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he is hot..........

..........he is sexxy


he is arjun bijlani



Born on 31 st October 1982,  Arjun kick started his career as a model. He did some ads n music videos.


He was first seen as vikram in remix on star one.arjun got huge appreciation for his role in left right left.he played d character of  Aalekh Sharma ....

. Aalekh Sharma entered KMA- an orphaned 'kaidi', from a remand home in Mumbai- aloof, illiterate, short tempered, indifferent, with no one to call his own except this daaru ki baatli. His stay at KMA saw him evolve and grow into a sharp, sensible, intelligent, perceptive solider, a mature, understanding, soft, witty, intuitive and selfless person and a rock solid friend.At present Aalekh has been promoted to the rank of a Lieutenant, honoured as the royal guard of Balmer, and is finding his way out of KMA, into the world...




Arjun is a straight forward n down to earth person . He is short tempered n dislikes dishonest people.



Arjun is a big rani mukherji fan.his favv telestars r Rajeev khandelwal n smriti irani.

His favv movies include kabhi khusi kabhie gam,kuch kuch hotah hai,godfather

Arjun is fond of eating gulab jamun. Al pacino's role in scarface is his dream role.




dhinchaikk members









lrl rocks









Rajeev Ki Heer



Shadow Cat



























audio link

to if interview


articles on arjun

its time to move on- LRL cadets


celebrating diwali


makeover- detention centre


LRL turns 1


if i was...with arjun


jawaan bharat to LRL


launch of new serial on sab


aaj ka arjun


arjun dislocates shoulder


fitness mantra with arjun bijlani


interview of arjun, rajeev and priyanka


arjun on valentines day

http://www.naachgaana.com/2007/02/17/love-think-abhi-ash-not -st-valentine/

arjun bijlani- close up

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aalekh-naina yaaron vm



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aalekh and neelu vm



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WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW, finally Arjun's second FC, Ranita, where is my name????, thought my name was in the list on the first FC Confused

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place reserve 4 dia

plz mk no comments
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bittu bole toh...
This is actually inspired by one of the many Harshad FC's where delo, yoji and all had posted their "essays" on Harshad and Ali. It was when I was readinig them, that I felt like writing about one of my favourite actors- Arjun Bijlani and characters- Aalekh! And I think its poignant at this stage of life...where Arjun is stepping out into a world beyond left right left...and aalekh the character...is starting on a journey of his own...
Arjun the actor
Arjun, I find, is a remarkable actor, immensly talented, a born natural...He once said tht u are either a born actor or not...you can learn how to take positions, but you cannot learn how to emote...I agree with that 100%, simply because I can see that with my own eyes. Arjun makes every scene of his believable, he shows extreme restraint and I believe the aspect of him that speaks the most are his eyes. Arjun's eyes convey so much. In just one look, one expression, one silence, everything is conveyed perfectly. He shows great understanding of his character and has really broguht and evolved the character of his into a real person, you feel for, you laugh with, you cry with. There are many places where Arjun has had to draw a fine like in emoting a particular scene, but the way he portrays it, its perfect. In LRL, there hasnt been a single scene which I felt he could have done a little better...not one, even if I look critically. And he is the only actor in LRL i can say that about.
Arjun the person
What can i say about Arjun Bijlani, or as I call him "jun jun wala"! Because honestly I dont know him. However what i write is based on my perception and feelings from his interviews, offscreen videos and mails. I love the fact that he always has a smile on his face, he is seen talking to several people and many of them have nice things to say about him...he seems like a very happy go lucky person, which he describes himself to be. He is the  "in the moment" kind of a person and likes to take everything  in his stride..with a belief that everything that does happen, is for a reason and I adhere to that too. He also seems to take everything with a sense of humour. He is quite funny in his interviews! And the interviews which are more "controversial", i like the way he handles those. Even though he is straighforward, he doesnt say anything in a rude manner, its put well and not a blame game. I also find him very professional in the way he handles things. Also, he may have gone through a lot in life, but there isnt a sense of self pity ever with him. Through his I-F interview, I got to know him better!

The best thing i liked about Arjun, is that he was soooo non starry...he was sooo modest, contented, apprciative, down to earth and seemed very grounded. It was like listening to a friend talk rather than a star. Infact one of the reasons why I liked Arjun was that he reminds me a lot of one of my friends. There wasnt that polished speech, it was full of ummm...aaahs...laughs...and you could connect to him. He got so excited talking abt his shararat in school, or his venhement "no" in comparison to amitabh..I liked some of his answers and thoughts- on love, on changes he wants, on acting. There werent said for the sake of saying something. He believed in it, and he said it, he was convinced about it. I guess he reminded me of many people i know. Thats one thing i like abt arjun- you can connect with him, without getting the feeling that you are mailing a "star" that way.

