead
mayuria asks my name is mayuria , i live in france ( paris ) , i am 19 year old ,
dhanush says oh...kie
gnanasivam asks Whom do u think is the perfect match to thalaivar as heroine?
dhanush says sri devi and simran
govindarajanhari asks Pudhupattai is nice, I saw you put your whole effort in this film, its nice. But you will have to develop your fisic 1st
dhanush says i will do that for sure,,,thanks
radran asks hai, i raj from avinshi, have u completed degree and pls tell me you like old actor name
dhanush says i stopped after 12 th...no college...sad...sivaji and balayya

Leasha asks What was it like acting in your 1st scene in your 1st movie?Scared?dead nervous?
dhanush says it was blank


I hope I'm not violating any I-F rules. Also hope I'm not violating any copy right rules of sify. I'm scared of sify peopleConfused


But this was so funny! I'm beginning to like Dhanush nowLOL



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usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2008 at 5:57am | IP Logged
thx for the transcript buddy.
Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 03 February 2008 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Thanks Ditty,
I was shocked when I saw he was only 22..and later discovered it was an old chat transcript LOL
jigglypuff726 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2008 at 10:09am | IP Logged

dhanush has got a good sense of humour! i'd choose him anyday over simbu whose sense of humour is reduced to nil by his overly inflated ego.

Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2008 at 1:16am | IP Logged
gnanasivam asks Comments on Vijay and Ajith..pls
dhanush says to be frank...i think both of them shud work on thier acting skills

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