Arjun replied to two of my mails. Its strange, Arjun is the first and maybe only "celebrity" I have ever mailed. And even though he doesnt reply back to most of them, it doesnt stop me from writing, because I feel comfortable mailing him. The first reply I got was regarding my research not him. He seemed genuinely happy about the mail, he really did, even though he didnt answer the questions I asked him. I dont think he ever writes anything just for the sake of writing it. If he wants to reply to a mail, he will read every word of it and reply. His second mail made him like him more because I felt he was also a sensitive person and somewhere his thought process was on the same wave length of mine.
The funny thing is, we all call Arjun, "bittu", hehe, and I am called the same by my grandmom! And we are almost the same age. And he has dimples like me! And he loves his mom and bro the most in the world! And aalekh sometimes reminds me of me! Haha!
And yet, he is the total opposite of me. He likes to party, he is quite the social bee, he is a masti ghot, always upto some prank, making situations lighter and more fun...and he smokes..! haha..the smell of smoke is revolting for me!! haha! And he likes to dance and dances well..! That again is the complete opposite of me!
But at the end of it all....he seems genuine and nice...there goes my thesis on arjun- a genuinely nice person!Smile 
Cadet Aalekh Sharma

If there are few "characters" on television, or in a movie that I really like a lot...I can think of two names instantly that come to my mind. Ashley from Banegi Apni Baat and Aalekh from Left Right Left! Two  people, whom even though their roles or characters might now be seen on television, will always always remain very special to me.
I remember that I decided to watch LRL, once I saw the promo and the song. I liked  the shot of the feet swaying left right left. Initially I did not have any opinion about any of the cadets. I liked Rajveer and Shalini instantly. I remember reading on the LRL forum that many people liked the "kaidi", and it surprised me. I also remember i used to get really confused between who Huda and Aalekh were in the starring, perhaps because Arjun is smiling a lot! :)
There was one episode that made me sit back and actually consider and look at "Aalekh" . It was when he stepped out and fought for his friends. It was not so much th"fighting", it was in the manner in which he fought- like he fought without a care except that he fought because of wrong done to his friends, the indifference with which he totally accpeted solitary confinement, without any self pity or regret. It made me like Aalekh a little bit more.
The character of Aalekh I think is one of the most well written, well etched, well acted, portrayed and directed characters Ive seen. Care has been taken to show him- whether its his eye contact or gestures. Each nuance speaks for itself. As a character Aalekh had a personality of his own- with his own unique style, a rough exterior, very aloof and silent, very straightforward; yet very watchful, observant. His dialogues were rare- but when they were there..his one liners especially- had something in them- a style, a punch, a meaning, satire, wit, depth...And the core of Aalekh is pure...very pure.
How i grew to like Aalekh as a character so much is secondary. Perhaps it was his relationship with Naina, which is one of the things I like best about LRL. If I had to say one thing to describe Aalekh, I'd probably use the word "friend"-rock solid friend.When he tells Huda, "agar apun ko pyaar se bolo, toh apun jaan bhi de sakta hai". And you believe that! He really did mean that. He will not think twice about putting his life in danger to help a friend. He is a friend you can trust blindly. His understanding of human nature is apparant, even in the most complex of situations. He is the kind of friend who will stick by you throguh thick or thin and this is apparant in his relationship with Naina, which I think it one of the most solid relationships in the serial. It is also apparent in his relationship with Neelu which apart from being funny and witty; we also see a very sensitive side of Aalekh in his total acceptance of Neelu.
Another thing that sets Aalekh apart from the rest of his batchmates is his sharpness, keen eye, intelligence and perception. He is one person you can count on who would be able to notice that- beyond the obvious, his learning from life experiences and practical intelligence is prominent; his sixth sense and intuition is high. His judgment of right and wrong is almost always right. His mind and heart are at peace with each other, most of the times. His directness, straightforwardness are somethings I admire about the character.
Aalekh has really grown as a character. From being a loner, a drunkard...he has come into his own, is more easy going, more humourous, more selfless and a true patriot. He is someone who you can believe when they say being a "desh bhakt" is in your heart..anyone can. I always felt Aalekh deserved to get the "best cadet", not because I liked him the most- but because time and again he proved himself..his strength of character, his coolness, his ability to handle every situation, his sharpness, his loyalty...
However, somewhere in  Aalekh, even though he has learnt to trust the world, he still prefers to keep things within himself- his memories, his moments, his feelings- the most precious, the most painful. Somewhere in Aalekh I think, he is still that little boy deeply attached to his mother, beyond the rough exterior is a soft heart...wanting to be loved too..
Well Aalekh sometimes reminds me of me- his silence, his fuss to dance, his reluctance to be hugged, his one liners to Huda and Yudi...but more than that...he is just a special character...
Where do Arjun and Aalekh meet?
According to Arjun, the only similarities between the two are their short temper and straightforwardness.
But somewhere along the line...I think the two have rubbed off on each other...
As Arjun himself says, he has begun to think and react and handle things like how Aalekh does in his life..he feels very involved with his character...
And Aalekh...I think Arjun has taught Aalekh to flaunt his cute smile and chill out a little bit in life...
And the fact that I love them both a lot...
they will always remain special to me...very very special...

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Ranita, u have to copy the list of the members in the old FC, I mean the first one and paste it here....

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all members can post here now...even though its not ready! Smile
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Congo for the new FC Clap
Only one thing to say-Arjun is the best Clap
Nice analysis Dia Clap

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